Liar Jeannie in Crucifix Kingdom

Liar Jeannie in Crucifix Kingdom is an RPG by Uta (Sky Scraper Project) made in RPG Maker VX.

Jeannie finds herself in a jail cell, chosen as a sacrifice in a kingdom of the undead.
Before long, she encounters her brother Marta, and they make plans to escape this place.
But in the Crucifix Kingdom of Morte Moses, escape is far from easy...

This game has no experience or levels; almost everything is dependent on your equipment.
You can equip any item, and it can give you increased stats and special skills.
You can also create new items by combining base materials, and collect undead to fight alongside you.

(Content Severity: Generally Mild)
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Download Liar Jeannie in Crucifix Kingdom 1.2 | (Mirror)





A collection of guides for various things, including an item list.
Part of the fun is figuring things out on your own, so try not to spoil yourself.