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December 25th, 2022

I'm super curious about a world where stuff like dark matter and dark energy is completely understood, but it's sad to think there's surely no place for ghosts in such a world.

If both the inquisitiveness of wanting to explain the unknown and the religiousness of wanting to cling to something unknown are human nature, it seems strange to have both at once, but I often think that having contradictory feelings in itself might be human nature. Don't you think?

There's a short manga I really like about a monk who pursues astrophysics and proves there's no afterlife, and is persecuted by the people of the world. But belief would still infringe upon a world with no blanks in scientific knowledge; thinking about how people's hearts probably can't resist that, it's a strange dilemma.

Even if it's to a different degree than back then, despite everything being backed up by scientific explanations these days, belief in charms still remains strongly... Humans sure are curious. I guess ultimately, humans are creatures operating off vibes.

When you look at stories from early Japanese history, it's clear that in those times the cause and effect behind all ocurrences wasn't backed up scientifically like it is now, and you can super understand how people felt they had to rely on charms beyond human understanding or religion to stand against inexplicable hardships and unease toward an unpredictable future.

Christmas this year was an event where I wept at the unspeakably cruel story that led up to Ganjin Wajo [monk who spread Buddhism in Japan] achieving his desire of voyaging to Japan.

Christmas ends because you think it ends. You gotta have a stronger will.

I just have to live longer than Togashi-sensei. That's all it is. [Probably in response to Hunter x Hunter going non-weekly for Togashi's health]

I have announcement for you all: Right now, you can watch Manga Japanese History all you want on Amazon Prime Video. There's five days left. Why didn't anyone tell me?

Chicken is so delicious, make it Christmas every week.

Thus spoke Rohan Kishibe? What did he say? What's his height and annual income? We looked into it.
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