Vocaloid Twitters

First I obsessively translated Hachi's Twitter. Then I decided to branch out a little.

If you're looking for OSTER project's Twitter, it's here now.

This page is an archive at this point; I've stopped translating all of these, and the ones marked "retired" I stopped doing even earlier than that due to them not doing Vocaloid/becoming inactive/etc.

DECO*27 (@DECO27)

Den (@denugrw) (Retired)

Furukawa (@fullkawa_honpo) (Retired)

Lasah (@lasah_ichijo)

mayuko (@mayuko_pink) (Retired)

papiyon (@papiyon_cyoucyo) (Retired)

Scop (@scopscop)

Task (@task_plus9) (Retired)

wowaka (@wowaka) (Retired)