Nakko-Bazookie is a rocketjumping platformer by vgperson.
It is the sequel to Nakko Rokkit: Tsuu-Ki, but doesn't share too much beyond the theme (ROCKETS).

Nakko, inexplicably back on her home planet Ears, falls in love with a talking bazooka named Bazookie.
But tragedy strikes the couple when one day, the power of rockets is sealed by a mysterious witch!
Now it's up to Nakko and Bazookie to go all over and under Ears to get back what is rocketfully theirs!

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Usage Notes
Videos and live streams are allowed.





Rox Guide

A guide on where to find all 75 of the collectible Rox.
Be sure to collect as many as you can so you can trade them in for hearts later!

Rox Guide

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