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August 13th, 2020

When you spend money, your wallet gets poorer.
When you don't spend money, your heart gets poorer.

August 12th, 2020

It's just a story about how she wants to wear matching earrings with her friend as soon as possible, and when she gets a second piercing while still unsure if her first piercing is stable, it bleeds and hurts... but ended up the way it is after I gave said story a twisted feel.

I feel like the lyrics to Second Piercing are super pervy, but no one said anything about it, so I got away with it.

Did the second piercing you stretched yourself to do still hurt and make you yell out???

The piercing that seemed like it was going to close up tearing open at 4 AM.

It starts with a tonic major for the first "Totoro, Totoro," yet the next "Totoro, Totoro" inserts a dim, then lands with a minor - it's so dang dramatic...

I'm playing a wide spread of songs on ukulele, and I'm laughing at how good the chordwork in My Neighbor Totoro is.

I'm okay with calling everyone a winner just for living as a human. :medal:

So maybe we need things that we can just randomly put blame on. It's all your fault, you poopy-head corona!

I'd rather die than become a person who blames everything on other people, but being a person who blames everything on themselves might be so painful that I'd die.

Whether the atmospheric pressure is high or low, I feel bad physically and mentally, so I dunno what to blame it on anymore... It's all the coronavirus's fault...

Fall Guys seems like a ton of fun...

August 11th, 2020

When I turn 80, I feel like I'll be writing the lyrics "Put everyting up to my fingertips in your grave."

Miku-chan's birth was 13 years ago too, and I'm still writing lyrics they don't have a care in the world, but seriously, what's this "Dye everything up to my fingertips your color" business? You try reading that out loud with a straight face.

When writing lyrics from the perspective of teenage girls, I've had people say they're too heavy and they wouldn't be thinking that deeply, so it feels unnatural, and had to fix it. It depressed me to think that's a mistake I've come to make as an adult... (crappy mental health)

Even within that, I'll keep finding ideal, beautiful worlds and depicting them... I'm sure there's other people who'll think they're beautiful too... I'm not stoppin'.

Actually, because I seek so much meaning in everything as I age, I'm clearly growing distant from that pure passion, those feelings that goes beyond meaning that an adolescent has... I'm just an adolescence zombie wandering a false labyrinth of the ideal adolescence that adults thought up... Why...

It feels like as I age, I don't become distanced from adolescence, but rather understand the feelings of an adolescent gril from more angles and see it in higher resolution... My body grows old and weak, but my mind becomes sharp... How cruel...

Even at 40, I feel like I'll still write lyrics like an adolescent girl.

I'm a high school girl... Whatever anyone says, I'm a high school girl...

Pant... pant... One more year 'til my forties...?

[Takes a quiz on Showa-era merchandise and gets 10 out of 10, which prompts it to suggest she's in her forties]
I'm not forty yet... Still... one year...

I also haven't made Magical Paint, nor Trick or Treat, nor Alice in Wonderland.

I've heard "I like OSTER-san's Romance Ward" 5 billion times, but OSTER-san hasn't made a song called Romance Ward.

I've also learned that 102 degrees isn't a melting day, it's a deadly day.

I now understand that on a melting day of 102 degrees, you can't Play Ball, and athleticism is generally cancelled, so you can't break into a run. [In reference to the lyrics of the song Sunny Day Sunday]

You're the only one who can judge yourself.

I feel things can't continue like this. As such, I'm thinking things can't continue like this.

[Screenshot of Sora saying something that gets wrapped to four lines and sticks out of the three-line textbox] I understand CSS completely.

Maybe I just don't see them often in my day to day life.

You don't see bitmap files much lately, do you???

I actually take jobs making songs, and it's not often I get a request that goes "Display your power as a pervert as much as you please!" and lets me remove my handcuffs, but I must spend my days training my filthy powers for the rare case where I do get to do a request with my handcuffs off...

RT @foxnumber6 Some composers think "if it's Maaya Sakamoto, I can have her change key as much as I want." Yoko Kanno was like that at first, but after producing, she centered around relatively normal songs. But before long, new composers thinking "if it's Maaya Sakamoto, I can have her change key as much as I want" started joining the fight one after another and are bringing it back to how it was, which is amazing.
I super wanna join this fight... :bomb: :explosion:

August 10th, 2020

You might be thinking "If you like them that much, go make a song about boobs!", but I already have.

