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January 10th, 2023

I'm the best in the universe at explaining mahjong, but the worst in the universe at mahjong.

RT @Carino_yuy_sub [Linking the video] In the past month or so, I've broadly taught people mahjong a few times, but you can review by watching this.

[For Ultra-Beginners] Universe's Easiest-To-Understand Mahjong Rule Explanation [Refer back here for translation.]
A video that's casually racked up 30,000 views.


Ordering from a delivery service while considering the event that it won't arrive... This is called risk management.

[Retweeting meal delivery song and screenshotting an order page for beef curry] I'm about to do a rematch, so please pray for me that it'll actually arrive.

January 9th, 2023

Thanks for the stream! Managed to get a PB [4:38] on stream! Gonna do my best to break the 30-second barrier!

[Monster Hunter Sunbreak] Vtuber Who'll Cause a Miracle at Tarotaro Cup [Link to her Twitch]

To everyone coming of age today:
I'm a person who left of age ["ex-adult"]. Good day.

Tarotaro Cup practice stream again tonight @ Twitch.
Please accompany me. :sword:

Drinking is a sport.

I wanna practice longsword, but I'm exhausted the day after drinking.

January 8th, 2023

Life is simple yet difficult.


RT @Dark_data093 I was ego-searching Tarotaro Cup, and personally I feel like OSTER-san has matured an amazing amount. Even though I was faster to start with (not to mock her, so sorry if it comes off that way), seeing her overtake me at some point simply has me impressed.

I want a display with no delay...

I figured I'd get my equipment in order on Switch too and played Anomaly Teostra, and I couldn't beat it once after 2 hours, so I'm quitting Monster Hunter.

January 7th, 2023

Feels like there's gonna be a 5-minute wall and a 4-minute wall at Tarotaro Cup.

If I don't fight Furious Rajang enough that Furious Rajang shows up in my dreams, I'll never be Furious Rajang.

I want my effort to be rewarded...

This week alone, I've done 20 hours of Furious Rajang.

Thanks for coming to the Tarotaro Cup practice stream! Indeed, getting under 5 minutes is difficult. :oni:

Doing special training for the festival at the end of the month.
[Monster Hunter Sunbreak] Special Training for the Fest [Musical Vtuber Tesro & Roset]

["1/28 (Sat) - 1/29 (Mon): Tarotaro Cup
Spicy / Sweet / Sour / Furious"]

In the end, society is the violence of the majority.

[6:43 AM] I woke up at a weird time, but in society's terms it's not a weird time at all. You're the one who's weird.

January 6th, 2023

Me: "I'm gonna stream all sorts of games this year!"
Tarotaro-san: "I'm holding a tournament."
Me: "Aaaaaa :heart: :heart: :heart: (boots up Monster Hunter Rise)"

Serene Pose has the longest input window of the longsword counters, so it's a skill beginners can use easily!
There was a time that I too thought that way.

Is going from a time of 7:XX on the first day of Tarotaro Cup practice and getting it down to 4:XX over 3 days of intense training not quite an achievement already???

Detective Conan: Extradimensional Declining Birthrate Counter-Measures

January 5th, 2023

I thought I'd decide a team name, but we couldn't get away from talking about sushi, so I decided to put it on hold. (?)

Announcing my team members.
Going to beat you up with live sound.
I look forward to our match. #VocaDuo2023 #VocaDuo2023Team
[Music/Mix: OSTER project
Vocals: Bunbuku
Illustration: Sekihara
Movie Programming: Palf / Ojima Kaito
Guitar: Koji Shinnai
Bass: Daisuke Chigira (Gira)
Drums: Sorami.
Strings: TOXI]

They say to always look at what you're drawing when you draw, so why is it they tell you write math formulas without looking at anything? (why is it?)

Thanks to mnemonics, I can still write the quadratic formula I learned over 20 years ago without looking at anything. It's "tsuee my baby boo-boo massugu yoku aruku." Remember it. [Tsuee (strong) = 2a, my baby = minus b, boo-boo = b squared, massugu (straight) = minus sign, yoku aruku (walks often) = 4ku AruCu = 4ac.]

The relationship between the root and the coef... slope.

What's the coefficient then???? What are you, coefficient?????

