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July 27th, 2021

I'll upload my new video if I'm feeling better tonight...

I'm happy if there's people wantin' to meet me just as much.

Starting to see the way out of corona thanks to the vaccine... Then I'll go at full speed to meet all the people I've wanted to meet but can't...

Never had fever medicine be that effective before... Is science amazing or what??

Medicine's taking effect!!!

If I were told to go out with that high a fever, I think I'd snap. [Photo of thermometer reading 38.2°C (100.76°F)]

I'm sure it differs between people, and I don't wanna freak anyone out, but these vaccine side effects are rougher than the actual flu...

Making antibodies must be tough... Good luck, body...


I prepared measures for a fever, but I didn't hear anything about my body just hurting without a fever. :moon with face:

Even Goku had to overcome suffering to level up when he drank the Ultra Divine Water, so it must be that sort of event...

This must be vaccine side-effects, yep, yep, how painful!

The pain in my body is like when I have a fever, but I don't have a fever.

When I woke up my joints hurt, what the heck.

July 26th, 2021

The moment something special becomes no longer special, some radiance is lost, so keeping special things special is hard.

This one, too!
[VOCALOID] Love Prison [Hatsune Miku]

Seeing a tweet like "imagine your OTP with Love Ward :heart:", the composer wonders "do they have a lover-stealing fetish...?"

It's really sad when clothes and stuff don't suit you anymore due to growing up, but it's extra painful losing them in a year where I can't dress up and go out because of corona.

Tesro-sama and Roset-chan both have natural twintails, after all. (?)

Today I made twintails for the first time in 5 billion years. I think it's still allowed... Please allow it until the day I die.

Getting a gold medal without underwear, now that's a superbly-dressed gentleman...

How many days in my life have I been fully healthy??

Being sluggish is so ordinary that I don't know if it's a side effect or not!!!

Why is video editing so hard?!

I might say the side-effects are even lighter than the first dose, but maybe it's just because I'm invincible?

Vaccine progress report! I'm doing well!

No underwear, I knew it! Going without underwear invites victory.

Though naturally, China was also crazy strong...

Finally got to witness a gold medal in real time... I'm glad.

So amazing... :crying: Congratulations! :confetti ball:


At last...!!

I wanna play table tennis now.

This being the final game is too amazing.

Japan is awakening.

Talk about a close game!

Turning the tables to take the lead is too cool...

Catching up...!

If a sports player used broadsword, their iai accuracy would be nuts.

There's been so many states of emergency this year that it's getting hard to tell whether we're in a state of emergency or not.

Getting some muscle pain after my nap...

I really like how sci-fi is stories made using the blank space of things not yet explained in reality, so seeing things be explained makes me feel both happiness at witnessing a new discovery, and lonesomeness thinking of the blank space it's blotting over.

Come to think of it, I learned that due to quantum physics it's been proven Laplace's demon couldn't exist, which made me somehow sad.

I want to be taught by someone who knows everything about the universe. (Laplace's demon)

Last night I found out about a fixed star that might've formed before the Big Bang and couldn't sleep.

Once I finish video editing, I'll upload a video of the composition stream from the other day, so look forward to it.

I'm still doing totally fine with the vaccine right now.

I'll try to take care of as much as I can before I start freaking out over side-effects.

That woman... She didn't want to do makeup and leave the house just to get a shot and come home, so she's drinking cream soda. You can see it in her face.

Like before, it didn't hurt at all when I got it. It was a little itchy around where I got the shot afterward, but I endured. Scared for tomorrow.

[Retweeting original "superbly-dressed lady" tweet from when she got the first shot] The founding Superbly-Dressed Lady.

Superbly-dressed lady 2: vaccination complete. :syringe:


Trembling hearing that the second one hurts.

I get this...

RT @cametek I've really never had any interest in the Olypmics all my life, but starting to get into speedruns and esports the past 3 years or so, that may have changed a bit. It's interesting.

Seeing people living in a different dimension from you can feel like you're looking at different beings entirely, but they're all humans. Unbelievable effort produces unbelievable humans.

Even people who become the best in the world aren't necessarily special, they're humans like me who worked tirelessly every day for this result - thinking that pushes me to do my best too...

Everyone getting gold medals is amazing. I wanna get a gold medal.

July 25th, 2021

Want there to be an increase of people older than me sometimes.

Lately I've been thinking "wow, everybody's younger than me," but considering how as long as you live, only people younger than you come into the world while the number of people older than you doesn't increase, I guess that's only natural.

I have a strong desire to draw a Confession comic.

Let's say it's because I learned from watching the tournament.

Why did I improve my Magnamalo time the moment the tournament ended?

Ahh, victory. Going in the bath.

The tournament's over, yet I still wanna run Magna and Teo...

If I saw a tennis serve on the court, I'd definitely be so scared I'd run.

Me: "I don't wanna die!! I don't wanna die!!"
Commentator: "Even as she says she doesn't want to die, she doesn't heal!!!"
↑I liked this.

