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December 17th, 2022

I just got done with a stupid amount of gaming, yet I'm doing well against Anomaly Furious Rajang.

Let's all play Splatoon together.
[Splatoon 3] Adult Socializing 2 [Link to her Twitch]

[Offiical Demo Song] Nursery Etude feat. Kirune & AiSuu
:clock: 12/19 6 PM Premiere :film projector:
#VoiSona #Kirune #AiSuu

I'm practicing Scorned Magnamalo. [Link to her Twitch]

[Re: the synth serial number not working] Sorry, this was my bad.
[Screenshot of a warning on the product page explaining that it's just a preorder, and actual release is planned by the end of 2022]

Recent Announcements
- Got a new song in Gitadora
- A song I did vocals for released
- Rabbit Fur's on streaming
- Uploading a Kirune/AiSuu official demo song on the 19th

[Retweets release of the IDOLM@STER album with Rabbit Fur on streaming]

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