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December 29th, 2022

Maybe there's no choice but to decide it through a death game...

After three hours, I've narrowed vocalist candidates down to 15 people. The rest, I leave to you.

So this is what they call "a good problem to have"...

Everyone's so good at singing as if it's commonplace, so at this point I should really just use intuition and talk to whoever I feel like I wanna work with oh this person's good too... (end)

Why did everyone reach out to me to such an extent? I'll never finish listening? Have a good year.

Should I just go ahead and have therm all do a VocaDuo together? (impossible)

It's hopeless... I keep re-listening to everyone, and they're all so good at singing...

Bought beer to drink at my parents' house, so my end and start of year are looking perfect.

My ears are seriously bad, so I always heard "kelp stock" in that Zutomayo song, so I looked at the lyrics thinking it couldn't possibly be that, and shockingly, they actually were singing "kelp stock."

Though they ask about my health at the hospital, my answer is either "bad" or "the worst," so I wish they wouldn't ask anymore. (despair)

You post a thread with nary even an image?! [2ch meme]

I'd been listening to KICK BACK without looking at the lyrics, so in the second verse I was hearing "gimme that gazou [image]" and thought "what an ancient-netizen thing to say," but it was "gimme that kasa [umbrella]." The only ancient netizen was me.

With it gradually becoming clear who submitted the nominated names, I get the impression that indeed, my heavy listeners have impressive analytical ability.

RT @crab_kanikani My submission was "Stardust Petrichor"... (whisper) (can't believe it was referenced in part of the lyrics) (glad)

[Re: VocaDuo submissions] Submissions have calmed down, so I'm starting selections for this today. I'll be sure to listen to every one of you. :folded hands:

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