Almudron, the monster who demolishes a month of effort in one second.

July 24th, 2021

Woman who only had Almudron barge in twice during practice then had it barge in and kill her during the actual run.

I'm better at Monster Hunter when I'm drunk.

[Screenshot of 4:05 on Magnamalo] Hey, get that DURING the tournament!!! lol

Man, it really was fun though, and I was glad to have Monster Hunter fanatics watch me play.

What kind of wild speedrun tournament has the organizer come out as the last runner and take victory by an overwhelming margin...

It was my first time in a speedrun tournament, but it was fun...! Congratulations to the winner, Tarotaro-san!!!!!!

The Olympics are fun, so let's watch them together. [Retweeting the Tarotaro Cup tournament stream]

Speedrun tournaments are too much fun.

I ran into a terrible accident, but Magna and Teo were downed successfully! It was fun!!

ALMUDRON :anger mark: :anger mark: :anger mark: :anger mark: :anger mark: :anger mark: :anger mark: :anger mark: :anger mark: :anger mark: :anger mark: :anger mark:

Stream's starting!

[Retweeting a tweet from NicoNico about the 10 year anniversary of Alice in Musicland] For real??? So fast.

My turn is early, so once it's over, I'll have some drinks and watch the other racers... :heart:

It's sooo scary how my ZR button sometimes doesn't work...

I'm afraid of this world where hunting elder dragons in 5 minutes is commonplace.

It's a tournament chock full of pro hunters, so watch the others play too...

:clock: Tonight at 6:45:
I'm participating in the greatsword speedrun tourrnament "Tarotaro Cup." I'm scheduled for 7:15!
[Monster Hunter Rise] Competing in a Greatsword Speedrun Tournament! [Music Vtuber Tesro & Roset]

Had an unpleasant dream.

July 23rd, 2021

It's late at night, so I'm posting a photo from a girls meetup brimming with girl power.

Sure enough, when a Monster Hunter song plays, my body has a reaction.

Once everyone's assembled, I hope they play a Dangonronpa song.

I was impressed how they were lots of countries. [grade-schooler voice]

Japan, the country of too many national anthems.

I want them to suddenly play the Deviljho music and have a Deviljho come in and run around eating the competitors.

If I keep making game music, maybe they'll play one of my songs at the 2116 Tokyo Olympics.

July 22nd, 2021

Super Gario Malaxy

Finally went back to Splatoon and man, this is fun.

RT @MuguetLinh [Susu] I take this, and do this, to make this.

More importantly than being accepted by the majority of people, I wonder if I've made a series that hits a portion of people right in their weak point...? Friendship and Confession... That's my scheme...

I love this kind of yuri with complex feelings like "there are times you can't accept their like despite how precious they are to you," I really do...

Hair gets caught in necklaces all the time... That always hurts.

There's lots of comparions to make between Friendship and Confession, so by all means, give it scrutiny...

Miku-chan's hair is thin and gets caught in her necklace. (unique interpretation)

Me too!

Trot and run, Hamtaro
What he loves is
Yuri about thinking dearly of each other yet passing each other by

Rin-chan in Friendship suffering as she sees you off from behind the ticket gate, Miku-chan in Confession's heart breaking seeing you grow distant waving behind the ticket gate, do you guys wanna talk?????

Just experienced the embarrassing play of being shown a video of me dead drunk the next morning.

I wanna draw a Tokyo Drinklympics comic.

I drank a bunch, so I'm super tired the next day... Drinking is a sport.

New song released! Thank you very much!! :crying: :crying: :crying:
[Official MV] Confession feat. Hatsune Miku

Almost time!

One more hour.

100-degree weather.
A summer festival.
On days like these...

McNuggets are the most delicious food in this world.

Today. :heart:

July 21st, 2021

[VOCALOID] Friendship [Kagamine Rin]

And for the sake of people with similar inclinations, I also want to broadcast that I'm looking forward and doing my best even when I'm feeling down... :heart:

Some people say you shouldn't tweet negative feelings, but I like seeing people be human, looking forward and working hard even when they're feeling down...

I was wailing watching the video I received, and it'll go up tomorrow. Thanks in advance.

:black cat:

Everyone, listen to Friendship and hold on...

I cried...

July 20th, 2021

When I get uneasy whether my back is as straight as I think and need to ask someone else, it makes me happy to be told.

Thinking about why things made me happy has been a fun, happy thing for me lately.

Something that made me happy recently was being told by a friend who talked a lot about me "you're just like the impression I had from Twitter!"...

It's easier for bad things to stick around in human brains, so I'm sure it's a good thing to dig deep into happy moments.

I like thinking "I wonder why that made me so happy?" about things that made me happy.

And the chateaubriand, of course.

Proposing that the greatest prize of the Ahamo concert was the congrats I received from everyone.

You're responsible for your destination, so you have to stan yourself or you won't get anywhere.

