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September 26th, 2020

furry Vtuber

I'm thinking I'll get into a routine of uploading an old song to YouTube every Sunday.

Tomorrow's Sunday...? A week goes by too fast.

I changed my avatar [to Roset] and became a furry account.

I actually got some work done in the morning for the first time in 5 billion years... Aren't I great...

But listen, the Sith guide others to the dark side for their own benefit... That ain't right...

The power of the dark side is wonderful.

I always hear talk about anger managemnet, but myself, I think anger and hatred and jealousy and sadness shouldn't be suppressed, but converted into another form of energy to make you stronger. Though also, like... doesn't that sound like the mindset of Sith Lord...?

September 25th, 2020

One of my favorite examples of that is the Miku-Rin song series starting with Summer Idol... (Summer Idol → Passenger Seat Road Movie → Friendship)

But it's also super neat when I hear others people's interpretations I didn't intend on and go like "I see!!!"... Music's great...

No matter how many people there may be who love my songs more than me, I'm still the one who made them. (weird flex but ok)

If there's anyone who feels confident they love my songs more than me, name yourself.

I'm confident I'm the world's foremost lover of my own creations.

I want to go to the worldline where Okii-san [of TWEEDEES] becomes a Vtuber and streams composition.

I want a #IVm7-5 shirt... Between that and the Dominowns shirt, I'm getting more and more incomprehensible shirts...

The drinking buddy I made is moving away... All my life, I'm searching for dirnking buddies...

Even the word cliché has kind of a sexy sound to it.

I like you a lot! Let's cliché and get #IVm7-5 someday!

I once wondered what the "a" in "come on-a my house" meant and looked it up, but I just now remembered how I forgot what it meant, and am wondering what it means.

I have a report! I've arrived home! That was the report!

The weather's bad lately, so I'm going out wearing rain boots just in case, but I'm wearing them so much that my ankles hurt like they've been bruised every time I go out... And also, it doesn't even rain...

Any creator worth their salt fills the fanart tag by their own power.

I want to see hatless Roset-chan. (new song)

I want to be invincible.

'Twas a life of struggling so as to be capable of lots of things.

Let's all become artists together.

Roset-chan's tail is so hard I've never drawn it.

Training. #TesrosetArt

[Top-left: "Side-view's hard" Top-middle: "MAD" Top-right: "Bizarre casual clothes" Bottom-right: "Feet are hard"]

Tesro-kun is so easy to draw I can draw them in 3 seconds. (not saying I draw them in 3 seconds)

Roset-chan hears "upper structure triad" and immediately turns into Roset-san.

I had a dream where my hair color became an extremely colorful bald and despaired. Glad it was a dream.

September 24th, 2020

What're you doing at 5 in the monning?

It's morning, huh.

Can't bear that painful mouth ulcer anymore? Kobayashi Pharmaceutical recommends: Death

I must become good at art. (dutiful)

Roset-"san"... #TesrosetArt

If you're crude but you make amazing music, you can get an indulgence of "people with talent have their peculiarities," so I want to make amazing music just to be forgiven for being crude.

I've gotten super old before I knew it, but I was super happy when a friend who I have a significant age gap with said they don't feel that gap much and can get along with me easily... I'm a baby 'til death...

All things that do not exist in this world hold the possibility of you becoming the first person to create them.

Attention, customer in possession of a Tesroset doujinshi...

[Announcement] I wrote the new song CARTOON☆RagHour for pop'n music peace! :clap: It's a fun song like an amusement park! Please try unlocking and playing it! :circus tent: #popn

What's wild about upper structure triads is that it's sexy even hearing them on their own, not just as part of a song... That sound alone can make me fantasize endlessly about what could come before and after it.

[Retweeting the previous one] I'm a Vtuber who whispers sexy words into your ear.

Another video of Roset-chan whispering sexy words into your ear. #TesrosetTransmission
["Upper structure triad."]

That time I was like "Wouldn't it be cute if you put a ♡ on the end of this lyric?" and started hearing Hisoka reading the lyrics in my head and it became a Hisoka song.

The integral of "now" is life.

RT @Gwelu_os_gar A comment from a viewer on Underwater Mario Kart: "I came here from the integral video, what is this...?" I really like the incredibly honest question.
Way to go, explaining how the integral of acceleration is speed and the integral of speed is distance by using Mario Kart... (?)

Realizing the greatness of Totoro's progression for the first time by playing it on ukulele.

Huh? It started raining. :angry:

Let's be happy that I could get home without getting wet...

I left the house prepared for anything wearing rain boots and carrying an umbrella, but it didn't rain!!! But better safe than sorry!

September 23rd, 2020

Chuo-Rinkan, Shinrinkoen, Toyo-Katsutadai (the Three Musketeers of train station names I've seen but don't really know where they are)

[Pierre: "Sometimes you get a sudden craving for nude women and want to go to the standard place to get some, huh?"]
Tell me about this "standard place" you speak of.

