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December 19th, 2022

[Re: song name contest] Finished with selections at long last.

In the same way you should stan someone while you're able to stan them, you should buy synths you're interested in before they go out of production. End of explanation.

The flute is Vienna.

spitfire chamber strings #Dominowns

To explain how powerful Spitfire Chamber Strings is in a way even people who don't know music can understand, it's about as strong as Flaming Espinas's arm equipment.

This person's always advertising Spitfire Chamber Strings.

Please, don't put any stock in that talk going around recommending jewelry as a Christmas present for women.

Thank you for the premiere. :teacup:
Please continue to check out my new song.

[New Song]
#Kirune #AiSuu Official Demo Song
:unicorn: Nursery Etude :ice cream:
Now, once the cast is assembled, make an original world all your own. :castle: #VoiSona

[Re: Nursery Etude premiere] Soon.

The Earth is actually flat, and the Apollo project was a studio shoot, and in the basement of Kappa Sushi they're forcing kappa to do hard labor. I know lots of stuff.

I love shooting on location.

RT @a2487498 Apparently, the Apollo project was actually a farce to cover up the fact the moon doesn't exist. NASA had a famous film director create that video, and they even went as far as shooting on location to make a perfect fake.

December 18th, 2022

I'm a Vtuber who broadcasts to the world the joy of longsword.

When I play Monster Hunter is when I feel most alive.

[Monster Hunter Sunbreak] To the Summit of Anomaly Research [Link to her Twitch]

I think I'll practice Monster Hunter on Twitch again today.

December 17th, 2022

I just got done with a stupid amount of gaming, yet I'm doing well against Anomaly Furious Rajang.

Let's all play Splatoon together.
[Splatoon 3] Adult Socializing 2 [Link to her Twitch]

[Offiical Demo Song] Nursery Etude feat. Kirune & AiSuu
:clock: 12/19 6 PM Premiere :film projector:
#VoiSona #Kirune #AiSuu

I'm practicing Scorned Magnamalo. [Link to her Twitch]

[Re: the synth serial number not working] Sorry, this was my bad.
[Screenshot of a warning on the product page explaining that it's just a preorder, and actual release is planned by the end of 2022]

Recent Announcements
- Got a new song in Gitadora
- A song I did vocals for released
- Rabbit Fur's on streaming
- Uploading a Kirune/AiSuu official demo song on the 19th

[Retweets release of the IDOLM@STER album with Rabbit Fur on streaming]

December 16th, 2022

"Resistance" has a refreshing melody, but it's about feeling it's far too simple to despair in this world, so it's dark.

Or rather, someone please let me reharmonize your song to a baffling degree.

Perhaps the next song OSTER project all-out arranges could be yours.

Please listen to this too.
Suki! Yuki! Maji-Magic (OSTER project All-Out Arrangement!)

I didn't upload as many videos as I thought this year, but I worked pretty hard just making this one, so it's fine.
Meltdown (OSTER project All-Out Arrangement!)

[Posting info about her Meltdown remix being nominated for NicoNico's yearly awards] I was actually nominated, so I hope to have your support.

Nice to meet you. I'm a youngster who's been active online for over 15 years. My favorite song is Akira Fuse's "You're More Beautiful Than a Rose" [1979]. Please subscribe to my channel.

In which I bought a new instrument synth but the serial number I was sent was invalid.

Roset-chan who sacrificed real-time-ness to obtain a cute voice.

RT @utbutb [Re: Kassy Has Arrived] Roset-chan's singing voice is cute, so I hope she gots lots more work.

I'm sorry I haven't been able to stream composition much this year and my Fanbox has stagnated, but I've been making lots of music in real life in that time, so please look forward to it. :folded hands:

There's not much of the year left, but there are still more jobs to announce within the year. I think there are. I wonder if there are. Well, you better get prepared anyway.

I've been rendered unable to live without periodically watching a movie while eating fried food at a friend's house.

