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September 27th, 2021

When I gaze at the night sky and think about how there are so many stars, yet humanity hasn't reached a single one of them, I feel the puniness of living things, and LOL at how slow the speed of light is to the hugeness of the universe.

I'll heal up and get to the point where I could walk to the nearest neighboring star.

Wanna go back to when I could walk 10 kilometers and be fine soon.

I loved taking walks, so it's made me sad that my back pain is making them something to fear, but I'm still glad for days where I'm relatively able to walk.

Let me hold a pro-wrestling match between Elmo and Tesroset!!

[Retweets an article about Elmo from Sesame Street guesting on Kuroyanagi Tetsuko's YouTube channel] I want someone to guest on my channel too.

I walked like 2 kilometers today, I'm amazing. Maybe it's thanks to the medicine.

Phew, I DO have human rights! Constitution of Japan, you saved my bacon!

Whenever you're fretting that you have to keep producing things or you have no rights, calm yourself by reading the section of the Constitution of Japan on the importance of fundamental human rights.

"Chat" is short for "mindless chatter," right??????

If you want to know what kinds of things I usually chat about on stream, it's the sort of chatting where I respond to someone reporting they had some tasty squid sushi for 100 yen with "that's way too cheap, maybe it was alien meat."

I was thinking about what to call people who come to watch Tesroset Transmission, and figured Tesroset Crew might be a good one with a spaceship association, but also it's scary because there might be a Tesroset Impostor among them.

September 26th, 2021

I finished drawing a picture from a rough sketch on stream, so I'm an artist.

Orders for the Village Vanguard collab merch have closed. :crying:
Everyone who bought some, please look forward to arrival! :paw prints: #TesrosetArt

["Tesroset x Village Vanguard!!" "Thanks-ski!"]

I'm drawing right now.

Let's begiiin!!

I was thinking "I'll get something viral while Village Vanguard orders are open to advertise it!!", but the most viral I went was this... ["cross-legged leap" tweet]

I'll be sad if there's even one case of "I didn't know there was something like this, and I can't buy it anymore...", so please let me spread the word super obnoxiously...

:clock: 9:00 PM:
I've come with a final request for you all! This is OSTER x Village Vanguard! To change Japan, to change this region! Please submit your votes!
[Chatting] Doing Something Until OSTER x Village Vanguard Merch Orders Close [Musical Vtuber Tesro & Roset]

What should I stream?????

Tesroset merch orders close today, so maybe I'll stream until orders close!!!!!!!

Ah, so the "Mega Man collab" is so named for its "cool lab."

[Retweeting merch] Tesroset ends today!! Tesroset ends today!! Tesroset ends today!!

Made the breakthrough discovery that if you put in an order for sushi on an earlier date, sushi will automatically arrive in the afternoon that day without you having to do anything.

September 25th, 2021

Today and onward, I'm absolutely not gonna give in!! (because Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak is coming out)

[Retweeting merch] You can buy OSTER project x Village Vanguard merch until tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rooms where you grilled fish smell like grilled fish.

I feel like getting someone to like a falsified you is still just hollow.

I took a nap and had a dream my balance ball was cracked and leaking air and not usable anymore, so I got sad, but when I woke up, my balance ball was in fact alive, so I hugged it.

September 24th, 2021

My life began so much today.

For the first time in ages, I got to talk to someone until my brain died...

[Retweeting merch photo of her as "the youkai Tesroset-onna"] Let's all become youkai Tesroset-men, Tesroset-women, and Tesroset-other!

As someone who's been involved in game creation, albeit only in terms of music, I don't want people to forget to respect creators...

I think the amount of content people expect relative to game price has ballooned way too much, but maybe I'm just not keeping up with the times...

I'm an old-timer, so whenever I bought games, I was playing solely with the data on that cart, so seeing people calling a game a rip-off just because it doesn't get many updates comes as a shock...

Illustration of a person leaping up into the air in a cross-legged sitting pose.

Just the fact of Monster Hunter's next step being guaranteed lets me live.

Being in bad physical condition with no end in sight really makes me feel dejected, but I can't die until the sun breaks, so I'll just hafta keep doing what I can each day...

I'm doing my best with Tesroset Hospital Visits, but progress on my back is no good...

[Reposting merch] Orders available until two days from now!!! Hurry! :dash:

Happy Sky

Monster Hunter Rise.

There was no YouTube at the time, and you couldn't refer to other people's play, so I looked at sites outlining techniques and played the heck out of it figuring out how to manuever on my own, and I really enjoyed that...

