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May 13th, 2021

My motivation has been so low this month, just replacing my fluorescent lights today exhausted my energy... No, I'm great just for replacing my fluorescent lights... I did good...

When people who say refrigerated gyoza isn't tasty, I'm curious just how delicious the gyoza they normally eat is... Refrigerated gyoza is so good...

Feels like the same sort of logical construction as "knowing that you know nothing."


RT @foktr When I see something like "you should have high self-confidence," I'm like "Shaddup!!! I'm living without issue even wth low self-confidence!!! Low self-confidence's all fine and good!!! Yeah!!!", but I guess that means my self-confidence is actually super high? Well, worked hard today, so time for bed!!

May 12th, 2021

Regular quests are known as "Ruckuses." [The Japanese name for Rampages is like "night of a hundred dragons," so this is "night of one dragon."]

I wanna try using Gunlance.

Watching Monster Hunter streams makes me wanna play Monster Hunter.

During an online drinking session the other day, we were talking about how because people have the right to live their own lives freely, you can only be with people whose freedom overlaps with yours, and I thought "maybe you could say that about OSTER songs..."

The grass is always greener on the other side, but having those kinds of aspirations lets you decide you'll do your best too, so I want to value those feelings as well...

This for my whole life.

RT @SisterCleaire No matter what girl I look at, I see something dazzling they have that I don't, and it's so radiant I still can't look directly at it. But I'm still searching to see if maybe I have something like that too... :smiling face:

And just when I enthusiatically bought an AE plugin to make a video...

The light in my room suddenly broke... Not went out, it broke...

I thought "I wanna be a Vtuber," but I already am a Vtuber.

I want them to update this game up to version 500000000.0.

[Retweeting a Rise version 3.0 announcement] Update!! Come quickly!!

People Who Bought Monster Hunter Drunk: The Aftermath

I worked so hard last month that my motivation has been wandering since this month started, but I can't fret about it. At times like these above all others, those who get impatient die.

I'm also doing my best with Monster Hunter so watch me.

Have to appeal to the fact I'm not just doing Monster Hunter, I'm actually making things too.

RT @tomatowt [Owata-P] :music notes: Song of Super Chat feat. Garuna (Owata-P)
I sang OSTER project-san (@fuwacina)'s Song of Super Chat.
I sang it filled of gratitude for all the world's Super Chats and royalties. Thanks for everything!
The magnificent original

You learn just how much non-essential things support your life...

My cat wakes me up every morning. :black cat:

May 11th, 2021

Red Pikmin are strong against fire, but Arzuros's butt is weak. [Its Japanese name, Aoashira, starts with "blue."]

I was curious about how buffs stack, so I looked it up, and a site came up where they analyzed it based on damage dealt to Arzuros's butt, so they were just whacking away at that butt for research purposes.

Will I someday be able to do a stream going for under 3 minutes...?

I've gotten to 3:XX on non-Zinogre monsters without Wyvern Riding, so next I think I'll go for 3:30.

Immensely curious about this supermarket.

RT @chiruko_ask I was at the supermarket earlier and the BGM on the in-store announcement was one of OSTER-san's instrumental songs, which was both nostalgic and startling. (can't remember the name of the song)

Love this.

RT @ryogomatsumaru I found this when I went to visit my parents the other day. I was so bad at English in middle school it's hilarious.
["Translate the following English sentences.
(1) Honesty pays in the long run.
Mr. Honesty went running a long time and paid me.
(2) It is no use crying over spilt milk.
No need to cry. Because I'm the one who spilled the milk."]

I want the next Monster Hunter update to add a system to deposit the money you earn in-game into your real world bank account.

Kinda seems like the things that stick most deeply in humans' memories are less purely fun things, and more things that were inconvenient or you struggled with.

Also, it was good how the Buddies you hired made food for you.

Every time there's a new Monster Hunter, a whole bunch of things get more convenient, but there are times I get nostalgic for the life of growing plants in fields, hitting trees with hammers to catch insects, blowing up mines for ore...

For some reason, in the band in my dream, I was on ukulele.

It sounds so plausible that I'd say "This box lunch is super tasty, what the heck, LOL," is the thing.

I was eating a train box lunch in someone else's dream.

RT @yuuyu_ssry OSTER happened to be there on the train, where she was sitting on the ground and devouring a box lunch like "This is super tasty, what the heck, LOL"

RT @yuuyu_ssry Had a dream of a worldline where Vocaloid producers with supernatural abilities were gathered at a school in Kyoto and, having various agendas, sought to destroy monsters spreading throughout the world. I was heading to enroll there myself, but I got swept away by a river, it was rough.

I had a dream I started a band with my followers and it was mega fun, but it was just a dream...

May 10th, 2021

Ever since having to stay home, games have saved me a whole lot.

I'm tired of a world where I can't meet anyone, but I'm doing my best being at home.

I have a report for everyone.
I've reached Hunter Rank 200.
This ends the report.

Toro Puzzle, thank you for the numerous bizarrely viral tweets... It's a memorable game.
[Ricky: "Even zombies are helpless in the face of an attack on their butts with an electric massager, yo."
YOU'RE the one I'm scared of. (13K retweets, 23K likes)
Kuro: "When you're thirsty, apparently it's effective to gargle dry highballs, mya."
There's no hope for the residents here now. (24K retweets, 64K likes)]

Thank you, Toro Puzzle...


Whether Rampages are fun or not aside, I'm in shock realizing that they might be easier to beat solo.

