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Hachi's older tweets have been moved here. These are tweets from when he started using Twitter (a while before Mrs. Pumpkin's Ridiculous Dream) up to posting Go Go Ghost Ship.

Old Blog Posts

Encoding. Groggy.

It looks like I'll be able to meet my goal. But I want to sleep like the mud!

@toku_grnd Thank you...

toku_grnd: "Good luck!"

I'm not able to resolve these problems. I'll have to upload the video tomorrow. I'm sorry.

As much praise as I'm receiving, I might have to change the date. I'm sorry.

There's a lot I need and want to say about this, but I'm not finished with everything yet, so for now, I'm just saying the album is coming. Sometime tomorrow night (tonight, technically), I'll upload a song from the album. Thanks.

Well, I guess it's faster to look here. [The description here lists the same songs (well, it calls Vivi "vivi," in lowercase English letters), but also says there will be 15 songs in total, implying a final, unlisted song.]

It appears the news is out, so I'm announcing it. I'm releasing an album under my real name. More details below. "diorama" by Kenshi Yonezu, releasing 5/16/2012 (Wed)! #balloom http://balloom.net

They checked my age for the first time at the convenience store today. With my facial hair grown out, height nearing 190 centimeters, and generally mature appearance, I wanted to make some remark about how despite all that, they still needed to check. So I told the girl at the register "What, I'm not good enough for you?" Then I realized it made me sound like I was desperately hitting on her.

At least three times this year, I've mistakenly thought "Oh yeah, I have six fingers." Why is that, I wonder? Of course I only have five.

The more I think about it, the more I realize last year was the worst of my life. I desperately don't want this year to end up the same.

Nice weather, huh.

I think I'll try to upload a video sometime next weekend. It's not a Vocaloid song.

Crying people have a unique smell, but they can't get sympathy no matter who they ask.

While relationships between people originate from loneliness and hollowness, I've always thought it'd be best to forget and dance around that fact, scattering my embarrassment to the wind.

The act of creating something is somewhat like digging deep within yourself, groping around for what's perfect and correct. But no matter how much you dig, you won't ever be able to find what you define as perfect. So I think it's very important to know when to give up on perfection and settle for a little less.

Time just keeps passing me steadily by. Shocking.

I really enjoy being able to listen to music or radio while drawing. If only I could do the same while making music.

Various installations ended up taking about three hours, so I was thinking of going to bed, but I unintentionally started messing with my guitar, and the time passed in the blink of an eye.

I'm sometimes asked if I have an Ameblo, but I do not. If it appears that I do, then that's someone else.

No, creation shouldn't be lonesome.

@tworira I can't exactly hold a dialogue with myself.

tworira: "Maybe that's normal, though... Creation is lonesome."

For as long as I don't take care of my bad habits, I see that I'll have to keep creating alone my whole life. A frightening prospect.

Chicken steak.

Maybe I should try being an easy-follow, easy-remove kind of guy again.

I want to make something with someone else, but I just don't have that ability at all. Maybe I'm too self-centered, who knows.

I'm really starting to hate how there are so many things I can't do.

I just noticed a spot of mysterious rashes on my palm. What could be the cause...


I want cod-liver oil.

Cherry Bonbon.



The passage of time seems to have changed completely since the very moment I turned 20. When I let my guard down, it just passes me by so fast. It rots my words.

I want to go see Himizu right away, but I just can't find the time.

Whoa, it finally accepted it. Thank you very much...

Mysteries lead to further mystery, and I drown in their sea.

None of the info I'm getting is working out. When I try to read a VST or whatever, now it tells me "Artist_id8.0.dll is missing," introducing a new mystery. I'm beginning to find credence in the possibility that I'm not a person who should be using personal computers.

I keep trying to launch Waves, and it keeps telling me "License not found." Does anyone know what the cause could be? I DID register the license and everything...

Always the same tedious things.

@kisaki1020 I suppose so. I was mostly just thinking of "people who scorn such things as stupid," but if I wasn't clear enough about that, then that's my fault entirely.

kisaki1020: "Doesn't that depend on your definition of "wisdom"? Having a fear for the things you don't see is a basic animalistic instinct, and at times not looking at the things outside your vision may be the most wise choice. So I don't think you can say as a rule that reaching outside your vision makes you wiser."

If you love someone, and they love you in return, then that's fine, I suppose. But that alone may not be enough to love someone. If you have a relationship that allows you to argue over idiotic people and things that grind your gears, perhaps that would make you the ultimate couple.

When humans can only live with the things within their vision, they learn to fear the things outside their view. And to cover this up, they pray that these things they disregard can be disregarded because they are below them. But if they just take a single step forward, say "What's all this, then? I guess I should look at it?" and strain their eyes, it'll do wonders for their wisdom.

The Inter Net, where all things are uncertain.

I went out walking while the snow was falling, and for the first time in my life, experienced having an umbrella in the snow. This can't be good.

I saw that the cuff of my sweater was frayed, and I just casually said "Oh hey, it's frayed," but I said it like I would have said "Well then, I can't possibly wear this sweater!"

If you only touch upon the negatives in your criticism, then obviously it's just going to seem like you hate it.

Argh, it's so annoying...

License not found, the thing keeps saying... Didn't I register it already...?

If you asked me now, I'd say I hate music.

I'm installing Waves. But if there were any way of doing away with this tedious process, I would be willing to sell an organ or so for it.

"Easily conceal your own depravity by using a Vocaloid." No, it's not exactly a feel-good structure.

I'm always questioning if we're the pimps of Vocaloid.

The thought of "There are people who like that thing present, so don't badmouth it" is comparable to erectile dysfunction.

Doing five tweets is hard.

Proceeding in a state of constant busyness makes me lose sight of my surroundings, and slowly forget where I am. But being busy is, in a way, very comforting. And when on occasion I have to stop, I'm forced to reconfirm where exactly I am.

Whenever I think about the advantages of Vocaloid, I end up with "no personality," and then nothing else. Though that single point is a preposterously good one.

When you do something that hasn't been done, sometimes you think along the lines of "I didn't die, so I can't die." While that's not really sound logic, surprisingly, you can't say it's a worthless idea. If you can run at the same obstacle countless times, insist "well, it didn't kill me," and keep at it until you're finally successful, then I think that can be extremely productive.

I'll do five more tweets.

Head hurts like hell.

I try my best to, when faced with something I intuitively feel I can't possibly do, think "no, there's nothing I can't do." But when met with something trifling like "I can't open this bag of potato chips," my stomach practically churns in pain.

Sometimes I have the sudden urge to visit an old friend or girlfriend, but the person I really want to see is the one in my memory, not the one that presently exists. Surely they, like all people, change with the passage of time, and even if we get a chance to come together, it'll end up being a struggle to convince ourselves "yes, you're still that kind of person."

Every day, I'm strangling myself. Worthless.

Analytical skill, I feel, is just deception, a compensating for the uncompensable.

Tossing words to others is, in a way, like selling off part of your mind. So - as I sometimes feel particularly worthless - sometimes I feel like letting everybody know everything.

I want something that can keep track of how much I've talked about what with who.

@wowaka You can call me anytime!

wowaka: "I've been thinking solely about myself and music. I want someone to talk to."

Please yell at me if you see me eating meat.

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! I'm not going to be eating meat for a while.

Beautiful men and women who put all their faith in appearance often have cheap interiors, always doubting something, and so they extend their single talent to compensate for their failings. I'm not saying what's good and what's bad, but if you have someone else to show you who you are, you would change more than normal. That's why I want to talk with more kinds of people.

Being convinced that "there's something wrong with me" leads to that idea pulling at your body and soul, and even if you weren't odd in the least to begin with, you'll become a truly strange person. People can argue if chicken or egg came first, but ultimately, the one who shapes your self isn't you, but others.

Appearance and spirit have an intimate connection, so if one changes, the other will similarly change. People with weird faces develop weird personalities, people with weird names develop weird faces. By making contact with appearance, we can get an idea of what kind of creature we are. But to misrepresent this, or perhaps to justify it, we go on changing ourselves.

@tonighted Seems that was it. Thank you very much.

tonighted: "Is the phantom power on the IF side on?"

Pen and paper is good enough for me.

I hate mechanical whatsits. They're always such a damn pain.

This condenser mic I put into storage without using once doesn't seem to be working. Don't tell me they're honestly that easy to break?

I do so hate tangled wires, installing software, all of it. If only it could all be gone.


Sinking into a pillow.

Some days when I sing, I get this feeling like air is coming out of my ears. Thinking it suspicious, I Googled it and found that it could be a symptom of disease. It started happening quite a while ago, so talk about scales falling from eyes.

Wrote a blog entry. Happy New Year

I want to learn to dance. Perhaps I should make that my goal for the year.

About a million people have pointed out that I said "fivever" instead of "forever." But I heard, I believe yesterday or so, that using the word in serious contexts was popular, so I decided to try using it. So not a mistake at all. [Okay, but really, he typoed "zutto" as "sutto," and then claimed removing the voiced marks was popular. But I didn't feel like sullying that amazing tweet with "fivever."]

When I see phrases like "Let's be together forever!" and "Our hearts are destined for each other!", it all seems like fantasy to me. If you're going to tell those kinds of lies to get someone's interest, they'd probably feel significantly more affection if you gave them a detailed PowerPoint presentation called "How Do I Love Thee? Let Me Count the Ways."

I always have to make sure I say "someone" when I'm actually tweeting about a specific person.

Being that creative works are a way for people to express themselves, whenever I find an amazing one, I think it's only proper to be curious about the artist. "Just what kind of person made this?" So when I see people claiming that they don't care about the creator at all, I wonder if they don't truly recognize the magnificence of the work, or if they don't like it quite so much.

I feel like I picked the acoustic guitar I'm using on appearance alone. I want a new acoustic.

The act of caring for another is more or less just a way of deceiving your loneliness and sadness. Even so, if you stop with the charade, then you end up with a life of loneliness. Everyone will be old men and women and die someday, so they hope to be satisfied regardless of the act they're putting on.

I keep noticing the fact that I've had my Wii on since about December 20th, but I don't feel like turning it off. Not that there's any reason to keep it on.

@wowaka Oho! Let's.

wowaka: "Let's go drinking!"

I wish I had a friend I could meet once a month, drink with, talk about music and books with, and complain with, and that's all.

You must understand the so-called incomprehensible, or you'll never be kind to anyone.

Thank you very much.

I've been waking up with a sore throat. I'd like recommendations for humidifiers and whatnot, please.

Once, the passing of three hours felt to me like around six. But now it feels more like one.


I'm left totally unable to do anything.

Missing the 5 o' clock fight left me with 2 hours and 30 minutes to waste. There's nothing around the airport. What to do...

People who can teach difficult things in a simple way - let's say, people who can make delicious meals with lesser ingredients - are indeed rather amazing. But it's obvious that if you're using superior ingredients, it has more potential to be delicious. I'm not going to grumble "that was way overpriced" about high-class cuisine I've never had before.

"It makes more sense to make difficult things simple than simple things difficult." If you can't establish whether or not you're just hiding yourself in smoke, that's really just a self-satisfying idea. You have to consider if you're just making yourself a sore loser muttering "enjoy your sour grapes."

I have a kind of supremacy when it comes to creative works. I want to get to know people who make amazing things, who do music, or art, or writing. But anything other than that, and I don't have much interest, or even dislike. However, life itself is a kind of creative work, so some people are fascinating no matter what they do. I don't really care to get close to such people.

@savangelion I see. Acknowledged. Sorry for the strict phrasing. Thank you for your valuable opinion. And I'm not being sarcastic, really.

savangelion: "No."

No matter how busy I get, I always end up coming back home every year. I want to make a song, and quick.

@savangelion Just give me a yes or no answer, please.

savangelion: "I think it's entirely possible to say "I hate it!" and "I love it!" about the same thing at the same time without contradicting yourself."

@savangelion I'm still not certain of the subject you're tackling here, but are you saying that even though you hate me sometimes, you also like me?

savangelion: "Basically I'm saying it's something only the person himself recognizes. Absent-minded thinking is just seeing something (perhaps a tweet, even), feeling something or another, deciding it's not so bad, and wanting to tell someone about it. I guess."

@savangelion I have no idea what you're trying to say here.

savangelion: "Looking back on my own preaching really makes me feel awful, so I don't like preachy people. It's like they're just attacking people for their own complexes. I don't know this... Hachi-P-san? Kenshi Yonezu-san? @hachi_08, whoever, but I don't like him. Though I follow him because I like him as a person, sadly."

And it's 2012. I hope it'll be a fun year.

End of the year, huh.

Since people often can't recognize their own faults, they'll say the system is at fault, society is at fault, the boatman is at fault - they go looking for faults in everyone else. Ultimately, they remain oblivious. Such people don't doubt their own senses, so they'll casually say idiotic things, irritate everyone around them, and still not notice anything wrong.

People who wander between this and that, people who characterize themselves as fickle, typically have no enthusiasm for most things. The fun of starting on something quickly fades, and when it starts getting tedious to keep up, they justify it by saying it's all because of their fickle personality.

I live every day despairing at the good sense I had as of three days ago.

hachi_08's most-used kanji of 2011 is "think." 1st: "think" 2nd: "say" 3rd: "know" #watakan2011

Whether you organize it or not, I think it's fine as long as things are pretty now. Perhaps it touches upon varying moral views, but I don't quite understand taking out an old photograph and thinking, "Don't lie to me!" Humans are ever-changing beings.

Long ago, when I was at a friend's house, we played a game where one of us would close the door to a room and, in the shortest time possible, make ourselves a funny disguise and come back out. But ultimately, it ended up having nothing to do with disguises, but rather a competition of "how much can you age in a short time?" Everyone called this game "the Hyperbolic Time Chamber."

I've got something here that seems almost too good to be one of my songs. Even I'm surprised.

Submitted to Pixiv. Cross-Legged

While drawing "Cross-Legged," I noticed that for both it and "Headache," I appeared to be drawing on the reverse side of the drawing paper. The Copic markers were blurring a bit strangely, which I thought it was odd, so I checked it and noticed that.

I drew a picture. "Cross-Legged"

I've lived such a foolish life this year. When I think about why that might be, I find it's because I still don't know what I really want to accomplish. I'll have to make sure that isn't the case next year.

Been listening to Talking Heads endlessly. It's cold.

Forgot, there's one more. "Mouth" [Personally, I would give this one a warning too. Ouch.]

Might want to state a viewer-advisory-warning for Vomiting.





My tooth really hurts, so I did some doodling. "Right"

My reflexes are extremely poor. Ever since I was little, when all I could think about was lying down, I had plenty of trouble getting back up.

My molars and head hurt.

In language or music, any time you give something form, someone will necessarily misunderstand, and over time these misunderstandings build a baseless opinion. And then they make demands of people based in fiction. It's a terrifying thing, but there's little that can be done, so it's not going to stop anytime soon.

Being that communication on the internet is made up entirely of words, aimlessly floating up and sinking, it's impossible to establish trust in certain things. So I do my best to skip over people's replies, not wanting to interact with them. But if I only tweet about myself, I'll seem like a bot account.

There's practically a mountain of thngs to dread in life, but saying "terrifying" to everything one by one, you start to think of it as a word you made up yourself. The moment you decide to put something in words, it then must be in words, and that's a problem.

[Unsurprisingly, all the tweets from "m,,bkl:..',.',." on were deleted the next day.]


What am I even saying anymore. All that's in my head is "doing the things I want to do." I'll sleep. So as to kill today's me. And tomorrow, tomorrow's me should be born. So long.

If you can't categorize as anything but good or evil, you're finished as a person. A monkey. Letting your feelings out an open hole, only called a living creature because you're not yet dead. The end.

Not the end. In this world, there are no villains, only people doing what they want to do. People who can't accept that this is the result of people doing what they want, they're in the minority, they're generally the "villains." It's not a battle between good and evil. Everyone is good, but battling over their different perspectives of good.

The end.

And going this direction, no matter where you are, never being able to seek anything is a fundamental part of this love. Yet it's something you'll despratley [sic] try to cover up. This trend is known as sexual desire.

If there were a religion in which everyone praying together led to perfect well-being with yourself, people, and the whole universe, I would break from that prayer, or else tire of it, and henceforth be a single lone spirit with you, perfected and going everywhere together. This abnormality is called love.

Screeeeew yooooou!

People who give up from embarrassment are garbage. Living in itself is a kind of embarrassment, so how are you going to get out of that one? Doing things through to the end is far more worth it.

Today's and tomorrow's self are fundamentally different beings. I know that if I write this nonsense, tomorrow I'll likely be dumbfounded by it. But I don't care about that. I don't care if tomorrow's self flatters me or not. Today's self will die today, so he should just say what's on his mind.

Everywhere in society, there's a more-or-less universiality rolling around, and to feel it, one must simply study. Studying and studying, swelling as you lose all your finances. That's really all there is.

When it gets down to having to do the things I want to, I can only respond to the hated matter with "SCREW YOU!!!" I would gladly like to kill any such matter.

SCREW YOU!!!!!!!!

Every time there's something I find I like, there's ever more things I don't. The things I come into contact with daily become more and more hated, so my days become further unbearable.

There's been a stalker coming to my house recently, and it's wearing me out mentally. I can't even go outside, it sucks! Maybe this isn't the kind of thing to talk about so openly, but it SUCKS!!! Screw you! I'm so tired!

If I keep talking about these things, I know I'll start sounding incredibly cheap. But that's just inevitable. It's a pile of worthlessness.

If I keep saying all the things I hate, ultimately I know I'll end up hating myself. But that doesn't change how I hate them. If only they could all die!

I hate a lot of things, okay"!!!!

I absolutely loathe writing "I don't have the spirit." I hate it when it's spirit which you lack, yet the spirit you have is to keep agonizing over problem after problem.

I really hate having to put up with ugly things to fulfill the desire of wanting yourself to be known. All I'm doing is justifying why I can't do anything. Awful. I should just disappear.

The internet is imperfect as a communication tool. Distorted. (etxetera) [sic]

It's not like I do music for YOU or anything!

Three and a half years.


@seiten_tento I fundamentally think that in communication, it gets more interesting when the other party feels hurt. Of course, though, I wouldn't want to intentionally hurt anyone, like as a prank. But you're not wrong to have felt that way.

seiten_tento: "I just didn't think that "becoming one who doesn't know what they're doing" or "rotting from the extremities" were particularly good figures of speech, I guess. I suppose the meaning didn't immediately hit me, and I foolishly thought someone might be offended by those tweets."

@seiten_tento I don't mean "doing the same things again and again" in that sense. Perhaps I shouldn't have said "doing the same things," but rather "making mistakes." Even if you really want to mature, having someone around you to point out your weaknesses can be very motivational for actually making it happen.

seiten_tento: "There are lots of cases in the real world of repeating the same things over and over. If it weren't for that, we'd never seen any new world records. If deep down you want to mature, then I don't think the presence of criticism has any relevance. I think a world without praise would be far worse off than a world without criticism."

@seiten_tento When you're always surrounded by things that please you, there's no longer any need for you to change yourself. Thus you'll always be repeating the same things again and again, and cannot grow as a person. Eventually you abandon thought, and become one who doesn't know what they're doing.

seiten_tento: "Um? I understand why there should be criticism, but I don't understand how no criticism would lead to organs stagnating. I don't know why that would even happen. Even in a scientific sense."

If there were, for instance, a place without criticism. While that place would enjoy an uneventful, peaceful lifestyle, living that way would cause stagnation in the organs over time, and they would slowly rot from the extremities inward. One must accept that there are people who will not accept anything.

I thought about all this from looking at a post by this guy. I understand what he's saying, and really, I sometimes feel hurt when I'm criticized as well. But an author who only observes flattering opinions reeks to high heaven. [A blog post by Glutamine, the Nico singer, about the difference between criticism, slander, and advice, and how advice is the one which people should be giving. Which really wouldn't be bad at all if it didn't start with the proclamation "videos and people can't be criticized."]

Surely everyone has numerous things they don't quite like. And whether these are declared or not should be up to the way an individual thinks. That's not something that should be enforced. Saying "don't criticize me" in trying to preach morals and literacy is odd indeed.

When you state your dislike for the things you don't like, that implies there are things you do like. If you force one of these all the time, naturally, what you're forcing soon becomes meaningless. There's nowhere you're going to have only like or only dislike, and if there were, it would make me feel awful.

"Videos and people can't be criticized"... what a terrifying concept. What's the good in that?

Medabots - a brand new kind of robot to which technology has given birth. Based on a frame called a Tinpet, they're equipped with artificial intelligence Medals. Furthermore, depending on the parts they have equipped, they can obtain a boundless range of abilities.

My Twitter page is becoming one preachy tweet after another, which I don't really like either. But I can't help but say what I want to say, even if I always decide afterward that I shouldn't have said it in the first place. I hope to at least say things that make people smirk a little. But it's mostly just me being bored.

"Being well-off" is, in a way, unfortunate. It renders one unable to know the feelings of the needy. And not just "Well, if I didn't have bread..." People who have been well-off since birth are raised not knowing the effort it takes for someone to live, and they scatter through the world as foolish monkeys who can't feel. They can't accept questions about their way of being.

I get the feeling that not everyone was actually watching Laputa - they just wanted to be recognized as being a part of the Laputa-watchers. In response to Japan setting a world record by making 14594 tweets containing "Balse!" in a single second, as part of a regular "Balse Stress Test" whenever Castle in the Sky is on TV.]

When you gain knowledge, that can also broaden the possibilities of your actions. But these things must be unified. Knowledge is but a single little rower guiding the boat from one side. When too many of them gather, everything tips over one way. Weak-willed people simply flaunt their knowledge.

I don't use Twitter as a communication tool, so I hardly ever bother with replies or check for questions, but I'll give them all a look-over. I'm ever-grateful to you all.

it's cold

In the wall, there's a vent of sorts connected to the outside, which leads to quite a lot of sound coming through. Wonder what I can do about it...

Your experiences during the period of infancy shortly after your birth are the most impacting in your whole life. Thus, any wounds you suffer then won't be healed until the day you die. Those wounds give birth to unstatable things which make up your image. Truly, the moment when you open your eyes and look around for the first time is unrivaled in importance.

Were it made possible in the future, if our feelings could come out intact, I wonder if things might become much clearer than they are now, giving birth to an absolute hierarchy.

I think "interesting people" are people who can take lots of little pieces and tie them into a single, sturdy plate of armor. However, I don't feel that most of these people can answer "How do you do it?" Much like how sensations can't escape the body, perfectly explaining what makes something amusing is an impossibility.

Being that I hate that thing called "effort," I promptly quit whenever I feel bad, and I'm quick to abandon my duties. I have to admit it's a weakness of mine. Yet, I'm always thinking about how many things I won't let myself quit on, and if it's those things that I live for.

Do people who get overly aggressive about lies honestly think that they're pure, honorable creatures who cannot tell falsehood? I mean, I just can't help but see such a thing as the act of hiding weakness and impurity.

I've seen a sort of "faith in the true self" in places, a tendency to consider lying to yourself an evil act. But consciously or not, everyone has an objective of "wanting to be like such and such person," and so we live lying to ourselves, despite our goal being an unattainable one. Ever since we began imitating our parents' every move, we've had no "true self" at all.

Having too much of a so-called peaceful life can be poisonous. When you get a glimpse of life, you'll always find something to fear, but forgetting that and thinking life to be peaceful is just as fearful. It would be like ignoring a pile of junk in the corner that you've covered by a sheet. Eventually, you become blind to everything.

I went to buy the new Zelda for Wii and wanted to get right into it, but I found the cable for the sensor bar ripped. I reluctantly went to buy a new one, and found out I didn't have this Wiimote Plus thing. Games these days are hard indeed...

In certain circumstances, people digest "the right thing" as a simple matter of fact. And with a little bit of confidence, anyone can say what they think is right. But if you look at what the people who state what's right create, without exception, I would say none of it can be called fantastic. I don't want to be a boasting mockery of a person.

When you say something to someone and it makes them no longer like a thing they once did, you have to wonder if they liked it so much in the first place. It's buffoonery and should be stopped posthaste.

@fullkawahonpo Conversely, it's kind of hard to approach.

fullkawahonpo: "Hey, tell me more about that family restaurant."

Ultimately, I'm just an impudent youth who's only gotten moreso. But having people in the same position complimenting me does make me happy.

These days, I'm not entirely certain what the real me was. But before I even began with Vocaloid, I received emails as a result of my history of being in a band, which had an incredible effect on my motivation at the time. I feel they were poorly-made, lacking songs, but I was glad to hear that people were moved by them regardless.

There's a family restaurant nearby run by an entire staff of beautiful people. While it's undeniably very pretty on the surface, I'm rather suspicious of what transpired to get to that point. Which I feel kind of bad about.

@HarutoKirishima I'm saying that simply spouting cheap positive remarks to show them the way or give them hope is meaningless. Maturity comes with an introspective look within yourself, when you must take a serious second look at what needs to be fixed. Without that as a foundation, encouraging comments will be to no avail.

HarutoKirishima: "I don't really know either of you, but excuse me. To do something about the root of the problem, one must provide a "way" or "hope." If you leave someone with nothing but their wounds, they'll be absolutely unable to change. That is what drives them to death, and then, it's too late. Again, excuse me."

I've said this an absurd number of times, but there's an inherent risk to any statement. Whatever your intent is, once a statement is let loose, there's always going to be people who are hurt by it, who feel anger from it, who are filled with fear. There's no absolutely safe strategy to getting through conversations. A single meaningless word could have the potential to kill.

@yashiro11 Isn't that what I was talking about? There's considerable possibility that they were so wounded that it killed them. Of course, some may tell them lies because that eventuality is exactly what they fear.

yashiro11: "I suppose it's the minority, but I believe some die without ever being treated. Don't forget there are those people, too."

There's no point in hurling positive language at a person when they're depressed. Gently telling someone to ignore what they should reflect upon, that they're perfectly fine as they are, is only a temporary painkiller, leaving the root of the problem untreated. Unless your objective is to thoroughly wound them to their core, your kindness will only be as useful as lies.

I got to participate in a heated discussion between people who create. So that was fun.

Heading back now. Thanks for the [Balloom] talk show.

The reason the title is in hiragana instead of katakana is because it uses the retake version from my independent album OFFICIAL ORANGE.

Oh yes, I suppose I didn't properly announce it. Hatsune Miku: Project Diva Extend contains one of my songs, Close and Open, the Rakshasa and the Corpse.

Good job on Vocaloid Master. And thank you for your gifts.

Whenever I see the abuse of "weirdo" these days, I wonder if it might become slang meaning something like "unexpected."

Going to Vocaloid Master tomorrow. Won't have anything new.

When you're allowed too much freedom and can't decide in what direction to go, then you can't take a single step. On the other hand, you can have freedom between the cracks of the duties imposed upon you. So consider the next time you're in class or at your part-time job thinking "man, I wanna go home" that it might be a more convenient freedom than most.

I believe fools have a charm to them that only fools can have. In another way, the same is true of wise men. And in yet others, it's even true of obstinate people. So ultimately, I say "just don't think about it." You shouldn't need undeniable proof before you can trust in yourself.

@kajo925 When it comes to things that are based upon sheer aggregate knowledge, I think there's an unavoidable difference in merits. Like "How many English words do you know?" You can definitely compare people with that kind of metric. But despite this, you shouldn't think you have no worth.

kajo925: "I agree, but might I suggest that, rather than people thinking about who's "number one," they think about being the "only one"? You're important because you're the only one in this world who can be you. A single part of the life of the cosmos."

There may be sickeningly many people with more experience than you, and from their point of view, you're just a common fool. But if you think like Nobita from Doraemon - silly things like "If only I were a little bit smarter, then..." - you end up not being able to do anything.

Oh no. I've got too many cats.

Wrote a blog entry. Seeming Alright

That last tweet was talking about Kuroji-san, not myself.

It's been about half a year of "upload already, upload already!" So I'm feeling very emotional right now.

Whoooa, this is cool. Original Song/PV, Hatsune Miku, "Lumpen Virgin"

About Nekoya [A blog entry explaining that he deleted all of Nekoya's old tweets, and it's now a bot that throws together words in a surprisingly accurate Hachi fashion.]

I somewhat revamped my alt account, @nekoya_08. It tweets how it likes now.

Oh yeah, so yesterday, in a place totally unrelated to any of it, I recorded some hand-clapping, a chorus, and background noise. Amazingly nonrelevant.

Wow... This makes me happy. "The Results of the Second Vocaloid Popularity Poll" [Conducted by Tora no Ana. Top three songs are Matryoshka, Unhappy Refrain, and Luka Luka Night Fever. Top three producers are Hachi, DECO*27, and ryo. Top three Vocaloids are Miku, Len, and Gumi.]

So I'm grateful to have a place where it's common to simply throw whatever you want out there, though it can also feel constraining. I haven't been able to do much in the way of simply going out to meet people.

No matter how many emotions you may hold within, if that is where they stay and end, if they never bubble forth, and no one else can observe their presence, it might as well be that they don't exist in the first place. When you do and say nothing, you might as well be considered dead.

@si_ta725 If you're in contact with the artist, then there's no problem. Just wait for their reply.

si_ta725: "I can't see that because I'm on my phone, but no, it's not mine. Yesterday, I sent the author an email saying I'd delete it if they didn't like it. But I haven't gotten an email back. I'm actually sort of annoyed right now, too. Is my Japanese alright? I'm in school right now, so I can't use a translator."

@si_ta725 Is this your art, then?

si_ta725: "Green is Matryoshka, red is Rakshasa and the Corpse, purple is Terpsichore, gray is Dreameater on the Sand, blue is Wonderland and the Sheep's Song, and red is Lynne! I wouldn't have been able to pull it off without my friend's help, hahah..."

I honestly can't tell what is supposed to be what, but it looks cool. I'm glad.

RT @si_ta725 I made a T-shirt based on Hachi-san's songs! Thank you for all the great music!

Submitted to Pixiv. Headache

A friend of mine who usually looks pretty monkey-ish was eating a banana, so I told him "Wow, you sorta look like a human." And then I got a free banana.

I believe there are fantastic things that only one who has become hopeless can accomplish. So don't waste your time with such cheap victimizing buffoonery - simply do what, at that moment, you can do.

It's risky to look toward other people expecting to find the cause of your hopelessness. Even if it's wholly true that's where it comes from, at such a late stage, you can't simply extract the various causes that shaped your character; you can only but focus yourself. If it makes you feel better, then sure, decide that "it's their fault I'm worthless" and indulge in victimization. But you'll find that nothing better lies ahead.

I've harbored nothing but hatred for computer-based music-making lately. If this keeps up, I feel like I might give up on ever making music again. Perhaps I should assemble a machine exclusively for working on digital music...

I appreciate how paper and pen don't spit errors at me... I hate how digital music software constantly does. I really wonder if there's anything to be done about it.

I was looking into that famous city, Johannesburg, and saw the home page for the Japanese School of Johannesburg. But I read this on the school calendar, in the column for the first term: "Disaster Drill #1 (Bus Hijack Situation)" I did one heck of a double-take.

I'll put this up again. I drew a picture. "Headache"

Eatin' with Minakata.

You'll find all kinds if you look for them.

Drew another picture. "Headache"



I want to have the Move tool in Photoshop click whatever it is I'm moving to the origin. But how...

Walking some more proved this to be very bad indeed.

With regard to my phone being wrecked, at first I was greatly shocked, but then figured, well, if all the data is still there... But just as I was beginning to think that, I noticed that the email was stored in the phone itself, and I had been using my phone email to store things such as lyrics. And that's when I realized that this was a very serious affair.

This is hot.

Feeling pretty awful. I Googled my sympthoms, and I might have actue enteritis or food poisoning.

I can't get it to turn on at all, so I pulled out my old cellphone for this emergency. It appears the data is still there, though.

I was careless...

Accidentally washed my cellphone.

You should remember the times when people are helpful to you. Without people around you, you wouldn't be able to live. Don't sit sadly somewhere out of sight, thinking about your "true self," grieving "no one knows me." The only people to know you are going to be people who aren't you.

I'd like to talk with a variety of people.

The "true self" isn't really something you decide for yourself. You're always hiding things - who knows how much it could be - and simply take what other people think of "you" as the truth. But what you think is your "true self" doesn't exist, not anywhere. It's fine if you don't acknowledge it, but you'll always be alone for it.

That would be, uh, now, yes.

When my friends go to sleep, I can't make any loud noises, so sometimes I'm left unable to do anything.

Just an addendum because I don't want any misunderstandings: generally, I get angry and scold people. Though I'm not very consistent. So basically, just don't think this reaction is my standard response.

I'm getting so many replies, but personally, I really couldn't care less if they got my permission. Er, even if that's not such a good thing for an author to say. If it has an intriguing result, then that makes it worth it. If not, then oh well, but I'm not going to blame them or anything.

Was Matryoshka shown on Waratte Iitomo? [Yep. I guess someone sang it.]

War against the staff.

IKEA is a den of thieves...

@KS_1980 I don't remember exactly what I told you back then, so it probably wouldn't be exactly the same statement in any case. But given that I have so much exposure, wouldn't it still incredibly unlikely for me?

KS_1980: "@hachi_08, I once asked you, "What would you think of someone stealing your songs somewhere else?", and you said something along the lines of "That seems too unreasonable to even consider." But seeing this incident with aRth, would you still say the same thing?"

On the plane, there was a boy about three or four years old sitting in front of me, standing on the seat, looking back at me every so often and waving his little hand happily. Seeing him so happy made me a little bit sad. Because when he's someday visited by great misfortune, he's bound to cry terribly.

I've moved to Tokyo. Still don't have any feelings on it one way or the other.

There have been points in the past where unhappiness came to me for the sake of later happiness, but letting yourself become unhappy on purpose is downright foolish in my eyes. If you stress yourself and go through pains in want of something pleasing, it won't have done much for your happiness in the end. You're bound to be visited by misfortune just doing enjoyable things, so isn't that enough?

It's a fault-finding competition!

Made an atrocious typo there. [So he deleted the typo version of the previous tweet.]

Even when one says something legitimate, when it's appended with "www"s, I can't see it a

There we go. Thanks.

This is sounding complicated.

Is there any way to sync my iPod with a different iTunes with different content?

Nothin' in my room.

People are replying that detergent and boiling water will kill it instantly, but in practice it would be impossible to land a hit on a cockroach crawling the walls and ceiling with those. So a spray is best for getting as much distance as I can.

I succeeded in spraying this anti-cockroach stuff on it for about 7 seconds, so the enemy should be weakened. There's a chance it may be a cornered rat striking back at the cat, so I hope to settle this quickly.

I lost sight of a cockroach... It may just rest on my head as I sleep tonight.

I found an old picture I drew... I don't even remember drawing anything like this.

I still wish I could stop my body from gushing out sweat when I talk on the phone.

But when I come back to it tomorrow, I may have changed my mind and declare it a fool's music. That's sort of how I feel now.

The truth is, if I want to say I love you, or that I want the world to be at peace, or so on, I wonder if five minutes of music might be the most wonderful way of doing so.

Someday, I swear I'm going to beat up Takahashi-kun for saying "What an uncouth-stic profession..." every time he sees a person performing in front of a train station or whatever.

But this is the most agonizing of all. Gotta concentrate.

With lyrics, it's important to leave a number of possibilities open, but I'm also aware that argument is something that whittles down the possibilities.

Not that I'm implying that I'm going mainstream or anything silly like that. I always fear my intention not being properly expressed, so naturally the media and I wouldn't care for each other one bit. Writing sentences is hard.

Why can't people accept "going mainstream"? Maybe it's badly-phrased.

Updated my blog.

nashimotowe: "I was too busy to talk to you too, unfortunately... If we meet again somewhere, we should go drinking!"

@nashimotowe Ah, I didn't even notice... I was busy looking for volume 7 of Bokura No.

nashimotowe: "I thought so! Yes, it was in front of the ticket check at the Tetsudo station!"

@nashimotowe Whoa, yes I was. Did we pass each other by?!

nashimotowe: "Were you walking through Tennouji earlier?"

Tweets that say "RT if ___" are a lot like looking around at items and a salesperson telling you "Did you know that's only 600 yen?" If it is indeed so fantastic, then I'll pay whatever the price is, so shut up. Talk about rude.

Too much stuff in my room. Want to toss it all.

I can't work up the motivation to do anything. Haven't felt that way in a while, actually. Gotta get my mental health in better shape.

@mshn0111 I didn't actually meet with the person. It was hearsay.

mshn0111: "Fortune tellers learn how to use conversation and ways of speaking to determine your personality. A former fortune teller once said that if they guessed something personal correctly, they did so by extrapolating from something along the lines of "most humans are troubled." This is all second-hand, though, so I wouldn't really know."

@time_orz I didn't go out to meet the fortune teller - there's no way I would - so that's not really a possibility, either.

time_orz: "Some fortune tellers can determine things about your personality through conversation."

@time_orz Yet it's not something that applies to everyone, but an ugly part of my personality that was correctly guessed.

time_orz: "Do a search for the Barnum effect."

I'd like to question in detail someone who believes in that kind of thing.

According to fortune telling, talking to people is bad for my karma. Despite just being based on my name and birthday, that's rather accurate. What wizardry is that?

btc_toku: "Nah, it's dreary."

@btc_toku Isn't that kind of a crowded place...?

btc_toku: "I'll stow 'em in Nishiazabu."

@btc_toku I'm serious, gimme!

btc_toku: "Please."

If anybody has all the issues of 20th Century Boys lying around the house, please let me borrow them.

I can't sleep, so I'm drinking.

Give Kris my regards.

Needs more memory... Digital music is downright depressing. Definitely not for me.

I want to take a better look at my environment for playing and recording guitar. I've been using POD, but anyone have any recommendations?

Pale face.


It's good to go walking. It really clears up my mood. Ahhh.

I want the Moon soundtrack.

Riki-chiki-rin-rin, mihi-rahi-rikirin... ["Lyrics" from KERA MA GO, Kris's song from the Japan-only Playstation game Moon: Remix RPG Adventure.]

While I'm dealing with these things I don't care about, I fear becoming a person no one cares about myself. I've always wanted to have a kind of snarky heroism. Or to put it another way, if I became a person who was incapable of anything, I'd want to act more mature than I really was for eternity. That would really be fine.

I've said it time and time again, but I truly only want to do - and only plan to do - the things I'd like to do. Staring at idiotic neighbors, living in a room packed with garbage, listening to announcements I've heard a million times before, living in a functional yet vicious cycle, I don't need any of it. I could live forever with just the things before my eyes.

I'll never get used to this no matter how long I do it. I put the pictures on my website profile. [It randomly shows either the first or second one.]

I had my picture taken. But I was attacked by countless bugs during the under-an-hour it took. It's rough...

Once again, I'm feeling the desire to create music with pictures.

RT @benymd_bot @hachi_08's characteristic words: tomato, Hackney, Hachi, Vocaloid Master, Panda Hero, lie, ORANGE, Pasteley, let's, ultimately, boring, album, creature, GUMI, sheep, art, crossfade, Vocaloid Paradise, stupidity, ASIAN KUNG FU, letter, seat, three.

Well, maybe it's not actually known as that, but...

People who create for others (and express themselves) are fine, but people with nothing to offer others think "Can these "interviews" attract people's attention?" This must be what's known as the "great convenience of web content." The first time "interviews" have been used to cater to people's interests.

I heard The Interviews was popular (I suppose), and it seems it must be so among people who need a certain help to express themselves. People who can smoothly talk about themselves without anything concrete to work off of make those others unbelievably jealous. They need a convenient "place to put it." In a different kind of way, it's the same with art and music.

I absolutely can't stand situations where I'm "being chased." Where I'm utterly weak and overwhelmed, and have no choice but to run. Any time I encounter such a scene in a dream or game - though it somewhat depends on the circumstances - I force myself to wake up or toss the game immediately. So yeah, I don't really like tag either.

I replied in accordance with the concept of "lying in such a way that it's hard to know if it's true or a lie."

I'm tired of this, so I'm stopping. Thank you for that.

Q: What's your motto, or favorite phrase?
A: "Tomorrow, tomorrow's wind will blow."

Q: What were your days in school like? Tell me any stories you remember.
A: I told nothing but lies.

Q: What's your ideal lover?
A: A cute girl with dimples.

Q: I've only heard "Falling Morn" on live streams, but will it ever be released in video form or something?
A: Hey, it's not something I can just announce like that.

Q: Is there anywhere you'd like to go?
A: I want to go out and eat fried chicken.

Q: How did you get into music?
A: I was bought a guitar as a Christmas present.

Q: I want to know Hachi-san's worldview.
A: I don't know what that is myself.

Q: Is there anything you'd like to try?
A: I want to try scuba diving.

Q: Do you like musicals? Tell me any you like if you like them, or why not if you don't. And either way, please tell me your thoughts on I LOHAS's mandarin flavor.
A: I like the I LOHAS with the green cap.

Q: If I don't know how to best express myself, what do you think I should do?
A: Stand up against your daily troubles without running from them, and you'll surely see results.

Q: Is there anything you're particular about when making music?
A: Once every hour, I have to stand up and stretch.

Q: What are your fetishes?
A: I like dimples.

Q: What was your best subject in school?
A: I was great at math. I guess I'd call that my best.

Q: Do you believe in ghosts?
A: They're out there, all right. I see them around all the time.

Q: What's the best thing you can cook?
A: I don't cook for myself much, but I can make some good fried rice. Even I have to admit it tastes pretty good.

Q: What's made you feel happy lately?
A: Playing catch with the neighborhood kids. It was strangely a lot of fun.

Q: Have you ever thought "From now on, I'm going to try this!"
A: This might not be quite what you were asking, but I'd like to go scuba diving in the near future.

Q: What do I need to do to become famous?
A: Train daily. With an unrelenting heart of steel, you'll definitely get results.

Q: What are you most enthusiastic about right now?
A: I'm super into scuba diving. It's really neat.

Q: What does Hachi-san think of "communication with people" and "contact with people"?
A: It's a give and take, supplying the things which others lack.

Q: When did you begin with guitar? And do you play an acoustic guitar?
A: I saved up my allowance to buy a guitar in elementary school. That was the beginning. In addition to acoustic guitar, I sometimes play piano and the like.

Q: What type of woman do you like?
A: I like people who don't laugh much.

Q: Have you gone overseas? Where to?
A: I've gone to Los Angeles and Miami.

Q: What have you seen lately that you'd call beautiful?
A: The streamlined form of a spoon is beautiful.

Q: What's your favorite color?
A: Red.

Q: How much sleep do you get on average?
A: It changes often, but I usually sleep from midnight to 6 AM every night.

Q: Is the girl in Lynne Hachi-san?
A: She's based on a friend of mine.

Q: Do you have perfect pitch?
A: I have human pitch.

Q: Favorite sports?
A: I was in the soccer club in middle school. I don't really like strenuous sports, but I was okay at soccer.

Q: What are your favorite and least favorite foods?
A: I like castella. I don't like kikurage mushrooms.

Q: What's your least favorite food?
A: I don't hate any food that much, but I have a deep hatred for the notion of the castella.

Q: Any siblings?
A: I have one older and one younger brother. I don't resemble either of them.

Q: What's your blood type?
A: B.

Q: What's your favorite season?
A: Winter.

Q: Are you better with hot or cold weather?
A: I can bear the heat. But I have to hold my nose constantly in the cold. I hate winter.

[The Interviews intermission! Yes, it's just Japanese Formspring.]

Since it's popular, I'm doing it. http://theinterviews.jp/hachi_08

Since I haven't been spending money on anything but CDs and books, I'm making a resolution. I want to buy new equipment.

I'm riding the Shinkansen. It seemed noisy today, then I noticed all the students from Kyoto on a field trip. On their way home, I suppose.

Thus, live streams in the future will not be on the same foundation they've been on in the past. Though perhaps you may see hide, tail, or face of me on some other community.

