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December 22nd, 2022

Though by all means, I'd certainly like to try being a god once.

As an averagely special commoner, I aspire to gods who have been completely freed from comparing themselves to others, while knowing it'll never happen in my life but aiming for it anyway. Kind of like how lim will approach the limit but never actually touch it - I sorta think that's a good attitude to live with.

In Buddhism they say that you can't get rid of feelings of comparing yourself to others until the final stage of enlightenment, so to look at that from the other end, the sense of inferiority that produces is kind of the most deeply-rooted human suffering. Ressentiment comes from there, too.

In short, I'm a very human-like and thus lovable character. Aren't I so wonderfully human-like?

Conversely, people who successfully discard their feelings of inferiority look like gods.

Thinking about what the most human-like feeling is, my current answer isn't love or sympathy, but "feeling inferior." So I like works that deal with feeling inferior, and feel an incredible affinity with characters whose feelings of inferiority drive them.

I'm way too excited for tomorrow's lunch. Every day, lunch is my greatest pleasure.

What do I value in life? Food, of course...

I've finished preparations for tomorrow's lunch. If I make it myself, it'll never fail to arrive. I'll be able to eat lunch with certainty. (traumatized)

Why do I add more tasks before finishing tasks???

[Re: VocaDuo] There's kind of more interest in this than I expected, so I think I might formally take submissions later. Thanks in advance.

[Re: delivery service message song] This is a demo song for TOKYO SCORING DRUM KITS.

From now on, I'll order food with the assumption it won't come. (??)

To be serious, you can't help mishaps coming up, but the handling of it afterward, with 2 and a half hours of things being incomprehensible ending in not getting the order, was just too cruel, is the thing.

I'm suing you for damaged products!
Of course you know the reason, don't you?
Because you deceived me with this food delivery, and destroyed my lunch time!
Please prepare to be prepared.
[Reference to a meme where someone posted a fake "trick" to catch a shiny Volcanion in Pokemon Omega Ruby that included a step to delete your save, and someone in the thread got extremely mad in likely machine-translated Japanese.]

Due to difficulties providing the item you ordered caused by shortages, your order has been canceled.

I immediately broke down crying.
Sorry, but I can't eat lunch anymore.
[Reference to a meme: "I told my wife about the Splatoon servers being down. I don't have a wife. I immediately broke down crying."]

Vocals: Zundamon
Composition: Me
Lyrics: A certain food delivery service

["Due to difficulties
Providing the item you ordered
Caused by shortages,
Your order has been canceled."]

RT @vocazen Iyowa-san: "My stomach ["i"] is weak ["yowai"], so I'm Iyowa."
mucell-san: "I choke [museru] often, so it's read "museru.""
Me: "I want to follow all Vocaloid producers, so I'm "I Want To Follow All Vocaloid Producers.""
Koushi-san: "So I don't forget the regret of not getting to go to Koshien, I mean it's from "calf" [koushi], I mean because I was a tutorer [koushi], I mean because I have a lattice [koushi]-pattern handkerchief -"

RT @sigekun That being said: that time I got followed by the "I'll Crush the Balls of All Vocaloid Producers" account despite not being a Vocaloid producer.
That time I got followed by them despite not having balls.

Lots of people are proposing the theory of "they ate it while on delivery," but I'd imagine the risk of almost definitely getting busted and losing your job would be too great for eating while on a delivery to be worth it, though who knows.

I'm downhearted, but I'm goin' to the hospital.

There's probably just something bad about the structure of the organization, but you shouldn't loathe the organization or those who belong to it for something like that alone. I understand there are lots of diligent people doing their best. I was just hungry, that's all...

I'm a god member... Is this how you treat a god...? God is dead...

This has been etched into my memory as the Dark Thursday Food Delivery Incident.

Goodbye, my curry... I so wanted to see you...

I'm tearfully warming up some frozen food, so console me.

At first I was worried about if the driver got in an accident or something, but the atrocious handling of everything really freaked me out...

So you're saying I'm the idiot for waiting an hour and a half??????

[Make order

Hasn't arrived after 30 minutes, no notification of delay

Contact them, told to wait 10 to 20 minutes

Hasn't arrived after 1 hour, delivery person's GPS location has been at same place for about 30 minutes, ask if the delivery person's okay

Told "Sure the GPS isn't delayed?" (???)

Figure it's been way too long and inquire again

Get a call saying the delivery person had trouble but it'll arrive soon so hold on

Get a call saying "It'll arrive in another 2 or 3 minutes!"

Doesn't arrive so I call

Due to difficulties providing the item you ordered caused by shortages, your order has been canceled. (????????)


I've used them with confidence up until now, so it's sad...

A certain meal delivery service hasn't contacted me at all and it's been an hour since the estimated delivery and it's still not here and even when I inquired they just said "please wait"... This sense of despair is intense.

VocaDuo [project aiming to connect Vocaloid producers/singers/video makers/etc. to make a song together] is great, wonder if anyone'd do that with me... *glancing*

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