Future Game Plans

The way I translate games, I don't have a "current project" the majority of the time - when I find a project I want to do, I'll just do it as soon as I can.
The most information I can give about my future projects is telling you what the creators of the games I've done already are up to, as they're a likely source of new games I'll want to translate.
If an author isn't included here, it's probably because I either have no idea what they're up to, or have no plans to do more of their games in the future.

Insanity: I won't translate it, as it's not a very good game, and Uri agrees. Summary here.

Uri is hard at work on several games. The next release is planned to be The Hanged Man, then Pedestal, then Sudden Illness.

The Hanged Man is entering the last part of development. The game itself is basically complete, save for voice acting. Auditions should begin sometime soon.
It will be the last proper game of the Strange Men Series, and Uri once stated that it aims for a mood similar to The Crooked Man.
There are two Strange Men Series "side-stories" planned, one serious and one silly, with the initials "TSMSAKL" and "TDMBD." Don't ask me.

Other possible future titles (which were once on her site but are now in unknown status) are Haname and One Case.

Miwashiba is working on a spinoff/sequel to 1bitHeart with a "detective" focus, called 1BeatHeart.
As of mid-December, they've finished their work on it, and are now just waiting for the opening and ending songs to be completed.
There exists a test version of Chapter 1, but Miwashiba has asked translators to wait for the full game before translating.

Their next game project after 1BeatHeart is planned to be a short game called The Faceless Double.
The LiEat series is complete. Alice mare will not have a sequel, and the true ending is, according to Miwashiba, "the best happy ending in that world."

Deep-Sea Prisoner
The Gray Garden: VX remake in progress with high-res graphics, new bonuses, and other little things.
The remake will be bumped to an R-15 rating, with the changes toward that apparently only being in the bad endings.

Deep-Sea Prisoner's "in-progress" page has a number of projects, with more known about some than others.
Carnival Rhythm (rated R-18G for gore) and General Hashasky's Great Adventure (R-18G for gore and sex) are possibly the furthest along, if only because they've been in progress a while.
There are preview pages for them, but no release estimates anymore.

The Great Sinner of the Dawn (R-15) is a mystery at the moment.
The Glorious Sea Kingdom is evidently Wadanohara-related, being mentioned on the bonus page for it; it's likely a prequel.
The End of Wonderland, teased in Wadanohara's bonus room, is on the list. While the original preview gave the name in English, the list uses a Japanese title.
Deep-Sea Story and Deep-Sea Correspondence are mysteries at the moment.
Paradise Sunken Into Darkness is a short R-18 game that seems to involve Ivlis. (I may not translate it depending on the content.)

Not all of these projects are guaranteed to be games. They may come in some other form, and depending on that form, may come in parts instead of all at once.
Lastly, DSP has said they want to make a prequel to The Gray Garden in the not-too-distant future, then a sequel to complete the trilogy.

HeadLess: Translated by adricarra here. A summary is also hidden on the Moonlight Ghost page.

tachi suffered a head injury in September 2016 and was in the hospital until late December.
He says he's recovering steadily, and though he still has weekly hospital checkups, he'll try to work on making games at home.
Currently, there's been no indication of what he'll be making; just prior to the injury, he cancelled a game planned for late August.

Fantasy Factory
Faraway Story: Remaining Part 2 chapters still in development.

Ramuramu is still working on Faraway Story, but there are no estimates for when it'll be updated next.
There was a stream in the middle of August 2015 showing progress, where he announced the next version would be 0.75 (so presumably, up to Chapter 5).
Full disclosure about previous updates: Part 1 (0.49) was released August 3rd, 2012. It was updated with the epilogue (0.50) on September 1st. Then it was updated up to Part 2 Chapter 3 (0.65) on July 27th, 2014.

kouri has expressed interest in wanting to do a new project for some time, but it's unclear what it would be; it may not be a game.
It is highly unlikely he would make a sequel to Ib, and he said long ago that he didn't care to make another horror game.

Fummy doesn't have a blog or anything beyond the site for The Witch's House, and I've seen nothing indicating plans for more games.

Miscreant's Room (Sen)
Sen may be working on some kind of game. It's rather unclear at the moment.
His Mad Father FAQ explicitly says there will be no direct sequel, though there is the possibility of a game in the same series.

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