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October 26th, 2021

ChoroQ 64 needed a memory card sort of thing you stick in the controller called a Controller Pak to save your game, and I lost the one I saved on so I can't play it anymore, so won't you bring it to Switch?

When I tried Star Fox again after 5 billion years, I laughed 'cause I had so much trouble with left and right being normal but up and down being inverted that it was like I was playing it for the first time.

Today's stream. [Poll]
- Star Fox 64
- Mario Kart 64
- Ocarina of Time
- Yoshi's Story

Bomberman 64 has these things called Gold Cards that are like Power Stars in Mario, and there's an item that requires you to collect all of them within 3 hours on Hard Mode to get.

takytank: "I managed to 100% Bomberman 64 by myself!
For me, Blast Corps is the hardest game on the N64. (ultimately couldn't do it)"

Meanwhile, I was able to finish Blast Corps...

Thinking about it now, an FPS where you can look at all the players' screens as you play is wild.

I got blown up with a grenade launcher while hiding in the vents in Goldeneye, so I hate it!!!!!

I gave up in despair on the all-melon challenge.

Yoshi's Story was also the best. Contrary to the visuals, it's stupid-hard...

I'm sure people are looking at this game lineup and noticing something important's missing... (Goldeneye) (I don't own it)

This game with godly BGM called Wave Race 64 rules, too.

Wanna make AAAA-san play all the hard games. (?)

Didn't DKR have that weird bug where mashing the A button way increased your kart's top speed?

It's not like I had every game I wanted bought for me, so there were a lot of popular games that I wanted but didn't have, but even so, I look at all these games now and I'm grateful to my parents for buying so many...

The N64 has this game called Bomberman 64 that's utter hell to 100%.

When'd Diddy Kong get so dirty...

You comin' over today?

Back in those days, we all biked over to someone else's house to play...

Remembering the taste of potato chips and Fanta at my friend's house and crying.


I wanna listen to good songs, but listening to good songs make me jealous, so I don't wanna listen, but I wanna listen to good songs.

Reaching the point where my name is brought up as Shibuya-kei has me like, "I've worked hard..." I'm glad.

[Retweets a big Venn diagram of Shibuya-kei artists, with her in the "digital" bubble] OSTER project is there. +110,000 points.

October 25th, 2021

Compared to bedrock, air has far greater liquidity, so it's like, you know. You know?

On stream, I talked about how the speed of sound's paltry compared to astronautical speeds, but it's also interesting how even if they're vibrations at the same longitude, preliminary tremors and sound are so different in speed.

First cosmic velocity reminded me that the speed of preliminary tremors for an earthquake, which I learned long ago, was on about the same order. So I looked it up, and it's around 5-7 km/s, so I was like "astronautical speeds are faster than preliminary tremors, heck yeah."

It's become that time of year where you can't live without a spacesuit...

If there's anyone who was like "I accelerated tofu to first cosmic velocity!", please tell me.

I thought about it, and that force put upon it is the result of inertia kicking in due to sudden acceleration, so if you accelerated tofu to 7.9 km/s extremely slowly, couldn't you achieve tofu at first cosmic velocity while retaining its original form???? (However: Air Resistance)

Tofu being fired at 7.9 km/s and falling to pieces at that speed.

I feel like it'd be fun if there were a storybook or something about firing various things at first cosmic velocity to put them into a satellite orbit.

I've bought plugins and become unstoppable, but as a result, I've begun to get super indecisive.

[Notice about Inappropriate Lady placing second in anime song rankings on iTunes in Canada] My Mei-chan is the number-two woman in Canada... :Canadian flag:

I've lived my life thinking "if I could draw a super amazing picture on my own power just once, I bet I'd feel better when drawing..."

I wanna make good stuff, after all.

Should I buy a video plugin bundle...? I'm gonna.

Now I've got no idea.

RT @ryogomatsumaru [Re: the Wikipedia verification suggestion] Strange... I've included my WIkipedia, too...

It's amazing to say the reason I wanna get home quickly is because I want to work, but for real, work's fun.