Note that this was entirely at my discretion, with no input from the manager. Please be aware of this.

The NicoNico Live community "Hachi Supporters [Vocaloid-P]" has been deleted. I made the judgement upon the fact that it held no more use as an information platform. All those who were members of the community, thank you for everything.

I haven't paid the fee for my homepage's server yet. It might possibly be down tomorrow.

I was absolutely not on time. I'm very sorry, everyone.

Might Vocaloid Master perhaps be over soon?

Ugh, I can't believe I slept in so late. Sorry, I'm going now.

I've been mostly bedridden for the past few days due to a horrible headache, and I only just noticed the rain is to blame for it. And here I was thinking it was just a cold.

I instantly like any girl who has similar hobbies. But there aren't exactly many.

I've lowered the resolution.

luca666666: "It got rather scary in the middle. Changing so you don't feel pain and don't think... whether that's happiness or not, I don't like it. It was very good! Good luck in the future!"

frfrfrara: "Reading "Days of Happiness," I thought on what true happiness really is. Even if my days were harsh, as long as I had people to support me, I think I would persist. That alone would be happiness for me. I wouldn't want to take the easy way out and toss aside my burden like the caribou did. I feel that having to walk a harsh road is part of living. I'm glad to have read this story. I liked the art and the content. Thank you very much, and I look forward to more."

asukaji: "I read "Days of Happiness." The peculiar eyes were a little creepy. He came upon happiness, but I wonder if it really was true happiness."

my_tei: "I read "Days of Happiness." Though the caribou ended up happy, I saddened myself wondering if he would ever be able to feel any more happiness than that. I think the caribou's eyes after his horns were removed was the scariest part of all. The art oozed with feeling and atmosphere and made me feel like I was reading off paper rather than liquid crystal."

laika414: "I thought, "True happiness is in the eyes of people, and thus an ever-changing thing.""

haluri25: "The "eh, whatever" really sticks out in my mind. With the weight of his horns gone, he came to take everything much too lightly. He became sort of... aimless, I suppose. Despite the simplicity of the art and words, it really impacted me. I will never forget that chicken's eyes..."

jun312: "I read Days of Happiness. It's a very good thing to be positive, but it's better to overcome your hardships and look ahead - you can't simply forget about unhappiness. If you don't feel unhappy, everything becomes "eh, whatever," leaving you with no chance for ambition."

tumayouji_stn: "I read through "Days of Happiness," and while I'm not very good at expressing myself, I'll write what I felt. "What happiness is to me is different from what happiness is to others." That's pretty much how I felt."

I would very much appreciate replies with people's thoughts on "Days of Happiness."

Is there no way to ease up on that?

It's loading slow... Too much access, maybe.

I updated the gallery on my website. There's a web-storybook (?) called "Days of Happiness" there. Thanks.

Okay, fixed. Tell if there's still anything that looks weird.

I didn't check it with IE! I'll fix that.

HTML is so exhausting...

Made a homepage. There's no brand new information or anything there at the moment. But there you go anyway. http://reissuerecords.net

Really, when I'm by myself, the depression of "loneliness" doesn't come to me. I just look on disinterestedly as everything gradually loses its scent, and my life falls down. My senses are chipped away while I'm unaware, then I somehow feel the smell of seasons changing, take a look at my surroundings, and I remember I'm alone.

There needs to be a fuel drop.

When you don't have anything to spur you on, good things are, naturally, hard to make. I'm currently in such a position, but there's my home in Osaka...

I bought way too much stuff on the way home. This led to a sudden increase in the weight of my baggage.

Those who only dare go outside because of the heat.

Well, perhaps back then, the people watching thought it was interesting. With those kinds of horror movie special effects, you could have a kid painted white with a bowlcut looking serious, like "Yeh, I'm scary, wanna fight about it?" Amusing.

But speaking of old horror movies, though I say this now after numerous advances in filmmaking, there seem to be lots of scenes that can make you laugh if you aren't quite into the movie. Like in one scene of "Ju-on," there's a scene with a boy standing next to someone's bed from when they go to sleep until they wake up, but to me it just looks like a boy painted white.

I watched "Dark Water." I watched it once long ago, so I thought I'd give it a rewatch, but the story with the family trouble is rather heartbreaking. I'm pretty sure I didn't think that the first time. On the whole, it's a movie with very little relief. The feeling of gradual blurring at the end gave me a bad aftertaste, but in a very good way.

Is Siren 3 out yet?

thank you.

I want to register a domain. Where's a good place for that? Please, tell me if you can.

140 characters feels much too short. Why is this?

Test. ------------------------- [Etcetera; he was testing TwitLonger.]

It's a good day.

I just wanted to sympathize with someone in the joy of sayng "happy birthday," and people ask "Are you drunk?" "What happened?" And when people worry about possibilities like that, it gets me down.

Even I'm not sure what's been making me mad lately.

Happy birthday.

If you see something irregular, don't distort it as there having been some serious event, dammit.

People claiming everything strange is done due to drunkenness makes me feel awful.

Even though today was the twenty-foooooooooourth.

So yeah, happy birthdaaaaaaaaaay, dear everyone born on August 22nd!

I mean, it must be someone's birthday.

Happy birthdaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

@yunego In reality, most actions done "for you" work like that. It's just a difference in phrasing.

yunego: "You can also twist "I want to make you happy" into "I want to be relieved by seeing you happy (for my benefit).""

When giving a gift, to me it feels better to say "I'm doing this for me" rather than "I'm doing this for you." "Doing it for you" sounds shady, no doubt about it.

I want to use Instagram from my Android, too.

When drawing multiple pictures, I always think "for the next picture, I'm definitely leaving out the hands," but I always end up having to draw them to make the shape look convincing. Can I never just have it easy?

I'm watching TV, as I haven't done in a while. Television seems so boring these days, but I suppose it's more interesting than most done on NicoLive.

@11pulcherrima Absolutely unrelated.

11pulcherrima: "Is wanting to go to Uyuni influenced by The Novembers's Kobayashi-san?"

I'm ending it. Thank you very much. There are certainly joys and sorrows to be found in a place to reaffirm myself like this.

I say this every time, but definitely not. RT @Mugmug39Mikke Do you have any plans for singing your own music as you did in the past?

Blue. RT @f482ric Hello. If you had to pick a color to describe your feelings, what would it be?

How long ago was that? RT @_lrk I've liked you since you made music in a band.

The current decline in the world of music could perhaps be called a turning point, but I think saying it's collapsing is a bit out there. RT @ayamoyooo Lucky me! The industry may be collapsing, but there's still a possibility of listening to the music I like. Thank you.

It was the move of choice for characters in the Dragon Ball manga. It seems to have had a profound influence, as I've seen many people practicing the Kamehameha. But alas, only about 20% of them actually get it to fire. RT @tyo_sinsi Tell me how you learned of the Kamehameha.

Thank you. RT @mototochiko Sorry for the suddenness. When I was working an extremely harsh job, I would listen to Hachi-san's songs every night and cry a little, but they'd encourage me to keep going. I remember being on the verge of tears when karaokes become available and I sang them. I'm just a simple fan, but thank you very, very much.

Countries? Well, I'd like to go see the Salar de Uyuni. RT @tttmix Are there any counties Hachi-san would like to visit?

Fistfight 'em. RT @boss9649 If three people came up to you, what would you do?

I agree. Sometimes I relisten to my old songs again and think "Would I ever make this again?" RT @liqui_kszkk I liked it back when Hachi-san sang his own songs, but I think your style has changed a lot since then. What do you think?

Thanks. RT @hujiko8888 I've always been a fan, to tell the truth.

I absolutely do not. I'm so very, very lazy. RT @takeru_niconico Do you think you're a hardworking individual?

I don't care. RT @takeru_niconico What do you think of people who talk about their goals but don't put in effort? Or what about people who set their sights too low?

Indeed. RT @ayamoyooo Do you want to have a lifetime employment in music? As a paying job, that is.

Hey, who says I necessarily have to like pandas? RT @r0k0r0n0 I like rabbits, so what animals do you like, Hachi-san? Let me guess, pandas?

I haven't thought about that much at the moment. RT @gomajam Have you found any people you'd like to have sing your songs?

Nope. I'm INVINCIBLE. RT @_u_k_420 I like looking at the ocean, but I'm afraid of going in. Is there anything you're afraid of or dislike, Hachi-san?

Yep. RT @nuru27 I was all ready to talk with you, but I can't think of anything. Urgh, it's hard talking with people you're not familiar with.

I'm not aware of such; I've never thought such a thing before. RT @jikirukiru Hachi-san, you don't seem to use blue very much. Is it just my imagination?

Uh, hm... War in the Pocket, maybe. RT @ykans What's your favorite Gundam series?

?????? RT @ggsja4 A cat is sleeping in front of you. So who's riding on the airplane?

Because I like it. RT @nishiguli Why do you think you seriously pursue not just your hobbies, but music as well?

That's an interesting reading. Sure, you can go with that. RT @ete_je How is Hachi-san's real name read? Is it "Genshi Bates"?

I've more or less never made music with other people, so I don't know. RT @y_a_crow How do you prepare yourself for making music with other people?

It's my real name. RT @myon_o Excuse me, what does the "Kenshi Yonezu" in your Twitter name mean?

Just felt like it. RT @Nero__Claudius Why did you feel like doing a question-answer thing, Hachi-san? (@w@)

Ask someone who knows me but isn't me. RT @YuTooooRi What kind of person is Hachi-san?

Yep. RT @mim78939 It's hot tonight.

It's already over for the year, and I wasn't able to see it. RT @96fujiko My little brother's doing the Awa Dance. Did you see it this year?

It's a speaker (the upper half). RT @r_oyoyo By the way, what's your avatar? A camera?

Maybe they dislike the reasoning of "there's nothing bad about it." RT @1341540 What reason could a person have not to like something if there's nothing bad about it?

I've heard it called lame a lot. RT @satouame Is Saitama lame or not?

What of? RT @tsuetouyua You aren't scared to reveal your real name?

I've heard drinking warm milk helps. RT @rui0967 I can't sleep. Can you help me sleep?

Never. RT @gyehdsg Have you even thought "I don't want good-for-nothing people listening to my precious creations"?

You got it. RT @dddyna2525 I wasn't sure how to address a tweet toward Hachi-san... I've been using trial and error, but did it work?

Her atmosphere. RT @tns_ryo What attracts you in a woman?

First I've heard of it. I don't really like things with plum added into the name, with the exception of summer potato plum flavor. RT @ronaryno_nya Plum and jellyfish is delicious.

I haven't used amps much at all, so I don't know. RT @tomb_18 Favorite amp?

Hell if I know. RT @Ryuuuuumon Why is my room 32 degrees Celsius when the windows are all open?

I see. RT @cakeboxes I was nearly attacked by a cat the other day.

I believe there was a dog at my grandparents' house named Hachi. RT @sattan_ely Hachi-san, why did you name yourself Hachi?

Kids seem like a whole lot of trouble... I recommend waking up a little late on purpose. RT @naginaginegi I'm training for nursery school starting tomorrow and I have to get up early, but I'm so nervous I can't sleep.

Probably never? RT @aze_KEYCRASH When can we hope to see the reformation of Hachi's band?

It depends. RT @enren5 Do you prefer orange juice or soy sauce?

The mountain roads are dangerous. Also, what on earth is that emoticon supposed to be? RT @zizi_SG I'm going to Kagawa for the next Monster Bash. Since they're both in Shikoku, what kind of place is Tokujima? (/)'w.(\)?

Who's that? RT @mtbrask You're the same age as Kawagoe Chef's cameraman.

I'll retweet your replies. Please.

Can't draw.

Yesterday, I finally paid another visit to my grandparents' house, and it was the way it always was. When I was little, I would stare at a ceiling stain that resembled a bird until I fell asleep, and it's still there to this day. It led me to remember for a number of things that "oh yeah, there was that."


That was a fun night.

Why did it disappear? [In reference to Dreameater on the Sand's mysterious deletion.]

Deciding your actions with the reasoning of "I have no reason to refuse" is truly unproductive.

Nothing to be done...

"You know, lately..." "Yeah?" "My shoulders have been terribly stiff." "Ah." "I guess it's work, go figure." "Probably." "I guess I should do something about it..." "I wonder." "It really sucks." "Bad news." "Chikama." "AHHH!!" "Oden." "WAAAAAUGH!!"

"Kamaboko." "Huh?" "Kiritanpo." "What?" "Hanpen." "Something's wrong with A-kun!" "Satsuma age." "It's fish paste all the way down!" "Sausage." "What do I do?!" "Chikuwa." "WAAAAAUGH!!"

I really wanted to see the match between the Hachimansho and Teikyo... Why didn't anyone tell me about it?

It may be the peak of the Bon festival, but I wonder if I could get on a high-speed bus without a reservation.

However, those three statements are not lies. In reality, I too have thought those things every time I give an effort, daily feeling like my head is being ripped off. But at those times, I can only but call upon an incantation: "There's no helping it - I have to look ahead." If there's no other way, then I have nothing to gain from not being positive.

"I always say the same things." "Everything I say has already been said by somebody." "I won't say it because I don't want to be ashamed of it later." People who hesitate to show their works to the world are nearly all plagued by one of these thoughts. If such little things as these are able to make your creations into trash, you shouldn't have created anything to begin with.

"I haven't uploaded any songs as of late," I whisper with a bad taste in my mouth. But the truth is, I've been making all kinds of things. It might take a little more time, but it should be sooner rather than later.

I want to have beef with someone, and then get into a fistfight with them. I have that kind of feeling often. But in reality, it's always been one-sidedly being hit or one-sided hitting - I've never had a fair and honest fistfight.

Whatever the case, a dreadful thing nonetheless. Nervous...

I found something black and wriggling in an empty trash can, and I grew nervous that it would be the first cockroach of the year. But when I looked closer, it wasn't a cockroach. More like a female stag beetle, I think.

Not thinking about anything and spacing out is truly relaxing. Happy moments always stem from times when one has either no problems or no thoughts. Surely some gloomy circumstances are sure to befall me in the future, but how can I ignore them, or be unaware of them? Happiness isn't something to be granted from an external source, but must be extracted from one's own heart.

Sometimes I pass by someone on the roadside, and in that moment hear them casually speaking to me with unusual clarity. Early this afternoon, I passed a boy who looked to be in college or so, and suddenly the word "Pasteley" lept into my ears. And ever since, little Pasteley has been making fish paste in my head.

@KS_1980 Fine, if that's what they feel like doing. Even if they did such a thing, they wouldn't be able to twist the facts.

KS_1980: "Random Celebrity: "Well then, I'll sing your songs as my major debut and claim they're my originals. And then sue for copyright infringement." ...What would you say to that?"

So many depressing people out there. Just do what you want to do.

I think people are ultimately incapable of understanding one another fully. Each person has their own vague understandings of things in their chest, and no matter how much and how well they express them with language and music, they'll never make it out of there. Language and music are imperfect as communication tools, distorted... and that's what makes them interesting.

Every time I disclose some bit of information, it goes in all directions to be misinterpreted in all ways. Even if I went and politely corrected each interpretation, they would continue to crop up like mushrooms in a swamp; misunderstandings never tire. Explaining your intentions is outrageously difficult.

The bus drives through a lead-colored tunnel, reeling in evenly-placed lights lined up on the side. Following a path like a long, zig-zagging straw, it brings your body back.


Glad I thought of that before I left. Off to buy something...

Gonna need to plan for the possibility of rain at Fuji Rock, huh.

Going to Fuji Rock in two days.

Taxi, highway.

Whether you decide to take things seriously or not has a severe influence on human behavior. In fact, I wonder if all differences in personality could be broken down into that.

If I had Joanna Newsom, Yu Aoi, and Chloë Moretz, that would be enough. Oh, and Emma Watson as she was in Goblet of Fire.

I don't want to be the kind of person that makes fun of people for giving their best effort.

@kisida67 Pretty dang tiny.

kisida67: "Depends on the size you want!"

Also, I still don't have monitor speakers, so I'm itching to buy them this summer. Any recommendations?

I'm worrying over whether I should introduce a TV to my house exclusively to watch Koshien.

Not like any of the songs I've made have by any means been neatly ordered.

Every day, I seem to remember my fondness for lo-fi sound, and it's crazy how it gradually coagulates.

rika0526: "The Delivery Service of My Neighbors the Yamadas in the Castle on the Cliff in the Valley of the Wind Listening to the Whisper of the Heart #BestMixOfGhibliTitles"

The Borrowing-Away Yamadas Returnyo #BestMixOfGhibliTitles

Chihiro and the Yamadas' Pom Poko War: Mononoke's Delivery Neighbor

There's a high probability I dropped it at Shinosaka station.

I lost my wallet. If anyone finds and picks up a light-brown, two-fold wallet on the Midosuji subway line, please reply. I'm begging you.

It seems Pumpkin got to a million views. Ah yes, that makes me happy. Thank you very much.

The bullet train pushes on with a shrill groan. I wince. The pocket in the back of the seat in front of me contains nothing but a Chipstar lid. The round red lid briefly reflects the light from the window, then goes dark again, alternating back and forth, again and again. And I mutter in despair: "I'm not going to be in time for Doki-Live."

Going to Doki-Live. Might not be there in time.

@syuka_59 I understand your discomfort. I recognize that my tweets have caused people discomfort countless times. But if I tried to avoid causing even a single person from feeling discomfort from my tweets, I would be saying nothing. The question of "Will this offend someone?" varies from person to person, after all.

syuka_59: "Well, it's not like that, what you tweet is up to you. I just sort of felt that you should hold back when something might be offensive, so I made the reply. It's a little selfish, but as a resident of Hiroshima myself, I didn't think that tweet was particularly good."

@syuka_59 Well then, what do you think I should tweet?

syuka_59: "Should you be saying such things on Twitter? What about the people of Hiroshima that do think that way? Really, you should know lots of people are watching, so you should be a little more considerate."

Some people flaunt the atomic bomb like it's a "privilege" of the residents of Hiroshima... what on earth. We're all Japanese, aren't we?

@cirsium_rue I suppose it's not necessarily all in the presence of a name. Yes, I think the same way. But since "duty" is exceedingly undervalued on the internet, having a name does help a fair bit.

cirsium_rue: "Hm, are there that many like that? I don't think it's about the presence of a name, necessarily. I think you're mistaking something along the lines of it being "born from a sense of duty." It doesn't matter if there's no name or "self" - I think there's still plenty of people like that who remain anonymous."

Many people who see contradictory opinions and spit out quick parting remarks without any detailed argument do so anonymously. Do they have no confidence, or perhaps do they not care enough? On the other hand, when people think about these opinions after the fact, you mostly see names accompanying them. Giving your name takes willpower, but the simple act gives more weight to your words.

Goro Miyazaki is in a position where no matter where he goes, it's to his detriment. It must be hard.

Updated my blog.

misakichi_sca: "I'm a girl, and even I think girls are scary."

takuapples: "Most humans are scary."

a_o_626: "We're not like that!! We're cute!!"

honey_2554: "Nuh-uh, boys are the scary ones!"

ree3421: "Gwarrrrr!"

Girls truly scare me.

I see pretty women, but whether they stay or pass, I come to not want them anymore. [Also quickly deleted.]

This is seriously bad... Farewell for a little while. [Quickly deleted.]

Updated my blog.

RT @nausicaa_comic What's up? I've returned. - Kushana

Oh. Thank you for four million views on Matroshka [sic].

Los Angeles is loads of fun.

Task and wowaka are aggressive sleepers.

When border patrol pulled me back, I did a sweet turn-around on my heel. [wowaka and Task, who went with him, mentioned Hachi being stopped about three times and inspected by border patrol. Supposedly he looked like a terrorist with his long hair.]

Airplane seats are so cramped. My legs are up against the back. Ten hours of this... I'm gonna die.

Departing for Los Angeles. Farewell, Japan.

Tokyo is way too far away.

If I take my pill case, will they stop me in customs? Scary...

I'd be glad if I could once more be told "Oh, me? I was talking to you about this!"

When I get curious about a person in talking with them, I say I'm going to remember them, but if I just see their name, I don't remember who I was talking to at all. However, I'll remember if I see their face. I'm definitely defective.

Arbitrarily imagining things about other people's sorrows makes me sad. It's an act of hubris. Drink.

I wonder if I can get this song ready in the next two days. That's particularly wishful thinking. Feeling like the living dead...

Perhaps being busy should be seen as a blessing, a chance to develop your thoughts. But I hate being busy.

When I came back, the CD hanging on the wall had fallen off. No guts, no resourcefulness. So you're worthless.

I'm unreasonably mean to the things I can't understand, and want to put them far below me. So I get angry, and there is discord.

Why try to settle things with such language...? My stomach is on fire. I can feel only anger. Ugh, not this late at night.

Beside a well, someone whispers at a reasonable level "That person is terrifying," and the person hearing it assures that "I'm not terrifying, you can trust me." By making a single big target, you focus your senses on that target, and your self sneakily slips away. And that's how you become sly.

@imperialtpaz Well, there isn't a huge difference between me and them. I just find that "universal" thing a little lonely, that's all.

imperialtpaz: "People's thoughts and ideas swing like a pendulum and extend out in a helix, so if something is born from an author without the intent of mimicry, don't you think that such a work would show individuality, but also contain some universal human aspect? It's questionable if others are really intending to do mimicry."

Every time I go looking around at things, both in the past and present, I notice how little things change, and I feel like I've been doused with cold water. The same things being said, the same things being made. Forgot individuality, all that's done is mimicry.

I have procured the ultimate identification papers.

There was a "Where's Waldo?" puzzle at Loft, which nostalgia eventually led me to buy. But not long after I began on it, I found the piece which had Waldo's moronic face on it, and I resorted to violence.

One day when I was in middle school, the school lunch had broccoli in it. It was just three pieces of boiled broccoli in a tiny little bowl, but I hate broccoli, so I winced at the sight. A friend beside me saw this and whispered in the grimmest voice, "It's like a damn forest..." He hated broccoli, too.

Though being incapable of sharing has its upsides. It's a bit sad when your words come back to you severely shortened, not to mention dirtied. I didn't say them so that you could chip away at them, you know...

Every time I sum things up and make the confirmation that "it's this way, right?", while it may truly be that way, I'm uneasy because I didn't want to say it that way. Really, am I even capable of sharing?

@ankokushu When it comes to human relationships, I wonder if you could say the best kind is a "I've hurt you, so you can hurt me too" relationship... Don't mind me, I'm just thinking.

ankokushu: "You can't have human relationships that consist solely of fun. At least, that's so unlikely that I honestly don't understand how it could be. If a person were to think otherwise, I wouldn't put it past them to be unknowingly hurting people all the time."

Even if you cut up the information and only show the clean parts, it still brings out sort of an icky, unnatural feeling (though that can be interesting, in a way). If I'd lived on the island of Bali all my life, I wouldn't understand the magnificence and beauty of it.

Alongside the conviction of "I want to have fun, and I want to please others," I feel that you can't also say "I won't show any hardship, and I won't suffer any pain." No matter what the situation, you can't establish anything without some form of opposition.

@kagome_p Well, first of all, I'd look suspicious sitting in the driver's seat like that.

kagome_p: "I think you could pull it off if you wore a hunting cap."

The Fiat 500 is super cute. I'd like to ride something like that. Uh, not like it suits me at all...

It's been mistaken for a washing machine and a camera, but it's a speaker. [His relatively new avatar, that is.]

@kacchan_akogi @lasah_1114 It's quite wonderful. Thank you very much.

So it WAS such a good song... I'm weeping with joy.

This is great. Singing "clock lock works" acoustic arrange

@harurasyoumon If I had to say which I was, I also have that sort of personality. I'm not one to judge what kind of person you are, but rather than refrain from saying what I want to say, the reality is it's more comfortable to just say it.

harurasyoumon: "Excuse me for being a fool. I'm sort of against denying someone as if you know their personality entirely. There are people who do have that kind of personality, so I would advise against saying those kinds of things indiscreetly."

I understand that when I say things about being beyond help, if my thoughts change in the far future, I'll be distressed, wondering "Why did I say such things?" But that is for then. If I wanted to make sure I wasn't ashamed of anything I said come the distant future, I would have to say nothing at all, and that would be the most foolish thing to do.

Talking to yourself always comes off as indecent in any case, and your neighbors may dislike it, but without it, every day would be a bore. I can't help but have free time. Lots and lots of it. I'm a creature for which nothing can be done.

Updated my blog. I've been working hard lately.

BufferinChudoku: "And 003 is "null null drei." Geez, is it slippery or is it dry?!"

kanio_tmhr: "For six, I always give a resounding... SECHS!"

In German, no matter how many times I I say "null" for 0 and "sieben" for 7, when I then hear 007 as "null null sieben," I find myself laughing about half the time. [Probably because "nurunuru" means "slippery."]

Inconvenience is enjoyable.

I love you.

My headache won't stop... And here I am running to alcohol.


_yukiha: "Maybe they don't really consider you a full-on artist. So everyone's under the impression that "Hachi-san only draws for special occasisons," meaning "he must be drawing the thumbnail for a new song.""

hiiragi_yuka53: "Because everyone loves Hachi-san's songs!! :D I'm always looking forward to them!"

thcr25: "Well, it sure SEEMED like a cool illustration you could use in a PV...!!"

nicoladdy: "Isn't it simply that, well... people are hoping for a new song? ('_')"

Sometimes when I just draw something on a whim, people ask "Is this a new song?" Why is that?


Drawing Monster.


I wish I could just say this story is absolute trash right here, but I won't for various reasons, which is the main cause of my stress. Ugh, I need a drink...

The file won't open, the story I finished reading sucked ass, and the stress keeps piling up. In a word, yikes.

Ah yes, the one whose project file won't open.

@_Yumao_ Exactly.

_Yumao_: "Lies."

It's already been five days since Vocaloid Master? Surely you jest.

You... look like Paul Klee's angel.

You... look like an Evangelion.

Lotus Flower is so cool, I can't get any work done.

A day on which the humidity hinders my breathing. I heard stories of people being criticized on TV and on the internet, all loathed without exception. Well then, who DO you like?... I thought.

Chicken Steak

And that was Vocaloid Master. I'm reading letters and the like. Thank you very much. I'm very happy. Also, among the submissions was Osamu Dazai's "No Longer Human." I suppose I am that kind of person... hm. Still, very happy.

I don't wanna ride the Shinkanseeeeen...

Yikes, I'm gonna have to leave before the day's over.

@task_plus9 I forgot your phone number, where are you?

@fullkawahonpo Say whaaat?

fullkawahonpo: "No it's in Nagoya."

The grounds are in Ikebukuro, right?

The angle which the chairs on the bullet train are initially set at is pure evil.

I'm off. See you later.

As a rule, I won't say enforcing the idea that "you're this kind of person" has a negative influence, but...

Blood type diagnosis has quite an effect on personality development. If you're being told from a young age that "you're so-and-so type, which means you're...", it only makes sense you'd come to resemble that, intentionally or not.

I don't want to use pretty words on worthless things. I know from painful experience what it's like to not want to touch precious things just because they appear worthless. If you really don't want to surrender something, I suppose it's fine to use violence, but you'll be no more than a tyrant then.

Well, I'm going. Nothing new, though.

Tomorrow's Vocaloid Master, huh...

mikkiki28: "Hachi-san, did you find the shrimp rice?"

At the previous Vocaloid Master, I received a letter from someone whose language I didn't speak. They had no idea what to say, looked as if they were about to cry, and were extremely nervous. And yet they still came to give me the letter. And I realized fully that not understanding another's language is more than a mere inconvenience.

The cause for my thus-far inability to be satisfied with my living conditions is... well, maybe signs of maturing are supposed to be a joyous thing, but each time I step forward, I feel an indescribable sense of homesickness, like my hair is being pulled from behind. Growth is an unclear thing, so I have to determine the standard of it for myself. I can never figure it out.

The balance of a sack of things becomes offset with the passage of time, causing it to make a rustling sound all on its own, whether there's lots or little inside it - I'm sure everyone has experienced this. But now that summer draws near, I'm finding flies and bugs around, and that phenomenon occurred underneath the chair I was sitting on, and I honestly thought to myself, "Welp, I'm screwed."

I was eating sushi at home, then in a brief moment spit it back out into the container, and the whole thing went flying. However, most of it landed in the container's lid, so only the scallop fell to the floor. Relieved that the damage had been minimal, I looked closer into the lid... and didn't see the shrimp rice anywhere, so I'm now searching desperately.

An album that would be like the musical version of Dogme 95: no excessive mixing or mastering, no making corrections to your recording, only one shot. I think I'd like to try it, or at least see someone try it.

I want to go see Black Swan today, but I can't part from my DAW. Help. Me.

Task did the circle cut for Vocaloid Master. I had no input whatsoever.

I guess I should have it sound like this.

I don't understand mixing at all.

Truly, never before in my life have I ever wanted to punch someone as badly as this.

Is there anyone who plays guitar and works with digital music who starts holding the mouse like this? Or am I the only one?

This picture is certainly interesting... [Uh... yes, it does seem to be somebody chewing/smooching a Mio figurine and a guy in the audience attacking him and telling him he hopes he explodes for messing with his "wife."]

Somebody sell me a Posies T-shirt!

I want a The Posies limited-edition T-shirt. Somebody get me one, please.

Listening to nothing but The Strokes.

I like recklessly egotistical people more than modest ones.

I bought and read the new Bakuman, but it was so engaging and I got so into it that I literally threw it while reading. It nearly flew all the way into the hallway.

@fullkawahonpo Well geez, it sounded right to me, okay...?

fullkawahonpo: "I would guess some spell in the Frizzle family..."

@fullkawahonpo Then what I was I thinking of?

fullkawahonpo: "I said HOT VIT LON!"

@fullkawahonpo It's a Dragon Quest spell, obviously!

fullkawahonpo: "I'm sorry and ashamed I have to ask this, but what the heck does "hot vit lon" mean?!?!"


Hackney provide.


lasah_1114: "Khomeii in the mornin' cleans my heart..."

Hackney spin.

Hackney stumble.

Hackey straddle.

Hackney fall.

Hackney run.


You can talk about me behind my back if you wish, but if possible, make sure you actually do it somewhere that's out of my sight.

Telling them to stop sending me strange emails isn't working. I tried ignoring them for a long time, but perhaps it would be better to alert the police or something.

I got an email I don't understand... I have no aquaintance with the sender, yet the contents read as if we're intimate friends. It annoys me. Perhaps they're with the intent of forming an acquaintance, but still.

@wowaka Buh.

wowaka: "Sorry, I wasn't calling for you."

@wowaka It's me!

wowaka: "Don't say "eighty percent" if you mean "eight out of nine"! Now I'm seeing "8" as the eyes of a "doya" face..."

Two or three years ago, I supplied music for an independent film, but now that I've revealed my real name, people have cropped up to link it to the present me. It makes me very happy.

When you're engrossed in your imagination and something realistic suddenly comes to mind, there's a moment when a switch flips and you can't think about anything, can only see what's right in front of you. When am I getting up tomorrow? Is this the right path? But once you snap out of it, for that moment everything seems so terribly boring.

Just kidding.

Nishiaraidaishi-nishi is Nishiaraidaishi-nishi backwards.

Correction, it was the 20th. [Nico says Princess was uploaded May 19th, so...?]

It looks like today marks two years since I first uploaded a Vocaloid song. That was fast.

I have no more attachments to this mortal coil.

If Yotsuba& ends, I'll die.

I have no excuse.

Absolutely not on time.

Despite the thing I said earlier, I don't have a girlfriend, or really anyone I like.

Updated my blog, at last.

I hear the formulaic sentence "Which is more important, me or ___?" a lot, but if you're truly important, you shouldn't be treating it like balancing scales. The intent shouldn't be to compare a precious individual and the weight of some other thing, but to choose to put a stop to whatever pain you're bringing that person. I want you to know you're not some object to be thrown onto a scale.

Truly uncaring people never cry while thinking about anybody.

@lasah_1114 Adults are dreadful.

lasah_1114: "This is how it is, in short. An adult's world."

@nae_omatsu Hi!

nae_omatsu: "Hello, I'm Matttt."

@lasah_1114 It also seems there are many guitarists named Ma -

lasah_1114: "There seem to be lotsa bassists named Matt, too... Yeah... I wonder..."

There seem to be a lot of drummers named Matt... Yes... I wonder why...

Too much time passes too quickly. So this is what it's like to be old.

Er, not "getting angry," I mean "scolding." Yes, you're right.

When things are peaceful of their own accord, it generally feels nice, but sequels and the sort always feel awful. Jump ahead five or ten years to suddenly mature the characters, and you feel betrayed. You can't help but question, "What were all those hundreds of pages of struggle for?"

I've realized lately that "getting angry" is actually incredibly valuable and we should be thankful for it. If I ever have children, I'll make sure to get plenty angry at them.

I succeed in trampling things down, and it makes me pleased. Is there no one who will admonish me?

Now I only want you gone

@fullkawahonpo Oh, give me a break...

fullkawahonpo: "Next time you come to Tokyo, we're going bowling."

I'm pretty sure I'm the worst bowler in all of Japan. I got a score of 22 in the most recent game I can remember.

It's patently ridiculous that I can't make what I want to make because some people will misunderstand. Geez, I'll just do what I want.

Oh, it wasn't her birthday, it was Valentine's. The heck. He's on a whole different scale from us, I suppose. His songs DO have around five hundred million views on YouTube. It's a continental scale.

Well, okay, thinking about it again, if all those tons of flowers were used like that one scene in Big Fish, and if I were the girl being delivered to, I'd probably burst into tears.

I was looking at Justin Bieber's Wikipedia entry, and it said that he sent his girlfriend trucks of flowers for her birthday, and I realized just how messed in the head people overseas can be.

They made a Tower Records in Hoop? That makes me quite happy.

My past self was convinced there was nothing he couldn't do. However, I've found no truth to that effect; it takes digging out roots to get some things done. Yet as I repeat these same boring actions, I've come to believe that it's fine if the weather can simply be nice, or if I get to eat some tasty noodles from time to time, or other such nice things.

Aimlessly puttering around the sea of the internet as I am, I found a blog entry written by some girl titled "Return From Illness." Totally a dark lord. ["Illness" is a homophone for "[the] darkness."]

I want to throw away the futon taking up space in my closet. And I want to toss out my bed, too, but there's tons of CDs and books stowed underneath, so I don't think that'll work out. I also wanted to throw my PS3 out a window, but thankfully I convinced myself otherwise. [This was while PSN was down, but may be unrelated.]

@_Yumao_ Of course, it does also mean I'm going to keep bringing home newer things.

_Yumao_: "Jea-lous..."

I thought upon it deeply, but it seems my willingness to throw things away is rather high, perhaps abnormally so. Today, I threw away some clothes, a towel, and some tableware.

Seeing evil things as evil is the only reason we aren't allowed to do them.

Ho! Off to look at rooms!

@fullkawahonpo Urgh...! Why, you... Taking a hostage is just plain cowardly!

fullkawahonpo: ".......... Do you desire... your money back...? .........."

Looking on room-searching sites is entirely too much fun.

Thanks to my rampaging, my current room is, er, developing a rather large hole in the wall. I don't know how many things are living in there...

Uh, not good. I think I'd better get up and move.

@siinamota Yeah, I guess something like that.

siinamota: "What about working while eating?"

That's a really roundabout way of putting it... In short, I want something to do that can properly coincide with the work.

I don't quite mean "making music while looking at pictures"; I want to add to my physical activity. When I draw, I can do "move your body + listen to music," but when I make music, I can't do "move your body + look at pictures." There's more information you need to process when you're making music.

I can draw pictures while I'm listening to music, but I can't arrange for the opposite. Is there any good way, I wonder?

The things we hate, the things we don't understand, they all have to be thrown aside. Forever dragging them along with you and making things with no hope of improvement can only be for the worse. Even if you despise it, you need a strong will to discard everything. Even if that is a strenuous thing to do.

I don't even know how many times I've thought while sitting down, so I'm going to think while running.

Does anyone here enjoy using the eye-enlargement function on pictures?

Everyone's so kind...

Doing the things I really and truly want to do is an incredibly terrifying prospect.

Now that I think about it, perhaps it was instead the death wail of the cavity in the boy's mouth.

Long ago, when I was waiting for my turn to come at the dentist's office, I heard a boy in another room who was being treated. "Nooooo! STOOOOOP!", he screamed, denying the treatment with all his might. His refusals steadily turned to "Stop now! Stop now and I'll still be able to forgive you!" But in the end, his vile cavity was pierced by the DRILL OF JUSTICE.

When music flows from my earphones and it matches the tempo of someone walking nearby, I always think that I would be very well off with that person. But of course, ultimately, our tempos grow more and more out of sync, and they leave me to go someplace other than where I wish to.

Well, for now, I suppose I'll just reply to the important emails.

This is known as the Hachi and the Cat paradox.

I took two steps forward, and the cat fled one step. I took two steps forward, and the cat fled one step. And once I had caught up as such, the day was over.

Punch whatever you want to. Throw out self-restraint and shame, kill off your frustration by letting it out on everything. That's bound to be more interesting than things are now.

People like that don't even know the uplifting feeling that comes from being in a mess. "I'm indestructible," they think. They don't notice their own self-constraints.

Things created by people who don't realize that something is intoxicating them don't have a single bit of excitement nor sorrow. And of course, there's no joy, so they can only bring anger. Maybe it'd be better for them to stop.

However many things I say that are brimming with sense, there are people who will flip it around to the other side of those words. And there's no helping that those kinds of people will be displeased, no matter what I said.

Of the people who lived in a good household with a family that got along, I think many are fantastic people with a steady foundation for what it takes to be human. When it's clear as day that you were raised with love, you're always wanting to love as well.

Happy birthday, Chobo-roku-san. #HappyChobirth

I cut my pinky and now I can't play guitar. How did this happen...?

If I really push myself with this, I wonder if I could pull off a Kamehameha...

RT @kurudamu00 For anyone who can emit infrared from their palms, I recommend becoming massage masters. Experiments have shown that they can ease stiff shoulders.

@fullkawahonpo Whoa, I could start a business...

RT @fullkawahonpo So wait, basically you're telling me Hachi-kun can grab onigiri and cook it instantly?

@kurodamu00 Huh? You're really that unique, eh?

kurodamu00: "Mine can emit infrared rays (truth!). I only know one other person who can do it."

As I'm now able to sweat from it at will by concentrating on my palm, I wholeheartedly believe that I'll soon learn how to get a flame to appear and use telekinesis, then cause some kind of tremendous disaster.

It really seems like the area around Shinosaka has become the Toxic Jungle. Even the injured people taking shelter have died out. To think the water that passes their masks tastes this awful.

I'm thinking of riding the Möwe to Umeda. The wind's harsh today, so I'll have to be careful.

To deepen the knowledge of my soul, I think another day...

Here I was just wondering what the drop rate of Orihalcon is, and would you look at that, the day's over.

The second floor of the volcano is literally impossible. [Presumably Ragnarok Online.]

What an enigma. If I don't eat when I need to eat, I guess I need to eat when I don't need to eat?

I dreamt I had countless stiff, needlelike objects stuck underneath my nails.

Since I typically only reply as I see fit, I'm always thinking about saying such things.

@mkmkan I want to ruin my body...

mkmkan: "But do it too much, and you'll wear out. Which is to say I've forgotten how."

I want to love...

Living sleepless days.

The ones covered in thick tomato slices, though? No way.

Pizza is great. A bit high in calories, though.

Ah yes, pizza is delicious.

Chobo-roku-san, what are you eating?

Within the camera, his eyes and mouth were split into separate parts. For he had done nothing to consider the lens.

I took a picture in the park, but caught a boy who seemed to be in grade school in it. How can I put it... He seemed like an impulsive youth, full of boundless energy, pure, and without any biases. And as I pondered on how it would've been problematic had it been a girl...

This is neat, too. Impulsive Attempt to Fill the Lower-Right Spot of the Panda Hero Performance

Huh, that really makes it seem all sorts of fun. RT @_Yumao Whoa, Mesopotamia Ikeda! Panda Hero: They Seemed to Enjoy Themselves, So I Put Them Together

Turning things into words means making them stale. I know some odd-ones-out want such a thing, but it's best to speak with actions if possible.

All it takes is one comment to that effect from another. But when you say it yourself, it's just make-believe.

I generally don't trust anyone who classifies themselves as "messed in the head."

Everyone: "YOU BASTARDS!"

Oh my god! They killed Kenny!

Are there any sampling sounds of scratches?

@denchuchu I've never been to a foreign supermarket yet, geez.

denchuchu: "Huh? Am I wrong about what you're doing with your passport?"

@denchuchu I wanna gooooo...

denchuchu: "Foreign supermarkets are truly unparalleled in their fun."

Why is it that going to a supermarket in a faraway land is so much fun?

I provided a new song for LiSA's new album. It's called Escape Game. It's a really good song. I think it comes out today. Thanks.

I want a beard that fully covers my jaw line.

saba0912: "Hell yes. Show me the might of your Italian."

@saba0912 Let's roll.

saba0912: "I wanna go to Venezia."

I wish I could cure my habit of being unable to stop once I get doing something. I also want to be the type to make use of the entire day and let no time go to waste.

@cakeboxes No, it's really not that big of a deal... of a button.

cakeboxes: "Details, now."

To think the POD had a button like this all along...



@nae_omatsu You got a living thing as a birthday present?!

nae_omatsu: "Party's over. The hamster I got for my birthday is sooo cute... I mean, of course it couldn't just be Hamtaro."

@task_plus9 I want to go to Europe!

task_plus9: "Where ya goin'!!!"

Applying for a passport is a pain...

It would be nice, I think, if people who don't know which of these apply to them had some kind of near-death experience, vomited blood for seven days and seven nights, and ended up as kind people.

People who never doubt their beliefs without having the experience to know things are that way, people who don't know their own wisdom, people who don't know their own foolishness.

People who can't love things that change, people with no interest in the unreachable, people who forget their pain immediately.

People who think falling in love with their own ideas is natural, and people who consider all of mankind that doesn't agree with them their enemy.

I somehow feel like in order to make a peaceful song as I desire, I first have to make clamor-filled songs.

Thanks to streaming trouble, my browser tabs became visible, and people found out I had Natsumi Kiyoura's homepage open. Unintentionally revealing what girls I like makes me feel sort of bad.

nikotyuumusume: ""..." Because she's just smiling intently... I guess?"

zektxxx: "Baaaaaahhhhh."

umbrella300: "?"

A picture worth a single line.

Morning falls.

Being able to talk about music makes me happy. I like it.

I realized I had forgotten about a certain half-read book. I was reading it for some reason or another, and being away from it made me strangely curious about what comes next.

Tweet something on Twitter, and your self goes scattering about. It becomes scraps of bread, pecked at by a flock of pigeons. Yet I know I'm not so foolish as to deserve it.

wowaka: "You're far too honest about your greed... ww"

@wowaka Er, uh, I kinda wanted a Jazzmaster...

wowaka: "(¯-¯?) ...??"

@wowaka Thank you!

wowaka: "I'm thinking of buying a Jazzmaster. Teehee."

Going to sleep and miraculously not sleeping.

If someone died, or committed a crime, I don't want to hear about it. I want to remain ignorant of it. And while I'm unaware, instead of being "not alive," that person is "not dead."

In life, there's one time in which you can forget nightmarish pain, ignore your idleness, and have a wonderful time: when you have someone to be with.

I was raised wrong.

On dark asphalt in the night, a shadow falls, and every time I step into that place made further dark, I'm incredibly anxious that it's not ground there, but that I'll slip and fall deep down.

@POE1945 There's no point in knowing everything, I feel. And I have no need to put up with clearly harmful things.

POE1945: "On Twitter, 2ch, NicoNico, etc., blocking or the like seems like a display of escaping reality. Even so, it's not as if reality is going to change anytime soon."

