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Translations of tweets from @fuwacina. For an archive of other Vocaloid-related Twitters I no longer keep up with, go here.

November 23rd, 2022

Where's Costa Rica anyway?

Thank you for all your many congratulations! :clinking glasses: I'll do my best in the Costa Rica match too.

Theory: OSTER project is Japan

I'll fight to the last for my life's additional time.

I've gone on living another year, so I'll do my best to take responsibility.

[Past midnight (after Japan-Germany World Cup match), screenshot of her Twitter profile with balloons] Congrats, Japan. :japan flag:

Tomorrow is Monster Hunter update day.

My birthday's one day off from Kizuku-san's.

I typically use hexadecimal in my daily life, so tomorrow I'll be 24.

[Retweets tweet from the Vocaloid Collection account about Miracle Paint's 15th annivesary] It's so scary how I've aged 15 years.

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