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February 15th, 2020

That's seriously how much of a music theory know-nothing I am, so please be kind.

20 years after starting to make music, I've finally properly learned which one's the tonic, which one's the subdominant, and which one's the dominant. I mean, I think I learned it. Feels like I might've learned it.

I'm absolutely unsuited for teaching people how to make music. My unsuitability starts right around the point where I think "the more active the bass is, the better."

People who get music theory are cool, but I don't get what they're saying at all, but they're cool... Maybe it's kinda like how I can't make out any of the lyrics when I listen to western music, but it still sounds cool...

February 14th, 2020

And I am not an apartment wife.

[Jun: "For clearing Level 609, OSTER, you're seriously an apartment wife!"]
These compliments are getting so crude, I'm not even sure if they're compliments.

[Photo of a form: "Question 8: Have you ever felt a tightening pain in your chest when waking up or going up stairs?"]
I'm an adolescent, so of course I have.

It makes me super happy that since I'm OSTER-san, I'm the only person in the world who can make the murmur twins OSTER remix... (?)

With the creation of this remix, my 2020 is already over...

The sequence of words "yu_tokiwa.djw & OSTER project" has intense "old guy getting in the way of yuri" energy... But this is reality... It's real...

To provide a simple explanation of what "murmur twins OSTER Remix" is to me, it's like when the climactic scene of the last episode of a two-cour anime plays the first cour's opening theme. It's basically like that.

If I hadn't encountered murmur twins, I definitely wouldn't be making the sort of songs I do now, and I might never have met wac-san and Tokiwa-san... It was a turning point in my life.

[Mega Announcement] On the #beatmania #IIDX 20th anniversary tribute album!!!
I was allowed to provide a remix of "murmur twins"!!! :crying: :crying: :crying: :crying: :prayer hands: :prayer hands:
It's a song that's extremely important to me far beyond rhythm games, but in my very life! And a remix I put my whole soul into! Please listen to it!!!!!

It's Valentine's, yet I'm being examined all day at the hospital.

The MRI made a noise that sounds like a Massive synth.

If I don't shave off some of my life to make art, I lose my reason for living and can't live anymore... That's gotta be a bug, right?

And yet if it were forbidden to write lyrics with unfounded knowledge, I'd need to be bitten by a wolf in the forest at night, and jump in front of a train in front of my boyfriend, and have a forbidden tryst with a furry fox lady then do a double suicide... I'd never have enough lives for it all...

I underestimated painful injections back when I made Love Ward... There exist injections in this world that are hard indeed to bear... I shouldn't have written such a lyric acting like a know-it-all on painful injections...

I'll even put up with painful injections / Mascara runs down my complexion

Hate 'em... Hate injections...

As last, it's Valentine's! :hearts face: And of course, the thing to do on this special day is... :heart:
:hospital: Hospital Visit :hospital:

February 13th, 2020

["CONGRATULATIONS! Cleared Puzzle Level 600!"]

February 12th, 2020

Bloom Into You is actually a super good title, really, just read this here. (handing you the full volume set)

Bloom... Into You... (trailer voiceover)

RT @nakataniii There's a fair number of people who've told me they saw the title [of Bloom Into You, literally "Soon, I Become You"] and thought it was possession-based horror.

Time will pass and you'll get older no matter what you do, so it's a waste not to give your all for yourself, surely.

There'll always be people who make fun of those who are trying their best yet not succeeding, but any time and energy you'd spend on worrying about them should go toward continuing to try your best. Once you start using your limited time to better yourself instead of mock others, you steadily distance yourself from those people.

You're beautiful.

People who can produce beautiful things are beautiful.

[Jun: "Got it, hop. I'll completely forget about "the money I borrowed the other day," bun."]
It's fine as long as you're quick to say it.

Playing around and daring to teach her things I want to make her forget, so I can then have her forget them.

[Jun: "Got it, hop. I'll completely forget about "what I did while drunk," bun."]
How to live.

February 11th, 2020

Said something cool, so I'm gonna soak in the bath.

And I've come to learn that asking yourself what you think and how you want to live, then expressing that with words, is actually a pretty difficult thing despite also being considered ordinary. There are surprisingly many sides of you that you don't notice, and that's why it's important to involve yourself with others. You can't see your own back.

Of course there have been a ton of times it's been hard having chosen this profession, but having a friend tell me "Fuwacina, you express your feelings and beliefs so clearly and accurately with words, I can feel really comfortable being with you" made me super happy, and go like "Making lyrics for so long had meaning!!!!"

Fast-talking Domino otaku.