Why do I have so many people I don't know blocked? I don't remember doing this at all. Perhaps I just did it for the heck of it.

Significant problem.

Yes, that's the kind of person I am.

I was in the bathroom and opened up Ryu Murakami's "Utau Kujira" to page 144. Naturally, I had come out of the bath, so I knew water was still dripping dreadfully. So I picked up the book, wiped the water, and put it back on the bookshelf. That was all I could do. Once dried, it became uneven, so now it always opens to page 144.

Ah yes, I forgot Vocaloid Master would be here tomorrow, on the 3rd. Looking forward to it. [Again, this is incorrect.]

My legs turn a deep red, so I figure blood must be going down there.

Since practically I was born, there's been a weird, displeasing sweat coming mostly out of my palms and soles. Is this anemia? I don't understand how people can go to Book-Off and read while standing for long intervals.

Wearing headphones for a long time makes my head hurt. Any bright ideas on how to cope with that?

I don't want to mess with the Vocaloid editor again.

What's good, what's bad? I understand less and less, so I stop caring and run.

If I were reborn, I'd like my name to be Genevieve...

I inevitably want to go to the disaster area, but there's nothing but obstacles stopping me from doing so.

The sakura is blooming.

The tin crumbles.

I'm no good at this.

The point is, it's the difference between thinking "This is awesome, wonderful!" or "Oh yeah, don't I look mature."

The main cause isn't anything corporal. It's a faint flame I seem to feel, perhaps something mental. I ponder as I eat rice.

I'm not "capable if I try it," and I'm not "incapable because I don't try it." I just "don't think I'm capable."

People's histories aren't so cheap.

Dripping like muddy paints.

4 o' clock.

Kamurocho is turning into Raccoon City.

@fenrir8520 Nope, just the old one, "Sexy on the Beach."

fenrir8520: "Will you be bringing your new song, "I've Always Loved You"?"

@asshole_wii Let's!

asshole_wii: "Let's both do our best."

Oh yeah, how could I forget. Vocaloid Master tomorrow. Exciting. [No, it isn't actually.]

My life is crashing.

I don't like typing things in. Live sound is good, I want to do it live! Live-a-live!

I thought it was 12:08. It was 8:21.

Blood coming out my throat. I'll stop that tomorrow.

When people are perfectly aware lies are going to be told, you can't come up with any non-petty lies.

What am I saying?

A braid resembling a crown.

Wonderful, everyone's giving me mixed responses.

I've heard some things about how tallness has an effect on vocal chords. Is that true at all?

I can feel the limits of my vocal chords.

So how did it come to this, then?

Listening to nonstop BURGER NUDS.

I have to convince myself I'm better than someone, or I can't accomplish anything.

But it's almost April...

Sleeping in prayer.

An increasingly raddening hero.


yell0000w: "I showed Panda Hero to my little brother (a fifth-grader), and on the way home from school, he was marching along, going "pa-pa-pa-lah." It was simultaneously cute and scary."

I've been thinking about design. A serious Panda Hero.

Seemingly every day I have the regret "I wish I could go back and redo things." But even if I redid everything, way back from being in the womb, most likely I'd still end up worrying. Specifically, about all the things I didn't get to see.

I'm restless.

Apparently it originated in Chinese folklore.

@cakeboxes Ah.

cakeboxes: "Probably the mud?"

"Sleep like the mud" - who first said that?

Sleeping in prayer.

A hangover has no symptoms. It's as if nothing even happened. I wonder, perhaps nothing really did happen.

It's ridiculous how stagnant the attitude on Osaka's trash is.

What's happening?

Off to Yoyogi Park to do a concert.

Also, I don't really like Caterpie much.

@tokino53 Thank you!

tokino53: "Forgiven!!"


I just want to be gentler.

Even as I grow dizzy, I make sure to be discerning of what I shouldn't say, and wonder how this can still be considered calm. And here I was, fine with looking back at nothing, saying skin-tearingly trifling things.

@kuuki_postmania Nooow, then, I'll be off to find a braaand neeew liiight!

kuuki_postmania: [to "1-2-3-4"] "5, on the siiig-nal, that's when, I, go meet you~!"

@390maru I'm not sleeping.

390maru: "Good morning. Did you sleep, Hachi-san?"

I remember distinctly what I said and what was said on the stream. And I vividly recall what I thought and how things seemed to me. Why is that, I wonder.

Drool hangs from the sheep's mouth.

Sleep, sheep, they say.

Sheep crossing before your very eyes!

A sheep and a deep breath.



Can't help being calm.

Wait, did I say that?

I love everyone.

Why, exactly, has it come to this?

[He has a stream titled "Totally Calm Stream" where he claims to love everyone, confuses everyone about what he is and isn't lying about, and ends by claiming he's not human, he's a god that loves humans.]

I'm not the kinda guy to sleep at a time like this.

I am ac-tually per-fect-ly calm.

I'm actually perfectly calm.

Not going to Hokkaido. Getting paid.

I like e verybody4

@yukata0 G-Granny...?

yukata0: "Excuse the interruption. My granny seems to have become fond of Panda Hero. As she does chores, she hums "pa-pa-pa-lah...""

Should I go for it?

If I could go to the ends of the universe, I would. Maybe. Should I?

Amazing. Lynne is actually a pretty good song, huh. [Medley] 25 Vocaloid Songs Arranged on Acoustic Guitar [Working BGM]

Perhaps precision can lead to faulty expression, though. If things are taken any further than that, as something imbued with even deeper meaning, it must uphold a great deal of responsibility.

Soaking words with deep meaning one by one... I want to pull that off as well as I can, as precisely as possible.

How can all possible phenomena, how can all imaginable fear possibly be ignored? That is key.

Perhaps I'm a hopeless fool.

It's not looking like I'm going to Vocaloid Paradise. Minakata Laboratory itself will show up, though.

@fullkawahonpo ?!?!?!?!

fullkawahonpo: "I, uh... might... buy a Jaguar..."

I was practicing Sonic Youth-esque noise for two hours straight, alone in the studio.

@zawaking Skype.

zawaking: "But I'm still working on them! And how should I?"

@zawaking Show 'em.

zawaking: "About my school orientation ceremony!"

@zawaking What kinda lyrics.

zawaking: "I wrote lyrics! I'm super pure!"

The sound has a gentle up-and-down feeling.

@zawaking Whatchu doin'.

zawaking: "Hey, somebody give me a song! Hey!"

Forever waiting at the bus stop.

Living in a rotten bus.

So you can't use Sonar on a Mac. What to do...

Surreal this, surreal that, surreal shut up.

I want something to treasure. I think.

No, wait. Maybe this is actually one of Syrup16g's songs.

I dreamt up a phrase so good, I'm putting it in a song. In my dream, Syrup16g's Igarashi was playing and singing it nightmarishly, but he doesn't know, so I'll be taking that, thanks.

Inevitably, as there are so many other sounds to compete with, the drums are slowly dying off.

Sure, it works again once I restart it, but the time it takes to boot is unbearable. It's like trying to write with the lead in your pencil breaking once every five minutes.

People often say you just have to deal with hardship, but if it weren't for this "my DAW crashed" brand of hardship, there would be no obstacles in my way.

Every day is wonderful.

I get a lot of stalker-y emails from people I don't know the names or faces of. What are they hoping to get? Is it just for self-pleasure?

I feel bad.


Indeed? Really.

While I may not be able to do anything singificant, I can at least protect myself. And if I do that, maybe I can do something worthwhile later.

Always putting on a face full of pain over and over and over and over, and in the end, you cry. What's the point?

I think it'd be nice if everyone was happy, but I also think it'd be nice if everyone was gone.

When I put my thoughts into words, they seem utterly stale.

I only want to do things I enjoy.

I can't go anywhere. It's bad.

I have no idea how should I spend today. Seriously, what on earth should I do? Also, it's cold.

I can't sing...

It's annoying how bad I am at singing.

@nae_omatsu "The slow one."

nae_omatsu : "I'm riding the limited express. Or rather, is it the ex-express? The former express? The antiquated express?"

If we deny that, we lose our position as people who principally operate on sensitivity and compassion.

If we're talking fellow Japanese, then I suppose some of us might decide to make sets of a thousand paper cranes. And I guess sending them and sending money have the same general intent behind them, but still...

Thanks for the info.

In iTunes, when you import, is there any way to handle that phenomenom where it treats albums with different artists as separate albums?

"What you hold is a mockery of true power. If you put your faith in that, your body will sooner or later be brought to ruin as consequence. Throw it away this instant... Throw away that IS03!"

I'm treated as if my hands were dyed with the blood of dark forces.

fullkawahonpo: "Toss it!"

task_plus9: "Yeah, toss that thing out."

@jsato_FLEET W... works... sm... smoothly...

jsato_FLEET: "Good evening. In fact, I'm using IS06 right now. It's wonderful... works so smoothly..."

@task_plus9 I truly was... just too late...

task_plus9: "Seriously...? If you had only told me once, just once that you were planning on buying an Android..."

Someone must understand the sorrow I felt for unknowingly buying IS03 the very day IS06 came out.

I eagerly hope for an iPhone.

Sheep are so cute.

For now, I made this.

It really doesn't matter, but the Android's touch screen is painfully bad.

It really makes you realize your own helplessness. All I can do is spread information.

@task_plus9 Thank goodness!

task_plus9: "Me, Utsushita, and Chobo are just fine."

I hope my friends in Tokushima are okay.

[After the March 2011 8.8 earthquake:] Back home. I'm safe for now.

@ygarshy And here I thought I was an adult now...

ygarshy: "The humiliation of the twenty-year-old. :3"

@fenrir8520 You're SO slow.


I went out to buy an iPhone, but the addresses on my insurance card and job invoice differ, so they turned me away. Well then...

Thank you, everyone. I got some Cassis Liqueur, so I'm drinking that.

@chobo_6 What do you mean "agreed"?!?

chobo_6: "Agreed!!!!!"

@chobo_6 That stuff's gross!

chobo_6: "HAPPY BIRTHDAY HACHI-SAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN! I bought you DR PEPPER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Having beer.

Reconciliation is seriously hard.

[This goes on for... a while, not getting much of anywhere. But I think the other guy concedes in the end, thank goodness.]

@moe_to_moe I think I'll just point out that what you're talking about seems totally different and unrelated. Those two things are used for the sake of self-justification. I don't mean to make any further negative connotations than that.

moe_to_moe: "That doesn't mean it's not still wrong. "Angry" people and "preaching" people are generally totally different. If you feel anger as you preach, is it just rage despite the intent of preaching, or are you unable to understand the teachings of Hachi? I don't mean the reader, just in general."

@moe_to_moe If I'm simply opposed to things that differ from my viewpoint and seem incompetent to me, I don't think it matters if I group them together.

moe_to_moe: "Really? Well, first, I don't think you're right to put anger and preaching in the same category. I mean, look in a dictionary."

About eighty percent of anger and preaching comes as a result of self-justification. People who don't trust themselves make up their own justice, and gladly babble about some just cause they don't have a clue about.

@MARiA_008 The hero wasn't as much of a delinquent as ended up, but more... actually-heroic. Where did it all go wrong.

MARiA_008: "Frog...?!"

Panda Hero's title was temporarily Frog Hero.

It's just a shame, really. I'll have to do a concert again.

Finally, I can breathe. Thank you very much, all who came to the show. There were some problems, but I'm glad it ended up positive overall. It was fun. Thank you, everyone.

Today's the show. I'll do my best.

In a Shinjuku police box, I saw a sign counting Japan's deaths and casualties. Casualties are in black, deaths are in red. And when I saw it this evening, the deaths were at 0.

I really don't care if anyone's actually listening. It alone makes me happy.

It's so easy to either come to like or come to hate people.

@btc_toku Happy birthday!

btc_toku: "Thanks for the birthday wishes! \|'O'|/"

Here's the BALLOOM official site. #balloom

This is the merchandise I was talking about. RT @ygarshy Hachi-kun, your towel is so cute! :3 [A Matryoshka towel, that is.]

Note that my merchandise at the March 6th concert won't be sold anywhere but then and there.

Being a part of BALLOOM. [As everyone else who's in it actually explains, it's a music label comprised of Vocaloid artists.]

In terms of Doraemon, what position is Lady Gaga?

Long ago, someone wrote "sounds like Tavito Nanao" on a video I uploaded to Nico. I was wondering who that even was, and recently I finally got around to listening to him, and he's so good makes me want to cry in gratitude.


With the outro, the performance ends and leaves the drone, and for thirty seconds onward there is only the drone of the environment.

Ahhh, one, two, three!


If I speak in the tongues of men or of angels, but do not have love, I am only a resounding gong or a clanging cymbal.


@LiSA_OLiVE I'm only going in for a sec!

LiSA_OLiVE: "Ehhh??? You shuuure you don't just mean "tomorrow"?????"

@LiSA_OLiVE Good night, and we shall meet in THE WORLD OF TOMORRROzzzzzz

LiSA_OLiVE [to the "cold sleep" tweet:] "Hee, that'd be niiice. Totally eco-friendly!"

"Paggie, paggie," the monster cries. The way its molars develop and the way it stands resemble those of humans, so while it's fundamentally an omnivore, it prefers meat. It's covered in hair like seaweed, and secretes a bodily fluid with a peculiar odor from its sweat glands, and is always very damp.

I hope everyone can be happy until they die.

No matter what you say, I think our world is perfectly equal. The things you and I possess differ only in the atoms that compose them, so while they appear different at a glance, they're actually one and the same.

The energy in the instant a baby cries and the instant a mature adult cries are absolutely equal. Both are stuck in a mire just the same, feel stressed, want to twist themselves out of existence.

I'm not prepared in the least. I want to go into cold sleep just like this.

Frieza took a 20x Kaio-ken to the face, so he must be quite comfortable.

Maybe it's the people who take their painful times to heart that can feel truly comfortable.

And yet there's way you'll feel comfortable if you haven't felt pain.

Just because you know pain doesn't mean you'll necessarily feel comfortable.

It'd be nice to have a bathroom where I could listen to the rain. And I want a library to walk around in. Also a room without a rat would be nice.

I want to move this year.

I've got a feeling my computer will break soon. Scary.

@tadano46pantsu What might Segata be doing now...?

tadano46pantsu: "SEGATA SANSHIROOOOO!!"

A: "Sega is so uncool!" B: "Playstation is way better!" [From a series of Japanese Dreamcast commercials where a company president is trying to sell the Dreamcast but is taunted by little kids who don't like Sega.]

I'm gonna go home and play Playstation.

If I didn't say "I lied" here, I could be perceived for the rest of my life as someone who once experienced an earthquake, but it would weigh heavy on my conscience. So yeah it was a lie.


The general consensus of the replies seems to be "turn 20." Okay, got it. Thank you.

Urgent request: A way to make a cellphone contract without parental consent.

My tweets often seem to be perceived as negative, but I assure you that is absolutely not the case.

Thinking nothing but boredom.

Pouring nothing but rain.

Dying nothing but dogs.

Birthing nothing but cats.


Horses run.

I eat nothing but sushi.

Crying people reek of loneliness.

Someone go make a reservation at the studio in my stead.

I see... is that so... I thought so... is that so...

The shocking ocean blue.

I'm gonna need a cart to carry it in. But riding the Shinkansen is probably gonna be problematic.

I just checked, and the effecter case alone is 5.6 kg. Crazy heavy.

Panda Hero is finally complete.

Seems to be raining.

Questioning literacy and morals. Often.

@fullkawahonpo I love you, Jaguar!

fullkawahonpo: "Don't be ridiculous..."

Perhaps I should take the Jaguar instead on March 6th.

Thank you very much. I'll check them out.

Are there any music shops around Namba? I'd be very grateful to know.

I need to change the way I use my throat.

[After getting a ton of replies, the guy apologized on his blog for trying to tell a composer what he should and shouldn't write, though didn't really seem to back down on the notion of "cannibalism" being a quote-unquote "bad word."]

@03gelatin14 Even if it discomforts you, of course it's still music. So I guess we'll just have to agree to disagree.

03gelatin14: "I just don't think things that discomfort qualify as music. I don't think any of Hachi-san's other songs are unpleasant in the least."

I know that whatever I say, my conduct will still wound some people, so I must seek to practice what I preach.

In that reply I retweeted, it seems this guy is trying to speak for everyone. When you "cross the line" in someone's eyes, they'll feel uncomfortable, but meanwhile other people think it's amusing, and there's no getting around that. Ultimately, I have no choice but to use representations that gun for "unpleasant." Nothing more, nothing less.

RT @03gelatin14 Sorry for butting in, but I think using the word "cannibalism" is very improper... it makes people who know the meaning really uncomfortable. I'm not saying to delete the song or anything. But I think you should try to avoid unpleasant expressions when making songs. Sorry for the long message.

I don't think of "no honor" or "being made a fool" that way. Fundamentally, I'm a "so long as it's interesting" kind of guy, so if there are people I think are interesting, then yeah.

I was thinking I could just sing what I like, but I may have to rethink that or else.

I thought I would buy an effect board, but the weight scared me off, and I came home without one. Guys, can you WALK with one of those things? Maybe I'm just crazy.

I want to change the bridge and pick-up... how much will that cost me?

Yeah, I think I'm gonna have to fix up my Jaguar. To the repair shop.

Attended the launch of my alma mater. Everyone was exactly the same.

I needed to be in the studio by 4, and yet I'm still at home. [Posted at 4:25.]

I'll go play guitar tomorrow.

If I had a Jazzmaster - if only I had a Jazzmaster, I'd be fine. Surely, if I had him.

In making the rounds, I've come to desire a variety of equipment. The internet is scary.

Making up an effect board.

Everyone tries to be the way they want to be, so it's unpleasant. I don't hate them, but I can't exactly like them either.

But now it's going to take three and a half hours to get out to Tokyo, which sucks. Sleeping in is a sin.

Slept in late. Cursed alarm.

Making a pretty dang good song!

If only the world were comprised in an equal manner.

All I make are acoustic songs. It's not particularly fun. It's not very fun! And then I ate an Oolong cookie.

I only watch the things I've already recognized as being worth my time. I'm just ignorant like that.

My mouse is behaving weirdly.

I'm feeling like I might absolutely have to go to Tokyo today.

I find the way people act in the waking scenes in Catherine far more frightening than the nightmares. The living are more terrifying than phantoms.

When I'm at a standstill, I can't stop thinking about what a hopeless creature I am. With one grudging turn, I suddenly find that while I thought I was some kind of higher being, I couldn't have been more mistaken.

Conversing with an answering machine. One new message, two, three, four, going on like that - a parent and child continuing to converse.

Music in Place of Conversation - The 19-Year-Old Spirit of Vocaloid Artist Hachi #asciijp And there's also this.

The shroud of cheating on another.

Catherine is interesting.

But wait, I think he's actually Sewashi-kun's great-great grandfather. Hm? So that means... our children? Wait, it couldn't be - are WE Nobita? In the next life? In a past life?

I counted back from Sewashi-kun's age, and it seems our grandchildren may be contemporaries with Nobita. That hits me deep.

You're ever growing distant from this transient world.

Interview on the famous Vocaloid artist Hachi's publicly-streamed studio rehearsal!!" via @getnewsfeed
So there's this.

Sore spirits and momuments.

Every time I open up Twitter, I'm hit with the notion that "Hachi's band name is "Lustful Literati."" But doesn't that seem to insinuate it's actually true?


@acane_madder These must be sister bands.

acane_madder: "Shindanmaker: acane's band name is "Lewd Gym Squats.""

Shindanmaker: Hachi's band name is "Lustful Literati." Gloomy.

I saw Tsumetai Nettaigyo. It was amusing, but at the same time, I can't quite recommend it.

Thanks for three million views on Matryoshka. Three... million...

I cut my hair way too short. So I'm wearing a hat to hide it. I want a tulip hat. So I'm gonna go buy one.

Quoted from 1 Corinthians 13, "Tomato."

A very fine tomato and a tomato.

Tomatoes never fail. Therefore, there will forever remain these three: faith, hope, and tomatoes, the greatest among these being tomatoes.

There's over three thousand tomatoes in tototal.

Being like tomatoes, now we see poor reflections in the mirror. But when the time comes, we will see face to face. I may not know the slightest bit now, but at that time, all shall be known, completely and with perfect clarity. Tomato.

Tomatoes never fail. Where there are prophecies, they will cease; where there are tongues, they will be stilled; where there is knowledge, it will pass away. For our wisdom is only partial, and our prophecies are only partial. But when perfection comes, the imperfect disappears. When I was a child, I spoke like a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child. But now that I am a man, I've discarded my childish ways. Tomato.

Tomatoes are patient. Tomatoes are compassionate. They don't get jealous, boastful, or haughty. They are not rude, are not self-seeking, are not easily-angered, will never hold a grudge. Tomato.

@kurodamu00 Tomatoya.

kurodamu00: "Seems you finally decided on a band name. Tomato."

@luschka_nico Tomato.

luschka_nico: "Tomatomato."

A tomato from a land of only tomatoes.

Tomato and tomato.

Tomato, tomato tomato.

Hurling tomatoes at passersby. What a delight.

Don't laugh at low, sucky singers. I'll get violent.

I'm so awfully terrible. Need to practice.

[On the 13th, Hachi streams his band rehearsal. Furukawa-P is also present in addition to the people stated earlier, apparently as a supervisor. After playing a few songs, Hachi, Furukawa, acane madder, and Captain Mirai all get together and play Jenga. In summary, GREAT TIMES WERE HAD.]

Even I forget the truly painful things, so when others mention them, I remember them for the first time.

Perhaps I wrote a letter that can no longer be addressed to anyone. Night falls from the noisy sky.

Does luggage arrive at the abandoned apartment? The black table clock ticks at a fixed rhythm, cutting the air like a tiny pair of scissors. So much time, so little to do.

I've already lost my senses. I need to get aid before fermentation. Get out of my seat, peep through the hole, return to my seat. Get out of my seat, peep through the hole, return to my seat. I'm not even sure what I'm peeping at anymore. My eyes close slowly, my teeth falling out.

I'm waiting for fermentation. Get out of my seat, peep through the hole, return to my seat. A door that's widened by saturated oxygen.

I'm like a tin doll that's run out of oil. Standing in cold which I hope I can endure.

This is my alternate account. @nekoya_08 I tweet with it when I remember it exists and deem it appropriate. For now, I'll merely tweet to say that it does still exist. My, is that gloomy.

I've always been huge, so I stand out in a crowd.

I want to see Tsumetai Nettaigyo. Anywhere they're showing it in Osaka?

Maybe building blocks, maybe pigs.

RT @luschka_nico Hachi (guitar & vocals), Luschka (vocals), Captain Mirai (guitar), acane madder (keyboard), Igarashi (bass), and Yumao (drums). Tickets go on sale the 12th.

The rehearsal, incidentally, is for this. That.

It seems there'll be a streamed rehearsal on the 13th. Or so I can say, but the details haven't been totally decided. So I could just be a huge liar.

The remote server isn't responding because the computer can't form a connection with the broadband network and so on. So perhaps my modem is the culprit.

Skype's not wanting to connect. What's the deal here? Are the Skype servers just down?

@nae_omatsu That's me, I'm fit and healthy.

nae_omatsu: "You've been an early bird lately!"

For some reason I was going back through my old tweets, and my first tweet was two words: "new song." I have absolutely no clue what I was thinking at the moment. Not that I remember anything past a week ago. [Obviously, though, all his tweet-deleting has wreaked havoc on this.]

Analyzing a subject and managing to replicate it can no dobut induce a response, even deep emotion. But some search desperately for "traces of analysis," some that even the author didn't intend, and cause a ruckus by shouting "This looks like this! Sentence them to death!" It just gets tiring.

This is just hypothetical, but I wonder if there are people who see sketches of trees and go "Wait, isn't this a tree?! PLAGIARISM!!" Keep an eye out - but they'll stand out, trust me.

When writing on Twitter, a lot of people refer to... I suppose the reader, with "you," all willy-nilly. You're not telling things to "me," you're just saying things you want to say. [Irony not intended - it's not present in Japanese - but really, it's just better than saying "they" or something.]

Ultimately, I'm fond of a lot of different things.

Back home. That luggage was such a pain.

I keep thinking about the mundane, and nothing else. I should stop that soon.

When from lies comes a lie that seems like the truth twice, three times, ultimately it means you must have a truthlike lie that was set from the get-go to be a lie yet infinitely approaches the truth, but the truth of that fact is perhaps just as possibly either a lie or the truth. But that's all a lie.

And so I take off running away.

Until a little while ago, I was calling Cakewalk "Catwalk" for some reason. As a Sonar user, it was a very embarrassing realization.

I don't have very much interest in making splendid things. Lately I've just been thinking about pebble-like things. As incredibly boring as that may be.

The problem is, since they think no one is watching, they abandon it quite quickly. They don't recognize their own splendor. It's a waste is what it is.

I like looking through quiet little blogs that appear to have almost no other readers. In that case, it really feels like it's all about their life and nothing else. Perhaps I like ambient stuff for similar reasons. Of course, this is an absolute impossibility for me, given my reputation now.

I want an acoustic guitar.

@nae_omatsu The tour guides walk you along roads next to a building and go "this building has such and such history," but they just say that and that's it and they never let a soul inside.

nae_omatsu: "Really? Explain how."

@nae_omatsu Going somewhere just to take a tour is phenomenally boring.

nae_omatsu: "It's decided! To Gunkanjima!"

@fullkawahonpo Na-na-nana, na-nananana...

fullkawahonpo: "Since yesterday, THAT SONG just hasn't left my HEAD!!!!!!!!!!"

Today was an intense day. It was my first time doing anything resembling recording, so I learned it was more a trial of keeping your strength up. [It turns out this recording was related to a mini-album being made by LiSA (also known as the voice actress of Yui from Angel Beats) named Letters to U. Toku, Furukawa, and wowaka were also involved.]

I guess I must have forgotten after all this time, but yeah, bands are fun.

I say to myself, where on earth am I going to be tomorrow? You and me, rendezvous?

I saw something on NicoNico about high-school girls streaming at school or something? That would've been shot down in a second at my school. The place was seriously like a zoo.

That rat was acting like he owned the place while I was out. The room could explode and he wouldn't care!

I'm no longer going to think about mundane things. And I'll stop doing things I can't do. I've been listening to nothing but Charlotte Gainsbourg songs since yesterday.

Recently, I've been taking cold medicine while riding the Shinkansen, but this medicine has side effects like "dizzy floaty feeling" and "drowsiness." So I'm riding along, feeling like I'm on some bad trip, listening to Sigur Rós, looking out the window at the fantastical snowscape out there. My eyelids drop slowly. And I remember thinking, "Oh. This must be death."

For example, when you have a wrinkled old woman tending a little general store, going "it's chilly today" and "this shampoo's nice" - that kind of pointless small-talk, you have thoughts like burns left on the back of your hand.

@lasah_1114 Eeeeek...

lasah_1114: "I wanna make somethin' dead... I don't care what, I just wanna make 'em dead...!"

Shall we?

So if I call you, you'll come, I see. Thank you. Incidentally, I'm not there.

[General response of "RAISING MY HAND SO HARD" and "oh, why do I have to work today?!"]

Anyone who's coming to Triangle Park, raise your hand.

When I dry up, I smell like the seashore.

That's what Santiago said.

The ninety percent of the population that can't find pleasure in simply taking in the atmosphere is missing out. Not even joking.

I know it's a cold morning that will come.

I want an eternal, tranquil conclusion.

Pain abound in my nose. I can't sleep.

If I could sing just a half-tone higher, I'd be set, but I can't. My range sucks.

I suppose mouth-breathing is my last resort...

It hurts to breathe through my nose. How am I supposed to deal with that?

@lasah_1114 No, thank YOU!

lasah_1114: "Yay-HEY! You's been a big help for NicoNico Indies and Matryoshka both, Hachi-kun! Thanksies!"

Yaaay! RT @lasah_1114 It reached 100,000 views today! Tha's my first besides NicoNico Indies and collaborations an' stuff. Thankies to all you listeners! [Singing] Matryoshka [Lasah]

Recently I've become self-conscious of when a cold is a cold. In my middle school days, when I faked sick to get days off and the hospital inspected me, they always said it was the flu. But that wasn't what I was going for.

I've got the heater on, but it's still unreasonably cold. Yeesh.

@chobo_6 Minakata's the BEST!

chobo_6: "Totally. Or maybe we're just that talented."

It seems the "shoot" thing was planned out as soon as this Pretend Twitter Soccer with Chobo-roku-san began to unfold. Oh yes, we've planned a lot.

@chobo_6 The Killer Pass was so much for me that the ball penetrated my abdomen, and all I could think was that I was on fire...

chobo_6: "Dang it, you're supposed to say "SHOOOOOOOOOOT!!!!!" w"


chobo_6: "Get a load of my KILLER PAAAAASSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

@chobo_6 Pass! Pass! Hey hey!

chobo_6: "No TV in the office either. Well, since everyone's glued to their TVs, let's the two of us play soccer!"

I'd like to watch some soccer, but I don't have a TV at home.

So an opus should be like a pebble. You can't make a diamond in a day.

The workings of working on a work is that it doesn't work if it's not for anybody's sake. I've been thinking about that lately. It should be for the people close to me. If I keep making with the idea that it's for everyone who listens or for myself, it'll someday fall apart, and become as if it never existed.

I'm the BEST!

Gonna make an album like a pebble.

boss-san, happy birthdaaaaay!

Is there someplace in Hokkaido that explicitly says, like, "here be Ittoke"?

Sweet. Singing Panda Hero - neko

I am so horrible at guitar. It's terrible.

I was thoroughly down with some kind of cold, but I recovered after a day of rest.

When you admit you have no skill, that can bring an end to things, but if you overproduce, it ends up looking extremely cheap.

Or maybe that never happened at all. I don't remember my past very well.

When I was little, I told myself "if it's to learn something, it's fine to be a fool in some circumstances." And in entertaining that thought, it was ultimately I who was the fool.

When I say something, someone misinterprets. What if I don't say anything?

sae_nekonyan: "This morning, Fuji TV's Mezamashi TV show had Hachi-san's Matryoshka on it. But the title was written "Matryoshoka"..."

This is fun, for some odd reason.

Uploaded Panda Hero karaoke.

I'm only getting example solutions...

When does the Shinkansen run until?

People are saying Panda Hero's similar to Matryoshka, but I stop when I get bored, so give me a break.

Maybe it's not such important luggage... Maybe it'll be okay...

This is really rad.

Whoa, that was FAST! RT @itikura31 Miki "Panda Hero" Remix

As people for whom there is no help continue to exist,

Yikes, gotta buy a cellphone charger. I thought it was headed to Hakata, but then I realized I left it at the Tokyo hotel.

Oh well. I pointed it out in the author comments.



Ack! I put my usual "DIVA by MIKU"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Uploaded something new. It's a slightly different arrangement from the one on the CD. [Original Song/PV] Panda Hero [Gumi]

Just a sec and I'll upload.

It appears there's functionality for favorites. Thanks for the info.

So does YouTube have anything similar in function to NicoNico's Mylists?

I'm going to upload a song to NicoNico today or tomorrow. A song from OFFICIAL ORANGE.

If I let today go, it's all over.

Well now, how did things get like this? What a question.

You can't eat me now.

This makes me incredibly happy. RT @mysyuka You got praised on Hyadain's blog! "Reader: Have any Vocaloid artists caught your eye? Hyadain: People like the one who made Matryoshka are phenomenal."

@lasah_1114 I see... I should be much more careful with them, I suppose.

lasah_1114: "The work of a pic... errrp. I live on the edge and only have one, but I've been usin' it for years now. Think havin' lots just makes it more likely to lose 'em."

There were three "the work of a pick-hiding youkai!" tweets. Heck, even worded almost exactly the same.

I'm already all out of those picks I bought a bunch of. Absolutely ridiculous.

@xincha Yeah, I don't mind that at all.

xincha: "In that case, about stuff we make... if we're just making it for ordinary use or events, is that okay?"

I mean, sheesh, 5000 yen.

I can't reliably speak of the construction, but from the looks of things, it's rather cheaply-made. Does anybody really want to wear this?

Oh well. Personally, everybody, I don't think you should buy stuff like this. But I can't make you do anything.

Maybe there was an email asking for permission after all. I could have easily missed it and let it go unanswered. Either way, I still didn't approve of it.

There's a Matryoshka parka on Amazon... uh, I don't remember approving of that. What's it doing there?

I want to turn on my cellphone, but it's not charged.

Any and all dissentions will be considered a capital crime.

Yuu Aoi dancing in Hula Girls and Hana and Alice is the best. Period.

Kami Hiraiwa saying "welcome to the Quiet Room" is so friggin' cute.

Some really good words are coming to mind.

Though his hideously beautiful qualities may be things everyone has...

@task_plus9 I deny this.

task_plus9: "As I thought. Hachi-kun is a genius with no need for material things."

Forgot my luggage on the bullet train. Must be around Hakata by now.

Vocaloid Master's in Ikebukuro?

It's a skyscraper!

Going to Vocaloid Master tomorrow. Yaaay.

Once I start making a song it goes pretty quick, but I require a phenomenal amount of time until I do start.

I thought that joke was serious.


Ah, what a wonderful day.

Floating up in the muddy green water...

Sonar, crashing down like a comet.

At last and for the first time, I used my bass for recording, but... man, this is really fun...

100m0710: "I look forward to your next song, and the one after that, and your next artwork, and everything you make forever and ever."

But hey, as long as the things you make are amusing.

People who look at regarded people and works and say "what's so good about this?" despite making nothing good themselves are the worst of all.

@alice_to_kanata It's not that. If you lack the power to produce... anything, some day you're going to die a wretched death. Being alone doesn't really play into it.

alice_to_kanata: "I don't think that's right... It's important to stand on your own, but you also need people to help... Not like I'd know about this stuff from experience, but still..."

Ultimately, those who can't achieve self-sufficiency starve to death, so be it by singing or being a Vocaloid artist, people must find ways to be regarded. If I can't provide the goods, it's highly unlikely I'll be held in high regard for long.

Everyone is trouble.

The "closeness to fans" in the NicoNico realm is not always an advantage - far from it, usually.

I want to have a song of mine that's stomach-wrenching pop.

Your name is Simpson.

Except only recently did I become aware of the four-on-the-floor.

When you want to make a good song, just use the four-on-the-floor. Anybody can make a good song.

Feeling outrageously miserable. My head feels funny...

I left the TV on for one reason or another, and I swear I heard a parent saying "my kid is a failure." Well, what can you do.

I did a signature at the class reunion. Lots of strange happenings there.

Well, becoming of age was fun.

Scarfing things down without regard for anything.

Reeking of potato and oil boiling.

Entering with an unclean body.

There's no particular meaning.

Your name is Simpson.

Abstract theories scattered around the desk.

The epilogue of sympathy for a tragic hero.

The night before a coming of age.

Very good. Time And A Word [whoo x Tabun-Jibun x Task]

I've been playing some kinda crazy-guitar.

I'll bring OFFICIAL ORANGE to Vocaloid Master 15. Yep.

Ugh. Yeah, this sense of getting myself dirty is... really unpleasant. The boring should be trampled upon.

I want a Cowichan sweater.

I'm so friggin' bad at guitar it's ridiculous.

I've just noticed I've been a phenomonally boring individual this whole week or so. I was like a sack of sweety snacks.

Saying language exists to allow for misunderstanding isn't quite an exaggeration.

What a boring world.

There's someone I miss who I want to talk to.

Of course, if I return tomorrow, I'll be stuck in the homecoming rush. Dang...

Tomorrow, I return.

RIP SLYME is rad as heeeeell.

My homecoming may have to wait until the 30th, or not. I'm not let the year end with this work unfinished.

Who are you?

Soon, adapting to fashion will mean using a fool's sound.

I won't be able to go home at this rate. Eek.

Hey, don't laugh.

Also, the title was "Matryoshka No. Seven." And here's a picture I drew from before I even started on the song. The picture is titled "[Slang For Genitalia]."

Long before Matryoshka took on its current form, it was more like this. It was actually a completely different song.

I can't find the third Bullfango in Monster Hunter. I'm stuck.

I want to do so much that I can't decide what... I've had that feeling ever since middle school or so. A feeling that's been piling up in the pit of my stomach like the excitement of the night before a picnic.

necoNemuru is a pretty good name.

@hannyag Huh! I don't listen to covers at all, so I didn't know.

hannyag: "If you're just counting people who post original songs, then it's probably close to 90%, yeah. But I get the impression that there's a much higher female percentage for cover songs."

@drahtpuppe Ah, the golden ratio.

drahtpuppe: "And gleefully, the remaining twenty percent are cats."

Or maybe more like ninety.

Everybody should know that around eighty percent of Vocaloid artists are male.

I keep forgetting to go home.

Things like blood type diagnosis absolutely have an effect on personality development.

Doing live shows and stuff sounds scary as all get-out.

Hey hey.

Being esteemed doesn't make you a wonderful person by any means. At least worthless guys like me have to keep checking their rear-view mirrors on account of worthlessness.

Worthless guys like me can only but stab away at making things...

I'm collage... ing.

[Original Song PV] Christmas Morgue [Hatsune Miku]

@mutanosuke @topotopo62 @betty0avila @task_plus9 Merry Christmas! [He responded to people who replied to his previous tweet.]

Say cheese.

Treating things that don't interest me as disposable gives me an unbearably unpleasant feeling. My grubby hands getting all over them makes them get all dirty.

Official or not, I don't like it. This kind of thing never works out. Who ARE you...?

Okay, why does Ultraman have a Twitter?

Bought Monster Hunter. Now I'm set.

I usually give anything and everything, but when I'm crawling along I don't have a clue what I should give.

@denchuchu Sorry, typo. I meant gimme a Lamborghini.

denchuchu: "Santa: "Here ya go.""

Gimme some whiteout.

There's literally the thinnest line between cool-looking and rubbish. Make one little misstep and it's straight to rubbish.

Sketchy Gumi.

Whenever I download or install something on the PC, it goes from "Go, go, go! We'll be go in such and such time!" to "Huh? This is being awfully stubborn...", and lastly to "I'm so sorry, it'll take a while longer..." How very human.

I'm drawing something. Incidentally I have no clue how the human body should look from the shoulders down to the hips. Perhaps I should buy books on the subject.

Yep, that sure was a wave. I've gotten good at breathing in a sea of words, teehee.

Okay, I'm ready for the wave: recommend me some good singers, please.

I was deleting old stuff as I tweeted new things so that I wouldn't surpass 1000 tweets, but suddenly I find I'm nearing 2000. I think someone's been tweeting behind my back.

Unused batteries, a new mechanical pencil, dishes, even if it has some use left... if I think it's in the way, I'm tossing it.

@deuilknife I would say, uh... stop doing that. Sorry.

deuilknife: "I'd like to draw PVs for some of your CD songs... would that be okay with you, Hachi-san? I'm planning on uploading them to NicoNico when I'm done."

@fullkawahonpo Sweet!

fullkawahonpo: "I made my debut too yesterday."

@lasah_1114 Right then, I'll buy it. It's my Monster Hunter debut.

lasah_1114: "Even if there's a shortage, reserve it and it'll come surprisingly quick! Is fuuuuun!"

@wowaka Whoa, sure. But, uh... wait for me to get a little further!

wowaka: "Let's go for a hunt! *doya!*"

Are they selling Monster Hunter? I'm wondering if there's still a shortage.

It doesn't seem like much came of it.

It seems I've gotten a copycat... will it turn out okay? [Someone on Nico posed as him and messed with his community.]

ncls_xxx: "Isn't Tokyo technically the same "land"...?"

Returned to my rightful land from the Tokyo metropolis.

"I love you all" is such a horrifying thing to say. I don't wanna.

Or perhaps in other words, I just dislike the riffraff.

I want more to believe in people who without hesitation reveal their face and name more than I do overzealous riffraff who come out of nowhere. For that reason, I like the governor.

Is the spinelessness of parents the fault of the governor?

It seems many people couldn't buy it, but in the case of mail order, if you wait a little while longer, perhaps there's a chance it'll come back. My regards regardless.

I thought mail order for OFFICIAL ORANGE started at Tora no Ana today, but what's going on? Anyone buy it?

@hannyag I've been wondering about this, too. Must be some kind of conspiracy.

hannyag: "Why do all these singers on Twitter put "niconico" in their usernames?"

My face has completely changed from what it long ago was. I accidentally glanced at a photo album when I went back to my parents, and my middle school self isn't even recognizable as me.

But can't help but think it's too short now.

Not in preparation to be a Buddhist priest, no.

Cut off a bunch of my hair.

@mutanosuke AT LAST WE MEET!!!

mutanosuke: "Hachi-san, what about me?! What are you doing acting like it's just you and Baku-san?!"

@oomiyalibrary Let's live there peacefully, feeding the seagulls, listening closely until we hardly even notice the sound of the waves!!!

oomiyalibrary: "Let's build a big white house on a hill where you can see the ocean!!!!!"

@oomiyalibrary BAKU-SAN!!!! We meet at last!!!

oomiyalibrary: "HACHI-SAN!!!!!"

Lots of different people are listening. I mean that to sound grateful.

Eventually, those without bite settle down into a realm of worthlessness. Those of pure blood are ever unable to understand, and thus may be able to get along.

Sorry, respect might have been a lie. More like... envy, and thinking "what's with this guy?"

I'm not being foolish. If one truly has self-confidence and uses such an avatar, then when they're told something like this, they should think nothing of it, yes? In reality, I can't help but envy them. And respect them, too.

To put it plainly, it's like proclaiming "I'm gonna say something funny!" loudly before a joke. In this case, are the proclaimers irredeemable buffoons or truly funny?

When no one knows your true colors, you can only tell them images. As the images continue to swell, when the reality is touched upon, there's the inevitable thought of "that doesn't match the images at all." Isn't that disconnect frightening?

@hard_black Absolutely nothing of the sort...

hard_black: "Everyone knows it doesn't represent the real thing, it's just a character, so I think it's alright? Well, although I sometimes entertain the thought that it'd be nice if it were the real thing..."

Aren't people who use images or illustrations as Twitter avatars in a desperate effort to "beautify" themselves frightening?

Re-reading Hear the Wind Sing, memories bubble up of a summer long ago, when I walked around Iwo Jima by myself. And thinking back on it as such, I realize that in climbing mountains and touring the island, I didn't meet a single person. But perhaps I only cut myself off for my own convenience, completely forgetting about the possibilities I perhaps passed up.

@erusi Having them all lined up and facing the same way makes them seem... imposing, maybe? Makes you wonder, what could they all be looking at?

erusi: "I've heard pointing them south or east is good, but I think it's mostly a matter of terrain. But I do like the effect of them all facing the same way."

The tombstones in the Iwo Jima mountains were all gazing toward the sea.

I saw a graveyard, and it seemed to me that the tombstones were all placed to face the same way. But what reasons are there for a specific orientation?

Sweet stuff, Nanou. Wanna be in a band.

I want to buy a bass, but what's best? Wanna play some hardcore bass like Hinatch.

When someone like me takes up smoking, they might never quit for the rest of their lives, so I plan on never coming near a cigarette. For now.

If, for whatever reason, I started a fire, I would like to catch myself on fire and roll around.

Being ever-changing is important, but it's equally important to be zealous in preserving some things that won't change.

RT @GainsbourgBot The most important things in life are firstmost sex, then alcohol, then cigarettes, then writing, and then sex again. After comes my daughter, Charlotte...

@task_plus9 Dude, what are you doing?

task_plus9: "[Notice] New video up! Thanks in advance. Singing "Mozaik Role" [Task]"

@asshole_wii A clerk at a kiddy toy store paying no heed to pests, just continuing to make songs... what a thrill.

asshole_wii: "Today at my part-time job, an innocent-looking boy who was probably in junior high or so asked me "Ummm... uh, can I reserve the My Little Sister Shouldn't Be This Cute game...?" I casually replied, "Well, seeing as we're a kid-oriented toy store, uh... no." I wonder now if that kid considered me like a demon."

