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December 16th, 2022

"Resistance" has a refreshing melody, but it's about feeling it's far too simple to despair in this world, so it's dark.

Or rather, someone please let me reharmonize your song to a baffling degree.

Perhaps the next song OSTER project all-out arranges could be yours.

Please listen to this too.
Suki! Yuki! Maji-Magic (OSTER project All-Out Arrangement!)

I didn't upload as many videos as I thought this year, but I worked pretty hard just making this one, so it's fine.
Meltdown (OSTER project All-Out Arrangement!)

[Posting info about her Meltdown remix being nominated for NicoNico's yearly awards] I was actually nominated, so I hope to have your support.

Nice to meet you. I'm a youngster who's been active online for over 15 years. My favorite song is Akira Fuse's "You're More Beautiful Than a Rose" [1979]. Please subscribe to my channel.

In which I bought a new instrument synth but the serial number I was sent was invalid.

Roset-chan who sacrificed real-time-ness to obtain a cute voice.

RT @utbutb [Re: Kassy Has Arrived] Roset-chan's singing voice is cute, so I hope she gots lots more work.

I'm sorry I haven't been able to stream composition much this year and my Fanbox has stagnated, but I've been making lots of music in real life in that time, so please look forward to it. :folded hands:

There's not much of the year left, but there are still more jobs to announce within the year. I think there are. I wonder if there are. Well, you better get prepared anyway.

I've been rendered unable to live without periodically watching a movie while eating fried food at a friend's house.

I'm a singer...

I provided vocals for the song Kassy Has Arrived!! :folded hands: :microphone:
The video and music are super cute too. :heart:

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