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June 2nd, 2020

[Timmy: "The current price for turnips is 589 Bells per turnip!"]
Hey, dad? I think I'm gonna quit as a musician and start buying turnips.

May 29th, 2020

[Jun: "Women... It might seem like a temporary fad, but it's surprisingly established, eh?"]
They have been pretty established since the dawn of humanity, yeah.

May 28th, 2020

[Screenshot of a notes app:
"pudding + soy sauce = sea urchin
pudding = sea urchin - soy sauce
* If pudding != 0
1 = (sea urchin - soy sauce) / pudding
* If pudding = 0
soy sauce = sea urchin"]

I heard that if you put pudding on sea urchin eggs, it tastes like soy sauce.

May 27th, 2020

I kinda want things like this to contribute to my lyrics. Making my lyrics more and more real... Even though they were so fantasy-esque before...

Maybe I grew up stupidly honest because of a blessed environment. I'm grateful for it, but because I grew up stupidly honest, I couldn't understand the thought processes of someone on the opposite end of the spectrum for a long time. Maybe I still can't.

You're taught not to do to others what you wouldn't want done to you, but they don't teach you that doing something you like to others won't necessarily them make happy, do they?? For instance, I'm happy when people say they like me, but I was shocked to learn that only people who enough self-confidence can honestly accept such a compliment.

I finally understand now how if you don't interact with a variety of people and learn about other ways of thinking, you won't notice your own biases and irregularities. I'm slow to pick things up, so it took a lot of time.

There's so much I'm still in the midst of learning about humans even after turning 30, so I'll probably die still not understanding half of it. Humans have way too many ways of thinking and living. Humans are amazing.

Modesty can be seen as a virtue, but excessive modesty can hurt those around you, so you have to always stay in a state of neither pride nor modesty.

And saying "I don't have any friends" pushes aside those who thought they were your friends, so you shouldn't say that either. But sometimes I do feel unbearably isolated and alone in the world, so it's hard.

When you say "the likes of me" about yourself, it tramples on the goodwill of people who like you, so you shouldn't say it.

Support the existence of people who look up to the likes of you.

Ahh! How vulgar! What a vulgar taste! Spectacular!

You often hear people say "what a refined taste" after eating something, but they never say "what a vulgar taste," huh?

The bassline in the outro of mumur twins from O to W

mumur twins from O to W

May 24th, 2020

[Ricky: "Though Musashibou Benkei was an unrivaled man, ribbit, I hear Ushiwakamaru attacked him in the nether regions and got him sobbing, yo."]
You read too much doujinshi.

When you make music yourself, you get the privilege of hearing your own new songs before anyone else. What a fantastic privilege it is.

No matter how intense of an OSTER fan you are, no one is more well-versed in OSTER songs than I.

I'm getting the notion that people who tell me "this is my favorite OSTER song" don't actually know every OSTER song. (preparing to give a presentation recommending songs based on their taste)

"Nude karaoke" just has the sound of a thing that would exist, like standing pubs.

["5/24/2020: The gorgeous and cool "Get Nude Karaoke Room," or "Nude Karaoke" for short, is now open! I want to sing Miracle Paint with OSTER, wooooof!"]
Requesting to have this shut down.

May 23rd, 2020

When you're a suuuuuper beautiful woman, then much like Uniqlo being worn by somebody cool, your every action becomes artful, which is one reason why I would like to become a beautiful woman.

Don't you ever wanna become a suuuuuper beautiful woman and eat yakitori at a pub and drink beer and go to a traditional local bath house?

What doesn't kill you makes you stronger... Which means any injury that doesn't make you stronger will kill you. [Or translating the Japanese idiom literally: "Anything other than death is just a scratch, so infliction of anything but a scratch means death."]

Isn't telling someone who had something mean said to them "you're famous, so these things'll happen" a lot like telling someone who was groped "you're attractive, so these things'll happen"???

I wish the term "the price of fame" [specifically "tax" in Japanese] would disappear. After all, a tax is for the public benefit, and something you pay as compensation for living in an area, but what value does putting up with slander and abuse offer that person?

Im gonig to eat Hentai today [Photo of the "R18" Curry that was bought for her, and which someone thought was hentai]

Even if you supposedly like the same thing, there can be a surprising difference in what about it people like, and I'm absolutely in a minority... Feels kinda lonely.

"Music is a universal language" just feels like such a lie to me... I have every confidence I wouldn't be able to strike a conversation with someone living in my neighborhood who says they like music.

May 21st, 2020

Don't disrespect people who like things you don't like.

"When coronavirus ends"??
No, that's not it.
It's "when coronavirus is ended."
(Disappears into the night, my huge katana glinting in the moonlight)

My mask finally arrived. [Screenshot of a face mask from Nook Shopping arriving in the mail in Animal Crossing.]

May 20th, 2020

I know that's because I always prefer unstable chords that are like "Is this okay?", but still.

I feel like the subtle chord progressions I often use show their true worth when heard with headphones, and if played in a place with too much echo, they'd fall apart.

I eventually learned the fun of jamming out in a concert hall together as an adult, and I have sometimes aimed to make songs that would pump up a concert crowd. But my headphoned art-appreciating style of many years has definitely gotten in the way of those notions at times, and I now regret not going to more concerts when I was younger.

Music to me was never something for everyone to jam out to in a super-loud concert hall, but an amusement where you sit in your room wearing headphones and fully experience the beauty, like appreciating a work of art. I'm sure that stance has and will continue to greatly influence my composing style...

For me, drums are probably the hardest part of making rhythm. Maybe it's that I can't get too fussy with them, or that I don't really get ideas for them... It's my weakness...

[Sora: "You can't use your crotch on something like that, ya..."]
You sweet summer child.

May 19th, 2020

@fuwacina If you're so bad at mixing, then don't keep adding notes.

May 18th, 2020

I hope they implement a Nook Stop function to convert from Bells to yen.

If you don't have money, you can't even buy your own life. Money is the foundation of everything you can gain from there, so you at least need money to buy things after all. End of explanation.

There certainly may be things money can't buy, but I think most things in the world are "things you need money to buy."

I want to tell this to all young people. Life isn't all about money. The most important thing in life is cash.