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October 28th, 2020

Someone saying that Roset-chan's voice in Roseko's Room isn't Roset-chan nor OSTER-san, but some unknown voice, and I'm like, it really is such an unknown voice... There's still so many unexplained things in the world.

Roset-chan trying to do a Tetsuko-san impression but not sounding like her at all and just becoming a strangely-behaving otaku.

I uploaded it so you can listen to it anytime.
Roseko's Room Main Theme [Tetsuko's Room Parody]

I drank out of a urinal, but it was NOT yuri at all!! :mad: ["I drank "yuri naru" [become yuri], but it did NOT make me yuri!"]

Thinking about it, it would be way too sad to have everyone telling me "I'll send over a bank payment" but not actually receiving any money.

Next month's nickname will be "I'll send over a bank payment."

Rather than put a ban on nicknames, I want to announce each month what nickname I want to be called. This month, refer to me as "Want your boobs fondled?" Good morning, Want your boobs fondled?! Want your boobs fondled?, did you eat yet? See you tomorrow, Want your boobs fondled?! Talk to me like that.

October 27th, 2020

No human is omniscient. The only omniscient one is me. One plus one is miso soup.

People who instantly jump to conclusions of "I can't understand that way of thinking → you're wrong," how are you able to eliminate the possibility that your own thinking ability just isn't sufficient to understand it? Are you omniscient? No, because you proved you weren't omniscient when you couldn't understand.

But suppose that when you tell me "it'll be okay," I think "stop trying to irresonsibly encourage me when you don't know anything" only when I'm in a tough place at the moment, and normally I would try my best to understand the other person's feelings more than the maining of their words. I always want to think that way, so I want to live a life where I can afford to have such consideration.

The meaning words have is dependent on the relationship between the people saying them, of course, but they also change depending on mental state and the current environment, so maybe they're never really getting across the same thing each time...

Depending on who's being told "it'll be okay," they might think you're saying that irresponsibly and know nothing, but also some people want to be told it's okay and be put at ease, so it's really tricky. That's why being kind to people is hard.

What is kindness, really? :heart:

The correct thing was probably to lift up your own hair.

Print Club comic. #TesrosetArt #MakemonArt

[Print Club Voice: "Next, lift up your hair and do a cute pose!"
Print Club Voice: "3, 2, 1..." (This Definitely Isn't It)]

Yesterday I had an emo discussion about how in Passenger Seat Road Movie, Rin-chan realizes the sweating iced tea in the cupholder is just like her, bound by the desire to preserve the relationship they've built up until now and her thoughts having nowhere to go.

October 26th, 2020

Today was such information overload that my brain can't keep up, but it's lonely how quiet it is after being with a bustling girl all day.

Maison Home -The House Where I Live-

My throat's dead from talking for 5 billion years.

I want this to be the character song of a lot of people.

This song has been referred to as "OSTER-san's character song."
[OSTER project] Labradorite feat. Yu Tokiwa [Music Video]

October 25th, 2020

Galaxy's also rough with how when you hit the wall with a long jump, it won't let you do a wall kick.

It gives you a new appreciation for the lack of limits on Mario 64 Mario's actions... It's pretty rough to have the long jump and backflip taken away...

Isn't Sunshine really hard????

Stream over! Only managed to recruit 12 employees ["Shain"s] today... I'll build an enterprise yet!!

Let's begin!!!!
[Super Mario Sunshine] Aiming For Completely Blind 100% [Musical Vtuber Tesro & Roset]

I'm losing at my game of trying to get exactly 100 at the victory pose. [Ring Fit results: 17m41s, 99.99kcal, 1.55km]

It's not like Mario is the one spitting water.

I seriously have no preknowledge, basically all I know is it's a game where Mario spits water or whatever...

Starting tonight at 8:30! I'll be playing Mario Sunshine for the first time in my lifeeeee!
[Super Mario Sunshine] Aiming For Completely Blind 100% [Musical Vtuber Tesro & Roset]

First off, the title Bathroom Garden is so cute, it's instantly a winner.

I feel like I haven't made a "cute girl twirling" sort of song like Bathroom Garden lately... Though actually, maybe Cat and Balloons has that vibe...

Being nuts is my one redeeming point.

