German Suplex (from Kenshi Yonezu's blog)

- Suddenly, it's September. I've noticed it's been oddly cool while walking around, and thought, it couldn't be... Yes, September has already arrived. And summer is ending.

- I'm always wondering what it means to "think for yourself." To ensure that your intentions are not fake? Or perhaps to avoid being so swept up by a big wave such that you cannot do anything but represent the wave itself? Is it right to call that your "will"? And is it right to call a personality that is a collage of torn pieces "original"?

- Since the words for "originality" [in Japanese and English] came about in modern times, it seems those for "copyright" were also born at that time. There's no shortage of people on the internet who are desperate to claim rights on things.

- The feeling of "can't go anywhere" is deeply embedded in me, so I commonly end up using or wanting to use it in my lyrics. I don't exactly know what the deal with it is either, but thinking about it again, I think I tend to use it with regard to the notion of the irreversible flow of time. No, yeah, I don't know.

- Self-reflection is not necessarily a negative thing. If you can discover bad aspects of yourself through self-reflection, you should certainly be able to find good aspects as well; if you can't, you might just be intentionally looking for bad things. I suppose you could call that servility.

Watching this is very amusing, and simultaneously very moving...

- My second album "MAD HEAD LOVE / Poppin' Apathy" is releasing October 30th. They're good songs. I hope you enjoy them. As someone who, on the internet, posted things to NicoNico as soon as I made then, I just can't get used to the lag from creation to release. I'm thinking there's not much I can do about that, and it also makes me want to go home.

- Summer is endinggggg.

Posted September 3rd, 2013


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