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December 26th, 2022

Gotta finish my final song of the year.

It's bad news how I can't even carry out the bare minimums of human living, but I just have to make it work with workarounds.

When I get home from outdoors work, I'm guaranteed to feel unwell and lie in bed, so I'd better make tomorrow's dinner while I can.

I've got work early tomorrow, but before whether I'll actually be able to wake up, I'm worried whether I'll actually be able to sleep.

It hurts how my body is so bad every day, but it hurts extra that there are no prospects of it getting better...

No, I'll choose... I'll choose..........

Choosing is impossible??????

[Re: VocaDuo submissions] There's so many people that have my attention I'm holding my head.

I like Zundamon having to hold in pee, but I do not want to become Zundamon having to hold in pee. [Using Zundamon's "___ no da" sentence-ender]

I fell back asleep and had a dream I was Zundamon and had to keep holding in my pee, so there might be no hope for me.

Don't let your rage toward food delivery fade.

Merry Christmas!

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