Games vgperson Translated

Ib by kouri
The Witch's House by Fummy
Mad Father by Miscreant's Room (Sen)
Misao by Miscreant's Room (Sen)
The Crooked Man by Uri
Paranoiac by Uri
Re:Kinder by Parun
Mermaid Swamp by Uri
Hello? Hell... o? by tachi
The Sandman by Uri
Palette by Yoshitaka Nishida (Finger Puppet)
Densha by Field of the Wheat
Alice mare by Miwashiba
The Gray Garden by Deep-Sea Prisoner (Mogeko)
Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea by Deep-Sea Prisoner (Mogeko)
Mogeko Castle by Deep-Sea Prisoner (Mogeko)
LiEat by Miwashiba
LiEat II by Miwashiba
LiEat III by Miwashiba
Midnight Puppeteer by Mascarpone
1bitHeart by Miwashiba New!
Touhou Mother by S-tele
Return of Touhou Mother by S-tele
Touhou-A-Live by Koki
Standstill Girl by Sky Scraper Project
Hero & Daughter by tachi
Capella's Promise by PlainSoft New
It's Our Revolution! by Wood Penguin
Moonlight Ghost by tachi
Mimicry Man by Kazusa Norakumo
Recent Updates
(Minor version updates omitted. First releases bolded.)

February 16th, 2015 Capella's Promise 1.05
February 9th, 2015 1bitHeart 0.01 (Chapter 1)
February 2nd, 2015 Mad Father 2.00
January 24th, 2015 Hero & Daughter 2.0.0
November 9th, 2014 Capella's Promise 1.03

You can get some insight into possible future game translations here.

Games vgperson Created

Quality Games
A rocketjumping platformer about the love between a cat and a bazooka.

Combo Cutie
An arcade-y platformer about racking up the pro-est combos for your puppy love.

Nakko Rokkit: Tsuu-Ki
A (somewhat difficult) platformer about a cat who loves rockets and wants to escape Ears gravity.

Older Games (Quality Not Guaranteed)
A clone of the Chronobind minigame from Final Fantasy XIII-2, starring the late Horse_ebooks.

Clown Story: Doukeshi Monogatari
Made for this. You are Quote Kuokeshi, click the clowns!

NG (Nightmare Girl)
Not actually a horror game. A mouse-controlled platformer (ugh) with some kind of story.

I Wanna Be the Jumper
An IWBTG (read: stupidly hard) version of the Game Maker classic Jumper!. Only goes up to Sector 3.

NaKKo ROKK!! it
The Chinese-bootleg predecessor of Nakko Rokkit: Tsuu-Ki. Defeat Doggo with your smokin' speed!

Chowmp Puzzle Action
A short game about separating your head from your body. Or something.

Hollyday Disaster
A Christmas Hollyday mini-RPG about rescuing reindeer, or whatever silly name I gave them.

Hallow'ntimes Night
A Halloween Hallow'ntimes minigame about collecting candy.

Base Attack Puzzle
A puzzle platformer about crushing brats with crates. This one's not too bad, though levels aren't ordered by difficulty very well.

Base Attack
An arcade game about protecting your umbrella from the brats on your lawn.

A game about... catching... blocks? Don't ask me.

Abandoned Demos (You Can Imagine the Quality of These)
Base Attack Puzzle Tsuu
A sequel to Base Attack Puzzle with various improvements, but never to be completed.

Base Attack Platform
The world's slowest, lamest platformer.

The world's worst puzzle game.

Pokemon Trojan
A Pokémon fangame. Why.

Games by Others
Blobbo's Quest, by Happyman
A very good, challenging platformer. It was never quite finished (no cutscenes or ending), but I patched things up to make it all playable.

The Joogle Bros., by EX-TRA GAMES
A hilariously bad project I was involved in. Half totally serious, half attempted parody, all dumb. You can read a Let's Play (started by other developer chuchino, finished by me) here.

Demos by Others
Jumper Community Project Demo 4
Don't ask.

Jumper Community Project Skin Editor 1.7
Related to the above. But still, don't ask.

Super Mario World Translations (apply patches to a clean SMW rom)
Brutal Mario Demo 7 English Version
Kaizo Mario World English (A Mario Hack for My Friend to Play)
Kaizo Mario World 2 English (A Mario Hack for My Friend to Play 2)
Kaizo Mario World 3 English (A Mario Hack for My Friend to Play 3)

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