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"Thank you for being born, Hachi-san!" ~ Hachi's blog commenters
"I don't know anyone as good at Japanese as Hachi." ~ Nem

If you weren't aware, I like singer-songwriter-Vocaloid-producer Hachi/Kenshi Yonezu a lot. So I translate tweets from his Twitter.

Hachi originally planned to post some weird stories on an alternate account. But it got later turned into a Hachi-bot.

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To dentists, teeth are surely objects of affection they strive to protect from numerous dangers, so they must have unparalleled respect for the mouth that holds them, which may be which I feel that nuance to it. Looking at it that way, even questions like "Does it hurt here?" absolutely sound like they're directed at the teeth.

I feel like most dentists tend to not say to patients "open up your mouth," but just "open up," and I think every time how funny it is to imagine they're not talking to me, but to my mouth itself.

The other day, when I was on Gen Hoshino-san's radio show, repeatedly calling him "Gen-san" cursed me into almost saying "Genshi Yonezu," which made me feel like "It's impossible to expect others to pronounce it correctly when I can't even do that myself." Real sorry.

Today is apparently exactly 10 years since I started making Vocaloid songs as Hachi. Been that long already? Time flies. Keep up the support.


I provided the theme song for Children of the Sea. It's a song called Ghost of the Sea. I'm just happy to be involved with one of my favorite works. It's releasing June 7th. Thanks in advance.

Updated my blog. Uncouth

Thank you for the 2 million Twitter follows. That's an absurd number. Yikes. Keep on following me.

RT @sudaofficial Honestly, I didn't know where to begin sorting out my feelings. I felt like I might throw up a little. But there's no question that my heart was dancing like "I couldn't wish for anything better."

RT @sudaofficial First of all, Tori Matsuzaka-san is someone in my profession who I've always watched from behind, at close proximity. Now that I think about it, has it been nearly 10 years? When we meet now, we greet each other like family, and when we separate, we make contact in our works alone, as predecessor and successor. That's the kind of person who's starring in the show I'm singing the theme song for. And Kenshi Yonezu is making it for me.

RT @natalie_mu Masaki Suda on Theme Song Written by Kenshi Yonezu to Drama Starring Tori Matsuzaka: "Couldn't Wish For Anything Better"

RT @sudaofficial I sang this song with care, with that warmth as an axis. It's not salvation nor a prayer, but a gathering. I'm happy to have encountered "Spot the Difference." #SpotTheDifference #KenshiYonezu

RT @sudaofficial I'm sure this is because - including you, who reads these words - there are difficulties only understood by a single person, because of the fact that everyone's circumstances are different. Those feelings belong to one person, and though they differ in form, everyone has them. Seeing that in someone else can validate your existence.

RT @sudaofficial In a cramped room, I heard the words "Maybe I was born as the "wrong" picture in a spot-the-difference puzzle, but it's because of that I've met the person in front of me now..." When Yonezu-kun told me that intention behind the song, I felt like it gave a name to feelings only I who'd moved through life with a vague unease understood.

["Spot the Difference" is announced, a new Masaki Suda song with lyrics, composition, and production by Kenshi Yonezu.]

I definitely don't think all "childish, pure expression" is beautiful, but if talent is "overconfidence in what you can do," then there's no point in beating that down.

It's despicable to suggest violence is justified for the simple reason of "they won't understand unless it hurts." Only the ideal cases of fully enduring violence survive as successes in their heart, while they pay no mind to the failures piling up at their feet. That attitude is just pushing your lack of teaching ability onto children.

In elementary school, at a painting class I went to for fun, I watched up close as a teacher scribbled over a student's picture to fix it in the name of "guidance." I feel my memory of thinking "So such villains exist in this world?" continues to serve as part of my personality.


I've chosen to perform at Kohaku Uta Gassen.

The song I'll be performing, Lemon, is a song I wrote for the TV drama "Unnatural," but the passing of my grandfather during Lemon's production in December also greatly influenced the song. Now, one year later, I feel that there's a great significance to singing it in the hometown where my grandfather lived, and so I consented to the proposal from NHK.

There are many songs I've created remembering the scenery of my hometown.
I often remember mountains turned white by the morning fog, and days I threw canned drinks into streams then searched for them.
Not all of the memories are good ones, but they're certainly things I can't separate from myself.
That the song Lemon could become one which traveled very far after leaving my hands, that I was able to create it thanks to my grandfather, and that I can now sing it in my hometown - I'd like to express my gratitude for these things, in all those senses.
I'll try and do my best not to get the lyrics wrong.

- Kenshi Yonezu

While trying to gauge how much distance I should keep to avoid greater misunderstanding, I make it through day by day, and over time it becomes less of a major problem for me. I gradually get better at belly-dancing, and my stomach muscles develop into a six-pack. I wonder if it'll make me better at singing at this rate, too.

I've been told many times that I'm mysterious, but every time I get called mysterious, I have this desire to do a belly-dance and say "I'm not intending to live that way!" That's how I've been living lately.

Apparently this really hard-to-sing song gets sung all the time at karaoke, so I checked the history when I went once, and sure enough, it had been sung a ton... how strange. Why? Isn't it hard to sing?

[Lemon is announced as DAM's number 1 karaoke song of the year, and Kenshi Yonezu the number 1 singer.]

Tomorrow is the release day and birthday of my new single. Let's quit the worthless negative talk and talk about music. Let's celebrate music.

Just terribly sorry. Gotta apologize. Yeah, it's Kenshi Yonezu. Kenshi. Instead of Genshi. See, the "zu" is voiced, but the "ke" isn't. Ahh, of course you didn't know. Hard to remember that. So sorry about that. It's ridiculously inexcusable. Not Genshi, Kenshi. Even when you say it out loud, the difference is so slight it's hard to correct. Very sorry.

I'm Kenshi Yonezu. Sorry. It's not Genshi. Sorry. Real sorry. Sorry it's hard to read. It's my real name! Ah, so sorry! It's Kenshi. Really, I'm sorry! Ahh! Can't apologize enough! I'm Kenshi Yonezu. Extremely sorry. Not Genshi. [Link to a phone commercial that features Lemon and literally says "It's not Genshi, it's Kenshi."]

[Retweet of old tweet:] A letter arrived after your passing. Nothing was written on the stationery. I wrote down as many of my memories with you as I could. Things which have turned invisible can appear clearly only in those moments when moving a pen. And I clearly felt how on the other side of this stationery, you traced similar words with your finger.

[Retweet of old tweet:] On a sunny day, in the crowd gathered for a neighbor's funeral, you whistled to yourself. Not minding the gazes around you, just yourself, you kept whistling until the deep blue sky was full. I thought to myself, music no one else knows should be treasured more.

My individual fancies that began with "I want to wear heels" were transformed into a wonderful video by the director's hand. I'm grateful. Kenshi Yonezu MV "Lemon"

The CD, the coupling songs, and the MV (hasn't been recorded yet, but) are all the best, so look forward to it.

Real kind of y'all.

Howzat Lemon, eh?

My new song is now available. Thanks. Kenshi Yonezu "Lemon - Single"

Let us love the useless.

It's an honor to be involved with such a wonderful series. #Unnatural

I wanna get smashed and play Smash Bros.

Reading back through a notebook I used for writing lyrics around 2012, I discovered a crudely-written "So long, and throw up a peace sign," and was shocked to realize that it had been there since back then. It reminds me of Zeniba's line in Spirited Away: "Once a thing happens, it's hard to forget. You just can't remember."

"Good evening, Yonezu-san. I'm extremely afraid of making mistakes and failure. I always find myself thinking of the worst possible outcomes, and often get too scared to take a single step. Even though I understand success and happiness won't come to me if I do nothing. How can I better my way of thinking?"
@for_a4k Whether you mess up, or you succeed, or you're hurt, or you're happy, none of it lasts very long anyway, so it's okay.

[Question tweet missing]
@oor69yone8 Some effort doesn't give results. It's not like everyone can produce similar results. That sort of thinking constrains a lot of things.

"In class, I feel like I'm performing as someone who's not myself, always smiling and trying to be popular with everyone. Do you think this is a bad thing?"
@yonezu77012533 You performing is also you.

"Recently, when I told my parents about my dream which I could finally see a concrete path for, they sternly told me it was impossible. I don't feel like giving up, but I do get concerned sometimes. For now, I can only keep trying regardless. Yonezu-san, it's okay to chase dreams, isn't it?"
@mga4boc15_fight It's fine.

"I've been accepted for a local job starting in spring, but where I really want to work is elsewhere. My parents told me they want it to be local, so while I offered my opinion and suggestions, they would only accept local jobs. I feel very strongly about working in the place I aspire to, but I don't want hurt my relationship with my parents out of selfishness either. I'm unsure if I should pick my family or my dreams."
@k9m12gi I don't know the full background, but I think you ought to do what it is you want.

"Do you think being called an "eccentric" is a compliment?"
@punk_04rose Depends on how it's phrased.

"In Go Go Ghost Ship, is it "one two three four five six seven nine (12345679)"? Or is it "one two three four five six sev-ei-nine (123456789)"? I just remembered I was curious about that."
@38toosui It's 12345678.

"I absolutely love the lyric "Pulling on frayed sleeve threads, we tried making a constellation, with each other's fingers as stars" in orion. At what sort of moment did you come up with this?"
@boxbox0911 "Cat's cradle" is like making a constellation, isn't it?

"I'm thinking that I'll aspire to greater heights with what I'm doing now, yet also feel timid thinking of the greater hardships I'll have to endure getting there. Even though I know it's not ideal to just stay here. Please give me the courage to break out."
@ichimakto The place you're in now ain't nothin'.

"Say some words for me, who can't be moved to action by words alone."
@Minarinskiy1st That's how it is sometimes.

"Is the length of your fingers and the size of your hands relevant for guitar?"
@nana_bass1428 Who can say? I don't think it's irrelevant, but there are lots of people with small hands who are good at it.

"I want to do jazz, but I can't muster the courage! Please tell me something helpful...!"
@0855Fantasma I'm not sure why it requires courage, but if you want to do it, it's definitely to your benefit to get to it right away.

"Is Number Nine not being track 9 because you added a song, or is there another reason or intention behind it?"
@0430_halfmoon Number Nine originally comes from Louvre No. 9, so it has nothing to do with the album's ordering.

"Please say something for people like me who are starting to try and do their best in NicoNico's music scene."
@yawarin_rocker Do your best.

"Between "finding employment while chasing your dreams" and "not finding work and chasing dreams as a part-timer," which do you think is better?"
@dance_dorasan If it's between those two, I suppose finding employement while chasing your dreams.

"Why in Gray and Blue does the timing in the chorus differ from the rest?? When I first heard it, the timing there really felt off. It seems most people don't notice it, but I've always been wondering about it."
@19971120Asuasu What's wrong with it? It's the natural timing for me.

"Does Lullabye Goodbye have the motif of "Chuya Nakahara's hangover"?"
@mashimo009 Correct. Thank yooou.

"I like your lyrics and melodies. I also like your art."
@ma_po21 Thank yooou.

It's answer-my-replies time, so please go ahead.

I know the growing number of videos being left behind are probably largely innocent and without ill will. What things change, and what things don't change? After enough inspection and trial and error, I hope we'll hang out doing something silly again.

My live TwitCasts where I play songs have been, since my teens, casual things that were just for that day that would then pass on. But lately, they've come to stick around as videos in various places, so I feel like maybe they can't be the way they were anymore. Sorry. We'll have to meet at concerts that much more.

Throwing around the word "love" can make even violence and escapism appear honorable. I can't converse with someone who tries to excuse even the most worthless kinds of living with "it's out of love." May the word "love" never be a crevice to conceal my own weakness in.

Thank you for getting BOOTLEG to first. The music will continue.

The Boot edition's dummy record does not play any sound. It's a decoration. It's set up in a rather annoying way where you have to use the CD that comes with it instead.

September 2nd, 2017, about "Gray and Blue," from Kenshi Yonezu to Suda-kun.

This is just me talking, but I've experienced a few moments while I've miraculously been thinking the same thing as someone else. Those moments are seriously outrageous, and can even make me think "ah, I must have been born for this moment." But, as it really is just a moment, we're completely different people again by the next moment. I've always wondered, could those ephemeral moments be made into music somehow? Music and acting are different fields, and we've lived in different environments, but I thought if I did with you, Suda-kun, being similar in age and (totally just my own perception) having some things in common with me, it might be possible to express. That thought was what led to this song. Sorry for the hectic schedule. But I think it'll definitely be fun."

It's a new song from my new album. I really, really wanted to work with Suda-kun, and this song wouldn't have come to be without him. I think it's a superb song. Thanks in advance. Kenshi Yonezu MV "Gray and Blue (+ Masaki Suda)"

Also, the title 爱丽丝 was influenced by a temporary tattoo made by my friend CHiNPAN @aricui_CHiNPAN. Thanks. By the way, 爱丽丝 is read "Alice."

爱丽丝 was mainly constructed out of my drinking buddies. I recorded it with:
Bass: Margarette Hiroi @margarette_77
Drums: Takuya Yao @yaotakuya
Arrangement and Guitar: Daiki Tsuneta @DaikiTsuneta
It's a super good song.

Tsuneta-kun from King Gnu did the arrangement for the song 爱丽丝 on my new album. He's got amazing talent for it.

My name is read "Kenshi" Yonezu, but there's no way you'd read it like that at a glance, and it's a total surprise-trap of a name reading, so those who know how it's read should be gentle with those who get it wrong. I'm fine with Kenshi or Genshi. I've never asked my parents why it's Kenshi, so it's unclear to me too.

@banba929 I don't think the passion of creators has decreased either, and regardless of views, there's still soil for good things to grow. I just feel like "but that said, is it good enough?" Also, I don't think the dwindling premium members is a problem limited to creators or listeners.

"I think it's just that people disappeared because the former curiosity of "Hatsune Miku is an idol like you've never seen or heard" has disappeared. In terms of content, I feel like things are much healthier now. Just looking at views and thinking "sand" seems a little wrong. I don't think the enthusiasm of creators has changed."
@banba929 I think it can't hurt to have a more cautious perspective regarding how "people disappeared." At the very least, it's a fact that NicoNico premium members are decreasing in number; as for the question of if the Vocaloid scene can be healthy in spite of it, while people's opinions will differ, I think it might be bad news. (cont.)

[From the creator of "Tribute to Contexts":] "I can understand a hook-up in the form of deciphering and broadcasting sound, so as a meaningful challenge, clearly it was a success. However, I thought "What if saying there's no such contexts is just looking at it from one genre?", so I created a response. That's all I wanted to say. Thank you for listening."
@keisyakasher Thanks for letting me listen. I think parts of my statements have been too easygoing. I'm going to reflect on it. Thank you for your response.

@banba929 Sorry that it got a little abstract.

@banba929 Suppose that anything is made with a certain concept in mind. If the things that best express that concept are contradictions, lies, or blank space, then I think they're valid means of expression. If there's an expression that says something, there's another expression that dares not to say it and instead leave it blank.

"Saying "there are respectable artists after 2013 too" but contradicting that with the "desert" has me confused. As a creator."
@banba929 It's difficult to answer this, as it touches upon the core parts of the song and may sound uncouth in words. But what I can say is that "contradictions," "lies," and "blank space" are a real part of lyrics and composition. (cont.)

"Understood. I apologize if I was rude, but I believe my personal thoughts on Vocaloid, or perhaps on music, have gotten through. Thank you for giving me some of your precious time."
@rooftopstar9 Thank you for sharing your opinino, hard as it is to do in such a situation. I'm glad for it.

@rooftopstar9 But obviously, I can't force people into doing anything. Some people will want to go at their own pace, some will not want to get involved. In principle, it's a free space, so ultimately all I can do is say words. I'll consider in the future if there is more I can do.

"I know this isn't something I can say myself, and might be dismissed as blame-shifting or jealousy, but are you satisfied if, after stirring things up, the responses to you just settle down? Of course, I doubt it's easy to do with your standpoint and the circumstances, but aren't you acting rather detached from this?"
@rooftopstar9 Talking with you now over Twitter is another link in a chain that began from Sand Planet. I want it to spread further, but it's difficult to do that with my power alone. So I hope there will be people who make songs in reaction to Sand Planet, and make statements on Twitter. (cont.)

@rooftopstar9 I apologize if this isn't what you meant to say, but I wanted to do a hook-up not for the pioneers on NicoNico, but for the beat and spread of hip hop works. So I'm glad about a tribute to said style being posted, and think it's a valid opinion.

