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July 10th, 2020

Let's call composers who use Domino to compose their songs Dominators.

Send me your power so I can stream tonight.

I want to be able to connect electrodes to my brain and have remote offline meetings already.

Even if we don't do anything, we're living.
The act of living generates value.

I'm shaking at all these huge expenditures from last month for things like vehicle inspection fees... Even if I don't do anything, my money's diminishing...

Can we get the kind of police that are like "This is the self-quarantine fatigue police! Put your hands up! Under charges of self-quarantine fatigue, we're providing you 100,000 yen! Use this to buy things you like and make your time at home fulfilling!"?

July 9th, 2020

Is "touching your sweet neck" perhaps not wholesome??? (asking for a friend)

All I can do is fantasize about studying abroad in Paris reunion room-sharing childhood friend yuri.

I do both lyrics and composition completely by instinct.

I dunno anything about lyrics...

And lyrics demand a completely different kind of skill at accurately expressing feelings with words, so it's even harder.

There are only so many words, so even if you select the closest ones, there's always a margin of error that adds up and results in misunderstandings. It's too hard...

If feelings are continuous analog waveforms, words are discrete digital waveforms. You might sample something very similar, but there's always missing information.

The lyrics to Cat and Balloons came out of an effort to be wholesome, stylish, and cute...

I like the potato salad they sell at supermarkets and convenience stores that are a little sour with smaller potato chunks more than the potato-loaded kind my mother makes... Sorry, mom...

I put the video together based on the illustration that was drawn for me, so I want praise.

Want to keep upping my upload rate.

This video is getting more views on NicoNico than YouTube, so I'm feeling like I really do need to put more effort into having people watch on YouTube.

[Picture of Cat and Balloons in Nico rankings] First place! I'm happy! Thank yooou! :clap:

[Jun: "Huh? OSTER, are you thinking "I wanna go out and self-quarantine!" right now?"]
I'm being tested.

A meteor shower happened today, so I'll stream composition tomorrow. :sweat drops:

July 8th, 2020

I'll stream some song-making tomorrow or the day after.

An important announcement about Cat and Balloons: The kitty in the lyrics is the type to chew candy in their mouth. This ends the important announcement.

Let's give myself special permission to do nothing on days I upload a song.

These times after I finish something where it's like I'm out of fuel and can't do anything are such a waste, so I wanna break out of them, but I can't get motivated to do anything...

I wasn't going for that at all, I really didn't know.

C a t A n d B o o b s
[Picture of definitions for the English word "balloon," pointing at the one that says "(American slang) boobs, breasts." "Eh?"]

Imagine your OTPs with my lyrics...

I'm quick to have Lesbian Song fantasies, but when I make everything this sickeningly sweet, my biased CPU unfortunately can't allocate any memory for a man to go in there...

Cat and Balloons sounds like a yuri song about girls who were friends as kids but separated when they changed schools having a chance reunion when studying abroad in Paris, and while buying each other matching necklaces and hitting it off and sharing a fancy but cramped apartment room, they catch glimpses of each other's fragility, and a feeling of "I want to protect her" begins to bud (character limit)

I have something to report to you all.
It's a personal matter, but I have uploaded a new song, so please listen to it.
I'll continue to cooperate with Bassline and Chord Progression in walking the path of a pervert, so please give your regards.

:cat: :balloon: :cat: :balloon: :cat: :balloon: :cat: :balloon: :cat: :balloon: :cat: :balloon: :cat: :balloon: :cat: :balloon: :cat: :balloon: :cat: :balloon:

Enjoy my new song!

An accumulation of endless work with a mouse.

Listening to the backing on its own led me to discover far too late a bassline I'm not fond of, so let's just un-discover that!!!!!

Listen to this mouse-made backing I worked so hard on. #Dominowns

I put two -sans on. :cat: :smoke puff: :smoke puff:

The beautiful and lovely illustration is by shnva-san (@shnva06ka)-san! Thank you very much! :clap: :clap: :clap: :balloon: :cat: :smoke puff:

I did my best under the restriction of not having a backing sus4 sample for the acoustic guitar... Why no sus4...

It's a new song! Give it a listen. :cat: :balloon:

[New Song] Kawaii big band jazz made with all the might a mouse can muster! :sax: :trumpet: :guitar:
A song about reclaiming a lost spring. :cat: :balloon: :balloon: :balloon:
Cat and Balloons feat. Hatsune Miku
YouTube / NicoNico
#Dominowns #OSTERsanCD

30 minutes until my new song.