[Re: the question "In y=ax+b [as the equation for a line], what do you call "a"?"]
Huh? That's the coefficient, buddy. Piece of cake, LOL

→ Incorrect

I'm on Twitter to broadcast the joy of longsword to the world.

I'm just a middle-aged gamer who's good at composing and a little more able to hold her drinks than the average person, yet merely following someone made them happy. Maybe I have a special power.

RT @tamago_chan_go [Screneshot of OSTER following her on Twitter] Hugely grateful... :crying: :folded hands: :folded hands: :folded hands: :sparkle: :sparkle: :sparkle:

Everyone having separate accounts for creations and hobbies, like, it's kinda amazing. I'm the kind of person who casually stuffs white noodles into the mouth of someone who came to a beef bowl place.

Maybe get some declining birthrate counter-measures for the third dimension.

Extradimensional Declining Birthrate Counter-Measures feat. Hatsune Miku [A phrase recently uttered by Prime Minister Fumio Kishida]

The rash on the back of my hand from going too hard on Rajang is forming a scab, so at this rate maybe I'll turn into Rajang.

I've assembled members for a VocaDuo, but due to the number of submissions, there are many people who I tearfully had to give up on asking this time. Thus, not merely limited to just this project, I believe I'll reach out if there's an opportunity in the fuutre. My regards if I do. :folded hands:
Again, I'm truly grateful to everyone who submitted. :woman bowing:

[Re: VocaDuo submissions] I've safely found all my members, so I'll be closing this off. :woman bowing: Thanks for so many of you reaching out. :folded hands:

January 4th, 2023

Today and yesterday, I've done nothing but practice Furious Rajang... I'll actually be doing other things starting tomorrow, so please forgive me.

Another monster, I mean.

Huh? There's a tournament at the end of the month where 20 longsword users like this gather to compete for the best time?! I'd sure like to enter! You'd like to enter, wouldn't you?????

I'm the Vocaloid producer best at longsword.

January 3rd, 2023

[Re: the "undodgeable attack"] In all seriousness, would this take care of it? [Screenshot of a FAQ for Rise about playing offline by putting Steam in offline mode]

There's still time, so I'll take it a little bit at a time.

I practiced Furious Rajang all day, but I wasn't able to get a one-area victory even once... I'm really close, though...

I'd cry if this happened during the real deal.

Is anyone familiar with how to dodge this attack?????? [Clip where a communication error occurs, causing her to lose control and take a hit while the message is up.]

Can't break 6 minutes. :sniffle:

Old-timer encouraging everyone who came to the stream to enter the Tarotaro Cup.

Thanks for coming to the Tarotaro Cup practice stream! Took forever just to get 6 minutes. :crying: :crying: :crying: I'll aim to get below 5 minutes for now.

[Monster Hunter Sunbreak] Tarotaro Cup Practice [Link to her Twitch]

I won't practice anything but Furious Rajang this month.

[Retweeting announcement of 4th Tarotaro Cup against Anomaly Furious Rajang]
I've been "wait"ing!!
For this "moment"!!

The start-of-year crowds, the number of solo visitors, and the recommendation not to converse mid-bath all working together resulted in a heavy silence between the women squeezed into a cramped bathtub, backed by the sound of water splashing. The scene looked just like a prison boat headed for a penal colony.

It's the new year, so maybe I'll go to the spa onsen this morning? :hearts:

I've had nothing but nightmares since the year started. Today I had a dream where my teeth turned rotten and a dream where I had to kill someone with a sickle to escape from the village of a mysterious religion.

January 2nd, 2023

Guess I gotta just be good for a while...

I figured today's mixed drinks were no good hence me feeling sick-drunk, but thinking about it, I'm a master over all beer, whiskey, shochu, sake, and wine, so that's actually kind of nuts.

My intoxication and my body were chilled, but my heart was still burning hot.

So much piling up to do this month, I can't... Do your best...

Had a party of four longsword users. :beer mug: :beer mug: :beer mug: :wine glass:

January 1st, 2023

[Linking limited-time free YouTube upload of Hunter x Hunter episode 130, Magic x To x Destroy] If I act now, I can watch Gon be thrust into the depths of despair for free, you say?!

December 31st, 2022

Gonna drink a lot again this year.

Happy New Year :shades: :sparkle: :kadomatsu:

I'll defeat you and go to 2023.

2022's final showdown.