Star Fox 64 score attackers have a perverse playstyle where they charge to lock on to enemies, do a special input to fire without the shots locking on, and don't hit directly so the explosion hits around the enemy and racks up a bigger bonus - and in elementary school, I engaged in that perverse play all the time.

When I say "I played lots of Star Fox 64," 9 times out of 10 people think I mean versus matches, but I was playing the main mode over and over and over figuring out how to shoot the enemies that appear at fixed points to get the highest score, so it's no different from what I'm doing in Monster Hunter now. (in the camp of playing games as a way to face herself)

Look forward to Tesroset Transmission transforming into a gaming channel.

Banjo-Kazooie, OoT, Star Fox, I wanna stream 'em aaaaall... Where do I even start..........

If I'm playing Star Fox 64, I want a Switch controller with a turbo function, but what on the Switch controller corresponds to the C buttons...?

I'm so happy I can stream Star Fox 64????? The game I've played most thoroughly in my life???

Favorite words: Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

Monster Hunter Rise

I'm so stimulated, my sun broke.

Monster Hunter Rise... Sunbreak...

Going to be a busy time for streams!!!!

Monster Hunte Rise!!!!!!!!! Sunbreak!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[Retweets announcements of Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak and N64 games on Nintendo Switch Online]

When I woke up, my life had begun.

September 23rd, 2021

You don't really think when you first see the graph for tan that it'd be grouped with sin and cos, do you?

I'm not saying that if you put truffles on top of foie gras it becomes caviar.

Of the world's three great delicacies, I picture foie gras and truffles being super friendly, but caviar being separated from them a bit. As a comparison, it's like the position of tan relative to sin and cos.

Biased Monster Hunter: "Stygian Zinogre added! Thunderlord Zinogre added! Howling Zinogre added!"

Monster Hunter Rise G announced! 4.0 update news! Deviljho, Glavenus, Lao-Shan Lung, Apex Tigrex, and Apex Nargacuga added! The best! I'm glad I'm alive!
See, I'm all set to celebrate, Capcom!! Anytime's just fine!!! Thanks in advance!!! (???)

Monster Hunter monsters fall into three categories. Monsters I've hardly hunted and don't know anything about, monsters I've hunted 100 of but don't know anything about, and monsters I've hunted 400 of but don't know anything about.

September 22nd, 2021

I just want to be kicked by an alpaca nurse, and have no ulterior motives.

I thought that Shirakawa-san was sexy. (well-considered impression)

It made me feel glad that, as a work that you should absolutely watch without being spoiled, I successfully watched it to the end without being spoiled. (book-report-level impression)

Absentminded after watching Odd Taxi to the end.

Sure doesn't seem like a song made by somebody eating stew and drinking beer at 1 AM.

Wanna hear somethin' like this live... #Dominowns #OSTERsanCD

If I won the lottery, the first thing I'd do is grab a stack of bills and record live.

After hearing my songs played by an orchestra once, there's nothing any human can do. That beautiful sound is like a beast gripping my heart.

After sequencing an orchestral arrangement and getting to "Sounds good! Sounds good!", I'm now cursed with an extravagant desire to hear the Tokyo Philharmonic play it...

I haven't been making proper clip videos of streams lately... Everyone can go ahead and make them too if you want...

I wanna eat McDonald's even though it's the middle of the night. Don't you ever wanna eat McDonald's even though it's the middle of the night?

Harry Potter: "Rise update... Rise update... Rise update..."
Sorting hat: "Stories update!!!"

RT @sasakure__UK OSTER-san and I have both watched Miku-chan grow for over a decade since her birthday, which is amazing if you stop to think about it...
Feels like we're her mother and father at this point.

RT @kai26w Roset-chan arriving at a cosmic truth: "No matter how tired I get, if I work, it'll be finished someday..."

I was tired from the moment I started and forgot to plug the merch. (despair)

Thanks for stream! Couldn't finish the song! Regret...

:clock: 2:15 PM:
Continuing from yesterday!
[Real-Time Composition Stream] Sure Wanna Make a Princess-y Song 2 [Tesroset Transmission]

Followers... Can you hear me...? There are four more days to buy merch from my collab with Village Vanguard...

I thought of a game where I explode the cold season and go "There! This is the Cambrian explosion!!", but the cold season isn't worth the trouble, so I won't do it.

September 21st, 2021

When you become an old-timer, the time you've lived becomes unwieldy and you're quick to get sentimental. It's true.

Thanks to the people watching, thanks to the people telling me that. You're super giving me life.

Continuing something is really hard and giving up is really easy, but thinking of the many wonderful things that could happen if I don't give up makes me want to keep going.