I'm a singer...

I provided vocals for the song Kassy Has Arrived!! :folded hands: :microphone:
The video and music are super cute too. :heart:

December 15th, 2022

Ningen-tte Ii Na being introduced on YouTube: "The TRUE Meaning Behind "A Bear Cub Watching Hide and Seek"? You Won't Believe The Real Reason His Butt Was Showing..."

The antonym of sine is arcsine. (strong belief)

I don't know that much about the origins of Celsius and Fahrenheit, so I can't really say, but isn't it like the antonym of gram being pound? Am I wrong??

There was a quiz show with a question that was ike "the antonym of Celsius is Fahrenheit" and I was like "hello???", but when I looked it up it actually came up as an antonym, and I was like "huh..."
[Screenshot of Weblio showing them as antonyms; notably, the Japanese words are entirely unrelated to the English ones and share a kanji]

December 14th, 2022

Sunbreak's a godly game, but I wonder if there'll be anything to address the issue of the endgame content of Anomaly research quests not having to do with Malzeno, the main monster of Sunbreak.

Thanks for coming to the stream. It took a super long time, but I've gotten up to Anomaly Research 180. I hope to have your continued support.

Stream went down, but I resumed it.

[Monster Hunter Sunbreak] Don't Run From Anomaly Research [Link to her Twitch]

I ate meat, so I'm starting Monster Hunter stream.

Could we say I'm an 18-year-old who's been active online for over 15 years?

If you count starting from Vocaloid, I'm a streamer who's been active online for over 15 years already, so don't worry, you can stan me. :smile with open hands:

Thank you for my Twitch debut year. :folded hands:
[Screenshot of Twitch recap: 15 streams, 1,390 hours watched, 58 days watched, 27 highest viewer count, 1 total sponsor, 143 followers, 50,100 channel points, 1,620 chat messages, top categories: Monster Hunter Rise, Splatoon 3]

I wanna stream more next year.

Once I take care of some things, I'll stream Monster Hunter today.

It's the Hunter Exam arc and Zoldyck arc, so Genthru does not appear. The end.

I definitely wanna go see the Hunter x Hunter stageplay, and I want Bomber to grab me and disarm the bomb in my back.

The cause of your back pain is that you momentarily use Suppress just before protecting your back with Temper. Today, we'll be training so that you can smoothly execute aura fortifying movement.

I had a dream a chiropractor said this to me.

I want to be born as a dog for a rich family. Thanks in advance.

I made pasta sauce in the morning, and when I went to eat, I noticed I was out of pasta and went to the supermarket to buy some, so I've used up all of my energy for today. Good effort.

The 19th's got this one. [Retweeting announcement of a demo song she wrote for new VoiSona voices Kirune and AiSuu]

It's the end-of-year song unveiling rush.

Let's lead a revolt against this world where it's all too easy to despair.

I wrote the new song "Resistance" for the new GITADORA FUZZ-UP going into operation today. :folded hands:
Vocals are by Kanatan-san. :microphone:
Thanks in advance. :guitar: :guitar: :guitar: #GITADORA #GITADORA_FUZZUP

December 13th, 2022

I've got fortune and fame now, so I don't need wings.

December 10th, 2022

Toro Puzzle World's Best

My birthday project is turning into a Christmas project, but I will get it done before the year's over.

My stamina is such that after making one song, I want like a month of rest.

December 9th, 2022

:man: "The key change here is really great!"
:woman: Out Loud: ((Thank you very much!))
Real Thoughts: "Didn't know it changed key here, lol"

Parry of the Shield: Armored Core Edition is coming. [Following announcement of Armored Core VI]

December 6th, 2022

I told someone I was playing Monster Hunter on my computer and they were like "Frontier??"

There's a lot of art that wouldn't have been created if people hadn't been born perverted.