And just look at these selection functions. In addition to filtering just the highest or the lowest note in chords, you can also filter based on velocity or gate value. Furthermore, the batch edit function lets you not only do plus or minus to velocity and the like, but apply formulas with things like multiplication and percentages.

First off, just look at some of these config options. You can adjust the hitbox of where putting your mouse cursor over a note will change into gate adjustment. It's such an amazing feature. And I mean, I've never seen the word "hitbox" in a settings menu before. Is this a fighting game...?

Nobody knows the amazingness of Domino... Domino's incredible, it's freeware, and yet it's worlds more flexible as a sequencer than what's included with DAWs, and high-fidelity, and absurdly customizable... For mouse users, Domino is the strongest! Put Domino in Cubase, please...

Since you're doing it all with a mouse, who're you calling "Piano Girl"? From today forth, you are Rat Woman.

Here's the piano that was horribly tedious in Piano Girl.

I wonder what a ranking of "songs that made me feel like I would go nuts making them" would look like... The full-orchestra Demon Fire and Violet Rose would definitely be up there... And Piano Girl and Piano Forte also made me feel nuts... Songs with a bouncy rhythm like Piano Girl are especially tedious.

I'm nostalgic for my instrumental album...
[OSTER project] Album "Recursive Call" [Crossfade]

A trio-format instrumental song is one that allows for no cheats, so putting together six minutes of it was serious torture...

This is the song in the first half.
[OSTER project] Violet Rose [Music Video]

When you upload a video to Twitter, the start of the video becomes the thumbnail, so you need to be aware of that when making the video. (admonishing) [The previous video starts by fading in from black, so...]

Every time I make a live-style song with mouse, I think "I'll never do something this tedious again," then after a little bit, I'll be filled with energy and want to make one again...

I'm working day in, day out to make live-sounding jazz and even orchestra with mouse input. #RTAndMakeMeFamous

On the other hand, when it comes to my body, my chronic disease worsened and I stayed in bed... Why...

Going to the park on a holiday is really nice. When you get a glimpse of how people spend their spare time, it gives me warm feelings about how there are as many routines, lifestyles, and thoughts as there are people.

People who can't help but put down others are probably antsy from a lack of self-confidence, so if it comes to that, take another look at yourself first. Re-evaluating your life is important.

Even going viral with 60,000 likes on Toro Puzzle, I didn't gain any followers, but when my chord explanation video went viral, I gained 5000 followers... Indeed, people want beneficial information... And despite that thought, I've mainly been sending out worthless info. I went out late last night to buy umekobucha from the drug store.

I'm great for slowly coming to do things I was too afraid to do before...

In life, you can do anything anytime, and it's always you who sets your own limits. And so I got my ears pierced after turning 30.

The hardest part of the music-making process is starting to make music.

OSTER knew not of music theory. But she was more attuned to augs than the average person.

[Retweeting her 2020 goals list: "Video with my own art, Pixiv Fanbox, live Whale Rider, Friendship sequel, Rin album, OSTER-san's CD Vol. 3, fix ailing body"] Still only accomplished one of these...

I know I didn't understand one bit when people told me "this sound functions like so...", so I'd like to dedicate myself to explanations that are more casually like "Y'should use this at times like this! Not like I got any clue!" (define "explanations")

If it's just individual chords, you can Google those, so I think it'd be good to make videos with a unique understanding of the chords' personality, and practical examples of simple ways to use them by feel.

From now on, I plan to archive my don't-know-theory theory lectures here. Thanks in advance.
OSTER Explains #OSTERExplains

[VOCALOID] Whale Rider [Kagamine Rin] [NicoNico]
Listen to this song.

The early Lesbian Song Maker gets the worm.

February 10th, 2020

Every time I see a commercial that's like "thanks to this air cleaner, I don't smell my cat's litter box anymore!", I'm thinking "You still don't know the true terror of cat poop..."

I'm happy when people listen to my songs, so I'll link my YouTube channel... :folded hands: :folded hands: :folded hands:

P-p-p-p-p-please be g-g-g-g-gentle...

Suddenly gained about 4000 followers and I'm super flustered.

I've uploaded part 2 to YouTube too! Thanks in advance!
Casually Explaining Augments (augs) With Minimal Music Theory #2

Making a song is simple, but making a good song is horribly difficult.