You can draw, too? Good for you, good for you.

Good for me for being a Vtuber who can write lyrics and make songs and sing and make videos and talk and make food and beat arena Rajang damageless.

Even if the atmospheric pressure's low, days when I feel good are good, and even if the atmospheric pressure's high, days when I feel like the worst are the worst, so maybe it has no bearing on me!!

The last track on OSTER-san's CD Vol. 3 Disc 1 being "rainbow" is cosmically perfect.

Whenever something invokes the story of Kudryavka, I'm attacked by selfish sadness.

[Retweeting yesterday's "???????" video] This is completely unrelated.

There's this super good song called Space Dog.

Isn't it pretty amazing to be able to make videos?!

It'll be after M3, but I'm uploading lots of videos for songs on my CD, so look forward to it!

Is now my chance????

RT @TakamiyaRion To people troubled over not getting verified:
I got it when I included my Wikipedia article.
It might be good to submit including your YouTube channel/homepage and Wikipedia.
(I did this the third time and got accepted.)

RT @pedipanol I love OSTER-san.
I'm hallucinating hearing Mario jump sounds...!

In my dream, I was talking with a bunch of people about a bunch of stuff...

October 24th, 2021

My head is full of thoughts of food.

The Science Dog Club was disbanded after five minutes.

My heart was so taken by the roast pork I drew, I've been in this state almost all day.

Space Roast Pork

Feels like Demon Fire would've worked as BGM too.


Seeing "space" and "background" together makes me think "background radiation?"

RT @utbutb [Re: "today's art"] Seeing a space background makes me want to add this.

Working hard every dayyy.

I thought I'd drawn all the art I needed, but I forgot one... It's hopeless...

I wanna eat roast pork so much, but if you buy poorly-made roast pork, it tastes like ham, does anyone get this?

The art I drew today.

Eyes: "Yep, your art is crap!"
Hands: "At least tell me what's crap about it."

What's goin' on with people who draw?

Drawing's so hard, I'm gonna snap.

Wanna make a rice bowl with the roast pork I drew and eat it so bad.

Why did I give my best efforts for roast pork that only appears for half a second?

You could serve this at a roast pork place. (???)

Aren't I great at drawing roast pork?????????

The power cord came out for some reason... Was worried there.

LCD tablet suddenly died...

I've never had a hallucination, so it's hard to make a video that's like a hallucination.

Rainbow Panda Reiwa Edition

I'm glad people seem to like Gaming Polar Bear.

October 23rd, 2021

Everyone else should make the Earth in After Effects, too.

This being a free plugin is nuts.

To think it got this late while I was busy creating the Earth...

Whenever I can't think of how to present something in a video, I'm quick to rely on some plugin. Just call me Nobita.

Isn't it dreamy how all the elements that exist in this world are made by the activity of fixed stars...?

On stream, I talked about how I'm interested in phenomena that happen with fixed stars, but don't know anything about the names of constellations or stars, so people were like "are you more into astrophysics than astronomy?", and I was like "yeah yeah yeah yeah."

It's research, see.

I have to draw tons of illustrations of alcohol now, so I wanna drink.

Saturday dog deficiency.

I drew comics and made music and now I'm sleepy. (infant)

I'm not aiming to be a genius, but an idiotic genius.

[Retweeting the original clip] I'm super amazing for taking the nuance from this crappy original and making an actual song out of it. (?)

I was tasked with making the theme song for 2121's Magical Mirai. (huge lie) #TesrosetTransmission
["Magical, Magical, Magical Mirai
Onward to the future, clenching my fist
Push up the sun...!
Magical Mirai, Magical Mirai... (Unite!!)
Magical! Mirai! Magical Miraaai!!"]

An example of how having a common language makes conversations go quicker.

Science Dogs #TesrosetArt

[Utsubo: "The thing with work..."
Utsubo: "Once you start, you can keep going, but if you take a break, you can't resume it anymore."
Roset: "So like, the coefficient of static friction being bigger than the coefficient of kinetic friction?" Utsubo: "Totally."]