I'm testing out Twitter's scheduled post function, but how am I supposed to check if it's actually scheduled...

While I listen to music that I worked really hard to make sound like it's live, I keep thinking "I wonder what this'd be like if it were played live"...

It appears 6 PM is most convenient for everyone, so I'll release it at 6 PM.

6 PM made a combeack...

Seems like there might a lot for 8 PM?

There's some real competition happening in this poll.

I think I'll use this poll to decide.

What time will my new song go up?
- 6:00 PM
- 7:00 PM
- 8:00 PM
- 9:00 PM

In the first place, "better" or "worse" with regards to anything is a question of personal tastes. Maybe all that exists in this world are likes and dislikes?

The more ketchup you put on omelette rice, the tastier it is.

Is a joke that needs explanation second-rate or not...?

It's the same as "the more red pepper you put in curry, the tastier it is."

[Re: "complex chord progressions" tweet] It seems some people are taking this tweet as a serious opinion, but I hope you read it with the nuance of "the more energy drinks you drink, the healthier it is."

This is sudden, but today, believe it or not, I'm uploading a new song!!!!!!!

July 7th, 2020

Music? She's in my bed right now, buddy.

People who call urrequited love fun must be so strong-minded, I don't get it at all... I wanna be loved by music more.

Maybe "liking" to me is a feeling of suffering. Because of how much I like it, I get more and more detail-oriented, and chase my ideal, and suffer. Liking something is a fun and painful cruelty.

The fact I can make music makes me suffer, and it saves me.

I'm saved by the fact I can make music, too.

As long as people tell me my music saved them, I want to do the best I can.

If your life is exhausted, doesn't that mean you can't make music?

Even if my life is exhausted, I shall make music.

It's often thought in composition that the more complex chord progressions you use, the better, but the more complex chord progressions you use, the better.

If I win 500 million yen in the lottery, I'll do OSTER "BIG BAND" project 2.

I'll need to do music for another 5000 years.

So cool... I want to be Yoko Kanno-san... At least 0.00001 of a Yoko Kanno-san...

#Tanabata #TanabataWishes

You're also free to repeat that 5-minute song 5 billion times if you want.

Spending however many dozens of hours making a song, making a video, only for it to be listened to for 5 minutes. Maybe 1 minute, if they stop partway through. But I give it all for that moment.

Even though it'll get messy again someday, we clean. Even though we'll get hungry again someday, we eat. Even though we'll die someday, we live to the fullest. Just to make moments that shine, we live.

I want composing talent. (because I want composing talent)

RT @MONACA_kosaki Man, I want composing talent... Should I write that on a tansaku?

No one can beat me in lack of self-confidence!!

I'm confident in the fact I'm not living a life so stellar that I can deny someone else's personality or way of life. It's good to have confidence in yourself.

People who fail to recognize that they don't know anything about individual people's circumstances, and say things like "___ people have serious issues" to categorize and deny entire groups, have serious issues. (recursive function)

[Timmy: "The current price for turnips is 29 Bells per turnip!"]
Until the rain stops falling, I can't return...

July 6th, 2020

That spread more than I expected, which is cheering me up... Real grateful.

Vocaloid... Vocaloid?! You know Vocaloid?! Isn't Vocaloid great?! I love stuff like, you know, like OSTER project, her Miracle Paint and Love Ward are so nostalgic, huh! Eh... you don't know her?? Oh, well, sure...! She's so obscure, after all! Aha! Ahahahahaha!!

[Timmy: "The current price for turnips is 33 Bells per turnip!"]
How good would it be if this were a dream... [Spoilers: this low of a price on Monday means she's guaranteed a small spike later in the week.]

July 5th, 2020

Iron nugget x12
Hardwood x6
Clay x12
Stone x12

July 3rd, 2020

I'm not amazing because I'm a pro. I'm a pro because I'm amazing.

twinkle testicles friday

The seaweed in ACNH looks like a Dementor.

July 2nd, 2020

A good friend of mine went overseas once, and I gave them a stuffed dog as a gift saying to think of it as me. (extremely overbearing woman) They named it Calvados, which made me happy. It's not that kind of song, but Calvados Queen :apple:

If I'm going to be eaten, I won't let anyone touch me again.

This OSTER lady makes all kinds of genres, it's amazing.