"Perhaps you should have said that sort of thing within the work itself? I think that's both a disrespect and a respect to the pioneers of hip hop."
@rooftopstar9 Forgive me for saying "it would be good if" about uncertain things. It's the expression I always end up using when I choose my words carefully. (cont.)

@rooftopstar9 But I judged it to not be very mainstream on NicoNico, so I thought it would be good if I give it a hook-up.

"Related to Sand Planet, someone posted this song. What do you think about it? [Tribute to Contexts / Nekomura Iroha]"
@rooftopstar9 If this is an response to my statement that "there's hardly any trap or hip hop contexts," it was definitely wrong of me to say "hardly any." I knew of people on NicoNico who did hip hop, like Rap Bito-san, Arirem-san, DAOKO-chan... (cont.)

"Both on NicoNico and YouTube, I see a lot of comments like "I don't want people to sing this song." What are your thoughts about this?"
@1NONOKA1 I think of things that are derived from Vocaloid as Vocaloid too, so I consider singers singing them to also be a part of Vocaloid culture. I myself do covers of my songs. I understand one can have mixed feelings, but I feel that's how the world's moved forward.

"Pardon me. I don't feel as if the Vocaloid scene is declining, but I also feel like I'm growing a little apart from Vocaloid and Nico. Do you think some kind of savior is necessary to keep Vocaloid and Nico from declining?"
@yonetoro No problem. It's hard to say what such a savior could even be, but I worry that without some excitement and broadening, it might no longer function well as a receptacle. A small, shrunken environment is less free than it seems.

"This isn't a question, but whatever anyone thinks, I don't think it's all that necessary to explain yourself. You can make songs however you want to make them, and it's natural that the people who listen to them will have different views. Is it not fun when there's people who get mad at them?"
@Mugino_cha The things that don't need explanation are things like analysis of the song - I don't touch on core things like that. But I personally decided that I should probably answer questions that just barely don't meddle with the song Sand Planet. I'm being careful not to overexplain.

[That guy who "only likes Miku" again...] "I like Hatsune Miku, so I listened to Matryoshka and Panda Hero strictly as songs in Hatsune Miku's repertoire. Surely Hachi-san wrote Sand Planet for Miku, so if it's spread as a Yonezu song, I can't help but feel it'll be like "who needs Hatsune Miku?""
@itta2580 Vocaloid has charms unique to Vocaloid, and I don't believe those charms go away just because Kenshi Yonezu or any other singer sings it. There are people who like Vocaloid voices better than human voices, after all.

"I was moved by your very polite comments. I'm sure there were many troubles in making this song, weren't there? Part of me did feel like I wanted you to stand firm as an artist. But communication with fans is important, too. Sorry if this upsets you. (´・ω・`)"
@pecocha74369128 By stand firm, do you mean say nothing and just watch? If so, I feel like that's not what I should do. I do understand how the more words you use, the greater chance of misunderstandings. If this causes some sort of disillusionment, to some extent there's just nothing I can do. I'm not upset. Thanks.

"Why did you do a Sand Planet commentary/Q&A at this particular time? Because there are lots of people who don't get your intention, or because there are people getting really mad? Personally, I don't really like everything being explained... Sorry if this offends you."
@86no110 I don't intend on explaining everything. If it's something where explaining it would be uncouth, I don't touch it. However, given the developments that have happened, I guess I figured it was the least I could do to offer some interaction. No offense taken. Thanks.

"I'm a newbie who just the other day debuted as a Vocaloid producer. So to me, the interpretation of "decline" in Sand Planet felt very harsh. If it does in fact serve to get the Vocaloid scene fired up again, then I'll be grateful for it being a trigger, but considering its statement of decline, I can't be 100% grateful.
You said in an interview that using the metaphor of a desert also has a nuance of "sandbox," but taking into account the lyrics, I can't deny the negative impression. I know it's not really my place as a newcomer, but were you considering people who would come into the Vocaloid scene just after posting this song?"

@tera1012_17 I was thinking about them. I know I can't give a good apology to people who I've made sad with it. There were just things I couldn't say without taking a risk and giving it a negative nuance. Your song was very pretty and nice.

It's gotten a little too late. I'll do this again tomorrow.

[In reply to the "can't separate Hachi from Kenshi" answer:] "I don't get why you're saying here. As someone who sees Hachi (Yonezu) from the side of a Vocaloid fan, Hachi and Yonezu are different people... In fact, what I like is "Miku" singing "Hachi's songs," and don't especially like "Hachi himself." So singing as Yonezu in Sand Planet was a little, uh..."
@itta2580 The Vocaloid songs I did fundamentally represented myself, so I felt that was the number one thing I should do as Hachi. It's a song for Magical Mirai and Hatsune Miku's 10th anniversary, and it's also a part of my own history. If you're not pleased about that, sorry I can't do anything for you.

"Personally, the "unable to get anywhere..." lyric really strikes me, and Peace Sign's "go far" seems symmetrical with it. Is there meant to be some kind of connection there? Sorry if you covered this already. m(_ _)m"
@chisa_guyut Those two are really big themes within me.

"In the interview with ryo-san, you talked a little about NicoNico Douga itself, which made me wonder, are there other things on Nico you've looked at besides Vocaloid? I'd like to know if there's any other genres you like there."
@otunome_emonuto I watch a fair amount of Nico streams and LP videos.

"It's a rather defiant song, so before releasing Sand Planet, did you expect there to be more affirming reactions or denying reactions?"
@TokiedaK I figured there would be both.

"Regarding the recent decline of the Vocaloid scene. Personally, I don't think it's declined much at all. There are still lots of good songs just being posted, and in the last few years, many Vocaloid producers have become famous. However, I simply feel like the excitement of listeners has been decreasing."
@hiro_0310_08_ I agree with that. There are certainly good, respectable songs coming out, and bundling those too into the "desert" descriptor is bound to make people look at you funny. But I'm someone who carries a signboard reading "born and raised in Vocaloid" outside of that scene, and there are things only such a person can see and do.

"I think that NicoNico Douga simply can't beat YouTube in numbers, so if you think of it from that angle, it's declining. But does Vocaloid have to decline alongside NicoNico?"
@healthyoniku In terms of just views, YouTube has had more since at least 2009. There's a Vocaloid culture in places other than NicoNico, and it's quite possible there are interesting things happening somewhere I don't know about. I just have an attachment to NicoNico Douga, so I want to see interesting things happen there.

"Honestly, I'm not familiar with NicoNico Douga or YouTubers. I simply think Sand Planet is a good song. I like it, that's all. Is that okay?"
@a_aquarius That's okay.

"Have you played Sand Planet in CHUNITHM?"
@mimo_rin1 I watched a video of that. People sure can move their hands.

"Besides Sand Planet, I feel like you include deserts and sand in your lyrics a lot. I imagine it represents decay, but is there any particular intention behind using deserts and sand to do that?"
@silver_brack Before even Vocaloid, I've had complex feelings about the motif of deserts. Sometimes I feel a feeling like salvation from desert landscapes, and at other times I feel pessimistic. Even I can't hope to answer why it is the way it is for me.

"I personally felt that Peace Sign, released before Sand Planet, was not particularly Kenshi-Yonezu-like, for better or worse, yet Sand Planet felt like it was more Kenshi Yonezu than ever. Was there something between the two that made your style change?"
@seito_mimimeme As much as is possible, I don't want to draw a line of "Kenshi-Yonezu-like or not" through the songs I make. I'm constantly trying to introduce something new in them. Maybe you thought that because I was going for a self-homage to my past Vocaloid songs with Sand Planet.

"Why did you have Minakata Laboratory make the video instead of making it yourself? If there's a reason, I'd like to know it."
@musicwakota There was really no choice but Minakata Laboratory. I wanted to work with them again after so long.

"Is the song title from Frank Herbert's "Dune"?"
@613Kanaaa Yes. [The song's "official" English title is actually Dune, and the book is often known as Sand Planet in Japan.]

"I'd like to know how you feel about the many interpretations of the song being spread around."
@sasi__3 I'm glad for them.

"Why did you decide to do this Q&A about Sand Planet?"
@annato14710 Because after yesterday's events, it felt like I should say a few more words about it.

[Question tweet not available.]
@nd_4l It feels like the 10th anniversary festivities have ended and it's calmed down a bit.

"Honestly, I feel like the song is less about the current Vocaloid scene, and more just picking a fight with current Vocaloid producers. What are your thoughts about reactions like that?"
@kleine_vivi I think it's natural people would get mad. It's true that I tried to unify the Vocaloid scene in one big bundle.

"I listened to Vocaloid a lot in middle and high school, and grew distant as an adult, but listening to Sand Planet got me involved in Nico again recently. Are there any recent producers or singers you're fond of? I'd really like to have your recommendation."
@newsmile_422 I like Hernia-san.

"Like Kurage-P talked about, is there a reason the homages in the lyrics are from 2013 or earlier?"
@kleine_vivi There are a few reasons why recent Vocaloid songs aren't included. First, I wanted to give shoutouts to songs that strongly influenced me. Second, I wanted to leave that gap. To the Vocaloid world, I'm someone from the past, so to reference recent songs would throw off the axis.

"Have you gone far?"
@mirumeeeel I'm in the midst.

"Then I'll ask another question. At the end of the video, when the two part and walk off in a different direction from Miku's crew, is there some meaning to that?"
@yone_vivi Hmm, I feel like it's not right for me to say things about the inner matters of the song like that. It's my fault for not specifying that before asking for questions, though.

"I thought that the difference in mood between songs released as "Hachi" and songs released as "Kenshi Yonezu" was just a difference between recent songs and old songs. But Sand Planet, released as "Hachi," felt more like an old song, or like it had a stronger Vocaloid feel. Did you intend to make it that way?"
@2d2d2dlove I did feel that way, yes.

"Why did you sing with Miku, Kenshi Yonezu-san?"
@4_bjcj Because I couldn't separate being Hachi from also being Kenshi Yonezu.

[Question tweet not available, but presumably about making more Vocaloid songs.]
@mm_hn29 I can never truly say what'll come next, but it's a fact that I made it thinking "if this is my last one, that's fine." I do feel like I'd like to do it again if the chance presents itself.

"What do you think of the overseas response? Everyone's been waiting for Hachi-san's comeback! I'm glad!"
@ggghostship I'm glad, too!

"After receiving the request from Magical Mirai, with what feelings did you make Sand Planet?"
@yone_vivi I talk about what led to it here. If you have more a specific question, I'll answer that too.

"Can the "somebody else who can do what they will" be me?"
@gameoverbkt Sure.

If you have any questions about Sand Planet, reply with them. I may not be able to answer them all, though.

I hold no ill will and genuinely respect Wada-san for taking the risk of naming names and clearly airing his criticisms. Thank you very much.

It may feel like "Who do you think you are?", but if there are indignant creators reading, go ahead and make something amazing to blow my claims away. I'd be glad to see people say "Hachi was saying all that stuff, but look, Vocaloid's totally fine!"

I imagine there are people who are indignant about me pushing my personal idea of what's interesting. But it's a vast, chaotic place; without the continued emergence of new contexts, will there emerge any of the "real talent" Wada-san speaks of? Sand Planet is my way of warning against such a crisis.

If I could drop something as a "necessary evil," if I could stimulate Vocaloid, then I felt it was worthwhile to do something as Hachi. It seemed really interesting to me. And I thought, while I didn't want to have beef with anyone, it'd be interesting if it sparked dialogues like this one right now.

When I thought about how I could make Vocaloid appear more interesting, I concluded that the thing I could do was make Sand Planet. There aren't that many people who were born in Vocaloid and can say something from outside of it, and Matryoshka and Panda Hero were also "F the world!" songs.

NicoNico Douga is steadily losing premium members, and right beside it are other scenes with a chaotic charm like YouTube. I feel like evaluation can never escape relative perspectives, so I can't help but see NicoNico Douga as "sunken" in comparison.

At times, I think in contrast, what about Vocaloid? The Vocaloid scene has been taking back their excitement lately, and I know there are many people I can respect who make cool songs. But it's also the truth that I think "Is it really okay to keep on like this?"

Lately, I've liked to watch videos by YouTubers. Right now, it's a really interesting scene, with fellow YouTubers boosting each other up, and doing a lot of confused searching around in their not yet well-defined occupation; still, it's an exciting time. It makes me think that if I were a grade-schooler now, I'd long to be a YouTuber.

[Retweet of an interview with Takeaki Wada (Kurage-P) in which he states his anger toward Sand Planet, primarily for supporting the notion of Vocaloid declining, a stance he strongly disagrees with.]

I drew the jacket for my new album, like always. I think it's the greatest album ever. I haven't finished mastering yet, though. Look forward to the +? parts. I hope you can hear it soon.

[BOOTLEG tracklist is revealed, with some tracks having "(+ ?)"s after them, implying they're some sort of collaboration.]

My new album was going to be 13 songs, but I added a 14th.

To get something, you have to discard something. I deeply feel that old saying "Hold on tightly, let go lightly." It's very similar to "stagnation is decline." I like people who are in search of newer things better than people who absentmindedly carry on thinking "it's fine staying this way."

I looked it up, and I wasn't going anywhere since as early as 2012. This sure runs deep. German Suplex

RT @YuminDo6533 I like this Kenshi Yonezu "can't go anywhere" theory.
LOSER: "Not like I can go anywhere now, yet I dream - sweet dreams"
Panda Hero: "Now, there's nowhere to run!"
Sand Planet: "Unable to get anywhere, a satellite crashes"
Hopeland: "You must have been unable to go anywhere, holding your breath"
Love and Fever: "Since I can't go anywhere, what will you do with me?"
"Didn't he "go" in Peace Sign, though?"
"He said "go far, go far" in Peace Sign, but Sand Planet came after that and he couldn't go anywhere anymore."

I want a superb storyteller to write that sort of Vocaloid history. Could somebody do that, maybe? I feel like there's yet to be such a thing from someone who experienced it from within, rather than looking on from outside.

The influence wowaka-san has had on the Vocaloid scene is immense; I feel he established the notion of "Vocaloid-like." Being no exception myself to being influenced by wowaka-san, I hold him in the highest regard. In short, he owns.

[Retweet of wowaka's first new Vocaloid song in 6 years, Unknown Mother Goose.]

I talked with ryo-san for the first time. I was glad we have some things in common. I wouldn't have had this chance if it weren't for Magical Mirai, so I'm thankful to it once more. 10 Years of Hatsune Miku ~The New Sights She Showed Us~

Since posting this song, I've been having a sort of nostalgic feeling, like I've gone back to being 18 and playing on NicoNico Douga. With this as an impetus, I hope people will let the painful things and happy things mix together, avoid falling into the trap of reminiscence, and head in yet another new direction.

Thank you for one million plays on Sand Planet [on Nico]. Apparently that's the fastest in history. Sure makes me happy.

Keep on singing Sand Planet, everybody. [Runner emoji]

Posted a new song. Thanks. Hachi MV "Sand Planet feat. Hatsune Miku"

Some time ago, a staff member from Sukatto Japan came to my concert, and left nothing but a box of Krispy Kreme donuts in the green room, but I was never able to see him in person. Ever since that day, we've been referring to him as "Daddy-Long-Legs."

I produced "Fireworks," the theme song for "Do You View Fireworks From Below, Or From the Side?" It was a rare and fun experience. Looking forward to the movie. [Balloon emoji]

[Photo of some DVD cases: Die Hard 1, 2, and 3, Independence Day, Mission Impossible 2, Titanic, and The Day After Tomorrow.]
Films at the recording studio. Indeed, this lineup seems completely correct, because when you're worried about subtle differences in sound, watching these would put you in a "who cares about the details!" mood.

A little while ago, it seems my Instagram got hacked, but I turned on two-factor authentication, so I think it's okay. Thanks for telling me. This whole thing's also feeling like kind of a pain, a little bit.

A new song. It's a slightly different version from what plays as the My Hero Academia opening. Thanks. [Peace sign emoji] Peace Sign

(8) It got long, but this is the end. I hope you understand. @kskgroup2017

(7) I felt a need, for myself and for my friend, to declare "that's dangerous." If I didn't, that would make all my words and music up to now be lies, I thought. I don't think it's a matter of who's right or who's wrong. I think it's strictly a difference in values. (cont.)

