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It's July. 2013 has passed its fold.

I started a column in ROCKIN'ON JAPAN. It's called "Monster Encyclopedia," where I draw illustrations of fictional monsters and describe their characteristics. A strange column to have in a music magazine, but I personally enjoy it. I've long wanted to do something like this.

I've been making music constantly lately. Actually, never mind "lately," I've just been making it constantly. A lot of them haven't worked out. But I have to try.

This year was my first time doing full-blown studio recording. It was a fresh experience with lots of things I didn't know. It made me realize what a small fraction of things I actually know.

I've been thinking about body and soul, thoughts and emotions, other sorts of dualities. To truly create something fantastic, you can't neglect either. In making music, I have an inclination toward the soul and emotions.

Apologizing has never really helped anyone. I think it's a very futile thing. Apologizing for negligence won't fix matters, after all. I always think "Don't just apologize, do something about it." But occasionally, I'll apologize because I can't do anything about it.

Advancing the soul is unthinkable without coming into contact with the concept of death. If there are trees, say, growing upon the soil of death, surely death must be kept in mind for a good harvest of the soul.

Being able to describe my actions as "kind" depends on whether it's active or passive. Whether it's for someone else's sake or otherwise, if I act because I want to do something, then that may be called kindness. If something comes about from passive thoughts like "I can't be bothered" and "I don't want to," that's not kindness, it's weakness.
This is all subjective, and I can't deny it's up to an individual feeling that something is kind or weak. But putting my weakness in wrapping paper and packaging it as kindness is an arrogant and insincere way of thinking.

I want to go to the mountains this summer. Somebody come with me.

Posted July 1st, 2013

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