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November 16th, 2021

I think I've more or less overcome it since I was able to put a two-measure silence break in Azrue Blue, for instance, but...

Fear of empty spaces? You mean my songs????

Even atoms have two states overlapping, so it's all gravy.

Having two opposing emotions, like "because I like it, I can't just like it," isn't a contradiction at all, and there's no need to hate yourself for having them.

[Liking Takes You Along] is a good song that expresses how even if hardships happen, you just gotta believe those experiences will be beneficial to you someday!!!

Woman who gets her own song's lyrics wrong.

Even in a world where things aren't easy,
Tears and laughter are all part of life

So true.

November 15th, 2021

I thought if I slept lots and cleared my head, I'd be able to tackle Apexogre, but I absolutely couldn't, and now I'm gonna cry.

I wanna draw trip report comics, but where should I start?

Wanna be this soon.

The sheer density of every day around Miku's release was intense.

Taking into account the time waiting for illustrations, I was probably making Miracle Paint around 2 months after Miku's release?

Despite looking like a hot guy, apparently she's a girl, which got me stimulated.

This alpaca from Hakone's such a hottie.

RT @q0a_ Apparently Miracle Paint came out 3 months after Hatsune Miku's release... ←For real?

Isn't huge-boobed beer-loving sexy lady just Meiko-san?????

If I become a Vocaloid-P Musume, I want to be a huge-boobed beer-loving sexy lady. (writing my will)

Dunno if it's exhaustion, but my play's getting sloppy... That's no good at all.

I'm so bad at games it's depressing me...

It felt like I didn't have as much firepower as other people, and it turns out I forgot to do Rampage upgrades to my weapons. :smile with halo:

I am practicing, but it's not going well at all...

I'm running in the Tarotaro Cup this weekend! :woman running: :dust cloud:
I'm doing my best with practice, so please cheer for me.

I was sad to wake up and be in my house.

An image you use when something is for experts.

["* For Experts *"]

November 14th, 2021

Achievement Unlocked:
Climb a Tetrapod

I've remembered that life is sightseeing with good friends and going to hot springs and drinking and laughing stupidly and playing games and drinking and drinking and drinking.

[Retweets some people receiving their Tesroset merch] Makes me happy that people are receiving their Tesroset merch even while I'm drinking...

I'm sad that it's over... Want a trip to start when I wake up tomorrow...

It's super emotional how my first photo of the trip is a brand new bottle of Spirytus and my last photo of the trip is the same bottle down below half...

I've regained the ultimate life...

Something I realized trying Spirytus is that if you divide it up in a reasonable way, it's perfectly drinkable and delicious. (but if you divide it up wrong you die)

The Spirytus consumed in two nights...

The Four Forest Friends' Journey of Friendship and Overdrinking, Chapter 1: End (returning home)

Trips are so fun, it's so lonely when they end...

Grand Finale :fire:

November 13th, 2021

The night is still young.

We're doing it!

:gravestone: :wave:

:cheese: :fondue: :baguette: :bagel: :tomato: :carrot: :potato: :explosion:

What's the deal with me periodically reporting I'm alive after posting a photo of Spirytus?

I'm alive.

November 12th, 2021

Spirytus is an amazing drink...

I'm alive... I am living.

is strong

Spirytus!!! My body's hot.

What am I getting into?!?!?!

Such a stimulating, passionate night calls for...

Good on me for getting Apexogre practice in between other things.

My kitty's been playing vomit Splatoon all morning.

Looking back at this CD, there's only one sexy song, and in terms of the track order, it gets sexy after getting supremely drunk...

The wild thing is that there's also songs that pretend they're not being sexy but are super sexy.

RT @bohebohe5963 Amazing how OSTER-san's songs can be divided into "songs being sexy" and "songs not being sexy."

November 11th, 2021

If black holes aren't holes in space but rather celestial bodies, isn't the name "hole" kinda weird? Shouldn't it be something like Dark Damn-Heavy Star?

If I'm reborn as a god in my next life, I'll have fun making black hole onigiri with neutron stars.

I see, is its volume zero, then...? What does "zero volume" mean...? The limits on humans imagining the concept of infinity are making my brain go haywire.

If you squeezed a neutron star tight like onigiri, would it become a black hole? Don't you want to test?

Fixed stars, which are the predecessors to black holes, have limited mass no matter how stupidly huge they are, so how's any amount of condensing it supposed to give it infinite density?!

One time when I went to my parents' house and had drinks, I found some Hibiki on a shelf after my dad went to sleep and drank a bunch of it. (confession)

Hibiki costs over 10,000 yen these days...