You can't tell what she's saying for more than half of it, so I added subtitles. #TesrosetTransmission
["Roseko's Room" "Well then, our guest today demonstrates a variety of talents in her work including lyrics, composition, video creation, illustration, jokery, etc. - it's the Vtuber Roset-san. Please come on in... Oh?! Roset-san is me?! Ah, so it was me... Ah, please take a seat... Today, ahh, it's a chat stream, so I hope we get to have a lotsa, a lot of fun conversation... please, ah, I guess it's me who's doing a lot of talking? Ah, welcome, welcome, good day!! Please enjoy yourself!!"]

I want a silver shield while I yet live. :shield:

Alright!! 30,000!!! Thank you very much!!!!!!

I've reached 30,000 followers... not!!!! So close!! lol [Screenshot at 29,989]

October 24th, 2020

I might get to 30,000 followers by the time I wake up... Good night...

I'd absolutely never stand for my own voice, but I'm willing to sing with Roset-chan's voice... Wanna be Roset-chan...

Even if you suck at singing, you can just correct the heck out of the pitch and it sounds proper... What an amazing era.

I'm so great for making songs and singing and drawing and making videos myself.

A song with my first attempt at singing. (Roseko's Room main theme) #TesrosetTransmission

Me too... :heart: :bell: :wedding chapel:

I'm happy to feel the love from people every day. :heart:

Feels like a chord's about to happen in in the Roseko's Room theme...

Watching the archive, and sure enough, the BGM's doubled... Messed it up... lol

Chat stream over! Thank you very much! My throat's parched! lol

Starting now!
[Chat Stream] Musical Vtuber Roseko's Room [#TesrosetTransmission]

How many hours've I been preparing for a chat stream of all things... (it's fun)

Roset-chan's super-weak vibrato.

?????? #TesrosetTransmission

Maybe I should make an opening for Roseko's Room...

Starting tonight at 8 PM!
Taking messages here → https://marshmallow-qa.com/fuwacina
[Chat Stream] Musical Vtuber Roseko's Room [#TesrosetTransmission]
[Named in reference to the talk show Tetsuko's Room.]

Wait a mocha, I messed up the scheduling... lol

Things you're doing for fun tend to collapse the moment you put thoughts about demand above what you really want to do.

I've been drawing a lot since my Vtuber debut, so by my calculations, at this rate I'll be a godly artist in 500 years.

I think around 8 PM tonight, I'll do a Marshmallow-answering chat stream. :flex:

Me: "About what age is "marriageable age" referring to, again?"
Google: "S'the age when a woman's at 'er most beautiful."
Me: "I see! So from birth until death..."

October 23rd, 2020

I like powerful women.

I started 2020 down in the dumps, but lately I'm feeling super energetic... Real grateful, so happy... Gonna happily Ring Fit...

I want to do a 30,000-follower thank-you stream, but it's so impossible to tell when I'll reach 30,000... [Screenshot of being at 29,782]

I'm in my adolescent phase where I want to have the mistaken impression that I'm special for doing things different from everyone else.

See, look. [Google search for "salad chicken abbreviation": "The abbreviation "salachiki" is also used."]

Now then, tonight I shall dine on the d'chiki I made earlier. Likely I'm the only one who shortens "salad chicken" to "d'chiki" Amazing, yes?

I went and looked it up and I was completely wrong.

But in that case, wouldn't people susceptible to low atmospheric pressure die if they climbed a mountain or got on an airplane...?

Meant to say when atmosphere pressure goes down.

Could the reason your head and joints hurt when atmospheric pressure goes up be that the difference between the pressure in your body and the pressure outside makes your body swell? I've never thought about this before.

I had a bunch of dreams, but I forgot all of them.

I slept all day... Still sleepy...

my new gear

Wanna obtain everything the world has to offer soon.

And his dying words drove countless souls to the seas.
"I want Avenger."

Serum, Massive, Nexus. Gold Roger, the king of the pirates, obtained this and everything else the world had to offer.

GoTo Bed Campaign

October 22nd, 2020

There's no one who adores my works more than me. (brag)

If you won't voice it, that's your own will, but if you can't voice it even if you want to, your will ceases to matter anymore... Do I have a fetish for people being at the end of their rope or what...

