Lotus Root (from Kenshi Yonezu's blog)

- I wanted to go to Fuji Rock, but I had things to do and had to give up on it. Unfortunate.

- I like pickled vegetables in the sense that when I see them, they look good, but they're unappetizing when I actually eat them. I don't like them. And to think, picked radishes look so delicious. Yet I don't like them.

- Forgot to take in the washing.

- I often think about how, if a person isn't accepted by another, they won't speak up about it. Would they do so if they wanted approval, though? In the span between birth and developing your own judgement, being loved by other people (mainly parents) helps you love yourself, but those who aren't loved remain forever hollow. I'm not trying to say that not being loved is a foolish thing, but there will never stop being people who are accepted from birth.

- The things I write on this blog and Twitter are ultimately things anyone could say. Just because I keep saying them doesn't mean I'm going to create something worthwhile. They have almost no influence on music or art. If you hand someone illiterate a dinner menu with nothing but text, they won't understand it, but they can understand the flavor and appearance of the cuisine itself. Words are only so much. Knowing things by words isn't all-important - we can understand simply through our experiences. Words are just attached later.

- The internet is frightening. It's all about doing worthless things. A den of desire.

Posted July 27th, 2012

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