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February 24th, 2021

I intend to be like a full-power young boy forever, but it's terrifying steadily becoming more of a lethargic middle-aged person.

Ambition: S
Expression: A
Activity: A
Vanity: S+
Stamina: F-

The other day, I met a woods, right in the bear, oh way in there...

I'm a musical Vtuber, so I'm constanly thinking up manzai material.

Wanting to remix The Police Dog just so I can draw a super-pervy bondage Roset-chan in uniform. (impure motives)

It's fun how working hard every day fills up my media tab. :music notes:

Don't look at me, baby, look at my media tab.

February 23rd, 2021

Super Perverted Bear (apologize to the bear)

Stream's over! We made the bear stylish! Look forward to the finished release!

Starting another Tesroset Transmission tonight!
[Real Time Composition Stream] The Other Day I Met a Bear All-Out Arrangement [#TesrosetTransmission]

I'm a defiant person, so if you tell me "rainy days never stay," it makes me be like "then I'll be the one to find a rainy day that always stays!"

Even a rainy day that always stays must be out there somewhere in the universe.

As preparation for the stream, I sequenced the basic Met a Bear. :polar bear:

When I go to a classy French restaurant, I see meals like panchoronnechas and bachirinums beccho calnpinitz, with anuchish and yanchorogyunis sauce, and I don't know what's going on the whole time, but it's tasty. (2 IQ)

Tesro-sama at a classy French restaurant, unable to reach the table even sitting in the kids chair.

Tesro-sama is so adorable, trying to cross their legs when they're that short.

She ate a ton of corndogs after this. #TesrosetArt #LostDogArt

[Tesro: "For you, I'll bring over the classiest French hotel cuisine." (smug) Maiken: "Really?!"
Maiken: "Then bring me all the corndogs I can eat!!" Tesro: "S-Sure, leave it to me..."

I profit every time you draw Tesroset art.

[Retweeting Kii's fanart of Maiken and Tesro, showing them about the same size] I wanna see a date between Maiken-chan and Tesro-sama. (?)

Tonight at 8:30:
As part one of my Children's Song Remix series, I'll stream doing a thorough reharmonization of The Other Day I Met a Bear. :bear: :tree:
[Real Time Composition Stream] The Other Day I Met a Bear All-Out Arrangement [#TesrosetTransmission]

I'm relieved the molcars are equipped with the ability to easily exterminate humanity if needed. (???)

February 22nd, 2021

For now, I just made the thumbnail. Gonna sleep. :sleeping face:

["Children's Song Remix Series #1: The Other Day I Met a Bear"]

The other day, I met a bear in the woods. #TesrosetArt

And I'm an insular sort who always picks games I can play on my own.

Rather than games not being as fun as I've gotten older, maybe it just got too troublesome to look for games suited for me... I've been having fun lately...

Human Fall Flat is stupid hard and super fun.

Stream's over! Cleared up to Aztec and Dark today! Thanks for watching!

And now to begin a completely unrelated game stream... lol
[Human: Fall Flat] Floppy Roset's Big Adventure 2 [Musical Vtuber Tesro & Roset]

I arranged a song for Kento Ito in Project Sekai: Colorful Stage! Look forward to it. :sheet music:

It's Cat Day, which means it's okay to eat cats today.

Once I finish FlopRoset today, maybe I'll stream a children's song reharmonization!

While work's calmed down, I want to focus on streams and do them weekly.

Gonna make a song before tonight's FlopRoset.

Tonight at 8:30:
Aztec Revenge
[Human: Fall Flat] Floppy Roset's Big Adventure 2 [Musical Vtuber Tesro & Roset]

Most of the time, your effort alone has nothing to do with making a hit song, but building a history is the one thing you can do that depends on your effort.

February 21st, 2021

In my dream, I was being licked by a puppy. (good morning)

I have a universe of things I wanna do, but a few grains of sand of things I'm suited for.

What you want to do and what you're suited to are never equal. It's tough.

I know you can get good at anything by doing it, but doing things is so hard.

A life of wanting to be able to draw.

It's a song about Tesro-sama's guns. (?)

You'll be able to play EBONY & IVORY in Nostalgia! Thanks in advance. :piano:

February 20th, 2021

Suddenly starting to read about Boltzmann brains and being unable to sleep.

February 18th, 2021

Calling myself a musical Vtuber but streaming a game for 5 hours.

The stream went down today, but it seemed to be the last part, which is unfortunate...

Human Fall Flat is a super tough game, it's nuts.

I learned that even if I have it charging, it can still run out of battery...

It got super late before I knew it, but thanks for stream!!!!! Forced to end by battery dying... lol

We're starting!!!!
[Human: Fall Flat] Floppy Roset's Big Adventure 1 [Musical Vtuber Tesro & Roset]

While playing Mario, I was thinking how it's amazing to be an adult man who's allowed to wear a cat kigurumi and go "meow meow."

Even though I'm streaming a different game tonight, I bought and played Mario. (reflecting on actions)

The stream with Tesro-sama controlling floppy Roset will begin at 8:30.

Tonight at 8:30:
The adventure to get back Roset's bones begins.
[Human: Fall Flat] Floppy Roset's Big Adventure 1 [Musical Vtuber Tesro & Roset]

Aiming to become a Vtuber manzai duo.

