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September 22nd, 2022

[Re: call for recommendations] To think I haven't seen the Tigrex Longsword Ichiro High-Speed Commentary series yet... (???)

Please, put Bemani soundtracks on streaming subscriptions too...

I've transformed into a subscription-tempting old-timer.

RT @HMNG_428 Summer Idol.
A good song, yes!! [Links it]

RT @kumavare SUPER NOVA!
A good song, yes!! [Links it]

RT @la_Basch Rainbow Panda.
A good song, yes!! [Links it]

I don't know where's a good place to start listening, so tell me your recommendations for OSTER songs.

[Links Bitter Myself] Promoting a good song again today.

People who preach to "value yourself" have never valued me, because people who say things like that don't care about you, but about themselves showing concern for you, according to a high school girl on the train who was holding McDonalds and Starbucks.

Typhoon ver. 15.0.0
Adjustments have been made to make for a more pleasant gaming experience.

September 21st, 2022

I've been told "OSTER-san, you're a good person," but I might be a bad person. Maybe I'm an anarchist plotting to overthrow the country. Watch out.

You'll die if you bleed too much, so it's best not to bleed too much.

Characteristics of people who improve quickly in Splatoon:
- If they bleed too much, they die

Characteristics of people with a messy desktop:
- If they bleed too much, they die

I understand Splatoon completely.

[Lag Roller = rug roller
Sushikora (abbreviation for Spla-shooter Collab, AKA Tentatek Splattershot) = hey, sushi
Raijin Step (movement tech for moving on enemy ink) = raijin (thunder god) dancing
Uradori (taking unnoticed routes to get behind enemy) = uradori (gathering evidence)
Clear Ring (JP name for Splat Zones) = transparent ring
Risukiru (portmanteau of "respawn kill (splat)," basically spawn camping) = risu (squirrel) skill
Liter (E-liter) = liter
Imo (potato; slang for players that stay in one place to snipe/etc.) = imo (potato)
Super Jump = super jumper
Squid Roll = squid rolls
Bath (which Bloblobber's JP name is a play on) = bath]

Image to use when you've done nothing but the greatest jobs.

["I've done nothing but the greatest jobs." "(What the heck...)"]

Convenience stores that are quick to play Earth, Wind & Fire's September just because it's September...
I love them.

Love you, 32-Splat Tri-Slosher Lady.

RT @yuruaoo Supremely comforting...

[Rainmaker match; winning team from top to bottom is ao (Sorako), Wataru, Sugata, and Magnamalo (OSTER)]

And apparently the one who made the music can hunt Furious Rajang in 3 and a half minutes.

[Retweeting Dandelion and Campanile, sung by Sorako] When I thought about this being the singing voice of someone who can get over 30 splats with the Tri-Slosher, I couldn't stop crying.

[Retweeting an old arrangement] Digging up my Calamari Inkantation piano arrangement.

If you want a fun life, you need talent at getting along more than talent at music.

I mean, it's best to use my life for the people I like and people who like me, right...

Wanna do something already about how I've extremely turned my back on socializing for years.

September 20th, 2022

Rewatching my own stream, it looks like I'm having so much fun that I'm envious of myself getting to play Monster Hunter.

It's the most embarrassing moment of my life whenever I throw a Suction Bomb from behind cover but I fumble my controls so it sticks to the cover instead and my allies see it.

With longsword counter, it's an added benefit if you time it with an attack hitbox, but Squid Roll is a counter that lets you negate a downside, so you should think about when to use it. In truth, it's probably better not to purposefully leap into an attack hitbox, huh...

Squid Rolls are seriously so fun.

It's so funny how much I've picked up habits as a longsword user, with me Squid Rolling into attack hitboxes from a distance with a Squid Roll.

Reefslider is well-suited for iai-ing.

[Retweets clip of surviving a Reefslider attack with a Squid Roll] Currently, this might be the most fun moment I've had playing Splatoon 3.