(6) Making statements with a self-decided notion of "people who kill themselves are like this" is very dangerous, I feel. Honestly, I even felt some indignation. But I would guess Keisuke Honda didn't have that intention, and at the root of it all is a difference in values, so his words should be respected. (cont.)

(5) Words are frequently-misunderstood things, and in writing lyrics, sometimes I've unconsciously hurt people without that being my intention at all. Every time, it shows me once more how words can be very dangerous depending on how you use them. Even these words might hurt someone. (cont.)

(4) However, I simply couldn't stop myself from imagining what my friend would think to hear things like "don't blame it on others," "don't blame it on the government." I think it would have hurt him remarkably. (cont.)

(3) I don't doubt that Keisuke Honda's words were intended to try and help people suffering. It's a show of his kindness, and I do think many people may be saved by his words. I don't intend to discredit that. (cont.)

(2) My friend who killed himself died saying "it's my fault." He was a very serious and responsible person, and as such, I think he was unable to rely on others, or blame others. He mistook other people's selfishness and malice as his own failings, and soon enough was gone. (cont.)

(1) Though I wrote "the end," I'm wondering if I didn't say enough, so I'm making an addition. This will be split into numerous tweets, so please follow along if you would. (cont.)

Of course, I understand it's meant to be his way of encouragement and kindness. I just had some thoughts on it, as I've lost a few friends to suicide, so I thought I'd step in for a second. The end.

It got me thinking how establishing an "ideal person who kills themselves" in your head and talking about it like it's obvious is very dangerous behavior.

I think it's fine to be grateful for your life and parents, but the article in question never once mentions anything about people who killed themselved blaming others or the government. And I don't get where the words "Don't be trapped by success, be trapped by growth" came from, either. Those are my honest impressions.

I don't really know what this is saying.

[Keisuke Honda, in response to an article about how suicide is the leading cause of death in Japan ages 15 to 39:]
@kskgroup2017: "Don't blame it on others! Don't blame it on the government!! You have to be grateful you're alive, and be grateful to your parents. If you don't like what you're doing, you can stop. Don't be trapped by success! Be trapped by growth!!"

The task of repeatedly craning my neck and saying "doesn't seem quite right" as I search for the ideal sound feels like I'm searching for an unknown creature. I'm currently in search of the Mongolian death worm. Opting to think positive and say it's probably out there somewhere.

A letter arrived after your passing. Nothing was written on the stationery. I wrote down as many of my memories with you as I could. Things which have turned invisible can appear clearly only in those moments when moving a pen. And I clearly felt how on the other side of this stationery, you traced similar words with your finger.

Be it with music or words, I want to acquire the skill to put things in the necessary forms at the necessary times. So that I might express moments that I'll never encounter again if I let them slip by fully and losing as little information as possible, I continue to slide right into places that people don't usually go in by choice.

Since then, I've really gotten into drawing and writing with my left hand, and even signed some bank forms that way. And guess what - I had to resubmit them.

The clear sheet that comes with "orion." It's a shiny sticker, so I went for a "bonus sticker that comes with a toy or candy" thing. But I couldn't think of any good way to draw it, and kept redrawing and redrawing, until ultimately I drew it with my left hand and it turned out good.

It's over. Thank you.

"Is it okay for not-young people to go to concerts???"
@cherry_pink152 It's okay.

"Why is this your only like?" [Screenshot of Hachi's only Twitter like: "I know that truly weak people will smile and not even say they're weak. I don't want to forget that."]
@pafu10969 Because I felt it deeply.

"Give me credits."
@xxboy_s2 Ask your teacher.

"Do you eat bananas every day?"
@yonezu_08 Bananas are good.

"I'm bored waiting to meet up with my mom. It's cold.,"
@wtnk_rk Hope she comes by soon.

"It's so cold my nosehairs froze,,,"
@goro0430 Ouch.

"Are there any bands you're into lately??"
@fruit_alice The xx.

"What's your favorite character in March Comes In Like A Lion??"
@komekome1025 Shimada, maybe.

"I'm looking forward to orion!!"
@fukanou_kibou Thank you~

"How can you stop from growing taller?!"
@ra_or_5150_ If I knew that, I wouldn't have gotten this big.

"What did you do on New Year's??"
@ya_mari03 Met some people, did some composing.

"I'm taking driving lessons right now. Do you drive or anything?"
@yonezu2 I'd sure like to drive a car.

"Do you have a favorite painter?"
@amegonri I'm feeling Egon Schiele right now.

"Won't you come to Okinawa!!!!!! Won't you come to the Hawaii of Japan!!!!!!"
@_aporon I wanna go.

"Will residents of Tokushima get mad if you mix up a sudachi and a kabosu?"
@hachu_87 They won't really get mad. Probably.

"You're w-w-w-w-w-wonderfulllll [Smiling face with heart-shaped eyes]"
@ryoma_200068 Thank you~

"I like the atmosphere of your art. What are you thinking about when you draw? Are you not thinking anything?"
@uei__nico__27 Nope.

"What's for dinner tonight?"
@seven_0705 Haven't decided.

I'm bored, so send replies (I'll answer).

Another reason March Comes In Like A Lion is special to me is is that BUMP OF CHICKEN, subject of my unending respect, did the theme for the first cour. I'm really filled with excitement to be receiving the baton from them. I can't wait for the broadcast. Thank you very much.

When I walk on Chuo Bridge or along the Sumida River, often there are moments when I feel traces of Rei, and I even imagine how he must have been feeling at those times. I think it's an earnest, beautiful manga that doesn't omit even the smallest subtleties of the heart. I want to make music that's like that, myself. (cont)

Starting with episode 12 of March Comes In Like A Lion, broadcasting today at 11 PM on NHK, my new song "orion" will be played as the ending theme. I once lived in Tsukishima, one of the main settings, and it's a kind of special series to me. I'm very happy that I was able to contribute to it in some small way. (cont)

orion will be played on today's School of Lock. Thanks. Apparently it's TV-size, so it's just one chorus, not the full version.

Be it music or art, I often imagine if I showed what I'm making now to myself in grade school, what he might say. Maybe he'd say "Don't get it." Who really knows. Even if there were a lot of things that didn't get through, I'd like him to ultimately say "but still, it's kinda nice."

Drawing and drawing and drawing.

Since the tour ended, I've been meanderingly drawing the single's jacket, and just now finally finished it. I feel like my lifespan was shortened about 2 years. orion's a good song. Look forward to it and all.

On a sunny day, in the crowd gathered for a neighbor's funeral, you whistled to yourself. Not minding the gazes around you, just yourself, you kept whistling until the deep blue sky was full. I thought to myself, music no one else knows should be treasured more.

It's over. Thank you very much.

"What American rock bands do you like?"
@Helen_Pan_41 Vampire Weekend

"What do you think of archery??"
@METORO_ROYD It's cool.

"Kenshi Yonezu really is a strange name, huh!!!!!"
@04_sc02 Yep

"I went to see Nanimono with a dog tag [Dog face] It was the best [Blossom]"
@Y_O912 Thank yooou.

"About how many times have people gotten your name wrong?"
@yoong_s_ 200 million.

"What do you think of the phrase "If you hate (some food), you're missing out on half of life!"?"
@botch2323 They must have a super tasteless life.

[Tomohiko Tsujimoto:] "What do you think about my dancing?"
@waiwaisarasa Beautiful.

"It shook really badly in Tottori... It was near the epicenter, so everything in my house got messed up and I cried [Loudly crying face]."
@___tsukky__04 You okay?

"I! Really! Love! You!"
@nanan_yone T? h? a? n? k? s?

"Is there anything you'd want to say to yourself around middle or high school?"
@menra_reply You're the best.

"Isn't my dog cute???"
@N____0924 So Cute

"Have you met with Furukawa Honpo lately?? [Smiling face with sunglasses]"
@66___boc I haven't. There's so many people I want to meet.

"Do you like Edward Gorey?"
@hy_osakaoa I do!

"If you could be reborn, what would you like to be after death?!"
@0504egifv Might be nice to end with this one.

"Who do you like better, Yukio Mishima or Osamu Dazai?"
@YuSheena Yukio Mishima.

"Do you ever talk to yourself? [Face without mouth]"
@nana_oral I do, I do.

"Have you eaten Shine Muscat? If you haven't, there's still time!!"
@bluecandleland I want to. I'll buy some.

"My mom calls you "Yonezou." Should I correct her?"
@y__tks It's all good.

"To Hachi-kun: What time is your heart most at ease? I want that time for myself, so please tell me."
@naturemipure When I sleep.

"Who's stronger, you or Ultraman?"
@komekome1025 It's a tie.

"Where would you like to vacation right now?"
@Cha_cha_usg Hmm. Mountains.

"Do you like Shin Megami Tensei?"
@ogura_ Pisaca.

"Assign me a really random nickname!"
@harukakato03242 Ende.

"I want to draw hair the way you did for Eine Kleine's illustrations, but the lines keep overlapping and it isn't going well... Is there some trick?!"
@Pomme200808 Becoming absorbed.

"Please say something to the overseas fans! [Sparkles x2]"
@JennJiro I want to visit all of you guys someday too. Thanks.

"Are you well?!"
@kurifutoS Not really.

"In Hunter x Hunter, what nen ability would you have?"
@hattoriiiiii Maybe incarnation or transformation.

"I saw Nanimono! Your voice in the credits was so wonderful, I got goosebumps [Sparkles]"
@vLommins_6_ Thank yooou.

"Do you plan to come to Okinawa for a concert or anything?"
@okura_runrun Not right now, but I want to go someday.

"Do you put salt on watermelon?"
@S0128Ichigo I haven't eaten watermelons in a long time.

"Are you a coffee or tea person??"
@kngon_17 Coffee.

"Have you listened to any songs lately?"
@t_minoriri Frederic's Night Step.

I keep going in circles, writing and erasing, writing and erasing. Can't be clever at all. I feel like I'm getting dumber. So like I said before, I'll do the replying thing again. Please.

I'll end it now. I couldn't read them all, so I might do it again. The moon's pretty, apparently, so I'm going to go look.

"Is dancing hard? Is it fun?"
@woichii_a_a_ Very very hard.

"Have you met Mahoto Watanabe lately??"
@___ny1ke__7 I haven't. I wanna.

"Who's your favorite character in Hunter x Hunter? I like Hisoka and Feitan."
@Nana7pg The first one who comes to mind is Pitou.

"Did you have a rebellious period?"
@_____k___nun It's called my entire life.

"What would you say your weaknesses are?"
@saori_denpa I can't put in steady effort.

"Do you read the letters you get at concerts...?"
@musicwakota I do.

"Did your parents give you the name Kenshi? What meaning does it have?"
@miznock519 I've never asked.

"What do you find inconvenient about being tall?"
@KaiyaN01 Hitting my head a lot.

"Have you thought about providing composition for others like Yojiro Noda?"
@04hige I wanna.

"Why did you decide to answer replies?"
@moritake319 felt like it

"My mom was calling you "Komezu," what should I do,,,"
@kdyk__prgstn777 Probably just leave things be?

"I'm in high school and started a band! I'd like if you just told me "Good luck" [Loudly crying face x3] [Person with folded hands x3]"
@rinaria_xoxo Good luck [Raised fist]

"Excuse me. What are you saying in the instrumental part of amen?"
@easdghkigf Secret [Face with medical mask]

"I was listening to your music and wondered, do you like gemstones?"
@yz_as310720 I like stones. Because they're pretty.

"What age did you first fall in love?"
@morningglory713 In kindergarten.

"I really like your collaboration song with Yasutaka Nakata!"
@ayayan_heart Thanks!

"I'm looking forward to Monster Encyclopedia so much!!!!"
@siro_sakana I'll do my best. Thanks.

"Please tell me what songs you're into lately."
@kyonano314 Bon Iver's new album.

"Are you used to concerts?"
@pully_dq10 Not yet,,,

"What brand of clothes and shoes do you often buy??"
@onelad2night FACETASM

"Which season is your favorite?"
@eureka_o Summer [Sunflower]

"Are there any foods you hate?"
@marina68820630 Coleslaw [Face with medical mask]

"Every time you post art, I think "it's amazing how he keeps getting better," but are there pictures you draw for practice and just don't post?"
@hyoshiki0110 I've never done much art practice.

"How much do you live as Kenshi Yonezu, and how much do you live as Hachi??"
@kaikai19992 Vocaloid sings → Hachi, Singing myself → Yonezu

"I assume the lyrics in LOSER about "dancing idiot, watching idiot" are half-referencing the Awa Dance?"
@BBA_bknb I'm Tokushima-born, after all.

"What character in Nanimono did you sympathize with most?"
@am0___40 Definitely Takuto.

"The moon's really pretty today, have you seen it?"
@a_lu4e_boc_m I haven't! I'll go look now. Thanks.

"What's your shoe size?!"
@kuuuu_0621 About 29 centimeters.

"I like you. Also, how do you get so tall?"
@7272rockboc Guess I've been big since I was born.

"How much practice did you do for LOSER's dancing??"
@st1212rw I casually said "one month" in interviews, and got yelled at because "it wasn't a month." About two weeks.

"Do you draw every day?"
@ZUKAwimper I don't.

I'll do a little bit of replying. Please send me anything.

When I see top players, who have attained their position through an incredibly long history of study and repeated trial and error, rather easily losing to a program, it really demonstrates to me the inefficiency of human brains. But the fact that there's that much which humans can't yet hypothesize also excites me.

Since the Go program is in the news, I'm giving Hikaru no Go a re-read. It's good every time. I believe it was running while I was in elementary school, and I remember it getting my friend really into Go, even buying a Go board. It'd be nice if I could make something that could have such influence.

I don't have much interest in my own birthday, but with all the comments I've received, I have to say I'm glad. I'll continue to make the ultimate music, or you know, whatever. Really, thanks.

I've been in a constant state of song-making lately. I like music, and I've devoted most of my life to making music, but lately I feel that maybe I don't really care for music made by people who only think about music.

Quite some time has passed since the final show [of the Town Musicians tour]. I've been thinking broadly about saying something on Twitter, but I really have nothing to write. I feel like my eyes have been getting bad again lately, so I got new glasses for when I leave the house. New stuff feels nice.

I saw the movie Distraction Babies. It was wonderful. I've never seen a movie that made me want to punch someone so bad in under two hours. I wish I could've seen it when I was in my teens.

Even though we're not even a month into 2016, both incredibly joyous things and incredibly bad things have already happened. I feel like it'll be a weird year. I hate to use words like "be free" or "be true to your emotions" at times like these, but today I decided for myself that it was a good day to quit doing things you've continued doing.

I want to destroy some kind of balance. I think. Though I haven't decided at all what I'm doing and with what yet. The thought just keeps coming to me. It's no fun just staying still. I want to head in a more mad direction.

Words are like drip coffee, merely the things that remain after filtering what's in your mind and heart. When using words, I want to convey things as precisely as I'm able, But the essence of communication contains misunderstanding; maybe the very thought of trying to convey your true intention is presumptious.

I'm talking about my album in a lot of places lately. I was struggling and searching around at first, but through repetition, I've solidified the words coming out of my mouth and become able to speak without thinking. I'm starting to feel like I've never spoken a true thing from the beginning. So difficult. Words have me at their whims.

I think I'll call it here. Sorry to those whose replies I didn't read. See you.

@madchangxxx: "If there's a reason or anything why you decided to digitalize Mirage Song, I'd like to know. When other bands do that for concert-only songs, I get the sense that it lowers the song's value, so I'm happy, but also a little sad."
As a person who makes things, I often think about the loss of aura, so I think I know how you feel. But still, I want to make things for the general public.

@yokuwatakesato: "Cinderella already contains the meaning of "ash," so why did you add "gray" [literally "ash color" in Japanese] on top of that??"
Think of it as something akin to "turquoise blue."

@kurosikisuke: "What kind of thoughts did I'm A Ghost come from? Is there a book or story that influenced it? By the way, it was always my dream to become friends with a ghost girl no one else could see like the one in this song."
When you have an unrequited crush on someone, it feels something like being a ghost when they look at you. The song also says things like "having no pulse."

@mhyk423: "Is there a song you think is the most "unlike" yourself?"
I'm not particularly fond of words like "self" or "originality," and don't want to use them casually.

@for_a4k: "When did you come up with the title for Night Bugs on a Rainy Street?"
I remembered one night when rain poured on the asphalt, making it look like the sea when illuminated by the streetlights. I started making the song from that scene.

@teduidu: "My fifth-grader listens to your music, nodding like "I think I get it." Out of all the stones that exist, it seems odd that you picked "fluorite." Do you have some attachment to it?"
If you have some attachment, anything will do.