I'll say it again and again, but I'm confident I'm the world's number one lover of the fact that in Rabbit Fur, "an "I love you" that I won't voice" becomes "an "I love you" that can't be voiced" at the end.

Like music, when I'm able to create lyrics that make me go "This came out good!", I get super excited with myself and shout.

I'm selfish, so I wanna sleep in the morning and don't wanna sleep at night.

Lyrics feel like they're in a world of feeling even more than composition, and it's hard to put in input... It's a mystery how people go about writing lyrics.

The other me in my head is shouting "Don't act like it's none of your business, you should think more when you write lyrics too!"

Watching Ooishi-san correct lyrics on TV makes me go like "Pros think about all kinds of stuff when they write lyrics, wow..."

Truly, art by people who're good at art is just kinda unexplainably good, but to put it terms of music, maybe it's like being able to masterfully use sexy chords...

Once you lose your sanity, life begins.

Chipped away at it some more today. [Ring Fit results: 25m55s, 116.01kcal, 1.57km]

I'd like to do a sort of casual chat stream, but if I'm just chatting, it actually makes me more uneasy about whether I'm keeping things interesting and brings my mood down, so I'm not very suited for being a streamer, huh??

My desire to stream and my nervousness about streaming are always fighting, and my nervousness about streaming usually wins...

Promptly getting over-familiar with people is a good and bad aspect of mine.

Don't you ever sing "Lotteria~" to the Melty Molten Galaxy BGM?

At around 100 :star:s right now in Mario Galaxy.

The person who came up with Melty Molten Galaxy's Daredevil Comet was sick.


[Reposting "I want that bastard eliminated"] I'm going to use this when I feel like eliminating someone.

I like evil Roset-chan.

They look like the weakest villains in the world.

Villains. #TesrosetArt #LostDogArt #MakemonArt

Explanations like "Use your imagination to picture the light source and objects, then you can draw shadows!" make me think like, if I could seriously do that, it'd be no trouble. I'm being told "Keep in mind the tension and balance and picture the flow, and you can put together a chord progression!" and lashing out like "Can YOU do that?! Can you?!"

October 21st, 2020

[Kuro: "Grab my chest! OSTER took 7095 damage, mya!"]
A fresh form of sexual harassment.

It's no problem if your hands are shaky on a piano roll, but the moment your hands are shaky on a tablet, it's over.

I ate lotsa food and doodled and now I'm sleepy. (baby)

Tesro might though.

Roset-chan would never say that.

Roset-chan, but a bug caused it to show the subtitles from another show. #TesrosetArt

["I want that bastard eliminated." (referencing a specific incident with The Godfather subtitles on Chibi Maruko-chan - unsure of the exact English line)]

If I don't refer to the original Tesroset-chan when I draw them, they steadily get reclaimed by my artstyle, which is why it's important to use references.

Tesroset Transmission, but a bug caused it to show the description from another show. #TesrosetArt

["Tesroset Transmission; 2020, Kid-Friendly, 6 seasons
The year is 1933. After setting foot into the criminal underworld when a yakuza boss becomes captivated by him, a young man must survive through the post-war turmoil as an organization head... A story of a man who keeps on fighting in a world of organized crime." (referencing a specific incident of the description of Shura no Mure on Thomas the Tank Engine]

Thank you for the many no-permission likes.

To make wonderful things, you need to consume lots of wonderful things.

I consumed 700 kcal walking, so I did my best to take in calories.

Honey Memory's playing at Family Mart. :honey pot:

It's fine for anyone at any time to draw Roset-chan and Tesro-sama.

Just the sunset being pretty puts me on the verge of tears.

Roset-chan is a dog, so she likes walks.

I'm ridiculously bad at running and couldn't even run 1 kilometer, but I love walking...

I walked 10 kilometers again.

Halloween isn't even over yet, but I have lots of fun plans through to Christmas, so just you wait.

But simply restarting from grade school doesn't mean I'd take to heart things I have little interest in, so maybe it would just once again produce an unlearned musical monster.

Thinking how I know so little about language that I should just restart from grade school.

Is using commodities or services to fulfill your desires also consumption...? I was thinking that since commodities go away when used, that feels like consumption, but maybe it's not like that...