The "stream on 7 different days" requirement for Twitch affiliate was reset... :pleading face: Sure enough, it was "within a month," huh...

The difference being able to execute movement tech in practice and making use of it in a real fight is a massive ravine.

If I can't feel my own growth, then even if I'm presented with results beyond my skill increasing, I can't be happy about it.

Do people just want to beat up other people through games...? I like fighting against myself, personally... Although I do think it's fun when I'm fighting others and can feel like I've surpassed my past self.

There's an unending amount of people saying they want to get good at Splatoon, yet people saying they want to get good at Monster Hunter seem super rare, giving me the urge to be an old-timer who gives excessive lectures until I find some.

In fact, I'm curious if there are followups that can't be handled this way.

Thanks for coming to the Splatoon stream.
Today I gained an understanding of how to handle Magnamalo's hellfire explosion followups. #TesrosetTransmission

[MHRise/SB] A Game About Fresh(ly-Afflicted Monster) Turf War [Link to her Twitch]

Tonight around 8:30, I think I'll finally stream some Monster Hunter on Twitch again. Come Watch. #TesrosetTransmission

I can't do anything today from my back hurting.

Playing Monster Hunter and making the BGM Splatoon really changes the mood in a way I like.

What I'm trying to say is, I go out so little I've ended up not buying any clothes lately, so I have no idea what might be popular, and I dunno what I should wear when it does come time to go out...

The fact that a certain virus causing the temporary situation "can't go out, can't meet anyone" resulted in a lasting habit of "not going out, not meeting anyone" is such a mentally-impactful aftereffect.

It still raining even though the typhoon's passed is dissatisfying in the same way as beating Amatsu but the sky not clearing up.

September 19th, 2022

My Monster Hunter performance was most atrocious today, but I also can't help but feel this is about how it's always been...

Turf War is so fun!!!!

Monster Hunter is no game, you see.

Yikes, I've only played Splatoon today... For real, that's playing way too much... Gotta do Monster Hunter before bed.

When I'm surrounded by skilled players, I can feel an intense disparity in power, so I wanna get good soon.

Squidding together is fun. :squid:

Splatoon destroys my brain.

Though I may splat,
although I may splat,
our Rainmaker
fails to advance
as I stare at my hands

["#1 Overall Splatter, #1 Popular Target, #1 Enemy Splatter"]

I'm working on amending my foolish behaviors.

Feels like I'll be able to do more if I'm able to execute Squid Rolls with as little space as possible.

Inertia-cancel instant Squid Roll training.

I don't have many friends, so just seeing "You became friends." on the Switch screen makes me be like "So there are people who'd even befriend someone like me..."

Claire-san's also working hard at Splatoon, so I will too.

September 18th, 2022

Starting to theorize I just wanna do movement tech.

Sure enough, it seems Splatoon also has movement tech that you wouldn't notice through self-study like Monster Hunter's barrel bomb iai, so I super wanna practice that now.

In Monster Hunter time attacking too, rather than wanting to get a fast time, I just want to get a fast time as a result of having a clean performance, so if I get a fast time despite not executing well I'm like "Why..."

I wanna get into S soon, but it's not that I want to get into S, it's that I want to be able to execute S-level play...

Squid Roll's damage reduction seems to not be percentage-based but a subtraction, so if you take a big enough hit you still just die.

Slaughter. :smile:

Those who like Squid Rolling should use longsword.

All my allies around me died to a Splat Bomb... They were all good guys...

Squid Roll is handy, but you can only use it on ground that's been well-inked, so the times you can make use of it are super limited.

Clip of me being the sole survivor thanks to a Squid Roll.

You can really feel the growth in this clip from how I properly see the angle of the tackle and adjust the angle of my Special Sheathe to match.

Isn't Splatoon so much fun?

Gotta play Monster Hunter too.

Turns out this isn't a game about firing at each other head-on, but gunning down foes from behind.

