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December 14th, 2022

Sunbreak's a godly game, but I wonder if there'll be anything to address the issue of the endgame content of Anomaly research quests not having to do with Malzeno, the main monster of Sunbreak.

Thanks for coming to the stream. It took a super long time, but I've gotten up to Anomaly Research 180. I hope to have your continued support.

Stream went down, but I resumed it.

[Monster Hunter Sunbreak] Don't Run From Anomaly Research [Link to her Twitch]

I ate meat, so I'm starting Monster Hunter stream.

Could we say I'm an 18-year-old who's been active online for over 15 years?

If you count starting from Vocaloid, I'm a streamer who's been active online for over 15 years already, so don't worry, you can stan me. :smile with open hands:

Thank you for my Twitch debut year. :folded hands:
[Screenshot of Twitch recap: 15 streams, 1,390 hours watched, 58 days watched, 27 highest viewer count, 1 total sponsor, 143 followers, 50,100 channel points, 1,620 chat messages, top categories: Monster Hunter Rise, Splatoon 3]

I wanna stream more next year.

Once I take care of some things, I'll stream Monster Hunter today.

It's the Hunter Exam arc and Zoldyck arc, so Genthru does not appear. The end.

I definitely wanna go see the Hunter x Hunter stageplay, and I want Bomber to grab me and disarm the bomb in my back.

The cause of your back pain is that you momentarily use Suppress just before protecting your back with Temper. Today, we'll be training so that you can smoothly execute aura fortifying movement.

I had a dream a chiropractor said this to me.

I want to be born as a dog for a rich family. Thanks in advance.

I made pasta sauce in the morning, and when I went to eat, I noticed I was out of pasta and went to the supermarket to buy some, so I've used up all of my energy for today. Good effort.

The 19th's got this one. [Retweeting announcement of a demo song she wrote for new VoiSona voices Kirune and AiSuu]

It's the end-of-year song unveiling rush.

Let's lead a revolt against this world where it's all too easy to despair.

I wrote the new song "Resistance" for the new GITADORA FUZZ-UP going into operation today. :folded hands:
Vocals are by Kanatan-san. :microphone:
Thanks in advance. :guitar: :guitar: :guitar: #GITADORA #GITADORA_FUZZUP

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