Even if you're ready to collapse from your wounds,
Don't look away from the beauty you believe in

Isn't it cool to consistently stick with the things you like? From birth to death, happily committed to loving boobs - is that not a beautiful love story?

Will I safely become a toe fetishist by the time I'm old? Isn't an old person with a toe fetish maybe a bit wild?

Hold on, I don't get what you're saying.

There's a weird theory that those who like boobs are kids, and the body parts you're attracted to move lower with age. But it's fine for adults to like Hamburg steak and Naporitan, right? Stick a flag in that cleavage. :Japanese flag: Here's your older-lady's meal, ma'am! :woman dancing:

When Siri gives me a weird response, I want to reply "How Siri-metsuretsu [incoherent]," but I don't have those kinds of conversations with Siri in the first place, and I like Mune [breasts] more than Siri [butts].

I don't have the ability to calculate 1024^3 just like that.

I'm the person who says things like "1 GB isn't 1 billion bytes, it's 1024^3 bytes."

When I'm not, I'm a beautiful older lady.

I'm a beautiful girl only when I'm making music.

RT @newariaimus When I'm listening to OSTER project-san's songs with earbuds, I feel like I become a beautiful girl.
I super get this...

Beer, women, women, and women.

My world is made of meat, beer, and sleep.

I want someone to make a system where 10 yen is provided from a fourth-dimensional source for every like you get.

My mouse also has five strings.

The people who play my songs all have 5 strings on their bass.

I feel like year by year, my songs' basslines become more vile.

I'm always thinking about what it means to compare atmospheric temperature and body temperature since solids and gases have different thermal conductivity.

I'll have an announcement very soon, so please please please please please look forward to it.

This month's busy!! Busy is a good thing!!

August 9th, 2020

This was a while ago, but I remember YouTube's form to take down unauthorized reuploads being a huge hassle that made me put in a bunch of personal information... I wonder if it's still like that?

The unauthorized prodigy who was born as a prodigy without God's permission.

Can I prove that I'm not a recently-created perfect copy who's had the memories of a human named OSTER implanted in her? Am I really the original?

I'm the original... No matter what anyone says, I'm the original...

I want to upload my older songs to YouTube, but I'm hesitating out of the fear that there are already reposts and I'll be the one deemed as infringing on copyright... Isn't this world so cruel?

I make a lot of cute things, so I want to be forgiven for my daily life being somewhat crude.

[Jun: "Oh, huh. I wanted to talk passionately about nude women with you, OSTER, but I guess I'll hold off..."]
She's watching my Twitter.


Ma'am! Please take off your clothes! You shouldn't be doing that, ma'am! Get nude! Please, get nude! Ahh! Ma'am!!

Um, hey, I just realized something wild, but aren't public baths amazing? They're the sole place you're encouraged to be nude in front of others? And in fact, you'll get yelled at if you're wearing clothes in front of someone, isn't that amazing?

Mitchie-san's songs are so good it's a problem.


emon-san's songs are so good it's a problem.

My resolve to keep stuffing my songs full of augs has grown more firm.

I'm glad I was born as a Vocaloid producer... :crying:

This live band's wild!!!! My song's chords are nuts.


[After retweeting a tweet about "Untitled 0," an online Hatsune Miku concert for NicoNico Chokaigi 2020] I'm prepared to throw a leek when my songs come up.

I watched that "It Comes" movie everyone's talking about, and seriously, humans are 5 billion times scarier than ghosts, it was hell.

August 8th, 2020

I am the K.K. Idol.

Listen to my Bubblegum K.K.

To completely nerd out a bit, I love all the songs in Wave Race 64, and the mix for the song in the Port Blue course was updated a bit in the version with Rumble Pak support, and I always wanted to bring up how I liked the old version better, but it's so niche I know no one would understand. [For the record, the Rumble Pak version was only released in Japan, so you likely would've heard the original version, and it's most likely what you'll find online.]

Besides Bubblegum K.K., I like K.K. Disco. Isn't that part that reminds you of the Wave Race 64 Dolphin Park song great? Totaka-san's songs are the greatest...

I worked hard to write out the chords, but sorry if they're wrong.

I did an all-out arrangement of Bubblegum K.K. from the Animal Crossing series and had my Vocaloids sing it. :bunny: :bunny:
I do hope you'll listen, yes, yes!!!
YouTube / NicoNico
#Dominowns #AnimalCrossingNewHorizons #AnimalCrossing

Well but anyway I'm going to upload the video I've been working hard on today so watch it please thank you.

I can't keep up with the flow of time... Yikes, help me.