When I played 2, I was like "I'm so bad at this game, I'll never reach A in my life," but my allies were super strong so I managed to make it happen.

An announcement.
Just now, I've achieved Rank A.
This is all thanks to your guidance and support.
I will continue to press forward alongside my main occupation of Monster Hunter, so please stick with me.

This typhoon's getting unexpectedly cocky, so I wanna beat it up.

Wanna play a paradise kinda game where all players are equal.

In other words, Squid Roll isn't iai, it's Drawn Double Slash.

Ah, is Squid Roll not invincibility, but a sort of super armor?

Ultimately, I'm doing the equivalent of iai in Splatoon too.

Alas, it seems you're not invulnerable.

September 17th, 2022

Thanks to me giving a game all my efforts for the past two years, it feels like a bunch of things have started to change, I'm really glad.

From a stylish Squid Roll to my crap aim.

I wanna get good at games so bad.

Thank you for coming to the adult socializing stream! I've awakened to the fun of Splatoon...


I'm getting super nervous.

Currently eating too much sushi.


Bloodlust. :smile:

Splatoon: "Gotta feel sorry for you after 10 losses in a row, so let's match you with someone you can beat..."

I'm so good at Splatoon.

[Matches on Mako Mart and Hagglefish Market]

I totally get seriously not knowing why you were invited here.

RT @Carino_yuy_sub [one of the other people invited for the stream] I seriously don't know why I was invited here, but I'll enjoy myself!

:clock: Tonight around 10 PM:
I'm a beginner who doesn't know a single thing and I'm trembling with fear, but I'll do my best!!!!
[Splatoon 3] Splatoon Beginner Invited to a 9-Person Collab #TesrosetTransmission

["Adult Socializing"]

[Retweeting announcement with list of guests] Today, I was invited by Sorako-san for a Splatoon collab stream! Please do come watch. :clap: #TesrosetTransmission

I have a stream tonight, so I'll sing while it's still daytime.

"It's a game for the N64..."
(What is it...?)
"A shooting game, where you fight with guns..."
(Could it be GoldenEye 007?)
"It took the form of an FPS, which were still rare at the time..."
(It's GoldenEye 007!)
"And you're a buff Native American guy defeating dinosaurs."
(It's Turok: Dinosaur Hunter...?)

September's already half over... I can't keep up with time at all.

Turns out they implemented a tapioca emoji at some point. :boba tea:

RT @nemoto_nagi [Re: Tapioca New Year] I couldn't stop playing it on repeat so I bought tapioca.

September 16th, 2022

Bug where hearing about pilots with a total 2000 hours of flight time felt mind-numbing, but as soon as I thought "that's 2 times my Monster Hunter time...", it immedaitely became a relatable number.

Even when I make music, I never hear "you're so good at composition," but playing Monster Hunter, I'm occasionally told "you're so good at longsword," so everyone should play Monster Hunter instead of making music.

It'll be actual Splatoon.

Tomorrow I'll stream Splatoon.

Rakna-Kadaki is really good at inking.

Splatoon's so much fun.

Check out my Pop'n and Niji Variety songs too. :clap:

I haven't started up Monster Hunter in the past 10 days or so, so I might die.

I'm glad to have so many songs I worked hard making announced.

I wrote Altimate!!'s 5th single, Wishing Star! :dizzy star:
You can listen to it on various streaming sites, so please give it a listen. :clap:

September 15th, 2022

I make works of propaganda pushing the extreme beauty of yuri.

There's no such thing as a creative work that the creator's intentions don't interfere with, so... does that mean all creative works are propaganda?!

I'm interested in Exoprimal, but are you fighting against dinosaurs? Or fighting with a team against another team? Huh?

It's got longsword!!!

I'm honestly interested in this dinosaur game.

The Sunbreak update is aiming at hunters hooked on Splatoon and shooting to kill.

Ultra-weakling beginner me has risen to B+.

