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November 23rd, 2020

I don't wanna put on weight, but I wanna eat food.

I don't wanna age, but I wanna be celebrated...

Perhaps the biggest difference between art and music is one existing on the axis of time.

You can't win just spamming super moves.

I think making music might be like a fighting game. In that just learning individual chords doesn't do much for you, and you have to learn how to link them together to make combos, and know what combos to use to create a flow that's appropriate for that point in the battle. Not that I'd know since I've never played any fighting games, but...

What are the rules of what a friend is?!

The rules of what a friend is are such a challenging game...

Is "feminist" [as the word is used in Japanese, which is... a bit different] only for men who treat women with care...? Then what do you call a woman who treats women with care...

November 22nd, 2020

Dame da ne...
Dame yo...
Dame nano yo...

It's amazing how the song Miracle Paint still has people learning about it even after 13 years, and it doesn't feel real that I made it. Maybe Miracle Paint made me.

I want all days OSTER project uploaded a song to be holidays.

I'm celebrating Miracle Paint's birthday.

When you're on your period, sometimes you lash out in frustration! That's not your fault!! It's the other person's fault! It's the world's rfault! It's everything's fault!! Kill! Take!! Burn to the ground!!!

[Jun: "Say, come to think of it, come to think of it, I havent been doing pulmonary respiration lately."]
It do be like that.

November 20th, 2020

When I have fun and wear out my brain a lot, I become a dummy towards the end, but I can solely understand the fact that it was fun, so I become a dummy dummy who can do nothing but smile.

I've obtained everything the world has to offer.

Roset-chan noticing the person in front of her at the ticket gate only has 3 yen left on their IC card and getting worried for them. (Roset-chan of the day)

November 19th, 2020

Chord Progression Support Software vs. Chord Progression Destroying Vtuber

Scared about my encroaching birthday.

20, November

First place in the Vtubers Whose Stomachs Hurt ranking.

[Screenshot of 32,008 YouTube followers] Already to 32,000... :heart:

]R-Suzuki: "Oh, right! Speaking of trips... I saw someone doing pervy yuri on the street, so I did syncrhonized pervy yuri with them!"]
This is a touchy subject for me.

I want the Triforce of Courage to declare that any drawing mistakes are just part of my style.

I didn't notice how I've been drawing Tesro-sama's cheeks as shiny lately. (junk brain)

I keep subdividing just by living. #TesrosetArt

[Tesro: "Roset, is there anybody with your same birthday?" Roset: "I've never thought about it. Let's take a look!"
Wiki: "People born November 24th: OSTER project (composer), Fuwacina (video creator), Roset (Vtuber), Tesro (Vtuber), KUMOKIRI (composer), Tenko (composer), The Princess in KING & Princess (composer), [???]ria (composer)..." Tesro: "Huh, there's a bunch..." (didn't say there were a bunch) (5 days until birthday)]

People who don't know a lot about music probably don't know this, but BPM stands for Bacon Potato Muffin.

Thanks to creating that character, I still remember the term "orthonormal basis" to this day. (forgot the concept though)

Remembering how during linear algebra classes, I invented and doodled the mysterious character of Hello Orthonormal Kitty, and going insane.

"Since I met you, my life's done a π..."
"You can't just use radians like that."

Maybe I'm just too dumb to understand, but when people say "my life did a 180," wouldn't turning 180 degrees just mean you're going back the way you came?

November 18th, 2020

They better fix the bug where the moment you say "I hate people who talk about how much they hate things," it becomes self-hatred.

Without a dislike button, I can't even hit the dislike button on articles saying there should be a dislike button.

Out-there chords, out-there strings... It's 100% me on my BS...

I seriously love this arrangement so much, I could listen to it forever... #Dominowns

Wraaaaaa!!! Suki-Yuki is complete!!! Whooooo!!!!

I seriously hate my voice so much I didn't even want to use it for a backing chorus, and yet I like Roset-chan's voice... Technology is incredible...

Roset-chan chorus. :heart:

Even when I sleep incredibly late, I wake up in the morning... Strange...

November 17th, 2020

Since the year started, I've been repeating a cycle of making a stupidly good song and entering a Beaujolais state where I'm like "I can't possibly make anything better than this." Too unstoppable.

But I need to put in the Roset-chan chorus to finish it... I can't record the Roset-chan chorus in the middle of the night...

I like my Suki-Yuki arrangement so much I keep listening to it, and now it's 3:30 [AM]...

Sometimes you feel restless because you think you have to have the same interests as those around you. But the feeling of liking is a better talent than any other, so you can put all your energy into what you find most sexy. Become a pervert unfalteringly. Please, become a pervert with me. Don't let me be alone.

There are people around the world who are stimulated by things like cars and heavy weapons. That just happens to be music for me.