Fanservice for 0.4% of viewers. [Screenshot of her YouTube channel's age ranges, with 65+ being 0.4%.]

Footage of a Vtuber on a channel popular with youths suddenly singing a song from 60 years ago.

To the universe, human ages are practically a measurement error, and humanity's up-and-coming rookies.

October 22nd, 2021

Why can't I get away from the "top" branding?


What should I name my Star Fox 64 playthrough series...? (want to give it some kinda name like Flop-Roset or Top-Hunter)

I just plain like Narga as a monster, so I practiced it several times before the stream, and did it four more times after today's stream, but still zero scales...

Narga won't drop scaaaaales...

Divine Scale Hunter Roset! Gathered a bunch of them!


I guess Once Again Knows Nothing Yo Oizumi-san is the common form, right???

Crimson Glow Valstrax
Ruiner Nergigante
Once Again Knows Nothing Yo Oizumi-san

It's almost the 26th.
What happens when it's the 26th?
You don't know?

N64 playthroughs begin.

Iceborne's seriously tough, so I feel like I'll get stuck once around the next rank...

Keep being sloppy and forgetting the tag.

:clock: Tongiht at 9 PM:
Top-Hunter: A New Continent! At last, I'll be challenging Master Rank Tigrex and Brachydios. How far will I be able to go solo????
[MHWIB] First Attempts at Tigrex and Brachydios! [Musical Vtuber Tesro & Roset]

Huh, am I good at drawing Tigrex or what??????

If I drew Tigrex, I feel like it'd look like a WacDonald's ripoff.

Guess I'll draw Tigrex.

On tonight's Top-Hunter: A New Continent, it's finally time to fight Tigrex, but so as to make for a completely blind experience, I haven't even seen the cutscene for encountering Tigrex, so I can't make a thumbnail... What shoudl I do?

The hot drink I bought at the store because I was freezing was lukewarm, but I'm fine.

My jokes are 285 Kelvin.

Today's temperature is as cold as the reception to my jokes.

Fellow cat owners can talk about cats forever, and fellow beer drinkers can talk about beer forever. Beer = cats.

Cold's nothing more than a stage setting for us to warm each other.

Before I take you as my bride,
There's something I need to tell you
Come out from the screen
Enter the same dimension as me
[Parody of the song Kanpaku Sengen.]

Don't know how many times I've felt the loss of having been making a good song in my dreams.

Gohdaloid in Love

I heard they were coming out with a Gian [Doraemon character] Vocaloid, so I was making a super good song for him to sing, but it was all a dream.

October 21st, 2021

My keema curry desire is also its own thing.

My desire to fill myself with Nakamuraya curry, my desire to fill myself with CoCo Ichibanya beef curry, my desire to fill myself with LEE 20x, and my desire to fill myself with soup curry are all independent, so I need to rotate through them.

Tomorrow, I swear, I'll eat curry. I definitely will.

My hands are shaking from just three days without eating curry.

Because of the Kuppy Ramune Chuuhai, all I've done is make myself unable to get in the car and go to the store even though I'm not drunk at all.

I'm so happy putting together a video using cute illustrations.

It's looking to be one incredible music video, so I'm super high-energy.

A music video.

What am I even making here?
[Top to bottom: "Appearance / Education / Fortune / Family Background"]

AE gets more and more sluggish.

Think I made the sound in Napo-Naporitan Match quite a bit better.

We certainly see eye to eye!

I've been told "I like your personality," and I also like my personality. (?)

4% alcohol is juice, so it doesn't count as drinking. (personal opinion)

Wow! What an indescribable flavor!!!

Right now after getting out of the bath is the exact time to drink Kuppy Ramune Chuuhai.

I'm working hard on making videos tonight, so let's do Top-Hunter tomorrow!

When Miracle Paint meets its 21-year anniversary next month, I'll also be turning 21.

You can't really call that a rumor???????

I'm really fed up with the media's fake news... Just now, they were saying on TV that October's going to end in 10 days. What a cruel bogus rumor, gimme a break.

Someone teach me how to make videos.