So that's how Christmas Morgue went. I'm sure if I was the kind of guy who stayed positive through thick and thin and wasn't so pessimistic, I wouldn't be thinking about any of this buffoonery.

So that is to say there are things only I can accomplish, and I suppose I have to accept it even when I'm shaken. When I'm not alone, there are things I can't see, things I can't feel.

When you're doing everything on your own, even when people who want to do things with you show up, you don't have the vitality to make it happen. Communicating with people is rough, and I always think that no matter what I say, I might not be getting some things across. I can't help but feel envy when differing creators can somehow lump into a solid team.

The title is read "Christmas Morgue." [Uh, thanks, I guess. (He put it into Katakana instead of English here.)]

New song. Thanks in advance. [Original Song PV] Christmas Morgue [Hatsune Miku]

Who knows how much longer until Nico's encoding is done.

It's encoding now. Sleep can wait.

Merry Christmas.

Seriously, just one little misplaced "u"... And it sets me an hour and a half back...

Very well, I suppose I'll have to re-encode because of that mistake...

1asakura: "How obscene."

hbshot: "Turtwig, Turtletale, and Erecturtle... ah, those were the days."

Way back when, rumor had it that Turtwig would evolve into Erecturtle.

I mean, really? It's literally just this AVI.

The AVI I exported struggles when I play it back, then freezes at the end. I've never had anything like this happen before, so what's up?

Cinecaption [font used in Rangge, Terpsichore, and the coming song] seems to lack quite a number of kanji...

New song tomorrow or the day after, I suppose. I don't think it'll get too many views or anything, but... look forward to it anyway.

I'm going to upload this by Christmas, but it resembles Qualia in many ways. Once it's really popular, I'll be freely willing to admit that's just how it ended up, but it's sort of amusing.

I'm stuck. I'm making a Vocaloid song after all.

Danbo is dead.

Perhaps this applies to a number of things...

One by one the sounds - though not worthy enough to do so - come forth, relationships between them all worsen, and ultimately they all die.

Gotta finish by the 15th.

romi_2525: "Why yes, I've got plenty of spare toilet paper!"

I wanna draw a picture that's really long horizontally, but how? Am I just going to have to stick pages together?

@lasah_1114 I pray for your endeavor, madam.

lasah_1114: "Going to Jonsi! Th-th-th-THUUUUUMP!"

I'm now on top when you Google for "Hachi." I took Hachiko to TOWN, man.

I could twist over my thoughts until the sun sets, but all I can get out is "amazing." Please look forward to live shows from now on. Yes, I know that sounds weird.

I highly doubt there are any humans like him. He was like a higher level of lifeform.

Went to see Jonsi. It was impressive.

RT @cure_zomy My room isn't dirty. I'm just too beautiful.

@fullkawahonpo So do I.

fullkawahonpo: "I want to try a claymation or something."

Whoa, hold the phone, David Lynch does music?

@asshole_wii Happy birthday.

asshole_wii: "I turned twenty! DIE!! DIE!! DIE!!"

I want to be with the people I like forever, and I want the people I hate to vanish with the greatest haste possible. I guess that's how it goes.

So, doubting myself over the incomprehensible, I go out in search of something, put a stop to my thoughts, and laugh heartily beyond the fence. In the end, those who can't understand others will continue being eternally hopeless.

I've recently taken a liking to "buffoon" and have been using it often, but anybody with a face is a buffoon. I, too, am just a buffoon who can't come up with anything but nonsense, can't look someone in the eyes and tell them anything nice. So I degrade the other buffoons by saying they're not worth my time. The incomprehensible is trifling to me.

Ultimately it's inevitable that only I disappear. To you, I'm like a clueless buffoon, and that makes my emotions swing.

I don't have faith in much of anything. Sometimes, when I can't see anything around me, I'm filled with intense emotions and desire violence. Everything before me can just disappear, everything but me go away.

You people aren't worth my time.

@xsxuxkxex What's so funny about that?

xsxuxkxex: "wuuuut? wwwww"

You're not an Elephant Man at all.

Perhaps it would be better not to mention it, but I hate leaving a misunderstanding that carries no meaning, so a postscript: I haven't listened to the GazettE very much.

It seems like one of the members of the GazettE knows of this "Vocaloid" thing. So I think: with perhaps about the same level of fame as he, my songs could have reached even him, someone I personally like but who has no reason to return the favor. And it excites me to think that.

It seems Matryoshka hit 2,000,000 views. I'm so happy.

Going on a journey.

Seriously, everything was so straightforward and set out for me in my childhood. I wanna go back.

Honestly, I want to change my bodily constitution, but do I have any way of doing it? I don't want to be, you know, obese or anything, but I want to be... less skinny. I'll probably get sneered at for my weirdness, but it's a pretty serious worry of mine. If anyone knows, tell me.

Sakamoto Ryoma is using Twitter. Our world is so bizarre.

The song I'm currently making is good. It doesn't have a melody yet, but I like it so much. I want somebody to hear this.

I wanna live like Papan from Big Fish.

I'm being relatively serious.

When I sleep's when I die. #SleepIsDeath

Sod off.

Don't leave your plate so messy.

This isn't sticking too well.

Maily Christmas.

Melody lines for Vocaloids to sing and melody lines for myself are overwhelmingly different. Thinking about what comes of Vocaloids is rather difficult.

Working on a plan. I want to try a number of things.

The one that's mostly just playing guitar with a bass amp.

The one about taking an easygoing kiss, then making it a secret.

Gonna make a Christmas song that sticks with you.

Which one's the crappy song?

@lasah_1114 They're so rude to Japanese people...

lasah_1114: "In addition! Soslan Feliksovich Boradzov carries nothing but ill will too, in a different way!"

A name like Krzysztof Kies'lowski seems to carry nothing but ill will.

"Surreal, surreal"... just stop saying it.

It's rough.

When I picked up the ball that rolled into place next to my feet, I was plainly nervous. I had no intention of doing that... I really didn't.

@fullkawahonpo I've been liking some of the people I've seen lately. It's nice.

fullkawahonpo: "Like... people? What is this nonsense?"

I like fickle people.

So nice. The song is great, and it's cute.

Can't do anything.

I can't do anything when I'm engulfed in emotions I don't understand.

As always, there are connections everywhere. Just like all the vortex spinning I was talking about earlier. A nuclear explosion of news comes in every day, and we just sit there and take it in.

Whoa, I read something just like this somewhere else a couple days ago. A book about Stockholm Syndrome. So it seems there can be instances of totally unrelated people thinking alike at nearly the same time.

RT @HAL0213 Tie up a dog, and when it moves, give it an electric shock. Rinse and repeat, and the dog loses self-confidence, won't move even if the shocks aren't given. That's the experiment. Parents that say "you can't do it, so just give it up" snatch away confidence from their children for a lifetime. This is known as Learned Helplessness.

Ultimately, while the forms are different, I'm doing the same things my ancestors did, finding myself constantly spinning in a vortex, nothing sacred, always in a tempest of love and hate. But hey, I suppose that's all right, I think.

As ever, I sure like my glockenspiels.

This random phrase I was playing got pretty good. I want to continue on like this. (Second time.)

My guitar is fearfully hot... but what could be the cause?

It must be hell for people who can't laugh at their impediments.

Is it best to wait to pour coffee? Should banging around with a spoon or something wait? Hm. I wonder.

I got a Tumblr, but I've already lost my way. What kind of furniture should I put here? What kind of life to live?

Perhaps there's some subtle nuance in "getting romantic in your youth builds life experience." Something that can't be told in words. It's acceptable to be selfish, meaning it should be greedy. Love should be.

What kinds of thought brought this about? I have no idea.

RT @m_soba Something about the claim of "getting romantic in your youth builds life experience" feels all wrong. It's like seeing love as something magnificently selfish as "a chance to build a career." Take the TOEIC and rate your romance... it makes me feel like throwing up. Really, really bad.

Look now, the daffodils are blooming! [Vaguely similar to the "anemones" line from the coming Christmas Morgue.]

Getting on the fashion bandwagon is the path to victory.

@task_plus9 I've been found out!

task_plus9: "I chanced upon somebody in Pokémon who greeted me with "Hyneri Lanla"... It couldn't be..."

Let's smash a piñata!


Ultimately, I often seem to lack manners. After simply saying something, it would be better if nothing else developed from there.

Learning that Stainboy (which I used to love) was made by Tim Burton had a significant impact on me.

As always, some of the lyrics are scatting. Lyric-writing is harsh.

I say this every time, but I've got a super good song ready.







House arrest.

We wert drunk.

"Oh, but it can't be helped!" seems to be the latest craze. I imagine it being said while throwing both arms open in the air. While turning into a lady from medieval Europe.

Now, if they listened to what they bought, then resold it after that, that would help, I could understand that... but these guys haven't opened the seal. They think of the music I put so much work into in only monetary terms.

People who buy without caring about how much they pay have bad character. That copy bought only to be resold got absolutely no love. It just wants someone to understand. I hope you're satisfied with yourselves, resellers.

Why am I seeing resales going on? I said I was going to consign for it. The price over there is a billion times higher than the price it'll have at the store in just a week's time, too.

Happy birthday, Chobo-roku. How many birthdays do you even have? We should go to Disneyland together next time. #HappyBirthdayChobo6

Pfft, saying it's not for you just because you don't like it?! Look at this guy!

I'm going to put an end to this drawing now. This really isn't for me.

Incidentally, I can't draw anything non-manga-style.

Scribbles. Drawing is hard.

Facial expressions are tough. I suck at them. They end up looking like startlingly different people. It's because almost all my drawings are serious looks or smiles (without the eyes reflecting it).

@clocknoise That's fine.

clocknoise: "Question - since some of the songs on OFFICIAL ORANGE aren't on NicoNico yet, is it okay if I put pictures based on them on Pixiv and the like?"

If the mouth was a little bigger and the face a little more oval-shaped, it'd totally be me.

@makigonta Could that be me? Aww, that's cute.

makigonta: "Look at what I drew!"

@nyoboro By "silence," I believe you mean the ultimate atmospheric sound.

nyoboro: "I've never actually heard it, but is it really just nothing but silence?"

I've been listening to 4'33" forever!

I'm listening to John Cage!

Yep, mochi comes from a mochi shop.

Sometimes I get replies that make no sense. But maybe they're secret passwords.

Le li be, le li beee.

Not that I have any particular thoughts about Heisei!

Long live Heisei!

@usatovich You'll really regret it if you become like me. Rethink it.

usatovich: "I-I see... *laughs* That's our Hachi-san! ^q^ I'll try my hardest to be as much like Hachi-san as I can!"

@acane_madder Ah yeah, the reign of Heisei. So peaceful everybody was drunk since morning. Such good moods it hurt.

acane_madder: "Hey hey Heisei! Let's be in high spirits from morning!"

@takaooou I'm in a great mood. Hey hey.

takaooou: "Hachi-san being in a good mood comes above all else. Please go on with being an enjoyable drunk(-ish)."

@richt_04 I often think we'll all be better off when humans die out. Everyone dies, everyone else gets drunk, and the world is way more peaceful than it is now. Then everybody can do Bon dances together if they want.

richt_04: "So you feel drunkards are more alive than regular people!"

@Gubaba_bsr What do you mean, CoroCoro? CoroCoro Comics? Do they still sell those? I used to read 'em.

Gubaba_bsr: "CoroCoro Syndrome"

@Zusssy_0u0 What kind of event, eh? I'm not too sure myself, but I heard it like this: "Early today, in ___, Osaka, a man was found dead. A parasol hanger was pierced through the corpse's head, and he was found hanging from a veranda."

Zusssy_0u0 [to Parasol Hanger Killer]: "Excuse me. I'm very interested, so I'll bite. What kind of event brought on this?"

@norinori2290 Eh, actually, I have no idea. Well, I know they're valuable, esteemed, and they look like frying pans, but that's it.

norinori2290: "Horseshoe crabs...! I feel like I've read something about them... but I can't remember any details, so I ask you for the details instead. (laughs)"

@sinokaito Oh, now that's got my interest. Pandas, huh? Maybe you could have pandas all in a row enacting a car chase.

sinokaito: "The Case of the Parallel Panda Killer"

@usatovich Eh? Right now, I'm trying to prove that people can seem drunk without taking in a lick of alcohol. Anybody can do it, you try.

usatovich: "Huh? Is Hachi-san old enough to...?"

@richt_04 There ain't such a thing as a noble drunkard. Gotta rely on instincts. Don't care about speed limits. Laws don't make no sense.

richt_04: "A drunkard's philosophy... Ooh, I can't wait to see."

@kasumi35 Huh? You mean we're into, like, picturing ourselves as dust scattering out of a vacuum cleaner's exhaust port?

kasumi35: "We have vacuum cleaner syndrome."

@sinokaito I dunno where Sendagaya is. There anything there?

sinokaito: "Sendagaya Syndrome"

@norinori2290 Don't just RT me, bro, let's have a conversation. How about we talk about the lives of horseshoe crabs through the night?

norinori2290: "RT @hachi_08 A staggering kind of energy is necessary to "put things into words." Even things that swirl around in your head daily and come naturally to you - putting them into words can be tear-inducing. Purely character-based communication is imperfect for mediation on the internet."

@katorineko For real? That's cool. Maybe we're thinking the same thing. Heeey.

katorineko: "Looking at Hachi-san's words one by one gives me feelings somewhere deep down..."

Hey hey, I'm in a good mood. Time for a drunkard's philosophy.

Washing Machine Syndrome

The Case of the Parasol Hanger Killer

A staggering kind of energy is necessary to "put things into words." Even things that swirl around in your head daily and come naturally to you - putting them into words can be tear-inducing. Purely character-based communication is imperfect for mediation on the internet.

Fascist swine!

Allow me to say a congratulatory word to Chobo-roku-san. Congratulations. Today is truly a good day. #HappyBirthdayChobo6

@chobo_6 Happy birthday!

chobo_6: "Eh? Isn't today my birthday?"

On Twitter, when a serious tweet along the lines of "It's all terrible, I'm gonna die" is immediately followed by the complete reversal of "@____ i lol'd"... well, those people completely terrify me. Where have your feelings gone?

Sorry, I meant the Tumblr I've seen around the internet. How is it different from a blog?

What's a Tumblr? Can I drink coffee out of it?

@lasah_1114 I watched it during the summer of senior year, secluded in my room and thinking "I wish I had friends like that..." (laughs)

lasah_1114 "It's such a fantabulous anime. And I'd say the La'cryma time-space really fits with you, Hachi-kun."

@lasah_1114 Ah, yes... I like it, too.

lasah_1114: "I wanna watch Noein again. It might just be my favorite anime."

OFFICIAL ORANGE will be mail-orderable from Tora no Ana starting November 26th. Thanks in advance.

I've always been alone, so I don't know how to converse. In that respect, I am a blistering idiot. I don't know what to throw out there, so I don't want to throw any words in particular.

Laquitan is amazing. And we're the same age? It fills me with ambition.

Make it quick, or your life is over.

If anyone comes out saying "Oh, I want to do this song with a Vocaloid right now," that's up to them to do. Please don't make too big a deal out of it.

I'm hardly going to give up on Vocaloid, I've just thought of something interesting to try. Something that just happens to be unrelated to Vocaloid. Calling it a break in activity would be going too far.

Even now, I'm still calling it OFFICIAL APPLE.

Er, there's absolutely no connection to Vocaloid. The time isn't quite right to say what I'm doing. I might even do it under a different name.

The next one I'm making isn't very pop-ish. A rather conceited one.

Just singing with scatting means no need for lyrics. Writing lyrics is so troublesome.

Pretty much half the reason I bought it was for Ravness. I can't handle this.

I wonder if I should restart Tactics Ogre... Ravness...

Some people may have noticed, but Idiocy is a song I made following deep impressions made by anecdotes I read about Eva Braun and Hitler. I don't doubt it's the ultimate love.

I'm reading OFFICIAL ORANGE impressions. I'm so very happy.

I feel strangely good today now that Vocaloid Master is done with, but I need to do the usual things next week...

Throwing words from outside is fundamentally a very minor thing. Even without a filter, clearly perishable comments can be thrown into a pile as high as a mountain. People doing this seems to indicate they no longer want to build themselves as humans, so if they have time to complain, they should think about making more interesting songs. We should make new things.

RADWIMPS was always called "BUMP-like" in the beginning. BUMP was The Pillows, ASIAN KUNG-FU was Weezer. Perhaps the cycling of eras grants them popularity.

@erusi Nope, it's simply that the room I live in is room 305. Sorry there's no deep meaning to it...

erusi: "Um, this is a bit sudden, but just wondering, could the meaning behind Ward No. 305 be... er, addition?"

I handed over CDs to a lot of people, but I was so swamped that I forgot I had some in store that I should have handed out. I really, truly regret that.

I wrote a blog entry about Vocaloid Master. I would be glad if you told me your thoughts on OFFICIAL ORANGE as comments to the entry.

There shouldn't be any misprints in the lyrics. Idiocy's lyrics are totally normal.

@lasah_1114 Good job out there! I'm really sorry... I'll give it to you another time. Though I don't know when that might be...

lasah_1114: "Good job, Hachi-kun! Thanks for lettin' me help! B-Buuut... I didn't get Oh-fish-all Oraaaaange... sniff..."

RT @fullkawahonpo Sorry to everyone who I sent weird Skype messages to today, I think my cat was playing on my keyboard. Sweat.

His form was deceiviiing... ("Urban Playground" becoming "City Playground" was entirely my mistake. Urban Playground is correct. Sorry.)

Living in a freezing tooown... (I just got home.)

[NOTE: Vocaloid Master 14 happens. OFFICIAL ORANGE is there. Also Minakata's artbook Rain Pop, which covers their four PVs.]

When I saw the time on the PSP was set to 3:30 PM, my blood went hot. I thought I was gonna die.

Have I allied with Sisteena...?

But day by day, I grow clumsier.

0017P: "Lynne."

I was thinking all day about what I might name a child if I had one, but nothing really came to mind. Just obscure female-ish names floating around.

The lyrics people transcribed on the crossfade video... eh, some parts are wrong, eh, some parts are right. I also see people saying to stop it, but I certainly understand the point in it.

It's a Satie night. Tonight is that night. Although if I had some coffee it'd be perfect.

Dammit, I woke up.

I bought Tactics Ogre, but I don't have a PSP.

"I'd be fine nude, were that most comfortable," I think as I search for a belt once again.

It'd be nice if fashion disappeared.

I wanna make a picture-show.

I want to go buy that thing for the bullet train, but going all that way is a pain. Can't I buy it online or at a convenience store or something?

@task_plus9 Really?! Please, do make it easy! Thank you!

task_plus9: "I have a business card template, so can I make it? If you're fine doing the design with me, I can do it like that. Bam, business card."

(Cited from Wikipedia.)

Ottawa is the capital of Canada, a municipality and the second largest city within the province of Ontario. Located in the Ottawa Valley, the fourth largest city in Canada is also the political capital of the country. The city lies in the eastern portion of Southern Ontario, the city lies on the Ottawa River, a major waterway forming the local boundary between the provinces of Ontario and Quebec.

I haven't made a business card. Ottawa City. [Presumably a play on "owatta," or "it's over."]

No, Pocky's not so bad, not bad, not bad at all. If it's not so bad, maybe it's Pretz? Or Toppo? Maybe it's a conspiracy by not Pocky in general, but by strawberry-flavored Pocky.

I still don't have lodgings, I still haven't bought a ticket for the bullet train, I'm still only thinking about pointless junk, and when I think about eating Pocky, Pocky Day [11/11] is ending. Go die, Pocky.

Famous singers on Nico truly have the talent of natural-born idols. I'm jealous.

On a day like this, isn't it fine to have three meals of Pocky?

A land full of dancing Pocky.

Although appropriate, closing with "So? Wasn't that amusing?" is really cold, but I have to tie it up somehow. Sorry about that, everyone.

So? Wasn't that amusing?

Remember this. You're going through a world of pain. In your green-turning brain, unable to tell the right time, going through a loop of denial and the status quo, buried in a concrete wall, unable to go anywhere - you should realize it. Woohahahahahaha.

What's real, and what's a forgery? On the of the information superhighway of the internet, it's always rather vague. To become a helpless, homeless 46-year-old, I destroy the truth in the darkness and replace it with a counterfeit, and you accept it into your lives. We part from sensitivity and our brains melt.

I see "get out, hobo!" and "sod off, you scum!" in the replies, but you're all too superficial. I don't remember the exact details of starting to tweet here as "Hachi," but it was around winter last year. I've imitated "Hachi" ever since then. In short, for you all, I'm the genuine Hachi.

I'm a homeless 46-year-old, living in a park. Around this time, someone from the apartment across the street goes out, so I stealthily sneak in to tweet, like I am now. Apparently this guy is called "Hachi"?

Oh, it's all lies. Me living in Osaka, everything since I started playing with Vocaloid. The name Hachi is a lie. Going to see LOSTAGE's show was a lie. Me being 46 was true.

You have to wear some kind of hat, or you can't do it. Winter is harsh. It's gotten remarkably cold lately. My hands are too frozen to play guitar.

But this feeling reminds me of middle school. I wish I could take back some of that unsophisticated immaturity.

Whew, I'm lightheaded. I think I've caught a cold.

Okay, that was a lie too, sort of. Most it was true.

Since around "I like Pupurun," I mean. All of that, a lie. I can't even stand to touch Pupurun.

axoxo11: "A lie... you mean the part about cutting your hair?"

Of course, that was a lie.

Ultimately, I was neither warmed nor cooled. When I arrived home, I cut at my hair with barber's clippers, pulled an overused bat from the storehouse, and innocently began swinging it. I felt no pessimism. I had still only just been born.

I thought back to Koushien, long ago. Semifinals, in the batter's box, bottom of the ninth, two outs, bases loaded, dreading what the pitcher had in store, and ultimately I couldn't even swing the bat. On my knees, I absent-mindedly gazed at the other team on the pitcher's mound, crying tears of gratitude. Many events, all flowing in a muddy stream.

For some reason he seemed to have an interest in me, took out a business card from a pocket, shoved it at my middle, boarded the busy train, and left with the bustling crowds. I put the card in my pocket and went home. I walked along the roads endlessly lined with streetlights as I indulged in thought.

This might get long, but some time ago, I was swinging around my umbrella on a station platform, I saw a muscly person, he called out, and it began. "You've got a nice swing!" As my embarrassment peaked over the fact that he'd seen what I was doing, I began talking with him.

Then, I wasn't mistaken about anything. It's just my speaking up and revealing my stupidity.

@tknbn I've been wrong from the very start... My reality is steadily turning on its head...

tknbn: "Hello. The latter character in the kanji for "sturdy," which means "flexible," reveals the bending properties of things described as such. So iron is indeed sturdy. To be punctual, it's due to the characteristic of it bending and bending without breaking."

@SHK_oo Ah, I didn't think of it like that. I was just going with my stubborn impression. But that works.

SHK_oo: "Isn't it the fact that it's flexible enough to flatten when hit and bend when heated that makes it sturdy?"

Iron is often used as a comparison for sturdy things, but if hit it will easily be flattened, and if heated it will quickly bend.

Maybe I shouldn't go blabbing on about something nobody has yet, but lately I've realized there to be significant meaning in thinking things over in words.

OFFICIAL ORANGE, which I'd been working on until recently, is a rather straightforward album since most of the work was done alone. There's only one needle hole, so it's fairly easy to understand, and thus a work of harsh tastes.

I tried touch-typing. These are the results. [Okay, maybe it wasn't really THAT nonsensical. But it's really hard to tell what he was actually trying to type, so...]

Well, in the middle of the night, it's very sdsan dn dlasd ajkdfamc abjxcanb. SNJLSdnda ndjkas ndan asd asbd hkb fanmc naxd asn,

Even if live stream watchers give me book and song recommendations, nobody who's giving them really knows my interests. In an interview, there are faces and bodies, but there are also that person's thoughts, philosophies, sensitivies, and so their interests become known. Who are you?

In a few days - or if not that, then soon - someone precious to me will give birth. But what kind of child will it be? I hope it's healthy.

Has it already been ten days since the delivery date? I've been basically idle the whole time. Tomorrow, I'll read a book, make a song. That's nice.

My mood after finishing a work (though strictly, it's not finished yet) is unsurpassable. To bury all the stuff I spit out, unusual feelings of refreshment and nothingness begin crawling in my abdomen.

It's just that I can't sleep.

Times like these are always rough.

@task_plus9 Please do!

task_plus9: "Should I send you the data?!"

Look forward to Minakata Laboratory's art collection "rain pop" at Vocaloid Master 14. It's some splendid work. Even though I haven't seen it yet.

I have the new CD for Vocaloid Master, but a little while ago I had a dream about the horrors of transporting the CDs to the grounds, and I've been worried ever since. I'm sure I'll pull it off, though.

Is there a good Japanese translation of Malleus Maleficarum?

I don't have a pencil. I'll buy one.

While I'm still a teen, I want to make one more opus, to sum up being a teenager. For now, look forward to OFFICIAL ORANGE.

In a life that follows the ties of the belt line, I think I should be very grateful for the inclusion of music.

@lasah_1114 The ways of branching paths are amazing. I truly don't seem to know their extent.

lasah_1114: "The guitarist from the band I used to be in became a college professor, the bassist works in law, the drummer is a war photographer and pro wrestler. Life is all over the place."

Since then, I've become more abject, been annoyed by many things, haven't been thinking of bettering myself, just slowly looping through the same days. No fun, and harsh days any way I go about it. But if it doesn't get any rougher than this, I think maybe I can deal with it.

It's rough.

Just meeting once a week, practicing in name but only playing, not getting any better at all, and ultimately it ends with a whimper. But what a fun build-up to that whimper it was.

I used to have friends I was in a band with, and it's still important to them, but we've all walked different paths. Thinking on it, it's a common occurrence. Perhaps a band's never been formed that doesn't have such a fate.

Even if they're poor musicians, I want to form it with friends. But I don't have any. It's rough.

I want to make a band where the backstage is filled with millionaires. Like the place where the band is set up is a lone source of light.

Somebody start a band with me.

At any rate, judging from replies, Kyoto seems like nothing but a machine. How is the pilot who boards this famous machine decided? Lottery? A daily schedule? Whatever the way, when they get on, for that time alone, they are a hero.

Ah, that's right, this summer, when I aimlessly went to Kyoto, I wanted to look for a four-leaf taxi, but I saw a four-leaf one before I even saw a three-leaf, and I was so moved. On a field trip, I saw people taking pictures of an idol, and I finally realized, it's so unusual.

An alarm rings from beyond the wall. Beating at a fixed rhythm, waiting for someone to wake up, but no one stops it. Looking through the peephole into the hall, there was a long, square corridor, warped around circularly. Yes, there was no one there.

I can't help but hate some things.

There are people who don't know what Pupurun is... how tragic. I couldn't survive a couple days without Pupurun.

I should be punished for tweeting "Pupurun" as "Pururun." I have no rights.

Pururun's tastiness is bizarre. How can this be so tasty?

It was a picture of some woman I don't know (some foreign actress?). But even with permission, who IS it?

I was thinking of making an image I found my Twitter avatar, but gave up on the idea. Wouldn't that be awkward?

Open your eyes - it's that or die. That's all I said, and then I went.

We've only become lost. While not knowing, we've depended, while not knowing, we've died, while not knowing, we've scoffed at our memories. It would be nice to just disappear. Boarding a fighter jet, sticking out your tongue like a frog, stuffing poppies into a suitcase, surely, surely we won't come back. That's it.

Since you don't want to hear any stories, I want you to just sit there. The party preparations are moving along, so hold tight to the handrail. You must see many things from there. Tell me in detail. Lost children and cats? Road signs? Goats? Circular streetlights drooling and switching around and around and around, hanging their heads, waiting for you to disappear.

Before Sunday comes, before it becomes Sunday, I want to run away and catch something, and after I've caught it, I want to satisfy myself making a clay animation smeared with fetish. It'd be nice if the corners of the shopping district curled up and vanished of as if nothing mattered, but since that has no reason to happen, stick out a rod to the monkey.

@chobo_6 There you have it. Urban Playground has received the Chobo Seal of Quality.

chobo_6: "Hey, the final song is rad as hell! What should I do about this?"

I don't want to be hated, and I don't want to hate, so I just hate myself. I just wanna have fun.

As conceit swells, all that comes out your mouth is envy and denial. It's impossible.

Okay, that's really the end. Thank you very much.

@denchuchu I went to count once, then recounted to make sure I was right, and I found there were more than before. So I checked again, and there were even more, and so on and so forth, until finally I looked like a neglected banana.

denchuchu: "How many moles do you have?"

@KykSt My grandparents' house (on the mother's side). It's deep in the mountains.

KykSt: "Out of all the places you've been, what's the best?"

@otyao Probably not. Even if I have, I saw them as something everyday and ordinary.

otyao: "Have you seen any ghosts?"

@kimikimi1 Making a place.

kimikimi1: "Is there anything about the creation process that you're particular about?"

@simayone There's a lot. Not going to list.

simayone: "What's your favorite instrument sound?"

@ringringcallman Pretty much, honestly.

ringringcallman: "My old art teacher said "a work is never complete," but do you think your works are complete?"

@tukikawa_azrael Never been to Baskin Robbins.

tukikawa_azrael: "What's your favorite ice cream at Baskin Robbins? The full name, if possible!"

@Kaho050430 Absolutely not an honor student. But not really what you'd call a delinquent either.

Kaho050430: "I have this image of Hachi-san as a really serious honor student, but what's the reality??? Are you a delinquent??"

@minamina06 I wonder. I'm not in the mood to think about that right now.

minamina06: "Are you planning to upload any of the new OFFICIAL ORANGE songs to NicoNico later?"

@saradie There's nothing particularly hard about it, inherently. If I had to say, it's tough ignoring all the slander.

saradie: "What's the hardest part about being a Vocaloid artist?"

@soon_138 Boring.

soon_138: "What do you think when you hear the term "riajuu"?" [Short for "riaru juujitsu," or "fulfilled in real life." Generally used to mean "has a girlfriend."]

@moremoreism Let's.

moremoreism: "If I think of something interesting to do, would you do it with me?"

@aki1028kou I've practiced violin, but I absolutely can't play it.

aki1028kou: "Do you play any instruments besides guitar??"

@sunecosuri It depends. I guess the song does more often.

sunecosuri: "Do lyrics or the song come first?"

@uturatura I'm almost always alone.

uturatura: "Do you like living alone?"

@yagisky Not right now.

yagisky: "Are there any other Vocaloids you want to use?"

@toyokennnn Fifth grade?

toyokennnn: "When was the biggest crossroads in your life thus far?"

@iminasi It's something like a town.

iminasi: "Do you have a particular image of anything in your head? What's it like?"

@nuko_kana Overwhelmingly the former. I mean, I don't really get what the appeal of the latter is meant to be.

nuko_kana: "Would you choose to communicate with people all over the world your whole life, or to share your whole world with one person?"

@shiori_ice Sometimes I cry fish scales.

shiori_ice: "What do you think about singing your own songs?"

@kouga112 There's lots I'd like to redo.

kouga112: "If you could return to any period of your life you wanted, what would you (re)do?"

@ychiiiii Green?

ychiiiii: "What color do you like?"

@aco2noiz This isn't often.

aco2noiz: "When do you feel that you're really happy?"

@koke_012 I just so happen to!

koke_012: "Do you like girls?"

@burekosan They're in completely different vectors. I can't say.

burekosan: "Do you prefer singing or making songs?"

@F_lovesnow "Read the atmosphere."

F_lovesnow: "Are there any Japanese phrases you dislike?"

@yuipikaityou No real attachment.

yuipikaityou: "Do you like Osaka?"

@zenekurea Twisted? How so?

zenekurea: "I've always wondered, why is your avatar twisted in the middle?"

@mariso_neko Doubtful.

mariso_neko: "Is great effort rewarded?"

@kuroknock Hm, that's a tough one. So first I'd be sure to ask for about ten more wishes.

kuroknock: "If you could have one wish granted, what would it be be be be be?"

@haru_221 Not any study that I would call study.

haru_221: "Have you done any special musical study?"

@masuke_w It's from the Qualia PV. Go watch it now.

masuke_w: "Does your current avatar have any theme or meaning?"

@kamomine A tower on the sun, for some reason.

kamomine: "Quick, what's the first 3D shape that comes to mind?"

Looking through past replies, I skipped over a fair amount. Maybe I'll go through and reply to some more.

Huh, a rat corpse.

And sorry, my actual favorite Ghibli movies are Howl's Moving Castle and Spirited Away.

Okay, no more. Sorry that was so long. Thanks for all your participation.

@piyopiyo_00 "Wants to be a cat"?

piyopiyo_00: "You apparently don't want to be considered an "artist," so what would you categorize yourself as?"

@ohamcoham A cat, probably.

ohamcoham: "What do you want most?"

@ruu0418murmur00 The Cat Returns.

ruu0418murmur00: "What's your favorite Ghibli movie?"

@hasegawa_ken1 A cat?

hasegawa_ken1: "If you could transform, what would you transform into? If nothing, ignore me."

@a_macoto66 I'm a tri-colored cat type.

a_macoto66: "Are you a tear apart bisques and Oreos type? Eat them as-is type? By the bag type?"

I was going to go through the replies in order, but at some point I went back a ton. Five more and that's it.

@suchan_u That rage could perhaps bring the world to peace, or give way to war. Be wary.

suchan_u: "The vending machine packs (around 350mL) are 120 yen, but the convenience store packs (500mL) are 105 yen or 116 yen. This is making me so angry. What should I do?"

@weakwalkerm9 Hahaha!

weakwalkerm9: "Are the questions getting bothersome yet?"

@yuko388 Either that or the corpse.

yuko388: "Hachi-san, are you a Rakshasa?"

@o10wa There is, but I consider what effect it might have on listeners, and basically figure it's not worth it.

o10wa: "People interpret your songs in lots of different ways, but is there a "like this" you have in mind?"

@h1rotototo Aren't those the same thing?

h1rotototo: "Are there any Vocaloids you have no plans to use, but still want to?"

@ragi_amaguri Exhausting, unlike the inexhaustible flow of questions.

ragi_amaguri: "What do you think of this replying to questions thing?"

@_tatami_ One or two things, yes.

_tatami_: "Do you have anything important to you?"

@velvetrosebud I want to try the fiddle.

velvetrosebud: "Are there any instruments you'd want to use in the future?"

@kanata05 Cat-like people?

kanata05: "What's your type? Girls with braids, I'm guessing?"

@kaory_119 Snap out of it already, please.

kaory_119: "I'm in love with Hachi-san and I can't get any sleep. What should I do about these feelings?"

@yaaaa777 My height has restricted what I can wear, so I have to be at least conscious of it.

yaaaa777: "Do you have favorite clothes? Do you care about them at all?"

@Lily_58 Definitely happy ends.

Lily_58: "Do you prefer happy ends or bad ends?"

@nam_42 Vertigo Phone on OFFICIAL ORANGE uses Append.

nam_42: "Are you coming out with any Append songs? Sorry if this is a repeat."

@sayuun I don't think about it much.

sayuun: "Are you the type to draw on instinct? Or do you carefully think things over and draw?"

@Shirogane1201 If I did, I don't think I'd be doing this right now.

Shirogane1201: "Do you think you're a cool guy?"

@sogabe_e Strictly speaking, they would all have to be.

sogabe_e: "Do any of your lyrics come from actual experiences?"

@kou_1107 This. [Wonderland and the Sheep's Song.]

kou_1107: "Tell me a work that's left a deep impression on you."

@uhahahahahahaha Uhhh, sure.

uhahahahahahaha: "Do you like any people?"

@okayu_s2 If it didn't exist, I think we'd just go off and die.

okayu_s2: "Do you think loneliness is a necessary thing for humans?"

@Otoufu_ Was it a harmonica? I know I learned it in kindergarten.

Otoufu_: "What was the first instrument you bought?"

@13kai Summer. Or winter.

13kai: "Do you have a favorite season?"

@usabihhi Can't say I have.

usabihhi: "Have you ever thought of throwing out a song?"

@sogabe_e Study or sex. Your choice.

sogabe_e: "Do you have a message for high school students in active duty?"

@daimaou_123 That's what I want to know.

daimaou_123: "How do you spend holidays and spare time?"

@madamun967 In my house, Christmas is known only as "Get Bought Stuff Day."

madamun967: "For how long did you believe in Santa?"

@kyotam40800 I remember being really happy, actually.

kyotam40800: "When you first uploaded to NicoNico Douga, did you feel nervous or tense?"

@saki_2828 Animals often come off as being symbols for something.

saki_2828: "Why do you like including goats and cats in your songs?"

@kanae0620 I got my good night's sleep.

kanae0620: "Is there a secret to your growing tall?"

@sea_umi I like folk songs in general.

sea_umi: "Do you have a favorite folk song?"

@koke_012 Sit down and gently die.

koke_012: "What do you do when you're depressed?"

@kou563 I don't really remember anymore. Maybe I wasn't even playing that much?

kou563: "Back in junior high, how much guitar did you play each day?"

@soon_138 Takenoko no Sato? If not that, then, uh... cat? Er, wait.

soon_138: "Do you have a favorite candy?"

@mfkalon The smell of shampoo.

mfkalon: "Do you have a favorite smell?"

@ka78na I like the me who dislikes me.

ka78na: "Do you like yourself? If not, what exactly do you like and dislike?"

@kas_kazu When the sun seeps through the spring trees, I've heard people say "he looks like an Evangelion."

kas_kazu: "Hachi-san, please tell me your figure."

@hapee_jave Quiet enough to not frighten anybody.

hapee_jave: "When you go to a club, are you quiet? Or are you dancing around?"

@eminimy What? I don't think anyone knows anymore.

eminimy: "What does Persona Alice's "p\a 4'i ka mM dzi 4a 4o m'i 4a Ji ka" mean?"

@kuras11 No one really comes to mind.

kuras11: "Do you have a favorite performer?"

@kanasann13 If I have nothing to do, I sleep.

kanasann13: "What do you do to kill time?"

@teioh2motsu I've been thinking a lot about this lately. Maybe I'll make a concept album of sorts. For now, just look forward to OFFICIAL ORANGE.

teioh2motsu: "Do you have any plans to make a "series" of songs that have a continual story?"

@lkl_lga O, maybe. I don't think I've ever actually checked.

lkl_lga: "What's your blood type?"

@ngm0819 This. [Wonderland and the Sheep's Song.]

ngm0819: "Do you have any recommendations out of all the Vocaloid songs you've heard?"

@daidai0311 I was in a completely-obsessed-with-tennis club for two years. Nothing else.

daidai0311: "What clubs were you in as a student?"

@kanoko33 The only one I'm really at "playing" level with is guitar.

kanoko33: "What instruments can you play?"

@shiroganemushi How many times...?

shiroganemushi: "Do you like dogs or cats?"

@kukinomiki My utter lack of communication skill.

kukinomiki: "Is there anything you feel you can't properly convey to anybody?"

@aji134 A 0.5mm mechanical pencil.

aji134: "What's your favorite tool for drawing?"

@nukoalle I wanted to have girls singing my songs, and the realm of Vocaloid looked fun.

nukoalle: "Why did you think to make Vocaloid songs and upload them to NicoNico Douga?"

@kuroe_so A cat.

kuroe_so: "What animal would you want to raise?"

@kyota10chiaro "Cat."

kyota10chiaro: "Tell me one of your favorite words."

This is looking endless, so I'm cutting it here. I'll choose from the ones already asked.

@kazusahp Selection and patience.

kazusahp: "This might be a repeat, but when making a song, do you create from a theme? Or else, do you build something just messing with instruments?"

@torittekawaii When I was a child, I wanted to work at an umbrella shop. I can't for the life of me remember why.

torittekawaii: "Were any of your childhood dreams music-related?"

@kudzuru What KIND of what kind of influence?

kudzuru: "What kind of influence would you attribute to the world around you, or your environment?"

@shachemagro Sure.

shachemagro: "Do you like the culture of Japan?"

@yaaaa777 Oh, cooks, I know them. Um, they're the ones who cut apart the corpses of dead animals with knives and blunt weapons and scorch them into food, right?

yaaaa777: "Do you cook?"

@mikikayoko I'd like to be able to speak in English.

mikikayoko: "Is there any foreign language you'd like to use?"

@kanae0620 No!

kanae0620: "Are you going to make the "play backwards" command [on Nico] a reality?"

@niconico_yari Tons. I won't name names.

niconico_yari: "Are there any singers or Vocaloid artists you personally like?"

@momentkk I think it was Melt, back on NicoNico Beta.

momentkk: "What was the first Vocaloid song you heard?"

@gomadaree I wouldn't really know about subconscious-type stuff like that, myself.

gomadaree: "Why do animals often appear in your songs?"

@Ryokuma_K Cat.

Ryokuma_K: "Fire? Water? Wood?"

@SuzumushiLabo They're splendid.

SuzumushiLabo: "What do you think of Pastafarians, followers of the Flying Spaghetti Monster?"

@yugirikate When I was little, I thought "why does that thing keep coming back?"

yugirikate: "Do you like the moon?"

@aodaihuki Cat type. I said this.

aodaihuki: "Are you a Nintendo type or a Sony type?"

@sora62631 I'd like to go to Mont Saint-Michel once.

sora62631: "Is there anywhere you'd like to go?"

@8hachi_s The Flying Spaghetti Monster?

8hachi_s: "Is there anyone you respect?"

Sorry, if I'm being a bother, unfollow me.

@hiyokomuco503 Not right now.

hiyokomuco503: "Any plans to use Rin and Len in the future?"

@sonutuj I can't decide a favorite. I like them all.

sonutuj: "What's your favorite among all your songs?"

@eminimy Probably. We'll see when we get there.

eminimy: "Will you shake my hand at Vocaloid Master?"

@love_loacker Um. An ATM card?

love_loacker: "When you die (or cease to exist), what would you want to have on hand?"

@sakuru0505 I would swim the Strait of Dover for a kittykins.

sakuru0505: "Are you a dog type or a cat type?"

@boobooboo0630 I suppose so. I think I'll keep enjoying it so long as it's still fun.

boobooboo0630: "Are you planning to continue working on Nico?"

@hirghero912 Beneficial for a clear view over crowds. Detrimental for always hitting my head.

hirghero912: "Is your height ever beneficial or detrimental??"

@nyan2524 Too many to list.

nyan2524: "Any favorite manga and anime?"

@8hachi_s I just can't stomach the fact that the protagonist's TV is so friggin' huge.

8hachi_s: "Do you like Pokémon?"

@noxa_mikaze Communication is pretty rare for me, period.

noxa_mikaze: "Are you particularly close with any Vocaloid artists?"

@naoaki0988 What do they mean to you? I don't really get them, either.

naoaki0988: "Are the spell-like words that show up in songs like Matryoshka "Hachi-ese"? Do they have any meaning?"

@krs_verde It depends.

krs_verde: "Do you like people?"

@koka_86 I eagerly await Baten Kaitos 3's release.

koka_86: "Do you like any particular games?"

@Kihar_ It's generally all troublesome, but WORLD'S END almost had me throwing up.

Kihar_: "What was the most troublesome song to make?"

@3q5i_3lo4 What's this supposed to mean? If I didn't have any thoughts on it, I couldn't have made anything.

3q5i_3lo4: "Do you have any thoughts on your own works?"

@fukusuke1078 Uh, I can't listen to music while working on a song.

fukusuke1078: "Are there any songs you often listen to while working?"

@ui10pia I honestly haven't thought about anything... I'll hope to do something interesting.

ui10pia: "Are you thinking about employment? Or are you planning to become a professional?"