But I'll say it's a moment where I was glad I haven't given this work up. Gonna keep doing my best.

Somethin' really great happened today, but it's a secret to everyone. Wahaha.

Feels like it's easy to lose track of what's happening if you're not used to seeing this kind of story.

Odd Taxi is nuts, man... This absolute full-blown suspense thriller...

Someone who used up all her girl power making a princess-y song.

It's a shame Vtuber videos are gettin' deleted for being "sexual," and yet I make tons of sexy progressions and mine aren't bein' deleted...

I'm adding on the energy consumption of talking, so 'course I'm gonna get exhausted... But it's fun, so I wanna...

Was so exhausted from composition stream I fell asleep.

Wanna make a bunch of kinds of songs...

The princess-y song made in today's stream. :princess: Planning to continue tomorrow afternoon! :peace sign: #Dominowns #OSTERsanCD

Now, let's begin!!

:clock: 8:30 PM:
Gonna make a real princess-y song!!
[Real-Time Composition Stream] Sure Wanna Make a Princess-y Song [Tesroset Transmission]

Honestly, making that format is really difficult and tiring work, but the sense of the sound overlapping is incredible, so I just keep on making it.

I was deeply glad I made Rainbow Stories the way I did... I'll make orchestra-format big band until I'm known as the Michel Legrand of Vtubers. (?)

Is it Miku Symphony 2022 yet???

There are game streamers who have their real-time heart rate displayed on screen, which I thought was really neat. I wanna do that for composition streams.

I've 100%ed today's Tesroset Hospital Visit.

Buying one for soy sauce spills is superb.

RT @Lunafy39 Bought everything but the parka and mask. Even bought a tote bag for catching soy sauce spills... #TesrosetTransmission #OSTERproject

Tonight for real, I'm going to stream composition, so see you then.

September 20th, 2021

80% of what I say is jokes, so don't take it seriously, but "please buy my merch" is serious, I'm really thinking I want you to buy my merch. (reality)

A normal person would go "I'm feeling a little hazy, I'll go for a run outside." Me, I grab my greatsword and speedrun Valstrax.

If it has sugar content, you can make alcohol with it, so you can indeed use things other than plants. Understood. I'm going to go become alcohol.

This hazy feeling I get after watching something is hard to handle alone, but I have nowhere to let it out either, so let's look up alcohol made from things other than plants.

Let's drink alcohol and get healthy!!!!

Liquor is also made with plants like potatoes and barley, so it's salad, and beer is made from malt, so it's widely known to be salad.

I downed a whole glass of wine today, but wine is made from grapes, and grapes are plants, so wine is effectively salad, and thus healthy for you.

Odd Taxi's conversations are so smart there are times I don't get the actual meaning, so I wanna catch up mentally.

Today I drove a lot, basked in the greatest of music, had Italian drinks, and took in hell, so it was a fulfilling day.

The kind of anime you watch while taking mental damage.

Um, really though, this is a high-quality type of hell, what??? (what??)

Stop with this high-definition hell... (yet I watch)

By Odd Taxi episode 3: "This is super interestin'."
By Odd Taxi episode 6: "What is this hell"

I feel like I can't possibly broadcast it enough, so I'll say it again and again. I've been working as a Vtuber for the past year, streaming composition and games and singing, and you can buy merch for said Vtuber from Village Vanguard this week only, so please consider it. Please consider it. Details in my pinned twe

RT @ZESPMAC [Replying to previous tweet] Miss OSTER-san for some reason isn't assumed to be a woman despite being this cute.

I often hear "OSTER-san was a woman?" from my followers, but maybe they believe I'm just using a picture of an unknown woman for my header.

I've still only played 600 hours of the latest entry, so I'm in the clear.

Sasakure-san: "OSTER-san, you play Monster Hunter a whole bunch, huh."
Me: "No kidding."

Finally getting to meet people, but not getting to eat together and having to split up, just multiplies my loneliness... Wanna crudely mingle...

I dunno how many times meeting Miku-san has saved my life...

Miku-chan events are more and more becoming a place to reunite with old friends.

RT @sasakure__UK Got to meet OSTER-san again after far too long... :crying: :crying: :folded hands: :folded hands: :sparkle: Thank you... Thank you, Hatsune Miku Symphony...

Got To mEEt Sasakure-sannNnnNN!!

MuSIc Iss SoO FunnNnnNN!!!!

It's been too long since I basked in a live orchestra, it's the best...

'Dogs are the ultimate food.

Filling up on 'dogs.

Laughing at the sparkle in the youkai Tesroset-Onna's eyes.

