Bevel's Painting

Bevel's Painting is a freeware horror exploration game by Maninu made in RPG Maker VX.
It's not too long, estimated to be about 2 hours, but will likely be longer than that if you replay for other endings.

A girl named Bevel explores a painting of her own creation.

Note: While there aren't any for most of the game, there are some "run and hide" type chases toward the end.

Note 2: The game features a made-up language called Bevelese. A reference is included in the download.
Only a few puzzle hints are given in it, and these are often short and put in places like notes on the wall.
If a Bevelese message seems long, it's very likely not important for gameplay, so you can safely gloss over it.

(Content Severity: Mild)
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Download Bevel's Painting 4.00 | (Mirror)





A guide through the game. It also explains how to get all 10 (plus one extra) endings.
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This guide contains spoilers.