@pikachuuu_love 188 centimeters.

pikachuuu_love: "How tall are you?"

@bambi_world I've liked it since before I could even appreciate it. I used to think I was the greatest artist in the world.

bambi_world: "Hachi-san, you're good at art too! So when did you start drawing?"

@mikachi312 What the hell are you talking about? I have no clue.

mikachi312: "If it came down to this and this, which would you prefer?"

@hikari0924 The instant I upload a video.

hikari0924: "When do you think, "damn it feels good to be a Vocaloid artist?""

@kanata05 On a train, when I'm thinking over "stations left to destination" in my head.

kanata05: "And "always" would be...?"

@taka_suwa I do all my own sound. There are lots of cases where my songs' drums are impossible to play for real, though.

taka_suwa: "Do you play your own drums, too?"

@bybythx It seems to have settled down in the building itself, so I gave it up.

bybythx: "How'd the war with the rat go?"

@kyori000 A friend dressed up as a girl.

kyori000: "Seen any notable spectacles or phenomenons lately?"

@Ruisora13 Miku is cute, but if I were living with her, her hair would freak me out.

Ruisora13: "Who's your favorite Vocaloid?"

@monaito Always. Thinking.

monaito: "Where do you tend to get ideas for lyrics and music?"

@mooooll None. Somehow.

mooooll: "What are the origins of Hachi?"

@ageha_famima Hard to say. Sex?

ageha_famima: "Where do you think unfaithfulness comes from? For example, "hold hands with anyone else and you're out.""

@sen_0485 One older sister.

sen_0485: "Any siblings?"

@0ta Though a trifling thing now, it will gradually bring us to a world with no need for people, and it'll be man versus artificial intelligence.

0ta: "What do you think of automatic toilets?"

@Alchemist4869 I said ALWAYS.

Alchemist4869: "When do you think up lyrics like Matryoshka's?"

@mityanp About the same time I started composing, so second or third year of junior high.

mityanp: "About when did you start playing guitar?"

@hikari0924 19, and born early in the year.

hikari0924: "How old are you?"

@makiharakazu All times. I'm basically always doing it.

makiharakazu: "What sorts of times do you think up verses and music?"

@ashash1016 And you want this information for...?

ashash1016: "What was your dinner two days ago?"

@akuta69 Vegetable Drink [Yasai Seikatsu] (in a two-liter pack), probably.

akuta69: "What's your favorite food?"

@kas_kazu I'm kinda unsure. Around the second or third year of junior high?

kas_kazu: "When did you start making songs?"

@alu_chemist Hm. I don't really think about genre. If I had to... alternative rock?

alu_chemist: "What's your favorite song genre?"

@sae_an3508 Sure.

sae_an3508: "Will you give me your signature?"

I want to be a guy who aimlessly retweets and replies to questions. If you have any questions for me, ask away.

My tall stature is a result of the Flying Spaghetti Monster hating me.

Nothing's been decided concerning mail order beyond "I have plans to do it." Where I'm consigning to is currently pending. So I'd appreciate that you hold off on questions and comments about mail ordering for now.

Praying I'll wake up in the morning to find I've turned into a bug. Night.

@skylover22 And maybe this comes off as cold, but I don't care about other people. I literally can't say anything about individuals, so I don't.

skylover22: "Even if you see it as worthless, Hachi-san, maybe others could see it as a big deal? Sorry if that came off as too rude..."

Is self-sacrifice worth it? The vagueness of its goals just makes it look worthless and cheap.

Should I even speak of such self-sacrificial spirit? I absolutely don't have it myself.

@otyao But isn't that kind of effort only human? Saying you have a "good name" is just hubris.

otyao: "Sometimes your name can defeat you. A person with a good name must work hard to match the image."

Does the name reveal the person, or the person the name? I'm not quite sure which it is yet, but it certainly must be one or the other. It might be a common thing, but the name and the person are intimately connected.

I spent yesterday making the first crepe I've made in my life. I no longer regret it.

How do I say it... if you snap one that's taken into account angle and composition, then you've paid respect. And even if you're just taking a one-handed candid snapshot with a cellphone camera... well, there doesn't really seem to be any ill will there.

I'm not so worried about photos taken during the show.

@nanaharaalice There will be.

nanaharaalice: "Question. I'm buying your CD at Vocaloid Master, but will there be a lyrics card included for the unreleased songs?"

Thank you very much for the show.

I have my show tomorrow, but I'm probably going to be pretty lazy about it, so please don't get your hopes up.

Hm, I sorta want to make J-pop.

What I like, what I hate, I haven't yet decided. I don't think my past self would've thought anything listening to these people's songs. But I don't see my appreciation of poppy kinds of things changing for a long time.

Even if there were something provided for me to form a basis, I would have no objections, so you could just upload it without my approval.

I've gotten lots of emails simply asking "Is it okay if I upload me singing your songs?" And though I ask myself "can I even make that judgement with nothing to judge from?"... Look, just do what you will, that's all I can say.

Maybe "I don't like it that much" is a faulty thing to say at times. Am I that unable to see why I might have liked it before? Even toys you once loved end up getting put away in the closet, or even thrown out. As the years go on, the priority for them simply goes down.

Poor quality is, simply put, a matter of skill. Even if you want to draw something, you often can't catch up to the lines, and are generally stuck unable to draw anything. Even when drawing the OFFICIAL ORANGE picture, it was following the Matryoshka PV. So maybe I don't like it that much.

Whenever I categorize myself, I never include "artist," because my art just keeps getting worse.


My thoughts always run in a weird direction, I go "I was wrong, sorry," and then "Huh, that's wrong too? Sorry," and finally I'm crushed by the awkward atmosphere.

I don't think I get DIC colors. Which ones are fine and which aren't?

Apparently I used colors that can't be printed. Not good.

I'm doing mail order. I am, I am. Give me a break now.

Uploaded a crossfade. Thanks in advance. Vocaloid Master 14 Crossfade "OFFICIAL ORANGE"

I'm diseased. I always want to change the mixing...

Making a crossfade!

Preparations for printing (probably) complete. Now to just pray it goes through okay.

I tried hard and it fit. Off to Family Mart.

Well, maybe it'll fit if I try hard enough...

The maximum thickness for mail is 2 centimeters? Well, this won't work at all.

Do convenience stores do special delivery?

If I don't go and say something like that, the mixing will go on eternally.

The end! Yes, the mix is ended. This will be the end. It's over. The end.


Hm, I think it was on that sticker, where's the sticker?

After installing it, I noticed the paper I wrote the code down on was gone. And now I look to be out of options. I might have to just buy it again.

Yikes. I lost the Miku Append activation code and can't open the Vocaloid editor.

I want to avert my eyes from the fact that I haven't used the Jaguar in recording anything since Wonderland, but it's the truth.

The title of BUMP's new album is "COSMONAUT," apparently. How ironic. [Cosmonaut was the name of one of his band songs, so presumably he means that.]

makigonta: "The Panda Hero?"

From then on, people began to set out with their own individual desires. Rape, theft, murder. Those who despair for the future take their own lives; a suckling child depends on its sleeping mother; a girl searches for food while dragging an unmoving leg. In these times rife with chaos, perhaps one to be a savior is needed more than ever.

NicoNico turned into Yahoo! It's the END of the WORLD! Everyone's gonna die! WAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH




Has NicoNico turned into Yahoo?!?! Hey!!!! HEY!!!!!


Saying "Mii-chan-san" is obviously strange, but what else can I do?

I really can't respond to communication... I'm sorry for an array of reasons.

Jack-o-lantern dimming on the roadside.

Minecraft looks interesting.


Until just about now, I've been working with the idea that "I'll finish up by October 31st," but I didn't consider any of the various procedures or anything, so now that I've noticed that I find myself hurrying.


Burun-burun-burun, haru-chiru-garu-toru-burun.

Boooooooooooooooooooon. Booooooooooooooon.

Apples dry. Apples dry.


WAAAAAH, I forgot about the cap. WAAAAAH.

Stupid people stand out. Watch out, everyone.

If you tell someone who doesn't understand that they don't understand, they... won't understand. So it's better to ignore them and let them be ignorant.

I'm a human who bears the weight of representing "irresponsibility."

What a weird thing to be a worrywart about. But it's good to care.

I know that going out of bounds is more or less better, but is it worth the force of the "you'd go so far out of line?"s that result? There don't seem to be any other problems, anyhow. Thank you very much.

Working on the jacket. I forgot how almost everything went back from Bouquet and Burial at Sea. Woe is me.

I would rather enjoy it just to get about 1000 views when that time comes. I wonder if it's only me who has such a harsh gap between past and present.

If I were to upload something to NicoNico Indies, let's say now, I think there would be hardly anyone else doing the same thing. Perhaps I'm just not knowledgable about it, though. From the people I know there, I think I would be somehow special.


task_plus9: "I made a hashtag in commemoration. Please use it. #HappyBirthdayChobo6"

That was a good journey.

I'm an ant!

I'm sorta already feeling good. What to do? The time to go to the studio draws near.

Man, this is rough! Gonna have to buy that scannner.

It's coming out somewhat rough. I might need to buy a better scanner...

A cornered Hachi demonstrates its true worth. FWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

While singing and drawing the jacket, a bit of spit came out. Damn it.

If it's not ready in three more days, I die.

Yeesh, deadlines.

My fatigue grows, and proportionately, so does the length of my strokes. My nails hurt.

The rhythms I want to try are inexhaustible.

Today, I saw a little girl whacking away at a pole that read "register line starts here." Her mother was calming her and pulling her arm, but she struck it with a face full of dissatisfaction. There was lots of stuff there.

Lying changes with the passage of time, and I won't outright say it's always an essentially bad thing, but it's generally unsightly. And once it's done, you have to take it to the grave.

If I'm going to lie, I want it to be like I don't know I'm doing it. Cleverly.

Beast and the Coffee Lounge

Beauty and the Citizenship

Seems an external hard drive will do. If things really vanish, it's no laughing matter, so it's urgent that I buy one. Thank you very much.

I suddenly had the idea of this PC instantly ceasing to work and all the data being lost, and it sent a shiver down my spine. So I want to make backups in such an event, but what should I do?

"Aren't you supposed to be pros?" How terribly it reflects on your character to say that. Throwing stones from a safe place.

Also, I'm warring with the artwork, but no Illustrator. I forgot that the trial period had expired since Bouquet and Burial at Sea.

Six new songs, I suppose? Also, remixes of already-released songs, and just one song that's a remake. [FUTURE EDIT: "Six" apparently includes Ward No. 305 despite it being on Try!, and "just one remake" (referring to 305) tells of the non-inclusion of the Princess remake. So yeah.]

My next album will be made of two Gumis, one Luka, one Gumi & Miku, one Hachi, and the rest Miku.

However I put it, it's a weird sentence. I can't fix it, it's too much trouble. I've got no talent.

Sorry, I wasn't very clear. Since I already entered in the names of the album songs when making the Vocaloid Master CD, I wanted the names to automatically display when I imported the CD. But how should I do that?

How do I go about making my album song names show up on iTunes?

sakumaxayaco: "It's comfortable, but it's painful."

Though I'd be so much more comfortable if everyone was gone.

The answer is silence.

I feel... confused.

The concept for my next album is "odds and ends," so even a song sung by me fits in fine.

@soraruru Yes, to put it another way, it's a song it seems I HAVE to sing. (laughs)

soraruru: "So Hachi-san is the most appropriate person to be singing this? I'm now very curious and excited to hear it."

It's nice that I have a song ready, but it's a song that I can't see Miku singing by any means.

My next album may perhaps have a song sung by me.

Aren't glockenspiels a good sample to use?


I'm presently working on an album I'm planning to release at Vocaloid Master 14. If I can't take care of a certain song by today, I'm taking it off.

Maybe it's the changing of seasons that ruins me. These coughs are making me feel terrible all over.

Words are hard... ultimately, I'm only thinking about myself and a scarce few important things. Well, the sky is starting to burn now. Everyone, get to work.

People like me can't have 18,000 followers. They should be alone. I've thought of deleting my Twitter numerous times, but it's always handy in one way or another, and part of me knows it would be ruinous to me, so I don't dare do it.

The real me is just constantly guffawing, though.

Emoticons... well, they're alright too, but I use words to wring things out. When I'm going to be presenting something, I want to express myself with as much magnificence as I can muster. With emoticons, you just laugh, and that's about it.

I think our turn at the November 3rd show will come at around 6 PM. Also, just so you know, no Hachi CDs will be sold there.

It's an insomniac's kind of night. I'll tweet a little.

Personally, I think "www" has a certain image of cheapness too, but it was basically either that or "(laughs)." I don't really want to use either.

@buzz_g I didn't really want to say things were going in that direction, but now that you mention it, that IS pretty accurate... www

buzz_g: "It reminds me of an online dating service."

The NicoNico front page just looks cheap now.

Don't need money. Also, this isn't the school I attend, just putting that out there.

I'll be doing a show on November 3rd at the Osaka University of Arts. I'll be playing acoustic and singing. I probably won't do many of my originals. Anybody can come, pretty much, so anyone with time should come as they see fit.

@task_plus9 Ooh. Okay, we're doing this. Payment planning can come later!

task_plus9: "Maaaaaybe I might! When we get time, let's get together and talk about it. I can use the Minakata server, and if it's on the minaken.net domain, it might only be around a thousand yen a year!"

@task_plus9 Oho! Will you really?

task_plus9: "A homepage? Well then, shall I start?"

I have more of an affinity for people the same age as me. But that's just me.

@cog_6 Yes. Whoever that is.

cog_6: "Yes it is!! I think the one who made that song is amazing!"

Wonderland and the Sheep's Song is such a stupid-awesome song.

@bravesofia Are there? Thank you very much.

bravesofia: "There are lots of homepage-making sites out there."

@Compe520 I'm imagining something much like this.

Compe520: "Do you want a particularly elaborate one?"

If I requested someone to make me a homepage, would anyone do it?

I want to make a homepage like OGRE YOU ASSHOLE's.

@denchuchu I don't wanna dieeeeeeeeee!

denchuchu: "Japanese people die at 22."

I'm thinking that at the precise moment Miku gasps, the sound drops out and dies.

Freezing complete. As I thought, this one was the problem. Good work, kittykins. Shall we drink some champagne?

This track only has the guitar in the chorus, so why is it chugging along so slowly? No motivation? Surely so.

But the track count is only 34... Are any of the plugins I'm using incompatible somehow?

Other songs work fine, so maybe this song just has too much stuff in it. Have I no choice but to add more memory?

After all the times it's come up, I can only see the word "DROPOUT" as "DOH-ROH-POH-UTT." You can see the sympthoms of this in the previous tweet.

Sonar's constantly making the audio doropout and won't play at all anymore. Is it eating up too much memory? Anyone know what might be the cause?

@soraruru I think 8:30 is the highest I could possibly go. Ten minutes is preposterous territory...

soraruru: "Now I want to hear a Hachi song that's over ten minutes long."

Lately I've been feeling that even four-minute songs are pretty long. Of course, I used to go up to around six minutes with no issue.

It's basically complete, but the upload is still a ways off. If anyone misunderstood me, I'm sorry.

But I think so much of it that I've had it on repeat since morning, meaning I haven't been able to do any work.

I want everyone to hear it soon!

I think I've got a terribly wonderful song here. Presently preparing for rave reviews.

Shut up and die.

When next I tweet, kill me.

@roneko910 I know, it's terribly confusing at times. I kinda like it, though.

roneko910: "Do you find it hard to read? It's amusing, but tiring."

Lately, all I've been doing that's not making songs is reading manga. I bought Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind yesterday and I'm up to volume 4.


It's said "music is moving into a new era," but that's just the media talking to its fabricated people. In truth, nothing changes. Everything's just looping around and around through the same cycle.

Everyone's so scary. I don't have a clue what they're thinking.

I think I'm becoming a totally mismatched person. The size of my body and mind are too different to mesh.

SHK_oo: "Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin!"


I feel terrible. Go disappear.

As soon as I say that, a bullet from the sky! Rat extermination is war, man.

I can't believe it got this late while I was thinking of calling an exterminator. It's too much trouble now, so I'll go for a walk, and buy one of those ultrasonic things while I'm at it.

Second rendezvous with the rat. The mousetrap I bought was ineffective. It's a pain, but it seems I may have to call an exterminator...

Also, do you know how a train moves? There's a slave-like creature working its legs behind the wheels. It's completely crazy. They're given wireless instructions and ********************

Do you know what the "conductor's switch" on a train does? It inspects the state of the entire train from the back up to the conductor, looking at all the people on annoyingly noisy phones, eating stuff with a terrible odor, drop-dead drunk, and currently ready to vomit, and then pressing the switch causes them t

You weren't listening.

That's enough, stop it already.

Exhaustion piles up, and just once I relax into death. Living while still dead.

Having to make weird things all the time wears me out.

When in the same kinds of places, eating the same kinds of things, living the same kind of life, having to express yourself is simply obvious. Riding the train, eating the fast food, thinking depressively of Monday. Rightfully ashamed of that one regret: "I've already DONE that!"

I obviously don't think that I "haven't made anything significant," but my quality level is still pretty low down there.

I want punishment.

These replies differ quite a bit based on the assumptions that my "enemy" is either a human or a rodent. It's amusing.

@ecryu I read "flash bombs" in such a way that I thought you were talking about Pokémon. In that case, Wrap isn't bad either.

ecryu: "Throwing flash bombs or firecrackers could be helpful against a foe."

@tmr_xx Only as a last resort. But ultimately, I'd say this is the most powerful.

tmr_xx: "Cash."

@chrnocle No way, that's just stupid. Not a chance.

chrnocle: "How about a kitchen knife?"

@chobo_6 Yes, this seems like it would hurt. I could use it like a whip and divert swords, and perhaps my enemy would falter.

chobo_6: "Belt."

@lasah_1114 I don't have one in my house, so I didn't consider it. But in the heat of battle, it could be something I urgently need. While trying to grab the long pole from the veranda, they could have my head.

lasah_1114: "Laundry pole!"

@jushin_s2 Aha, now that works.

jushin_s2: "What about an umbrella?"

@toki0314 The reach on those things is pathetic. I need something with suitable technique and length.

toki0314: "Can't a frying pan serve as a fine weapon?"

I'm surprised by how few things I have near me that could be turned into wieldable weapons. I imagine a middle-aged woman posing with a broom, but that's really about it. The only things I have in my house that could be weapons are my Telecaster and my Jaguar.

I'm tired now, Patricia.

Think I'm getting neurosis.

If the convenience store has mouse traps and mosquito coils (which seem effective), I want to buy them, but I'm worried about inevitably having to leave the room unattended. That's just what they're waiting for.

@emorica2916 Hmph, not bad...

emorica2916: "Rats should be just as tough in the cold."

Alright, so the results of using the air conditioner to lower the room temperature... are inconclusive.

How can we understand the qualities of a rat? That will decide the battle. Don't get so high and mighty. I am the master of this room, it's me.

@daimaou_123 I sorta thought that was just a myth about rats...

daimaou_123: "Bait them out with some cheese and SNATCH! What do you think of that?"

Should I raise a cat? [Reminder: Hachi is, to my knowledge, still allergic to cats.]

I want to face off with them right away and chase them out, but I don't have any effective means for that.

It was such a sudden out and in, it was scary. I used to think rats were cute, but seeing them in reality, I was all, blugh!

I finally saw a rat in the (filthy) flesh. Do they sell mousetraps at... I dunno, drugstores?

The title of the new song that was on the stream earlier is "Panda Hero."

@36g_panda It's been a long time. Glub glub glub glub glub.

36g_panda: "I hear Hachi-san wants a burial at... bathtub?"

Glub glub glub glub glub glub glub glub.

The tension's really surmounting... somebody kill me. Knife straight into the heart or something, sink me in the bathtub.

I don't usually like BUMP's PVs that much (sometimes they just feel like gags), but Motorcycle is really ace. Perhaps that makes it stand out even more to me.

Motorcycle is pretty kickin' sweet. It really does own.

@task_plus9 What in the... I told you we should have patented it! I said that for a REASON!

task_plus9: "What the... we've been ripped off!"


@task_plus9 Buy a ton and lay them all in rows. Quickly!

task_plus9: "For she who is currently bedridden by a cold, I'll buy an iPad. Look, an iPad can be used as simply as... *shwing!*"

I'm down with "need to point out that weird people are weird" syndrome.

@certain_N Sorry, I meant a high bar. Why did I write "swing"?

certain_N: "...You mean a high bar? Um, sorry if the swing really does fit. I'm just having trouble imagining it like that."

That... might not have much to do with anybody being dropped on their head. Well, if an art student were asked "Were you dropped on your head?", I imagine it would stir up memories deep inside of trivial incidents. So I would probably say "All the time!"

"Art students were dropped on their head as kids." I saw that statement on Twitter once again, and it reminded me that long ago, I was hanging on a swing like a bat (hanging only from my legs), I swung around magnificently to make a fancy landing, my legs came off the bar, and due to lacking entirely enough force, I did a piledriver in midair.

Well, I GUESS peace is something to be made, anyway.

@nisiki_ryuto Hm. I have this desire to go shout "Make peace!" at one.

nisiki_ryuto: "There's a symbol of peace at the zoo..."

@mk650 Pandas are a symbol of peace? I didn't know that.

mk650: "What kind of nuance would imply a picaresque? Pandas are a symbol of peace, so they have a reputation for being virtuous."

@kyori000 Would that be an antihero? Does that have the right nuance to it?

kyori000: "Heroes can be villainous...?"

If there were a panda hero, would it be virtuous or villainous?

Having a habit of trying to escape, I've caused many people trouble, and I wondered if it would be best to just disappear into thin air. But I still have things I want to do, so I'll do this instead, I suppose.

A manufacturer should be the conscious version of a consumer.

Someone on Twitter said "the most relentless are the consumers," and it's really true. They consume things up without a care, and unconsciously become very particular about their preferences, letting the things they value build up in their subconscious.

It's relentless, really.

I can't flip out anymore... my heart is too settled. And my body feels awful.

The conclusion of "meaningless" is complete nonsense... whenever possible, I want it to stop.

I'll be doing a show in Osaka with an acoustic guitar in November, so anybody with time should come.

There may be a mouse in my house, but what should I do about it? From indoors and outdoors, even out of speaking distance, I can hear some dirty wriggling noise.

@mkmkan Sometimes I think back, and I fall in love.

mkmkan: "You tweeted something similar yesterday, so I thought your tweets bugged and showed the same thing again..."

I'm uncomfortable having people ruthlessly enquiring about me on live streams and the like, so... stop.

This is... perhaps my sixth time going to Tokyo this year. I already kinda want to live on the outskirts.

Really good. [Hatsune Miku] Pink Moon [PV]

Looping through the same few things, and even if I think about how much of a rut I'm in, I can't escape the cycle. Clocks, belt lines, what's next?

@rev84 Please wait just a little longer! It'll be in a day or few! Sorry!

rev84: "I'm going to need a sample soon enough... how's it looking?"

I've got an awful persecution complex. I bought some clothes despite them not having sufficient sleeves. All I want right now is sleeves.

[Hachi then deleted all his tweets. Um.]

Sorry, can't do that.

Then again, that would invoke the dreaded copyright infringement, wouldn't it? Uploading it all willy-nilly would be bad, huh?

Is it possible to record sound from a timeslot stream? If so, I'd like to relisten to the version of Unspoken Hill [Kuchinashi no Oka by Tomoyo Harada] I just sang, and if I feel like it, maybe upload it to my community. But... is it?

Reached two million. Thank you very much. [Original Song PV] Close and Open, the Rakshasa and the Corpse [Hatsune Miku]

A month left until the deadline, and I might already be done.

The existence of "Hachi" is a manifestation of that escape from reality. Inside a balloon expanding with and ideals and wild thoughts, softly breathing, neoteny. Such an expression lends persuasive power to this avatar [the Qualia balloon].

Ultimately, when you strive only for the ideal of being a free human, it only makes you loathe the reality that you're a restrained human.

Two blue fish, bare and standing up on a chair, kissing! "Promise me!" Down in the dungeon, wrapping their tongues around a pill in their mouth,

Go away, go back! Back to the womb!

If you crack open the word "expression," the contents are no big deal. When you think it through, you don't want to die, so you just do it. Just like overdrinking makes you "just" throw up.

I don't look particularly good, I don't say anything interesting, I don't care about food, and I'm not interested in money. Where should I be, then, and what should I do?

Even so, thinking that people all through Japan [correction: worldwide] know me... it makes me feel so odd.

Why's that?

Since the start of this year, I've hardly held a conversation with a single person.

Even though I'm just living normally... Why does it have to be like this?

It's plum obvious what I'm getting at when I write tweets like that, though.

I always want to immediately share events that deeply move me, and in a place such as this, I can spread it all around. But I've been thinking of the act as an utter waste recently.

Why am I so in love with the girls in Osamu Tezuka's mangas?

I don't mean to imply I've grown to dislike anyone. Please try to understand.

Cut down on things a little. [Specifically, the number of people he's following. And by a little, he means from around 100 to 7.] No particular meaning to it. It should be back to normal soon.


_ames_pi: "Ah, put both hands out - babe, catch me for me."

Gonna hurl.

yugata23: "If you're talking about Boldore, I would suspect it's the same as Golem."

Kei_S1: "Yep, it evolves by trading."

When does this rock evolve...? Maybe it's the same as Golem?

Nice. [Hatsune Miku] Tact [Original Song] [A number of people on Nico found this to sound a bit like a Hachi song. It's not Hachi, though.]

The Mac won't connect to the internet.

I'm sorry. I just wanted to say "Pekemon." I knew it was really Pokémon. Sorry for deceiving you.

We're living an act from the moment we make a decision, but just who the hell does everyone think they are?

@lasah_1114 The latest Pekemons are in 3D. It sure surprised me.

lasah_1114: "Even Hachi-kun's playing Pekemon!"

I've finally got a team full of Pekemon I want to train. But if another charming one comes up, I'll have to restructure. I'm worried.

That tadpole is sooooo annoying.

The TV in the protagonist's room is HUGE!!! MAN!!! Not even JOKING!!!

@nashimotowe What, are you trying to imply it's NOT Pekemon?

nashimotowe: "Pekemon? Is this some kind of bootleg?"

Pondering on the first three. What did everybody else pick for their starter Pekemon?

Found the charger. Future thanks to everyone who told me. Thank you.

Bought Pekemon. By the way, does anyone know where my DS charger went?

Fleeing to buy Pokémon.

I think wind-instrument-playing girls tend to fall in love with baseball-playing boys.

Now that I think about it, it seems unreasonable to ask, but you can't use a DAW serial code on multiple computers, can you? I'm considering buying a Macbook to take into the studio, but I'd have to buy another DAW, right? Just how much WILL I have to pay?

Whenever I say anything about deleting, I never seem to hear the end of it, so this'll be the last of it.

The Rainy Town remake is already included on the Vocaloid compilation "Try!", yes. There are also plans for a video to be uploaded at some point. But I'm completely off with my timing. Sorry about all sorts of things, really.

Princess and Rainy Town had lots of parts I was no longer okay with, so they took on new forms. The two remakes are planned to be included on my new CD.

The Princess Sleeps to Electronics, too, shall be deleted in a few days time.

Eh, whatever, I'll do it tomorrow.

Well, aren't people lined up out the stores this so-called day before release? Or maybe it's just Tokushima?

[Everybody tells him that it's technically being released tomorrow, although early orders have come in.]

If I go to buy Pokémon today, will anybody be selling it, I wonder?

"Diver's SOS"

Why does "give 'em hell" remind me so much of "silica gel"? ["Shiitageru," literally "to oppress," and "shirika geru."]

Heck, where do they sell sampling CDs period? CD shores? Music stores?

Correction. PLEASE tell me.

Tell me somewhere in Osaka where there's sampling CDs to be had. I'm finally going out to buy Pokémon.

Everyone's so scary. You shocked me.

@denchuchu White, IF I buy it.

denchuchu: "Everyone, which are you buying, Black or White? If I can, I'd kinda like to buy the less-purchased one."

I didn't really feel like buying it, but for this kind of major title, hearing word of it circulating takes away from that. As soon as the wave passes, I'll be unwilling to buy it again.

I didn't reserve Pokémon, but should I buy it anyway?

@tonighted There's lots of you on that Earth, ain't there?

tonighted: "I think Hachi-san might be living on a different Earth from the one I live on."

I seriously heard someone who sounded JUST like Zangief.

Now that summer's over, the black things finally appeared in my house. [I'm... guessing he means cockroaches or something.]

I was just planning to upload a short version for Vocaloanthems, but I uploaded the real deal by accident. I'll just say it. The final names were mostly identical, to be fair.

Sorry, I completely flubbed that. Reuploading.

Yeesh, I think I maybe might have uploaded the wrong video.

I contibuted this to Vocaloanthems, which is being released today. Thank you very much. [ORIGINAL PV] Wonderland and the Sheep's Song [On Vocaloanthems]

I wrote a little bit about Matryoshka cosplay. Those of you whose emails I haven't replied to, please look at this. [Blog entry that basically just reiterates the earlier tweet about there being no official statement on lower bodies, and that he'll gladly let people cosplay without asking permission.]

Gonna blow some money on a sampling CD.

@kiri_la I want to get on the path to an interesting life!

kiri_la: "Looking back over my own writings has me thinking. "What an utterly uninteresting view of life. It sure doesn't get me excited.""

The confusion and terror in saying "the things I used to love have all gone" can't be concealed. You truly like the past enough to jump out of a second story window, yet now you can't think about anything else.

Long ago, I was practically gagged - sometimes to the verge of death - with plenty of fun things and trying things, but now there's nearly nothing.

Lately there's really been nothing enjoyable for me. What can I do that's fun?

If somebody comes a little closer, please be friends with me.

Let me say this. It was all about "a great many people whose faces and names I don't know playing along with something they too know nothing about."

@rokushizuku Yep. Shall we do that?

rokushizuku: "Well, that's... that."

This goes like this and things are good this way, but since this happened, this is more about "this way" than "this that was done," but if you add in this, this will be good since this is now this way because of this being done, but of course, in the end, when this way was made via this, didn't this become acceptable? I think this way, and this accomplishes this through this.

@miyabi_RK What are you... ah, well, then. Let's make this this or this or this or this!

miyabi_RK: "Ummm, I think THAT went missing..."

@ninawa What are you saying?! Didn't this get to the point quite a while ago where I said that if you do this with this, this will happen, so it's all good?!

ninawa: "Huh? But I thought not doing this with this was no good?"

@pisaro_as Ah, this is worthless. Won't it just make everything good about this like THIS?!

pisaro_as: "I've come with something pretty good!"

I'm sorry, everyone. I'm not looking for "which is better, this or this?" after all. Instead, please consider: this, this, or this?

@_39 Huh? Surely you jest - we still had that? Then this AND this will be like this... perhaps I'll need to rethink this.

_39: "This was left over, but... what do you think of it?"

@_exe00 Is that so. Well, if this goes well, this will allow things to become completely like this...

_exe00: "What do you think of this one? ...Ah, that's... surprisingly useless. Sorry."

@kora443 No, that won't work. Won't putting that inside make this go all like this?

kora443: "That seems okay too, but what do you think of putting THAT inside?"

@nayutaaaaaaaaaa I understand where you're coming from, but... if this were to happen, this wouldn't be able to become like this...

nayutaaaaaaaaaa: "Really, now? I, for one, like this. I can't get enough of things getting like this."

@hako0409 Ah, but wouldn't we have to do this with this? I'd kinda prefer to do this, not this.

hako0409: "No, I don't think this is good at all."

Which do you think is better, this or this? I sorta like this, personally, but, you know.

Put this here and do this, and this happens. Since the part that "happened" is a result of "doing this," following it up by using it makes it like this, but it could have been established to be this way all along. That's humanity.

For the self is such an ambiguous thing. So don't go through the annoyance of searching for yourself; borrow it from others, and keep your humility and impertinence.

As a "self" is constructed bit by bit, the former "borrowed goods passed off as a self" are no longer necessary, so they're paid back in pieces, and one can adjust to a fixed "self"... yet it's so very unlikely that, in the end, all of it will truly be "self."

No, I'm not a Gundam.

Contributed [Wonderland] to EXIT TUNES PRESENTS Vocaloanthems feat. Hatsune Miku. Thanks in advance.

I am Gundam, too. [Coinciding with Task, Scop, Lasah, etc. all making English tweets... and claiming to be Gundams. Their tweets are on the Vocaloid Twitter page, if you dare.]

Also super good. [Furukawa HQ] Kareido Swimming !!soundagree mix!! [Captain Mirai]

Super good. [NicoNico Indies] Kareido Swimming [Captain Mirai] ["Kareido" means dried-up well, but can also be read "Kaleido(scope)."]

Swimming in a dried-up water well.

It bewilders me a bit how many more followers Nekoya's gained than I ever expected, but remember, it's pretty much just an experiment. So don't hope for too much.

I created an alt account (for convenience). I think I'll hold "plays" here on occasion. @nekoya_08

Huh, it was "from the shadow of the peaceful lakeside forest." So I was still getting it wrong. Nothing to be done with me.

Back in kindergarten, I misheard the lyrics "from the shadow of the little lakeside forest" as "from the shadow of the little bakeside forest." And next to those lyrics, I drew an illustration of a freshly baked bun, and when my teacher saw it, he went all "Hffft! Pff... ffft!", trying to hold in his laughter. I still remember it, it's traumatic to me.

Just how many times in this half-a-year have I thought "I don't want anything, but I don't have enough"?

task_plus9: "Together...!! LET'S!!!"

@task_plus9 Let's get a band together.

task_plus9: "I'm not in a band, but I'd like to make T-shirts for a band anyway."

Worry over the opposite sex can basically be expressed in "Do they have a pulse?", but it's supremely revealing. It turns it into a matter of living or dying, doesn't it? Love is death.

The wall clock in my old room, back at my parents' house, stopped working just before I left. The hands stay pointed at 1:25. I hate clocks, but I like him.

Secluding myself away from the world with a Macbook and a Handy Recorder strikes me as being really fun. Maybe I'll buy them after all.

I want to record some full-blown singing, but I wonder how other passionate singers do their recording. I'm a little scared of singing at home because it seems like I'll annoy the neighbors. Buying a little multi-track recorder and going into a studio would probably be ideal.

I wanna go out and record the hustle and bustle of the city, but if there's appropriate equipment for that, I want to be informed of it.

I'm thinking it'll be 9 songs, or 12 songs, or 16 songs.

If you were really trying, couldn't you perhaps make one of us 70%-water-humans disappear, too?

If you squeezed them tight, wouldn't they disappear?

Aren't tomatoes 90% water?

Get out.

Screw you.

At any rate, it's a morning of steel.

Stuff like Jamiroquai is nice too. I am become the dance-only Hachi.

Lately, whenever I open my mouth, I'm making a danceable number. Maybe my next album will be nothing but dancing.

I'll be finishing a song until the sun rises.

I seem to have made some kind of strange space here, somehow. Now to confirm.

Wanna be a mandala.

Measle-ridden boys and girls are such a nuisance. Those types are always just mumbling annoying things, but somewhere in the corner of my stomach I know they made the place around me, and for that I'm thankful.

"How can useless things be looked upon as worthwhile?", I wonder. Myself, or my surroundings - how can I ignore them, or not have to pay attention to them?

Ultimately, this is me asking too much of everyone, but that's what it's all about. I only recently realized this, but the phrase "that's what it all about" gives me a gross feeling.

The people saying "I enjoy eating meals" and "I enjoy talking with friends" are enjoying life the most, I think. You should be proud.

Saiko_R_F: "I dunno... so I live to find out."

yunonogi: "I enjoy that there's never a day that totally repeats itself. Basically I enjoy Twitter."

xxkatori: "Work was fun... The friends I had then are treasures to me now. ...Yeah, I suppose making a ruckus with friends and colleagues was enjoyable living. Of course, drawing pictures and writing stories is fun too. ...Oops, that was WAY too serious. orz"

kouka0113: "I wonder what enjoyable things might happen next, so I trudge through life."

gahtzuah: "talking with friends is fun and so is playing video games, but school is not! so stressful"

junk37: "First and foremost, I enjoy that there will be a tomorrow!"

capricorn_27: "The sounds around me are frightening, beautiful, enjoyable, depressing. But I want to hear them, so I listen."

ugata125: "Hello! I like being together with people I like, so... well, maybe in my case, I'm just relying on them, but..."

drahtpuppe: "Well, work is fun."

ama__deus: "Studying is fun. Well, getting to know about things I don't know. And following wiki links 'round and 'round wherever they go, haha."

yshal: "Meeting and relating with people, finding new things. Even on the days I find unenjoyable, I have to find joy in just living."

genkishi_oshiri: "Good day. I enjoy life for eating. Also, of course, there are things I want to do that I live on for."

hys_mfmf: "I dunno."

wishrain: "Sleeping, reading, eating delicious things... even with just those kinds of things, I think life is enjoyable."

mfkalon: "I live looking forward to old age."

fjwr94: "Me? Sleep. Eating. Music."

achamomomo: "Living's fun. Sure, I'll live."

ashash1016: "I live because there are people I love. And because there are people I'll absolutely want to meet."

ssssopher: "Meals're fun! ^^ Since they're so tasty."

peke_bikke: "I while away the days listening to ASIAN KUNG-FU and Hachi-san's music. Every day's a blast!"

memq_hsbming: "There aren't nearly enough enjoyable things. So I live believing that the future will hold so much more."

m_gamune: "Good day. I like having pointless conversations with my classmates, so I live."

ina1967: "I always enjoy music. So for a person who makes such fantastic songs to ask that... well, it surprises me a little."

__solo: "The sunset is pretty. So I live."

kelly_shm: "I think we should live not thinking about that at all. If we're not living because it's fun, living becomes like a duty. Whoa, that was a serious answer. Sorry."

emuitsu31: "To see, feel, know, think many things. They're ordinary, casual days, but when I think hard on them, I believe them to be enjoyable. This place I'm living in right now just makes me feel great inside."

sua09: "Just listening to Hachi-san's and other producers' songs makes me happy. I lead a simple life."

SHkikei: "Aren't we living life to find the enjoyable parts?"

michina42: "The sorrows of strangers. I mean uh."

rinnetensei: "Watching NicoNico brings joy to me, so that is what I LIVE FOR!"

Such a question is simply and invariably loaded with elements of self-interest. How else could such a heartrending sentence be born, really? But I simply, truly, just wanted to ask.

It's kind of a simple question, but what does everyone enjoy in life?

moriko181x181: "Why did this question startle me...? I'm on a round trip going to and from the company. When I get back early, I play with instruments, which is pretty fun... ish."

seven_orange: "Good morning! I have a routine of warring with the present during the day and settling down into sleep to dream at night."

yuukikuroda: "Work, drink, work, drink, sometimes draw and sing, then work again."

komaki_04: "I've been sewing all day lately."

xxkatori: "I'm looking for a job, so I'm pretty much a NEET at the moment... Sleeping, twittering, drawing, writing stories, shopping, cooking, washing. About 8% sleeping..."

chiiii12: "I eat food, sleep, draw pictures, and poop."

yoringo_yoru: "Other than work and shopping at the convenience store, I choose between sleep and NicoNico. *laughs*"

Lenoa_KKJZ: "Right now? Playing the new game I bought. I've got an electronic organ performance coming up so I have to practice, buuut I'm not. I'll be dawn soon, but I'm still on summer vacation. I think you're maybe the same age as me, Hachi-san."

misoshiru_s: "Read manga, play games, look at NicoNico, watch DVDs. Yep, total hikki."

xxsb: "Love. Always love."

maccaronir: "What does Hachi-san spend them doing?"

kazakiri_r: "Drawing pictures. Now, at least."

winterofe: "Doing something consistently every day? You crazy."

tetsuhoshi: "Study -> 2ch -> anime -> sleep -> study... on endless repeat. orz"

Suisys: "Composing."

_ymg: "Photosynthesizing."

manigorudo_ruru: "I'm preparing for exams, so study, what else. And I want to be free of it soon, of course..."

len_eins: "I don't do a thing. Seriously, nothing."

uriboco0612: "Studying, making music, singing, and loving the people precious to me."

mannsannder: "On summer vacation, every day was either sleeping in, or part-time job, or watching videos, or reading books, or... yeah."

cocoluchi: "I listen to music, sing, play guitar, and draw pictures."

nigamucho: "Wake up -> job -> sake -> sleep..."

s_dmy25: "I'm a student, so I go to school, do stuff in clubs, study, and sit in front of my computer."

wazhico: "Living it up."

ukaku_purple: "I spend my days playing guitar and listening to the sounds of insects."

What does everyone spend their days doing?

Ah, that's right. A little while ago, my umbrella hanger couldn't hold the weight of my unloaded laundry and snapped. Gonna have to buy a new one, I guess.

If you can't even understand what I say, it's better not to say anything at all.

Might this be a quiet complaint, too? If so, I'm spewing my vomit on 15,000 people, so I ask that you forgive me for that.

Are quiet complaints a thing to be muttered? Is muttering such things fun? That is, who do you mutter to?

Great, this bad feeling around my chest and a lack of oxygen are giving me a headache. So now what?

They've surely withered, haven't they. It was no use, so I cut my hair.

I went to see some sunflowers, but they weren't anywhere.

It's a parade, a parade. I'll be tagging along behind you. Dragging along all my toys, making noise with anything and everything. Now, sing with a sunny voice! Yan-ya, yan-ya!

But uninteresting things, stop it, just stop it. Unless it's crucial to one's future, put a stop to it posthaste. Take scissors to it and cut it into confetti for all I care, scatter it everywhere!

If you have fun with something, it's just fine. As such, everything in the world has its place.

I wanna make a Mowtown beat song. Even if it's entirely due to THE BAWDIES' influence.

Oh, it's not the expense, it's the number of people. Always making lines.

Vehicle trading is nasty.

pisupisu1005: "Sorry for the late reply. There's a culture festival next Thursday. We're doing a fashion show, so we were wondering if it'd be okay to use one of your songs as background music? Sorry for seeming selfish."

I've said it again and again, but I don't really care about people being ripped off. I just want something to be done about the shadiness of it all.

After coming this far, Sazae's sorta flipped around to being amusing. Not that I approve of it.

Thinking about how Doraemon is "going to be" born 102 years from now gives me some very complex feelings. Is it excitement or loneliness? Either way, we'll never meet.

When I blow into the pianica, I feel like I'm suffocating.

@pisupisu1005 Sure, what is it?

pisupisu1005: "Hello, Hachi-san, I always enjoy your songs. Excuse me, but is it okay if I ask you something?"

No reply... and I've been waiting patiently. Happy birthday, Doraemon.

@sazae_f Sorry to bother you again. You may know, but here's the current situation. [Link to compilation of tweets on Sazae.] I would appreciate if you at least listen to my opinion on the matter.

Oh, I'm unblocked. [And now following Sazaebot. Uh. Okay.]

No, I'm not the dog that the Isasakas raise. Not that Hachi.

I'm not entirely sure how to feel about the quotation anymore. I'm very happy that my tweet was quoted. However, the Sazae-san bot is just such a weird anomaly, I can't help but take it as if somebody were wearing my skin.

Is that really a bot? A bot that takes submissions not from an API but from the web is suspicious on its own, but then I got blocked the instant I sent a reply, the tweets were made private, and a tweet implying self-justification showed up. If it has no human interaction, that must be quite the excellent bot.

RT @mevi626 The profile column was heavily rewritten yesterday (with an AI... submissions... and so on). It both quotes automatically and takes from submissions to make tweets out of other people's tweets "because it's an AI," and that's the end of the explanation... uh, I can't put it very well. Hope you got something sensible out of that.

Sorry, I still can't comprehend, so I tweet.