Humans're cute.

Gaming Polar Bear is today?! Hwhoa...

Drunk me: "Does 100% bravery mean the remainder of dividing 100 by bravery?"

October 20th, 2021

Making an impromptu song makes you question if I'm really a composer.

I made a theme song for Magical Mirai. Please check it out. #TesrosetTransmission
["(Marshmallow: "Next year's Magical Mirai theme song, please!!") Magical, Magical, Magical Mirai... Onward to the future, clenching my fist... Push up the sun! Magical Mirai, Magical Mirai... Unite!! Magicaaal! Miraaai! Magical Miraaai!! How's that? (laughs) Did pretty good, huh? Asking Tesro to make a Magical Mirai theme song... If you ask somebody like this, that's the sort of travesty you'll get."]

Even if it's been over 15 years since I learned this stuff in high school, I want to be praised for vaguely remembering. (lenient)

On stream, I said p-n was about electron shells, but that's L-shell and K-shell... p-n is semiconductors.

In short, you can't encourage people living on Uranus with "every night has its dawn."

Uranus's solar revolution is 84 years, so apparently at the poles, it's either night or day for 42 years straight.

A musical Vtuber's stream. #TesrosetTransmission
["Uranus's axis is almost totally vertical, right? If I remember right, Uranus... it's really remarkable... it's always rotating with one side facing the sun, so it won't switch between day and night until it's gone half a solar revolution. It's an amazing planet. Interesting, right? Like, they say "every night has a dawn." Every night has a dawn, but on Uranus, it's crazy long if you think about it. Like, it's night for half its solar revolution. That's like 40 years, all night. Once night comes, it's a heck of a long time before the dawn. Hahaha. Don't try that kind of encouragement.]

Being able to prattle on for 4 hours by myself is amazing.

Talking about supernovae: "Iron doesn't get sexy."

I talk a bunch about space on only offhand knowledge, but I'm always glad if people enjoy it, thanks. :folded hands:

Today's stream:
2 hours of CD talk
2 hours of space talk
Good work. :teacup:

It's begun!!!!!!

I think they're done, but my stomach's doing flips.

Wait, maybe not done?!

Stream preparations done!

[Screenshot of Twitter trend "Hunter's Moon"] Is it true Gold Rathian is coming to Rise???

I've walked for over an hour without a corset, so I might be a healthy person.

Would be okay with it staying this temperature and weather forever.

I recall going on and on about the question of whether Voyager 1 escaped the Oort cloud...

Knowing Dog and Balloons-chan is super tiny makes me wanna hold them in my hand and adore them...

Meanwhile, the communicator sent to the Revolver duo is about the size of a large smartphone, so you can tell their respective sizes...

What really moved me in the Oort Cloud video is that when the communicator is transported to the Dog and Umbrellas planet, it clearly looks bigger, showing that it's not a planet where acorns and stuff are huge, but those puppies are super tiny.

Wanna make a city full of bars in SimCity. Of course, the water supply will provide potato shochu.

Not shops, cities.

I'm jealous of shops with lotsa bars.

What's unlimited-time all-you-can-drink like...

I haven't even made any plans to go out, yet I'm searching for places to drink. (hobby)

Tonight's stream might become an hour of me talking about Dandelion and Campanile. (?)

Tesroset tonight!

My kitty knocked my ticket to the polls off the desk, so I've detained them as an agent plotting to undermine democracy.

I'm still a rookie Vocaloid producer of 14 years, so I'll do my best to be know by more people.

Every time you attend an event, don't you worry about what'll happen if nobody shows up???????

October 19th, 2021

When I'm making a song about drinking, drinking is research.

In life, those who do fun things have fun, so it's good to do fun things.

I'm doing something really fun right now, so I'm having fun.

It begins... My life of hunting Apex Zinogre...

[Re: Announcement of Tarotaro Cup 3 as an Apex Zinogre challenge] Has the time... come...?