Slaughter is great.

What is this evil game known as Clam Blitz??

Dream me was going "you're the only one who loves me this much."

Had a dream I was licked a whole bunch by a dog with gray and loopy fur.

September 14th, 2022

Splatoon is a battle against communication errors.

September 13th, 2022

I'm a humble longsword user.

I was trembling quite a bit thinking I'd come out being introduced like some mega-top-class artist yet people'd be like "hold on, who the hell's this?", but I was relieved that everyone was so kind... Thank you very much to those who learned about me through this.

The lines in movies are neat, but don't you want the clumsy words only you say?

Linaria's a super cute song, isn't it cute?

I'll continue to try hard at Monster Hunter.

need your bad love... :love hotel: :love hotel: :love hotel: :love hotel: :love hotel:

I was able to announce a lot today, so it feels as if I've done work.

Woman who's just a regular Vtuber good at Monster Hunter yet appears in person on a Nijisanji program.

For some reason, I made a theme song for Nijisanji's B-Grade Variety Show (Temp).
The stream archive is here.
The short version music video is here. :microphone:

Wonder if you'll be able to say hi to Oman Au again...

I'll do my best 'til May... [just-announced release date of Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom]

There are too many games in the world.

007 has arrived... [Re: GoldenEye being announced for Switch N64]

I'm happy to have this much to announce.

I actually still have an announcement, but I can't say it yet. Please wait nakedly.

I know all about women.

I wrote the lyrics thinking about how women are creatures who want to be told they're loved with words other than "love." (Linaria)

I'm such a solo hunter at heart, I foolishly put more value in my own performance than anything my allies are doing.

Playing Splatoon, I'm more able to accept when I get a ton of splats but lose than when I don't get any splats at all and win... My personality's so unsuited for this game's design.

For the first time, I did the thing of picking a song name using the language of flowers. Linaria means notice this love... :love hotel:

For the latest game Pop'n Music UniLab starting today, I wrote the song Linaria. The vocals are y hinatanso-san (@hinatanso)! :clap:
It's an extremely cute song, so please give it a play! :cherry blossom: #popn

Can I make an announcement?

By sequel to Breath of the Wild, could that possibly mean a sequel to Breath of the Wild????

The early bird gets the salmon. ["Hayaoki wa sanmon no toku" -> "hayaoki wa salmon no toku"]

September 12th, 2022

I just can't accept my thirties ending having being made up of mostly misfortunate years. This game balance is trash.

I'll have an announcement tomorrow.

I've acquired persistence from losing for 10 hours straight while running Furious Rajang.

This was today's progress. (admonishment that as much as you ink or splat, if you don't win you don't win)

I'm weak.

["Splatlandian Youth, Magnamalo"]

I'm retiring.

[Regular Battle history of matches on Museum d'Alfonsino and Mincemeat Metalworks]

September 11th, 2022

Whenever I see a drama with humans devoting their life to something, I always go "HUMANS!!!!" and sob.

First time I wailed at The 20th Century on Film...

Moreso than Splatoon, I want to X my Rank in Monster Hunter...

Wanna define my mind with matter.

Matter defines mind.

September 10th, 2022

Hunting a stamper from behind feels so good.

The road to being a hero is long and treacherous.


In about 10 minutes.
[Splatoon 3] Hero Mode With a Longsword Time Attacker [Musical Vtuber Tesro & Roset]

I'll join everyone in playing Splatoon 3, so I want everyone else to do longsword time attacks.

September 9th, 2022

I think you should give up on "Concrete Road."
Welp, that's all for today's explainer video.
If you found it useful, be sure to smash that like button and subscribe. [First line is a line from Whisper of the Heart]

My Splatoon 2 playtime is only 1/10th of Monster Hunter Rise's.

Chargers are so hard I'm gonna snap.

Is this Gunner...?

Is this iai?

