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January 5th, 2023

I thought I'd decide a team name, but we couldn't get away from talking about sushi, so I decided to put it on hold. (?)

Announcing my team members.
Going to beat you up with live sound.
I look forward to our match. #VocaDuo2023 #VocaDuo2023Team
[Music/Mix: OSTER project
Vocals: Bunbuku
Illustration: Sekihara
Movie Programming: Palf / Ojima Kaito
Guitar: Koji Shinnai
Bass: Daisuke Chigira (Gira)
Drums: Sorami.
Strings: TOXI]

They say to always look at what you're drawing when you draw, so why is it they tell you write math formulas without looking at anything? (why is it?)

Thanks to mnemonics, I can still write the quadratic formula I learned over 20 years ago without looking at anything. It's "tsuee my baby boo-boo massugu yoku aruku." Remember it. [Tsuee (strong) = 2a, my baby = minus b, boo-boo = b squared, massugu (straight) = minus sign, yoku aruku (walks often) = 4ku AruCu = 4ac.]

The relationship between the root and the coef... slope.

What's the coefficient then???? What are you, coefficient?????

[Re: the question "In y=ax+b [as the equation for a line], what do you call "a"?"]
Huh? That's the coefficient, buddy. Piece of cake, LOL

→ Incorrect

I'm on Twitter to broadcast the joy of longsword to the world.

I'm just a middle-aged gamer who's good at composing and a little more able to hold her drinks than the average person, yet merely following someone made them happy. Maybe I have a special power.

RT @tamago_chan_go [Screneshot of OSTER following her on Twitter] Hugely grateful... :crying: :folded hands: :folded hands: :folded hands: :sparkle: :sparkle: :sparkle:

Everyone having separate accounts for creations and hobbies, like, it's kinda amazing. I'm the kind of person who casually stuffs white noodles into the mouth of someone who came to a beef bowl place.

Maybe get some declining birthrate counter-measures for the third dimension.

Extradimensional Declining Birthrate Counter-Measures feat. Hatsune Miku [A phrase recently uttered by Prime Minister Fumio Kishida]

The rash on the back of my hand from going too hard on Rajang is forming a scab, so at this rate maybe I'll turn into Rajang.

I've assembled members for a VocaDuo, but due to the number of submissions, there are many people who I tearfully had to give up on asking this time. Thus, not merely limited to just this project, I believe I'll reach out if there's an opportunity in the fuutre. My regards if I do. :folded hands:
Again, I'm truly grateful to everyone who submitted. :woman bowing:

[Re: VocaDuo submissions] I've safely found all my members, so I'll be closing this off. :woman bowing: Thanks for so many of you reaching out. :folded hands:

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