At the Tale End

Black Book

At the Tale End is a wandering RPG quest by Haneda made in WOLF RPG Editor, with no battles and a single ending.

A terribly-wounded traveler wakes up in a clinic run out of a cave.
With no memory of what happened, he begins to wander in search of information.
It is a peaceful world; the Dark Lord has been defeated. And yet...

(Content Severity: Generally Mild)
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The walkthrough is split into three sections.

General Tips answers general questions about what to do.
Main Quest guides you through the main steps of the story.
Sub-Quests explains all the sub-quests in the game.
(You must do most of them to see the ending.)


Translation Note
(This contains spoilers for the game. Only read after you've seen the ending.)

That's the world in its entirety.