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December 15th, 2022

Ningen-tte Ii Na being introduced on YouTube: "The TRUE Meaning Behind "A Bear Cub Watching Hide and Seek"? You Won't Believe The Real Reason His Butt Was Showing..."

The antonym of sine is arcsine. (strong belief)

I don't know that much about the origins of Celsius and Fahrenheit, so I can't really say, but isn't it like the antonym of gram being pound? Am I wrong??

There was a quiz show with a question that was ike "the antonym of Celsius is Fahrenheit" and I was like "hello???", but when I looked it up it actually came up as an antonym, and I was like "huh..."
[Screenshot of Weblio showing them as antonyms; notably, the Japanese words are entirely unrelated to the English ones and share a kanji]

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