Whose idea was it to finish a whole week of August without my permission?

I messed up the chords displayed by the fully manual chord-display system... (because it's manual)

This video features a fully manual chord-display system, but it was incredibly hard, so it's a mystery whether I'll do it again in the future.

An announcement: I'm uploading the Bubblegum K.K. arrangement video today at 7 PM!

That's exactly why it's super difficult to give something a person says they like as a gift, and why I always end up going with them to pick something.

Plus you have to keep looking for them yourself.

The way your fondness for the things you like causes you to get really particular about them and makes it so you don't like anything anymore... Liking can be a cruel feeling sometimes.

However cute the sound is, however bouncy the rhythm, if there aren't any half-diminisheds, it's not OSTER-like.

August 7th, 2020

But unfortunately, it's because I suffer myself that I can feel good later.

I want someone else to make my videos and make my songs and make my meals and work and pay taxes and live and die for me...

Seriously, it was all manual, so it was super exhausting.

Watching the speed these chords change at makes me realize there's no way my songs could be played on ukulele...

I created a fully manual chord-display system, so I'm dead tired. [Preview of scrolling chords from upcoming video]

Exactly like you'd suggest going to the store.

[Jun: "Oh, 12:51, huh? Well, should we pervy yuri?" (Pervy yuri? / Huh?)] Way too crude of an invitation.

About two weeks after starting ukulele, the ends of the fingers on my left hand are indented.

I'm doing my best to upload a video tomorrow, so cheer me on.

[Jun: "When I'm talking to you, OSTER, it makes me wanna talk lots about badminton, hop! Are you the type who can fall right asleep whenever you want to? (Definitely not right away / In about 10 seconds)"]
Their incoherency scares me sometimes.

I want to die having lived going "Wahahaaa!" from beginning to end.

When I drink with others, I'm all "Wahahaaa!!", but when I drink alone, I'm all "Sniff... sob... :sniffle: :sniffle:", so I'm a super bothersome woman, but I think I'm glad it's not the other way around.

I want someone to say to me "Let's make this summer a special one."

August 6th, 2020

Even if I get all prettied up with makeup and increase my girl power, when it's time to wear cute Gelato Pique comfort wear, I'm makeupless... It's a cruel world.

Doesn't just hearing "slumber party" make you want to buy Gelato Pique pajamas?

I love the sound of the words "slumber party."

My understanding of how amplitude, period, and phase are represented in a simple trigonometric oscillation function proves super valuable when using After Effects expressions, so learning physics can lead to good things.

When I make characters' heads bob around in After Effects, they're being controlled by expressions using trigonometric functions, so it doesn't have that analog warmth when compared to manual keyframe animation, yeaaah! :peace sign:

People who say frozen gyoza is corner-cutting would probably get mad about people using functions in Excel for efficiency.

When you live more than 30 years, you see a ton of technological advances happen in front of you, and get sentimental about a lot of things diappearing at the same time.

I'd like to tremble with excitement in the future too, so please continue to innovate with delicious frozen foods.

When you no longer had to add water for the cooking process, even I was trembling... The way a warrior trembles with excitement before battle.

For real, if you haven't eaten frozen gyoza lately, you should absolutely try it. It's to die for.

Besides the graphics, the Toro Puzzle update changed the sound when you remove a chestnut.

[Pierre: "It really imrpoves the taste of women if you soak them in café au lait for a day, woof."]
Incredibly scary.

If there were a cooling pad like that, I'd want it really bad.

The Friend Shippu [cooling pad] sounds like a Doraemon tool that makes people friendly if you slap it on them.

I also like how "I can put up with just a little pain," with the passage of time, turns into "I have to put up with this amount of pain," I really love Friendship... My recommended yuri song...

"Horribly cruel and I love it" is a thing psychopaths say.

In Friendship, the fact that she's so close yet out of reach, but can smell the matching shampoo on her is so horribly cruel and I love it... [Image pointing out the "smell of your hair" and "matching shampoo" parts of the lyrics with crying emoji]

For a looong time, I thought "why am I so selfish?", but since feelings like wanting to make others happy, if you get down to it, are for your own satisfaction in doing so, I just went like "In that case, just let selfishness be the default!", and since then I've been okay with being selfish.

I'm the star of my own life!!!!!

Also, the star turned into "me."