I always say "itadakimasu" before eating. Since that's not for someone else to hear, but a show of gratitude to the ingredients.

I was once a person who thought talking to yourself was just pointless since nobody's listening and never did it myself, but once I got cats and started talking to them, I came to talk to myself a lot more...

Talking with musicians is endless fun because they understand your musician jokes.

Never thought the "what ordinary people think is a sexy song" would come in handy like this... [Referring to her video from April with a "sax-sexy" song and a "chord-sexy" song]

It's so much fun doing stupid stuff that it's all I do...

A video of Roset-chan whispering sexy words into your ear. #TesrosetTransmission

Illustration of a person who ate three tacos in the process of eating omelette rice for lunch.

Good, looks like I safely avoided the typhoon... Dammit, but my power... maybe I used a little too much... Pant... pant...

September 22nd, 2020

But because of the reality that I was chosen even though it didn't really have to be me, I can feel valued and do my best.

I naturally pack my works full of the things I like, so obviously I like them, but there's also a feeling of "because I made this myself" within that liking. Surely, if someone else had made the exact same thing, I feel like I'd have a regret like "Why wasn't I the one who made this?"

I think you could make songs like mine if you used the same techniques, so there are plenty of people who could take my place, and I'm not a one-of-a-kind entity at all, but someone thinking fondly of the works I created makes a memory between the two of us, and that's the one thing that's irreplaceable. That's the one thing I can say is one-of-a-kind.

I've got my new mic, so tomorrow, maybe I'll have Roset-chan say some sexy words... (easily predictable for trained Roset-chan fans)

There are only so many emoji, so it's likely that's someone else's fave-mark, but please forgive me... (scared)

I want people to see :music score: and go "Roset-chan... :heart:" (?)

[Screenshot of a notifications alert with a bell icon] I've already become an otaku who sees totally unrelated :bell:s like this and goes "Claire-san..." (fave-marks are powerful)

I like women who immediately compliment my hair color when we meet.

[Jun: "Nude women... You could live without them, but having them makes life 100 times richer!"]

Roset-san's voice will be clear now...

my new gear

I wanna make music but I wanna draw but I wanna stream but I wanna make videos but I wanna play games... :crying: :crying: :crying:

Composers who I respect: "I see you have a sickness that will kill you if you don't reharmonize."
Composers who respect me: "I see you have a sickness that will kill you if you don't reharmonize."
Me: "I have a sickness that will kill me if I don't reharmonize."

Yesterday, Bayachao-san was drawing, and AAAA-san was making music, but I was just an average woman eating yakitori and guffawing...

RT @q07a_ [AAAA] Yesterday, I got to see Bayachao-sensei working, and it made me feel like Yamcha. (so fast) (didn't even take 20 minutes to draw a picture)

When you're at the end of your rope, something as mall as seeing your train leave in front of you makes you feel like the world's fully abandoned you and make you want to disappear, yet when you're feeling fulfilled, just having the person at the register treat you politely can make you cry with emotion, so life is all about perspective.

When I hear songs singing "girls want to kiss," I'm like "y'know, we do want that..."

Stop making typhoons without me knowing.

Believing in the possibility that as long as I keep creating and sending out art, it'll be someone's salvation, is dreaming too much, huh...

I'm glad to meet a woman even more nuts than me. (?)

September 21st, 2020

I want to pass on my stupid-emotion, like in a shonen manga... I want to be a part of that.

People who like stupid-emotional people are stupid-emotional. (stupid-emotional relay)

The illustration of the three stupid-emotional siblings.

Let's understand each other and live...

I'm living thanks to people who like me. (real)

Nothing in life could make me happier than this.

I'm so stupid-emotional, I was on the verge of tears on the train home.

I love the three stupid-emotional siblings to death...

RT @BAYACHAO Met with OSTER and AAAA! Here's the card illustrations I gave them... :smiling face:

When I went back to play it again, even Black Fortress was too hard. In layman's terms, it feels like walking onto Toad's Turnpike in Mario Kart with your real body. (?)

The people who designed the Rainbow Palace level in Bomberman 64 were certifiably messed up.

That last custom part in Bomberman 64 was impossible... I'd just die again and again thinking about how on my deathbed, I'd look back like "Oh yeah, I never did get that last custom part in Bomberman 64..."

Bomberman 64 and Blast Corps were the most brutal N64 games to 100%...

I've played Galaxy before, and remember it being super hard, and I feel like I never got 100%... I remember getting really mad at the parts where you hold the controller upright and control the balance ball thing.

Hwaaaaah, the guy sitting next to me on the train's playing Mario Sunshine, I wanna play... :crying: :crying:

It gets hard to resist breaking out into dance when I'm out and hear good music.

