vgperson's Stuff

Translated Stuff
All of the song lyrics I've translated, mostly for Vocaloid songs. All songs include Japanese, Romanii, English, and Al Bhed!

Games which I've translated from Japanese, as well as ones I've made, and some miscellaneous ones.

Hachi's Twitter
The translated Twitter of Vocaloid producer Hachi/singer-songwriter Kenshi Yonezu.

Other Vocaloid Twitters
The translated Twitters of several Vocaloid producers.

Vocaloid Interviews
Translated interviews with various Vocaloid producers.

Tales of 2ch
A listing of translated threads/stories from the Japanese BBS 2ch.

The subtitle files for my subbed videos on YouTube. Use them freely for whatever purposes.

Stuff I Made
Original Stories
Completely original short stories I've written.

Touhou Seuss
Stories based on those of Dr. Seuss, but with Touhou characters.

Let's Play Shanko's Legacy
A screenshot Let's Play of a terrible and pretentious Jumper fangame.

Let's Play The Joogle Bros.
A hybrid (mostly screenshot) Let's Play of a trainwreck of a platformer project I was involved in.

Let's Play the Golden Sun Series
A screenshot Let's Play of all three Golden Sun games, in all their ridiculousness. (Warning: I will probably never finish Dark Dawn.)

Let's Play Riviera: The Promised Land
A screenshot Let's Play of a game about sprites and Grim Angels and Mr. Bats and all that good stuff.

Everything else. (Includes some translations that don't have a place up above.)

Stuff about me.

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