As proven by today's experiment, the Tesroset tote bag can be hung around your neck!!!!!!!

Satisfied with my mysterious photo shoot, so I'm headed out. :car:

Buy plz!!!!!! #TesrosetTransmission #YoukaiTesrosetOnna

Tesroset pouch! Super handy :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:

I dunno how to mix, but I know I dunno how to mix, so I'm a genius after all...

I'm a Vtuber who doesn't want to be forgotten, so I do dumb stuff to draw people's attention.

Man of the hour;
Once the hour has passed,
Just a normal man

Got asked if Village Vanguard has a design of Tesroset being slain by Almudron, LOL

Having the desire to get way into and master a game at this age makes me super happy, so I'm grateful to Monster Hunter.

I'm confident I'd still take deaths even after hunting 1000 Magnas.

I was on a call with AAAA-san and said I'd hunted around 250 Magnas, but I checked my hunting notebook and it was 400.

September 19th, 2021

Tomorrow I'm going out for the first time in 50 years, but I'm super worried about my physical condiiton.

The cause was making too many videos and running out of hard drive space.

Couldn't stream today on account of technical difficulities... Real sorry...

[Photo of error message: "After Effects warning: (gibberish characters) \Mov\ (gibberish characters) 20896.1096.aep (gibberish characters)] It's hopeless... It's all over...

Wait a mocha for stream...

Wanna stream composition, but stamina is questionable... Gngh.

Want to make an instrumental.

It's sudden, but can I stream composition tonight? Sure!

All things in this world exist for a reason, but I want the foreleg hitbox for Magna's tail beam to begone forever.

Loosen up my body for all the time I've spent playing Monster Hunter...

At the hospital, I was told my body being super stiff is why I'm constantly hurting, but moving my body hurts, so I don't move it and make it more stiff... I'm hopeless...

The biggest dogs possible, please.

Please, walk dogs to enrich my heart.

Sitting down in a park and watching dogs being walked is when I feel most alive.

I was like "My back's doin' bad!!", but there's never a day when it's doing good, so business as usual!!

Feels good to take a stroll and feel the wind... It's been a long time.

September 18th, 2021

I made a super cute song, so I'm cute, so it should be fine if I go drink beer now.

Rub a dog or be rubbed by a dog, either one's fine.

Wanna rub a dog.

Right now, I'm making songs for M3, but you never know what life has in store, so someday I might be making jokes for M1 [a manzai competition]. (?)

I don't get much of a sense that people around me are making songs in preparation for M3... Someone please suffer with me...

Finished lyrics, so I want to get through making temp vocals today... For real, dude, you're not gonna make the CD if you don't hurry.

The one thing I do understand is that people who understand it fully would probably be like "yes, that's right, if I were to explain it myself, this would have to be the way to do it."

I've never once looked up a math term on Wikipedia and been like "ah, I get it."

Explanations of math terms tend to be written in an perfectly accurate way without any contradictions or empty space, which actually just makes them super impenetrable, so even if you read about it on Wikipedia you don't understand what it means at all.

Won't you subscribe to my life? :wedding ring:

On TV the other day, they talked about if you'd want to be your fave's sibling or the curtains in their room, and how if you were their curtains you could watch your fave all day, but the nature of curtains means you can't interfere with your fave, so there's no worry of your stanning or the relationship between you changing...

That's why I'm giving my all to live freely, and if you're like "This person's neat!", please like and subscribe.

Bein' allowed to live freely and lettin' people be free to stan you for it, that's the best...

When you like someone who lives freely, they'll just keep living as it pleases them uninfluenced by your feelings, so I imagine there's an incredible relief to that.

You can't allow liking someone to mean forcing that person to conform to the side of them you liked.

I had the idea for a mad karaoke project where I take viewer suggestions for songs, sequence an instrumental version on the spot, and sing them, but I have no stamina...

[Photo of Google suggestions for "sister": "sister necking, sister claire, sister, sisters, sister princess"] who

If you can throw a three-pointer in one try, girls will be all over you, but hitting an iai off a small barrel bomb probably won't make you popular... Made myself sad thinking about that.

I received a report that people have already put in orders, so I've avoided 0 orders... I'm grateful...


OSTER project x Village Vanguard / Village Vanguard Official Mail Order Site
[Village Vanguard (Phone): "Yo, OSTER lady! Collab plz?" Roset: "Why?!"
Village Vanguard (Zoom call): "So about the color of the parka and position of the print..." Roset: "Why???"
Village Vanguard: "We're sending samples, okay?" Roset: "???"
Roset: "Why??"]