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January 7th, 2023

Feels like there's gonna be a 5-minute wall and a 4-minute wall at Tarotaro Cup.

If I don't fight Furious Rajang enough that Furious Rajang shows up in my dreams, I'll never be Furious Rajang.

I want my effort to be rewarded...

This week alone, I've done 20 hours of Furious Rajang.

Thanks for coming to the Tarotaro Cup practice stream! Indeed, getting under 5 minutes is difficult. :oni:

Doing special training for the festival at the end of the month.
[Monster Hunter Sunbreak] Special Training for the Fest [Musical Vtuber Tesro & Roset]

["1/28 (Sat) - 1/29 (Mon): Tarotaro Cup
Spicy / Sweet / Sour / Furious"]

In the end, society is the violence of the majority.

[6:43 AM] I woke up at a weird time, but in society's terms it's not a weird time at all. You're the one who's weird.

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