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January 3rd, 2021

Sing it. :beating heart:

I uploaded an instrumental version of Patchwork Marriage.
Patchwork Marraige (instrumental ver.)

East Japan Vtuber Alliance

I'm watching hard-working young people in a well-heated room while lounging on a sofa.

January 2nd, 2021

No matter how much of a feast I eat, if I don't eat curry for a while, my body starts to tremble.

A: The ones floating in ochazuke
B: Goldfish food
#TesrosetArt #LostDogArt #MakemonArt

If you have an attitude of enjoying suffering as a rare kind of entertainment you can't typically experience the more hopeless it is, you can find new meaning in it, so I've concluded that it's good to be a little bit psychopathic.

But y'know, I think a wonderful thing about art is that you can transform sadness and pain that seems useless into something meaningful.

There's this repungant musical Vtuber who got a question like "I've had a crush but acted like we're just friends for 6 years and it hurts, what would you do?" and replied "make it into a song."
Apparently her name's Roset or something.

I should think about what first dream of the year I'd have if I could have dreams freely. I wanna become Roset-chan.

My first dream of the year was a weird one, and while thinking to myself that I'd just forget it and not count it, I woke up and forgot it, so it doesn't count.

The lowest-grade action you can do is assign grades to people.

The greatest year begins with the greatest start.

January 1st, 2021

Tell me if they make a Lava Area in Puroland.

Thinking about it rationally now that I'm awake, it's like... Cinnamon Lava Area? What is this, Monster Hunter?

It was a strangely realistic dream... Past the lava was a hotel with a hall for concerts, and it was connected to the background. You could also go outside the hotel.

I had a dream where the boat ride at Puroland had a Cinnamon Lava Area, and if you crossed the lava to enter the background, you could go to another world.

December 31st, 2020

I made it to next year, so praise me.

Wrapped up work!!!!!!! [right at midnight]

This year was a year I got to meet people who like me, so I was happy... Heehee.

Grand finale.

Puzzle Lord is an mode for otaku that you can only play after you've cleared every one of the main puzzles added to every week (currently 1871 stages).

I'm such a diehard Toro Puzzler, I got past Puzzle Lord Level 300.

[Retweeting the "murder comic"] So this is gonna be my last art of the year, huh...

I'm also glad about gaining a lot of followers this year from going viral a lot...

What should I do next year... :music notes:

Got my hopes up for 2021 OSTER-san.

Things that happened in 2020:
- Got over 50,000 likes on an aug video :music notes:
- Had two general anesthesia surgeries in one day :syringe:
- Had a song of mine play from a truck :truck:
- Became a Vtuber :music score:
- Made friends I could go wild with on a hot spring trip :hot spring:
- Started drawing a lot of art :palette:
- Made my own simple animation music video :video camera:
- Debuted as a singer :microphone:

[Retweeting Patchwork Marriage] Listen to my last song of the year.

December 30th, 2020

Give your regards to Roset-chan-loid.

Patchwork Marriage feat. ROSET
I made :music score: Roset-chan's :music score: first original song! :music notes: :heart:
I'll keep doing my best as a Vtuber next year! :music score: :water pistol: #TesrosetTranmission

What I want to be in the future (grade school): Invincible
What I want to be in the future (now): Invincible

Mother's Calf Bacteria, on the other hand, is what Hannibal Lecter eats. ["Shokudou" can be read as "cafeteria" or "esophagus."]

Mother's Cafeteria [a brand of Family Mart products] is rooted in the bias that a mother must be a woman. (??)

Forget just being able to do anything, I do stuff because I wanna be able to do anything...

It's scary to do something for the first time, and you're gonna be super bad at it since it's your first time, but if you don't toss aside your shame, you can't express anything. You gotta start by letting others see.

What a multimedia creator...

:music score: Roset-chan-loid revealed! :music score:
Tonight at 6:00 PM, I'll release Roset-chan's first original song, Patchwork Marriage! :confetti ball: I also made the whole video myself! Look forward to it. :heart:

The Walkman I used to treasure long ago showed up in my dreams.

December 29th, 2020

All the moreso because there's a whole bunch of things about myself that I can only see as the mark of a shoddy person.

Me of all people becoming special to someone else is so amazing it's never felt real.

The chat stream was fun, thanks! Have a good year!

Starting now!

[Re: chat stream] Preparations are taking time, so wait a sec, lol

[Replying to "my beloved ingredients" tweet] We split up.

Starting at 8:30 tonight.
I'll do the last chat stream of the year! I'm accepting Marshmallow questions to read on stream. :heart:
[Chat Stream] Musical Vtuber Roseko's Room: Year's End Greetings [#TesrosetTransmission]

December 28th, 2020

Every day, I'm thinking "why is my cute little Roset-chan so darn cute?"

A driving date with my beloved ingredients. :heart:
Let's always be happy.

December 26th, 2020

I put in an Among Us joke, but I've never played it.

Murder comic. #TesrosetArt #MakemonArt

[At the hot spring. Roset: "I'll wash your back, okay?"
*scrub scrub scrub scrub* Bayachao: "Feels goooood..."

I wanna be Impostor
Kimi o gyutto
Dakishimete ageru kara oide [Parody of Hirai Ken's Pop Star]

December 25th, 2020

It's the ending of Mario 64.

Wanting a lover and wanting yourself to have a lover are different things. Merry Christmas. :christmas tree:

Merry Christmas. #TesrosetArt #MakemonArt

Today's Chirstmas too! Hooray!

December 24th, 2020

The line between nice kids and naughty kids is a mystery.

Hurry up, Santa, I'm fine with just cash this year.

[Crowd of alternating women-holding-hands emoji and women-women-couple emoji, with a chestnut ("kuri") emoji in the center]
Alone on Kuri-smas.

Don't you feel like "Merry" isn't used for anything except Christmas? Like, you don't say Merry New Year?