September 20th, 2020

Once I decide I should try everything once, I end up putting super serious effort into those things.

Support my heart too...

Guess I need to support my body with muscles.

My hernia's gone, so please go away too, hip pain... :crying:

Your muscles look so sad!

[Ring Fit results screen: 21m14s, 138.82 kcal, 2.97 km]
Aren't I great!

Those are today's uploads.

I'm blessed to have listeners who see me play like this and say I'm good...

I'm a Vtuber who's good at Mario 64. #TesrosetTransmission #Vtuber [Clips of her attempts at the Wing Cap Switch red coins star.]

Declaring that even the part of you that thinks you're hopeless is still part of you takes strength, and being recognized by those around me makes me feel like I can do that for the first time...

It's been 12 years since I made Marginal, but I still worry "Is it okay for me to be like this?", so I dunno if I've actually matured...

Uploading another past song today!
[Official MV] Marginal feat. Hatsune Miku - OSTER project

Claire-san trying hard in Fall Guys made me want to try hard at Fall Guys... #PlayMarioOSTER

Everyone remembers Beyblades and Hyper Yoyos, but nobody remembers Jitter-Rings.

Finding the differential of work to make the units match.

"Which is more important, work or me?" seems like asking "Which is bigger, time or distance?"

You won't necessarily be rewarded for your efforts, but you'll never get rewarded if you don't give an effort, so you have to try.

I'm a Vtuber playing Mario 64.
[Super Mario 64 Livestream] Shoot For 120 Stars! [Musical Vtubers Tesro & Roset]

To not get stuck in a mold, you need to know the shape of the molds.

I'm wondering if Rainbow Ride 100 coins and Mario Wings to the Sky alone might take a stream.

68 stars... Maybe I can get that in two streams??

I want to play Mario Sunshine, but I still have 68 stars left in Mario 64...

September 19th, 2020

Java is short for Jabba the Hutt.

???: "Java is short for JavaScript, right?

RT @p_r_r__ Mana Ashida (teenage girl): "You might say you were betrayed, that you'd put your hopes in a person, but that person didn't betray you - you just saw a part of them you couldn't see before. When that happens, to be unwavering and accept that as just another aspect of that person - I think that's what it means to trust."
Me (women in twenties): "Indo [India] is short for Indonesia, right?"

Doing anything well is so hard, people who are good at things are amazing.

I looked it up and it already existed. (Sure enough...)

I need to draw Tesroset-chan until I'm in Guiness as the artist who's drawn them the most.

[Ricky: "Oh, right! Speaking of children... In Thailand, children's chests are holy, so you aren't allowed to stroke them, okay?"]
Don't think that's allowed in Japan either.

I keep thinking how if it were 2010, there'd totally be a super popular Billy Herrington meme video called Fall Gays.

Person (Dog)

Person who gets emotional while playing ukulele.

Lately it feels like I'm doing roughly the same proportion of composing and art and editing and I'm gonna explode soon.

When I'm watching Vtubers, I start to feel like "I wanna be a Vtuber!", but I already am.

My number one bias is future me.

Let me be everyone's number one in the amusin' lady department! (desire)

For real, liking has different categories, and the people I like are the best in their respective categories...

Life begins when you lose your sanity.

I like Bayachao-sensei's works, of course, but I also like how it feels like we're crazy in similar ways...

Dad, I'm thinking of quitting reality and living virtually.

Wish they'd fix the bug where you can't make music while listening to streams.

Being provided Roset-chan from the official source helps so much...

Listen to the full version of Mamama-Magical, alright!? Listen to the wild piano in the second verse!!

OSTER-chan (Roset-san)

I was Roset-chan...

[Retweeting Bayachao posting the full version of Mamama☆Magical with an image of Roset saying "I composed it!"] Roset-chan (OSTER-san)

Once we get into October, maybe I'll stream making Halloween BGM...

I'm a musical Vtuber, so I'm streaming composition by playing Mario 64. Thanks in advance.

(I threw in the towel on Odyssey on the last stage.)

I still like action RPGs like Mario 64 a lot. [???]

Of course, I have no qualms at all with the games of the world. This is just my own changes to blame... It's my problem...

In the first Tesroset Transmission, I said I was bad at games, but it might be more accurate to say I can rarely get engrossed enough to persistently play a single game and get good at it anymore... Sad...

September 18th, 2020

On stream, I was so nervous I forgot what I wanted to say, but with the overflowing numbers of entertaining people and streams these days, I'm super grateful and thankful you choose to watch mine, and I'm thinking every day how I wanna be a more of an amusin' lady who can better satisfy those who come to watch.