It's still all a blur. Of course, there's been no apology, and people who don't know about all this are still going "Sazae-san owns!" Because the Sazae-san bot hasn't even touched on this side of things.

This is escalating into some kind of weird weaponless war.

RT @kamijou_touma If you say you're gonna block the people who tweeted your material... if you say you're gonna keep woundin' 'em and blockin' 'em without any justification... if that's your despicable fantasy, I'll make sure not a SHRED of you remains!! [If there's an accepted English version of this To Aru Majutsu no Index quote... well, I'm not bothering to find it.]

"Me & Shuzo Matsuoka vs. Sazae-san." Man, now what? I'm getting a headache.

@shuzo_matsuoka Calm down!

shuzo_matsuoka: "HEY! Why did they block their SOURCE?! That's so...! No, no, NO! You SAID it! You said Twitter is a miniature garden, right?! If they knew what that really meant, then friggin' think about the NEIGHBORS in your garden, huh?! Go BURN!"

I never thought I'd find someone like Sazae-san in my lifetime, you know. Common sense dictates there's wasn't a chance...

And though it's awfully regrettable, this crusade of "Me vs. Sazae-san" is rather amusing.

I'm blocked, so I'm not sure of the truth of this, but it seems there was a tweet afterward insinuating some kind of justification. It doesn't matter to me what's right or wrong at this point, I simply don't feel good.

I don't mean to say "stop right now" or anything. If there are people who think it's amusing, it must have some value. I just want some respect to be shown. This is really just putting a lid over a stinking pile. And then using words born from the stinking pile.

If you're going to use my tweets, have a little bit of respect, you know? What's that all about?

If anybody's coming in with no clue what's going on, pedal back through my tweets and you should understand. I guess...

Yikes! Sazae-san's blocked me.

@sazae_f Excuse me. I don't see any notice saying "the contents of this bot's tweets are sourced from other places." And do you have some intention in doing so?

Tanka teela, tanka teela.

Maybe if Sazae-san was all preachy, then it could be sort of funny. But I don't really like her as it is.

I can approve of the use of tweets from other places, but that leading people to say "Sazae-san owns!" is a strange phenomenon to see indeed. But, whatever.

@lyco_nico It was because so much was left unclear that I only just realized how it worked. If you're copy-and-pasting tweets from all sorts of places, I think that should be made clear. Because if there was a source, it had to be an unapproved one.

lyco_nico: "It's not really something you're supposed to reply to seriously, is it...? You see more and more stuff cropping up that doesn't fit at all with the original show. "A famous character saying unfitting, apparently-famous tweets." You just get a laugh out of it, and there's no more deep meaning to it than that."

By the way, I'm talking about @sazae_f.

I highly doubt that there's a billboard put up that says "Sazae-san." Its existence is unclear.

"I don't trust that bot one bit," I was thinking at first, but now my mind is cleared.

Sazae-bot tweeted an exact quote of a tweet I made long ago... so that's the kind of bot it is? [For reference, it was the "Twitter is a miniature garden" one.]

@Lop_6 I'll pretty much rate anything highly, so don't place your trust in me.

Lop_6: "Ooh. I'll go buy OGRE's album quick, then. From all you've said thus far, Hachi-san, I personally think our tastes in music pretty much match, so I have high expectations for songs that Hachi-san rates highly."

That sounded so rehearsed. But it's really good. Elated People, I mean.

Listened to Elated People. The sound's certainly expanded. I really like it. My favorite thus far. You don't need to trust in it being MY thus-far-favorite, though. When I'm asked "what's good about OGRE?", I say it's the sound with a gloomy and floaty feeling, combined with keeper lyrics with deep imagination, and their ability to make you think "it's like I'm sticking my hand in."

Example solutions are boring. I've made them much nicer.

Bought Elated People [OYA's new album]. Gonna be elated.

Not that I plan on giving up.

Not giving up on the pushing forward is the issue.

People like us want to push our foundations forward. Yet the spotlight shines on us in our detestably low (compared to, say, singers) positions, so I guess we can get jealous.

When I enthusiastically show my face on live streams, I absolutely regret it after it's over. I tell myself every time, this time included, that I'll stop it, but... the kind of people who are in bands, or WERE in bands, aren't building off that kind of foundation, are they?

[Hachi had a live stream, parts of which showed him playing guitar on camera. With some very long hermit hair.]

Hella rad. Singing Matryoshka ver. Miichan

I watched the PV because of that tweet, and it sure was entertaining.

detomanabu: "Recording this PV was fun at first, but seriously thought we were going to die toward the end." [Manabu Deto is OYA's vocalist/guitarist.]

But I still think the most beautiful is "overall overt overlook." ["Surusuru suruu suru" - less confusingly, "swiftly ignoring." Eh, I tried.]

This pun my friend made, "What makes this kid a Conan kid?", is too beautiful. They usually make nothing but god-who-cares puns, but this one made a deep impression on me. ["Kono ko nan nan Konan no ko nan?" Yeah, that's kinda hard to translate properly, sorry.]

drahtpuppe: "Those were his final words..."

For now, there's just one thing I want to say. In 140 characters, within the limits Twitter has established, the only thing which was born from thinking about how to express my thoughts concisely - it was this one thing. Surely everyone who sees this one thing will have a common understanding. I won't stray a hair from my intent. I'll say it. "You're all -

Twitter represents "a little bird's chirping," and I recognize that there are birds everywhere, so it's ultimately a flock of birds. If people think of tweeting as little birds, things could proceed seeming a little bit gentler, and the feeling of vague-ish thoughts wouldn't be so -

RT @ashash1016 It's like barging into a stranger's monologue. It's kinda weird! *laughs* Japanese can manage "sentences" with 140 characters, but use the alphabet, and then you get true "tweets." I don't follow any foreigners, so I wouldn't really know, but I think Japan might use it as a communication tool most.

How do you call this a sentence in the first place? Only 140 characters. If these 140 characters were expressed as a single word, yes, it would be "tweet." But tweeting is half physiological, something spilled, and a conversation being born from that is odd. Though it's something that should be exclusive and self-satisfying, why is there such a sense of -

That turned into a pretty weird sentence. I think people who aren't good at speaking should be better with sentences, but I wonder.

I say I want to make analog art like that, but how do I do it? The world is littered with things I don't understand. I make my garden with digital music, but there's a place for analog as well, and if I had the chance, I think I'd like to do everything with raw sound, but considering my condenser mic is the way it is, that seems to be a ways off.

I wanna make a song and art like this.

Immersed in Modest Mouse this morning. I feel like just disappearing.

mrlive2: "Oh, I see... well, okay then!! Yes, it does seem like it's breaking up."

@mrlive2 Does twaud do that kind of thing? It sounds like that before I upload the vocals, so I think it might be my recording environment sucking, but I don't know the first thing about all this. I just wanted someone else to back me up on it breaking up.

mrlive2: "Is it boosting the volume by default?"

Look, the sound seems to be breaking up. It shouldn't be because the input level's too high, so why? [Clip of him singing Scissorhands, but his vocals sound bad, seemingly because of audio clipping.]

You can put audio files on Twitter, what? Somebody instruct me.

Once I've made Twitter a place to vomit into and fill up like a bathtub, it's all over - in more ways than one. Bent though I am, as one fond of creating things by hand, it's something I simply have to do.

Long ago, I saw pedestrians and the flickering green and red glow of stoplights from my house, but now I don't. Has something hidden them away?

I'm getting in an unfortunate habit of deleting my tweets. [Everything between this and "my head hurts" shouldn't exist. Uh, yeah.] What am I Twittering for?

I recorded some singing with a condenser mic, but there's a crazy kind of echo. Does this room just suck? If that's it, then I don't see there being anything I can do.

What, you mean there are plenty of steam trains out there? That's just plain disheartening.

Whenever you see somebody in the city talking about steam trains when they mean electric trains, they're definitely from Tottori or Tokushima.

There's a single-car steam train running, though. Aww, that's just so adorable.

Tokushima doesn't have any electric trains, what.

sherinka123: "Because you need something to aspire to...?"

0318ameko: "Where is the umbrella raised at the end of the world?"

I don't think lacking confidence in yourself is necessarily a negative quality. The creations of people brimming with self-confidence are generally pretty boring.

My head huuuuurts. The world's spinninnnnng.



@peke_bikke I meant "weirdos" as a compliment.

peke_bikke: "Sorry, that was the only tweet on my list. I see it was related to a previous tweet now..."

@peke_bikke Apparently several people have taken it that way. You're all weirdos, seriously.

peke_bikke: "Um, that sounds kinda pervy..."

In addition, I've heard many questions along the lines of "What's up with their lower halves?", but that, I leave up to all of you. Please just do whatever you like with them.

Gumi's parka from Matryoshka seems awfully popular, and I've received a great number of emails and replies about making it. I've looked through them all. I'm so glad. Thank you very much!

My mind is truly broken.

I was thinking of trying a visual novel, but you tell me if there are any interesting ones.

It seems [Matryoshka] streamed on Nico Radio. Thank you for [continued] first place in the Vocaloid rankings.

I'll be making and taking a new album to Vocaloid Master 14.

There seems to be a bit of a misunderstanding, but I'm very glad to see some of you thinking about [Matryoshka]. Let that be said.

Hoping for prosperity. #SonarCrashed [Sort of unrelated, but the originator of this hashtag later made the additions #CubaseDied and #LogicTerminated.]

By the way, I didn't get my CD.

It seems I got replies trying to guide me around Akihabara. Sorry, but I couldn't see replies from my cell.

Oh, geez. This place is scary.

Where AM I? ...I don't know.

More importantly, I think I want to try sneaking into Akihabara's Tiger's Hole. [No, not Tora no Ana, Tiger's Hole.]

Tokyo's hot.

seek000: "Huh? Y... yeah, they sure are."

Mountains are big.

Thanks for the replies. I'm feeling fine.

The bullet train goes from Shin-Osaka to Tokyo in about three hours, huh?

I pray for your happiness in the next world. [No further info, but Satoshi Kon died earlier in the day, so that's probably a reasonable assumption.]

Cell arrived, at last. I'm ready to puke.

Tokyo tomorrow.

Incredible. [Hatsune Miku Append] INTIMACY [Original Song]

Ultimately, taking on the name "Kawazuya" had no effect whatsoever, so I'm going back to Hachi after all.

@drahtpuppe Yep. [Now let's stop before the act of my translation ends up being extremely meta.]

drahtpuppe: "And Americans always do their best to interpret the Japanese lyrics. It gives you such a feeling of serenity."

To hear that I've reached all the way to another continent, birthed something in such a cramped little location, without anyone's interference... it's completely astounding. In life, there's basically nothing you can't trace back to yourself.

RT @suikoto I'm studying abroad in America right now, but my roommate is a huge fan of Hachi-san, and so we became good friends. Music isn't just a great tool for relating feelings - I've now realized it might be the best, period. ^^

I get talkative around this time. What should I do about such feelings? [Can't you tell me? Just a little?]

@number8toi Aw, really? Well, maybe I'll go see it anyway.

number8toi: "I thought the same way, but it was surprisingly ordinary. The theme is the best, though."

I've never seen it. But it IS interesting, isn't it?

"Scissorhands"... the theme alone is so magnificent, I just know I'm going to be let down. Something like that has no right to be uninteresting.

I don't mean to put anybody down by calling them a "strange creature."

Vocaloid artists aren't "musicians," they're truly "Vocaloid artists." A strange creature that had been unconsidered, until now.

When are they coming back to Japan?

The youth, picking up an iron pipe and speaking only of the end of the world, swung the pipe at everything he possibly could. And why is such passionate action declared evil?!

Wonderland and the Sheep's Song is now mail-orderable.

@lasah1114 Yep, I mixed it.

lasah_1114: "I sang. Hachi himself did the mixing. If you kindly. [Singing] Matryoshka [Lasah]"

Yep, human voices are COMPLETELY different from Vocaloids.

Thanks to videos totally unrelated to me being put on my community, I've caused the respective video creators a lot of trouble (but at least the one who added them seems to be somebody totally unrelated to the community). It's inexcusable, I know. [Said random videos apparently had to be deleted. Weird?]

I want to provide delight and joy, day after day. It would be nice if rain or thunder struck this black car heading into depravity.

Liiiife ain't gooooot no pleasantneeeeess... [I'm sure these are song lyrics, I'm just not sure from what.]

Whoaaa! Lynne Sung [by Kuwagata-P]

@kuwagataP Wait, when did this...?!

kuwagataP: "I haven't bothered trying to publicize my singing videos at all, but both Lynne and Goggle Glasses are stuck with just a tiny bit more 'til 1000, so that sucks. Nuts..."

Can only the owner edit community videos?

There are two for some reason, but they're the same, so don't worry about it.

Uploaded the Matryoshka karaoke. And thank you for 100,000 views.

@suu_eka It's all good. In fact, it's great, and I'm glad! If you make one, show me.

suu_eka: "Excuse me, a question. Matryoshka's parka is so cute, and I've seen plenty of comments about wanting one to wear, but I wanted to ask: Hachi-san, what would you think of me making one as part of my cosplaying hobby?"

People who I've been chasing after quitting Twitter is so, so sad.

Yikes, I messed up the kanji. [Apparently he wrote something very slightly different for "crooked"... which doesn't seem to change the meaning at all. Uh, okay.]

(Cited from Wikipedia)

[NOTE: Matryoshka is posted.]

Uploading a new song soon.

After Effects crashed while starting up. Somebody help me?

@task_plus9 ?!

task_plus9: "Wanna have Sanuki udon?!"

Summer's ending. It's eeeeending.

Gumi, then. Thank you.

Lop_6: "The software is named Megpoid, the character's name is Gumi."

I said it doesn't matter, but I'll make a correction: I'm extremely curious. Would "Megpoid" be okay?

It doesn't really matter, but what's Meg's full name?

msak24: "Wouldn't that be more like hyper-nervousness than diligence...?"

I want to be the mega-diligent type. I want to be the type that feels a hole opening in their stomach from the arrangement of books being a little bit off.

I really think it's best to not be concerned about it. What "like me" means, I mean.

The people I lose trust in first and foremost seem to be people like me, every one.

But Linda Cubed is an amazing game.

During the week, maybe?

A junk picture.

When I ate that banana, I felt much better. Bananas rock.

Gravity is stronger than usual today.

The earth shall shake.

@fujiwara04 Thank you very much. My jaw has been terrible lately, so that's a real help.

fujiwara04: "Let your jaw loose, then try to relax the joint between the ear and jaw. Be wary that it might hurt a little if you get carried away."

wasaist: "Good morning!"

I died in my own house. It's over.

@fujiwara04 I'm really curious about this.

fujiwara04: "There had been a gnashing sound from my jaw every time I opened my mouth, but I discovered a jaw massage technique, and now it opens much more smoothly."

I saw it at Vocaloid Master too, but it makes me stupidly happy to hear about such things.

Apparently Rakshasa and the Corpse was at Comiket. [He probably means a cosplayer.]

I just checked, and they have a FAQ. I didn't even have to ask. Inexcusable.

I want to cite an explanation from Wikipedia in a video, but, uh, is that going to work out?

As a child, when I was playing with my friend, I just couldn't stand hearing "What time is it?" Because when it got late, my friend had to return. An instantly-chilling feeling. I don't like clocks.

I felt a winking sensation, then I noticed the sky began burning. King Crimson got me. It was the work of a Stand.

But it was morning until just a while ago...

There was a time slip just now.

@task_plus9 It's something I'm fine with not having back yet.

task_plus9: "Does Hachi have his phone back?"

Wonderland and the Sheep's Song [the CD] has been signed up to be sold by Tora no Ana around August 20th. That's extremely approximate, but thanks in advance.

Yusuke's Mitsubachi, which seems to be popular in a number of ways, brings about very complex feelings for one named Hachi such as me.

I started out rather aimless, but I didn't think it would end up that long. I did it as I thought of it, so it's certainly rough, but I felt like I couldn't stop in the middle, so I did it to the end. Sorry for polluting your timeline.

The end.

"This... is for you." The frog gave to her one of the two final, unstacked cards that were to complete the tower. It was the heart.

The frog was amazed by its triviality. But seeing her smile, he blew those thoughts off. "C'mon, let's go together. And quick!" She grabbed the frog's wrist and pulled him. Soothed by the girl, the frog spoke. "Uh, wait. Before that, there's something I want to give you."

"More importantly... what are you here for?" the frog asked, and the girl smiled, seeming to remember. "Ah, right. Well, um, it's big news!" She seemed very excited. "Um... they built a super-stylish coffee place near the station. Do you... wanna go?" the girl asked, smiling without a care.

"Huh? What's up?" The girl stared blankly, oblivious of the situation. It seems what the frog said hadn't reached her. The girl spoke to the frog, whose shoulders were obviously slumped. "Did I... do something bad?" The frog desperately pushed away his tears and replied with a smile. "No, no, it's fine. It's nothing."

Flump. There was a sound. To the frog, it was the most unbelievably loud sound. The force of his standing up had collapsed the tower of cards. All that was left on the desk was a clump of slightly-scattered cards. And it hadn't been completed. The frog regretted everything.

The frog's head went white, and he didn't know what to do. He was unable to speak any explanations. He was in a panic, stood up suddenly, and with his head still spinning, spoke to the girl. "Um... er... m... marry me."

The frog was too surprised to speak, and held tight to the heart and the spade. The girl spoke, somewhat angry. "Hey... Why haven't you been answering my calls? I've called who knows how many times. And come on, what's with those earplugs...? And why are you being so mean to your kitty? He certainly isn't very cute like this..."

"Hey." A familiar voice came to the frog's ears. He noticed the right earplug had fallen out. The frog timidly turned around. There was standing the girl he loved.

Slowly he built a steady tower of cards, and there was only a little more until completion. He didn't notice he could no longer hear the noise of construction, the balloon cat's cries, the ringing phone, or anything else. The world contained only the frog and the cards. The frog held a heart and a spade in his hands, and went to place them at the top of the tower.

But the frog was very much a coward and lacked the courage to confess to the girl. Lately, it had been just the opposite; he was only able to see her and talk to her. The frog was disgusted with himself for it, so he tested himself by creating the tower of cards.

The girl the frog loved was a childhood friend. Since long ago, the two had played together, fought with each other, cried together, gotten angry together. That was the relationship they had, but at some point, the frog noticed he had sleepless nights over how much he loved her.

Though the frog grew to find it tedious, the tower of cards continued piling up. The construction was as annoying as ever, the balloon cat began calling for food, the phone rang with unusual frequency. But the frog kept at it. Such obstacles were insignificant when he thought of the girl he loved.

And the number one obstacle was the ringing of the phone. The frog despised the phone's ringing. The ringing made his heart seem to leap from his mouth. Fortunately, the surprise made him ruin merely a part of the tower, but that was the only fortune to be found. The frog made repairs with more prudence than before. "Give me a break," the frog thought.

The next obstacle was the balloon cat. The frog raised a balloon cat as a pet. As the balloon cat floated around the house, it would sway toward the tower of cards. It was merely playing, of course, but the frog couldn't stand it. The frog tied the balloon cat's tail to the closet.

Many obstacles surrounded the frog. First of all, a construction site in front of the house. The sound of breaking concrete disrupted the frog's nerves. He tried using earplugs, but the sound still came in through cracks in the plugs, taunting the frog. "Just stop it," the frog thought.

One by one by one, he prudently stacked the cards. "I can't mess up, not even once." The frog made bonds for himself, and put extraordinary concentration into the stacking of the cards.

The frog had been working since morning to make a tower of cards. When he was finished with the magnificent tower, using all 162 cards, he planned to propose to the girl he loved.


I can't go to Comiket, but I contributed to a compilation CD. Thanks in advance. [C78] Four-Disk Compilation Album "Try!" DISC III [Crossfade Demo] [The crossfade video includes a 30-second preview of Ward No. 305.]

There's so much I want to do that I'm not sure what I want to do.

@asshole_wii Scaryyyyy...

asshole_wii: "There are rumors they eat at Shangri-la."

What on earth do the people who return from Yomi eat?

Comiket sounds to me like the end of the world. I'd prefer to live, so I'm staying put.


Sorry to say this now of all times, but clock lock works, Mrs. Pumpkin's Ridiculous Dream, and WORLD'S END UMBRELLA are all set to stream on Joysound. Thank you very much.

Parappappappara rapparapaaprappa rapappra



Times when people like me have to say "gonna study" make things seem hopeless. I'm just a stupid brat who's never studied or put effort into anything.

Gonna study design.


I make videos myself, and afterward, I feel like "well, yeah, mochi comes from a mochi shop." But since it's something I MUST do, I realize that's truly the only option I have. I can't rely on anyone.

This is a very impudent request, but would someone humble themselves to make a video in the way I'm thinking it should be made?

Actually, I wonder why I needed such excess in the first place, when I wasn't even sure if it mattered.

I can't exactly go get a cellphone, but maybe I'd be better off not using one anymore.

@shirokulo That tweet isn't quite about that. It's about everyone, while aiming to understand things, actually looking at different things.

shirokulo: "I would disagree about trying to know everything about everything. Not knowing something perfectly well is just fine. Definitely."

I'm always just aiming to understand things that I don't much understand. Like a sharing of feelings of sorts.

Responses like "you're such a great thinker!" are really rather sad. It's kind of like... looking on at a ball thrown during a game of catch and never catching it, just going "oh, great, great!"

@chobo_6 It is NOT!

chobo_6: "Happy birthday, Hachi-san!"

Oh yes, yesterday, at Rock In Japan, I found a fangirl of mine. I've been finding them quite a lot, actually. Alas, I guess I just have too distinctive of an appearance.

Too much trouble now, so I'll just do it tomorrow.

I forgot my cell on the bus!

I wanted to go the third daaaaay...

Some may say I overlooked some arrogance there, but I can't see any replies from this phone, so no damage done. It may be just a phase of sorts, but I really just wasn't expecting things to be this fun.

In the future, I want to stand up on that stage. I'm feeling too good right now, so I couldn't say anything at the moment, but if I was up on that great stage, I'm sure it'd feel wonderful.

Thinking back on things, I realized The Princess Sleeps used something like modulation.

The addition of the organ plug-in seems to have made playback a little off-sync. My notebook's resources aren't the problem. What's up?

No particular reason for it, but I'd like to have a super-boring tweet, like "on the train," get a silly amount of retweets.

Urgent request for a song that modulates with the chorus.

Learned how to do modulation. Steadily starting to use it.

I dropped my cell in the valley, and now I can't power it on. Yikes.

While loud sounds are going, things has no taste for me. Honest.

@Death_Radiation It seems that was the cause. Resolved. Thanks a lot.

Death_Radiation: "If the sampling rate is the same between Sonar and UA-101, I think it should work fine."

I got a new interface recently, but when I try to load my earlier files, it says "Audio playback device not found. The project does not support this audio format, or it is in use." It can't play it back. Anyone know the cause?

I want a Dorohedoro t-shirt. But, well, uh, pricey.

"Perhaps you came from the other side of the earth."

I can't get my motivation up.

In middle school, this cute girl I knew suddenly became a "gyaru." Forget whether it was good or bad, it just didn't seem to fit.

There aren't many uninteresting things that can get the reply "it's because that's the kind of thing it is."


How fabulous,

Yes! Clinging onto the back of a cat, licking a candy apple, I went on a journey! The scenery shaking back and forth, always gazing at the falling rain! Surely, then, I became a part of the cat, and when one was crying, the other was laughing!



Walalalala. [Or perhaps "voilàlàlàlà"?]

August will be a double-barreled shot of summer horror. Though it might end up just being one shot.


And by that I mean thanks to a lie; there are days I don't want to show my face to anybody.

Thanks to a blunder, I've got free time.

Oops, I meant "artificially-normal." I'm so normal.

"I'm so normal!" is a clear sign of an artifactually-normal in disguise. Take caution.

Can't stop laughing.

The laughter doesn't end.

"Both that girl who agrees when she breathes and he who only shakes his head, they hate it all." boss said that in a song, and it just really sunk in for me. There are things that are better not seen, that one should live without ever seeing.

The definition of "esteem" is vague. Let's contemplate. Sometimes, things just get so... foolhardy.

Optimism is esteemed, obstinacy is snorted at. An injustice that runs deep in our world.

"You can go anywhere, I'm sure of it. After all, you've come all this way, deep into the desert." The girl spoke, facing the youth looking up at the water tower. In the chilling desert night, her smiling face was scorched.

No one knew that the dried up desert had a water tower.

h_sinonome: "Summer or not, feeding an empty stomach yakisoba always makes me feel bad. :("

I hadn't eaten a thing since last night, so I just had some yakisoba, but I felt an awful, noisy sickness in my stomach. Is this what the summer heat does to you?

@s3hoshi I know what you mean. Me too.

s3hoshi: "I want a toy glockenspiel. I like the sound of marimbas, too..."

Dreameater on the Sand is, in my opinion, a really profound song, but I'm very glad.

What's this? It sounds pretty cool. Awesome.

While I was going to middle, maybe high school, I went on a uniform date. If I had passed up the chance, I could've followed it up with cosplay.

This evening was so summery. The air was like latex melting into water. Cicadas were singing. Priests were guffawing.

otama9: "Sexually...? W-Which of the songs is...? Sorry, don't mind me..."

I thought I'd go with a more fairytale-y, sexually charming picture for this song, but while I somehow ended up drawing this really great result, it's in conflict. If I go with the latter, it'd probably mean taking everything I've made to the trash.

By the way, that's where the avatar's from.

The picture I drew in the stream today is so good, it makes me want to remake the song.

Who's Gachamin...? Sounds like a name from high school or something...


Changed avatar. Test.

L-Chiki cheese is really not appetizing.

That was going in kind of a weird direction, so I deleted it. Not like I thought it was bad or anything!

A girl's yukata places shocking pink on black cloth to command everyone's attention. The leadership ability those girls have is admirable. Perhaps by the 25th century they'll be taking over the whole world.

Those of us who create just have to be frantically running away from such things. Feels embarrassing.

Perhaps it's something like a mindset of not wanting to spread minor things throughout the world... just thinking aloud.

There's these... words made suspicious from oversaturation, kinda. I once viewed them with a sense that they'd gradually been contaminated, but thinking about it now, I'm drifting back and forward on whether that's it at all.

My followers hit five digits. Thank you very much.

@miyamoto6suke Sure, it's all right. Definitely go ahead and use it.

miyamoto6suke: "Hello! Sorry for the abruptness. I'm currently making a video, but I want to use the Hachi song "Dreameater on the Sand." If that's okay with you, could I have your permission?"

Going to see Arrietty once more. Last time I foolishly forgot my glasses, so this time I'll challenge it fully equipped for battle.

In the dirty, nearby river of a ditch, there was... there was a pure white bird walking. Among the dirtied bicycle wheel and the smoldering sludge, that alone seemed to stand out. How would those girls preserve that whiteness? Wouldn't it take an extraordinary effort?

@Yayoi_0622 Yaaaaaaaaaai, yaaaaaaaaaai!

Yayoi_0622: "I have an excessive desire to listen to Rakshasa and the Corpse."

@tomatowt What!

tomatowt: "Actually, that's already been done..."

lasah_1114: "@fullkawahonpo I act like I'm 34 on the internet. In reality, my age's up to your imagination...!"

fullkawahonpo: "@lasah_1114 LASAH-SAHN?!?!?!?!?!?! I could have sworn you would be in your early twenties...!"

lasah_1114: "@fullkawahonpo Well uh, doin' a song, then."

@fullkawahonpo How quaint!

fullkawahonpo: "How about... a compilation of people in their thirties?"

If there can be live shows with teenagers singing, there should be a compilation of teenage Vocaloid artists too, I thought. But I have no such plans. Somebody, do it.

I really wish I was the type to actually ENJOY food. My life is so adversely affected by not being such.

I thought all along that, in the "EVERYONE~" image from a while ago, both of them were coming at you. But they don't come any closer at all.

I'm not sure how long Gumi's bangs are.

I guess it'd be better not to undo too much?

meganelian: "It was a deep sleep, then. That's good!"

I thought I had slept practically the whole day, but absolutely no time had passed.



Let's keep a sense of respect for both parties.

First of all, I want to have an exchange of intents. Getting angry can come later.

The reality is "non-human things singing," but do you think it can be expressed by a human?

I know photos are taken as a kind of greed, but... Looking up into the night sky while holding up a phone at the same time, it's kinda... eh.

Looking at photos taken of fireworks in the air is so utterly wasteful, don't you think? Seeing fireworks with the naked eye is far prettier in every way; that tiny, cropped frame can't hope to reproduce a shape that fills up the sky.

Pararappa rappappa rapparappappa rapparappa.

Let's do something fun! Just the two of us! Something so fun our sweat glands will tremble and we'll draw in freezing breaths!

Apparently I started writing a short story at some point. That's neat, but it's already over. EVERYOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONE

"Everyone..." Goshogawara always mutters that. We were traitors. We lost everything for the most trivial of things. "Goshogawara, there's nothing bad about us. Only our luck." No matter how much I encouraged him, he wouldn't stop hanging his head.

As such, that is to say, we are together. In any town's shopping district, on an intersection lined with buildings, in a kindergarden where laughter never faded, no human worries at all. Everyone has moved to the moon. The only ones alive on this planet are us two, together.

Everyone: "Moving to the moon tomorrow. It was only for a short while, but it was a blast." EVERYOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONE


@asshole_wii <O>_<O>

asshole_wii: "Among my senpai at my part-time job, there's a fake Hachi-kun."


I still can't stand anywhere but the starting line.

I can't understand. I'll just go at it until I do.

When I say things like that, communication becomes quite the impossibility. Reply at ease, everyone. Because we'll all have forgotten by tomorrow.

It's like writing my own name on the mushrooms in a damp forest.

I don't much want to say such things, but I think those who are concerned about understanding are the most dangerous of all. "If you understand me, I'll be on your side!" Thinking that way, those people may only bring harm to their partners.

Not communicating things, thinking a specific way, all with the idea of "communication that isn't fit for faces," there is an inevitable distance present. Like being face to face on a station platform, so close, yet so far. Many people underestimate this sheer distance. Many straddle the line and unluckily end up running somebody over.

Sometimes Twitter is magnificently barren. There are times I feel like nothing is getting communicated. Perhaps they're few because of routine, but when I visit, it can blatantly show its face, waving about and sputtering like it has a speech impediment. Oh well.

Can't use a high voice, so you sing with a low voice, but when you do, you can't even make out what's being sung over the guitar, grumble. I really want to do something about this...

I desperately want to do something about the unfriendly narrow vocal range required, but what CAN I do?


Making mastered and key +3 versions of the Lynne karaoke. Man, I'm tired!

@eienyou Maybe. I don't think that's a place to play in at all.

eienyou: "I understand; I want to play inside cumulonimbus clouds."

I want to climb on cumulonimbus clouds.

The Lynne picture was 20th on Pixiv's daily rankings. Thank you very much. Is that all right?

Ultimately, what I'm trying to say, without too much overthinking it, is "I don't want to be with people who are just overflowing with complaints."

I have no confidence in people who go "that's hopeless, and so is this" whenever they open their mouth. Although it's often much easier to be negative than positive. I can't help but be concerned about seeming "identities established by negativity."

_viqi_: "Hachi's songs always send me hurtling around the feel-line."

Watched The Borrower Arrietty. Superbly good!

@Foo_san The Flute Mister...?! Thank you very much!

Foo_san: "Hi there, Hachi-san! I've had Lynne on loop forever!" [And other tweets reveal his desire to sing it. Foo-san is the guy credited for playing the music in Nico's deleted video message.]

bravesofia: "Does Hachi's summer start from August, the Hachith eighth month?"

syura_syura_: "Bees ARE busy in the summer...!!"

Hachi's summer ain't over yet.

Well, I wasn't quite expecting this kind of reaction. Gumi must certainly be loved!

RPGradio: "Hachi-san and Gumi-chan, Hachi-san and Gumi-chan, Hachi-san and Gumi-chan, Hachi-san and Gumi-chan, Hachi-san and Gumi-chan, Hachi-san and Gumi-chan, Hachi-san and..."

EVERYONE ON EARTH: "!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Ordered up Gumi.

I really, really look foward to hearing people singing this song. If there's demand, I'd be willing to make versions in different keys too.

Uploaded the Lynne karaoke. It's unmastered.

I mean, essentially, putting in the vocals comes before you do the mastering, right? So perhaps uploading the unmastered data to Piapro is much more... usual?

Seems to be a reasonable one. I'll prepare that, then. Why did I ask such a thing, you ask? My mastering technique is pretty lacking, so trying to do the karaoke was pretty much completely losing me. I'm just a lowly, extremely recent learner of the art of mastering.

Is there a demand for unmastered karaoke?

Makin' the karaoke.

Thank you for getting me to first place in the daily rankings.

Those who listen to a song and come away from it saying "I don't get what it means, but I like it" may very well be those who enjoy music the most.

But not like there's any reason for me to do anything especially special.

8 more people until I'm at 8888 followers.

Thank you for your responses. By the way, it wasn't with a mouse, it was with a tablet...

[NOTE: Lynne is posted.]

Was video-making really this dull...?

Looks like that "after-Vocaloid-Master" song will be next after the next.

That's right, there was an earthquake this morning. I just happened to remember.

kyogakyoga: "Well, more time for comments to scroll by, right?"

NicoNico's added 16:9. So should I create that way...?

This UA-101 one is sounding pretty popular. Is it that good?

Urgent call for audio interface recommendations.

This audio interface reeks of death.

The guitar sound isn't, uh, sounding... though it is responding.

lasah_1114: "Mustered up the strength to nibble on some rice... you man up and eat too, Hach-chan!"

@lasah_1114 Please eat, Lasah-sahn!

lasah_1114: "I'm pooped after like two bites. Can't manage much more than water."

2057ysb: "Please, do eat! ;-; What if you're dying?! ;-;"

Though I resolved to eat three meals a day, I immediately failed that resolve by only having one yesterday. I just don't have the energy to eat stuff.

soraruru: "Good! Of course, if I had known that sooner, Hachi, that song wouldn't have vanished like it did, but, uh..."

@soraruru I did just that! Thanks a lot for such helpful info!

soraruru: "Go to Options -> Global -> Automatic Maintenance / Project Restore!"

@soraruru What the... first I've heard of it!

soraruru: "Sonar has automatic backups! :>"

Sudden thought: "Should I be working on a new album until Vocaloid Master 14?"

I thought I bought volumes 8 through 13, but wait, did I skip 11?!

Checking on replies (I couldn't see them on my phone) - seeing all of you "giving me energy" made me laugh. Thanks, everybody! Too bad to say it now, but I just had no way of tweeting during Vocaloid Master!

Back home from Tokyo. Wonderland and Bouquet and Burial at Sea sold out. Thank you very much, everyone.

Good day, bullet train. Nice to meet you, bullet train.

Goodbye, midnight bus. And I am NEVER RIDING YOU EVER AGAIN.

[NOTE: Vocaloid Master 13 happens. It's exciting and all copies of Wonderland and the Sheep's Song are sold. People like Lynne and Frigidity Signs better than a collection of videos already on Nico and weird bonus content, I guess.]

Man, nowhere's open at this time of day... I HAVE the spare time.

Sweaty out here...

At Tokyo, and with a wealth of free time. Everyone speaks so... normally. [Yeah, this is an accent thing.]

This bus sucks.

The bus ride to hell begins. I won't be able to respond to anything, but give me your energy, everybody.

Concerned about my languidness and poor condition.

Participating in Vocaloid Master. Taking along the new (Wonderland and the Sheep's Song DVD+CD) and the old (Bouquet and Burial at Sea, Minakata Laboratory Image Collection 001). Thanks in advance.

Why would you say such a rude thing?

I'm so lacking in strength, I felt like I was on the verge of defeat.

Bus and lodging reservations are kinda a pain.

Perhaps I am heading in this kind of direction after all.

The theme is "Who's the sleepyhead?"

Making a silly song now. I might be able to upload it around the time Vocaloid Master is over. [This apparently ended up becoming Matryoshka, though he didn't consider it as "silly" by then.]

Does it hurt?

My fair lady?

where's your head?

Kalinka? Malinka?

Humpty? Dumpty?

You and me, rendezvous?

Practice time. Banbababangooo.

Yeah, Howl is still my favorite. Good.

I really like Sophie's young voice. It's actually a somewhat matured voice that doesn't match her age. [Of course, this is probably not quite as true in the English dub.]

I totally forgot to reserve buses and lodgings and so on. Uh, oooops.

I tried Googling my Try! song, Ward No. 305, and found there was a drama with nearly the same title. So to explain in advance, there is no relation whatsoever.

By the way, I'll upload to NicoNico... someday.

While I drew the genitalia (penis, so-called "dick"), dawn broke.

But making the transfer from Sonar will be a huge inconvenience.

Should I buy Ableton Live?

Heavy luggage.

I contributed a new (?) song [to Try!]. It's the remake of Rainy Town. [And the site revealed the new name to be Ward No. 305.]

bk_azuma: "Coming summer Comiket! The official site for the four-CD compilation album "Try!" is up!"

I want to upload Lynne quickly, but I haven't drawn any of the pictures.

Better practice.

Participating in do-fes. About to throw up now.

@fullkawahonpo Man, this guy works way too fast.

[Later, Furukawa posted a mockup of the bottle.]

task_plus9: "We're doing this."

fullkawahonpo: "How about releasing the bottled tea "Yaaai, Rakshasa and the Corpse"?"

Ready for Vocaloid Master? Absolutely not!

It seems to me like it'll burst into flame if I try, so I'll just leave it. Thanks for the info.

Would it be okay to defrost it in the stove?

Uh, I froze something unwrapped, yes. Because I forgot to buy the skin.

After half-making yesterday's gyoza, I put it in the freezer, but it's already gotten all hard...

"Murakami" is the supreme coolest of last names.

Not at Lawson... not tonight.

Yaaaaai, yaaaaai.

Forgot to buy gyoza skin... Well, do they sell it at Lawson? Somebody tell me!

Making gyoza while listening to scary stories.

That aside, it's enjoyable, so whatever. Oh, Mio, you're too cute to stay mad at.

It's like yearning to learn the Kamehameha from Dragonball.

No men ever show up, there are no parents at home, they're great at guitar without ever practicing, they buy expensive guitars for cheap. Utter fancy. People should really stop letting it influence them into playing music.

K-ON is a fantasy.

Went into the studio for the first time in a while, but planned to work without turning on the air conditioning, so I was screaming in a sauna for quite a while.

Pray to Buddha, goodbye.

And wanting to make something like that, I'm going through numerous trials. There are still many, many things I want to do.

Standing in a room at early morning, telephone lines and tracks have geometric sympathy (?), there's the smell of burnt asphalt, a washing machine in a back alley, a stuffed toy beyond a window. I cite them all at my subjectivity, but I simply have to show such things. If I focus on external appearances and gloss over the rest, I can't make something good.

I'm closely examining "utter fiction." How do I say it... the characters and their places have to be expressed like a program. Eloquently, giving no tastes or smells. Whenever I see such a thing, I wonder if it's a true "fanciful reality."

No vocabulary, thus lacking in persuasion... It's so haaaaard... sentences. Sentences are haaaaard.

To create a fanciful reality, you can only think of fanciful things, making only cheapness possible. Without some order to your fantasy, all that can be born from it is a trash heap. Or at least I think so.

Just how many years and months has it taken to stand that transmission tower so tall? Perhaps the roots sprawling at my feet, like an old man's fingers, support the entire town.

Around the end of a street smelling of gasoline, a little cockroach races. Seen only by the light of an empty police box.

soraruru: "I'm glad you're so excited, Twitter, but please stop adding tags about cosmetics to the video..."

Amaaaaaziiiiin'! Terpsichore Theatric Sung [Soraru]

[Guess what happens next. Soraru never follows through, though. Aaanyway.]

kettaro_nico: "If this gets 100 retweets, Soraru needs to put this into practice."

soraruru: "Perhaps: If a girl can change that much using cosmetics, a man could become a hyper-beautiful lady."


soraruru: "I hated saying "I just don't FIT Hachi's songs," so I sang one. Uploading around 7."

It technically has nothing to do with Hachi, but a video is being uploaded to NicoNico.

On the other hand, boss-san looks almost like a Buddhist priest.

I planned to wait until Vocaloid Master to cut my hair, but man, I'm already a bona-fide hermit.

@soraruru AMAAAAA-aaaaaziiiiin'!

soraruru: "Amaziiiiin'!"

soraruru: "Faaaalliiiiin'!"

soraruru: "Um, I'm not watching, but still."



Please win, Spain.

@mofuuun Oh, okay...

mofuuun: "Originally, at the scene where the girl drops the book, there was a comment like "Book: "Hey, wh... AHHHHH!!"," so I think the people watching were responding to that. Sorry for my unintelligible post. ><"

Not to impede upon the sensitivities of strangers, but it's an incomprehensible phenomenon to me.

I noticed "book wwww" among the comments on WORLD'S END UMBRELLA, but what on earth is funny about that?

[Periodic Post] Kadota SMEEEEEEEEEELLS

Kaleido swimming.

Hungry bug.

I've become quite rich... in-game.

Every time I hear "this reminds me of something" and I don't know what that is, it makes me feel like there are so many things I don't yet know.

Well, my followers may have promptly beat the tar out of me, but I'm still not at all sleepy.

I can't sleep at all. Give me a punch to the gut or something, please.


I wonder if it's really okay for me to chew on things. I can't sleep.

@tonighted I feel like choosing the left one would be good, but I want to pick the right one...

tonighted: "Go with the one on the right."

This may be the greatest decision I'll make this year.

wowaka's homepage is pretty nice. Maybe I should make one too.

@fullkawahonpo Aoh...

fullkawahonpo: "You sound tired!"

@kuwagataP AOOOOOOOH!

kuwagataP: "Hachi's trying to unwind his surmounting tension, or something."


[He, um... "demonstrated" this in two more tweets, but soon deleted them.]

Until recently, I thought of "sentences" as being something that had to adhere to a strict standard, and if they didn't, they didn't even count as sentences. As a youth, I was taught "Put the conclusion here. Because you have to. Got it, Hachi-kun?", so I'm willing to blame my teachers for imprinting it on me, but maybe I should allow myself more flexibility.

Oh boy, the tension's mounting now. And this isn't about playing Ragnarok.

Though I say "It's 4 AM? Oh, okay!" with some strange tension, it's a feeling of wanting to get up and dance. Perhaps as if Kalinka were playing. I want to knock my heels until the floor gives way.

I always wished I could be a rather cat-like individual, but they said "oh, you're like a dog!", so I guess I'm a dog. A laughing dog. Making a stupid face and wagging his tail.

Well, I logged in, but somehow I already feel satisfied...

When I went to log in, I forgot my ID... Um...

Now I want to play Ragnarok...

Someone wrote a fan story about my song WORLD'S END UMBRELLA. It's certainly interesting.
[I'm not actually translating it, but imagine the story of the original song, only with added backstory four years before climbing the umbrella: Stella takes an interest in Grumbrella always looking up at the umbrella, is able to meet him in secret by being sick, and learns that he hates the umbrella because his mom was crushed by falling scrap. And, uh, it's not nearly as silly as that probably made it sound.]

I haven't actually listened to Supernova 3 yet...

kurokurosio: "...Or rather, I say you tweet more of your thoughts, ahem. I want to hear your opinions."

kurokurosio: "Honestly, complainers can't make you think or do anything, so who cares if they're just complaining? That kind of talk doesn't even put a scratch on your work, Hachi. I want to know more about your works, so I say continue creating through any airings of grievances."

ayako_ichinose: "Sound, images, words... People with plenty of the skill required to make each make "places." What I mean to say is I think it's an incredible thing. Simply put, I like Hachi PVs, so I'd like to see that "place" with more than just sound. (^-^)"

I fear besmirching my own work with my own words like you wouldn't believe, so I never say a lot of things I've always wanted to. But I just wanted to say these things. Poison.