I make rock using a mouse.
[VOCALOID] Love Prison [Hatsune Miku]

I make kawaii future bass.
OSTER project - kissing fish feat. Hatsune Miku & Megurine Luka

I make idol songs with emo progressions.
OSTER project - AI Want Your Love! Kiritan feat. AI Kiritan

I make city pop.
OSTER project - Passenger Seat Road Movie feat. Kagamine Rin

I'm a woman who makes wild songs.

Use your might to spread me through the world. :bowing woman:

Sometimes I see tweets like "I'm sad I don't know many people who've heard of OSTER-san." Well, I'm the one who's sad.

My first quiche tasted like haniwa.

June 30th, 2020

In the future, should I transition to lyrics like "Never mind social distancing, I want to touch with you until morning"...?? (new lyrical ritual)

I hope we don't end up in a world where the lyric "I want to touch with you until morning" comes to invite joking comments of "No, practice social distancing!"

I left my pure feelings in my mother's tummy.

Her feelings become a mess without her even realizing, and the final words she's able to wring out are "What should I do?", you see? It's that kind of song. Will you listen, everyone?

Love Ward Miku-chan strikes me as someone who'd never carry around a reusable bag and pay the plastic bag fee every time. Crude and blunt. Wouldn't you like to see a girl like that get toyed with by love? Alright then, dig in.

Perhaps both words and music are raw.

The worse the effects of coronavirus, the more I feel the changing of times, so I think about it more than ever. Yesterday's common sense might be nonsense tomorrow. I have to always be updating my common sense so I can make things that resound in people's hearts.

It's old-timer melancholy hours.

The reason you can instantly understand "ah, she went to the store late at night to buy something that might help with a cold" is because of the common image of a shopping bag. When that underlying common sense changes, the nuance of the lyrics changes with the times.

It's sad thinking that what the Love Ward lyric about "I'm going to see him with a shopping bag in hand" means will probably become less understandable over time. Common sense is always on the move.

R.I.P. free plastic bags

R.I.P. June

Money is more important than life, yes, yes.

[Timmy: "The current price for turnips is 533 Bells per turnip!"]
Another fine day of work.

June 29th, 2020

The chord progression in AI Want Your Love! Kiritan feels like a banquet an idiot came up with.

So even if you tell me "Wouldn't it be more nutritionally balanced if you added some vegetables?", I'll be like "Sorry, find somewhere else that serves salad." I hope all the high-calorie-heads come to my place.

I feel like my songs are like combining curry with fried food and mayonnaise and cheese and other high-calorie foods and baking in the oven, then being like "I've come up with the ultimate meal!!!!" With that focus on thickness over eloquence, I suppose that's why not many chords without 7s show up.

But your replies about the nuanced differences between 9 and add9 are in fact helpful and I'm glad for them, so thank you. :folded hands:

In other words, I'm a little girl.

I'm an annoying woman, so whenever I say "Why does this have such a pretty sound?", I'm the same as an excited little girl going "I wonder why rainbows look so pretty!", and most often not looking for a tangible explanation.

At the time, I always thought "The notes CDE are just all in a row, so why does playing them at the same time have such a pretty sound?" But now that I consider it, why DOES playing them at the same time have such a pretty sound???? :thinking: :thinking: :thinking:

When I hear "add9," I think of the accompaniment in the chorus song "tomorrow," but that's also the kind of add9 that's aiming for a refreshing sound.

I don't find many add9s when I analyze my own songs, it's usually just "also contains a 7," so how am I supposed to use add9? Does having the 7 make for a richer sound in comparison? I associate add9 with accompaniment in chorus songs.

I always write chords containing a 7 as C9, but I'm worrying over whether it's more kind to write C7(9).

Though it's been 20 years since I started making music, I'm turning 18 this year.

Naturally you'd think making songs for 20 years, you'd get tired of it, yet I constantly hear the calling of "As usual, I wanna make something...", and working on songs can make me feel super good like it did yesterday, so music's amazing.

I aim to attempt a variety of genres, and I'm quick to be like "I've made a song like this before, guess I'm a boring one-note person after all, I'm gonna go die," so I need to keep adding to my repertoire or I'll die.

When you make an innumerable amount of songs, it's incredibly common to find you can only come up with similar ideas. But even if it's similar, you can make something properly different if you've leveled up in every way since then. That's why I have to always be leveling up, so I can make something different even I'm when doing something similar.

It's been about 20 years since I started making music, and those 20 years have been a history of battling against "I've done that before... (so it's boring)"