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April 1st, 2020

That song whose finishing touches are yet a touch unfinished, Cat and Balloon... On what day will it see the light of day...? :cat: :balloon:

RT @koji_onsensuki If I'm gonna do a hit-and-run guitar solo for OSTER-san's Cat and Balloon, I'd better do it now while I'm immersed in her composing streams... :cat: :balloon:

I Can't Little A English [Screenshot of the Engrish text]

2019: Miracle Point
2020: OSTER Wars ← new

They found oil in my parents' house's garden, so I made a movie!! Thanks in advance!!!!

[Breaking News]

[Natural translation of Japanese subtitles. Click here to switch to intepretation of the Engrish text.]

A super right-now, in my home far, far away...


After Supreme Chancellor Fuwacinan won the extremely cruel war of the hernia, she returned to her home. Awaiting her was composition work, and a conflict amongst the singers over who had the right to sing.

With the appearance of the Empire's new automonous android, AI Kiritan, the Vocaloids felt endangered, and began resistance efforts.

Gradually, it escalated into harrassment of Supreme Chancellor Fuwacinan. As Miku-chan triumphantly stuffed her face with the ice cream that Supreme Chancellor Fuwacinan was so looking forward to, the Kiritanpo-saber's blade quietly drew near...

March 31st, 2020

If the world didn't even allow us to laugh, it'd be all over.

For April Fool's, let's tell jokes instead of lies.

Uneasy times are exactly when you want those dear to you as your side encouraging you, so an illness that robs you of even that and eats away at you mentally is too scary... Even the curable starts to feel incurable...

Having surgery and being hospitalized while visiting was forbidden due to coronavirus, then spending a week not meeting anyone cramped behind a curtain, made me experience plenty of loneliness and anxiety. So I'm unbearably aware how hard it is to be kept from meeting those important to you while not even knowing if things will get better... It's painful... I want it to be resolved soon.

"The emptiness of you being gone, I'll fill with my unforgettable memories with you" is too tragic... Why... How could such a thing happen... I'm making a Kaiji face...

Listening to this song at a time when I'm often conscious of people dying, and being separated from those important to me, made me cry enough while driving that I almost couldn't see in front of me, so they should make a law against listening to this song while driving.
Love Song, by Sambomaster

I'm adolescent, so when I take in a love song, it makes me wanna make a love song.

It's kinda depressing thinking how I can only go to the supermarket and the hospital, but in the world of music, I can go anywhere... Way to go...

The early hospital-going girl gets the worm.

March 30th, 2020

I get in the bath with Miku-chan every day. (hallucinating)

Refrain from going out, wash your hands, gargle, and if you have energy left, listen to my songs...
OSTER-san's CD Vol. 2

Thanks for listening lots.

I like doing dumb stuff with full force, so I'm gonna go full force!

I spent all day today on something a little bit stupid. Look forward to it!!

I learned from the East Japan earthquake that the most dangerous thing is for the mood of the world to cause your own cheerfulness to fade, and for that to further infect others around you. That's why I think you need to find enjoyment at times like these, and why I want to provide as much of that as I can to people around me. Let's all overcome it together...

Even so, it's so sad I feel like I'm gonna cry...

With many depressing things happening, now more than ever, I think I need to put in the effort to be cheerful. And thus, tonight I'm having non-essential homecooked yakiniku. :meat:

As someone who consumes pasta by just breathing, I'm extremely concerned about the current shortages... At least inside my house, I want to lead a normal life.

March 29th, 2020

RT @peisuke I'm drinking and watching OSTER's "just making a song" videos, and recoiling at her skill.
Don't recoil, plz...

Me good at digital music.

I'm too fussy to make progress.

I worked hard to make that solo, but it's starting to sound a bit patched-together. (and so the song never gets finished)

Lots of people listening! [to the solo video]

Making music is fun, but painful. :sniffle:

It's hard composing for no audience, so I want a round of applause every time I make a good section.

Even though my favorite music is undoubtedly serious about theory, because of my lousy personality that finds studying it too tedious, I've remained a field-worker and kept persistently doing imitations to arrive at today... I've done good...

I've never played guitar, so I dunno whether or not this solo could be played as it is, and it'd probably be super difficult anyhow.

In terms of tone, I think it's similar to Bathroom Garden, but the world I saw then and the one I can see now are so disparate... In One Piece terms, it feels like I can use my Haki now.