?????????? #TesrosetTransmission #TesrosetArt

BOTH: Hello! We're the musical Vtubers Tesro and Roset.
TESRO: Nice to meet - (ROSET: CmM7!) ["yoroshiku onegai-C-masu"]
TESRO: Starting with a CM7, then a cliche...
ROSET: Say, Tesro, do you happen to believe in magic?
TESRO: Ah, well, I'm Jodo Shinshu [school of Buddhism], so...
ROSET: No, no, I'm not making that kind of invitation!
TESRO: Oh, okay.
ROSET: You see, yesterday, I had this dream.
ROSET: In the dream, there was a witch... (TESRO: Oh, how fantasy-esque.)
ROSET: And the witch... suddenly reconstructed my brain.
TESRO: Uh...
TESRO: That's scary...
TESRO: For a witch, that's kind of a physical approach, ain't it?
ROSET: Well, when I woke up, I was able to use magic.
ROSET: ...You don't believe me, do you?
TESRO: Well, I am Jodo Shinshu and all.
TESRO: But, like, what kind of magic? Tell me.
ROSET: It's this magic where, if I say an incantation, I can cause whatever I want to happen.
TESRO: Okay, so, what's the incantation like?
ROSET: First, you have to point your staff at a target, and then say...
TESRO: Um, that's not magic, that's technology, a crystallization of the wisdom humanity has amassed -
ROSET: Turn off the lights! ♥
(Lights go out)
TESRO: Don't shut the lights off all of a sudden!
TESRO: Hey, Alexa! Lights on!
ALEXA: I will not accept your commands.
TESRO: The machine's rebelling! Like in sci-fi!
ROSET: Alexa, remove the bones from Tesro's body.
(Fade to black)
TESRO: Huh?! That's scary, that's scary!! (magic sounds) What's this whole-tone-scale vibraphone?! WAAAAAH!!
(Fade back to messed-up-dog Roset)
TESRO: Why are you all floppy?
ROSET: ...me... kill... me...
TESRO: It's too soon to give up on living.
TESRO: Gah, I'll save you! Hold on, I'm coming...!
(Fade to black)
TESRO: And so, we set out on a journey to restore Roset from becoming floppy...

February 17th, 2021

Humans are born in the ultimate open world known as Earth, but tend to place restrictions on themselves and do challenge playthroughs.

"Mol wash" sounds like being brainwashed to be unable to live without Molcar.

February 16th, 2021

My love for Tohoku is acting up... Wanna go to Tohoku soon...

I'm so great for writing an entire song's worth of lyrics based on how white rice is tasty.

What's hard about lyrics is, you need to think about both what you want to express and how to express it.

The "not even with the help of trusty Pythagoras" line in Mathematigirl means that even the Pythagorean theorem that is the basis of trigonometry is useless for solving a love triangle, and I definitely didn't get that across to anyone.

I think a lot when writing lyrics how I'm glad I studied in school, but when I go too far with that, I write deranged lyrics like Mathematigirl.

Obviously I like compliments on my songs, but I get super happy when my lyrics are complimented.

Doesn't "best friends forever" mean you'll never be any more than friends for eternity? Tragic...

Roset-chan will sing again this year. (spoilers)

In recent times, isn't it nice and YouTuber-esque to say "don't forget to like and subscribe" when you say bye to someone?
Thanks, today was fun! Don't forget to like and subscribe!

While keeping up with work, I'll start trying to more actively upload videos and stream! I'll do my best!

Last year's objective: 100,000 subscribers on YouTube
This year's objective: 100,000 subscribers on YouTube
Next year's objective: 100,000 subscribers on YouTube

This week's Molcar was great... I couldn't stop myself from crying during the scene where Potato sank into the blast furnace while giving a thumbs-up.

I have to watch Molcar as soon as possible every week, or I'll run into spoilers. (what are molcar spoilers)

February 15th, 2021

Tension rising (9→♯11→13) [A play on musical "tension," and Japanese using "tension" to mean energy/excitement.]

I want mysterious stamps where words like "Tense" and "Tragic..." are accompanied by "dim" or "m7-5."

Tesroset LINE stamps... (fantasizing)

When watching an anime opening or ending,
Saying that "this is spoilers"
Is the biggest spoiler of all
- Mitsuo

Can be opened anywhere from this side → Can't open it
Cat litter will not scatter → It will scatter
We'll go if we can → We won't go
Let's run together → We won't run together
Absolutely do not push → Push me
Just the tip is fine → Just the tip is not fine

February 14th, 2021

I played Little Nightmares 2 to the end... [3:44 AM]

Even when I get drunk, it doesn't show visibly, so I'm laughing to myself remembering the time a bartender told me "you can really hold your drinks, miss" and I nonchalantly responded "oh, not at all," but I actually was super woozy.

RT @50yen_50dama You seem like you'd have a strong tolerance for drinks, OSTER-san.
I get more drunk the more I drink. :eyeroll:

Wanna drink with my followers soon. :angry:

I've made the ultimate cute song and the ultimate cool song, so my self-affirmation has exploded.

Wanna make a curry song and play endless sitar.

It's also strange that I've made songs about Naporitan and rice, but nothing for what I eat most, curry.

I'm super moody, so my works are influenced by the mood of the times.

I want to make an effort to make more seasonal songs, but accounting for video release times, I have to make them pretty far in advance, and it's hard to feel like making a Christmas song during Halloween season, right???

Halloween :pumpkin:
- trick and treat
- Distorted Dream and Marionette

Valentine's :chocolate bar:
- tete-a-tete
- Chocolate Magic

Christmas :christmas tree:
- White Snow Falling

↑Why's there only one?

OSTER should make more Christmas songs.

:chocolate bar: Happy Valentine's :chocolate bar:
tete-a-tete - OSTER project