Meeting a relative (in their 60's) after a while, they said to me "That Ado girl's really something! That "every little bit mediocre" part [from lyrics of Usseewa] just isn't normal at all!", and I laughed a bunch.

December 30th, 2022

[Re: Rainy Cat and Cappuccino] This was the first public appearance of a Merow song by me, but I've actually used her a ton already for temporary voices for work, so I had a grasp of her potential.

[Re: meal delivery song] It's just too much for this to be the first Zundamon song I made.

When you do something silly, the more quality it is the funnier it is, so, it's like that.

I'm thinking I want to make a Zundamon song next year.

I watched Zunda Hori-zun.
The only thing I can say is that I watched Zunda Hori-zun.

If someone told me I could be reborn with whatever voice I wanted, I'd want to be either Sister Claire or Belmond Pandelas..........

I'm working on sequencing a song to test out new synths and then do a cover, but it's arranged such that you absolutely won't tell what the original song is.

:woman dancing: #Dominowns

December 29th, 2022

Maybe there's no choice but to decide it through a death game...

After three hours, I've narrowed vocalist candidates down to 15 people. The rest, I leave to you.

So this is what they call "a good problem to have"...

Everyone's so good at singing as if it's commonplace, so at this point I should really just use intuition and talk to whoever I feel like I wanna work with oh this person's good too... (end)

Why did everyone reach out to me to such an extent? I'll never finish listening? Have a good year.

Should I just go ahead and have therm all do a VocaDuo together? (impossible)

It's hopeless... I keep re-listening to everyone, and they're all so good at singing...

Bought beer to drink at my parents' house, so my end and start of year are looking perfect.

My ears are seriously bad, so I always heard "kelp stock" in that Zutomayo song, so I looked at the lyrics thinking it couldn't possibly be that, and shockingly, they actually were singing "kelp stock."

Though they ask about my health at the hospital, my answer is either "bad" or "the worst," so I wish they wouldn't ask anymore. (despair)

You post a thread with nary even an image?! [2ch meme]

I'd been listening to KICK BACK without looking at the lyrics, so in the second verse I was hearing "gimme that gazou [image]" and thought "what an ancient-netizen thing to say," but it was "gimme that kasa [umbrella]." The only ancient netizen was me.

With it gradually becoming clear who submitted the nominated names, I get the impression that indeed, my heavy listeners have impressive analytical ability.

RT @crab_kanikani My submission was "Stardust Petrichor"... (whisper) (can't believe it was referenced in part of the lyrics) (glad)

[Re: VocaDuo submissions] Submissions have calmed down, so I'm starting selections for this today. I'll be sure to listen to every one of you. :folded hands:

December 28th, 2022

A pitable woman who has the failure of a bitter love etched into her memories as a scar alongside the smell of rain.


When I punished myself, not even putting up an umbrella,
Thinking of back when I believed I'd feel at ease,
It feels kind of embarrassing

There's no more need for fake smiles
And the cappuccino you poured -
I won't pretend it's not bitter anymore...

A gap for one starts to open in my heart,
And I can cry tears just for myself
Goodbye, gentle you
And me, who stretched myself
A petrichor choking back sobs,
Leaving scars on my memories...

Choosing and making the song were both hard, but this was a fun project, so I'm glad I did it. :clap: Have a good year!

[New Song]
"Rainy Cat and Cappuccino"
:cat: Goodbye, gentle you.
#OSTERSongEsqueSongNameContest #TesrosetTransmission
Rainy Cat and Cappuccino feat. Merow

Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Petrichor

Due to technical difficulties, the start of the archive has no sound.

The grand prize winner was:
"Rainy Cat and Cappuccino"
Congratulations! :party popper:
And thank you for your many submissions. #OSTERSongEsqueSongNameContest #TesrosetTransmission

"Sunflower and Albireo"
"Love Packed in a Bag"
"Starlight Serenade"
"Tesla Coil and Starry Sky"
"Event Horizon"
"11 PM Spray Bottle"
"Extradimensional Arcana"
"Rainy Cat and Cappuccino"
"Twilight Overture"
"Schrödinger's Bouquet"
"Overnight Melt Pot"
"Wandering Star and Catalana"
"Stardust Petrichor"
"Ryuujoukoshi [Dance Like a Dragon, Eyes Like a Tiger]"

Woman Award: "11 PM Spray Bottle"
Science Award: "Extradimensional Arcana"
Quasi-Grand Prize: "Overnight Melt Pot"
Grand Prize: "Rainy Cat and Cappuccino"


I'm excited to be doing a proper project-like project after so long.

