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June 17th, 2021

4 AM is when the morning paints and the night paints mix together.

Queen of the morning, queen of the night.

I think if you can say you're great without comparing yourself with anyone, you should say it endlessly. I'm super great for working so hard.

It's not at all like "you're great for having ambition," and I feel like thinking in terms of great or not great like this only leads to discrimination... It's all about whether I can be satisfied with myself, nothin' more, nothin' less.

People tell me it's amazing how I have ambition, but if I could be satisfied with myself without having to be ambitious, that would be easiest for me. (since there's lots of hardship in the process of working toward ambition)

My favorite fruit is pineapple. This will be on the test.

The pure sound of a triad is just the best!! #TweetsThatDontSoundLikeYou

Tesroset thinking that if they become kiwi fruits, Claire-san will like them.

I like both kiwis and Claire-san. :kiwi fruit: #IDrewYouClaireSan

Wanna do another musical... Life is a musical.

If you put a stethoscope to my heart, you can hear a samba kick.

No matter what, whenever I try to make a fusion-style song, it gets closer and closer to Latin. My Latin blood stirs...

My songs might give an impression of a girl wearing a fluttering one-piece eating scones and drinking Earl Grey at afternoon tea, but I like cool songs too and can make them... (insistent)

I want them to release a tool that'll let me train my stomach muscles just by hunting Valstrax.

It's been so long since I Ring Fit, I died after two stages.

Starting up Ring Fit after 5 billion years.

If I didn't compare myself to others and feel inferior, I don't think I could've worked so hard at things, so me and inferiority have a win-win relationship.

If this were the Heian period, I feel like there'd be a waka poem like "instead of telling you I love you, I sent a Super Chat."

I'm a genius for loving genius music, and people who love my genius-music-loving self's genius music are geniuses too. Everybody's geniuses.

If nonsensical videos are a kind of surprise, then there's a surprise pretty much daily. (?)

There are fun surprises waiting for those who like Tesroset, so it's in your best interest to become a fan of Tesroset-chan now. (??)

[Retweets fanart of Roset eating pineapples with a fork and Tesro swinging around grilled smelt] Tesroset art from diehard Tesroset Transmission fans truly has a different flavor.

June 16th, 2021

If I had the Dragon Balls, rather than immortality, I'd wish for free basic income.

Wonder if I'll be getting a reply about my verified checkmark soon...

I really like big storms when I'm in a car. Do you get me?

Equalizers also involve imaginary numbers in their Fourier transform process, so people couldn't live without imaginary numbers.

RT @SEGA_OFFICIAL Sine, cosine, tangent, imaginary numbers... When will I ever use them, you ask? The truth is, math plays a crucial supporting role in the world of game development.
Today, we're freely releasing over 150 pages (!) of internal Sega materials for math study.
What's a Quaternion? Fundamental Linear Algebra Lessons #segatechblog

June 15th, 2021

Thank you for the godly game console that is the Nintendo Switch.

First-time playthroughs are overwhelmingly valuable, and I love them a lot, but it's painful how that superb time is limited...

Because of the fatal bug where you can delete game data but not brain data, you can only enjoy first-time playthroughs once, so fix that already.

Nagito Komaeda's such an amazing character.

Those who haven't played Danganronpa, at least try it up to when you get outside the school.

Satisfied after watching the Nintendo Direct, I made my return to Kamura Village.

BotW is a game about enjoying strolls.

When BotW2 comes out, I'll be one of those people who's satisfied not progressing the story and just strolling around the open world again...

Hey, I'm the same age as Legend of Zelda.

Mario Party boards are so nostalgic...

I saw Kazuya Kiyoshi joined the fight.

When the composer does the mixing, they're like "Ahh! I worked hard on this part, so I want it to be heard!" and make all the parts ultra-loud, and all those who listen to it die.

I want to teach others about Monster Hunter, and I want others to teach me about Monster Hunter.

Streaming is fun, but I get so few chances to talk to people usually that it's really exhausting, I realize... But it's fun, so I wanna...

June 14th, 2021

Stream's over! Couldn't get my time down as usual, but it was fun...

I'm protecting Kamura.

I've prepared a presentation.

