Future Game Translation Plans

I tend not to leave released games as "something I plan to translate eventually"; if I want to translate it, I'll do it as soon as possible. So the most I can tell you about future translations is the plans and activity of the creators I've translated in the past, as they're a likely source of other games I'll do.

If an author isn't included here, it's probably because I either have no idea what they're up to, or have no plans to do more of their games in the future.

The Faceless Double is being worked on.
The free version is planned to be released chapter by chapter, similar to how 1bitHeart was.
After completion, it will release on Steam with extra content in the form of alternate story branches and a bonus room with new substories.

Ayakashi Akashi is also being made in parallel (using RPG Maker MV).
It currently goes up to Chapter 1. I may not get around to it for a while, but I do intend to translate the full game, at least.

The LiEat series is complete.
Alice mare will not have a sequel, and the true ending is, according to Miwashiba, "the best happy ending in that world."
There appear to be no plans for "more 1bitHeart."
(They describe 1BeatHeart as a "bonus" that wasn't originally planned, rather than a sequel that continues a plot.)

BLUE STAR Entertainment (IZ)
Witch's Heart has yet to conclude. The nature of the conclusion is a bit spoilery; refer to the game page for more info.
They aren't giving a specific timeframe, but hope to finish the next update in about 6 months, like their original estimate for Bonus Stage.
However, they did have some data corruption issues, and while it certainly won't stop them, they said it will delay things.

Insanity: I won't translate it, as it's not a very good game, and Uri agrees. Summary here.

Uri has plans for a number of games. Listed as in development on her site are Pedestal and a Paranoiac remake.
She also plans to do an Insanity remake, which will supposedly mark the end of her game-making career.
Not to say that'll necessarily be soon, however, as the other games she intends to do will obviously come before it.

The Hanged Man is the last game in the "main" Strange Men Series, and its chronological conclusion.
However, there are two "side-stories" planned, one serious and one silly, with the initials "TSMSAKL" and "TDMBD."

The titles Haname and One Case were once on her site, but are now in unknown status.
Sudden Illness was said to be the project after Pedestal, but it isn't mentioned on her site anymore.

Lastly, Uri does not intend to have English voice acting in future games (or add it to old ones), as it's just a lot of work for her.
Mermaid Swamp's remake has Japanese voice acting since she considered that less hassle, but also thinks that'll be the last time doing it.

Segawa started a blog in October 2018, where she's giving occasional updates on a new, currently-untitled game.
Assorted details: It's a dungeon-diving RPG with battles and 11 or so party members. It also has cooking elements, again. Expect it to take several years.

Fantasy Factory
Faraway Story: Remaining Part 2 chapters still in development.

Believe it or not, Ramuramu is still working on Faraway Story.

Full disclosure about previous updates: Part 1 (0.49) was released August 3rd, 2012. It was updated with the epilogue (0.50) on September 1st, 2012. It was updated up to Part 2 Chapter 3 (0.65) on July 27th, 2014. Finally, it was updated to Part 2 Chapter 5 (0.75) on December 27th, 2018.

Deep-Sea Prisoner
Deep-Sea Prisoner's "in-progress" page has many projects on it, with more known about some than others.
I may choose not to translate any given project depending on its content.

Carnival Rhythm: R-18G for gore. Teased in Wadanohara's bonus room. Preview page translation here (no release estimate anymore).
General Hashasky's Great Adventure: R-18G for gore and sex. Teased at end of Mogeko Castle. Preview page translation here (no release estimate anymore).
The End of Wonderland: Teased in Wadanohara's bonus room. While the original preview gave the name in English, the list uses a Japanese title.
The Great Sinner of the Dawn: R-15. No details known yet.
The Glorious Sea Kingdom: Was once mentioned on Wadanohara's secret bonus page, so maybe a prequel.
Deep-Sea Story -The Star-Guided Boy-: No details known yet. Could involve Minami, Wadanohara and Samekichi's son.
Paradise Sunken Into Darkness: R-18. A short game that seems to involve Ivlis.
On the Sea Below the Sea: No details known yet.
Tomorrow I Died: No details known yet. There are a few small comics under this name.
Reficul the Devil and Friends: No details known yet.
Ivleeching (?): No details known yet. Name seems to play on a derisive nickname for Ivlis.
The Gray Garden (Definitive Edition): An RPG Maker VX (or MV?) remake with high-res graphics, new bonuses, and other little things.

Deep-Sea Correspondence and Sandy-Beach Correspondence are manga series. I don't plan to translate either.

Not all of these projects are guaranteed to be games. They may come in some other form, and may come in parts instead of all at once.
Lastly, DSP has said they want to make a prequel to The Gray Garden in the not-too-distant future, then a sequel to complete the trilogy.
(Granted, this comment itself was made a long time ago...)

HeadLess: Translated by adricarra here. A summary is also hidden on the Moonlight Ghost page.

tachi suffered a head injury in September 2016 and was in the hospital until late December.
He seems to be recovering well; his general sentiment since then has been "I'm working toward the point of being able to make games again."
Around February 2018, he made an RPG Maker MV game called END QUEST that ties in with the PS4 game "Death end re;Request."
However, there haven't been any signs of a new free project.

Miscreant's Room (Sen)
After Dudley, Sen may be working on at least one other game.
It's unclear what sort of game it is, and he alluded to some future games not being freeware.
He sometimes posts progress screens on his Twitter.

His Mad Father FAQ explicitly says there will be no direct sequel, though there is the possibility of a game in the same series.

Sky Scraper Project (Uta)
Uta is making a long open-ended RPG called Good-Bye WanderLust, but in the January 2017 tweet announcing it, said to "give it 50 years."
(On their site, they say "wait 5 years" instead. Optimism!)

kouri has expressed interest in doing a new project several times in the past, but it's unclear what it would be; it may not be a game.
It is highly unlikely he would make a sequel to Ib, and he said long ago that he didn't care to make another horror game.
It's been years since he explicitly talked about new projects, but he has toyed with other versions of RPG Maker.

Fummy doesn't have a blog or anything beyond the site for The Witch's House, and there's been no indication of their plans.
The FAQ page only says that plans for a TWH sequel or any next project are undecided.

About Nico Game Magazine Games
A number of games, including some by creators I've translated before (Kanawo), have been released for a project called Nico Game Magazine.
However, while these games are freely available, the rules around them forbid unofficial modification, and thus translation.
Some of these games, such as Angels of Death and Kokurase, have gotten translated and released by publishers.
But at present, it seems this is the only way translations of these games will surface; I cannot do free translations of them.

List of Nico Game Magazine Games:
Ghost Photographer Ruica: Curse of the Seven Misaki
The Case Book of Arune
Uramikko -Tsugu no Hi 2-
Kakumei da! Yon!
Ganma Resonation
Planet Howl
Noel The Mortal Fate (Higyaku no Noel) [Published by Playism]
Angels of Death (Satsuriku no Tenshi) [Published by Playism]
Kokurase [Published by Degica]
Pharaoh Rebirth [Published by Degica]
Hero & Daughter [Published by Degica]

Future Original Game Plans

Still making my own games!

I'm working on a medium-size game: an RPG that takes cues from games like Final Fantasy 1 and Dragon Quest.
It has some twists to it, of course, which will be revealed at a later date.

There's also a big project, Loverinth, that's still taking shape. I likely won't say much about it until I can see a path to the end.

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