END ROLL is a regretful adventure RPG by Segawa made in RPG Maker 2000.
It has turn-based battles, three endings, and quite a lot of optional content.

A boy named Russell is made to take part in an experiment.
His room contains nothing but a bed, a pre-recorded video, and a syringe.
It seems now he has no other choice.
A boy named Russell moves into a new town to lead a happy new life.

This game is rated R-15. You should be at minimum 15 years old, but probably older.
Besides graphic content and a wide array of disturbing themes,
the game ends up being very dismal, cruel, and lacking in hope as it progresses.
If you are affected by extreme negativity, please steer clear of this game.

(Content Severity: Very Severe)
Click here for more detailed content warnings.

Download END ROLL 2.01 | (Mirror)

Usage Notes

Videos and live streams are allowed.
However, you must at least give some content warning (R-15 rating and/or specific warnings) to viewers.

All the music (except the hospital music) is by Segawa, so refrain from reposting it.

Fanworks are allowed if they are clearly stated as fanworks and "are not made with the intent of profit."
Segawa leaves it up to your own good sense where the border for this lies.
(It states "if it's within the realm of hobby," so selling at conventions is likely fine.)

[1] Japanese rules page





A guide through the game and its optional content.
There's also some general information if you don't want to spoil things as much.

Each day of the walkthrough has three sections.
First are the main plot events that advance the story.
Second are "guilt events" that become available on that day (and may be doable on later days).
Third are other sidequests that become available on that day.


Extra Links

Some of these posts may contain spoilers for any and all aspects of the game. Only read after you've beaten it fully.

Translation Notes
Gallery Pages
Inside Stories

The end credits won't stop rolling.