I can't provide sexy illustrations, but I can provide sexy progressions, so forgive me.

The NSFW images you liked
are appearing on the timeline.
- Roseo [Reference to poet Mitsuo]

Considering even Gold Roger didn't have a virtual body, I've become an entity surpassing Gold Roger.

I've obtained friends I can go on trips with and a virtual body. Can that be defined as everything the world has to offer? Perhaps I'm already practically Gold Roger?

I started 2020 absolutely mentally dead, yet I've had so many wonderful things happen lately, and I'm getting happier and happier... The best...

The time when I was muttering chords to myself while working out the key switching for the guitar chords was when I most intensely felt "why am I broadcasting this scene to all the world?"

Everyone come to Tesroset Transmission... Come to this world brimming with madness... :music score:

I'm always grateful to people who come watch... And more than anything, it's just plain fun...

Big Vtubers getting 5-digit simultaneous viewer counts makes me feel weird, but looking at it rationally, around 200 people watching someone place notes on a piano roll with the mouse and get hyped all by herself is not normal.

The dog next door is howling at an ambulance, which makes me want to play Roset-chan's howl.

Roset-chan only meaning to buy supplies for dinner but wasting money on apple juice... (me)

Roset-chan reheating a discount sealed meal she bought from the supermarket in the microwave and eating it... (me)

Kokoichibanya beef curry is godly. I allow myself to get it on days I go to the hospital.

Hospital visit complete. :flex:

Doctor: "Please put on some muscle."

Getting excited over creating things is healthy.

I'm not very knowledgeable about that kind of thing, so for a long time I didn't know the difference between "otome game" [where you date guys] and "gal game" [where you date girls]. But why does the title describe the characters exclusively when it's male-oriented? Shouldn't it be "dono [gentleman] game" instead?

"I like otoge."
Person throwing me for a loop: "Oh yeah, Uta no Prince-sama is good!"
(Which "otoge" is it...??)

Long ago, I had a mismatched conversation where I said I liked rhythm games [otoge], and they thought I meant otome games.

At times when I'm listening to my own songs, I'm like "Huh? Is she a pro?", but I guess I am technically a pro...

I think it's probably like, if you touch kind feelings with thick gloves to make sure you don't get burned, you can't feel yourself touching them and crush them by mistake, which is pretty genius after all... I'm glad...

Sometimes I just write lyrics by feel.

"When feelings are too kind, you can't grab them with mittens" is a really cute lyric, but I still don't quite get what it means.
Incidentally, it's from a song by someone called OSTER.

Listening to yesterday's arrangement and so happy in the moments where I feel confident in my genius.

Did the thing of setting my alarm for 7 and waking up at 6.

November 16th, 2020

I don't know a thing... I'm making big band just on feeling...

I've been asked how you study orchestration, and how DO you study orchestration??? (??)

Really, it's extremely wild that you can make such gorgeous big band music with just a mouse and a computer these days... Glad I was born in this era...

I used a lot of creative energy today, so I might be dead by tomorrow...

I need to finish up some things and get to sleep quick, but I'm so exhausted I can't move from my bed... The act of composition consumes way too much mana.

If I keep up this pace, maybe I'll be Alan Menken in about 5000 years.

This arrangement was truly a labor of love... Glad I put in the effort... I'm so happy I keep getting closer to being able to make my ideal music all on my own.

Stream oveeeeer!!! Unbelievably, it went so well it ended up being the final part... I'll upload the song next month, so look forward to it! :present: Merry Christmas! :christmas tree: :santa:

Entered the last chorus.

Entered the last bridge.

Witness my all-too-genius arrangement. (very proud of it)

Starting really sooooon! Everybody gather roooound!
[Real-Time Composition Stream] Suki! Yuki! Maji-Magic All-Out Arrangement 5 [#TesrosetTransmission]

Only those who stubbornly live until they strike upon happiness become happy.

Stating at 9 PM: From the interlude to the final bridge and chorus!!
[Real-Time Composition Stream] Suki! Yuki! Maji-Magic All-Out Arrangement 5 [#TesrosetTransmission]

Hopefully I can do the night segment around 9 PM.

Stream... over... Sorry for being so exhausted, I'll be back for more tonight!

Getting started.
[Real-Time Composition Stream] Suki! Yuki! Maji-Magic All-Out Arrangement 4 [#TesrosetTransmission]

Perhaps I can release a book of crappy comics before long???

Women with emotional unstability going dimensions beyond "tsundere."

[OSTER: "Do you like meee?" Bayachao: "Hate you."
Bayachao: "I like Kii-chan." (eee eee)
"Our lit-up aspirations become reality~ Our dreams begin now~ Once more to a yet-unseen world~" ♪ Labradorite / OSTER project
Bayachao: "I love you for life..." *tears welling*]

Hope I don't get sleepy.