"Here, there are things like this, there live creatures like this, we live life like this, and we think like this." That kind of fanciful reality can show itself in the form of music, and images accompany it so that it may be embodied (?). It's a wonderful thing, really.

I thought I already wrote this, but everyone's like that. "Images" are simply easier to understand than "sound." So what's "competition"? What are we competing against?

Perhaps it's just a fundamentally different way of thinking. I'm making a "place," so I have no reason to make a plain "sound." Whenever I see a comment along the lines of "compete through music!", it feels antagonistic.

I was making a Lynne PV, but I ended up stopping, so here's a girl with a nosebleed.

niia7: "Hachi! I love you!"

Shizuku! I love you!

Wrote a little bit about the song.

I think July or August will give way to the uploading of a pretty decent song. Just wishful thinking, though.

I was butting in with all kinds of suggestions on this video, but coming now to this amazing result, I'm filled with a thousand emotions. Task, Utsushita, Chobo-Roku, I'm truly grateful to you all.

Thank you for the retweets and responses. I feel such somehow deep emotion, I could dance.

[NOTE: Wonderland and the Sheep's Song is posted.]

I like just saying "memory loss" straight instead of going up on "memory" and then down for "loss." More than anything, I like the song name "Last Dance With Sadness." I only just remembered, but I like strawberry ole too. I don't like strawberries themselves, but turn them into ole, and sure, I like them. I don't like my microphone giving me a static shock. I don't like my quick-to-be-lost pick, either. I like balljoint puppets...

The star fairy guys are cute. Especially the hungry ones. Sunshine was always my favorite from the Mario series. With its persistent atmosphere of summer. I also remember really liking the stage with the waterfall. Incidentally, new song going up around 6 PM.

@asshole_wii Good job!

asshole_wii: "Part-time job's over... Yay?"

Bought Mario Galaxy 2. Such sensational games are nice. It's really fun!

Keep believing, and it'll become the truth.

"Getting my Dororich on."

Does everyone remember?

Memory loss.

New ryo song...? Man, give me a break! [Look Here, Baby]

I don't think there's really anybody so intensely jealous as me.

Bouquet and Burial at Sea's gone ALREADY?!

I might not have mentioned it to Minakata, but the song I'm uploading is an old non-Vocaloid song remake, as some people might notice.

@amatarou0485 Nope. That's different.

amatarou0485: "Is that the remake of Rainy Town?"

Okay, that was sudden, but... the upload will be Saturday this week. The title is "Wonderland and the Sheep's Song." Thanks in advance.

Uploading a new song this weekend or next weekend.

I stink at the moment, but I want monitor speakers. Any recommendations?

Bouquet and Burial at Sea restocked.

My declining health gets ever worse. Lately I've been out of breath just taking a bath.

Let's make this happeeeeen!

To think I'd be this happy despite having not slept once again!

Still no Baten Kaitos 3?

And when this month ends, it'll be next month. When I thought it was this month, it becomes next month, but in the blink of an eye, changes into this month.

Today ends, it becomes tomorrow. When it turns today, it'll be tomorrow. Today comes, and tomorrow is coming.

Whoa, today is over.

By the way, even the title completely changed.

About Rainy Town... It's become a very different song from my original plans. Please consider it to be essentially a new song.

I really feel like I've been making a song while going crazy for a month. Letting my hair grow and grow, I'm seriously a hermit.

Well then, today will end the carnage. And that's that.

isutarabbit: "Don't forget about all the people whose hearts were moved by those "hollow" songs! <--"

My past songs lacked experience, so they were more hollow. But I love this sound that seems to burrow into your chest like heartburn.

Lately, I've noticed how much I love sound pressure.

Once in four years. An earth-shattering thing. Regrettable, perhaps. [By the way he was talking about the World Cup.]

It hurts.



Penalty kicks make me feel like I'm going into cardiac arrest.


I think my lifespan is being shortened.

Well, now isn't this nuts?


By the way, the new song I mentioned this evening wasn't Nilgiri!

It's here, it's here!


That is to say, uploading a new song soon.

WELLLLLL, now to finish this up.

Hm, wrapping a towel in CDs...? No, that would be unsatisfactory.

Well, I'm out of Mr. Bubblewrap, so I wrapped the CD in a towel.

Uh oh, no bubblewrap.

Nilgiri alone will be uploaded to NicoNico sometime tonight. Thanks in advance. [Nilgiri is an anime ending theme for which Hachi just did the composition. So, uh, this isn't really anything new.]

RT @__solo Dreamt Hachi and Nashimoto were in a band together. They were there, but I didn't see their faces. Mysterious.

In this awful physical condition, I'm feeling a weird energy. Like a runner's high?

It's 4 AM? Oh, okay!

Even though I said I'd send them back to their pen in an hour, they're still playing.

Making a clear-cut ending can't be done. When people like me have time, they'll just do it, so it's over already.


At this rate, I'll have a marsh. It won't end no matter how much time I give it, so I'm just sending the sheep back to their pen in an hour.

I feel like something heart-like, though not an actual heart, is coiling up in the depths of my abdomen.


Unread books piling up around the house. Soon it'll be like a doctor's office.

@asshole_wii Thinking of it now, I wonder why we never praised the high school life. The only thing our past selves have for it is hatred...

asshole_wii: "There are all sorts of things I left behind there... Well, things I HAD to leave behind, rather."


@asshole_wii Me toooooooooo!

asshole_wii: "I wanna go back to high schooooooooool!"

During yesterday's rain, there was a kitten sitting in the entry hall. I tried to approach it, but it was frightened and ran. Despite doing so, after some time passed, it came back to the same place. It was gone this morning.

I only watched the final part of Angel Beats, but that alone truly moved me. My lack of background knowledge making me not understand anything assisted, however.

sato_1321: "Ne, darlin', ne, darlin', ne darLYNNE... darlin'... It's a feedback loop!"

Whoa... a waterfall of replies! Looking forward to it, aren't you all? Sorry. But thank you.

[That got over 100 retweets in less than TEN MINUTES what the hell.]

Rakshasa and the Corpse karaoke will appear on JOYSOUND on July 15th. Thanks in advance.

I'm making a pretty darn good song, so everyone look forward to it.

I should stop saying pointless things.

I don't like how I'm tall, so since I'm always looking down, I get hunched over. I don't like my eyes, so when my locks grow into them, my vision gets worse. I don't like putting food into myself, so when I just drink water, I get anorexic. And all of it is slowly driving me crazy. A mass of vicious cycles that make me up.

A few days ago, my work was significantly delayed by the torment of my awful physical condition that made the world seem to sway.

There are lots of people I'd like to get friendly with in the Vocaloid world, but I'm scared they won't like me, so I'm just sitting here.

I've been extremely frightened about meeting people lately.

hacchi [a Nico LPer who's depicted somewhat like Hachi depicts himself] started using Twitter, so I, the knockoff, should probably stop, right?

I like diving pools.

I return!

I'm basically dying.

Feeling all alone in the world.

I may be in the worst physical condition I've ever been my entire life.

What should I do?

Innocently getting absorbed in drawing. Ah, innocence.

Why's that?

@utsushita Words of wisdom. [Post-Wonderland edit: Huh. Making a PV takes a lot of juice.]

utsushita: "Red Bull is just juice."

The sky's all pink.



I forgot how to make videos.

Yeah, this making pictures move business is a nuisance.

I bought a balljoint puppet, but it's really very handy.

Intently drawing a sailor outfit with Satie in the background.

So how's life been for you, cutie?

So how's life been for you lately?

I'll be remaking "In a Rainy Town," so I'm going to delete it soon. Thanks in advance.

I bought fly attractant. Sorry, little flies. If you're going to blame someone, blame Fumakilla Corporation.

It shouldn't be because the room is dirty, but... I wonder if it entices them.



I wanna upload a song soon too. [After linking another song from Try!.]

Day after day my hand has driven flies away. Now I'm getting serious.

I went and bought fly repellent, but I wonder if fly attractant would be better?

Little flies are building up like stress. Come on, seriously.

@kyubot You're SO slow! It's not urgent at all anymore!

kyubot: "[Urgent Request from @hachi_08] A way of dealing with a little fly that keeps showing up in the room."

Thanks for the replies. First I'll try sloshing around water in the bath, then I'll buy a Vapona, then I'll try the Shining Finger.

@chobo_6 My love, my anger, and all of my sorrow! SHINING FINGEEEEEEEEEER!

chobo_6: "Grab hold of it!"

@momo_miku28 Whoa!

momo_miku28: "If the little fly's coming from a bath or kitchen drain, slosh boiling water around there in a kettle (right after boiling it) and they'll never come out again! Afterward, bleach or the like is also pretty effective."

vient0460: "Vacuum cleaner."

[Urgent Request] A way of dealing with a little fly that keeps showing up in the room.

My muscles ache from too much cutting. Ha ha, ow.

I can't sleep with a stomachache.

AHHHHHHHHHH I did it again.

No, never mind.

Gonna stream just to cut up the cutting.

@prkrsan It feels like my right hand's gonna fall off...

prkrsan: "Agreed."

Cutting is ugh.

Seeing as I'm so utterly indecisive that I can't settle on anything, I really shouldn't be trying to decide what I'm going to make.

[RADWIMPS's] new song is nice. I want to make something so merely straightforward.

Lunch today will be tap water.


@tskaichi Ah... sure. Let's go with that.

tskaichi: "Is that where it's from? Your name, Hachi?"

Yes, Planetes is nice.

I started making it to be a song I'd submit to the CD and not put on Nico, but I'm sorely tempted to upload it to NicoNico when it's done.

Or so I thought, but then my iPod went BHP [...?], so I'm waiting until it's done charging.

The weather cleared up. Time to be a camera kid.

Niina, Niina, make sure you remember.

Toss the shoes out the side.

The cotton-patterned goldfish flies. [A line from Frigidity Signs.]

A black hammer smashes the rear window.

Turn left at the next curve.


Dense traffic.

Placing a table amid a garden of blue grass, a number of people surrounding it exchange words. Their faces are meek.

"Excessively delicate." This phrase tries to combine the contrary nuances of delicacy and excess, which gives it a bad feeling. Kinda the same bad feeling I get from "halfway champion." [I, uh... I think he just made that one up.]

I've been doing metaphor after metaphor. I'm lacking all over in the concrete.

The world is sooo dirty.

Fixed... it was like a repeat of the dance I had to do for WEU.

The name's out. I'm submitting "Lynne" to Supernova 3. And right now, its file is being a jerk.

Lynne's file is the only one causing trouble... I've got a bad feeling about this!

Of course, it costs part of a fortune... Maybe I should wait a bit.

If there's any places that sell such instruments around the outskirts of Osaka, please tell me.

I want a mandolin, but where the heck do they sell them?

Eating competitions seem super fun and all, but if I tried, I think I'd be finished after the second one.

green29panda: "I look forward to your new song, Kyuu-san!"

11pomato_0929: "Are you up for "Kyuu" next?" [from "8" to "9"]

I want to do something about this "Hachi" name.


If I had Saito as a friend, I would by all means use that line.


About how much does that hurt?

Serves you riiiiight!

Flawless. This is impressive. Terpsichore Theatric Sung in English [Neibaku]

My phone has been screwy lately. It rings of its own accord, and it loses power often. I've got to replace this or it'll be problematic.


Touch something unbelievably hot, and you get a feeling of something cold in your body running away from where you touched it. It scatters about like baby spiders, snow builds up at the spot, and it escapes. Basically what I want to say is I took a burning left foot away from a boiling hot bath.

"Whichever's fine," she said, and tossed the cigarette out the window. I laughed too.

When did the day end?, I questioned. The girl with the faded face sitting in the chair lit a cigarette filter and laughed a little.

13:00 PM, 14:00 PM, 15:00 PM,

I want to do a play, but I don't feel prepared to begin practicing now, so I sadly retreat. It'll be midnight soon.

By the way, this has absolutely nothing to do with Vocaloid, but thanks in advance.

I tweeted "The Novembers are rad" about 10 hours ago now, and she said basically the same thing around the same time on mixi. This makes me so happy. [Some of the replies interpret "she" to actually mean "my girlfriend."]

Going to go buy either a Telecaster or a camera. It'll depend on my mood.

My sandals are all smashed up. I can't go out.

2501. Let's make that the password for our rendezvous.

I drew a quick self-portrait to kill time, and it turned out surprisingly accurate, which made me laugh.

SIKITO3: "Your grandparents sound wonderful, Hachi. I can tell that well from the tales of your memories. Sorry for talking so much. ^^ Pardon me."

SIKITO3: "The time surrounding my own fox's wedding memories are vague too, but that memory alone is clear. My ears suddenly started ringing, there was scarcely even a rustling of trees through the whole world, and what seemed like a mirage of Inari stood in my sight."

SIKITO3: "Those kinds of childhood experiences are truly precious. Mice ran about and played, and when the house was torn down, there was a great white serpent we called our guardian deity. How nostalgic... I remembered thanks to you, Hachi. ^^"

tubasabasa: "I yearn for that kind of life... surrounded by Mother Nature."

@p_16 Yeah, it's different. I can't possibly say which one was better, but I had a lot of fun with it.

p_16: "It feels different being an ordinary kid and being a not-so-ordinary kid, doesn't it? I was just ordinary."

My grandparents on my mom's side of the family had a house in a typical mountain suburb, and long ago, I went to play there for a year. I liked swimming in the body-piercingly-cold river there. I also liked riding in the back of trucks (even though that's a really bad idea) and running down the trails. There was also a scary oni picture in the bedroom. And I picked and ate mountain strawberries. Now that I think about it again, I'm getting nostalgic for it.

Seeing little lights lined up beyond the mountains - "That's a fox's wedding," grandmother, or somebody, said. My memories of the surrounding time are dim - I can't be sure if they're really even there, and even if they are, I couldn't give an example... but I distinctly remember disliking them.

Perhaps I ought to not talk about it much, though.

I swear I have memories of seeing a fox's wedding [see earlier mention for an explanation] way back when, but maybe it was all a dream.

Should I go to university?

mione8910: "Getting along and getting sympathy go together. It's reliance and sympathy that aren't quite the same."

"Getting sympathy" and "getting along" aren't quite the same thing.

Confidence has to come from something. Having replies from totally different vectors flying at me has given me a bit of a fresh outlook.

I don't think there's anyone more trustworthy than "someone with similar tastes," but who knows.

That's how it was senior year at lunch, but none of them seemed to notice the classroom was turning into a trash can. Scary.

When I listened to what I had mixed, the high notes served to make me almost sickly uncomfortable. Weird - it's a kind of scary I'm accustomed to.

akabuchi333: "No mold and you're set."

This bread is three days expired, but I wonder if baking it will do any good.

@harunyaaa Sure, but they'd probably give me a deathly-uncaring look and go "oh, really."

harunyaaa: "Maybe you can proudly proclaim to a friend, "This is called a wrap towel!"?"

"Wrap towel," "poncho towel," "skirt towel," "swimming towel." These are the four apparent names I've gathered. But mainly it seems to be wrap towel. The more you know. Thanks. Hm, now where am I ever going to use that knowledge.

yamazakinemu: "I don't know the official name, but I called it a "ghostowel.""

I wonder what the official name is for this towel with a button I used in my old school's swimming classes. It looks kinda like a cape. There can't be many people who wouldn't feel better to see it fluttering in the wind.

As someone once said.

But it doesn't mean anything. Everyone thinks they know justice. Anything they can't comprehend is evil. It's as simple as that. And lately, there have been more and more people who can't think for themselves. They take the words behind the screen as their own thoughts. They renounce thinking. Those who take satisfaction in mocking teenagers for acting mature can be classified as such."

"That's right, yes - yesterday, yesterday, I saw the instant when one of the ferris wheel cars fell, and at that point, it was already a tragedy. Rusty voices scattered around ran away, and sobbing children made their way through. Everyone in the vicinity felt their body temperature lower, but they knew. Ah, and wherever you go, this is bou

Good things, bad things, there's no distinction. That's how it is for most teens. Everything is scattered about in, quite frankly, a garbage can, and it's hard to be sure if it's even morning or night. Will it rain tomorrow or what? Who knows, who cares.


The world as I know it swings! Sways!

Lin-li-lu-la! Lin-li-lu-la! I'm going to a fox's wedding again today! [A "fox's wedding" is a term for a sun shower; it's said to look like there's a procession of lanterns in the distance.]


Upload the song already!

Strictly, not on time. Truly inexcusable.

Finally finishing.

mannsannder: "I'm exactly the same way, Hachi. Notably, my mom is a ridiculous speed-reader, but she seems to skip over sections and only get a basic outline, so if you ask "how they wrote about ___," she won't know. I'm not worthy!"

I read everything word-for-word, so I'm a slow reader. How exactly do speed-readers do it?

Really, I want to be someone who retains recessive genes.

@yunodon Quandary, indeed. Love them, but can't touch them. And to add insult to allergy, stray cats are naturally very mean, which makes it all the worse...

yunodon: "Whoa, a companion! I love cats, so it's a quandary. But they're so fluffy."

@yunodon Me too.

yunodon: "I'm actually allergic to cats. The sneezing and eye-watering gets awful."

This is exactly the same as when I did CLW... now what did I do then?

Teacher, what's "Full-Bit"?

matsu__KeN: "What is?!"


The crows are crying.

Based on if someone calls today [6/9] Rock Day or a more raunchy kind of day, I can generally tell what they're like. [I had a big explanation here for how this could be interpreted in Japanese, but... yeah, you can interpret it how you like.]


The night is short, [and replies continue "so walk, girl."]

There aren't really any people who think of everything flatly, but if there were, people probably wouldn't be interesting.

The outlines have been lost. What a shame.

and be happy


Stormy skies ahead for DTM.

Exporting the aforementioned three on their own worked like a charm... That can't be right, that can't be right...

yuANpopn: "Pardon the reply. As a last resort, you could try exporting a .wav that just has the non-playing parts, then mix them into the former project."

Somebody save meeeee!

It's not reading the three on the bottom of the synth rack. Is it because higher-up ones have higher priority? And the lower ones get cut because there's not enough memory? Somebody please tell me.

Even with everything frozen, it's no good. Is this really a memory issue? I mean, it plays back no problem.

@chi10se Right on.

chi10se: "Huh? Wait, did you get more memory for 10,000 yen and it still didn't work?"

Why can't I get my cymbals? I threw 10,000 yen at you, Sonar, just help me out here.

Some sounds won't go in even if I bounce them... I guess I really don't have enough memory?

@yumemineko What do you mean? [Yeah, I have no idea how he was meant to interpret that until others told him HOW TO FREE UP virtual memory.]

yumemineko: "Have you tried virtual memory?"

Apparently it's issues with insufficient memory, but can I do anything about that besides adding more?

Sonar isn't working. Again. Give me a BREAK.

shiwa1319: "The happiest part of turning 20 isn't cigarettes or alcohol, it's no longer needing parental permission."

As a minor who needs parent signatures, I really just can't catch a break, can I?

y1u1k01: "Uh, ummm... please don't push yourself too hard. ;_;"

My senses faded and I lost consciousness.

Everything in the world seems to be washing away with the water.

kora443: "On the contrary, it sounded more like you were saying you'd marry her..."

I don't really care that much, but when I went to Kaela-chan's show, she was really two months pregnant. Meanwhile, I was saying all those things about looking straight into her eyes. Laughable. No, the young Hachi can never make a comeback.

No, really, isn't there anybody who would teach me how to mix? Pretty please?

I thought I would absolutely be making a PV for this song, but...

Why am I spending countless days' time on such a crappy song?

I'll do something!

Everything is being nothing but trouble. Not even getting into karaoke.


"I have returned from my illness!" Written by a young girl, yet read aloud, it could be nothing else but the proclamation of a dark lord. [While this basically works on its own, there's also a joke in that "illness" is pronounced the same as "darkness" (yami).]

Planned to come back from my walk, but ended up way over in Tondabayashi.

I'm feeling excessively sad, and every little thing keeps supporting it. Magazines flipped by a draft, the playful shouts of innocent children. Diluted blue skies.

What happened?

nakasato_tango: "It's so common, I grinned the second I read it."

If it's not, well, hey, it's what I do every time.

The inflationary cycle of "make a little increase to the volume, the whole thing gradually gets louder, and ultimately it's all reset" is pretty common in mixing, isn't it?

I'll be the king of pirates!

fand: "I went to see the Yakusugi once, but on the way, there were plenty of pretty things that weren't the Yakusugi, so the journey felt very much worth it."

I want to go see the Yakusugi [a really old and tall cedar], but it's like a four hour walk. I'd be exhausted.

baashha: "Um, well, first you sift the flour..."

Somebody please instruct me on how to mix.

Finishing up today.

I want a partner who will gladly share their flesh and blood. For creating things, I mean.

@denchuchu That's why the instant I see any girl, I shout "Vegeta!"

denchuchu: "I don't like the word "girly." What about "girlic"? No, too close to Garlic."

NicoNico searches have gotten all weird.

Stalkers are scary. Women are dreadful.

I figured... they're here? Can't even tell a joke in this world. It's rough, it really is.

@akai_kinomi That's the plan!

akai_kinomi: "Excuse me, but are you going to upload the song you're making for Supernova 3 to NicoNico?"

I wonder, should I tweet about updating my blog...? Something seems really weird about that.

Just after I start feeling good, I get... this. It's rough, I tell you.

Why is it just sound that won't work. Why.

It can't play it back... Gimme a break.

"Fatal error."

A little while ago, I heard that someone close to me (or so could be said, but perhaps not) died. I didn't go, but today was their funeral. Days like these always seem to have a decidedly pale sky.

Sonar installing... praying it won't spit any errors at me.

I grew a centimeter. [In total, he's apparently 188 cm tall, or around 6'2". Humorously, someone quickly added this information to his Nicopedia page.]

Mornings like these are SO refreshing. That sounded kinda sarcastic.

But... I hadn't settled the score with wowaka yet...

okitayome: "When I heard the news, I admit wondering what the look on Hachi's face would be..."

@zakikuso Surely you jest...!

zakikuso: ""Kaela Kimura Pregnant, Marrying Eita" XD!!!"

I love doing tuning on an orchestra.

@bk_azuma Well, in that case, I guess I'll do... something!

bk_azuma: "It's around halfway through June, and oh, I'm so happy...! I'll be sure to tell you the deadlines at the gathering tomorrow...!"

@bk_azuma Well, when's the FINAL deadline?

bk_azuma: "Understood! I really wasn't sure how to contact you, Professor Hachi, so really, thanks for the reply! Do you think it wouldn't be too unreasonable for you to participate...?"

@bk_azuma Sorry, I guess it's too late... Truly inexcusable!

bk_azuma: "To all those involved in Try! [a big Vocaloid compilation CD]... Actually, the first deadline is tomorrow. Those who haven't already gotten in contact with me, please tell me how before it's too late."

Who says Japan lacks decisive ability? This is my third one today!

I'm honestly delighted there are people who would like me.

"When this is done, I'll do that" never fails to encourage, but when it's done, my body temperature goes lower than normal. "Too cold, too cold!", and my face goes blue.

When the song's done, I'm buying Medabots Navi.

@shuhey_fruit Is it...? Well then, maybe it's just me.

shuhey_fruit: "I thought Horumarin said it's aimed both at kids and at older fans in their twenties!"

_monyo: "Hearing Hachi say he loves Medabots worries me. Focus on your work, you fool!"

"You've already become an adult..."

I love Medabots, but Medabots DS has such a stench of kiddiness, it depresses me to play it.


Goodbye - I don't think we'll meet again.

The crows are crying, caw, caw.

HatinoziHon: "Oh, of course."

@HatinoziHon I sleep in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber.

HatinoziHon: "Man, when the heck do you sleep?"

The next song will have that kind of feeling.

Ah ah ah-ah, ah ah ah-ah.

I wanna draw a picture like this.


The cat-piloted canoe escaped the clouds and went out of sight.

The semaphore had fallen and could not get up.

The impact of the fall broke the blue lamp.

The semaphore chasing it tripped on a rock and fell.

The cat flew away on the canoe.

There's a Medabots for DS? And why didn't anyone tell me?

Furukawa vanishes from Twitter, and suddenly I'm getting infinitely fewer direct messages. What is this sense of loss? Could it be... love?

@anti_the_holic I'm in no position to say such a thing.

anti_the_holic: "When you're a novelist, what's a deadline?"

Everybody's finishing theirs...

The song's not READYYYYY! [Link to a list of artists for Supernova 3, on which he is included.]

Oh what, deadline. Time, could you stop for me, please?

Geez, summer, hurry up and get here already.

Popular or not, when you listen to something good, it moves you deeply. All Vocaloid guys are on equal ground, so it makes me feel defeated. I'm sure it sounds mean, but could you all disappear?

I'm so jealous of everyone and their CDs. You're all too amazing.

Oops, I tweeted. Back to the manhole.

I've been recognized as "someone who can make music just like that," and it rather irritates me. Vocaloid is, to the last, the girls' singing.

Will seriously no one start a band with me?

Gotta keep a hold on what I say on Twitter.

On second thought, that was a rather harsh tone I used. No good, no good. Nobody benefits from that.

In the world of Vocaloid, I recognize the existence of "watchthreads." They're scary, so make absolutely sure not to look into them.

The internet is a convenient place for producing stuff, but it's a rough place to live in. You don't get much communication going.

Is there anybody who understands that?

Ghost apple! \ Hee-hah! /

toy parade's a good song. Should I remake it? [One of Hachi's old band songs.]

I want a Rickenbacker, bad. When I buy it, I know for sure I'll regret it, but man...

Tomorrow is mixing into today.

The concert yesterday hurt my ears. The ringing won't stop. Won't. Stop.

I'm not sure if I have the freedom to say that I want to return to using a mouse. Any way you slice it, the tablet is more efficient and gives better results, but if you think of it more like "I want to express myself as I did when I drew with a mouse," it helps things make sense, sorta.

My goal is to draw a picture with movement.

I couldn't be late today and fortunately got up on time, but now I'm being tortured by a stomachache.

I'm getting my me's, myself's, and I's mixed up staying up on the web. I'm getting to bed. There are tasks which I simply cannot not do, uh... today. Night. [Posted around 6 AM.]

@sae_nekonyan Ace was based on me, of course.

sae_nekonyan: "If that's true, then what connection does Hachi have to Eiichiro Oda...?"

@sae_nekonyan Ah, but it's my spitting image. Might as well be a photograph.

sae_nekonyan: "Yeah, maybe it'll make me think "Ace sure is awesome.""

I wager that radifying my avatar will make me appear far more manly. [He changed it to the recent picture he drew of Ace from One Piece.]

I was like "Is this Get Down or something? I don't get it," but from the moment I saw it until when it was over, I was overcome with deja vu.

Is the stuff trending (?) on Nico right now similar to something older? [Talking about Teto's Mischief Function thing, or perhaps the larger meme with the vocal-less version.]

Whoa, that turned into a weird sentence.

I haven't been drawing any pictures lately, and in a more extensive sense of "lately" I've been drawing nothing but girls, so for the first time in a long time, time to draw some rad-looking guys.

In junior high, I didn't go online, I played baseball and stuff. Really.

This is all kinds of more awful than daily prolonged work. [I guess he's talking about doing sporadic work on a song.]

Oh, today makes a full year of being a Vocaloid composer.

But would you really call this "emo"?

Oh, right, I haven't eaten anything since dinner two days ago.

It was when I made an uncharacteristic stupidly-emo song that I jammed my foot into the bog that is my slump.

I opened up a shamisen soundfont for the first time in a while and the default volume was so loud as to destroy my ears.


It's sort of a bad habit of mine to, when talking to people I like, praise them when they seem embarrassed. I'll try to be more careful after this time around.

I tweeted "I'm really Papuan" as an obvious lie, but I had doubts deep in my heart that some would genuinely say "I didn't know that." Has he really been a Papuan all along? Perhaps he was testing us? So much whirling confusion, suspicion. The world seems to escape us, creeping and crawling away...

As those who've met me know, I'm really a Papuan. Talk to me in Hiri Motu.

Japanese is hard. If only I lived in Papua New Guinea.

Looking them over, I see my earlier tweets as all incredibly negative. Unpleasantly thinking of thoughts I can't convey, with no implicit reason for them. Such a difficult matter, all for me to screw up.

And most of them draw a cloth thing by her ears. Call it anything you like. I drew it thinking of something more stiff, but of course that didn't come across very well. I couldn't expect my audience to really know that.

I drew the Terpsichore girl's hair with an image of "vivid ash," but on Pixiv, I'm seeing mostly light blue. Is everybody just thinking "well hey, it's Miku" on that one?

Ambulances. Will things be okay?

@one_mochiko Oh, no, that was just a joke, there. Human relationships aren't like that... uh, are they?

one_mochiko: "No friend seeks "service" from their friends."

If you want to become friends with this firm, how much service do you think you can provide for us?

Suffering from a serious friend deficiency.

I've gone to Tokyo three times this year, yet I've done absolutely nothing resembling sightseeing.

So long as you're really imagining, you can't possibly reach the conclusion that something is "meaningless."

It's sometimes said "Perhaps you only think there's deep meaning when there's none?", but that seems like a sentence one with no imagination would say.

Do you like flowers, Matryoshka?

I simply gotta upload that karaoke, really. [After linking to Nanou (creator of Depression of the Young Literati, Night Before the Sakura, etc.) singing Terpsichore over Miku.]

It's time to innovate. To do more interesting things. Within and outside of Vocaloid.

At Vocaloid Master, I thought I heard someone say "Are those pajamas?", but I was relieved to find this was not the case.

Humans sing their own praises too much.

I'm all alone here.

Hope they don't mind...

Also, I may have stolen a guest's oil pens. I'm sorry.

To all parties involved in Vocaloid Master 12, thank you. It was pretty fun. I'm both shy and rough, so I may have been very rude to anyone I greeted. I'm sorry.

Back home now. That was one hell of a bus ride.

The hit new single, "And She's Building a Second Floor on the Bus Back Home."

[NOTE: Vocaloid Master 12 takes place, "most copies" of ageing nook (the DVD with the four Minakata PVs) and four copies of Bouquet and Burial at Sea (each with a quick picture by Hachi in pencil: Alice/Ecila, Qualia, Mrs. Pumpkin, and Clocchery) are sold.]



Drew pictures to go with the Bouquet and Burial at Sea CDs I'm selling at Vocaloid Master. There are only four. I apologize profusely for my failure...

@task_plus9 Seriously? So... is everybody coming, then?

task_plus9: "Oh, fixed. The tons of sudden access made the server temporarily die. Hachi's just that good."

harurasyoumon: "I wanted to see the details, but I couldn't... ><"

Late announcement: I'm going to Vocaloid Master. Details here.

I won't eat anything but vegetables anymore.

When I got up, I had become Super Vegetable Man.

And as soon as I say "perhaps this might end the world," everyone's saying "I'm looking forward to it!" Excellent. You're all the greatest!

I've made a horribly good song. Perhaps this might end the world.

Man, this kid is so adorable. I want kids like this...

Preferences != productions.

But I think I should be deprived of human rights just once.

The voice is so pretty, I don't even mind the work.

I really am hopeless, aren't I.

The excitement levels got so high, my body temperature suddenly dropped.

Almost felt like I was going to die for the first time in a while.

Fixed. New song uploaded. Thanks in advance. [Original PV] Dreameater on the Sand [Megurine Luka]

Um, I made it "Hatsune Miku"...

New song uploaded. Thanks in advance. [Original PV] Dreameater on the Sand [Hatsune Miku]

While the song's busy being great, Jyun's drawings [for Furukawa-P's recent Goggle Glasses and Moonlight Islands] are so fantastic, too... Unbelievable... I guess I'll upload after this...

Also, I think I've seen No. 7 somewhere before... um, Nightmare Before Christmas?

Just my impressions from playing a little bit of NieR Replicant, but the pacing is really good. The story and battles both move at a swift pace. And more than anything, the music is ridiculously good. It's practically unfair. With this music playing, even the most trite of developments could make me weep.

By the way, saying I bought it for No. 7 wouldn't quite be an exaggeration.

Bought NieR Replicant. I'm stumbling through it.

There's nothing along the lines of a Hatsune Miku Append "Downer."


Hereditary erectile dysfunction! Perhaps it was inherited from the parents. Of course, there had been no education about it. Not very ethical. If you say such things, Yahoo News will proclaim "Ungrateful Child Appears!!", so apparently we shouldn't, but...

I just wanted to become a hero. As, ah, that too is unthinkable, I'm here endlessly tweeting. Destroying children's precious dreams. I don't want to cause any problems, though. This will be on the test, so try to remember it.

@drahtpuppe Yes, bathtub is fabulous.

drahtpuppe: "Moreso than "yokosou" [bathtub in Japanese rather than the English word]? (Interesting how words with the same meaning can give different impressions.)"

REALLY off topic, for sure, but I love "bathtub." The way the word sounds and the object both.

Slightly off topic, but I like the way "several-months-dead" looks. I oughta use it as a title for something someday.

Right now, my mailbox is a biohazard of unprecedented depravity. I'm telling you, it'd be just fine for you to open up the lid and use it like a garbage disposal, although it'd be rather like somebody touching a several-months-dead frog. Of course, I'm dead too.

Email, phone conversations, transmissions, intercoms, mailboxes. Business, effort, achievement. I hate it all. It feels awful. If you say such things, newspaper headlines will proclaim "Worthless Human Appears!", so apparently we shouldn't, but...

Lately, I've finally come to realize some of the things I'm interested in may have gone missing. A lazy kind of resignation, being caught in a swirling drain. Impotence, they call it.

I've said it countless times already, but I, Hachi, don't call myself "Hachi" anywhere where I'm not already well-regarded as Hachi. Please regard anyone who appears to be me but seems suspicious as an imitation. Thanks in advance.

Saw Alice in Wonderland. It was interesting! Anne Hathaway is just too lovely.

Goldeen backwards is Needlog. Did you know that? [But really, if there actually is a joke with the backwards Japanese spelling, I don't get it.]

I said some things... and rereading them, they strike me as rather unsteady. Don't take me too seriously at the moment...


Sorry... I said I'd have Bouquet and Burial at Sea at Vocaloid Master [12], but I might only have 5 or 6 copies... So, the first 5 or 6 people... I know it's inexcusable, so I'll draw something for 5 or 6 people... Sorry...

Whatever I say, I think it's just going to be chatting with a chamberpot... Nobody's going to listen to a guy with a Cuddles avatar...

There's a little bit of religion in everybody. "Respect," "love," "fellowship," all of these can be considered some form of religion. Trying to add any extra value to the word "religion" is where you begin to part from reason.

I could never say so for certain, but seeing people desperately searching for value and worth makes me a little sad. There's nothing bad about the "believe" part of religion. Being prejudiced against it just because "I hate that priest's guts" just isn't right.

Throwing up now.

Yes ma'am.

Got absorbed in reading a novel while listening to Radiohead. Not at all a worthwhile use of time.

[Soon afterward, he went down to following zero people. Later, he re-added a few, including, of course, Furukawa-P.]

I don't feel good.

The miniature garden has been quite peaceful. Mayhap it'll stay like this for a while.

Well, then, everyone, goodbye.

Why am I suddenly tweeting on Twitter like this? Because I'm currently running around with no other choice, that's why.

I'm grateful for getting honest responses to my every word right away. So that's what Twitter is about.

If you want form, well... If there's A, B is born. If there's B, C is born. A -> B -> C. The arrows must be there like oil to lubricate the joints, or something of that nature. This diary entry is not one which places much emphasis on that notion.

Mayday, mayday, give me a reply.

@y1u1k0i So many... This looks exhausting.

y1u1k0i: [Link to a huge list of UTAUs.]

I once thought "I'm not pleased with this" and took it back, but it caused me great hardship. Generally, it seems it'd be better not to take it back, but, you know. [This could be referring his perfectionism in song-making, but about half an hour later he had a stream where he played a bunch of the old songs he deleted, so...]

@y1u1k0i There's a bunch of UTAUs, so I don't really know any. Pretty much just Nene.

y1u1k0i: "If you're looking for male voices, how about UTAU? There's a bit more variety than Vocaloid, so maybe you'll find the voice you're looking for there."

A pretty melody with a Vocaloid and a pretty melody with pure sound are completely different. Keep being too caught up in Vocaloid and it'll be bad news later on.

I want to use a male Vocaloid, but there aren't any whose voice I like.

Even if it is true, maybe it'd be best for me to stop being so humble about my work.

The room's much too dirty. This shall not do.

Fighting sleep deprivation at Minakata Laboratory.

Tokyo's cold.

I messed up my new-song-upload timing.


It does make me very happy, yes, but there are people who don't particularly like it as well. I want to avoid being too exclusive with my stuff. I hope you understand.

Please be prudent with your shrill encouragement in Nico comments. I think it might be scaring off first-time viewers. Thanks in advance.

I've kept you waiting a terribly long time, everyone. Commence with the Bouquet and Burial at Sea mailordering. [It sold out in a day or so. Yikes.]

Writing "Terpsichore Theatric" horizontally is SO out of fashion. Vertically, vertically, please.

There's already a good number of results for Terpsichore Theatric on Pixiv. So, so happy.

I'm so happy.

Lots of responses. Thank you, everyone.

[NOTE: I think you can all assume that he indeed uploads Terpsichore Theatric.]

Well, whatever, uploading now.

Forgot to save AGAIN... There'll be a slight delay. Wanna kill myself.

@sumire_siesta No relation.

sumire_siesta: "Ooh, I look forward to it!! Any relation to Maihime Terpsichore...?"

Around evening, I'll upload the new song "Terpsichore Theatric."

At this rate, dawn'll break on me... [Then he went to sleep, I guess, because it was like 3 or 4 AM.]

At last, it's this time...

No, perhaps not. Don't get too hopeful. Maybe faintly.

Perhaps... just maybe I can upload a song soon enough... I don't know.

I threw up all over the kid next door once. It was unpleasant, but I had no choice.

Someone that will stop up vomit and excrement with both hands for me. Magnificent.

Maybe my eyesight's just bad. Or maybe I've gone blind. Even so, I yearn for someone or something I can rely on.

Putting together a band with a childhood friend and keeping it going still is a tremendous accomplishment, I think. It means that even through maturity's widening of outlook, they still haven't taken their eyes off each other. In my case, that's pretty impossible.

I wanna get this song up soon.

Which is to say, I'll upload around one or two songs in April.

"I'm not shining, nobody looks at me."

When I name my glockenspiel sounds "glock1.wav," "glock2.wav," etc, and put them on the desktop, it makes for a rather obnoxious desktop.

Got into the daily rankings [with Pupa and Palette]. I'm happy. [87th place, which I suppose isn't too bad considering it goes down to 500th.]

Lassun: ""Loss of all humanity"... impressive phrase. I like it. But, uh, not that I don't want that data to come back. Hooray for hope for humanity!!"

@rev84 Well, I'll recuperate, for humanity's sake.

rev84: "I, too, have experienced such loss, but his alone is the loss of all humanity."

denchuchu: "Good. Humanity has been saved."

Well, for now, I'm set back to an infinitely-prior state. Showing off the intro. [Terpsichore intro.]

Now that I think about it, I haven't eaten anything today.

Okay, got something back in a mostly completely different state. [Or in simpler terms, an old version.] Make sure to save, everybody.

@soraruru It's still in my memory, sure, but the sound itself was the majority of the song, and bringing that back just isn't possible...

soraruru: "That's, uh... :< Would relying on memory help?"

E N D.

While I was making it, I forgot to save, an error occurred, Sonar crashed, and it was all over.

Somebody kill me.

It was SUCH a good song... but I can't make it a second time...

Dammit! DAMN IT!


Writing a novel requires a massive vocabulary. And everyone on earth has spent their lives having to build that up from zero. That's like architecture.

How are we able to hear and distinguish dissonance? Even though no one's had any reason to teach us such...

@miyum32 I do that, but the top results tend to be Hachiko, which makes me go "awww, cute."

miyum32: "I often search for Hachi, JimmyThumb, Deadball-P, Ryuusei-P, and myself just to see if our names are out there. Out of naïve curiosity..."

Changing my icon [to Pupa and Palette] somehow feels like I've upped the energy. I wish I could've been such a beautiful girl.

Digital is quite impressive. It seems to come out with an analog feeling as well. But it's a bit different from real analog.

Submitted to Pixiv. Pupa and Palette

How long have I been using this wallet?

[Shocking Truth] Since about nine in the morning, I've been nude.


Arrrgh, I'm sooo miserable! What should I point this ragey-depressiony feeling at? Should I make an angry phone call to Square-Enix? Arrrgh!

I left it out previously, but it's disheartening when such a showy production is tied up so... simply. It was pretty fun up 'til then. So it's really rather depressing.

Beat FF13. It was very interesting, yes, but I think the last boss went a bit too easily? I didn't even notice it was the last dungeon until partway through. The ending was relatively simple, too. Ultimately, left me with an impression of cheapness. Writing in further detail would be spoilers, so I won't.

Yesterday was the first time I used "w." Failure.

Checker wwwww
[In reference to the so-called "Ustream Checker" that tracks whether people are streaming or not; it changed all the stream names for April Fools, Hachi's to "8." And just in case you don't know, "w" is short for "warau" and is the Japanese equivalent to "lol." Whew!]

"Unfortunately, as a robot, there's no such heart here."

"Finally got it all done" implies a lot of reluctance. Shouldn't you be totally dried up by the time you're done? Or so I think. Could I possibly understand something that's been continually worked on since before I was born? Well, it's just talk.

There are people who've decided to upload Bouquet and Burial at Sea songs online. I'd be grateful if they immediately got rid of them, although...

Back in senior year of high school, cellphones were a special accessory, but now, they mean just about nothing. Is the iPhone like that now?

This Painter thing seems nice. [Apparently Corel Painter, which he started using after getting his tablet.]

I wanna be a pilot in the future.

Being permitted childish things is the privilege of children. Hold it high.

"Commonplace" is very tricky to define. As such, I don't particularly want to use it. But it's handy, so I do.

Went to see Wicked yesterday. It was my first play ever, but it was amazing. The actors moved around like dolls or such to make their world. A masterpiece. Nothing to do with the story, but it brought me to tears countless times. [Hm, I wonder what this could be a precursor to...]

I bought a tablet, but I dunno how to use it.

@guta4443 What's that? Uh, it's hard to describe.

guta4443: "And what did you see, Hachi?"

Like I've always thought, "What did you see in your childhood?" is most important in creating.

There's no phrase so utterly unpersuasive as "it just CAN'T be!"

That's right, I was still a senior in high school around this time last year. Wonder if all those guys are doing okay? Well, not that I really had more friends than I could count on one hand...

If I just tweeted without looking at my timeline, what would I do if a war broke out on Twitter? I would not at all pick up on the cold war emerging on the timeline, perhaps so much so that I could accidentally aggress the war. Troubling indeed.

By the way, I don't look at replies to me all, so it's entirely a one-way street. Challenges to duels and love letters are best sent by email, please.

Since my modem was broken, I've been living like a hermit. It's reaffirmed that I'm like an insect eating up whatever internet time I can get. I think I'll use Twitter in a bit more moderation from now on.

Manga and the like typically present geniuses as "Did what should be countless days' work in only a few... what a genius!" Screw that. It makes genius look cheap.

Kindergarteners gone!! NOW!

I can't even say the things I want to say. What a world, what a world!

Who is it? Who's peeking at my mail?

Noticed how incredibly wonderful the melody I was humming for whatever reason was. Composing.

Forgive me, truly, kindergarteners outside. It's just that you're being an obstacle to recording right now.