:clock: Tomorrow at 9 PM:
I caught me a schedule slot! Doing a stream about my new CD. :party popper: Send questions about the CD on Marshmallow!
[Chat] Discussion About My New CD [Musical Vtuber Tesro & Roset] #TesrosetTransmission

[Re: concern about not being able to go to M3] This is a web venue, meaning mail order. No problem, everything's fine.

[Retweeting "Not a serious one like "on the rocks," I wanna make the ultimate stupid alcohol song"] An idea I had since August.

Please album-ify Yobikomi-kun too someday, I'm begging you.

[Retweeting "A Message From Twitter."] Album-ified!!!! Congratulations!!! [The album version is "A Message From Me."]

My CD is about the size of the ACNH update. (exaggeration)

The more I listen back to it, the more I feel it's packed with songs I was able to make because of my feelings at those times, and it makes me recognize anew how life is an integral of moments.

Dandelion and Campanile is such a stylish song name, am I a genius? I'm a genius, praise me.

[Retweeting a preview from September] This is Dandelion and Campanile from Disc 2, but I was like "wowww!" that I already get a Marshmallow from soneone who noticed.

And it's my first M3, so my heart's pounding. :love hotel:

I couldn't release a CD last year, so this year's is two discs... I worked hard, so I hope you get it...

Debuting the Zunda/Metan combo is huge for me... I've had the idea for ages...

There's a ton I wanna talk about, so I'll do a chat stream tomorrow mainly about the CD!!
Send me Marshmallows if there's anything you want to ask about the CD!

Death :skull and bone: Roset

Once again, the cover art is by Usagi-san! Tesroset Girls

[Super Announcement]
OSTER-san's CD Vol. 3 is complete! :peace sign: :peace sign: :peace sign:
Being distributed on October 31st, 2021 for M3 2021 Autumn, T-10 (real life) / Purple-058 (online)!
Listen plz!!

Yikes, I set the date to tomorrow, lol... Manually made it public.
[M3 2021 Autumn] OSTER-san's CD Vol. 3 Crossfade #OSTERsanCD

Huh, the video isn't up?! lol

Going with a regular release!

1 hour until CD info.

These votes are close.

Crossfade upload tonight at 7: [Poll]
- Premiere it [39.6%]
- Post it regular [60.4%]

My fave is too cute??

This is the nosebleed sea. :beach with umbrella:

RT @SisterCleaire @fuwacina Fuwacina-san... Fuwacina... chan... *th-thump*...

No matter how close I might get with Claire-san, I feel like I'll always call her Claire-san rather than Claire-chan, does anyone get this??

I don't know the taste of kisses very well.

Is there kiss sushi? [Likely a play on "kisu" being a type of fish.]

Tell me your favorite sushi toppings.

I thought it might be a corona counter-measure, but all the other seats were opposite each other.

October 18th, 2021

Side by side. #TesrosetArt

[Server: "Welcome!" Roset: "Party of two, please and thanks!"
Server: "Here are your seats." (wall, wall, sanitizer, chair, chair)
Roset & Utsubo: "..."]

Uploading the crossfade tomorrow! I'll do it! I'll do it! I'll do it!

I'm curious what kind of song Gaming Polar Bear is, so I'll listen! Click!


[TESRO: "...Don't look at anyone else. Just look at me."]

Making a crossfaddde!

After playing a lot with someone,
it's lonely.

I only just finished my CD, but worryingly, there's already a song I want to make.

Lolita Complex (Numbers)

It's a festival of announcements lately! Go out into the world, songs I created...

Isn't Gaming Polar Bear the best title???

:polar bear: Announcement :polar bear:
I provided the song "Gaming Polar Bear" for Ongeki Bright, launching October 21st! :polar bear: :rainbow: Please give it a play!

My heart is smiley, but my body is creaky.

I've regained my mental health from having contact with someone...

Even if I can't remember what was discussed, the fact the black truffles were delicious was carved into my soul.

October 17th, 2021

I only have the memory of today being fun, I already can't remember the details.

Drank three years' worth.

I seriously drank myself to death, I'm dying.

I drank myself to death, so I'm going home.


Descending upon an unknown town.

Let's dress up!