[Question tweet missing.]
This album's cover is intended to be an illustration as well, but it's... not a specific character, I suppose? Because that's the kind of album this is. It's not like I got fed up with drawing characters.

@SONATE26Es: "Sorry for the second question. I thought there were a lot of major key songs in Bremen. Do you prefer major key or minor key songs? Also, which ones are easier to make? Sorry to bother you."
It's not like I prefer one or the other, but I am skilled at making minor key songs, so I decided I'd try forgoing them for once. Because it's boring just doing what you're best at all the time.

@ROCKstarrrrrrr_: "I love Metronome so much, I listen to it every day. What mood did you make Metronome in??"
When you put two things with just a slightly different tempo next to each other, they keep perfectly aligning and then coming apart. I believe it started when I saw that kind of thing and had a feeling that you could switch that for a relationship between people.

@rampofstar3617: "I felt like this album had fewer guitar/rock songs than YANKEE. Like there weren't too many up-tempo songs, or that considering the last album, it felt like calm songs were the majority. Were you aware of this while making the songs?"
I had a guideline of "don't ramp up the BPM (song tempo) too much" from the opening stages. Part of me personally believes that the faster it gets, the cooler it is, so I wanted to try stepping away from that.

@_best_punch_line: "How did you decide on the track ordering?"
I had an image of "heading from a bright place to a dark place" at the start, and arrnaged the songs in accordance with that.

@fancy_love_m_: "It arrived today! Please tell me what song went like "bam, bam!" and what song was hardest to make!"
The song that came about like bam, bam was Blue Jasmine. The hardest to make was Metronome.

@neko_boots: "Good evening! What's that clapping sound in the middle of Mirage Song?"
I'm not too sure what you're specifying, but maybe you mean finger snaps? Like, snapping your fingers.

Has everybody listened to my new album? If you have any questions or anything about Bremen, I'd like to answer as much as I can, so please reply.

Tomorrow is the release of my album Bremen. Thanks. My name is read "Kenshi Yonezu," but it's only natural to think it's read "Genshi Yonezu," so if the clerk gets it wrong or anything, please don't say a word. I haven't corrected people who say Genshi since around elementary school.

"Fruit for the Heart"
I recall my childhood a lot lately. My heart and body have gotten bigger, but at times I feel like that growth has added to the things I don't feel are full and satisfied. Repeating cheery words in times of unease relies upon the memories in which those words dwell. I had almost no worries with the arrangement of this song.

"Traveler's Lamp"
A song that came to mind seeing a streetlight in the town I live in, lit even in the dead of night when no one comes through. The thought that nobody's looking at it made me realize that oh, I'm looking at it right now. Expanding from the opening arpeggios made it the way it is now.

My new single releases today. Thanks.

I, and everyone else, will keep changing with time. And though each time we'll cling and let go, we'll say "this one was different" or "this one was nice," I feel it would be wonderful to build a relationship where despite all that, we'd stick together, because of course we would. The end.

For people who loved the sound and words of diorama, songs like this one might, alas, be difficult to accept. I agree it's an extremely unfortunate thing, and I wish that as few people as possible will feel that way, but I also think there's a limit to how much I can do about it. Because I'm not the one who decides that.

I always welcome new methodologies coming up inside me, and that won't be changing in the future. But to take that path means to some extent discarding the methods I've cultivated so far. Behind a positive hides a negative, and choosing anything means not choosing everything else.

I think this every time I make a new song, but I feel proud that I've made my best song yet. This song doesn't have a trace of guitar and is instead based in piano and synth bass, limitations I placed to try something different from before. To go along with that, even the words I used changed.

I wonder if you've listened to my new song Unbelievers. You should, since I'm about to make some somewhat long tweets about it.

It's about time to end this. Thank you very much. Terribly sorry to those I didn't read. I'm sure some day I'll do it again on a whim, but until then.

@takana_rock: "I'm in high school now. It's really severe, and being told "study, study, study" day in, day out is making me lose sight of myself. If you've ever had a time where you searched for "identity," is there anything that might help even a little for finding it?"
Nothing that really deserves special mention, but I have the feeling that your current self is made up of small influences from many things. And if you study until you rot in high school, that'll definitely become your identity.

@paranoia_chaos: "Currently you're working as a singer-songwriter and illustrator, but I'm assuming one of your old dreams was to be a musician?"
I wanted to be a manga artist long ago. Well, I still want to.

@naon_p: "What is "compromise" to you, Yonezu-san??"
"Never compromising" is often spoken of as a virtue, but don't be fooled. Taking things which are fundamentally incompatible and bringing them into a harmony in between is the essence of society, so I won't forgive any remarks that imply compromise is a bad thing.

@month_leaf: "Congratulations on your participation in this year's Summer Fest. I'm sure it'll be hot, being summer and all, so are you going to cut your hair?"
I'm thinking I should probably get it cut soon.

@hachi_hinako: "Which is more important, effort or talent? Effort won't work out if you have no talent, you get no results if you have talent but don't try.... So which is more important, ultimately?"
They're both important. So for the time being, put in effort, in part to determine whether you have talent.

@earth_soyokaze: "Is there a reason you won't go on TV?"
If the TV people call for me, and if I feel like I'm necessary, I'll appear. It's not set in stone that I won't.

[The question tweet somehow got deleted or something.]
I only do the things I want to do, but when it becomes a job, you have to do things you don't want to do as well. So I'm working out compromises in that area as I go along. Maybe you should think about what kind of person you are. If you don't know, ask someone.

@yiru0122: "I'm Taiwanese and love your music and art. If you have the chance, please visit Taiwan sometime."
Thanks. I'd like to go someday.

@holly_Feb1: "Forgive the sudden message. I was accepted to a high school with a fine arts program this year and started going. But comparing the talent of everyone around me to my own, I wonder if I really should have come here. Have you felt frustrated while taking the path of art?"
You'll always see people better than you if you look up, no matter what. I think an "I'll do what I can" level of optimism is one important element in keeping up the things you like doing.

@yoppeleah: "I feel like your music has influence from UK rock, and I heard you went to Summer Sonic last year. What's your favorite UK band? Mine has to be Oasis."
I don't have much experience with western music, so favorite band is a tough question. I guess Foals is what comes to mind first.

@rika_1110_hato: "I want to start guitar. For a beginner, is electric or acoustic better to start with?"
Either one's fine. If you want to play in a band, maybe electric.

@ha_eprnrb: "Did you do bass and vocals during high school?"
When I was about 18, I had no choice but to play bass since there wasn't any other bassist. I haven't touched it at all lately.

@hagi420: "Why is the Eine Kleine boy the only one who's a proper human??? ( ´ ▽ ` ) I really love every one of your songs, Yonezu-san."
It's not very fun drawing guys, so I naturally find myself drawing lots of girls.

@yonedu1203: "How many different frames did you draw for the Eine Kleine video? I'm in the art program in high school, and a senior told me it takes a lot of a patience to do the art for even a single video, so I'm really curious."
I don't remember in detail, but probably about two or three hundred. It was rough doing it alone.

@androck_22: "I got a runny nose in class when I heard you were coming to RISING SUN ROCK. I'm really happy! I couldn't go to the show in Sapporo, so I'm really really looking forward to it!!! Thank you so much!!!"
I'll be in Hokkaido again!

@___door: "What software do you use for digital art?"

I'll do the question-and-answer thing. Though I don't think I can answer them all.

I didn't answer that many, so I'll do this again at night or something. See you.

@Halo_Heros14: "What kind of impression do you have of clean freaks? (。í _ ì。)"
I see them as not really being about cleanliness, but "whether I think I'm clean." That's just an impression, though. Like they're sensitive not to filth, but more impurity.

@okat1010: "Hello! I really like your art, Yonezu-san. Has the Monster Encyclopedia ever had a book or anything? I really want one."
I'd like to do that someday. What do you know, I've already been doing those for two years.

@0425Boc: "Why did you start doing live streams?"
Because it's fun.

@11_miiiii: "Thanks for your tireless work. It's been sweltering lately, but do you like summer? What's your favorite season?"
Summer is best by far. Looking forward to what's to come.

@025828wknnn: "It's test season, so how did you study for tests as a student?"
I have absolutely no memory of studying for tests. I think maybe I never did.

@nari_0608: "I'm thinking of taking up acoustic myself after watching you play in your TwitCasts. I'm worrying over how much I should spend - about how much was your first instrument?"
Sorry, I overlooked this question. It was an electric guitar about 20,000 yen.

@kk_yn2: "What do you do on days off?"
That's tough, since I have no sense of any day being a day off. Lately I've been thinking I should have some hobbies with absolutely no relation to music.

@sht691: "What's "different" between your current songs and your past self's songs?"
I think they're completely different, really, so being asked what's different is difficult for me. Looking back on it, I feel like I'm going through a cycle of destroying my methodology that says "it has to be like this," then rebuilding it while I'm not even aware I'm doing so, then destroying it again... Something like that.

@0gs32: "If you're thinking of becoming a lyricist or composer, I'm guessing it's better if you can play an instrument, right?"
If you can play at least something, probably.

@ari_mare: "What music do you listen to lately?"
Mumford & Sons. Their new album is really good.

@osmcnpovoq: "What did you eat last night?!"
My memory for this kind of thing is surprisingly bad.

I'm at home making songs every day. I just happen to notice that it's gotten bright or gone dark outside. It's again dubious if I'll do a stream this month, so while it's not much of a substitute, I'll do the question-and-answer thing on Twitter for a change of pace. Send a reply and I'll tweet my answer.

I haven't tweeted much lately. I used to let everything I thought and felt flow out, but now I've finally come to think "if I can tweet this, I can make music out of it." IMy passion for music is steadily heating up. I want to change more and more. Since I'm not changing at all.

There are many incredible things to be found among songs that use Vocaloid. There's simultaneously lots of rubbish, but that applies to everything. When I see people unwilling to see the true nature of something, trapped in the framework of genre, I want to sound the alarm. It's no exaggeration to say it's my hometown. If you have the chance, I'd like if you could take a look. (Fin)

I didn't notice back when I was caught in the whirlpool, but after I started using my real name, I've realized there's a bias against Vocaloid. I don't intend to speak ill of people who physiologically can't accept it, and I think it's inevitable to a degree, but being someone who grew up in that place, I'm stating it clearly now.

It seems many people don't know, so allow me to point it out. I've made Vocaloid songs under the name "Hachi" since I was a teen. Here are some examples. Lately, I've come to use my real name to make a distinction between the things that I do.

Also, it's read "Kenshi Yonezu," but by this point I'm fine with people just thinking it's "Genshi," whatever. My height of 188 cm also surprises people. I've been told "You're huge!" and "What an unusual name" about 2 billion times and counting. Welcome.

Due to my name, I'm commonly mistaken for a middle-aged man, but I'm 23. And it is my real name.

I heard Naruto ended and wanted to draw some fanart, but I have no time. I've been massively influenced by Naruto, having read it ever since grade school. Masashi Kishimoto, your efforts are greatly appreciated.

Finally done drawing the cover for Flowerwall. I think it's the most effort I've put into one so far. Though I can't say yet whether putting in more effort means it'll be that much better of a result. But I'm pleased with it for now.

Things that don't make such promises have no freedom. I think freedom comes from the gap between one thing and another. If you're in the center of a huge desert and are told "You can go anywhere you want," you have no real will to go anywhere at all; freedom can't come into being without any restraints. With the protection of restriction, of promises, charm can come into the picture.

This isn't limited to art, but functional things are beautiful. Pictures make an agreement with the viewer - "I'll tell lies of a sort, but will never lie about anything else" - and make good use of that fact. That's the basic logic for how realism can dwell even in what seems at a glance to be an absurd portrayal.

Wondering what makes a good picture while I draw. Going slow as a result.

When you have a concert with multiple people, where mutual support takes priority, it's not necessary for a single instrument to cover the entire range of notes. In fact, it's an impediment. Jack of all trades and master of none... well, maybe not quite that, but something like "People who are too self-assertive cause discord with those around them."

I heard something interesting from a guitar technician. Apparently there can be a phenomenon where you can use a guitar cable thousands of times, and it'll have a "good sound," but "it's so good that it's unusable." Its range becomes too broad to adequately mix with the ensemble, so it has to be left out. So that can happen.

I bought the 3DS Smash Bros., and I'm playing a game that feels like a game for the first time in ages. It's fun.

Since moving, I've become able to write lyrics with comparatively little faltering. The importance of changing your environment.

My generation is often said to be full of slackers and the like, as if we're mistakes, and as we grow, we continue to be implicitly told "You're too late." But at the very least, I have the conceit that I make beautiful music. I believe that no amount of change in the times will cause a speck of deterioration in children.

A child on the roadside seemed to be outrageously happy to receive permission from their parents to go to the pool. People who look at things changing with the flow of time and say "I feel bad for kids today" are not few, but children will always extract the slightest things and bring them home with care. I feel that they're always striving to be bountiful.

The premium concert Last Homeroom has concluded. It was a ton of fun. Thank you, everyone.

Today is my first concert. Thanks.

Updated my blog. Bookmark


Kitano's movies are terribly violent, but it's depicted in such an indifferent way, and people just stare blankly when they see death. By keeping it in mind that people inherently comprehend death, characters can be killed off one after another and die just like that. They live hand in hand with death. That's super cool.

I really like Takeshi Kitano's "Sonatine," and these low-stat days make me want to watch it. There's an air of death through the whole movie, while strikes a wonderful contrast with fresh and beautiful Ishigaki. And oddly enough, watching it cheers me up.

When it rains, my stats in battle take a remarkable hit. Have to do something about that.

Behind the words used to describe something as beautiful is hidden the power to call something else ugly. It might seem most rational to keep silent out of concern for this, but then there can be no words with power at all.

Lately a lot of people have tweeted at me asking "How do you read the kanji in your name?" It's "Kenshi Yonezu." I suppose no one who doesn't know that would ever figure to read it that way, but it is my real name.

It's almost guaranteed whenever I meet someone in person for the first time that they say "I thought you were smaller (shorter)." I wonder why.

And I've been made very aware of your distress. I just want to keep making beautiful things. And I want to hit all the steps necessary for that purpose. So please just wait a little longer. I'll come see you all in the near future, count on it. (Fin)

Personally, I think Daikanyama UNIT is pretty big. Honestly, I would have liked to build up from much smaller places. But my music has grown to the point where that simply wouldn't do. So there was really no other choice. I asked favors of others to make music. So a "concert" was something essential. (Cont.)

In essence, I can't say much about my "skill at performing" that music. Saying this undoes nothing at this point. This is what I chose, so I have to take care of this myself. Thus I rented the space of Daikanyama UNIT. (Cont.)

When it comes to doing concerts, I am a complete novice. I was in a band in middle school, but I can count how many I've experienced on both hands. As a result of always making "music" on the internet, that alone matured and grew out, but I could not foster the "body" that went along with it. (Cont.)

This situation was never even anticipated. Not only did it surpass my own past experience, the topic came up many times in meetings with the staff. Yet what ultimately led to this result was mostly my own inclination. (Cont.)

There have been far more early tickets being sold for the one-man concert than expected, rather a ridiculous amount considering the capacity of UNIT. As such, there have been more and more people who want to go but cannot, and I'm hearing many dissapointed voices. I'm truly sorry. (Continued)

I'd like girls to sing that song. RT @1207shinee Yonezu-san! I'm going to cover Eine Kleine with a friend of mine as a final memory of high school! *I'll be doing the vocals*

I'm often told I look like the father in The Wolf Children Ame and Yuki. RT @yk01h Yonezu-san, you're like a wolf. (Compliment)

No, thank you. RT @mkmmnm My two-year-old daughter keeps watching the Eine Kleine video. She mimics the characters, sings the "Why? Why?" part, and just likes it a lot. Thank you for the wonderful song.

That's how I think!

The friends you always have in the end are those in a 3-meter radius. Whether they're family, friends, or loved ones. There isn't any point in using theory to judge good and evil. People who tell you "We're still friends" no matter how much you theoretically failed are what give you life.

Theory, context, knowledge - those academic (?) sorts of things are always right. But while there's no doubt about that, they won't be your friends. They won't affirm your life. They're always neutral. You can't cling to that sort of thing.

Making music is really enjoyable, and really tiring. It might seem like a strange thought.

For practice, a stylish girl I saw the other day.