With that decided, gonna prepare myself with a meal.

:clock: Tonight at 9:30:
I'll hold an award ceremony for the #OSTERSongEsqueSongNameContest.
The grand prize winner will be made into a one-chorus song! I'll also introduce lots of submissions besides the grand prize. #TesrosetTransmission
OSTER-Song-esque Song Name Contest Award Ceremony [Tesroset Transmission]

[Re: song name contest] Everything's in order, so I'll stream tonight.

Finally finished, eh... The year's last godly song...

I'm going to go and make the Taira clan be annihilated.

Manga Japanese History leaves streaming in three days and the Taira clan hasn't even been annihilated yet... I won't make it in time...

If only for one day, I want to go out without worrying about my health.

December 27th, 2022

Wanna go to a bar with delicious mackerel sashimi. :sniffle: :sniffle: :sniffle: :sniffle: :sniffle:

Have to make a song, but my body won't move.

I have a side effect where I can predict the future of suffering from a stomachache only when I eat spicy food.

Let's keep our spirits high on day 4 of Christmas.

December 26th, 2022

Gotta finish my final song of the year.

It's bad news how I can't even carry out the bare minimums of human living, but I just have to make it work with workarounds.

When I get home from outdoors work, I'm guaranteed to feel unwell and lie in bed, so I'd better make tomorrow's dinner while I can.

I've got work early tomorrow, but before whether I'll actually be able to wake up, I'm worried whether I'll actually be able to sleep.

It hurts how my body is so bad every day, but it hurts extra that there are no prospects of it getting better...

No, I'll choose... I'll choose..........

Choosing is impossible??????

[Re: VocaDuo submissions] There's so many people that have my attention I'm holding my head.

I like Zundamon having to hold in pee, but I do not want to become Zundamon having to hold in pee. [Using Zundamon's "___ no da" sentence-ender]

I fell back asleep and had a dream I was Zundamon and had to keep holding in my pee, so there might be no hope for me.

Don't let your rage toward food delivery fade.

Merry Christmas!

December 25th, 2022

I'm super curious about a world where stuff like dark matter and dark energy is completely understood, but it's sad to think there's surely no place for ghosts in such a world.

If both the inquisitiveness of wanting to explain the unknown and the religiousness of wanting to cling to something unknown are human nature, it seems strange to have both at once, but I often think that having contradictory feelings in itself might be human nature. Don't you think?

There's a short manga I really like about a monk who pursues astrophysics and proves there's no afterlife, and is persecuted by the people of the world. But belief would still infringe upon a world with no blanks in scientific knowledge; thinking about how people's hearts probably can't resist that, it's a strange dilemma.

Even if it's to a different degree than back then, despite everything being backed up by scientific explanations these days, belief in charms still remains strongly... Humans sure are curious. I guess ultimately, humans are creatures operating off vibes.

When you look at stories from early Japanese history, it's clear that in those times the cause and effect behind all ocurrences wasn't backed up scientifically like it is now, and you can super understand how people felt they had to rely on charms beyond human understanding or religion to stand against inexplicable hardships and unease toward an unpredictable future.

Christmas this year was an event where I wept at the unspeakably cruel story that led up to Ganjin Wajo [monk who spread Buddhism in Japan] achieving his desire of voyaging to Japan.

Christmas ends because you think it ends. You gotta have a stronger will.

I just have to live longer than Togashi-sensei. That's all it is. [Probably in response to Hunter x Hunter going non-weekly for Togashi's health]

I have announcement for you all: Right now, you can watch Manga Japanese History all you want on Amazon Prime Video. There's five days left. Why didn't anyone tell me?

Chicken is so delicious, make it Christmas every week.

Thus spoke Rohan Kishibe? What did he say? What's his height and annual income? We looked into it.
What did you think?

December 24th, 2022

[At midnight] Merry Christmas :snowman:
Suki! Yuki! Maji-Magic (OSTER project All-Out Arrangement!)

Jesus Christ's greatest contribution was bestowing upon me an opportunity to eat chicken.

This is my Dramatic Noel.

Christmas! Christmas! I'm so glad! I'm a Buddhist!

