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September 15th, 2022

I make works of propaganda pushing the extreme beauty of yuri.

There's no such thing as a creative work that the creator's intentions don't interfere with, so... does that mean all creative works are propaganda?!

I'm interested in Exoprimal, but are you fighting against dinosaurs? Or fighting with a team against another team? Huh?

It's got longsword!!!

I'm honestly interested in this dinosaur game.

The Sunbreak update is aiming at hunters hooked on Splatoon and shooting to kill.

Ultra-weakling beginner me has risen to B+.

Slaughter is great.

What is this evil game known as Clam Blitz??

Dream me was going "you're the only one who loves me this much."

Had a dream I was licked a whole bunch by a dog with gray and loopy fur.

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