YANKEE placed second on the Oricon weekly chart. Making more good songs. Thanks.

Video uploaded. Thanks. Kenshi Yonezu MV "WOODEN DOLL"

Yoshikage Kira.

Doodle Jotaro.

People around high school age often come to me asking "Which should I study, art or music?", and if there's anything I can say to that, it's probably just "Can't it be both?" Personally, there's still tons I don't get about art and music.

Sample's here. The Illustration Disk is super bulky.

Uploaded a new video. Thanks. Kenshi Yonezu 2nd Album "YANKEE" Crossfade

I got something kind of awesome. Thank you very much.

A friend went out to the veranda to take a smoke, then came back with mud smeared on his face. I asked him what this was all about, and he said he mistook an airplane for a UFO and his legs gave out and he stylishly tripped. It irritated me how, from his expression, he was treating it like nothing.

Repost. Uploaded a new video. I drew a ton of pictures for it. Kenshi Yonezu MV "Eine Kleine"

Uploaded a new video. I also made the MV. Thanks. Kenshi Yonezu MV "Eine Kleine"

Uploading a video around midnight tonight. Also, I'll do a Ustream at 9 PM. Thanks.

The title "Eine Kleine" might sound pretty odd to people who know German, but this title was one that washed up after a lot of fumbling, and was ultimately chosen for the sound and appearance of the words themselves. Note that yes, this is kind of an excuse.

[ and RO69 post articles about how Eine Kleine is being used in - and was written to be used in - a commercial for the Tokyo Metro. They also include Kenshi's comments about how it's a song about always looking forward no matter what, so it fits since that's something the Tokyo Metro does on a consistent basis.]

Present during the filming for the Living Dead Youth video was a little girl about 3 or 4 years old. While composing, I was reminded of how she was saying "You can't be noisy 'cause it'll scare the dogs." I see, so I can't... be noisy.

Drawing work has paused, so today I'm going back to being a music person.

New song uploaded. Thanks. Kenshi Yonezu MV "Living Dead Youth"

It was my birthday. I'm 23 today. Thanks for the replies.

I'm drawing a ridiculous amount of art. If you asked me my occupation right now, I'm not sure I could even say "musician."

I'm losing my ability to concentrate, so I'll end it here. Sorry to those I couldn't reply to. Thank you very much.

I really liked the beauty of the final scene, driving away on the truck. RT @pyochan_ Do you know the 1971 film Melody?

Kawasaki's Einstein. RT @9610n7 Please give me a genius-sounding nickname.

It's in there, but I rarely consider explaining it. RT @firo_renyu I know you want people to imagine what they like about your lyrics, but strictly speaking, do you more or less have an idea of "This is how the story is... and it has this meaning..."?

Radical Dodoitsu. RT @aluta_smile Please give me a crazy-sounding nickname in five seconds.

Hyper Rice Sputnik. RT @okome04 Please think up a nickname in ten seconds.

A friend who passed away. RT @kohareeeeeena If you could choose just one person who you've grown estranged and distant from to meet again, who would it be?

Not putting your ideals too high. RT @sakanamaries What do you think is important in addition to always drawing?

I felt guilty about disgracing the original by quoting it, but I used it since I really wanted to. RT @gilbert9251 I heard you like Kenji Miyazawa, Yonezu-san. Is the title of Love and Fever related to the Love and Fever in Spring and Asura?

I think you should go to college. RT @gano_2525 I'm in my third year of high school hoping to draw and eat in the future, but my parents are opposed and tell me to go to college. Which would you choose, Yonezu-san?

I didn't study at all, so I got the worst grades. RT @1236124h839a I got a bad grade in math. Did you get good grades in high school math, Yonezu-san?

I'd immediately get behind my opponent's back and make them think "What?!", like Kastro from Hunter x Hunter. RT @hiro_ynz If there were another one of you, what would you do?

I did tennis. RT @ppppp__86 What club were you in as a student?

Establish some conditions like "if I do this, then it's okay for me to do music," and if that doesn't work, just don't even listen to your parents. RT @makolish0311 I want to do music, but my parents won't accept it. How would you persuade them, Yonezu-san? Some persuasive words, please!

Let's both do our best. RT @mile300 Yonezu-san, you've influenced me to aim to be a professional in art and music. Please, a word for me.

I thought I was better than anyone in the world at drawing Kirby. RT @azarea_to_kani What kind of art did you draw at a child?

Not having contradictions is highly implausible. RT @jyoooo1002 Do you think it's hard to live a life without contradictions?

I always do. RT @rw_410f Do you ever have fear or anxiety about letting yourself be known?

I've been asked "Are you entering the priesthood?", if that counts. RT @Querkopf1009 Do your friends ever tell you anything about your real name? Like that it's cool or awesome.

I do what I'm doing now. RT @kurage_008 When you feel like you can't draw, what do you do first?

My face says it was nothing at all, but my heart screams HELL YEAAAAAH. RT @harujiwon1110 How do you feel when you throw something since the trash can is too far, and it makes it clean in?

Someone else to affirm them. RT @heropanda524 What do people who don't have confidence in themselves ultimately lack?

I often look at rivers. It's interesting how they can be completely different depending on the day. RT @yotyannn I like staring absentmindedly at the stars. Do you even go to see the stars, Yonezu-san?

You have lots to look forward to. RT @KalE1d0sc0pe A word to my son who's about to turn six months old.

I've lately gotten into the sound of the gamelan. RT @skymuneko Is there an instrument you'd like to use in the future?

If I thought it was good, I would. RT @ami_hitorie Would you take an offer to do a theme song for a moe anime?

Because I wanted more to be known about myself. RT @RogaS_12 After having Vocaloids sing for you for so long, why did you decide to sing yourself, Yonezu-san?

I have no philosophy regarding death, so I'll just have to stick to living. RT @wezxd Please tell us your thoughts on life and death.

The man on the YANKEE cover with the complacent smile is named "Yankikee." RT @terajima_link93 Do the characters that appear in your CDs have names or anything, Yonezu-san?

I dunno, but I guess you should probably listen to a ton of music. RT @mikiya_disney I want to be a singing, song-writing person like you; is there anything I should study while I'm a student?

Imagine you're a robot and move your body on auto-pilot. RT @chaff_grenade I've pondered this a lot lately. How should one surmount hard times?

The figure-skating exhibition. You know, that little zombie Radionova. RT @mngsmgs What's left a deep impression on you lately?

I may be in the most difficult period for me thus far right now. RT @llO_o_Oll What's the most difficult thing you've ever experienced?

I believe that's your duty. RT @nori2JJ My son got accepted to high school yesterday. He didn't study at all, and yet he got in. Please give him a scolding so he won't make light of life in the future.

How it's 4 days of crazy enthusiasm thanks to the Awa Dance, then 361 days of deathly silence. RT @hsponpuz Yonezu-san, Yonezu-san, what do you think's good about Tokushima??

I guess it depends on the nuances of how and when I'm being told so. RT @65Mazeruna07 Yonezu-san, do you take "you're strange" as a compliment?

I like that while he himself isn't a very powerful fighter, his strength lies in being able to help others with his virtues and gentility. RT @bon6969 You said you like Polnareff, Yonezu-san, but I'd like to know what specifically is appealing about him in your eyes.

I want instantaneous movement to cut down on travel expenses. RT @perikan0131965 If you could have psychic powers, what kinds of powers would you want?

I don't much like that notion that they "fall out." I crawl around in search of them. RT @1299_n Where do those wonderfully unique lyrics fall out from?

"Clarity." RT @0710Cell In a word, how would you sum up your next album?

I recall that when I went to kindergarten, I wanted to be an umbrella salesman. RT @minadukiruka121 What were your hopes for the future when you were little?!

It was fun, so I'll do this reply-answering thing again. Send me what you like!

@lemmingdisease I hated the barber so much, I just cut it myself, and got better and better...

lemmingdisease (Re: cutting hair): "Seriously?!?!?!?! Woah!!!!!!"

Have I been doing this for over an hour? I'll wrap this up, then. It was fun, so I might do it again.

A person's history. RT @0reiyu0 As someone with an unclassifiable ingenuity, Yonezu-san, what do you say is individuality?

I think I should have seen much more and had that extra influence. Only in hindsight, of course. RT @conia617 Is there anything you think you should have done in your teens?

It's not like anyone's asking particularly clever questions. I think you shouldn't get so worked up. RT @be_sevenn Unable to think of a clever question, after so much time agonizing over it, I ended up sending this reply and am immediately regretting it. Am I alone in this?

It's my real name. RT @Sanae0813 Hachi, how did you decide the name Kenshi Yonezu?

I can't help but weep at Mr. Snape's devotion. RT @muscalSmine Do you prefer Malfoy or Snape?

Well, there are people I like despite not agreeing with them at all. RT @ameiuy Regardless of gender, are you more attracted to people with values like yours or those without?

Your own senses. RT @y_kannami What can be the biggest obstacle when making music, I wonder?

Why'd you take one big bite of it? RT @12270324 I drew a picture of pudding today. How do you like it?

Study. RT @cookiemilk1925 Please, a word to me who has Twitter open during exam crunch and keeps sending replies until I get one back from you, Yonezu-san.

Lately, I've been really into Siberian huskies. A rare combination of coolness and cuteness. RT @ffffuji What do you think the coolest animal is?

I recommend Alex Shearer's "The Speed of the Dark." RT @junka_na Do you read, Yonezu-san? I'd like to hear if you have any recommendations.

Congratulations. RT @2c0Fj I'm graduating today! A word, please!

Quite often. RT @norasandayo Hachi, have you ever listened to someone's song and clearly thought "this isn't very good" or "I hate this song"?

I cut it myself. RT @am_i_38 I want a haircut like yours, Hachi. How do you ask them to cut it at the barber?

Art liked me first. RT @thewimps0705 Have you liked art since you were a child?

Sleep. RT @mitsugetsu0902 A word to those of us who are cheerfully sending replies despite the late hour?

The beauty of the melody. RT @_m06_ If there's anything you think that deserves the utmost care when composing, I'd love to hear it.

Hm, I can't remember. RT @KiraRi_0514y_HK How high can you vault?

I really love Kanye West. RT @yocchan_nico_ Do you have any interest in rap?

It's not apperance, but I'm captivated by people who use "atashi" and pronounce it beautifully. RT @Rauni_815 I like the appearance of men with clean-shaven faces. Is there a kind of woman's appearance you like?

Investigate what's hindering you, and if it's simply a matter of motivation, re-evaluate your living habits. RT @ym_rwpca What do you do when you know you need to do something to fulfill a dream, but you can't do it or get caught on something?

I will. The plans are already there in my head. RT @tapiocalove I'll get right to the point. Are you going to upload any more Vocaloid songs in the future?

Not at all. Just listen as you like, is what I'd like. RT @gishiko_7 When you're usually thinking up lyrics, do you make them thinking "I want them to be listened with this point of view"?

Many have, but I think the most influential were BUMP OF CHICKEN. RT @akaandsia What artist has had the biggest influence on you?

Ioujima in Nagasaki. It might have just been coincidence, but it was wonderfully devoid of people. @yuricheeel Yonezu-san, where's your favorite place you've ever set foot in, in or out of Japan?

I don't practice much. I only draw when it's for work, or otherwise I immediately post it online. RT @xxzeroxx50 Yonezu-san, you can draw such unique art! Do you do a lot of practice?

Currently (I'm in the middle of part III), Polnareff. RT @mameta_29 Who's your favorite JoJo character?

Rainy days make my head hurt, so the former, but I like rain when I'm inside. RT @otohito08 Do rainy days lower your spirits? Or raise them?

Not necessarily. RT @neroru_neroru Are you always awake around this time? [4 AM]

There's a couple, but if I had to pick one, Yotsuba&. RT @arsmg01 What's your favorite manga?

I'm not getting much work done, so I'll answer any replies that catch my eye. Ask questions if you want.

Whenever I said I hadn't read JoJo, people kept telling me "You're missing out" and "I'm jealous you can read it for the first time," so I've started reading it lately. It's good. There's an unending flow of lines that people commonly make reference to, so even I find myself thinking "Ahh, so that's what that is," and the pieces all slowly fit together, my questions gradually melting away.

I had some publicity photos taken, and there was one of them which was like "Hissatsu Shigotonin" that made me lose track of time cackling to myself. It's funny, but I think I might scrap it.

A doodle. Though it's a mere doodle, once I uploaded it to Twitter I suddenly noticed some things and made changes.

The album tracklist and cover have been released. I'm drawing a bunch of other art, too. I think some more info will come out later, so look forward to it.

Done with mastering for the album. Now to draw the cover.

I'm releasing a new album April 23rd. It's titled "YANKEE." I made lots of good songs for it. Thanks. [Other info from 15 songs, but no names revealed. Can be bought in three editions: just the CD, CD and DVD with two PVs, or CD and 80-page illustration book. And also, a solo concert coming up sometime in commemoration.]

You have no choice but to trust what's in yourself. You have no choice but to ignore, to some extent, the feelings of others. Whatever good or ill will, they have to be one-way. You have no choice but to, dare I say, "force" what you think makes you feel happy. I think once both parties have accomplished that, a mutual love can be born.

There's an inexhaustible number of things that have kind intentions and result in anger, or have ill intentions and result in goodwill. When you try to fully grasp and understand another's feelings, it always comes with an unremovable "What if they think of it like this?" anxiety, and you become unable to move from fear.

The act of making someone enjoy themselves or delight, in the sense of "affecting their heart," ultimately isn't all that much different from hurting someone. It can be an extremely good thing or an extremely bad thing. That's not for you to decide, but for the person on the receiving end.

At a family restaurant, a person who seemed to be a boys' high school student tried to unzip his jacket. But the zipper just wouldn't work, so he hastily shouted "Shoot, it's shot!", and I just thought, goodness. [The Japanese comes off as a pun because while "shimatta" is being used to mean "darn it!", it appears to contradict "shimaran(ai)" - it could be interpreted as saying "it closed, it won't close!"]

Happy New Year.

I haven't done a single end-of-year-ish thing since the end of last year, only work, so I feel like I'm still in 2012.

I bought an issue of CoroCoro Comics on a whim since it caught my eye at the store, and it turns out Dorabase from my elementary school days is still going to this day as New Dorabase. Plus, it actually looks pretty good.

Cold, huh.

Even if you have only the strength to tell the people you like you like them, you don't need much else. I've had countless painful experiences because I've always lacked that. There are people I've never met again because of how indecisive I was. If you don't properly recognize that you can't live alone, living will be full of hardship.

Everyone feels rather lonely when they live alone, yet that they would be denied escape and blind acceptance as well is just too harsh.

Loneliness can make you pity yourself or make you indignant and heroic. The more you do that kind of fleeing from misery, the less capable you are of keeping dynamism and keeping yourself positive in times when you come to like a person.

I've said this or that about people blindly and fanatically having fun from a meta perspective, then ending up getting into it myself since it really is just simple fun. But without exception, it all comes back to the self.

Writing a line, erasing a line. That's how it's been for the last two months or so. I'm way too slow at creating.

When I hear the female voice from the waste collection car saying "Even if it's broken, it doesn't matter," I find myself unusually saddened. [Likely because, due to the lack of subject in Japanese, it could be interpreted as "even if I'm broken."]

I think people who create are people who reconstruct the feelings that are brewed within them by outside stimuli. This is a job of "collecting ten 0.1s to make 1" - and to make better things, we need to fully understand 0.1.

When people with no experience doing careful observation or description can only see the outlines of the tree, are in this situation of "seeing but not seeing," they can come to realize that they've been living life in a sort of drifting way.

If there's a tree in front of you, anyone with sight can look at it and say "That's a tree." But few people can perceive the shape and color of every single leaf, the curl of its roots, and its thickness. Only people who have actually carefully observed trees, who have in a sense bitten, swallowed, and digested them, can do so.

In short, we can only judge things relative to each other. This means that we can't clearly perceive things that leap over the categories we form from our experiences. This situation might be referred to as "seeing it, but not seeing it."

If you look back from the moment you were born, the first things you really understood were incredibly simple symbols like circles and squares. And by a sequence of connections going in various directions from those starting points, you can come to understand things like the nuances of lock-picking or a difference of 1 Hz in frequency.

When you see something new which you've never seen before, one method you can use to judge its validity is to compare it to things you've seen before with similar traits. So people who haven't seen very many things before can't sense as much detail, only discerning into broad categories.

I've been thinking this for a while, so I'm going to put it into words. Forgive me, but they're going to be rather long tweets.

