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Witch's Heart Translation Notes

Is there a wish of yours that you want to come true so much you would even kill a person?? Just wondering.

(Contains spoilers for all of Witch's Heart and Witch's Heart -Bonus Stage-.)


Witch's Heart (the jewel and the book) is written in Japanese as "Majo no Kokoro." Kokoro is "heart" in the sense that's closer to "mind" (like "I know it in my heart"), while the organ kind of heart is a separate word (shinzou). So that reveal might be a little more sneaky for Japanese players, but not hugely so. When people bring up the legendary treasure, they tend to say it's "also known as Witch's Heart [in English]." This is also what's used for the game name; even when the game title is not written in the English alphabet, it's still the English words (Wicchizu Haato).

I've yet to figure out if there's any real meaning or pattern to the monster's text. There are a few cases where certain parts are repeated implying the same words are being said, but that's about it. The text is identical to what it was in the Japanese version, except the capitalized parts were originally hiragana. (Although when it shows up in Bonus Stage, it uses a few capital English letters, which it never did in part one... further telling me there's probably no standard here.)

The name Wilardo probably "should" be Willard, in the sense that I would definitely use that in lieu of an official spelling. But it appears in English a whole lot, so let's just roll with it. (Also, via an older version having an outdated image in the bad ending credits, it turns his last name was originally planned to be Arkwright. Wilardo Arkwright... Hmmmmm...)

Similarly, you could argue Zizel (Jizeru, so I'd say it's like "Zee-zel") should be Giselle, which is actually the filename of the picture for her name introduciton. (Granted, unlike "Willard," I'm not as certain I'd use that spelling if it were up to me.) But I have to say, "Zizel" does have a good "pure demon" feel to me. Even if "Rouge" is a fairly normal name.

Charlotte's nickname was "Sharu," and "Charlie" seemed a lot more natural than "Sharl" or "Charl."

Notable honorifics for the honorific-understanding crew: All the demons except Rouge call Claire "-chan" and the guys "-kun." Sirius calls everyone in the mansion "-kun," including Claire. Ashe calls everyone "-san," but calling the guys "Mr." felt odd, so it only manifests as "Miss Claire," which I think fits with his general approach of getting close to Claire.

The "SCP" abbreviation was also in the Japanese version. However, some switch names spell it "SKP." IZ's remarks: "At first, it was SKP instead of SCP, but a test player told me "keeki is spelled C-A-K-E, so it's C!", and I went "oops, what a rookie Japanese mistake!" and changed it to what it is now. I actually had no idea that abbreviation had a different meaning... When I found out after release, I was shocked... It's not like I meant to make a joke!" (Regardless, it's good.)

Not exactly a translation note, but "invective" is a word meaning "abusive language." So that's fun.

I'm guessing Lime's former name being E016 is probably a Japanese number pun. If you read 0 as "ra" (may be a bit of a stretch, but 0 is "rei"), 1 as "i," and 6 as "mu," it's "Ra-i-mu." Not super sure about 0 representing "ra," but it's close enough that I feel it's probably intentional. Alternatively, you could read it backwards: 6 as "ra" (again a stretch, but 6 is "roku"), 1 as "i," and 0 as "mu" (as in "nothing"). As for "E"... you can make all the letters in "LIME" if you erase parts or look at it sideways. That one's also totally intentional by IZ and not something I thought of just now.

"Hater" is an anagram of "heart." That may not be intentional, but noticing it convinced me not to change the term to something else. Which I was considering at first, because of the way "haters" is like... used in English.

"What does moldy milk get you? Cheeeeese!" was "What's 5 minus 3? 2!" Or rather, "niiiii!" Like "cheese," it makes you "smile" while saying it, and is short for "nikoniko," smiling. Yes, this is also sort of the explanation behind "Nico Nico Nii."

There's a monster in hell who's like "more like monstrously stupid." I couldn't really think of a particularly great translation, but it was originally a joke saying "up one hiragana," which confused the hell out of me until I figured it out: The speaker's name is "Bakemono" (化け物), so if you shift the single hiragana character in that from "ke" to "ka," it becomes "bakamono" (stupid person). At least... I think that's the joke??

I did make a couple lines about Patricia and Noel the slightest bit more sensitive. (Spoilered for slightly transphobic language.)

Sirius originally had a line like "You [Claire] had forgotten everything, Patricia was a man... I didn't know what going on." Which felt sort of... harsh and dismissive? Like, implying "this person is a different gender than I knew them" to be cause for utter bewilderment kinda sucks? So I changed that to "and "Patricia" was Noel," which is less focused on the gender aspect, and more "how did things get from there to here?" in the same way as "why does Claire not remember?"

I also had Sirius be careful with pronouns in the initial reveal, and with the wording of his "at the time, he was dressed as a girl" line. Overall though, I wouldn't say I did anything huge in that area.

Full disclosure: Prior to Bonus Stage's release, I had the intention to, if it was within reason, adjust my translation as necessary to leave a trans Noel interpretation open. This was the number one subject I was concerned about in future developments, as it would've been unfortunate to see that shut down after Part One left it as a pretty reasonable intepretation. Even if IZ did the unfortunately-common thing, I wanted to throw English fans a bone. But as it turns out... IZ pretty much did that already. In the crucial scene, it really does just say "because I resembled mom," and leaves it at that.

The only thing that goes against this a bit is the speaker name in that scene being "Noel," but you probably shouldn't read too much into those anyway (Noel vs. Patricia is typically a matter of what people are calling them?), and it would look odd to be calling Noel "Patricia" right as they're denying being Patricia Millers. Also note that Noel can work as a female name, or that his birth name (and any use of "Noel" in 12-years-ago scenes) could be intended to be "Noelle," as it would be written the same way in Japanese.

In the Bonus Stage credits, the last lines in Japanese are sort of like "What will it be? The witch - whose wish will touch her heart, and who will she smile upon?" However, the word "witch" has "you" written in small text underneath it, implying that it's directly speaking to someone who is a witch - most obviously Claire, but likely also you the player. This is clearly an important detail, and ruby text isn't really a thing in English no matter how hard you will it to be, so I went with "You there, witch - what will it be?"

And finally, a tweet from IZ on Pippi:

"He's actually the one character I didn't think up. He appears because my little sister tantrummed him into the game."

Posted October 3rd, 2018
#witch's heart

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