I think I'm doing pretty well for myself for not having theory or a MIDI keyboard. (fierce singing-own-praises)

Huh? Aren't I great at making solos??? #Dominowns

I wanna think there's meaning to the things I've been doing...

I'm depressed. :sniffle:

Doesn't it ever feel like it'll never come to an end??? I'm so praiseworthy for always fighting such prolonged battles on my own...

I'm working so hard, but even after three days, I don't have even a single chorus done. Formidable...

I don't wanna die...

Composition is a life-whittling act.

Maybe it's the low atmospheric pressure, but I'm feeling iffy...

Nerve paaain... :wince:

Feels like "Whoa! Winter's here!"

The cold never bothered me anyway.

Everyone listen.
[VOCALOID] White Snow Falling [Hatsune Miku]

White Snow Falling :snowflake: :snowflake: :snowflake: :snowman: [Due to out-of-season snow in Tokyo.]

March 28th, 2020

I have an idea in my head while I'm making it, so it feels normal to me, but when I watch the archive later, I've got no idea what I'm doing, and it's super scary how just all of a sudden it's a song...

You should know if you've watched my streams, but I really do make songs by clicking with a mouse, so it's time-consuming and a boring environment and not suited for streaming at all, but thanks for coming to watch anyway...

When people catch colds from now on, I wonder if there'll be anyone who goes out of their way to call it "the retro coronavirus"...

They're Amazon-recommended. [Screenshot of four of her own albums - Canned Miku, Attractive Museum, OSTER-san's Best, and Candy Jar Event Horizon - being recommended to her by Amazon.]

[Jun: "Err, do you think Tokyo lockdown is necessary?" [It's necessary / It's not necessary]
She's running a public opinion poll.

I provided the music for a PV of Nagimiso-san's manga Touring Girl!! The song is planned for release later! Thanks in advance. :cherry blossom: :motorcycle: :motorcycle:

Dawn has come, so let's make an announcement.

If lyrics like "even if the world becomes my enemy" never landed for you, from now on you can just imagine the coronavirus.

March 26th, 2020

When C-E-G is playing, if you play it with something else, like D-F-A-B, or some kind of flat, or some kind of sharp, it can sound kinda fancy or sound kinda grimy. Music is fun but tough.

The "skillfully" is the tough part, huh...

I don't know theory, so to explain things super-instinctively: if you skillfully use things other than C-E-G a lot and skillfully combine them with notes at a similar distance, things sound kinda fancy.

What could I possibly teach people...? Is there anything...? Maybe the charms of Rin-chan?

@_ngtr_a There's infinitely many things I'd want Miss OSTER to teach me before chord theory.

If I had 100,000 yen, I'd just buy wagyu beef as normal, so gimme 100,000 yen!!

Maybe you think it's worthless, but people can be driven into a frenzy by the strong impressions words carry after the fact... Can't forget about the Great East Japan Earthquake...

I repeated "wagyu beef" over and over in Tapioca New Year, but for things to take on a different meaning because of societal events... Even if it's an unavoidable incident, it's just sad!! I don't want people to be unable to look at wagyu beef purely anymore!!

I love wagyu beef, so I'm happy to receive it, but sure enough, now's not the time... On the other hand, I don't want wagyu beef to become a victim among this mood of self-restraint and get a negative reputation...

Hearing nothing but coronavirus news is depressing, so let's listen to Tapioca New Year.

I also fail to remember "overshoot" and say "breakthrough," but that's not even remotely close.

I keep forgetting the word "lockdown" and saying "deadlock."

March 25th, 2020

At a time like this, I think it's nice if I can provide people the kinds of Interesting Content that a musician has to offer.

[After doing a music-making YouTube stream:] If you're thinking "Is it okay for me to watch you making music for free?!"...! You're free to pay me for it also, okay?!?!?!?!

The sub-dominant is F, and the dominant is G. If you change key, who knows... (newbie)

Amazing how everyone properly understands music...

Forget it, I'm gonna create by ear! :exploding head: (junk)

It's no good, I can't understand half of what people are telling me... I'm too much of a dummy.

(What was a dominant, again...)

A substitute chord is a substitution dominant... which means... What does that mean?

As such, if there is someone knowledgeable who could explain what techniques make up the progressions I made, I'd like them to explain it to me. (probably wouldn't understand it)

This is really the kind of knowledge I'm working with, which is why I can't answer at all when asked why I went with such and such progression. I'm making by atmosphere...