I started the new Monster Hunter. [Screenshot of setting her Splatoon 3 player name to "Magnamalo"]

Ionian scale
Mixolydian scale
Kardashev scale

Everyone's great for enjoying games.
They have hearts that can enjoy games.

September 8th, 2022

Thanks for coming to the chat stream! Today was another fun time with topics such as cosmic microwave background radiation, the Kardashev scale, and Nirmal Purja. What kinda channel is this even. I hope to have your support for a third year.

Let's do it!
[Celebration] Thanks For 2 Years of Tesroset Chat [Musical Vtuber Tesro & Roset]

[Re: anniversary stream announcement] Tonight. :love hotel:


["You'll never be top gun..."]

Somnacanth and Garangolm canon shippers are amazing.

What does it mean to be "chill"?
But perhaps the act of thinking about it is already being chill.

Tonight's the Tesroset second anniversary chat.

September 7th, 2022

Columbus's Definition of America

For instance, rather than "the number 0 was first discovered," it feels more appropriate to say "the number 0 was first defined." But "discovered" is probably used more often since it's more generally understandable, so nobody's that fussed about it, it's really my fault for overthinking it.

Well, but that's just "the discovery of a number" for short. (fin)

In math, "the discovery of a number" feels like it has the nuance of digging up something that always existed, but personally I think it sounds more right to say "the discovery of the usefulness of a newly-defined concept."

If you run out your lifespan, and meet death surrounded by loved ones, what final words would you leave behind? I've already decided mine.
"If you liked this life, be sure to like and subscribe."

["I finished a song."]

I'm seriously making so many songs in different genres this year, I feel like I'm gonna catch cold from the temperature difference.

That "like" - do you truly feel that you like it?

It seems we have different ideas about the meaning of "recommended."

I was wondering who someone that showed up in my recommended follows was, so I tapped their name, and I'd been blocked. :smile:

There's no going back to the days when I genuinely wondered if there was an answer to "Are you doing fine?" other than "I'm fine."

I had a lot going on so I wasn't able to announce it, but September 5th was my 2-year anniversary of becoming a Vtuber... :cake:
Since it's better late than never, I'm thinking I'll do a 2 year anniversary chat stream tomorrow, so I'd appreciate if you all threw Marshmallows my way full of your passionate feelings for Tesroset's second anniversary. #TesrosetTransmission

I feel lethargic today.
I was lethargic yesterday too.
For any given number of days n of being lethagic, I'm also lethargic on day n+1.
From this, it follows by mathematical induction that that I will be lethargic until I die.

September 5th, 2022

The fact that thoughts and beliefs can be so strong they make you hate yourself shows the strength of thoughts and beliefs.

September 3rd, 2022

I'm never able to remember what kind of meal bruschetta is, so no matter what, all that comes to mind is the face of a Furby.

September 2nd, 2022

[New Monster Hunter Sunbreak Video]
:microphone: Tigrex Longsword Ichiro's High-Speed Commentary Series :microphone:
Furious Rajang, Longsword, No Heroics, Dereliction 3:34 #TesrosetTransmission #MHRise #MonsterHunterRise

:mouse trap: :mouse:

September 1st, 2022

I thought it was around 11 PM, what do you mean it's already 1:30?

This Wave Race 64 game is too hard...

Doing a casual singing stream of Wave Race 64.
[Wave Race 64] Singing Stream (?) [Musical Vtuber Tesro & Roset]

The Heisei era'll never end for us.

There's some kind of audio desync, why.

It's sudden, but I think I'll be doing a singing stream??????

I've really gotten better at longsword compared to shouting "I don't wanna die" against Magnamalo in the first Tarotaro Cup.

It's actually the second anniversary of Tesroset really soon, did you know??

Once you start using raw garlic for pasta, you can't go back to tubes.

People who don't do music often ask what the difference is between live and sequenced, and my answer is it's pretty much the difference between using raw garlic or garlic in a tube.

Zundamon, Mondazun.