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December 28th, 2022

A pitable woman who has the failure of a bitter love etched into her memories as a scar alongside the smell of rain.


When I punished myself, not even putting up an umbrella,
Thinking of back when I believed I'd feel at ease,
It feels kind of embarrassing

There's no more need for fake smiles
And the cappuccino you poured -
I won't pretend it's not bitter anymore...

A gap for one starts to open in my heart,
And I can cry tears just for myself
Goodbye, gentle you
And me, who stretched myself
A petrichor choking back sobs,
Leaving scars on my memories...

Choosing and making the song were both hard, but this was a fun project, so I'm glad I did it. :clap: Have a good year!

[New Song]
"Rainy Cat and Cappuccino"
:cat: Goodbye, gentle you.
#OSTERSongEsqueSongNameContest #TesrosetTransmission
Rainy Cat and Cappuccino feat. Merow

Kobayashi Pharmaceutical Petrichor

Due to technical difficulties, the start of the archive has no sound.

The grand prize winner was:
"Rainy Cat and Cappuccino"
Congratulations! :party popper:
And thank you for your many submissions. #OSTERSongEsqueSongNameContest #TesrosetTransmission

"Sunflower and Albireo"
"Love Packed in a Bag"
"Starlight Serenade"
"Tesla Coil and Starry Sky"
"Event Horizon"
"11 PM Spray Bottle"
"Extradimensional Arcana"
"Rainy Cat and Cappuccino"
"Twilight Overture"
"Schrödinger's Bouquet"
"Overnight Melt Pot"
"Wandering Star and Catalana"
"Stardust Petrichor"
"Ryuujoukoshi [Dance Like a Dragon, Eyes Like a Tiger]"

Woman Award: "11 PM Spray Bottle"
Science Award: "Extradimensional Arcana"
Quasi-Grand Prize: "Overnight Melt Pot"
Grand Prize: "Rainy Cat and Cappuccino"


I'm excited to be doing a proper project-like project after so long.

With that decided, gonna prepare myself with a meal.

:clock: Tonight at 9:30:
I'll hold an award ceremony for the #OSTERSongEsqueSongNameContest.
The grand prize winner will be made into a one-chorus song! I'll also introduce lots of submissions besides the grand prize. #TesrosetTransmission
OSTER-Song-esque Song Name Contest Award Ceremony [Tesroset Transmission]

[Re: song name contest] Everything's in order, so I'll stream tonight.

Finally finished, eh... The year's last godly song...

I'm going to go and make the Taira clan be annihilated.

Manga Japanese History leaves streaming in three days and the Taira clan hasn't even been annihilated yet... I won't make it in time...

If only for one day, I want to go out without worrying about my health.

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