December 5th, 2022

Which is to say the "ting!" invulnerability sound when you're hit with an attack mid-Squid Roll feels super good, in which case just play Monster Hunter dammit.

Given this is the most fun moment I had playing Splatoon after a month, I'm so not suited to this game.

[Screenshot of a ChatGPT conversation:
"OSTER: Do you know OSTER project?
ChatGPT: I'm sorry, but I don't know about OSTER project. I'm a large language model trained by artificial intelligence. I'm unable to answer about specific technical knowledge or information. Please tell me how I can be of help.
OSTER: Piss off"]

If I, who was a brat with a strong desire for recognition, hadn't been watched over warmly by those around me, I don't think I'd be doing the work I do now, so I feel super blessed to have had the adults around me.

A big reason I don't ever want to be a teacher is I myself was so much of a problem student.

I'm a brat who in first grade music class, while everyone was playing keyboard harmonicas, would go and harmonize three notes up and make the teacher mad at me.

RT @hirasawa Q. What was the first intense emotion you felt toward music??
A: Discomfort. At music time in grade school.

What age did you have to reach until you learned this was a gesture for "I can see your underwear"?

:clap: :peace sign: :OK sign: :salute:

What meaning does it have when a kid you liked in grade school shows up in a dream??

December 4th, 2022

Birthday presents I received:
- Gelato Pique Body Milk :baby bottle:
- Sake
- Beef tongue :buffalo:
I'm grateful. :folded hands:

A birthday present form Claire-san arrived. :smile: :heart: :present: :bell:

December 3rd, 2022

Cathedral of Sin.

["A different you from usual / Let the BPM settle down"]

Girls are also fools.

Boys are fools.
TWEEDEES "World Record"

I received a Dandelion and Campanile flipbook from Ropa Yashima-san (@ropa_yasima). :bell: :bell: :bell:

December 2nd, 2022


[Roset: "Can you play back that measure?" Tesro: "Hm? Sure."
Roset: "A terrifyingly good song. Truly only I could've made it."]

The songs I've made lately haven't become public yet, but they're all stupid good songs.

November 30th, 2022

Catch corona

Lose motivation to game

Lose motivation to interact with people

Lose motivation to do social media ← Currently here

November 27th, 2022


November 26th, 2022

I successfully un-rose the risen monsters.

[Monster Hunter Sunbreak] Blind Update Longsword Solo! [Link to her Twitch]

:red circle: Monster Hunter stream starting.

It's a project and all, so I want to get it nice and prepared first...

There's no chance I can do my birthday project within the month, but is it okay if I stream Monster Hunter??? (???????)

How can I be so lacking in time?????

November 25th, 2022

Are you really using all the sound synths you bought on Black Friday?

November 24th, 2022

I was able to have a very good birthday... :folded hands: I'll get to replying back at a later date.

Thinking about the unimaginable effort that would go into managing and governing the world if it actually became yours makes me super averse to it, so I think people who aspire to world domination and stuff are amazing.

The world is mine.

Women's body.

["Happy birthday!" Jun: "Alright! Let's celebrate all day with a women's body party!" Everyone else: "Women's body!"]

I'm going out today, so I cannot touch the Monster Hunter update.

November 23rd, 2022

Where's Costa Rica anyway?

Thank you for all your many congratulations! :clinking glasses: I'll do my best in the Costa Rica match too.

Theory: OSTER project is Japan

I'll fight to the last for my life's additional time.

I've gone on living another year, so I'll do my best to take responsibility.

[Past midnight (after Japan-Germany World Cup match), screenshot of her Twitter profile with balloons] Congrats, Japan. :japan flag:

Tomorrow is Monster Hunter update day.

My birthday's one day off from Kizuku-san's.

I typically use hexadecimal in my daily life, so tomorrow I'll be 24.

[Retweets tweet from the Vocaloid Collection account about Miracle Paint's 15th annivesary] It's so scary how I've aged 15 years.