Unforgivable-Customer Cannon (from Kenshi Yonezu's blog)

[The title is apparently a reference to a Yubaba line from Spirited Away after No-Face runs wild (basically "even for a customer, this is unforgivable!", though it seems to have no real translation in the English dub), as well as a meme where Yubaba is charging a ki blast and saying said line. None of that has anything to do with this blog post.]

- Fearfully, I've noticed it's already the second half of July. I have memories up to June, so perhaps I might have gotten here from June.

- My new wallet smells like a rice cracker. It's unpleasant.

- I fully realize the terror of habit. A little bit of laziness can add up to be months, and it comes to show on your body and in your thoughts. It may differ from person to person, but idleness can be in the corpulent or the slim. It's hubris.

- I had a thought about those who are primarily raised on the internet. If, on a fiercely hot summer day, everyone wore winter clothes, and as many recognizable factors as possible were removed, such as the greenness of vegetation and cicadas buzzing, what would a person with no background knowledge think? Would they realize it was summer? It makes me think of the senses of smell and touch.

- All things are divided into action and reaction. If I punch someone, it's obvious I'm going to be hurt too. Asking for permission to react as such would just be awkward.

- I want a little fridge. Also, a new sofa.

Posted July 20th, 2012


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