Of all my recent songs, this has gotta be the one with the most tension-manipulating techniques packed into it - augs, slash chords, half-diminisheds, sharp ninths...
OSTER project - Passenger Seat Road Movie feat. Kagamine Rin [NicoNico]

Rather than an influencer with busted capabilities, it's healthier to just go viral every so often. (WHO report)

[Retweeting aug lecture part two:] I've received 10,000 likes! :folded hands:

I'm pretty sure the "kinda don't get why" part of "Kinda don't get why, but it sounds good!" is explained by the rules of composing theory. I'm gonna keep on creating still not really gettin' why, gahaha.

To introduce myself to recent followers: I raise Toro and company. [Retweeting "When you're thirsty, apparently it's effective to gargle dry highballs, mya."]

To introduce myself to recent followers: I draw pictures. [Retweeting the Miku-Rin "feeling cards" picture]

To introduce myself to recent followers: I make food. [Retweeting photos of some superb fried eggs]

To introduce myself to recent followers: I make videos. [Retweeting a WIP of the "kissing fish" video]

masya_7S3S: "What soundfonts do you use?"
Piano: keyscape
Drums: drum tree

I think my music's chordwork is a selling point, so I'm glad to share it with people who care about the nitty-gritty like this...

For nearly ten years I've been worrying "if I'm going to make music, would it be better to have a MIDI keyboard...?" and not actually buying one, but I make a lot of music.

The second one has a wrong chord, so I'll put it up after fixing that... I can't just say I actually lack a MIDI keyboard to check the chords with...

I uploaded the impactful aug explanation video to YouTube. Thanks in advance.
Casually Explaining Augments (augs) With Minimal Music Theory #1

[Retweeting kissing fish:] Lesbian Song

[Screenshot of kissing fish comment: "Lesbian Song??"]
I laughed at this foreign comment on YouTube.
Yes Lesbian Song

There's a slash aug in the second measure of the chorus.
[OSTER project] Labradorite feat. Yu Tokiwa [Music Video]

One of my songs is featured in this explainer video about Blackadder Chords.
The Blackadder Chord || Ongaku Concept

Even now, I'm sure careful inspection probably uncovers a ton of incorrect notes from a theory perspective, but I've come to feel like "Shaduuup! Who caaares!! It's my world, my rules!!" and be good with it. In the end, beauty is in the ears of the beholder... Believe your ears...

Also, while I've always been someone who managed despite not studying theory, it's taken like 20 years for me to establish a bunch of what I'm capable of now, so those who want to mature faster might find it faster to study theory... haha... Though I've had a lot of songs that came to be what they are due to going by feel.

When I first learned augs, my desire to use them got ahead of me, becoming Too Much and appearing in awkward places, but I feel like recently I've finally learned how to work them in naturally. Learning new techniques makes you want to use them, but ideally, what you want to represent should take priority, and then you want to have a lot of options for what techniques to use toward that purpose.

I like Mitsukiyo-san's songs that feel like they'd play in the background of a video about using proper manners during a movie screening...

RT @mitsukiyo_5 I made a jazz song for 2 pianos. BPM 250

But I do get the feeling dims and half-dims get used a lot for bringing out tragic and subtle moods... Listening to them on their own, it feels like Tuesday Suspense Theatre, but when they're thrown into the mix, it feels like a conflict scene in a shoujo manga. (extremely feel-based)

In terms of pure musical rules, I know enough of the very basics to make such a video, but due to my utter lack of knowledge in composing theory, I have no clue about what to use how to make things sound beautiful... It's just like "well anyway, I did it like this, and it worked well, don't get why though"...

I see a lot of demand to make a dim lecture, but I personally have zero grasp on the rules of when to use dims... Using dims by feel...

I messed up one of the chords while hastily throwing the video together, so I'll fix it when I upload to YouTube... :woman bowing:

February 9th, 2020

[Retweeting a reply to the video about immediately wanting to use the "pre-landing Blackadder-ization" trick:] An amazing technique you can use right away with one simple trick! No harm in knowing it...

The subject matter's more complex than last time, but I absolutely wanted to touch on the symmetry (?) of augs... Such interesting chords augs are.

I truly don't know music theory, so I dunno why doing this makes it sound nice, but it's sort of like tricks you learn. Pre-landing!

Music is fun! Music is fun, huh?!

I've realized that the majority of the step-too-far augs I use may fit this pre-landing formula...

A second aug lecture for people who don't really get music theory, by a people who doesn't really get music theory. #Dominowns #AugsAreAugsome #OSTERLectures

Watch with English captions here! (Original Twitter video)
[Click here to switch to do-re-mi-style notation.]

I don't really get music theory, but I like the chords called augs (augments), so this video is me doing my best to explain them. 2

C, E, G... What determines the nuances of chords is the intervals between notes! (AKA how far apart they are.)

