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September 16th, 2022

Bug where hearing about pilots with a total 2000 hours of flight time felt mind-numbing, but as soon as I thought "that's 2 times my Monster Hunter time...", it immedaitely became a relatable number.

Even when I make music, I never hear "you're so good at composition," but playing Monster Hunter, I'm occasionally told "you're so good at longsword," so everyone should play Monster Hunter instead of making music.

It'll be actual Splatoon.

Tomorrow I'll stream Splatoon.

Rakna-Kadaki is really good at inking.

Splatoon's so much fun.

Check out my Pop'n and Niji Variety songs too. :clap:

I haven't started up Monster Hunter in the past 10 days or so, so I might die.

I'm glad to have so many songs I worked hard making announced.

I wrote Altimate!!'s 5th single, Wishing Star! :dizzy star:
You can listen to it on various streaming sites, so please give it a listen. :clap:

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