I kind of get that substitution chords are different chords with similar notes making them up, but I don't know what that applies to or when to use it...

If I may endure my shame to make a confession, I don't know what a substitute chord is.

Lately it feels like I can't regulate my body temperature well... Maybe it's age.

I'm gradually reaching the yuri fandom... Good, good, keep going...

Even if you ask what's wild about them, all I can tell you is that they're wild, but the Kiritan song chords are wild.

Even if you ask how I come up with my chords, all I can tell you is that I come up with them, but the Kiritan song chords are wild.

I knew that the medical expenses limit was monthly, but what I didn't know was that hospitals and outpatient clinics are treated differently... From injections and exams, goodbye 12,000 yen... :flying money: :flying money: :flying money:

I'm doing my best to slowly return to normal life. I even used the kitchen last night and this afternoon. Wanna do something productive today.

Having a hard time getting stamina back after surgery.

Great, eh? [Photos of sakura blooming. The comment is in reference to Day 100 of The Gator Who Dies After 100 Days, where the same comment accompanies a photo of the same thing.]

My surgery wounds are so plump and cute. Hope they disappear soon.

Thinking of it like that kinda makes me want to be a cat, but then I couldn't make music anymore, so as a compromise I'd like to be a furry catgirl.

When there's a real cat mixed in with a bunch of stuffed cats, it's really adorable, but when there's a real person mixed in with a bunch of wax models, it's incredibly terrifying... This world is irrational.

March 24th, 2020

Read up to Volume 8 of Bloom Into You, then listen to this. [Retweets kissing fish]

The five manga that make up Fuwacina-san are:
Bloom Into You
Bloom Into You
Bloom Into You
Bloom Into You
and Bloom Into You!


March 23rd, 2020

Am I an old fogey for wanting to use what I'm used to even if I'd get more modern functionality, because it'd mean having to learn how to use something new?? Well, but I've always been like that... Surprisingly conservative...

Who's still using the Vocaloid 4 editor? This gaaaaaaaaaal!!!!

I wanna see my own works as soon as possible... It whittles away at me, and it's really tiring, but I super love the music I make... That's the feeling I carry on with...

But I want to hear lots of my own sooongs! Let me hear new OSTER-san songs nooooow!!!! No sympathy for you, just make sooooongs!!!! You damn creatooooor!!!!!!

I was thinking I wanted to put out two CDs this year, but between troubles like coronavirus and hernias, I'm already a l-l-little uneasy...

To think I'd see this tag in the Reiwa era...

[Photo of a NicoNico user-added tag for AI Want Your Love! Kiritan: "Scam You Can't Pay For," generally put on things so good you want to give them money] You can pay for it!!!!!!!!! Go right ahead!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please pay me for it!!!!!!!!!

Though even if someone taught you so, you probably wouldn't truly get it until you have a bad experience yourself.

There's always some number of people who want to find fault, and are constantly looking for things to attack. No matter how much of the problem and responsibility lies with the bullies, no matter how faultless the bullied were, ours is a stupidly unreasonable society where you have to avoid getting those people's attention or else, so teach people that in compulsory education.

March 22nd, 2020

I used to like it when girls had a half-ponytail, but I'm not sure if I'm that picky anymore. The important part is that it suits you...

[Kuro: "Beer poured from butts onto thighs, half-ponytail beer, nether regions beer... What a wide variety, mya!"]
Drunken merrymaking with female fetishism.

This hernia thing, where the invertebral disk tears and the insides come out, and the treatment is to either endure the pain and wait for it to naturally go back in or get surgery to remove it, and the torn invertebral disk can't be filled anymore so there's always a risk of relapse, it's such a crappy disease, why'd you implement it??? Think of the game balance.

Does the world really need this disease called a hernia?

Don't you periodically have the meaningless worry "If I died now, I wonder what they'd use as my death portrait?"

How many years has it even been since I heard "hustle" used in this context? What an eye-opening thought... I'm gonna cry from remembering that forgotten nostalgia...

Let's protect our good old pervy old guys while paying caution that they don't trouble others.

[Toro: "A proposal, that means "Let's hustle together!", right?"]
A pervy old guy from the Showa era.

Life just goes the way it goes.

[Toro: "I see, meow! Pleasure feels good!"]
Another day.