I was singing 1.15 Million Kilometer Film from memory and ended up with around 3 cameramen. ["The song I'm about to sing is what's in my head / The star, of course, is you, / and I'm a supporting role, the director, and the cameraman / This is the movie being made on the film behind my eyes"]

If it were me, I'd want people to cry tons in front of my grave.

[Re: "OSTER, that brings me back, wonder what she's doing now" FAQ] Just noticed this is nearing 1000 likes and freaking out.

When you're stuck at home for months like this, it makes you wanna wear a yukata and go to a fireworks show... Wanna feel the cloth of a yukata touching my bare skin, the sounds echoing into the core of my body, the smell of firworks mixing into the lukewarm summer night air...

Making songs with Vocaloid is fun too, but I wanna have people's vocals, wanna make vocal songs... Vocals! I dunno if vocals can save the world, but they're saving me.

I still remember how the moment Tokiwa-san started singing, everyone in the control room got fired up...

When I got Tokiwa-san to sing for me, the fact I was talking with someone I super looked up to didn't feel real, but the second she got in the booth and started singing, I was like "Waaaaaaaaaahhh!!!! It's the real deaaaaal!!!!!!" I'm that kind of otaku.

RT @yutokiwa [Re: Labradorite] When recording this song, it was my literal first meeting with OSTER-san herself (we didn't even communicate over email or anything), so I remember I was full of excitement going to the studio, but then it looked like they were going to immediately take me to the booth to start recording, so I was like "whaaa?" and stopped them and forced my way into talking with her. :smiling face:

August 5th, 2020

I want the ability to go to sleep freely when I want to sleep. [Posted at 4:46 AM]

Living people are amazing. I've never lived before, so I dunno how to.

Finished a song.

[Jun: "The world exists for major minor sevenths."]
Biased education.

The things that have always supported my life are non-essential things, so they're not non-essential to me.

The proper response to coronavirus. [Retweets "When you're thirsty, apparently it's effective to gargle dry highballs, mya."]

I'm starving for non-essential affection.

Changing positions is way too difficult????

First day after starting ukulele → My fingertips on both hands hurt, stroking's impossible...
Fifth day after starting ukulele → Left fingertips hurt, right nails are looking bad, I can't even
Tenth day after starting ukulele → Left hand's feeling pretty okay but my right wrist hurts ← I am here

[Jun (off to the side of Level 1210): "Life is tragic."]
She's started to say stuff.

:thinking face: Homosexuals

Happy new year! Here's to 2030!

I'm crying every day lately. Even today, I cried while cutting onions.

I'm a good kid, so I'm making dinner right after eating lunch.

August 4th, 2020

Even I can make people happy...

My Miku-Rin is cute, so look. [Retweeting the Miku-Rin "feeling cards" picture]

Rin-chan calls Miku-chan "anata" [neutral], Miku-chan calls Rin-chan "kimi" [affectionate]... And Rin-chan has an earnest love, while Miku-chan has a contrary love... This is it... This is my lesbian song

With this weird mood I'm in, I'll give a peek of the Friendship sequel's lyrics...
[I always noticed, the pain under your smile
Hey, how long ago was it? When we started to change from us back then
Even if you don't want it, transferring all of it, there'd be no end
Of course I understand that,
Yet I wonder what I'm so afraid of?

Every time I saw "we're similar, huh," you're simply happy,
This smile of yours that's so cute -
Why am I, the one closest to it,
Being broken down?

Your earnest love,
It always warms me up,
Yet I felt if I took your hand
Everything would fall apart,
So I sink my thoughts into my chest]

Everyone's so nice... Sniff.

I never cried at all when I was a kid, and I stood my ground when it came to emotional stuff, but since becoming an adult I cry stupidly easily...

Thinking how if I give up, I won't be able to hear people who like me say "You've done well" anymore, makes me not wanna give up.

If you give up midway, it's over, so I want to do my best to not give up on things.

Crying made me forget about my rice and get all the way to bed before realizing... It's all over...

I'll cry lots and laugh lots and makes lotsa songs.

But I think I want to be a person who cries when touched by warm feelings.

I'm sure I'll reread them many more times in the future and cry.

How grateful am I that there are people who tell me with their words that the things I've been doing had meaning...

I was thinking I'd go out earlier, but I'm emotionally unstable, so I'm crying.

I cheer up rereading letters I've gotten.

I decided I'd eat shirasu-don for lunch tomorrow and bought some, and the mere thought of that shirasu-don being in the fridge gives me courage...

I hear "You were after my body? How awful!", but I don't hear "You were after my heart? How awful!" very often, why not?