Public Tavern, Tokyo Tesrosetland

Let's warm up the bath and look up bars. :hearts:

I super don't get how it's possible physically for something's density to be infinite.

Just one particle out of a pair being sucked into a black hole is such a tragic parting.

[Linking a video about black holes] Don't understand nothin' (Don't understand nothin')

I'm about to turn middle-aged, so I wanna do a lot of stuff ASAP.

In the final "lalala" part of Liking Takes You Along,
Tesroset are singing too.

Looking at it that way, maybe my continuing is simply out of not having the courage to stop, but it's all good in the end.

Thinking how I've lived my life just making music, so I'd surely never be of use to anyone in any other way at this point, makes it feel like the most glorious curse.

I've had plenty of days full of regret and wanting to quit, but good for me for still making songs after all!!!

RT @tanji_y [Re: Liking Takes You Along] After over 14 years since Hatsune Miku's appearance, OSTER-san has walked alongside her and all the Vocaloids since her true beginning. Every line feels like it has those years etched into it. That's just how much time has passed since that day.

- Bars are open
- Got some jerks who wanna go drinkin'
Whenever these two conditions are fulfilled, life is the greatest.

So excited for tomorrow.


RT @utbutb I remember asking "Is it okay if I draw her whenever I want?" and being told "Sure," so I drew her, yaaaay.

Regarding Liking Takes You Along, I made it with the kind of sound that I figured would be great to hear playing on a record, so by all means, if you can afford it, listen to it on the record...

That reminds me, I tried Apex Arzuros and took 3 deaths, so I'm retiring from Monster Hunter.

I'm the one who's happiest when a song I made gets released!!!!

[Retweeting original announcement of the song] The music video for this song was released on the official Hatsune Miku channel!! Hatsune Miku-san, thank you for everything you do!! Please continue to walk with me through life! :wedding chapel:

Alcohol Takes You Along

Look who's talking, person who made a song saying "drink 'til the morning."

:piano keys: New Song :piano keys:
To all people who live to create.
You can't help but like what you like
because you really do like it.
Liking Takes You Along / OSTER project feat. Hatsune Miku

When we started the climb, I joked "Let's climb the mountain! No chance we'll reach the summit!", but by the time we left, I was like "We ended up drinking ten glasses???", why is why mountains are scary.

As I think about how I think what I'm saying is interesting but I dunno whether anyone else is interested listening to it, I talk anyhow.

Theory: My verification request was rejected because I crowned myself a ruler.

Nothing I can do about it, so I've become a Public Tavern. [Screenshot of that as her new occupation]

At some point, my royal right as ruler of the Twitter Pro Kingdom [the occupation given in her Twitter profile] was stripped from me.

A comic from when we did some mountain climbing. #TesrosetArt

[Glass #1 / "Delicious! I can really detect the rice flavor! Amid the refreshing taste, there's sweetness! Indeed, the rice really shines in Shindaku sake!"
Glass #8 / "So good!! So good!! Wha's this one again? I dunno LOL, s'goooood]

In which I casually read a viewer comment containing "hey Siri" on stream and activate Siri on my own phone.

The Song Lady (The Lady Who Goes and Makes Songs From Messages Sent to Her Email)

November 10th, 2021

20/47 is Fuwacina Day [2047 = fu-wa-shi-na using Japanese number readings], so everyone gift me 1 billion yen. :present:

Tesroset is a high-society stream, that's why.

People who didn't watch the stream must be wondering why on earth I talked about using milk tea as a contrast agent to detect pancreatic cancer.

Why did I, again?

Here's the story about using milk tea as a contrast agent I talked about on stream. [Links article about using milk tea to help detect pancreatic cancer]

Blew threw 3 and a half hours chatting on my own!!! Thanks!!!

Alright, let's get started.
[Chat] Good Job On M3 Chat [Musical Vtuber Tesro & Roset]

Whenever I have bad news from now on, I'm gonna say "Unfortunately, there is a bad news."

Everyone really wants me to make a song, don't they?

Are these lyrics?????

"You seem to really like viewing porno sites, having sexy excitement while looking at obscene videos!!" You sure 'bout that?

Do something about the Japanese in your spam email.
["Payment from account. You have an unpaid
Good day!
Unfortunately, there is a bad news.
A few months ago, I obtained the access rights to the device you use to read the internet.
Furthermore, I followed your internet activity.
While collecting your information, I learned that you are a big fan of adult sites.
You seem to really like viewing porno sites, having sexy excitement while looking at obscene videos.
In truth, I recorded your sexy appearance and created a montage video. I have captured you passionately performing masturbation and attaining the climax."]

I planned to do a Top-Hunter stream tonight, but I got disheartened, so is it okay if we chat???????? :smile:

[Retweets YouTube upload] Want it to reach beer-lovers on YouTube too.

