Witch's Heart

Witch's Heart is an adventure game by IZ (BLUE STAR Entertainment) made in RPG Maker 2000.
It's a story-focused game with some light action elements. It's currently comprised of 4 main scenarios, which are about 3 hours each.

While playing up in the mountains, Claire Elford finds herself taking shelter from the rain in a mansion.
Soon, she finds four other people, some bizarre monsters - and no way back out.
In the company of demons, the five must figure out how to escape...
and solve the mystery of the legendary wish-granting treasure, the Witch's Heart.

Currently, the game is not fully complete.
You can play four different scenarios in full, but there will eventually be a "conclusion" past that.
In short, there are several endings, but they don't "wrap up" everything, while this intends to.
The developer hopes to finish it within the first half of 2018.

This game is rated R-15. You should be at minimum 15 years old.
There is considerable gory content (both illustrated and sprited), as well as some dark themes in general.

(Content Severity: Severe)
Click here for more detailed content warnings.

Download Witch's Heart 1.16 | (Mirror)


The intro movie at the end of Day 1 may cause an error (or play improperly) on some systems.
I've added an option to skip it, and an extra save prompt beforehand to help ensure no progress is lost.
It can be viewed externally in the "Movie" folder in Data.




A walkthrough for all scenarios and demon requests.


Do you have a wish you'd be willing to kill for?