C... +4 is E! The distance between C and E is 4. E... +3 is G! The distance between E and G is 3.

C (C E G), E (E G# B), G (G B D), A (A C# E), C (C E G)! As long as the C E G trio maintain this distance, they'll sound about the same no matter what worlds (key signatures) they travel to, but the notes that make them up change each time.

Incidentally... Even you swap the octaves of the notes making up a chord, it sounds roughly the same. (People call this inversion.) (examples show two instances of a chord, but with the second one swapping one or more of the notes to different octaves) Apparently what order you stack the notes in is called the voicing...

With all of that in mind, if we examine the structure of augs... C... +4 is E! The distance between C and E is 4. E... +4 is G#! The distance between E and G# is also 4. G#... +4 is C! Going up 4 half-tones from G# comes back to C!

When augs are inverted, wherever you start counting from, the distance between notes is always 4! In other words, Caug, Eaug, and G#aug are all constructed with the same notes! (They're just swapping with each other - Caug (C E G#), Eaug (E G# C), G#aug (G# C E), Caug (C E G#))

By the way, when we looked at step-too-far augs last time (Caug/D), it seems there are various ways to explain the slash note (this note, the "/D")... But personally, I'm in the... (counting up from C: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9!) Ahhh! The ninth nooote!! camp.

Well, anyway, the point is that since they're just swapping to the top like this, you can write them in a variety of ways. (All the same note makeup: Caug/D, Eaug/D, G#aug/D, Caug/D...) And while these chords may have a complex sound, they're super easy to use!

Even in isolation, they have a fancy sound, so you can create tricky effects just by moving them in parallel like missiles. (Or if not "fancy," like, they make a mysterious and thrilling approach...) (barrage of chords) It sounds super complex, but it's all just going voom, voom moving Blackadder Chords around... Simple, right?

When I want to add some flair to the flow of the song, my go-to is the bassline pre-landing formula. (The heck is that...)

In this section, focus on the bassline. The bass starts at C... and lands at F. (Bass: C... F...) This time, let's try having it arrive at a half-tone-up F# before it reaches F. (Bass: C... F# (the pre-landing!!!), F...)

Even just doing that is kinda interesting! But let's try stacking a Blackadder Chord onto that pre-landing F# to make it fancy. (C, Csus4, C, Eaug/F# (pre-landing aug), FM7... etc., pointing out other pre-landing augs in red as it goes)

Since it's so easy to do, it can get repetitive if you overdo it. But it's a relatively simple way to make fancy stuff, so may ye try it out! (Not really sure why, but this part (D/E, Ddim/E (?)) seems extra fancy...)

Feels so OSTER-like to add flavor with syncopation... (Dm7-5/G - love this one) (pre-landing aug: Baug/C#)

I'm a multimedia creator, so I make meals too.

Going with a video further explaining augs.

What the heck should I explain next...? A supplement on augs? Or flat fives?

February 8th, 2020

I don't understand theory, but I like theoretically-complex songs. (broken logic)

50,000 likes is amazing... I'm happy everyone likes augs... Listen to my songs...

Theory is like an assist function to help you reach a wonderful sound, so I think it's better to think of it as "handy to know." As long as you understand the way there by feeling, I feel like it's not a necessary thing. (team "let's casually start composing")

To someone fuzzy on theory, the existence of double sharps and double flats is super incomprehensible to me, but does it really have to be like that?!

They're not for actual publication or anything, just materials I bring along to have it performed, so I figure it's probably more important that it be easy for a musician to read and play than harmonically correct, but still.

As far as what troubles me due to not getting music theory, I guess there's how when I'm writing sheet music, I worry over whether I should write C# or Db... But I do kind of get the notion that they're written different for different functions.

The Diminished Seventh sounds like a cool title for a popular manga.

I always have doubts, and every time I look it up I end up forgetting, so I'm eternally doubting myself, but if the 7 in C7 is B-flat, why is the 7 in Cdim7 A?! Dammit!! I don't know nothin' about music!!!

The chords known as augments, theoretically speaking, are like the equilateral triangles of chords. Not like I know theory.

Regarding augs, I could make endless reference to Tanaka-san's songs, but this song of Maaya Sakamoto-san's is wild. First time I ever heard a song ending on an aug...

I think of augments, flat fives, and sharp ninths at the Three Sacred Treasures of sound.

