Liver With Salt (from Kenshi Yonezu's blog)

I turned 21 today. Putting on years is a scary thing.
It makes me wonder what I can do as a youth living in these times.

Becoming an adult isn't a particularly spectacular thing.

I went to see the Himizu movie the other day.
I won't say anything more that might spoil it, but I thought it was good.
I kind of like the motif of a cursed stone.

I've been drawing lots of pictures lately.
Drawing is just simply fun for me.
Unlike when making songs, my ears are free to listen to whatever, which is the best part.
If only I could listen to music while making music.

Connections to others, like affection and friendship, are almost like curses.
Whenever anything comes between you, words, feelings, and heat piles up in your body, and won't go away no matter what you try.
As a result, people become their most anguished, looking like the dry eyes of an icefish, craving for love, not noticing their own exclusion, and continue to endlessly torment themselves with gloom.
As long as we live free, life won't end with a happy ending.

It was warm the past few days, but now it's raining to melt away the winter cold!
Once all this melts, I'll have to hang up my laundry again.

Posted March 10th, 2012


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