["Why is Valstrax hard?
- Pure attack power
- Strength of combo attacks
- Lots of multihit damage i.e. Dragon Spirit Blast
- Speed of attacks coming out
- Hardness of body
- Smallness of weak point"]

:clock: Tonight at 8:30:
It's a rare Monday, so I'm going to relentlessly hunt Valstrax. Thanks in advance. #TesrosetTransmission
[Monster Hunter Rise] Learning While Doing Valstrax Lecture [Musical Vtuber Tesro & Roset]

This'd be the first page of the Roset-chan doujinshi.

What's your name?
When was your first experience?
Is this your first time doing something like this?
Well then, first off, could you hold C7 with your left hand?

Thus, the art I draw is me assembling my favorite followers, or drinking with them in a fantasy world, or having my fave eat eclairs, or whatever other desires I have... No, that's fine, isn't it? Right, yeah, that's fine... (resolution)

I can look at other people's works and find things about the design I find cute, but it won't come bubbling out of me!

Every time I draw, I'm like, people who can draw are so amazing I don't even get it, and first of all I can't even come up with stuff like composition, and even just the stage where I come up with something to draw is too hard.

Monster Hunter update! Come quick!

I have pretty good odds of remembering my dreams, so for a time I looked up info on dream fortune-telling, but it wasn't accurate very often, and I have to wonder how the heck I'd look up a dream like today's.

In dreams, often it's not only the setting, but your thoughts that are glitchy too.

Had a dream where a follower suddenly tweeted a picture of an adult toy, and there was a reply saying "LOL'd at it being white," and I thought "Is it being white laugh-worthy...?"

June 13th, 2021

The video may be silly, but the sound is serious as all get-out.

There's just one person here being ridiculous... [Search for "upper structure triad"]

Rather than chords being sexy on their own, it's more about how deliciously they're used in the flow of the song. Using a sexy chord in a sexy flow is what first makes the sexiness sparkle.

Upper structure triads are sexy.

If you get to 1000 or so, that's the same as standing in front of the entire student body... Just imagining saying "this chord's sexy" in a place like that gets me stimulated.

When you watch too many famous people's streams it tends to make your senses buggy, but even if you only have 30 people watching you, if you think of the nervousness of standing in front of a class of 30 to give a talk, then 30 people's a heck of a lot...

Is not giving up on an aspiration a weakness? Or a strength?

I'd rather you noticed I got better at mixing rather than that I cut my hair.

I'm questioning how obtuse I should make my musical jokes.

Is it okay if I stream Monster Hunter tomorrow? Sure thing!!

I aspire to a friendship that deepens as we destroy each other's chord progressions.

Basically, it's the thing where if you put a chord on top of a chord, I don't really get why, but it gets emo.

This song was my first time making a song while consciously using upper structure triads, and it made me go "I've done this with my usual aug stuff..."

You'll understand. (not saying you'll understand)

I made a video for understanding the charm of upper structure triads in 40 seconds. #TesrosetTransmission #OSTERExplains

coming soon

Nothing more fun than a stupid video I'm giving my all to make.

Betting when I turn 40, I'll realize I wasn't actually conscious during my 30s.

I've been a baby most of my life, so the furthest back I can remember is in my 30s.

June 12th, 2021

I'm looping between "Monster Hunter's fun" and "I'm so bad it sucks."

Grabbing Kiritan's hand would be dangerous, yes.

Stream's over! Thanks for coming! After resting a bit, I'll mix it and upload it to Fanbox.

For rehabilitation, I'll do a stream messing with Kiritan.
[AI Kiritan Fiddling Stream] Passenger Seat Road Movie Edition [Tesroset Transmission]

I'll have to think of a joke soon for the event that I don't get approved for a checkmark. (dutiful)

[Retweets Ryogo Matsumaru getting told his account didn't meet the qualifications to be verified] Whaa...

June 11th, 2021

I'm an artist... Whatever anyone says, I'm an artist.

It's the middle of the night, but now I wanna eat eclairs!!

Sister Eclair #IDrewYouClaireSan

Me when I'm listening to a good song. #TesrosetArt

["...Don't go making such a good song."
"It vexes me..."]

Though if it's not that serious of a song, maybe I could make one as a breather.

