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December 19th, 2022

[Re: song name contest] Finished with selections at long last.

In the same way you should stan someone while you're able to stan them, you should buy synths you're interested in before they go out of production. End of explanation.

The flute is Vienna.

spitfire chamber strings #Dominowns

To explain how powerful Spitfire Chamber Strings is in a way even people who don't know music can understand, it's about as strong as Flaming Espinas's arm equipment.

This person's always advertising Spitfire Chamber Strings.

Please, don't put any stock in that talk going around recommending jewelry as a Christmas present for women.

Thank you for the premiere. :teacup:
Please continue to check out my new song.

[New Song]
#Kirune #AiSuu Official Demo Song
:unicorn: Nursery Etude :ice cream:
Now, once the cast is assembled, make an original world all your own. :castle: #VoiSona

[Re: Nursery Etude premiere] Soon.

The Earth is actually flat, and the Apollo project was a studio shoot, and in the basement of Kappa Sushi they're forcing kappa to do hard labor. I know lots of stuff.

I love shooting on location.

RT @a2487498 Apparently, the Apollo project was actually a farce to cover up the fact the moon doesn't exist. NASA had a famous film director create that video, and they even went as far as shooting on location to make a perfect fake.

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