May 9th, 2021


:clock: Soon, at 8 PM:
Doing the night segment!
[Monster Hunter Rise] I Can Too Hunt 7★s By Myself! [Musical Vtuber Tesro & Roset]

I received a red Super Chat today, so I must go purchase chateaubriand... (dutiful)

Done with the day part of the stream! As per the poll, I'll also stream tonight! lol


I'd like to show off the fruits of my training, but I'm not feeling great today!!!

Doin' this at 1 PM!!!!
[Monster Hunter Rise] I Can Too Hunt 7★s By Myself! [Musical Vtuber Tesro & Roset]

Guess I'll do both...

?????? [Screenshot of current poll results: 20% for night, 10% for day, 70% for both.]

Today's stream: [Poll]
- Night
- Day
- Both

I uploaded a new song yesterday, so I'm allowing myself to stream top-hunting today.

I'm glad when not only my songs, but my illustrations are praised as cute...

You sure do.

RT @umecha24909 If you write sexy songs, do you get better at composition...?

I want so badly for people to sing [Song of Super Chat] replacing the "let's toast with ___!" parts with parody lyrics.

May 8th, 2021

Online drinking meetups with no concept of a "last train" are wild. [4:13 AM]

I like how Kiritan is toasting with steaks yet has white rice on standby.

[New Song] Song of Super Chat
With gratitude for all Super Chats around the world... #TesrosetTransmission
["A blue Super Chat, a blue Super Chat [Kaito]
Let's toast with canned drinks!
A blue Super Chat - thank you!

A light-blue Super Chat, a light-blue Super Chat [Miku]
Let's toast with cafe lattes!
A light-blue Super Chat - thank you!

A green Super Chat, a green Super Chat [Gumi]
Let's toast with beef bowls!
A green Super Chat - thank you!

A yellow Super Chat, a yellow Super Chat [Rin & Len]
Let's toast with cutlet curry!
A yellow Super Chat - thank you!

The kindness you all show
Lets me live each day joyfully
So it may not be much,
But I'll put my thanks into song...

An orange Super Chat, an orange Super Chat [Kiritan]
Let's toast with steaks!
An orange Super Chat - thank you!

A magenta Super Chat, a magenta Super Chat [Luka]
Let's toast with a full course dinner!
A magenta Super Chat - thank you!

A red Super Chat, a red Super Chat [Meiko]
Let's toast with chateaubriand!
A red Super Chat - thank you!

With all of your support...
I can keep giving my all tomorrow..."]


It's very sudden, but I finished the video, so I uploaded it.

:clock: Premiering tonight at at 6:00!
A new song. Thanks in advance.
[Original Song] Song of Super Chat #TesrosetTransmission

May 7th, 2021

I'm itching to fight monsters I played to death in the past using this game's systems...

Feels like the newer monsters have more movement variation and take more time to get used to fighting.

I've finally made it this far after hunting 70 Magnamalos... Besides the number of possible motions, there's so many chain variations that it's been hard to grasp... Which makes it a monster that's more fun to fight the more I understand it...

If only I'd done it just one second faster... Just one second...

Woohoo, I got under 5 minutaaaaaAAAAAA [Screenshot of exactly 5:00 on Magnamalo.]

where is Meiko?? [Probably in response to numerous English replies asking this]


Give criminals your love.

People sometimes say Tesro-sama's voice sounds like a criminal's, but others say they like it, which I'm glad for.

May 6th, 2021

I did make a song again today, I'll have you know.

This person doesn't think about anything but Monster Hunter.

What time are they adding event quests???

I read the abbreviation IOC as ICO every time.

May 5th, 2021

The Capcom connection.

D o n ' t  f o r g e t  D L - 6

[Name: "Polly"]

Should I give it a Minna no Uta-style opening?

I started making a Super Chat song, but this is kinda sounding like a Minna no Uta [Songs for Everyone]...

The contradiction of having the desire to not be a commonplace person, but finding it lonely that you're different from others, is a common thing with humans, right?

Women who are tired of following the concerto of "commonplace me" day by day, I want you to listen to Piano Forte Scandal. (??)

Said synth is also once I've wanted for a while, so..........

I'm the biggest idiot for trying to decide if I should buy a 50,000-yen synth so I can make a joke video.

By the way, when I happened to get 3:XX, that was just a regular run, so it was without buffs...

There just happened to be a Tobi-Kadachi in the starting area to Wyvern Ride, so I'm personally not counting it, but I'm still glad to receive the title of "Vtuber who can hunt Zinogre in the 3 minute range."

Why???? lol

Hang on, I got 3:XX.......... [Screenshot of 3:54 on Zinogre]

I'm mad. :angry face:

"This is the animation before Magnamalo's front-leg sweep."
"And this is the animation before Magnamalo's double-bite charge."
"They're the same animation!!"

I'm a child, so I'm allowed to have fun on Children's Day.

May 4th, 2021

You've really got to establish your own objectives.

Whenever work settles down, I feel like the world is so vast that I don't have a clue where to go so I'm just standing there.

There's lots of articles recommending armor for skills and such, but I wonder if there are any recommending armor combinations in terms of appearance?

On top of wearing the perverse mask and armor, the voice is Master Utsushi's.

I don't want to focus solely on strength; I want to value appearances, too.

My Pokemon Snap video is getting popular. (didn't say it was a video of Pokemon Snap)

I can sleep forever. :infinity: