Touhou-A-Live is an RPG Maker 2003 game created by Koki, with assistance from ⑨^1, Yoto, IS, River, Yamimunemitsu, and others.
As you can probably guess, it's a combination of the Japan-only SNES RPG Live-A-Live and Touhou.

Hong Meiling, rehoning her skills under a new mentor. A Shanghai doll, coming home from an expedition to the moon.
Mokou Fujiwara, investigating a series of kidnappings. Cirno, fighting to be the strongest.
Youmu Konpaku, determined to take back Hakugyokurou. A fuzzy Kedama, who one day encounters a crow.
A nameless fox, wandering the west. Seven heroes of their own stories, all across Gensokyo. But... what is it that makes a hero?

(Content Severity: Mild)

Download Touhou-A-Live 1.07 | (Mirror)



Scrapped Content
A collection of stuff for the penultimate chapter which Koki scrapped but I kept in storage. Huge spoilers for that chapter!

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