Dudley and the Mysterious Tower

Dudley and the Mysterious Tower is a short freeware puzzle-adventure game
by Sen (Miscreant's Room) made in WOLF RPG Editor.

A courier and a dog arrive at a tower
with an important delivery for the tower's master.

(Content Severity: Generally Very Mild)
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Download Dudley and the Mysterious Tower 1.09 | (Mirror)

Usage Notes

Videos and streams are allowed, but should not be monetized.
Including the game's title and linking the game page in any videos of it is appreciated.

[1] Japanese video guidelines





A complete guide through the game.


Extra Links

There's a short storybook-style "novelization" that was released slightly before the game.
They're basically the same story, but the game actually provides more information, so I would play it first.

Storybook Version

You can't leave until you make the delivery.