According to my calculations, it looks like this song came two years and nine months since the last upload (Panda Hero). I'm shocked it was that long.

I'll upload the karaoke tomorrow or so. Please sing it as you like.

I finally made another Vocaloid song. Thanks in advance. GUMI MV "Donut Hole"

My single went on sale just last week, but tonight I'm uploading another video.

Wanted to go to the art show at the Budokan.

Drawing is fun.

Today's the release date of my second single, MAD HEAD LOVE / Poppin' Apathy. It turned out pretty dang good. Thanks.

Kenshi Yonezu MV "Poppin' Apathy"

I'll be uploading a video soon.

I want to make things that can be enjoyed without much refinement or thinking required.

A rough sketch for the next Monster Encyclopedia entry. Book-chan is faintly showing through.

Sometimes I see people walking their little dogs without a leash. I want to say it's mostly old ladies and old men. The dog can walk around freely, yet never strays too far from its owner. I've never had a dog myself, but I wonder, is it that easy to form such a trusting relationship?

"This is happiness, this is how it should be." Some people say this to themselves and don't question their intentions, forcing it upon others like it's nothing. A person who's simply fine with good things happening to them is happy no matter where they stand, but when others pity and mourn their outlook, it throws their sense of happiness completely out of whack.

In grade school, I often played kick the can with my friends (a sort of combination of tag and hide and seek where you call someone's name and try to catch them). But sometimes another group would join us, and we wouldn't be able to catch the people whose names we didn't know. That was just silly. I'm reminded of that when I see how anonymity reigns supreme online.

I also drew the album cover. It's Mad-kun and Poppin'-kun. [Link to an article about the MHL PV release, which also shows the cover.]

And so I've uploaded a new song. Look forward to some additional information tomorrow as well. Kenshi Yonezu MV "MAD HEAD LOVE"

And so I've uploaded a video. One fragment of my second single releasing in October. Thanks. Kenshi Yonezu MV "MAD HEAD LOVE"

I'm uploading a video today or tomorrow. I still don't have a concrete time. Thanks.

I had a conversation with Jin. It's great to talk to someone else from my generation. Seems the conversation is going to be in September 30th's Rockin'on Japan.

Sometimes I think improbable things like "I wonder if that thing came out of me?" Was it really a scarab, and if not, what was it? Was it wrong of me to kill it? Around this time of year, I find my mind unendingly filled with such thoughts.

When I returned to my parents' home about three, four summers ago, I was lying on my side on a futon when I felt a strange itch around my chest. I touched my hand there and found that a scarab beetle was crawling on me. Startled, I smacked it away, and the blow killed it, but to this day it still makes me uneasy.

Updated my blog. German Suplex

My second single "MAD HEAD LOVE / Poppin' Apathy" will be released October 30th. Now to do the mastering. Thanks in advance.

RT @natalie_mu Kenshi Yonezu's New Album, "MAD HEAD LOVE / Poppin' Apathy" [Announcing his second single, containing the two title songs and Wanna Be a Bird At Least.]

I think there's going to be some sort of news tomorrow. Look forward to it.

Once when I was in middle school, I didn't want to go to school, so I faked sick and went to the hospital, and it turned out I really did have the flu. Perhaps I'm too insensitive to the ongoings inside my body.

I've started drinking energy drinks somewhat out of superstition, but I've had so many not really feeling they have an effect. I don't know if it's because of my expectations or what.

If it's for your own sake, or for the sake of someone you love, then by all means you can hurt others. It's only natural that you have to kick others down to live, so calling it hubris is hubris in itself.

The way the kanji for "bad" is composed appears to imply the meaning "lacking in heart," but so long as you live, no one will ever have "sufficient heart" in that sense. It's fine if you're a "bad" person.

Moral codes that don't recognize how the kindness, sympathy, and sense of justice we possess are directly linked with ill intentions are the biggest pain.


Gonna write a blog post.

I've been eating exclusively shirokuma. I didn't think it would be so tasty.

Making "good things" is fairly simple, just a matter of applying logic. Making "special things," on the other hand, is where it gets tough. There are millions of "good things" in the world.

Replies confirmed it: it appears I started my Twitter four years ago on July 21st. It's a little emotional to think it's already been that long. I also feel like so much and yet so little has happened.

I've been listening to Grizzly Bear nonstop lately. Really good.

But, ah well. Enjoy life.

I truly hate people who groan about fatal accidents causing their train to be delayed. They don't care one bit about others, never coming out of their own self-centeredness.

Updated my blog. atom

If you don't tell the people you love you love them, well, you don't know when they'll be gone. So tell them.

I haven't seen any girls carrying red bags lately. It's all been black these days. I wonder when it changed.

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I want to make fantastic things. And that's it.

The feeling of being free is something that is born anew between gaps in the absence of freedom, so it's not exactly a simple thing to come upon. I don't feel that living selfishly and taking directions from no one is in any way freedom. There's no point to it.

I went to have glasses made the other day, and was surprised to find out my eyesight had worsened by about 0.15. There's always been a difference between my left and right eyes, and apparently such people get weary eyes easily.

I've been talking about Santa Maria in various places. Like magazines and such. The extent to which I make words out of my creations is important.

Santa Maria appears to be playing in all sorts of places. The same was true of diorama, but I've yet to come across any of them myself.

@izuky444himura Thank you.

izuky444himura: "It may be heard stupidly. However, I'm a musician. And, I want to be like you. Is inside love. There is a music video displaying you. Greeting from Chile. Future guitarist girl. Has many dreams in her pocket." [This was clearly machine-translated to Japanese, so... I reflected that.]

Kenshi Yonezu "Santa Maria" MV [NicoNico]

New song. Thanks in advance. Kenshi Yonezu "Santa Maria" MV

I'll be uploading the Santa Maria video tonight at midnight. Thanks.

Someone once said you can only see angels at night. In times when you're fed up with living, there are moments where slight occurences you would never normally notice can save you. The laughter you hear passing by and the worthless small talk can become angels to pull you up out of the mire. If only I could make something like that.

It's a good night.

Listening to music and drinking.

When I was young, my hot-temperedness led me to break pencils in frustration of not wanting to study. Lately, it seems like that sort of thing has made a comeback. Changes in environment.

We all have parts we don't want anyone to touch. Even if we don't have ill will toward a person, there are words they can say that will hurt us. It's the same as that. There's no need to yield things you refuse to yield and make your life harder to live. Sometimes you must punch out others to protect yourself.

Theeeee end.

I recognize I'm standing in a somewhat iffy position, but when I see such off-putting things, I can't help but make it known that I can't possibly approve of them. Because I really want no part in or association with them. Sometimes the things I see will fill me with joy or anger. So I think you should do what you like and not worry about it.

If you want to do fanworks, then knock yourself out, I say. I was brought up in contact with that sort of thing, and when I started on NicoNico Douga, I felt that quality of the online community was a truly amazing one. But having something in which I hold at least a little pride remolded in some off-putting form is hard to be permissive of.

I don't really have any particular opinion at all on unauthorized copying. I've seen many replies from people who use my art as avatars, and I can permit that. What I can't stand is alterations and added decoration beyond that I would permit. I've been consistent on this ever since back when I did singing videos and such.

Certainly I'm not saying I'm an expert at design, but am I not correct that a good design should "leave an impression"? The fonts are all over the place, it's a complete mystery as to why it's dropping in images from my homepage rather than using the album cover, and the mouth part is gouged out for reuse. Speaking for myself, it's discomforting.

I retweeted that without thinking because there was just so much I could pick on. These kinds of things certainly do come up. I guess there's nothing I can do.

That design is a little, uh... I mean, sure, I'm glad someone made it for me, but...

[Hachi retweets an ad for Santa Maria from Animate.]

My first single "Santa Maria" will be released by Universal Sigma. It's out May 29th. Go here for details.

The self is independent of mind and body; it is much more expansive, reaching places you can never hope to see. I wish I could only see the faces of the people who enjoy what I create.

I've always made music alone, but strictly speaking, we don't make things alone. Since the moment of my birth, many things have come to my ears and eyes, some just so happening to condense and ferment within me, and they happen to become music. The "self" is little more than the tiny core you get when you peel away all the layers of an onion.

Though I may consider my heart personal space, something symmetrical to it can be seen in my body, the room I live in, and the friends and relatives who surround me. That is the scattering and condensing of the self, and it can be difficult to tell the difference unless you look closely.


When you're making something, what's most essential isn't a refined philosophy or a miraculous technique, but merely the enjoyment for creation. If you don't have that, it's all pointless.

When people constantly point out every little flaw in the things they dislike, always putting themselves just a little bit above, that self-defense of theirs soon turns them into an ineffective mockery of themselves. Their own words cause them to drag their feet, making them unable to move. It's like putting a curse on yourself.

I wanna do fun stuff.

@acane_madder Ah, it's been a while. Thank you very much.

acane_madder: "Happy birthday to you!"

@lasah_ichijo Thank you very much. I look forward to your album.

lasah_ichijo: "Happy birthday, Hachi-kun! Can't wait for your single!"

An announcement. At the end of May, I'll be releasing a single. It's called "Santa Maria." Three songs have been recorded. Details will be coming later.

If there exists even a single thing you refuse to yield, you will naturally have to hate someone. If you wish to avoid conflict and end up surrendering even those things you aren't very willing to give up, you gradually lose your sense of belonging, and ultimately end up unnecessary to everyone. Sometimes living calls for a smattering of selfishness.

I saw Les Misérables. It was pretty good, but around thirty minutes in I was thinking "Can't these guys just talk normal?"

Updated my blog. Cigarettes Taste Like Cold Cayenne Pepper

Ayanami from Evangelion.

Asuka from Evangelion.

Posted to Pixiv. Slipping

I feel that value is a quality that can only be established by comparison. Yet regardless of any definition of value, so long as you enjoy the process of creation, the value others see in it is completely irrelevant. Enjoyment and growth, thickheadedness and aesthetic sense - if you can create while keeping them independent, that's a good arrangement.

When I was around early-elementary-school age, I liked to draw Kirby. I believe the pictures were really not very good, but there was a time when I thought I was the best person in Japan at drawing Kirby. That thickheadedness of mine weakened the more communities I came to associate with, and a self-reflective sense of aesthestics was nurtured in its place.

I'm making music. I think I'll be able to tell you something about it fairly soon.

@wowaka Oh, yes. Messaged you.

wowaka: "Hey Hachi, you wanna go drinking sometime this month? I've got something to talk about."

Getting pumped up. I'll do my best.

In my personal relationships, it begins to feel that the thread is fraying and knotting up for a long period of time, and it makes my head hurt. Naturally, I have responsibilities of my own, so I suppose I must undo it or cut it sooner rather than later.

A crowd of people hurriedly headed in all directions, all waiting for a boat. Shoulders collide, feet are stepped on, it leads to irritation. But whether you love or hate the person beside you, you won't be with them forever, so why not enjoy some food and drink with them? Bitter enemies on the same boat - steady as she goes!

The end of another day. Everyone holds their own separate beliefs. They disturb the peace in everything they do, and live while being insulted. Nothing to be done but that, again and again.

Posted to Pixiv. Lalilu

I'm really quite surprised that this year is already coming to a close. I hope to head energetically into the next year. Also, I'll be streaming at 11 on the 27th, so I hope to see you then.

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Buying a model gun to prepare for conscription.

You alright?

Practice. Drawing is hard.


The skills I possess are ever developing, so I've yet to stop thinking of them as worthless. But even so, sometimes I'm told "Isn't it great just that you can do this?" And I always think "I don't know, was it great as I made my way toward being able to do this?" It feels like you're just glancing over the whole process that led up to today.

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Drawing is really fun.

Posted to Pixiv. Floating

When you mock a person who trips and scrapes their knee, karma will in no time have you tripping and scraping your own knee. As such, I just realized that's one reason not to say anything that needs not be said.

When a politician or media personality makes a verbal slip, it's considered bad and worthy of much criticism, and so bashing spreads under the guise of good intentions and sympathy. When I see a news article that takes a gaffe completely out of context, it makes me wonder who they're trying to talk to.

When someone is insulted, the one being insulted may not themselves consider it an insult. But a third party can step in and say "Don't be so mean!", cementing it as a "mean thing." This kind of "sympathy" is honestly more annoying than the people who dish out the insults.

12 inch nails (2)

@wowaka Hm... I'll keep that in mind. Thanks.

wowaka: "I don't care about the color at all, but I have been bugged by a fair amount of glare and reflection, I guess."

@wowaka I see... It seems the lenses are slightly tinted. Does that not bug you?

wowaka: "I've been wearing some for about two months and I think they're fine. But that's just what I think."

The other day, one of the temples on my glasses broke clean off. But since I only use them for watching TV and on the computer, I doubt the lenses would break, and so I've just been putting up with only having one of the temples. I recently learned there were glasses for PC use, though; how are those? Does anyone use them?

Posted to Pixiv. 12 inch nails

Coloring practice.

Rather than things being genuinely profound, it's really just you who's choosing to going deeper and deeper. If you want to go deep, you can go as far as you want - or rather, you go to a point that satisfies you. It's not right to be haughty simply for having done that.

People should stop calling everything "profound." They say you can find meaning in anything if you persist long enough, and they act like it's a difficult thing to do. But if you just keep piling up stones on the side of the road, like it not, that's "profound" too.

I want a drink, right now. Somebody buy me something.

Panda Hero

Christmas Morgue


There's a biorhythm to human appearance such that depending on the day, you might look good or you might look bad. So what does that mean for looking at a single picture online and declaring someone not worth your time? Making judgements from an isolated instant, expecting perfection and denying any deviation from your own expectation. It makes you seem like such a virgin.

In the course of daily life, you'll sometimes have to confront people who are distasteful for various reasons. You won't mesh with them at all, thinking "what's this guy's problem?" As soon as you can get away from them, you won't go anywhere they go. It's easy to deny them, but what I really want is to be like Alien Metron, with the determination and pride to graciously welcome them over a table.

When I went to a past Vocaloid Master, I was given presents in a rather large Pokémon Center bag. On my way home, being so burdened with luggage, I had the appearance of some tourist who came to Tokyo to have loads of fun, and that made me feel terrible.

Once, back in elementary school, I went to a local barber shop with my friends, and we talked with the lady there. At some point, she ended up crying, and told us as she wiped her tears, "Sometimes I get really excited talking about things I like, so I get weepy..." Hearing this, I thought "I totally understand," and that's my oldest memory of having sympathy for a stranger. The lady was talking about Golgo 13, incidentally.

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Our daily lives are packed with disorienting amounts of music, books, and art. But as a result, even if we're in a frenzied search for them, the things we like are things which we happen upon by chance. After all, aren't the people you like naturally among those who are close at hand?

There live many kinds of strangers in the world, but I would never expect to get a reply from a stranger saying "I'm a friend of Hachi-san's friend's friend's little brother."

I recall a night of drinking. As the party came to a close, suddenly someone started vomiting, and the one who tried to help them started vomiting too, and once it reached a third, my friend exclaimed "Oh crap, it's Resident Evil!" and got the hell out of there, looking terrified. I wonder what he's doing now.

Happiness isn't just about being satisfied. Motivation isn't free. In your life, there are things you consider necessary in living a long life. A friend picked up a half-read book with a bookmark in it and said "This book is really good, but I haven't read any further than this."

Making your experiences or emotions into music and singing them for people is a rather strange thing, I think. A screaming drinker filled with desire, a girl going from joy to sorrow due to her hair and the color of her nails, a college student staring at their smartphone on the train - all strange just the same. Everyone's different.

