Midnight Puppeteer

Midnight Puppeteer is a puzzle-solving exploration game by Mascarpone made in Wolf RPG Editor.

Mayo and her teddy bear Mister Masper are being driven home one night by their father, when suddenly the car's engine stops.
The father heads down a nearby path to find help, and when he doesn't return, Mayo and Masper decide to follow.
There, they find a large mansion. And in the search for Mayo's father, they find much more...

The latter half of the game has quite a few lengthy cutscenes.
Mascarpone recommends not playing if you don't want to deal with that.

(Content Severity: Mild)
Click here for content warnings.

Download Midnight Puppeteer 1.08 | (Mirror)





I've provided a walkthrough if people get stuck.
Click or highlight the black boxes to show spoiler text.


Translation Notes
(These contain spoilers for all aspects of the game. Only read after you've beaten it fully.)

Great... So much for dinner.