For those who liked my aug video, please listen to this song too.
OSTER project - Passenger Seat Road Movie feat. Kagamine Rin [NicoNico]

Long ago, I was taught beginner music theory for early-grade-school kids (like augments and majors and diminishes), but I was dumb and could never learn it as much as I tried.

If I may introduce myself to my new followers: I'm perverse.

That Time I Went Viral And Gained 2000 Followers In One Day (light novel)

February 7th, 2020

[Screenshot of Twitter bio with 30,002 followers] 30,000!!! Thank you very much! :tada: :tada: :tada:

In the shadow of 6000 likes, Jun's off-the-wall Miracle Paint is earning 600 likes...

Kinda got a ton more followers... Welcome and please stick around...

This is kind of super getting a super big reaction, so that's super.

I have a CD out that's loaded with augs, so please... :folded hands: OSTER-san's CD Vol. 2 by OSTER project

Dominant: (Huh... Was there just some distance put between us...??)
↑ The truth behind the odd feeling of augs (?)

I seriously haven't properly studied theory at all, so I'm really sorry if I said something incorrect. Don't take it too seriously, just look at it like "Here's some things you can do! Fun, right? Try using it in your songs!", okay? :folded hands:

When you get into augs, you'll endlessly put them in for passing notes, and your songs will get more and more complex and dense.

When the best-buds relationship is altered in a positive direction, it's an aug, and when it's negatively altered, it's a diminish or a flat five. Both can be used to add tension and uneasiness to a song, I think, but heck if I know. (heck if i know)

I thought I'd sum things up, but even I have no idea why to choose augs, or the rules behind them... We're all using augs by feel.

I made an aug lecture for people who don't really get music theory, by a people who doesn't really get music theory. #Dominowns #AugsAreAugsome

Watch with English captions here! (Original Twitter video)
[Click here to switch to do-re-mi-style notation.]

I don't really get music theory, but I like the chords called augs (augments), so this video is me doing my best to explain them. (Pause if it's too fast)

"C"... When this plays, the truth is... "G"... is also playing alongside it. You're probably like "the hell are you saying?", but apparently they're called "overtones."

C, D, E, F, G... C and G are five notes apart, so... people call their relationship a PERFECT FIFTH (best buds).

When you move in parallel, maintaining the interval between C and G, it sounds like this. (People call these power chords.)

Many of the chords people use add some other note to this perfect fifth. (C, E, G - C and G form the perfect fifth, E is in the middle. C + E in the middle + G, G + B in the middle + D.)

However, with augs... (C, E, G# (?!)) You take a step away from being "best buds" to form a dangerous and unstable relationship... No going back to the way things were. So like, how do you use this strange sound?

The most easily-understood example: A "passing note" approach, such as when building up to the chorus. Say you have this pattern... (section pointing out the "top" notes of G and A)

You can connect the top notes G and A using the note that's between them, G#. (C (C E G) with top note GCaug (C E G#) with passing note G# → F (F A C) with top note A) With this alone, you can add a unique sense of floatiness and make the song sound fancy!! (* Personal opinion)

This use of augs for passing notes feels a bit by-the-book... For instance, there's also songs like this. (Within each chord is a note in a "lurking melody" that follows the pattern. C (lurking G) → Caug (G#) → F (A), Dm7 (C) → Aaug (C#) → Dm9 (D). The Aaug wasn't that kind of approach aug...)

A way of using augs that takes it another step (AKA going a step too far): Normal Caug. But raise the bass down here one note, and... Caug/D! Has kind of a risky sound. (People call this a Blackadder Chord.)

Let's shove this in place of the earlier example aug and say goodbye with an aug festival...

Going overboard like this can be interesting in itself... Before you know it, you'll surely be addicted to augs too.

[Jun: "♪ Miracle Paint... ♪ When rabbits are lonely, they get nude, hop!"]
That's not how the song goes.

[Ricky: "Professor OSTER, does tequila count as a snack?"]
Chaos in the classroom.

February 6th, 2020

[Jun: "I heard that if you play Tapioca New Year for Nargacuga babies, they grow up faster!"]
Where'd you get your info?

[Announcement] I wrote a song called Sunset Brass for the arcade game Nostalgia Op. 3! :folded hands: It's a fusion-like (??) song brimming with the exhiliration of driving along a shore at sunset!! Please unlock it and play it! :piano:

[Jun: "Just how much tequila do you need for a tequlia bath, hop...?"]
Party animals terrify me.

[Toro: "Hold hands with Toro and sleep with him at a hotel, meow! ♥"]
That's what people who aren't gonna stop at sleeping with you always say.

[Continuing last night's Lemon parody:] Until the bill is paid, I can't return