December 23rd, 2022

All I want for Christmas is boob

Somebody help me VS This is a story you started

Basically my only thoughts on VocaDuo submissions are "this sorta became something really amazing," but having assembled such incredible talent, I feel like I'm gonna die from the pressure of "now don't you dare make something half-assed"...

Festivals are fun...

[Re: VocaDuo submissions] Most gratefully, I've already received nearly 100 submissions... I'll take my time choosing. :folded hands:

Man, I know I'm the one who opened submissions, but all your submissions are so wild it's wild.

I'm really fond of Dramatic Noel, and listened to it over and over before release going "Is it not up yet? Is it not up yet? Is it Christmas yet? Not yet? Can't Christmas come sooner?", so I'm really glad it's been released...

Laughing at what a good song this is no matter how many times I listen to it.
Dramatic Noel / Urashimasakatasen

[Screenshot of SONICWIRE official account liking her "what women really want is SPITFIRE CHAMBER STRINGS PROFESSIONAL" tweet] Uh, lmao (I'm always indebted to you)

Merry Christmas!! Merry Christmas!! Merry Christmas!! (riding horseback in a Santa outfit throwing punches)

Those people're all imaginary roots.

You wanna make a video too, right? Videos, they're fun to make, see? How 'bout you make a video??

Everyone just sing my songs together, please...

Everyone's so good at singing LOL

Video makers... Hang in there... video makers... I know... It's rough, huh... making videos... You can't hold two positions at once... Video makers... Please...

Also, the songs I make are super duper complicated.
They're super duper complicated.
I await those with confidence in their skills.

I've already gotten tons of submissions, I'm so grateful.

It's easier to manage if you send one of your own works in your reply. Thanks in advance.

I especially want to take this opportunity to get connected with people who can make videos. Making videos is such an ordeal...

Nice to meet you.
I'm taking submissions from any singers, video makers, and if possible, guitarists/bassists who want to make a song with me.
If you want to participate, please reply to this tweet.
I'll speak to those who catch my attention. #VocaDuo2023 #VocaDuoWanted
["Occupation Card
Name: OSTER project
Occupations: Vocaloid Producer, Mixer
Additional Comments: I can more or less make any type of song, so I'm thinking I'll come up with something that matches the singer's style.
Won't you make a song with me? This is a remote position!"]

I'm a gamer who's good at composition, you see.

RT @giza_miku OSTER project, that brings me back! I watched a ton of her Monster Hunter videos!!!!!!!

Apologies to those celebrating like "OSTER project, that brings me back! What a delight for old otaku!", but I'm in active service, and I've uploaded a video of beating Furious Rajang in three minutes. My regards.

I'm good at writing cute lyrics. (self-introduction)

I haven't done work for many male artists, so I'm super glad... It's a perfectly refreshing song for Christmas, so go listen to it lots.

Dramatic Noel / Urashimasakatasen
I provided the composition for this song. :christmas tree: :cake: :present:
Merry Christmas! Merry Christmas!

I have an announcement very soon, so please get your panties off.

Uh, got something mixed in there.

I'm working hard.

["Tesroset Transmission / OSTER-Song-esque Song Name Contest"]

I released balls! → ?????k

[Screenshots of views on two recent tweets]
I released a new song! → 43k
I have no balls → 65k

[Re: delivery service message song] Check out my new song too.

It kind of just started displaying suddenly. Hell yeah.

It's kind of the talk of the town, but my Twitter alone isn't displaying view counts. I can't join in everyone's discussion, so I want them added. Then it's okay if you remove them.

[Following a Twitter update adding tweet view counts] †Welcome. You are stray sheep #[view count].†

December 22nd, 2022

Though by all means, I'd certainly like to try being a god once.

As an averagely special commoner, I aspire to gods who have been completely freed from comparing themselves to others, while knowing it'll never happen in my life but aiming for it anyway. Kind of like how lim will approach the limit but never actually touch it - I sorta think that's a good attitude to live with.

In Buddhism they say that you can't get rid of feelings of comparing yourself to others until the final stage of enlightenment, so to look at that from the other end, the sense of inferiority that produces is kind of the most deeply-rooted human suffering. Ressentiment comes from there, too.

In short, I'm a very human-like and thus lovable character. Aren't I so wonderfully human-like?