I sacrificed the lives of many Marios by going ahead with thoughtless plans. (self-reflection sign hanging from neck)

She spends 3 hours just making Mario fall in bottomless pits and screaming then talks straight-faced about how she's gained some special awareness.

I started getting curious how other Vtubers feel when they're doing it because of the things I've realized doing it myself. Thinking about that makes me feel like "it's worth experiencing everything."

I'm a super troublesome lifeform who has the feelings of wanting to be seen and being afraid of being seen living together in me, so that kind of distribution is comfortable to me...

Maybe this was a really fitting choice for me... Glad I started Vtubing.

Ahhh, maybe I feel the same way about Vtubing that I do with Miku. Vtubers are characters and not you, but you definitely get to show yourself through the filter of the character. As for Miku songs, even though they're Miku songs, there's a heavier emphasis on the creator compared to normal artists. It felt like I was having my music listened to through Miku.

This is the feeling of "my kids are cute"... So this is how it feels...

I made a dummy video of Roset-chan for today's stream, but I thought it might be good to have some voice as well, so I recorded "...me... kill... me..." as a dummy voice, but it made things so serious it wasn't even funny, so I deleted it.

Being told it's cute when Tesro-kun laughs makes me smile serenely.

I'm a good kid, so I'll fit some rings before I go to bed.

Tesro vs. Wing Cap Mario

Gotta make self-excerpts again...

Mario 64 is such a godly game.

The Wing Cap and Bowser stage red coins are brutal.

I thought it was two and a half hours, but I played for nearly three hours...

It was my first time, so sorry about the doubled game audio at the start...

Mario stream's over!! 52 stars in 2 and a half hours!! It was super fun!

I'm doing ittttt!

Uh oh, the stream started on its own... LOL

Anybody know what number one is? :raised hand:

I know I'm raising the hurdles for myself, but it's the game I've played second-most exhaustively in my life, so I think it'll be a relatively fun time!!!!!!!!

Starting at 9:30, it's Mario 64 timeeeee!
[Super Mario 64 Livestream] Shoot For 120 Stars! [Musical Vtubers Tesro & Roset]

The moments when I'm doing something stupid and pointless are when I feel most alive.

Thinking about how I drew art, sequenced music, recorded voices, and did editing all to make a video like this is really funny.

I made a crappy video...

Short Skit: Mario Goes to Saizeriya #TesrosetTransmission
[Short Skit: Mario Goes to Saizeriya
Roset: "Welcome! Have you decided what to order?"
Tesro: "Ummm... Oh!! MILANO-STYLE DORIA"]

[As far as I can tell, this is an anti-joke where the expected joke would probably be "aglio olio," as both words look similar to "Mario" in Japanese.]

Overly-complicated funny man: "Sure enough, Mario 64 is y=x^2..."
Too-clever straight man: "'Cause the origin is also the epitome!!!!"

Stop blaming it on a youkai, or perfume, or someone else - blame it on the winter and let's warm each other up.

September 17th, 2020

I feel bad for crappy drawn-in-5-minutes Tesro-kun.


My skills have dulled so much, it took me 15 minutes just to climb the castle...

Completed everything.

For real? The days pass so quick... So of course, I'll be playing you-know-what...

Ack!!!!! Wait, hold on, so tomorrow is the 18th...? Wha... Sorry, I'll do a game stream tomorrow, lolololol

(When Monster Hunter comes out, somebody stream it with me...)

(I actually streamed Monster Hunter once in the distant past.)

Monster Hunter on Switch, you say... [After the announcement of Monster Hunter Rise.]

["Theme: Very clearly a composition stream"]

I definitely won't be able to make a song the same way again, even if it's one I've made before. Super amusing.

Even brain-copies of my own songs seem like they'd be super fun.

Kimigayo [the Japanese national anthem] is most definitely a mega-famous song, but it might be too touchy to do on stream.

I've really wanted to do the brain-copy one... The music version of the thing where you draw half-remembered characters. Might be fun to take requests from everyone each time...

Projects I'm considering for composition streams:
- Brain-copy stream (See how well I can reproduce an existing popular song without referring to it once)
- Children's song reharmonization stream (Building sexy progressions from catchy melodies)

I'll train day after day while watching Vtubers around me. :bowing woman:

I want to try a scheduled stream tomorrow... I'm so unsavvy, I haven't made use of YouTube Live's functions at all.

(Didn't say I would stream according to the poll...)

Everyone wants to see composition?? You're fine with composition?? Really??

I'll... stream... tomorrow... [Poll]
- Composition stream [53.5%]
- Game stream [26.1%]
- Chat stream [20.4%]

Something like looks good to others can be bad to the person themselves, or the other way around, so it's hard to know how to respond when you talk about it.

"Something good happened" → Something happened + I was left with a good impression of said event
Thus, depending on whether it left a good impression or a bad one, the same event can become either something good or something bad.