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I resolved to finally update my blog again, but I don't have anything much to mention, so I'll just write whatever.

I watched Japan play Greece in the World Cup this morning, but it was a long match that ended hazily without either getting any goals in. I know that as someone who only supports them when they're on TV and then proceeds to pay them no mind, I can't understand the perspective of these players who put in hard training day after day, and I can't exactly defend my position, but it also doesn't really change the fact that it was a stupidly boring game. Apparently it's going to take some serious doing for Japan to make it into the finals now. I wish them luck.

I heard the popular freeware game Ao Oni was being made into a movie, so I watched the preview, and I was overcome with a feeling of wrongness. The Oni of the original Ao Oni has a certain "idiocy": an emptiness, a naivety. It fosters a kind of terror that you simply can't comprehend its thoughts. But here, it has clear ill will and hatred. Doesn't that give too much insight into the mind of the Oni? Humans categorize things as "eerie" based on an unimaginable failure of logic. That's precisely why you can't give reasons that allow people to understand why it attacks others. If you don't preserve the Ao Oni's sacred eerieness, it's nothing more than another violent monster.

I'm often surprised, when I go out to drink with friends my age, at the diversity of their lives. Some work hard at companies, some are jobless and trying to adjust to adult life, some are already having children and learning about child care. Some don't go online at all, some watch anime every single day. We used to all be more or less similar enough that we shared in our highs and lows together, but no more. People flow in their own directions with the flow of time. I recall someone likening humans to a river.

I just realized after writing all this, but recently I've been working on designing merchandise. I've always wanted to make T-shirts and iPhone cases, so it was fun drawing for them. But it's my first time doing a lot of this, so I was also uneasy whether it'd be accepted. But I took a peek, and I'm relieved to see it's rather positive on the whole. I'd like to do it again.

Summer draws near.

Posted June 20th, 2014


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