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January 3rd, 2023

[Re: the "undodgeable attack"] In all seriousness, would this take care of it? [Screenshot of a FAQ for Rise about playing offline by putting Steam in offline mode]

There's still time, so I'll take it a little bit at a time.

I practiced Furious Rajang all day, but I wasn't able to get a one-area victory even once... I'm really close, though...

I'd cry if this happened during the real deal.

Is anyone familiar with how to dodge this attack?????? [Clip where a communication error occurs, causing her to lose control and take a hit while the message is up.]

Can't break 6 minutes. :sniffle:

Old-timer encouraging everyone who came to the stream to enter the Tarotaro Cup.

Thanks for coming to the Tarotaro Cup practice stream! Took forever just to get 6 minutes. :crying: :crying: :crying: I'll aim to get below 5 minutes for now.

[Monster Hunter Sunbreak] Tarotaro Cup Practice [Link to her Twitch]

I won't practice anything but Furious Rajang this month.

[Retweeting announcement of 4th Tarotaro Cup against Anomaly Furious Rajang]
I've been "wait"ing!!
For this "moment"!!

The start-of-year crowds, the number of solo visitors, and the recommendation not to converse mid-bath all working together resulted in a heavy silence between the women squeezed into a cramped bathtub, backed by the sound of water splashing. The scene looked just like a prison boat headed for a penal colony.

It's the new year, so maybe I'll go to the spa onsen this morning? :hearts:

I've had nothing but nightmares since the year started. Today I had a dream where my teeth turned rotten and a dream where I had to kill someone with a sickle to escape from the village of a mysterious religion.

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