The word "consumption" gives such a strong impression of using something and destroying it that when I hear something like "being consumed sexually" [AKA being objectified], I imagine somebody whose body becomes more transparent every time they're jacked off to, their very existence ultimately disappearing.

New retweets're here.

I want to be followed without permission, retweeted without permission, and liked without permission.

[Screenshot of regular retweet options for a retweet of her previous tweet] Not yet.

Don't you want to test out the retweet change? [The temporary "encouragement" of quote retweets over normal ones]

October 20th, 2020

God, I know wishing for world peace and happiness for all would just take far too much effort, so I humbly ask for my peace and my happiness.

It seems there's this Vtuber who keeps drawing fanart of me.

It's super fun drawing red-faced Roset-chan.

Why did the sound effect for blushing become "kaaaaaa"...

I drew a crappy comic. #TesrosetArt #MakemonArt

[Babio: "Hey, so like! The truth is! I kinda like ya a lot!"
Babio: "Didja know that?!" (virgin-quality confession) *kaaaaaa...* Roset: "W... What's this all of a sudden..."
Roset: "What're you doing suddenly playing a vibraslap, dammit?!"]

I get to eat cutlet curry, you get to see my handwritten chord sheets. It's win-win. That's what the cutlet curry tier is.

Your support directly provides my cutlet curry.

I allow myself to eat as many cutlet curries per month as I have cutlet-curry-tier Fanbox subscribers.

Thanks to everyone's support, I can eat cutlet curry again today.

Wanna draw a crappy Tesroset comic...

I might hit the conga, myself.

If you put a bongo and a conga side by side out on the streets of Shibuya and said "hit the bongo," I wonder what percentage of people would get it right.


October 19th, 2020

When I was frantically making Vocaloid songs 13 years ago, that was a ton of fun.

If it's something people want to see but doesn't align with what you want to do, it'll end up taking a ton of energy and you won't be able to keep it up, so I think you've gotta be having fun or else.

I deeply feel that people who're good at finding the common points between what they wanna do and what people wanna see reign supreme.

I want to bring things I think are wonderful to more people, and I know I gotta work harder to do that.

It's definitely not all that productive, but I hope to accomplish things bit by bit at my own pace.

These numbers only track the time when I'm moving my body, so my actual playtime was over an hour and a half...

Upping the amount of exercise day by day. [Ring Fit results: 46m55s, 212.82kcal, 3.03km]

I seriously don't know anything unless I can actually hear the sounds in Domino. If I just look at chords or sheet music, there's no sound playing in my head at all...

Understand how I feel... I seek chords that make your body move on its own... I can't resist that desire...

Granted, I think only people who make songs can tell the sort of melody that was changed to match the chords.

People who watch my streams probably realize this, but when I really want to use particular chords yet they run up against the melody, I have to make a chain of decisions of which to make things match with... But when I change the melody to match the chords, you can listen to it and go "that's a melody that was changed to match the chords," so I want to avoid doing it as much as possible.

My personal ideal of music is a combination of friendly and catchy melody crossed with a complex technical arrangement, but having both is extraordinarily difficult. If you make the arrangement elaborate, the melody gets dragged toward complexity too.

Obviously arranging is hard due to the workload and complexity, but composition is also super hard, and so are lyrics, and so is paying taxes, and so is breathing with your lungs.

[Googling "arrangers" and getting "arrangers [are] amazing" as a suggestion] Aren't they?

I'm an Avenger.

I get asked "what kind of job is it being an arranger?" pretty frequently, and long ago, I didn't know that myself.

Today, I made chicken salad while watching a foreign drama. 100% housewife.

Don't go and talk about your own dislikes like they're evils of the world.

I'm not a good enough person to appriase other people.

I feel like it's much too arrogant to declare that there's a problem with someone else's personality... Even if I can't abide that side of them myself, all I can say is that we don't suit each other.

I wanted to upload a song with a sort of autumn vibe.

Here's this week's.
[Official] Unrequited VOC@LOID feat. Hatsune Miku - OSTER project

Toy Time Galaxy is a stage from hell.

I've hardly bought any clothes this year, I'm withering...

In my dream, I was doing a collab with a Vtuber, but I can't remember who it was... I know it was a cute girl... (way too broad)

Yesterday was Sunday, yet I did not upload a video of a past song. Why do you think that is?
Because I forgot to upload one.