Starting 3 PM. A rare afternoon stream!
[Real-Time Composition Stream] Suki! Yuki! Maji-Magic All-Out Arrangement 4 [#TesrosetTransmission]

"I've got good news and bad news. Which do you wanna hear first?"
"The good news."
"I was lying about having bad news."

:blue heart: :yellow heart: :red heart:

Eh?! Is it okay if I draw a crappy comic again today?!

Being sexy is a bad thing? That's not it. Turn the feeling of finding things sexy into energy. That is the wondrous power of the Dark Side.

November 15th, 2020

Dunno if I can't sleep or don't wanna sleep.

I'm like, I want to arrange this per my own interpretation because I like it so much, but I like it so much that I dunno where to break it apart and how...

I had the same thought when I remixed murmur twins, but it's such a struggle figuring out how to make an arrangement of a song that's way too good into "something different and good."

Truly, the original is so perfect and good that I'm like, I have to go hard on my strong suits or else there's no point to making it. I'm giving my all...

I'm listening to this a ton to arrange it, but it's really amazing how much happens in it for being a 3 minute 20 second song...
[SNOW MIKU Official Song] Suki! Yuki! Maji-Magic feat. Hatsune Miku [Mitchie M]

Strange... It's almost my birthday, yet I've got no sense of my birthday approaching... Have I lost it after getting too old?

I wanna do collab streams, so I need to look into sending DAW audio to Discord...

Laughing imagining Tesro-sama and Maiken-chan streaming, since it'd probably end up being a plain old stream between the people behind the characters.

It's Tesroset art... Tesroset art drawn by someone besides me... LOVE... :heart:

RT @kiro247 I picture them being about the same height. #TesrosetArt #LostDogArt

[Maiken: "Maiken is bigger!" Tesro: "Only by the ears, tho."]

I can't remember in what way I get stimulated when I'm working alone.

I stream myself getting super stimulated as I make music, but what exactly am I doing when I'm making music by myself...?

Stream's over!!! I panicked as everyone watched my technical difficulties, but I'm super glad I got to make a wild arrangement... I'll continue tomorrow, so I hope you watch! :heart:

[Real-Time Composition Stream] Suki! Yuki! Maji-Magic All-Out Arrangement 3 [#TesrosetTransmission]

It's fiiiiixed! Resuming.

(And now Windows Update's starting...)

Project files get super big, so I had a feeling this might happen someday...

Sorry, had difficulties, I'll reschedule... :crying:

Technical difficulties... :crying:

Starting another night!!
[Real-Time Composition Stream] Suki! Yuki! Maji-Magic All-Out Arrangement 3 [#TesrosetTransmission]

Roset-chan is experiencing stomach pain right now, but I'll do my best to start on time.

Starting tonight at 8PM... Another night of Suki Yuki!
[Real-Time Composition Stream] Suki! Yuki! Maji-Magic All-Out Arrangement 3 [#TesrosetTransmission]

Why do guard characters like that always tend to say stuff like "Hey, woman! This isn't the place for someone like you!"...?

The thing where I'm like "Are you saying you've forgotten the face of your own ruler?" and them apologizing "Huh?!? Oh my! My apologies!!!"

Being told I'm infringing copyright when I upload my own songs to YouTube feels like royalty who disguised themselves as a citizen to act in secret getting stopped by the guards when trying to return to the castle.

Here's this week's.
[Official MV] Love Ward feat. Hatsune Miku

You can write "josei" [woman] and read it as "person," so you can rewrite "I Became Another Person's Girlfriend" [a song by wacci] as "I Became Another Woman's Girlfriend."

Lately I've gotten into a routine of waking up on time in the morning, drawing, napping, making food, making songs, and sleeping.

Babio vanishing into darkness was clearly the climax of the trip.

I want to say I've actually heard of a water allergy, but how do you live like that...

Life seems hard for people with a lot of squicks. If you got squicked out by oxygen or water or something, you wouldn't be able to live...

Composition streams are also a lot of fun for letting me broadcast my emotions to the world... Not sure if I'm actually sharing my emotions with anybody, but... Yeah, if I had to say, maybe the majority of people are just enjoying watching this strange beast who's stimulated by music...

Of course I love experiencing nature and eating local delicacies and everything, but I have a super-strong desire to share the joy of those things with others...

I think you can definitely divide people into factions on this, but I suppose people who're able to enjoy trips by themselves find where they go more important than who they go with.

It's overwhelmingly more important to me who I go with on trips than where...

I can't stop thinking about the trip, so I've become a mass producer of trip comics.

[OSTER: "What're Elsa's clothes like?"
OSTER: "They're L-size!!" Kii: "Gyahahahaha!"
Bayachao: "Not funny."
Bayachao: "Not remotely funny."]