It's said that cooking is a means of communication. Personally, I can't cook. But wanting to share with others and offer them something, in a sense, is the basis of why I create. And while I don't like the fact that once cuisine is eaten, that's the end of it, I can understand how it might be enjoyable for others. Such is what I pondered while eating some slightly salty pasta.

tetuhauu: "I read it. I'm really wondering who on earth her lover is. I thought the girl was an unborn embyro, but... how would she and her lover have met in that case? And what happened to him afterward? Reading Kenshi-san's storybooks makes me think a lot."

syuka_08: "I took a look at "Being Born." I'm having trouble finding the words, but it made me think about how the ones being born have worries of their own. It was wonderful how he supported her. I thought a lot about where she went after being born. Thank you very much."

amedama28: "Reading Days of Happiness sent shivers down my spine, but I just felt empty at the end of Being Born. Did she die? I didn't really get it, so I'll try re-reading it. At any rate, I really like this storybook series."

p2lvym12: "I read "Being Born"! I more or less took it as death being the beginning of a new life. It gives me a strange feeling. Indeed, it's up to me. It made me think how I want to live life to the fullest. Kenshi-san's mild art fit very well, too!"

amane0511: "My thoughts! I really liked your word choice. I was wondering why her body seemed sort of transparent. The way it ends seems like it's open to a lot of different theories. It was a really fantastic story!"

kousuke85598901: "Would it be right to think of "being born" as reincarnation? Or is it just a replacement of "death" with "birth"? That's what it made me think. I'm jealous of your thoughts, Hachi-san. But it was also encouraging for me. I'm truly grateful, and you have my support. I'm not sure what to say but... do your best."

fu_ga0426: "I read it. It was a very deep story. Even though it was told with very simple words, I was moved. Whatever life she lives from now on is up to her. It was wonderful."

Love2malicious: "Just as I thought she had a wonderful lover, I noticed it looks like he's missing the ring finger on his left hand. That made me sad."

arstkjhn: "I read it! The perspective (?) in the passage made it seem like it was sucking me in. Where did you learn how to draw? Your drawings have so many different styles, and they're all wonderful! Also, it was wonderful how the little girl (?) looked peaceful to the very end."

inu_230: "I didn't get the deep stuff, but her memories vanishing into thin air left an impression. Also, I like your art, Hachi-san."

dw1plus: "Where'd she go? Eager for a sequel."

personapersonal: "The deer story was easier to understand and I liked it better. But "Being Born" made me think a lot more."

kushock: "I liked the girl, she was cute. I liked how her love said "That's up to you" and went back to his book. I liked the feeling of them trying hard not to say things."

sibadog426: "I really loved the atmosphere. Another caribou story would be great, too!"

It seems some people are having trouble reading it due to too much traffic. If that happens, please give it some time before you refresh.

I updated the gallery on my website with the semi-storybook "Being Born." Please reply with any thoughts you have on it.

I updated the gallery on my website with the semi-storybook "Being Born." Thanks.

I began to draw Hatsune Miku, but I'm not sure who it is at this point.

I'll be uploading another quasi-storybook within a few days.

Every time I discover I'm able to do something I couldn't before, I lament a little over the things I can't do that I could before.

An-an-ahn-an pamyu pamyu.

What you should really have faith in is your body. That's why it's unfortunate that the internet makes it ambiguous.

The heart takes a form that suits the body. The body is displayed to countless people. Every time it's seen, it's judged. And you can't do anything to change other people's judgements of "beautiful" or "ugly." But without the body, there could be no heart. Whether it's beautiful or ugly, the body is most important.

Our bodies are always there to take responsibility for our actions. Everything else is hazy, but not as significant. No doubt your feelings and mentality are your own, but they were given to you by someone else. You can't be haughty about them.

I don't think you can have faith in your own feelings.

Let's do it slow.

It's rough and I messed up some of the chords, so I'll re-record it someday.

Test. Made a quick song and did it in one shot. You Are Ugly

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I currently have no plans to release any new albums or anything and I'm bored, so please email me any interesting stories.

I just checked it, and there's an astounding number of emails. I'm really sorry.

Ah, that's right. When I made my homepage last year and felt my profile was too sparse, I made a brand new email address to put there. But I haven't checked it even once since then. I've been told I'm famous for never getting in touch with people, but I suppose there may be a good reason behind that comment. I'll check it now.

People who are afraid to think about what they accomplished yesterday and go nowhere, yet try to justify their position by using cheap insults to put down people who do achieve things, are utterly hopeless. Who cares about how despicable I am? I think we'd all be better off if you were more positive.

Nothing can exist perfectly. Whatever you do, there are imperfections. We can simply approach perfection, but everyone makes mistakes from birth. When we're afraid of being disliked, our words have no power. And since we trouble ourselves thinking about those foolhardy things, we come to think we shouldn't bother because we're afraid of disappearing.

I always think being positive is the most effective means of opposition.


Of course, there are also these kinds: People who are always regretting, but with no time for introspection, so they remain in dampness and flee from their responsibility. And people who in fact rejoice in having a dark, regretful past. Those are no good.

I don't mean to say that this is why it's good to doubt, or this is why it's good to believe. But I think that the most amazing things are always born in dark and damp places. In a place that's always been sunny, no one needs to make any light to validate themselves.

Only people who have dark pasts or regret not saying something they should have have the opportunity to mature. People who don't question anything can't realize their own imperfections, and thus can never mature. Weakness is the foundation of strength, and if you forget that, it's just arrogance.

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I'll draw a continuation some other time.

"Good weather, eh, sonny? Let's talk."

Hey There


Getting Up


A doodle of something that would fit right in a boys manga.

Saying "if you don't like it, ignore it" is the same as saying "put a lid on stinky things." It's just going to force you into a place where you won't see criticism against the things you like, simply because it displeases you. If you keep at it, the lids become meaningless, and the room smells horrid.

It's unfortunate that due to the very fact of its charm, worthless people can instantly make something equally worthless.

People often reply to harsh advice on the net with "if you don't like it, ignore it," but that's not rational. Asserting that something is to your liking doesn't mean it'll be something you like eternally, and if you like something, then too much of it can cause you to dislike it. So those areas are always fuzzy.

Muscle Pain Man.

It's just that I don't like people who randomly cause others trouble like that. I don't care either way about Glutamine. If it's a false charge, then I feel sorry for him, but if not, it's something he should apologize for and be done with. [Apparently Glutamine used an emulator to play a game on stream, and this led to many Vocaloid videos getting trolled. I have literally no idea.]

Damn internet hooligans.

I guess my videos are getting trolled. Not sure what the problem is, but it's really pathetic that standards are low enough for these things to happen.

I like this kind of thing. One Stale Bus / Kenshi Yonezu [Piano Cover]

Updated my blog. Lotus Root

@pandahi_ro_gumi I'm sorry, but I have to ask you to stop.

pandahi_ro_gumi: "Excuse me. I decided I would start a Twitter account pretending to be the Panda Hero. If that's not a problem, I hope to have your blessing."

I don't think of my convictions and ideas as being my own individuality, but just a congregation of the public domain - nearly the only thing I can be certain of is my physical body. Indeed, responsibility exists only in yourself.

When people keep themselves distant, they won't be able to take a single step when faced with a hugely important choice. It's possible they'll find somewhere to go where they can be happy, but ultimately, they'll just dry up and die.

People have a way of choosing something in their lives to convince themselves of and firmly believe in, and once they've done so, there's no escaping it. Depending on the person, it can be a book, a religion, a lover. At any rate, denying someone's "belief" without looking at the fundamental parts that make up that person could perhaps be - [I think he ran out of space.]

Throughout a person's life, they're presented with an unimaginable degree of choice. I feel the ability to tackle these choices influences the quality of one's life, but to pick up and examine each choice one by one isn't within the realm of possibility. That's why people rely on books and the wisdom of others.

I'm becoming an it's-hot-bot.

Making the things you want to make, creating according to your desires and urges... authorial heroism of that sort is worthless crap. You could call it conceit, too.

Selfless devotion.

Being able to sense when to run away from things that have become boring is important.

It's hot.

The thing Den asked for is... quite something.

Updated my blog. Unforgivable-Customer Cannon

It's hooooooooooooooot.

Angry outburst.

I'm an arrogant human.

What people need to live is a little bit of regularity, food, and care from others. They don't need idiots who wound people for fun. Why weren't they ever taught that? Their parents must have been dimwits.

Losing your place to belong is death. I think people who are bullied at school and commit suicide feel like school was the only place they belonged. In truth, a person could step foot outside of that place, but they'd feel like the world is going topsy-turvy after a single step out there. If only someone just told them that it's not the case.

If it were all a simple matter of facing up to problems and invariably resolving them, then people wouldn't die oppressed. If some idiot is threatening violence, then you'd better run away immediately. If only adults just had a place prepared to run away to... but instead, this happens.

I often say "run away" intentionally, but usually people reply "That's not running away" or "It's not good to run away." Is there something inherently bad about running away? You don't have to seriously believe the ridiculous assertion that you have to face all your diffculties.

I've been practicing piano. Right now, I can't even play Der Flohwalzer, but I hope to be able to play as well as this eventually.

People who create things are generally garbage.

Fanworks of the things I've created on NicoNico Douga are blindly being assigned a stubborn taboo, so that's why I said that.

Slightly off-topic, but my opinion is something I've said before: "Go ahead and do it if you want to, but I might get mad if my subjectivity judges it to be particularly egregious." I'd be grateful if you just adhere to that.

A mother raising their child in a sterile environment with too much love seems like it results in a weaker child overall. It's like a nervous PTA going "Toys could be dangerous, so repeal them!"

Artwork is something that is let out into the world and oxidized each time it's observed, so it's expected that fingermarks get on it from people booming "Don't make derivatives!" Following the logic to its conclusion, you have to say that if you don't want it touched, you don't release it at all.

I don't particularly care for compromises, but I generally make it once, publicize it, and then I'm not so concerned about my stuff anymore. I'm wondering if that's an acceptable way to be.

Let's say you took some music that plays when a comedian comes on stage in a silly, humorous way, and put it in an entirely different place, such as hearing it at a concert by the creator of the music. Then you'll unconsciously imagine those sorts of silly, humorous actions, which I think can be interesting, but I wonder how much of it various people can tolerate.

Communities you're not involved in generally appear redundant, unfocused, and absurd. But if you can't imagine how you could be associated with them, it means that you can't comprehend how others could see you in that way. Thus, people with little imagination have a similarly lesser picture of their own self. And they don't realize it.

I'm still making music, but my thoughts of truly liking music have almost entirely gone.

@kyooko_hinami It's bad.

kyooko_hinami: "HUH?!? Is it gonna be okay?!"

@task_plus9 Really? Then please.

task_plus9: "I can come on Sunday if you want!"

Almost all the data for everything I've made is inside, so if I can't get it working again, it's all over. I'm glad it happened after I was done with diorama, at least.

I'm facing off with what seems like a bad joke: namely, my external hard drive not working.

A hole opened up in the coin pocket of my wallet, and while I wasn't paying attention, it activated its Limit Break. I should probably just buy a new one.

I can understand why you'd want to make excuses and justifications for your actions, as you might not be able to do anything if you don't. But it's frightening in that if you mess up even a little, it can just end up incredibly rude.

I've been thinking more and more about wanting to be impeded and troubled. If I actually were, though, I would dislike it, so it's a strange sort of whim that's no more than that.

If you don't tell lies, you can't talk about the truth. It's better to go with true things all the way rather than lie.

Overthinking and backing out of things is a bad habit to have. Jumping into things without thinking can be just right sometimes.

Anxiety isn't something that comes from simple outside factors such as overwork or hours of sleep. It's like trying to jump over what seems like a minor obstacle, but having far less energy in your jump than you thought, your leg getting caught on it, falling over, and realizing "Ahh, I can't jump over it..."

Unfortunately I heard it out of an iPhone, but I like it most out of all of Kuroji's songs.

RT @boss9649 Original PV, Hatsune Miku, "FRIENDLY FLOWER"

In my opinion, making songs entirely on your own is most enjoyable, and if you're going to use other people's songs, you need to do so with dignity. It's like breaking up your body into pieces. Perhaps it's a sentiment known only to people who create, but when I see it handled in such bizarre ways, it feels like I'm being splashed with cold water.

In regard to fan creations for the things I make, I basically just think you can do whatever you want to do. On top of that, you can like what you like, and hate what you hate.

Mascot costumes are unexpectedly solid. In a battle, you'd need weapons to pierce one of those.

I don't think the worldwide part needs to be so emphasized. I'm making music in Japanese, as a Japanese guy. Though sure, I'm grateful that there are people outside Japan listening.

Life is a scramble for possession.

@_Yumao_ Then I wonder what's next...

_Yumao_: "Haha, well, now... I was thinking that might happen, actually."

First I heard about that part...

RT @natalie_mu Kenshi Yonezu's diorama Becomes Available Worldwide on iTunes [In the article, the primary reason given for worldwide distribution is the popularity of user-made English subtitles for the PVs on the album. Now who could have done a thing like that?]

diorama is now available on iTunes. Thanks in advance.

By the way, I do read all your replies.

No matter how good a friend, or a lover, or family, when people come closer together, the parts of them that are different become disgustingly evident. Keep some space, or everything collapses. In fact, maybe even go far away. Go far away for the sake of getting along better.

Given the sense of distance I feel, I think in most cases the act of responding to replies is harsh on both parties, so I try to respond as little as possible. Hopefully you can understand my reasoning.

The ideal relationship has some distance between the two, whether it's friends, lovers, or even just people who are willing to accept the things I make. So while most of you can't be my friends or lovers, I'd be happy if we can come to a solid understanding through this ideal relationship.

Sweat-breaking days. I want to live a refreshing life.

I've been forgotting my plans so much lately. Write your schedule in a notebook or something, you dunce.

When it comes to these things, I suppose I inherently make more of a distinction the longer I do it, so there's no need to state it right now. But then that means the choice of not saying anything becomes correct. In a way it's easier for me, but I rather like the medium of words. So I want to say what I want said.

I don't think it's necessary to declare what I am, as it's rather cold. But I'm clearly in a different position from the singers of Vocaloid songs on NicoNico, so I just want that cleared up. Don't call us one and the same.

Perhaps I shouldn't really say it, but I don't really approve of being associated with Nico singers.

I was doing signings yesterday, and the way I wrote my signature changed considerably from the start to the end. I was even aware it was changing as I did them. It's hard to say if it was evolving or deteriorating, though. At any rate, I ended up able to do one in about two seconds.

I want to know the things I don't yet know.

I've been using Twitter for a long time, but many times I've seen the brief moment when a single person's tweet calls forth a ripple that becomes public domain. The dilution of thought and culture accelerates, and ultimately, perhaps only the body will be left.

Updated my blog. diorama

I feel like I've been sleeping three-fourths of each day.

The characteristics and culture we were taught when little show in our appearances and actions. And being modeled in our culture's image, we can't help but realize the dirtiness of the form we've been made in.

The encouraging words of famous people, like "don't worry" and "take action," are directed at people who do worry and can't take action. So I feel that people who don't think and do things at random are being told "worry" and "don't bother."

When I was still young, I lamented that there was no medicine that could turn around feelings of defeat by the following day. So in my childish mind, I dreamed of one much like one of Doraemon's secret tools. But thinking about it now, it's pretty much an exact match with narcotics, and now I'm left feeling like I don't have any dreams.

I have 3D glasses, so I briefly considered uploading a picture of them saying "I can't see the sun with these..." But I decided against it.

I suddenly received some glasses, so I'm looking at the sun. Strange people wearing strange glasses, all revering the sun. It's like a cult.

On rural buses, the passengers and the drivers enjoy chatting with each other.

We have to accept, and have to change. When I release a work into the world and compare myself to those who listen, my values are updated. I feel values are something that are always changing. People who can keep on creating are the most powerful of all. I wish to be that way myself, if possible.

I'm reading people's thoughts on diorama. Obviously, people say all kinds of things, and let's not even get into how well what they say represents their actual reactions. Sometimes it's a mistake to assume everything is the truth. The only thing that's certain is that we have to accept it.

@lasah_ichijo Ah, thank you very much. It ended up being a good album.

lasah_ichijo: "Congrats on your album! I was took by surprises by the whole floor of Shibuya Tower Records bein' filled up with it, all like DA-DUM."

My art is on display at the Shinjuku Tower Records. Thanks.

My first album, diorama, is out today. Thanks in advance.

wowaka: "Congrats on releasing your album! Go to hell!"

@wowaka If it isn't wowaka!!! Good mornign to you too!!!

wowaka: "Good morning!"

Thanks a lot for the alcohol. [I believe he went drinking with the Balloom guys.]


I don't get what people are going for when they tamper with pictures (particularly of famous people) and upload it to the internet.

There's an interview with me in the June edition of music magazine MUSICA. I talked a fair bit. Thanks.

diorama is coming out soon on May 16th. It'll be sold at various stores. Thanks.

To people who speak about the things they like and hate in the same regard, nothing is important.

"In a scene in a movie, the protagonist goes into a cafeteria to get lunch. They look out over the crowd, but without even ordering anything, they dash for the bathroom, tears flowing. Do you understand what this person is feeling? If you don't, you'll never understand the feelings of the weak for your whole life." I distinctly remember a certain person who said this.