I don't get people who can compose as a breather from composing, but I totally get people drawing as a breather from drawing...

Doodling while looking at other people's doodles.

Might finally do a stream again tomorrow afternoon!

I'll do my best, so wait for me.

Really feeling like this is how weepy old people are formed...

It's up to them if they continue working or give up, and I wouldn't say anything about their decision, but I know that when you go so long you're visited by the thought of just stopping already many times, so going ahead and imagining how they must've overcome that makes me weepy.

The longer my work history grows and the more people I see retire or move on to bigger things, the more I feel the difficulty of continuing to do work, so I feel like I'm gonna cry just getting to interact with people with long work histories.

I'm a Vocaloid producer who's thought of as properly knowing music theory.

RT @fujitetsu8 Honestly, what Vocaloid producers actually do know proper music theory? Probably like OSTER-san, Nishijima Sondai-san, appy, and Wakaba-san?

Today I'm making a note to go look for a frame to put aiko-san's Tesroset in.

I had a dream I was taken by Russian intelligence and was made to play a dark game where me and quiz creator Matsumaru-san had to hold each other's bodies between curling irons...

June 10th, 2021

I say I want to wear a yukata and go out this year every year, but I wanna wear a yukata and go out this year.

I wanna draw too, but why is it 2 AM already, whyyy?

I look forward to my songs being finished more than anyone!!!!! Wanna hear the finished version soon.

It's cute seeing Tesro-sama with a super maidenly face.

"Tesroset art drawn by aiko-san" are words of power.

This is it, the world's most valuable Tesroset art I received from aiko-san yesterday... :water pistol: :music score:
I'll frame it and put it up in the Tesroset Museum. :crying:
(Thank you for giving permission to post it! :folded hands:)

A mythical beast, by eating death, frees people from the fear of death. Once freed from fearing death, for the first time, these people learn the fear of living that remains in them.

June 9th, 2021

I feel like concerts let people who all have their own experiences with an artist assemble together, and I get to participate as well with their many memories, and it's really, y'know, and it's great. (it's great)

Seeing this series of concerts starting with Miku Expo is giving me super huge emotions... I hope the culture of concerts doesn't go away forever, and that corona does go away forever.

That's the first time I've gotten such a workout going to a concert. :guitar:

I went to aiko-san's concert!!!!! It was super fun!!!! My plans for tomorrow are muscle pain!!

I updated Kiritan and her window got all small, turning her into "Kiritan getting in between yuri."

Outing day.

I want to stream, but I can't find the time or opportunity!

[Retweets Tesro fanart asking for "Tesro's profile"] Tesro-sama's profile, huh... They're three key-changes tall... (??)

Twitter: (A request came in, wonder who this is...)
Me: "This chord's so sexyyyy!! (deranged)"
Twitter: "Uhhh... (concerned)"

Might as well try... [Screenshot of submitting application to be Twitter verified]

I thought "Corona Accelerator" was some kind of experimental facility where they accelerate coronavirii to sub-light speed and crash them into each other to observe the reactions, but apparently it's something else.

June 8th, 2021

When a bot gets referred to as "the bot in question" and that ends up in the trends, it bears a resemblance to how in Harry Potter, Voldemort ends up being called "he who shall not be named."

I could stan personified Roset-chan... Cute...

Thoughtlessly desiring a book featuring all the Non-Human Followers characters. (I want it)

Hallucinating the existence of a Tesroset doujinshi.

Is it true there's a Tesroset doujinshi coming out at Kemoket????

But man, to do it for 20 years and still have new discoveries while also being stimulated by it... Is the amount of content in composition wild or what???

It's been over 20 years since I started composing, but whenever I make music, I can't help but feel the amassing of 20 years of idiosyncracies.

I'm doing the work of just listening to songs I made and going "I really am a genius!!!!!"

If I became king, I'd hire maids who whispered "it's okay" into my ear all day.

This variants system breaks the game balance so much it's not any fun. The corona dev team's got no idea what they're doing.

Number one thing I want nerfed in the update: Coronavirus

Today I'm making a song with some augs I had left over in the fridge.

Being busy with work just means I'll be able to make lots of announcements on a time delay, so keep at it!

I wanna make an announcement soon! Announcement dependency!