[From a live stream in which Hachi was trying to record guitar for Terpsichore:]
Hachi: The bass drum gives me a good feeling now
Hachi: But
Hachi: There is a problem
Ustream: Problem???
Hachi: The Disappearance of Hachi's Pick
Ustream: It's in your pocket
Hachi: Oh

@drahtpuppe What?! I shall not forgive you!

drahtpuppe: "I heard about and came to join this war for Kaela-chan. I will obstruct you with all my might."

@FULLKAWA_P Take her!

FULLKAWA_P: "Well, I suppose I'll go for Ebi-chan, then!"

All my "Kaela-chan, Kaela-chan"-ing has cued my followers to go down.

@wowaka I will OBSTRUCT your obstructions.

wowaka: "I will obstruct you with all my might."

Just preparing to meet with Kaela-chan for now.

Had a dream... no, premonition that I was playing guitar behind Kaela-chan.

Announcing it now. I am TOTALLY meeting with Kaela-chan.


wowaka: "I refuse to lose... (; w ;)"

@wowaka Kaela-chan is pretty much already mine, sooo... might be a little tough.

wowaka: "Yeah, well, if you get a chance, introduce me to her!"

@wowaka Wahaha!

wowaka: "!!!!!"

Gonna go see Kaela-chan tomorrow!

Reloading like this... it's a revolution!

My followers broke 4444. Now I can Limit Break!

In the downpour of the perfect weather, the asphalt sank! Unable to stand, he danced a dance! Shake shake! Teeter totter!

What's a valid way to use 140 characters? I suppose trial and error works, but ultimately, in 140 characters, you can't say much more than you got out of bed and brushed your teeth, so a blog is preferable. This Twitter is like taking a stream of consciousness and making it so much shallower, as if with a snorkel, and so as I predicted, anything you can do with it works.

People who act like they know everything about me make me feel terrible, but I suppose that just figures. [Likely in the context of MikuWiki commentors, particularly the guy who pretended to be him.]

Tried Red Bull for the first time to keep myself awake. Grossness. That's all that's left in my mouth.

My beard's so long, I look like a hermit.

@machigerita I don't care about that baldy! I'm just talking about Franzy's magnificence!

machigerita: "What about Prosecutor Payne?!"

Especially Franziska von Karma.

Phoenix Wright has astounding character design.

drahtpuppe: "He knows too much... Hachi must be eliminated..."

@drahtpuppe The high school I went through must have been, in truth, a clone asylum, and perhaps daily clones would be born and disappear in some experiment.

drahtpuppe: "Makeup's fashionable, I suppose. I see trains and buses filled up with clones. "...Huh? Do my eyes deceive me? Is that a clone?" It's sci-fi as hell."

I seriously can't tell the difference between people who wear thick layers of makeup. Really, whenever I see people with pitch blackness around their eyes, I see them together. About half the girls at my high school had the same face. Now that I think about it, maybe they were all CLONES.

That's totally the first line of a novel.

Your dreams burn.

And in an instant, Hachi melts away into some abstract thing, finally adapting a body of pure energy.

And as to be expected, I'd only say such things on Twitter.

But wasn't I just saying this speaking-my-mind stuff wasn't productive?! I'd better stop.

Occasionally I have these moments of inevitable discomfort. Thinking I've got something inside me that's clogged up like a kitchen sink makes me not want anything.

And in the first place, since humans constantly have garbage wasting away in their guts, they couldn't reasonably be beautiful.

Well, when you look at their other sides, all humans are rather dirty. Whether they're secretly sex-obsessed, or if they drink alcohol and puke it back out.

Speaking my mind about random things on Twitter makes me feel so, so unproductive.

I wanna make a horribly fast song.

Oh yeah, on March 9th, I realized what an interesting experiment posting "Do you know what day tomorrow is?" then instead would have been.

I'd say the most delicious drink in the world is water.

Oh, by the way, my birthday was yesterday.

It was a bumpy, up-and-down birthday, for sure.

Birthday over.

Yikes, I can't keep up with this many replies, but thanks, everybody!! [11 minutes and a lot of happy birthdays later.]

Happy birthday to meee! [March 10th.]

Supermarket now. "Don't want anything, but don't have enough stuff."

When I saw my report card, I vaguely laughed "fufufu." [Not sure what Japanese report cards are like, but that "fu" is the kanji for "inferior" (or thereabouts), so I guess it's not good.]


If I can't go file a report to drop out of school tomorrow...

Whoops, the tuning got screwed up. Fixing.

Measuring society's tools of measurement.

In truth, I have an IQ of 200.

Hungry, so hungry, the wolf tricked the red-apple-esque girl and bit her, but she was a poison apple! He fell into an eternal sleep for who knows whose benefit and didn't even breathe, and then seven dwarves danced danced danced! A car leaking gasoline carried a patient, and as the witch pleaded as her head sank into some deep deep mud, they danced danced danced, for you, the two of us.

The room's started to rot. The source is me.

Sonar crashed. I wish the whole world to know of this wickedness. It felt like the emergence of a villain in a movie or something.

Hyper my-song-sucks time!

Oh, I tweeted 11 hours ago, so I guess it wasn't 18?

And I have a splitting headache.

May have just slept. Wasn't it for nearly 18 hours, though? But more correct than sleeping would be "lying with eyes shut." Or, to turn a phrase, I was a "thinking corpse."

The Dear Rangge pictures on Pixiv generally have Miku's hair a venomous green. Astoundingly off-putting, I think.

I'm not pleased with this kick sound! I can't be pleased with it! No matter what, I won't be pleased with it!


Deja vu.

Sweet, just barely there.

Man, I can't go back to the Miku Vocaloid editor after using Luka. But, you know...

I predict my song's RADICAL TIME has come. Two more hours and I should be done.

Heroically sprained my ankle as I fell from my bed. Thought it was broken for sure, but it's moving normally. No danger.

Good things are good. Not-good things are good anyway.

Saying "I'm for real" actually makes it sound more fake.

I've long had a habit of rearranging words in my head, but long ago, when I was tired, sometimes it'd slip out through my mouth. For example, "effort for the thanks!" I'm for real.

If we get to be together, it's fine.

What IS a good song? I don't even know anymore.

@kz_wreath Filthy things are filthy!

kz_wreath: "Everything's beautiful because it's filthy. Saying that is filthy, too."

Which basically means everybody's filthy.

Even the things I've said myself seem filthy.

A cow's voice comes from within the drain.

Making huge, up-tempo revisions to what I made. Feeling crushed.

Lily Chouchou is such a great name.

A washing machine that's been filled aaaaall up with multi-colored fruits.

Twitter is a miniature garden. Your own world, where you follow the people you want to live in your timeline, looking upon others who you want to involve yourself with. Though there can be depressing wrist-cutting people, there are friends you can be stupid with too. People totally unrelated to you, living however you like in a garden.

I completely forgot about that album ordering thing.

"Hey, do you know what day tomorrow is?"

The hospital room turned white again. Not one trace of her remaining, it was filled with silence only. The goat, asked about the girl's whereabouts, said: "We have no such girl here!"

At the foot of the world tree, a simple girl faked charm with all her might. "Hey! Stop sleeping, get up already!" This was the fourth answering machine. When he woke up, how would he deal with all those insults? It was somehow enjoyable.

"All mine... Won't give..." The flower was withered, red no longer. With dark colors, the girl filled her white clothes. In the white hospital room, she saw no shadows. Saw no shadows! Ahhh! What happened?!

"Hey, Rudolph... Even if this is the end of the world, it's just lovely." The girl stepped through the snow, leaving her footprints. If she were to turn around, she'd see that the two's footsteps continued as if for forever. But she didn't know that. As always, this is the end of the world.

"These are all mine! I won't give them to anyone!" So said the girl with the red bouquet in her arms. The pools of blood in the hospital room steadily grew. The goat in white would not show the least expression.

An appointment at the foot of the world tree. The stench of alcohol floating around. Neon lights going black. 8:00 eventually comes around on the wristwatch. And the owl spoke with its beak: "I should sleep again. I was dancing like a fool all yesterday..."

White-stained things began to muddily flow away. Yet, regardless, the lights at intersections turned red and turned blue as always, and rabbits, wolves, deer, foxes, bears, everybody had a cellphone in hand, and earphones in ears, and necktie around neck!

In the corner of a hospital room, a red flower had been torn up, petal by petal. "These are all mine!" And the petals at her feet, seeming like puddles of blood, died away.

"Hey, did you know? Way up there, there's a "sky" or something." A little boy with sparkling eyes. He was laughing, enjoying himself so.

Rudolph rang the bell, Alice was blind, and as they warmed their frozen hands, they held each other's. A couple in a town, since perhaps the beginning of time.

Gears spin on, grinding down bone. A man in a raincoat. In the mirror, your rain-soaked hair disturbed your cheeks. Rangge, were you still there? When I asked, I was the only one.

A small bottle of pills. A girl with droopy ears, then lying at the bottle of a manhole. Hates spring. "Hey, loppy-ears; nothing's changed, has it?"

"Furukawa's birthday's approaching" reminded me that my own birthday was approaching. Man, already?

When I'm having fun, I'm in a good mood no matter what.

There's no way I can go to a salon or a barber or anything, so I've always cut it myself.

This, too, is for the sake of two lives.

Deep into song-making. All outside-world sounds have been shut down. I'm not returning your emails.

Going to Nagasaki and seeing Dali's prints of Pantagruel's "ridiculous dreams" really left an impression on me, seen in Mrs. Pumpkin's Ridiculous Dream.

I always wanted to be a guy who looked good in glasses.

Rakshasa was on Count Down TV? Really?

To say that Bouquet and Burial at Sea is an album made for Persona Alice's sake is not exactly an exaggeration.

The fact that a not-even-20 youngster like me has gotten all sorts to exchange opinions is really something wonderful. I must use this power for good.

[This set off a considerable discussion, including how Nico sometimes regards PV-less songs as no good, how back with records it used to be just sound, and Hachi seeming to mix up Beethoven ("a deaf foreign pianist") with Ray Charles ("Huh? Wasn't he blind, not deaf?").]

I think the idea that "music can be made with just sound" is mistaken. It's best if there's a sense of sight, a sense of touch. Is Nico heading toward that?

@tomatowt I demand a detailed explanation!

tomatowt: "Well, can't you make the PS3 display to a computer screen if you use a cable or something?"

My TV's so tiny that the text is stupidly unreadable.

PS3 arrived. At last, it's FF time...

@niabi802 What an elegant solution.

niabi802: "What if you cover the left eye instead?"

I'm drawing a manga, but no matter what I do, the protagonist keeps turning into me. With the right-eye-covering Kitaro hair and everything. What am I to do?

Humans always try to evaluate anything that hasn't been. "Yeah, well, I pick this one!" I guess I'm no exception, though.

Deepest impressions left on me from Vocaloid Master? Furukawa-P being one hell of a cool guy, and Task's right straight punch really, really hurting.

I'll set up a way to order Bouquet and Burial at Sea, but please, don't resell it on Yahoo Auctions. Thank you. [As of this tweet, there were about seven people doing so. This was promptly retweeted about a billion times.]

[NOTE: Vocaloid Master 11 takes place, Bouquet and Burial at Sea is sold.]

Did anyone notice the reflection of the cat from Dear Rangge behind the girl in my blog background?

The little toe on my right foot hurts. I have no idea why this could reasonably be, so it might have been running into the corner of the dresser in my dream.

Dreamt I was travelling to an island of eternal summer.

[State of Emergency] EARPHONES BROKE.

On a live stream, I mistakenly said "please recommend me books I can finish reading, then no longer need." But if my limited living space started looking like a dump, I don't know what I'd do.

[NOTE: WORLD'S END UMBRELLA posted soon after that tweet, obviously.]

[Announcement] I'm uploading one of the songs from the CD I'm selling at Vocaloid Master (Bouquet and Burial at Sea), WORLD'S END UMBRELLA, to NicoNico. Also, Minakata Laboratory [formerly Task Utsushita] is in charge of the PV. The day will be February 6th... preferably!

@YumiSora Settle dooown, settle dooown!!

YumiSora: "DQ comes first."

I am extremely confident in my first song and my second song and my third song and my fourth song and my fifth song, and my sixth and seventh songs and my eighth song, and also my ninth song.

Got up. Dreamt I was strangling a woman with an unusually thin neck.

Fill the distance with words.

Had a dream I was chasing after a loved one's corpse drifting through the cosmos.

The ever-repeating uncertainty of all things.

Important things leave traces of themselves all over, whether they're anywhere from big to trifling.

I began Vocaloid, and saw all kinds of people. And I realized I exceedingly lacked in knowledge, experience, and vocabulary. So I thought I'd live more fully, looking for a variety of things.

No will to do anything.

No will to make songs.

I didn't take a photo. Perhaps it just wasn't necessary. But for now, all I'll say is that someday, it may again be necessary.

Living clumsily isn't any fun either.

Living skillfully isn't any fun.

I'd like to make something like that too.

Ghibli is really good at making things that are both easy to understand and have a variety of interpretations.

I wanted to recommend that people listen to "Bouquet and Burial at Sea" today, but I still haven't released it anywhere...

Suddenly tweeting that must have sounded really bandwagon-y. I really love this song, though. [This was soon after Brother's animated PV came out.]

The word choice in Hello, Planet's lyrics is amazing.

@scopscop Please don't say that...

scopscop: "Same here. One screw-up, and it's all over..."

Deadlines are scary deadlines are scary deadlines are scary deadlines are scary deadlines are scary deadlines are scary

It WAS a good song. Resuming work.

Music can make people cry in five minutes. It takes a movie two hours. That's impressive.

Oh, why did I buy those cake donuts...

Currently fistfighting with Illustrator.

Putting in the Defining Nine. ["Kyuukyoku no kyuu-kyoku"]

Definitely looking like nine... hm, "definitely," "nine"...

Sorry, probably gonna be nine songs after all. [On Bouquet; he initially announced ten.]

If I can't finish this song today, I give up.

I aspire to be somebody who says terrible things with an honest face.

[Not really a single tweet, but Hachi uploaded a video of him singing When Crooks Laugh under the name "Kawazuya," which literally translates to "frog-seller," I suppose in contrast to one of the meanings of "Hachi" being "bee." Anyway, why do I mention this? Well...]

Turned into a totally different song.

the laughter doesn't end

[qururi03 was his original name on Twitter before he changed it to hachi_08. So, yeah. Way to make me have to explain the joke, Hachi.]

@qururi03 @qururi03 @qururi03 @qururi03 @qururi03 @qururi03 @qururi03 @qururi03 @qururi03 @qururi03 @qururi03 @qururi03 @qururi03 @qururi03

[Note: The last four tweets are all the maximum 140 characters in Japanese, though the second one cheats by having a ton of periods at the end.]

"My eyes are going," sighed with relief the round-backed owl, who could never reach what he had hoped for yet gulped down stiff liquid for dinner like a clown, and ate and ate as if it may have been something there, as a lying spear held like a sword at a tearjerking play held at a temple staggered about here and there, singing loud its lament.

I can say anything? Really? She got off on the first floor. She got off on the second floor. In the third floor hallway was excrement waiting for someone to begrudgingly clean up. There was no fourth floor. On the fifth floor, there was something like her that was feeling terrible, and on the sixth floor was vomited-out last night's dinner. I'm looking for the words to describe riding the balloon together. There was no seventh floor, either. On the eighth floor,

She laughed, brutishly, with a face showing no hint of compassion, "Ah, I ate up what used to be there, all of it," as her corset strangled her and she knit her brows and compared to the splendor of the main street the muddy back alley was... yes, yes, and something was beating away relentlessly like burning yourself to death, next to the annual baumkuchen pile which piles and piles and piles and dances...

Before I thought about it, the words were like a dented tissue box, together with the maddening freedom of a recantropy and a cadenza that were swaying, smoothly, dryly, felt like the laugh of a hanging doll, left foot stuck in the gap in a show window, stuck to frogs of varying colors coiling around a tube, sealing a letter approved by the labrador's assistant.

Could a place with no language still give birth to philosophy?

Vocaloid is a tool unlimited by the human voice, after all...

Nothing but handsome men and beautiful women.

Live shows are fun.

Working on my battlecry.


Oh, and the "my regards" part was a lie.

That is to say, that was a lie.

I tend to lie about my feelings then, so my regards.

A while after he was done, he whispered something that made me sick to my stomach. So I forgot it.

As he said so, he licked at the back of my neck.

I'm thirsty. Play with me.

A diorama. Entirely fake. There's life, but... with so many things slighted.

@itikura Well, okay, if I died trying, it'd become a suicide. And one with a strange story, at that.

itikura: "You can't ever hang yourself! Please, please don't die."

Since I want a higher voice, I'm going to start strangling myself every day.

My songs have no aural consistency... Is it an issue of the equipment? Or just me sucking?

Calling someone a "good person" is really just calling them a "convenient-to-me person."

Coming home for too long has really put a terrible delay on my work.

No time to eat, yet, time to tweet. How does that work?

If I were to die right now, I think most of the sadness would be directed toward "Hachi." After all, I know things haven't changed much since long ago. If the news got a hold of my tragic accident, though, I don't think anyone would think "Hachi."

At my parents' house. This computer is painfully bad.

I am Hachi, and I vow from this point on to never buy any cake donuts.

Of course, there are many people more interesting than me... aren't there?

Kinda not interesting... -> Whoa, this is a sweet song! -> Hold on, gotta go to the store -> Uh, this isn't very good... That's where I'm at now.

Making a fairly uninteresting and mundane song.

Lately, I've been finding myself leaning toward using anagrams to come up with suitable words. Hrmmm.

If I change the melody, will everyone get mad...?

Ugh, naturally. I could finish it once, but the job of rearranging things again is pure pain.

[Announcement] Doing a big revision of THE WORLD END WHATEVER.

Here comes crap-song zone!

TWEU's .cwp file might be broken.

A certain song that's a continuation of a song I made unintentionally ended up with a similar BPM. What a happy coincidence. [THINK he's talking about Ghost Mansion and Mrs. Pumpkin... maybe.]

Even if the audience at today's show is one guy, I won't be bitter.

I think my ability to turn thoughts into words might be broken. Where can I get that fixed? Heck, where can you even put things in? Does the human body have a black box? You can't deal with these technical problems on your own.

Well, I say that, but there's really a LOT of people I'd like to hear from.

I want to hear from the people who say Dear Rangge is Christmas-esque. Really, I'm curious.

[Concerning initial Rangge interpretations:] Ecila's viewpoint...? Now, how would that work?

There's the commercial! DASH!



Okay, making a dash to the supermarket come the next commerical break.

[NOTE: After a few more tweets that end in "okay, I'll be posting "Dear Rangge" soon," Dear Rangge is posted.]

It's been a long time since I was worried about a song name like this. Usually, I have it decided before I even begin composing.

Still got writer's block on the song name... what do I do?

The video's mostly done, but I still haven't decided on a title for the song [Dear Rangge].

I can't draw anything with depth, so my videos don't have any depth either.

At times like these, I begin to suspect I'm simply missing an emotion or something.

I don't think my artistic ability is nearly sufficient for what's become my next-next song, so I'm trying to meet with people on Pixiv.

...But I say that every time.

I've almost got a really good song ready.

[Follow-Up] Decided to drop out.

[Urgent Announcement] Decided to redo a year of school.

Didn't I mention? I can't do music, lyrics, or draw when I'm drunk!

Destroyed a Jenga tower. I'm Hachi.

I want to make a song by sampling the voice of a newborn baby.

Want to draw a girl crying.

Ugh, scanner isn't responding...

I'm preparing for two more songs this year.

I want to smash everything.


Can't think of a title, so resorting to anagrams.

Remembered my grade-school dreams of becoming a manga artist.

Now, how do I get this sound...

I'm off on a journey for sound samples.

The world is full of things I don't understand.

Yesterday was really fun. This morning was the worst.

[NOTE: clock lock works is posted and Hachi has a stream with a bunch of other Vocaloid artists where he apparently falls asleep, and once awake, apologizes to everyone involved.]

The [clock lock works] PV, though I wouldn't say it's better than the music, goes well with it, for better or worse.

...Or can I?

I can't draw the face of a girl stained with tears...

I'm finding that I'm surprisingly good at pixeling.

Making a pixel PV.

@FULLKAWA_P If Furukawa-P was my teacher, I'd live at school.

FULLKAWA_P: "I'd like to be a teacher at your school."

School is so boring. I just wanna stooop.

Yeah, maybe I should stop for now...



Totally redoing the chorus! HERE GOOOOOES

It's like, I made a song like this before, but how did I get that sound? I can't just guess!

With the song I'm making [Rangge], I've entered the zone where I listen to it and think it's crap... this is where things get climactic.

A game of musical chairs for two...

I can't sleep, so I'm not sleeping.

[NOTE: In a Rainy Town, Balloons Dance with Devils is posted around this time.]

The song I'm making [Rainy Town] has such a Black Rock Shooter-esque part that I'm definitely gonna have to change it.

My next song will be a musical chairs song.

A game of musical chairs for two...

It's always me who gives in. Walking, with no destination, back to her...

The source of the threatening atmosphere was with her. It was obvious, whether you looked or not.

Even she herself seemed to know it was nothing but a bluff.

"Right. I'm going to live alone." Her lips trembled.

I can't help but wish there were an "undo" button on, uh, real drawing.

When Miss Hatsune takes a bath, I wonder what she does with her hair...

Listened to my old songs for the first time in a while. Surprised - "hey, these WERE good songs!"

My plan to pick up a random stray cat still has some kinks.

I want a caaaaat.

Clothes are hung by the neck. No rights for them.


@bsakatu I WAS THINKING OF SINGING IT!!!!!!!!!!


@michocolate @FULLKAWAP @kzyk208 I'M BACK!!!!!!!!!!



Brought home some headphones. HUOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

Hello, Ms. Pumpkin!

Hm, is there a period after "Miss"?

Pantagruel's Comical Dreams were impressive.

I dreamt I made a super-awesome song.

Only around two months until Halloween. Talk about relentless.

Planned a new song.

Hachi who?

Who could like a piece of trash like me?

Hachi also has a blog with some interesting stuff on it.

Happy New Year

Writing an entry to get rid of the ads. As usual, I don't actually have much to write about, but oh well.

So it's a new year.
I hope 2012 will be a year in which no one is unfairly tormented.

I need to clearly determine what vision I have for what exactly I want to be, or my heart will be thrown to the roadside, speaking pointless chatter underneath a cheap flickering light. Surely at that point, neither my heart nor body will be of any consequence.

Recently, I've been devoting my time to making songs. I'm finishing up songs in a variety of forms. I apologize for my incompetence, but I'll expend all my efforts to send them out into the world immediately.

Seeming Alright


- Matryoshka and Panda Hero will be available for karaoke on Joysound on November 27th.
When I mentioned it on Twitter, I got an incredible response to it. Thanks for that.

- I don't have anything particularly worth writing here, but... but... but yeah.
I moved, replaced some equipment... Oh, I'm rather pleased with the spaciousness of my new house's veranda.

- Since about the beginning of this year, I dimly found something I wanted to do, but look how late it's gotten while I've been staring at it.
Giving it form will probably still take a little longer.

- A person's self is a thing that gets broken and built up in places they never intend.
Unaware of this, they'll slip into a disgusting bush, get their body covered with bruises, let a giant leech attach to their ankle, and they'll only notice after the fact.
You can't put too much trust in your awareness. There's a part of yourself you don't know, and it can very well be rotting.
It's not just the things inside your body that make up you. In addition to your sensory organs, there are many materials tumbling around that your self is composed of.
While you know they're rolling around, they're rolling in ways you can't see very well with your own eyes, so you can't truly know them.
So of course I should talk with others, so I can learn from people who aren't me.
Knowing you can see things from where you are that I can't, I speak with a great smile on my face.
I want to make things, show them to people, and dance with murderously stupid passion.
Now, I'm living a peaceful but boring life. I want to talk to other people again.


I was thinking of moving my blog simultaneously with my site's opening, but due to circumstances, I just left the old blog behind.
Not that it's a huge deal or anything.

- Whenever my music, words, and art unknowingly distance themselves from me, and I make a great variety of friends, and I take them back to my place, I always ponder over the same thoughts, like if we might marry someday, and what would happen if we had a child.
Of course, being that I've killed off my own works countless times, I know I would be a hopeless, useless parent, at least as ethics goes.

- Since I was very young, I've been taught from many sources "Don't do unto others what you wouldn't want done to you." But I wonder.
"What you wouldn't want done to you" is so general, it means you could be saying "Don't do ANYTHING!" or "Don't cause me any trouble!"
There could never be a person with not a single thing they wouldn't want done to them. If there is, who knows where they are. Thus there's no avoiding that when people meet, eventually they're going to step on a land mine.
As safe as you believe yourself to be, there's always explosives dug in parts of the ground, and there isn't any fence to tell you they're there.
These land mines could be buried on empty, ordinary roads or crowded places where it's hard to see.

Rather than teaching "Don't do unto others what you wouldn't want done to you," perhaps we should teach "You can never know what another doesn't want done to them."
And on top of that, "If you do something another finds distasteful, ask forgiveness, and if they don't forgive you, knock them to the ground."
If we don't, memories of disliked actions done to a person will run deep, and their children will learn to fear these things, leading to a kind of deification, a judgement that those fearsome acts should never be done to another.
Endless time will be spent trying to flee from those fears.
If you succumb to fear and anxiety, even words that should be told to another will sink into the depths of your heart and never again rise to the surface.
So you should forgive others and give them a chance. Which also helps to avoid yet more meaningless conversation.


Walking a wasteland of sheer vastness.
A wasteland of sheer vastness. Where to the right and left, ahead and behind, there's not a single landmark to be seen.
Never raining, no people but ourselves.
No indication of anything at the edge of the horizon.
Where there's only the smell of baked sand and air shimmering in the distance.
We walk through it.
We establish simple landmarks, like how many steps we've walked, or how long our shadows are.
We walk through it.
While we imagine yeast rising, or tree roots growing thickly.

We cease thinking.
Only walking toward landmarks, becoming awful-feeling creatures.
Feeling awful, bored. Like we're already dead.
And it is a matter of course that we die while we walk.
No rights. And no use in complaining.
Stepping on hard sand, on traces of dried-up water, unable to do anything but avoid idleness.
When we finally arrive at a landmark, the awful-feeling monsters are broken, and we can at least imagine trees growing thickly.
Until then, it is a matter of course that we are dying.

"Rest in peace. That way you won't repeat your mistakes."

- Deciding to flatly think about everything leads to bias.
Resolving to make everything peaceful is a rather arrogant proposal.

- There's no such thing as a villain.
There exists every kind of virtue within a town, and each person lives believing in their own.
Even if there are hopeless, dimunitive virtues, there are also virtues held to be so noble that they appear shady.
There are also unconscious virtues that have no qualm with putting in the least amount of effort one can.
And virtues brought about by abject coagulation.
And these virtues become morals. A phenomenon of believing you are right.

On the other hand, the word's opposite, evil, is nowhere to be found.
The people living in town have their own thoughts, philosophies, and can only follow their virtues toward their ultimate fates.
Even if they bully, berate with gossip, or kill people, that only happens because of their virtues - it is not evil.
Everyone is virtuous.
We merely do not accept those kinds of virtue.
Virtues that interfere with you, and cannot be joined together by any means, cause friction and pain.
Having nightmares for three nights straight, your stomach churns, your blood boils, you seek retribution of some kind, and every day you trip on this obstacle.
If you find yourself thinking this, you gain resentment against this pain, and are hateful to the cause.
It's your own imagination that creates the image of a villain. In anywhere but the mind, it does not exist.
There's no such thing as a villain.
So when you wish to confront someone, know they are not evil, but merely unable to meet eye to eye with you.
It is because you deem their virtue unacceptable that you want to beat them into next week.
Don't let laws and society deceive you. Decide for yourself what doesn't please you.

- Well, summer has begun.
I'd like to go on a trip through space sometime this summer.


Good day.

- I went to Los Angeles for about a week.
For Hatsune Miku-related business. But only on one of those days was I really working.

I was selling my CDs at Anime Expo, and I was surprised that quite a lot of people there seemed to know about me.
Most of them couldn't speak with me, so the best they could give me was "thank you." I don't know too much about what anyone but Japanese people think.
Regardless, they certainly seemed to convey that they "enjoyed" me and my work.
So I was glad to see my creations have produced, if not the more complex emotions, at least the "base" emotions for "thank you"s and "happy"s.
So many broadly smiling people. I could get used to this.
And at the same time, some were confused. What's a Hachi??

- Strawberry banana smoothies are delicious. Perhaps my best memory of America.

- There are too many people with no opposition to chasing after negative values.
"I want to beat someone up." "I want to restrain myself." "I want to resort to violence."
Many people say those kinds of things, and it makes them into what most would call masochists or sadists.
All their worthwhile time is comprised up nothing but worthless things.

- That reminds me that I've probably written vigorously about this before, but I dislike the idea of masochistic and sadistic almost as much as judging personality from blood type.
People often induldge in calling themselves masochists or sadists, using it as an excuse for whatever circumstance with a snide look.
"It's because I'm a masochist," "it's because I'm a sadist."
If you're just calling yourself that, then it's alright (though I'm sure it must be terribly unpleasant), but the most terrifying thing is that some demand that others do it!
Have to do something.

Rainy Day

Good evening. My headache will not cease.

The pain is mostly brought by the sheer number of obstacles in my daily life. My head feels like it's going to wither.
Thinking on the causes, I concluded it was the result of two things working together: the rain that's lasted several days, and stress from all kinds of things.
Simply by being there, rain calms me down. And when I'm calm, all sorts of things appear clean, and I often dive deep down.
But when I make a single misstep, I'm caught in a mire, and I'm helpless.

How did I spend rainy days in the past? Looking back, what comes to mind is my grade school self.
Ignoring all threats of rain, we neighborhood kids would continue to run around, and once the rain became severe enough not to be disregarded, we took shelter under the park's slide.
It was the sole place we could go to hide from the rain, but back then, we were small enough that we could fit three or four of us under there.
We enjoyed puddles. At my friend's place, even though there were a trivial few of them, we got ourselves soaked.
And when we got unordinarily excited, we floated a ship we made out a leaf.
We went to the nearby river to catch crayfish. There were more of them than usual on rainy days.
We dangled down chopsticks with a piece of squid on the end, and fished with that simple rod.
But strangely, I don't remember anything about the moment we caught anything. Perhaps I just enjoyed the fact that the crayfish were there.
Those were our days. Raindrops dripping from the slide, feeling the damp, blackened asphalt, raindrops bursting when they hit the water and faintly reflecting the crayfish... I remember little things here and there.
Even now, I grow a little anxious wondering if I'll ever make contact with those old days.
Rain reflects many things.

In a night rain, I looked down at my feet, and saw a streetlight reflected in the asphalt. But struck by the rain, it seems to flop about. It was like some brand new creature.

A While

Sometimes - VERY sometimes - there are moments I want to update my blog, but I unfortunately lose the chance. They're periodic, about once a month.
I think for those brief moments that I'll update my blog, but it doesn't happen.
The timing is awful, my PC isn't cooperating, it's too cold... there's always something.
Considering those points, it hit me that me updating my blog is an incredibly rare event.
I wouldn't find it strange if this moment were to go down in the history books.
"On May 23rd, 2011, Hachi updated his blog." The more you know.

I've thought of myself as a truly worthless human being for a very long time.
I have no idea how many times I've written something along those lines. Reading through my old entires, it seems I've said that same thing once every week or so.
But I'm throughly convinced I'm worthless. That's been the clear reality from past to present, and it's no fluke.

The name on Twitter [Kenshi Yonezu] is indeed my real name. It's an unusual one, so it's been mistaken as a screen name.
To say that I had no reason to hesitate in revealing my name would be a lie, but it is a name I'm sort of happy with, and I would like people to know a little more about me.
The fact that my screen name has permeated and is known by far more people than my real name made me a little bit sad. For some reason.
I'm blessed to have no history of worrying about people knowing me, so I have mostly no resistance to revealing my identity.
I'm obviously not giving up the name Hachi. Just please notice that yes, "there's this name too."

Ah, right, I completely forgot. My CDs are now being sold at the Village Vanguard in Takadanobaba.
Buy them if you wish.

About the Land of Wonder.

Looking at the many responses to Wonderland the Sheep's Song fills me with such bliss.
So I'll write a little bit about the song.

The song is a combination of two of my old songs, Aldebaran and Träumerei.
There are people here and there who have noticed this, so the fact that those songs indeed live on somewhere, though it's complicated, makes me very happy.
Neither of the two songs really had the same ethnic mood; taking on that form was the result of various changes in circumstance and my own indecisiveness, I think.

Why "combine" two songs, you may ask? Well, Aldebaran and Träumerei were composed together as a pair.
If the mood of one would change on a whim, it would inevitably influence the other.
This song is the result of mixing an "infinitely bright song" and an "infinitely gloomy song."

It's a song with many things packed into it, but please, everyone, try to think about this "Wonderland."
Don't give up and say "I don't get it" - if you put in the effort to come up with your own meaning, can't you enjoy it more?



Seems it's getting to be summer already.
There's a kindergarten near my house, and day by day the innocent, joyful noise seems to get louder.
When I was little, I used to play until the days got dark too, but we've since become different creatures.

When it's summer, I want to go on a trip.
Right now, I'm thinking of going to Okinawa.
"Summer's fun here!", I've heard, so please tell me if it's true.
I'm going alone. And don't suggest Disneyland or anything.

In songmaking, I'm getting turned on my head, but I'm getting there.
As I said on Twitter, I'm contributing to the Vocaloid song collection Supernova 3.
I'm racing to meet the deadline now. Somebody hide me, please.

Last night, I saw a black cat in the neighborhood.
There weren't many streets there, so I could mostly just see some wriggling form, but the silhouette was that of a cat.
Around this time last year, I saw a black cat in the same place, and that cat ended up in Close and Open, Rakshasa and the Corpse.
In the lyrics, he (or she) appears as "the three-legged cat."
He only looked at me a little, as if not seeing anything, before disappearing down the alley.
Who can say if it's the same cat, but it made me sorta happy.
Somebody I'd like to meet again.

Sentence Experiment

Please tell me how you feel about the following sentences.

Spitting out words like a copy machine. Breathing out, on and on, at a fixed rhythm.
The spat-out words fall to the ground like stones, shatter like sugar pastries.
Then rot like raw, neglected meat.
A squirt gun is reflected in the amniotic fluid.
The fetus of the wannabe gangster raises its middle finger, like a sesame grain.
Spitting out dirty words like a triangular corner of a kitchen.
On a road in Norway, a doggish cat strikes a match.
Breathing out delicate breaths, like grapes gone transparent.
The hero faces the white eyes. The swallow breathes in cigarette smoke.
The collection of water sticking to the faucet loses power and falls into the bathtub.
Falling like mud. Slurping the remaining pasta.
She laughs.
Alone, laughing a lonely laugh. Having a meal in mere theory.
Tormented by self-contradictions. Chatting with a chamberpot. Tears like salt water falling.
An octopus holding its belly laughs. She, too, laughs with it.
"Nice weather today, huh?" Words with no obstacles to them. Raindrops blacken jeans.
The grand prize shown on TV enters her head. And instantly vanishes.
The plug is pulled out. The cable is pulled away. Caught up on the curtain rail.
The TV is raised up. And tossed onto a stack of disorganized books.
With a great voice, the TV yells. Sways. Cuts wrists. Bleeds black blood. Sways. Shakes.
The refrigerator's contents are all moved into the washing machine.
The washing machine's contents are all eaten.
The now-useless refrigerator is thrown on top of the TV.
With a great voice, the refrigerator yells.
The newscaster decides to get onto a spinning blue chair.
It spins as elegantly as a merry-go-round.
The chair is thrown on top of the refrigerator. With a great voice, the chair yells.
Looking upon the completed time machine, she laughs. A remarkably cheerful laugh.
As a finishing touch, a cutting knife is placed on top of the chair.
The floor gives way. And crumbles away.
Where the time machine was, something alike a manhole remains, empty.
A rabbit jumps out from within the manhole. Intently, the watch-checking rabbit looks at her.
The rabbit, as if to make fun of her appearance, looks on. And grinning broadly, laughs.
Her hands are pulled. The rabbit's body sinks down into the manhole. The girl follows, too.
The rabbit laughs.
"Aw, look at that, the game is over!"

She laughed.






You look so tasty!




I had a dream.

In my dream, I was a fully-mature adult with my own home, living without discomforts.
And for some reason, I was employed as a blacksmith, working on iron in my workshop.
It was a pretty large workshop. Perhaps I lived without needing to worry about money.
There was another person living in the house. My lover, I suppose.
Whether we were engaged or not or anything, I didn't know, but she seemed like just an ordinary girl to me.
It seemed we had been together for a long time.
We lived in the same house, I ate a meal she made, I worked on iron, she watched. It was very heartwarming.
Most of the people in my dream were people I knew. For me, people I don't know appearing in a dream is rare.
And she may not have been an exception; she was someone very important to me at the moment.
But this is just a "maybe," as I can't remember her face very well.
Nor her voice, nor her personality. Nor any conversations we had.
I may have just forgotten. All I can remember now, thinking back on it, is that she was there.
But when I think about her appearance in the dream, a caring face comes to mind.

After this, it's all only the vaguest of recollections.
I'm using some kind of medicine and getting better, I'm visiting some friends and three of us are drawing something together, the era suddenly changes and someone's leading a young me through a rainy night on a cart...
Those fragments come to mind.

late rabbit edda

Hello. I'm Hachi.

I've deleted all of my old songs (the original songs under the name "late rabbit edda," most of which I sang).
I believe I've deleted all trace of every one of them from the net.

The reasons for deleting them arose from a variety of things over a long period of time.
I have one stance on making songs, along the lines of "make what you agree to."
I should be able to listen to it and objectively think "this is a good song." Everything I've made has always been exclusively for myself.
It might seem like, writing that, it means I've come to hate my songs, but I don't mean to say that.
Even if I listen to them now, I think they're very good songs, and I love them.
But I couldn't agree with them. "This song wouldn't have to be one of my songs," I thought.
In my musical experiences, I want to make original songs.
But are these songs really original? Is it really fine to call them my original songs?
From now on, I don't want to live with those shackles. Living with these songs had caused my stance to slowly slip away.
They've caused me to deny myself.
As such, I'd have to kill them by my own hand soon.
Cremate them, get them a casket, dig them a grave.
So I don't think I'll be uploading any more songs under the name late rabbit edda.

But my intent is not just to kill them off.
From this grave, from these remains, in the days to follow, there will sprout new life.
That which I can love, and I feel I can live with.

This is the end of late rabbit edda's legacy.
Clowns, white rabbits, flying whales, submissive owls, space fragments, lonely wolves and kings, confusing chess, and three-colored cats can all rest peacefully.
Good night.

A little while ago, I went to see Summer Wars.
I planned to see it in Tokushima, but it wasn't showing there, so I had no choice but to run all the way down to Koukawa.
As for my thoughts after watching it, it was a very good film.
There are all sorts of pros and cons to discuss, but I just had a good old time.
The way the electronic world and the sense of summer intermingled is... well, pretty much the expected job well done from Mamoru Hosoda.

Also, I can't possibly be the only one that couldn't believe Kazuma wasn't a girl at first.


I wrote that I might graduate from being a Mouse Warrior, but I don't have a tablet.
I'll scan in drawings on paper, and I'll see if I can't make a video that way.
The image is from my current work.
This is "clock lock works," the "second" song mentioned in my 7/21 entry.
Er, there's also the song for the "a girl in a white world..." story from a previous entry.

But the scanner hasn't arrived yet!

"clock lock works" is a song written from Miku's viewpoint (or rather, a girl's viewpoint).
So Miku's singing this song, too.
Maybe that's a little unclearly stated.

I say that my Miku songs are "Miku's viewpoint" songs, but in the end, they're all songs singing my own views.
It's only natural, though, right?
I probably don't even have to formally state it.

I said my next Miku song would be "Fragments and...", but I'd already like to take that back.
Truth is, I'm making three songs at once.

One: 80%
Two: 60%
Three: 20%

I feel like that's about how creation is going.
"Fragments" is number three.

I saw the Transformers movie.
The story seemed to be the standard Hollywood "whatever works" - most important was that the robots were awesome.
As someone who loves Gundam, it made me drool. Just a little.
I wonder if my cellphone can transform, too.

Clocks are a lot like humans in a way.
Working to live, living to work.

My next Miku song should be "Fragments and Laika Dreaming." People in the know should, well, know.

The human ear is kinda a little odd.
The sound of falling rain is something like "zazazaza..."
Since thousands of billions of raindrops fall together, the "pechi" sound of a single raindrop certainly won't do.
And when tons of people in the Tokyo Dome cheer, the ear hears it as a "waaa!", but again, each individual person is shouting their own thing.
Maybe "ohhh!", maybe "alright!", maybe "I love you!", maybe "I'm hungry!"

My classwork today involved making books.
Well, it wasn't about making a book to begin with, it was more thinking about the audience of a certain kind of book and how you'd go about selling it. Apparently all we really needed to make was the cover.
But I teamed up with a friend, and we decided we'd make a storybook, and I went nuts and did eighty percent of it as my own thing. Thinking back on it, I was almost disgustingly overexcited.
It ended up being a feel-good story, so I want to give it real form someday. Whether it'll become a song or a picture book, I don't know, but...


"In a pure white world, there is nothing.
No heavens, no earth, no horizon, no dogs, no cats, no dinner menus, no mothers, no shadows, no warmth.
Nothing exists there.
There is one girl there, simply standing.
What she is doing there is unclear.
No one is there but her, much less of the opposite sex. Not one other person exists.

< sketch of qualia looking an awful lot like ecila, with some of the "no heavens, no earth" lines calligraphied around her and the above two lines on the right >

She does not know color.
Not blue, not red, not green, not the color of dark rainclouds, not the pink of a faded marble, not the yellow of an eaten mandarin.
There is only the pure white world.
As such, what "white" really means is unclear.
For nothing in that world is colored anything but white. Not one other thing exists."


Spinning sentences, putting them to song, and using them to show a person unknown. And getting a response from it. That's a truly happy and enjoyable thing for me.

The bathroom after I cut my hair was an incredible thing indeed.
It was like some kind of horror film.


Finally done. A new song.
This song has limited interpretations, but I'll be happy if it gets deep, deep into your thoughts regardless.
Why WAS the umbrella covering everything?
Why WAS everyone just accepting the umbrella?
Why WAS a white shadow there?
Just the little things.

The number "five"... since ancient humans gave it the name "five," they of course called it "five," but what if they named them all except "five"?

One, two, three, four, dinner menu, six, seven, eight, nine, ten.

My school has a "proper ways of being" class.
I'm thinking it's essentially about how no proper definition of art or music exists.
For example, there could be five minutes of nothing but "mi" and "fa" played dissonantly on the piano at 120 BPM.
Yet I still don't think you could call that anything but "music."
It's not something you can attribute to environmental sounds.
To be even more extreme, 120 minutes of silence, with a single "do" at the 68:25 mark. Even that's "music."
When thinking about it to such extremes, you can't say it's completely different from the world-famous music of The Beatles or Oasis.
Art is the same way.
A blank white sheet of B3 paper with ":..:" painted in red in the center is still unmistakably art.
And to take it even further, a wet blob of green paint running down the paper still makes up a picture.

"It'll be coming soon..."

Looking up, as if from the bottom of a jumbled toybox, I saw a sky blocked out by machinery, letting out a single drop. The sight always made me feel like vomiting.
From distant skies, they look down upon us, laughing together over our lament.

"Well, aren't you just all that..."

I spat at them.
The spit drew a small arc in the sky, gave in to gravity, and with a sticky noise, fell on "our" earth.

As if to follow this up, a single drop rolled off my cheek.
Wiping it with my palm, I saw it became darkened.
As if on cue, drops begin to fall in increasing number.
So it's begun another day.
I glared at the faraway machine in the sky, and raised an umbrella.