You can't let the power of community fool you into thinking it's your own power. If you carry on an easy life keeping that illusion, you'll only notice the truth when you're one day robbed blind on the highway, and it'll be too late.

Though if I don't want to be misunderstood, I shouldn't open my mouth ever again. Misunderstanding is a fundamental part of communication.

I don't want any misunderstanding, but I don't mean to say that vivi is a extraordinarily well-made song.

"Then say that in an interview," maybe. But I'm spineless.

I presently have the gloomy premonition that, since I made the song "vivi," I shouldn't make any more music ever again. Of course, as time passes, I'll likely find something to change my mind. But for now, I'm extremely lonesome.

I had a sata andagi given to me by Den (@denugrw). Even when I was drinking, I kept asking for lemons. Such was the Okinawaness of it.

Even if you have manners, if you're hostile, then I don't think it matters what you say. Of course, I figure the moment you start getting hostile, you're not in your right mind, so manners go to the wayside anyway. Nearly everything about what someone thinks about and to what extent comes out in their words.

First showing a minimum amount of respect for each other and standing in an arena where you can both be, then communication can be established. Once you have that, then it's fine if you quarrel. But if either is lacking in courtesy, then the words and feelings will start going one-way, and there won't be any conversation there.

It's ridiculous to think "I'm a victim until everything is perfect for me." When you have relationships, you and the other both take responsibility. If you remain unaware of that, or perhaps choose to ignore it, then the hostility and ill will thrown at them will bring untold injury.

There's an old man nearby who raises cats, and he's always surrounded by countless cats. He must be some kind of genius.

Even when I'm doing something enjoyable, imagining what I look like while thoroughly enjoying something makes me feel gross. My loss, I suppose.

Delete it?

I have a Facebook I've done nothing with but neglect. Wonder what I should do with it?

Oh right, vivi was playing on School of Lock earlier. I listened to them all the time in high school. I'm glad.

My fingers hurt from playing guitar. It's been too long...

When trying to pick out equipment, it nearly makes me dizzy with all the horizontal... well, English writing I have to decipher. I think that may be one of the main reasons I dislike equipment so. Write it in Japanese, please. I much prefer it.

I don't want to be a buffoon who gives up saying "I shouldn't have sold it in the first place." Music must be heard, or there's no point in it. There's nothing at all enjoyable about living all alone.

I don't see the value in making things that only those who "get it" will understand. I'm tired of that kind of selfishness. I want a wide variety of people to hear. So I'm releasing my album on May 16th. Please, buy it if you will. And if you aren't satisfied with your purchase, feel free to toss it out, or sell it, or leave it to the crows.

I got a small mention in ROCKIN'ON JAPAN's June issue. I've read it for a long time, so I'm happy for that.

Came to the convention, but man, is it huge...

I just tried searching the lyric "In the field of rye, hold me tight," and I saw plenty of people had used it already. So I clicked my tongue a little and closed the browser. It's a rainy day.

My art display will be at the convention for both days, but I'll only be there on the 29th.

I've had a few chances for interviews lately, but I'm simply not very good at speaking. I wish I could talk more.

All things are in equilibrium. Today is a heat beyond merely warm.

It's rather natural to feel that the things you create are superb, but if you let that thought escape too often, or worse yet, let it infect your words and actions, it's not good at all. You won't even notice that you yourself are tainting your works, which is just an utter shame.

Part of me wants to give up whenever I begin drawing something, but since I'm the only one who draws what I draw, I eventually get going, and then it's very relaxing and enjoyable. Strange as it sounds, I like drawing due to the fact that I don't like it.

It's an ending so abrupt I would flip out at the author if I met them. So as someone who's making something similar, it makes me just a little more worried about what I'm doing. I'll be careful.

It's a little depressing finding out what stuff I was curious about since I was a kid was really like. Apparently it was based on a comic, so maybe the comic couldn't keep up?

I watched the "Please Save My Earth" anime, and I think it was something I've seen before. And I was surprised by what felt like a really abrupt ending.

Every single one of my sketches are pictures of girls. I wonder why.

I've gotten two replies saying it might be "Please Save My Earth." Multiple responses add to the credibility, but I honestly don't remember anything but that scene, so I probably just saw it and left without ever knowing the title. At any rate, I'll look into it.

It was about ten to fifteen years ago. I've been curious all this time.

Long ago, in grade school or so, I saw something at a department store that I think was an anime. A man and woman sit in a living room of sorts, facing each other, and the man says "I'm gonna hurl," so the woman hurries to get a wash basin, but the man is gone when she returns to the living room. Does anyone know an anime with a scene like that?

I might get called an obnoxious know-it-all for saying these kinds of things, but that's where some of the best parts of my creations come from. And if I'm having fun, then whatever.

As soon as words and feelings are exposed to the outside world, they begin to rot (perhaps at the fault of the words). But if they're going to be dirty, I think perhaps I want them to get dirty in an exquisite and beautiful way. Sounds contradictory, I know.

I'm a creator of things such as music and art, but your own self can count as a creation as well. I don't want to get in anyone else's way or vice versa. Perhaps that should be reason not to tweet pointless things, so as not to annoy others, but I often just think "hey, as long as I'm having fun." There's a kind of balance there.

I'm very grateful to have an environment where tweeting something will make responses come back, and that in itself is enjoyable. But it's possible that I'll assume that these exchanges are truly connecting me to people, and that in itself is terrifying.

I want to tweet regularly, but I have nothing in particular to tweet about. Today's a cold day.

What to dooo...

I stayed up in an attempt to free myself from my inversion of night and day, but I kind of just did a full revolution instead.

Posted to Pixiv: diorama Crossfade

@kiri_composer Thank you.

kiri_composer: "Looking forward to Kenshi's album..."

@scopscop Oh! Thank you very much.

scopscop: "So many cool songs... Can't wait!"

The picture was drawn for the crossfade. Also, I noticed I mistyped "Disco Balloon" as "Balloon Disco"... The correct one is "Disco Balloon." Apologies.

Video uploaded. Thanks in advance. Album Crossfade "diorama"

Tonight (very soon), I'll upload the diorama crossfade.

Simply coming upon a creation that perfectly agrees with me rarely happens. Just the act of looking is painful.

I was thinking of uploading a crossfade today, but I haven't even made it. Wahaha.



There's no need to derive correctness, and no need to take that the wrong way. Even if you have no reason to live, you have no explicit reason to die. Besides simply living, people don't have any particular duties, so they cause strangers trouble, get into fights with people they disagree with, and cover themselves with blood. That must be a fun way to live.

Also, I don't want to be thought of as a guy who always says the same kinds of things day after day.

The reason for me tweeting these things, to be blunt, is because I'm not sleeping and I'm bored.

To begin with, I think that all people are born equally valuable, stay the same no matter how far they go, live the same, and die the same. If you could dismantle a person's spirit, you would find absolutely nothing distinguishing inside. The poverty gap is a terribly selfish thing.

Experience and your daily morals concern themselves with each other, and affect the way you live. We shouldn't say "We're alive, so get experience" - we need to examine every moment and make our choices carefully. People who ignore their day-to-day lives and dedicate themselves to piling up experience are just taking off in the entirely wrong direction.

Every person accumulates experience at roughly the same rate every second since they're born. So the amount just comes down to age - the difference is in its form. People experience good things and bad, but they don't need the experience of "doing nothing." We should try to live lives in which we don't let ourselves be stopped at one place by emptiness and uneasiness.

Hm. Any interesting movies out?

I was thinking something was weird the whole time I was drawing, and I guess it was the paper. Too slippery.

@sanbonmenonegi I think that's simply how you feel about the idea of people's minds and bodies changing to match their life, becoming externally visible as a result. Whether the saying is accurate or not is an entirely different subject, isn't it?

sanbonmenonegi: "They say "Personality shows in your face, lifestyle shows in your body type, and your true colors show in your work." But that's completely wrong. It's this: "You see others' faces and decide they must be ___. You see others' bodies and label them as having a ___ lifestyle. You see others' work and imagine their true colors to be ___.""

While living normally is extremely difficult, and I've often deviated from it in the past, I feel the repetition of joy and discouragement that comes from creating things can still be called an enjoyable life.

That there are things one can do is thanks to there being things one can't. While it's not a question of which of those is more wonderful, the things that one can't do should not be taken lightly or ignored.

Work on the album is complete. I was absolutely exhausted at the moment of finishing, but it's turning into joy bit by bit. A pause.

Remaking the announcement. New song posted. MV "Love and Fever"

New song posted. The video is by Minakata Laboratory. Thanks in advance. MV "Love and Fever"

Two days from now, the night of April 5th, I'm hoping to post another song from diorama.

I was just remembering my battle against Sazae-bot nearly two years ago. A very strange kind of war that became. I actually look at it sometimes, but it still feels rather wrong to me. Who really cares, I guess.

I should really address my habit of thinking to reply, but being late about it and thinking "eh, whatever." To anyone who's close to me: if you contact me and don't hear back from me, please consider that I'm probably just saying "eh, whatever" again.

Laughter comes from discord between common sense and individuality, so it's not necessarily just "let's do something weird and amusing," which is interesting. Comedians try to do funny things intentionally, but I absolutely think it should be more about just doing something funny on occasion.

Tragedies and comedies have some common points. When I see a drunkard having a blast, then suddenly taking a nigh-fatal turn for the worse, I can't help but laugh.

I'm hit with the desire to cut my hair really short about four times a year.

I want to cut my hair. A lot of it.

The differences in means of expression come down to different "thicknesses," or "concreteness," as well as what people personally like and dislike. Many people will say they like music and movies, but very few say they like words.

Words are so intimately involved in our lives that there's a tendency to neglect to represent things through other means of expression. That's why it's difficult for us to express that which can't be put into words. If you can't express it in words, it's not likely you can do it with music, art, physical things, or images either.

Tried my hand at Instagram. It's simple, I guess.

Submission to Instagram

Motivation nearing zero. Not good.

A last spurt of work. Can't tire out now.

Sometimes I see it said that "People who really want to die do so without ever saying it out loud." But in most cases, we don't care to hear people talking about how they want to die, so we exclude their case and consider it as if they never said a word. That's the brutality of the majority.

People can ultimately only live in small communities, so if they're rejected, they have little other choice but death. The most insignificant thing could be earth-shatteringly important to another, and they will show no mercy to those who don't feel the same way.

The degree of sorrow someone can feel upon receiving a single piece of news is completely different from person to person. I hate people who don't understand that and cry out "love and peace" at every little thing.

Updated my blog.

I wonder what kind of heart some people have to keep drawing the same comic for ten years straight.

@wowaka Whoa! Thank you very much. I'm glad to hear it...

wowaka: "It's sooooo good."

I hate seeing retweets and reposts as if they're supermarket leaflets on my tweet list, but I'm just hoping for at least one more person to listen. I know that's not much, but it's the truth.

The third repost. I posted a song. MV "vivi" [Yes, there was a second repost, but I ignored it and he later deleted it.]

Oh wait, it shows the ID at the end of the credits. I didn't see it.

After it was over, I was wondering if I could get the ID of the person I traveled with, but no, it was simply over. Sharing experiences with someone, despite it being brief and not knowing their face nor name, was a rather peculiar feeling.

Work wasn't getting anywhere, so I played that Journey game. It was neat.

Getting to work.


New song posted. Thanks in advance. MV "vivi"

@saba0912 I lied. I LOVE it.

saba0916: "But I'm headed for Tokyo..."

I guess I don't like Tokyo very much after all.

Perhaps I should have a little more respect for my living schedule.

Uploading a new song around 8 PM on Thursday, the 15th. I won't be late this time. Maybe.

Some famous people on Twitter establish a friend-like closeness with others, yet angrily tweet "I ain't your friend!" Wonder what their deal is.

While it would often appear that I can hold my alcohol very well, I don't think that's particularly true myself.

So Moebius died...

@boss9649 Thank yooou.

boss9649: "Happy day of birth!"

@scopscop Thank you very much.

scopscop: "Happy birthday to you!"

Updated my blog. Liver With Salt

Thank you very much.

mixiv_14: "Happy Birthday ! From Indonesia , we love you hachi ! (((o(*oVo*)o)))"

kzm_53: "Happy birthday, Kenshi-kun! I greatly admire you. I hope you have a wonderful day! Greetings from Argentina! <3"

hasegawa_ken1: "Happy birthday! (I don't know if it's happy or not but I'll say that anyway.)"

lasah_ichijo: "Happy birthday, Hachi-kuuun! Lookin' major forwards to dat album!"

Eeeeetan: "Happy birthday!! :3 I'll keep supporting you as Hachi-san, or Kenshi-san, or whatever! I love you!!"

I'm planning to upload another song next week or so.

If I could go back to high school, all I'd want to try again would be my entrance ceremony and graduation.

I always take a specific distance and live at that distance forever until something happens, which has led to estrangement and a lack of communication. I've been doing it again and again, innumerable times.

I remember some people I exchanged replies with long ago, but I can't remember in the least either why I exchanged replies with them, nor why I stopped doing it. I don't think it was just coming to dislike it.

Today sure was spring.

And another.

While sorting out files, I found a GIF of Lynne back from when I was going to make an animation for it. So here it is.

I wanna go see Dead Sushi.

Let's get to work. Once I get started, it'll be easy.

Updated my blog. Tea Kettle

I don't have the words. What a pain.

I can't understand the culture of taking the music of others and sublimating it to resemble one's own work. It just makes me wonder, why? I suppose I can't deny it in itself, though. But really, making music isn't THAT hard to do.

It's much more fun making music on my own rather than borrowing from elsewhere.

I hate the insensibility of people who say that all teenagers will go through the same problems, that "everyone's that way at that age." It's stupid to think that anyone else is going to encounter exactly the same things as you, at least until they're dead. Even just telling them "Well, I made it through, at least" will hardly do any good.

I have things to do, but I'm so bored. What an annoying sensation. I'm tired. I want a drink.

I was streaming on Ustream for nearly eight hours. Something may be wrong with my brain.

Today's a day of hearing BPMs way faster than they are.

That's the one. Thank you very much.

RT @nabehideki I'm not certain, but it sounds kind of like this Flexatone instrument.

Is it not an instrument at all?

I've been wondering this for a while. What kind of instrument can make the "byoioing" sound at the beginning? [Volume 2] Kyary Pamyu Pamyu Commercial: Pucchin Pudding Glico

Truly superb stories have the power to make you imagine what happens after the curtain falls. Even after a satisfying happy ending, you might make yourself sad wondering when that happiness comes to an end. That doesn't happen with lesser stories. For all you care, the stagehands behind the curtain just took out the characters' batteries.

Every time I repeat the announcement, I see responses from people who never knew about it before, and I realize that this is the way things are. Should I perhaps repeat it at a more continuous rate?

This will be the last repost. I uploaded a new song. I hope you decide to listen to it at least once. Thanks in advance. MV "Go Go Ghost Ship"

Thank you very much.

You'll have to tell me what's good about it, or I won't have anything to go on... Sorry, but please include that as well.

I thought I'd tweet something, but couldn't think of anything to tweet after thirty-some minutes. Well, uh, recommend me some washing detergents.

That's my intent. I'm going home.

I can understand putting things in places where they sell well. That's how it should be when you're selling something. But you wouldn't put a watermelon among a shelf of melons, would you? I just want to be put where I belong.

I don't care at all about being labeled the Vocaloid producer Hachi. It's true. But it's crawling its way into places where it just doesn't belong.

I don't want at all to deny the things I've done in the realm of Vocaloid, so I'll certainly continue to accept my being Hachi. But I feel a bit let down to see my intentions coming through so poorly, perhaps even outright ignored.

I don't care too much about the category itself, and I don't think of my songs as being rock either, but part of why I revealed my real name is to get away from that. But I still ended up there anyway...?

Vocaloid songs, I mean.

Apparently my album is categorized as "Anime/Game Music" on Amazon. Strange. Maybe because I make Vocaloid...? I definitely never had any intention of it being classified into that category.

Anime/Game Music, huh?

I'm not sure if it's relief from uploading a song, but I've been slacking off somewhat. I'll get back to work tomorrow.

I'm honestly so glad to know that someone is listening. I haven't felt so deeply happy in a long time.

Updated my blog. Go Go Ghost Ship

I just laughed upon noticing all the "2"s in the submission time. [It was posted at 2012/2/20 2:00 AM.]

Video uploaded. Thanks in advance. MV "Go Go Ghost Ship"