Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea

Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea is a pseudo-RPG with a heavy story focus,
made by Deep-Sea Prisoner in RPG Maker 2000.

A clear blue sea under a beautiful blue sky.
After a long departure, the sea witch Wadanohara travels back home with her familiars.
But her ex-familiar, the shark Samekichi, appears to block her way:
"You shouldn't be here... Leave this sea, right now."

Deep-Sea Prisoner rates this game "ages 15 and up," mostly due to graphic content later in the game.
(This rating is Japan-centric and would likely be more strict by other countries' standards; 18 and up may be more appropriate.)
I would advise against playing if you think you may be upset by implied sexual assault and violent imagery.
Deep-Sea Prisoner also insists that players should be able to keep reality and fiction separate.

(Content Severity: Discretion Highly Advised)
Click here for more detailed content warnings.

Download Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea 1.04 | (Mirror)

Usage Notes

Posting playthrough videos or doing live streams of Deep-Sea Prisoner's works is forbidden.
The sole exception to this is "translations in the form of a video," i.e. playing the game and live-translating to another language.

[1] Japanese rules page





The game is very straightfoward, but there are some things you might miss. (Spoiler warning!)



Below is a list of all the songs used in the game.
I don't have individual source links, but all songs can be found in the Music folder.
There are definite spoilers for their usage, so don't look until you've beaten the game!

The songs are from free resource sites, so they have no "official names" as far as this game goes.
The filenames are the titles given by the original sites, which don't necessarily relate to their usage in the game.
The "Usage" names are descriptions I made up based on where they're used - DSP had no part in deciding those.

Do not reupload these songs elsewhere without permission from their respective creators.

Song List

Translation Notes
(These contain spoilers for all aspects of the game. Only read after you've beaten it fully.)

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