Conversely, people who successfully discard their feelings of inferiority look like gods.

Thinking about what the most human-like feeling is, my current answer isn't love or sympathy, but "feeling inferior." So I like works that deal with feeling inferior, and feel an incredible affinity with characters whose feelings of inferiority drive them.

I'm way too excited for tomorrow's lunch. Every day, lunch is my greatest pleasure.

What do I value in life? Food, of course...

I've finished preparations for tomorrow's lunch. If I make it myself, it'll never fail to arrive. I'll be able to eat lunch with certainty. (traumatized)

Why do I add more tasks before finishing tasks???

[Re: VocaDuo] There's kind of more interest in this than I expected, so I think I might formally take submissions later. Thanks in advance.

[Re: delivery service message song] This is a demo song for TOKYO SCORING DRUM KITS.

From now on, I'll order food with the assumption it won't come. (??)

To be serious, you can't help mishaps coming up, but the handling of it afterward, with 2 and a half hours of things being incomprehensible ending in not getting the order, was just too cruel, is the thing.

I'm suing you for damaged products!
Of course you know the reason, don't you?
Because you deceived me with this food delivery, and destroyed my lunch time!
Please prepare to be prepared.
[Reference to a meme where someone posted a fake "trick" to catch a shiny Volcanion in Pokemon Omega Ruby that included a step to delete your save, and someone in the thread got extremely mad in likely machine-translated Japanese.]

Due to difficulties providing the item you ordered caused by shortages, your order has been canceled.

I immediately broke down crying.
Sorry, but I can't eat lunch anymore.
[Reference to a meme: "I told my wife about the Splatoon servers being down. I don't have a wife. I immediately broke down crying."]

Vocals: Zundamon
Composition: Me
Lyrics: A certain food delivery service

["Due to difficulties
Providing the item you ordered
Caused by shortages,
Your order has been canceled."]

RT @vocazen Iyowa-san: "My stomach ["i"] is weak ["yowai"], so I'm Iyowa."
mucell-san: "I choke [museru] often, so it's read "museru.""
Me: "I want to follow all Vocaloid producers, so I'm "I Want To Follow All Vocaloid Producers.""
Koushi-san: "So I don't forget the regret of not getting to go to Koshien, I mean it's from "calf" [koushi], I mean because I was a tutorer [koushi], I mean because I have a lattice [koushi]-pattern handkerchief -"

RT @sigekun That being said: that time I got followed by the "I'll Crush the Balls of All Vocaloid Producers" account despite not being a Vocaloid producer.
That time I got followed by them despite not having balls.

Lots of people are proposing the theory of "they ate it while on delivery," but I'd imagine the risk of almost definitely getting busted and losing your job would be too great for eating while on a delivery to be worth it, though who knows.

I'm downhearted, but I'm goin' to the hospital.

There's probably just something bad about the structure of the organization, but you shouldn't loathe the organization or those who belong to it for something like that alone. I understand there are lots of diligent people doing their best. I was just hungry, that's all...

I'm a god member... Is this how you treat a god...? God is dead...

This has been etched into my memory as the Dark Thursday Food Delivery Incident.

Goodbye, my curry... I so wanted to see you...

I'm tearfully warming up some frozen food, so console me.

At first I was worried about if the driver got in an accident or something, but the atrocious handling of everything really freaked me out...

So you're saying I'm the idiot for waiting an hour and a half??????

[Make order

Hasn't arrived after 30 minutes, no notification of delay

Contact them, told to wait 10 to 20 minutes

Hasn't arrived after 1 hour, delivery person's GPS location has been at same place for about 30 minutes, ask if the delivery person's okay

Told "Sure the GPS isn't delayed?" (???)

Figure it's been way too long and inquire again

Get a call saying the delivery person had trouble but it'll arrive soon so hold on

Get a call saying "It'll arrive in another 2 or 3 minutes!"

Doesn't arrive so I call

Due to difficulties providing the item you ordered caused by shortages, your order has been canceled. (????????)


I've used them with confidence up until now, so it's sad...

A certain meal delivery service hasn't contacted me at all and it's been an hour since the estimated delivery and it's still not here and even when I inquired they just said "please wait"... This sense of despair is intense.

VocaDuo [project aiming to connect Vocaloid producers/singers/video makers/etc. to make a song together] is great, wonder if anyone'd do that with me... *glancing*