[Retweets Alcohol Song] 20,000 on Alcohol! :beer mug:

Cried because I'm so bad at games.

Holding my head at being absolutely unable to dodge two hands in a row.

November 9th, 2021

Make a Nendoroid of the Tesroset Girls with this design... [presumably referring to the OSTER-san's CD Vol. 3 cover]

I want to bring people the courage and hope that even if you're bad at games, with effort, you can become decent.

Wanna stream my Apex Zinogre progress tomorrow or so...

Watching other people game makes me wanna game, so let's work on Apex Zinogre!!

[Retweeting an official Crypton tweet about the "Love Letter for Vocaloid Music" project, where people could submit letters about their favorite songs]
I received a lot addressed to me!!!! Plenty of English letters. :globe:
Thank you for listening my music :music score:

Wait a martini. :cocktail glass:

It's so amusing how Alcohol Song has 4 times the views on NicoNico compared to YouTube.

I mean, hey, if a series lasts for 64 numbered entries, it's gotta be for good reason!!!!

This brand new game called Mario Tennis 64 that came out on Switch recently is super fun.

I did well when I was listening to Claire-san sing, so I hope she streams the day of the Tarotaro Cup too. (?)

Whoaaaaa!!!!! [Screenshot of getting 5:48 on such a run]

When y'say "I like girls who like games," does that "like games" part include doing speedruns of Apex Zinogre solo with low-rank weapons...?

Who said you could let it rain on a day when I'm going out?

November 8th, 2021

[Retweeting hourly Vocaloid ranking in which Alcohol Song places first, with kemu's Tower of Rubble in second] Alcohol Song taking first in the dead of night...

Listening to various songs at concerts and on CDs, I've worried what I should do next with my music, but I feel like ultimately I can only make what I feel like making.

I could eat Ikinari Steak filet endlessly.

Ah!! I wanna eat Ikinari Steak!!! It's 2 AM, never mind.

Regular reminder that I accept Tesroset doujinshi as a present.

I'm gonna be gettin' older soon!!

Art! The rough sketch looks cuter! Damn, damn, damn!

That line in Whale Rider, "the one place I can be my certain self is in the gap between sheets," might have ended up different if I hadn't known about Between the Sheets.

When it comes to cocktails with sexy names, Between the Sheets takes the gold...

It's an amazing thing to enjoy living...

Being able to meet with people, I'm steadily regaining the joys of life.

I love restaurants, and restaurants love me too.

There's a place I've been eager to get lunch at but that keeps being fully booked, so I wanna get my revenge...

Circular motion with expressions.

Never made a circular motion with uniform velociuty with AE expressions before, so let's try it. :heart:

If something were to be in a state of total motionlessness in outer space, dunno what kind of state that would even be.

Come to think of it, the Earth is spinning as well as revolving around the Sun, and the solar system itself is traveling around the Milky Way, and the Milky Way itself is moving through space, so how do you define absolute speed anyhow?

[Alcohol Song] 10,000 views on NicoNico! :clap:

My body's dead, so I can't do nothin' today...

It was rough listening to "on the rocks" at Magical Mirai and having different lyrics cross my mind because of "on the rice."

[Retweeting her "on the rice" parody] I like this.

Meeting the morning without any hangover, feeling entirely refreshed.

Good job to everyone involved in Magical Mirai! :folded hands: This time, my songs Love Ward and "on the rocks" were performed. :ambulance: :tumbler glass:

This is a worrying lineup of emoji.

I'll never forget the taste of the curry I had yesterday.

Morning! My muscles are dead!

November 7th, 2021

Open a curry shop... Please...

At a bar where I could drink beer infinitely, they kept bringing out absurd-quality meals one after another, but then in the endgame they brought out curry that easily ranks as "greatest in my life," and it swept the whole thing...

I drank, walked 5 lightyears in the park, drank, drank again, then drank some more, so I'm super exhausted.

As an early birthday present, I received a drink that sounds like it's gonna make a stupidly huge explosion. :bottle and cup:

Appealing to what a wonderful adult I am that no matter how much I drink, I can get home okay.

[Retweeting Alcohol Song] This is my character song.

[More pictures of beer] My entire body has become alcohol. Thank you for the good fight.

Sake!! All-you-can-drink!! No time limit!!! Unstoppable!!! The strongest!!!!

[Photos of beer and food] I'm as pumped up as if I was at a theme park!!!!!

I just noticed I've been gaining followers and I'm almost to 50,000, wow, that's like a city.

It's fun for the whole family!

On Twitter, I dedicate myself to making refreshing lewd jokes people of all ages can enjoy.