I like how dog-like this Roset-chan is.

I'm having the most fun when I'm making crude drawings.

November 14th, 2020

I hardly know any songs that use progressions like this... I wanna know about more...

Don't you think it's a sexy progression? Could you guys keep a straight face making something like this? Really??

Tesro-sama making an extremely sexy progression and getting super stimulated but doing their best to refrain from shouting late at night and being a nuisance to the neighbors. #TesrosetTransmission

If I were singing or something, I'd get that, but having 150 people come to a stream of me quietly clicking around a piano roll to compose a song is too amazing.

Summary of today. Absolutely vile reharmonization of the back half of the chorus. #TesrosetTransmission #Dominowns

Stream's over! Managed to finish up to the end of the first chorus! Long way to go!!

Getting started!!
[Real-Time Composition Stream] Suki! Yuki! Maji-Magic All-Out Arrangement 2 [#TesrosetTransmission]

Tesro-sama is currently suffering from stomach pain, so apologies, but the stream might start a little late. Best of luck, Tesro.

When you gaze long into the abyss, the abyss gets shy. How cute.

Love Prison also has #9 in the chorus.

Normal person: "What kind of music do you like?"
Pervert (me): "Music that goes to a #9 when the melody's swelling..."

Forgot to include it, but it's starting at 8 PM!

"Suki-Yuki tonight!"
"Sukiyaki tonight, huh..."
"No, tonight is... Suki-Yuki!!! :cow: :snowflake: :snowman:"
[Real-Time Composition Stream] Suki! Yuki! Maji-Magic All-Out Arrangement 2 [#TesrosetTransmission]

So you have to get 100,000 followers for an official checkmark on YouTube, huh...

November 13th, 2020

F#m7-5 is a bottom.

[OSTER project]
A poet who expressed types of liking as colors, and the mixing of different colors making a muddy black.

Before the different-colored "likes"
Mix together and turn black,
You said you loved me,
Still being my kind self
The woman I want to untie these fingers
Should listen to Friendship
[VOCALOID] Friendship [Kagamine Rin]

I opened up iTunes and it came up with the songs we listened to together on the trip, and I'm gonna cry. (emotionally unstable)

Getting tired of your own songs is fatal...

I've felt that so many of my past self's songs have simple progressions anybody could come up with, and I've had times where I felt my expressiveness so lacking I wanted to quit, but I'm glad I didn't.

I do also think that maybe my music was simpler and thus easier to listen to back when I couldn't do a lot, though.

I believe I'll be announcing one wild-ass song after another soon, so make sure to prepare a fresh pair of underwear.

My current music is the result of evolving through trial and error, so I'm super happy if you like my recent songs.

People say "OSTER-san's songs never change," but musically, I'm changing a ton, and I can do lots of stuff I couldn't do in the past, so it's fun making music.

I wanna cry with everyone ASAP, but I'm crying alone... How lonely...

I'm gonna cry over how good these unreleased songs are, but they're not released yet, so I'm gonna cry.

Made a lot of good songs again this year...

I feel most alive when I'm reharmonizing.

And when I am making a song, I opt for doing reharmonization, the most fun stuff... Can't do that... Gotta leave that for streams...

I thought "I've gotta make a song" and grabbed my tablet pen... I'm sick...

Why Vol. 1...??

Uh, if anybody knows what's going on, I'd like to know. [Screenshots of two messages notifying her that OSTER-san's CD Vol. 1 has ranked 23rd in Vietnam and 57th in China on the anime album charts.]

It's best to live life considering that the people who made the "I could never make this" song probably also couldn't make songs like yours.

When I hear an awesome song, I'm like "It's so amazing I could never make it in my life...", but when I make a good song, I'm like "My songs ain't too shabby either..."

I'm always doing so much weird stuff that I have a tendency to forget my main occupation.

[Jun: "It'll work out. For clearing it in 23 moves, OSTER, you're like a musician, hop!"]
I do technically have that as my main occupation.

I think whoever wrote the lyric "The antiseptic of the word "love" seeps in and stings" is a genius.
It was this person called OSTER.

I'm a crappy comic creator.

LOLing at the thumbnail crop. [Which is exactly the final panel.]

Crappy reserved bath comic. #TesrosetArt #MakemonArt #LostDogArt

["Reserved bath, yaaaaay!" ↑Disappears after this
*squeeze squeeze squeeze...* (grabbing stomachs for some reason) OSTER: "Wooow, Babichao, your stomach is so big! ♥" Bayachao: "Nah, yours is bigger, isn't it? ♥"
OSTER: "I'll kill you."
Kii: "Just what... are these people...?" (dadadada, dadadada... da-dah!)]

I'm under a curse where I have to draw one crappy comic every day.