At all times, your biggest stan is yourself.

People say that if it's a relationship that'd be ended by not getting to meet because of corona, then let it end, but I feel like meeting is important...

Just hurry and up inject 100 vaccines so we can all hug...

There are 7 mode scales in all, which seems perfect for a character motif in an RPG or something...

I wanna give a like to my fave's likes.

I'm drunk, so I'm yelling answers at the quiz show on TV.

When I ate the meat, it went away... Why...

The amount of meat increased when I grilled it.

Thank you for the victory.

I feel like I'm gonna lose to the chateaubriand pressure...

When I eat chateaubriand, I feel like whatever I prepare, I'm being rude to the meat... I'm like a teenage boy having his first date...

My favorite things are half-diminished and chateaubriand. Hello.

Now I'm going to go buy some wine that'll go well with chateaubriand.

Stream over! After a strenuous 3 and a half hour battle, we successfully made Yomikomi-kun into an idol. I'll make a summary video and upload it to YouTube later, so look forward to it!

We're staaartiiing!

:clock: Today at 2:30:
A new project: I'll stream me using the power of arrangement to make Yobikomi-kun [a personified music-playing device used in stores] into an idol. #TesrosetTransmission
[Real Time Composition Stream] Making An Idol Out of Yobikomi-kun With the Power of Arrangement [Tesroset Transmission]

Though if it helps you be kind to people, I'd say it don't matter what the motive is. (self-affirmation)

On the other hand, I often think that my kindness is made from the desire for my worthlessness to be forgiven...

Do the sorts of people who can look down on and blame others have that much confidence in their past actions...? Personally, the risk of being the pot calling the kettle black is so deathly embarrassing to me that I can't say nothin'...

July 19th, 2021

Spoke gently with the meat I'm grilling tomorrow.

Song's done!! Aren't I great!!

It's tough to mix in the taste of unforgettable poison, but it's fun to do.

It's super fun lacing cute songs with a slow-acting poison and spreading them throughout the world. (poor taste to the extreme)

Real close to finishing a song...

I'm a pervert, so I get a grin whenever I see tweets like this.

RT @konki0916 Lately I've been listening to OSTER-san's Dolphin Jet a ton. It's a song I really like with a cheery melody and cute and bittersweet lyrics, but listening to it carefully, I'm like, "isn't this all the sensuous detail of doing it just made into a song?!"... I can't listen to it purely anymore...

Stream during the day and grill chateaubriand at night...??

I was thinking I'd stream composition tomorrow, but I have plans to grill chateaubriand...

It's night, so I posted a sexy image.

Hair messy from coming out of the bath, bared and peering through a thin veil, the bewitching and vivacious grains smiled at me invitingly.

Each era's got its good points and bad points.

Comparing yourself to others can fire up your spirit and increase your skill, and comparing yourself to others can make your powerlessness unbearable and crush you, so it's tough. Modern times're tiring.

Especially in games, I feel like, the ability to feel special about being the best among your class has given way to a harsh world of immediately comparing yourself to players all around the world and thinking "Aw, I'm no big deal at all..."

I wanna be in the category of people who don't give up and fight...

Now I feel like it's hard to have confidence when you can search the web and instantly stumble upon someone who's "just you but better." But refusing to give up and fighting leads to the growth of super powerful people, and makes the world as a whole feel stronger and stronger.

When I was starting out making music, I didn't have people around me making music, and it wasn't that widespread online yet, so I sometimes mistook myself for an unparalleled genius and got cocky, but I wonder how that would've gone if I were doing art instead.

The kind of person who can't just say "Please warm it up" in this situation.

I have pretty bad hearing too, so this need to talk through masks and acryllic plates is pretty tiring... Please, whisper into my ear again soon. :lips:

Clerk: "Do you want it warmed up?"
Me: "Yes, please."
Clerk: (just puts it in bag)
Masks and acrylic plaaates... You make it so hard to hear people talk...

I've had curry for lunch today, yesterday, two days ago, and before that too, yet I'm eating curry bread now.

I had my hospital trip, so can I eat curry bread? Sure!!!

I've never ridden a cab, but is it really that hard to notice your turn signal's on...?

It's simply dangerous, so I want to tell them, but I have no way to.

Saw a cab that forgot to turn off its turn signal and thought "Oizumi-san..."

Anime theme songs are probably one of the things I want to do most, so I was very glad I could do two in the spring cour.

July 18th, 2021

Even if I've killed 250 of them, I've yet to beat it.

Magnamalo is so strong, I can't beat it.

I'll do offline greatsword training again today.

When I watch Fall Guys, I start wanting to play Fall Guys.


Whenever I meet people, I start to miss people.

Little Nightmares is starting to look like the name of a horse.

Feel like excessively, aimlessly going out to capture summer.

When I was making AMABIE, I had a deep sea or beach impression, so I gave it the title AMABIE thinking of it as a water-aspected song, so then seeing the video being all on fire made me laugh.