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September 17th, 2022

Thanks to me giving a game all my efforts for the past two years, it feels like a bunch of things have started to change, I'm really glad.

From a stylish Squid Roll to my crap aim.

I wanna get good at games so bad.

Thank you for coming to the adult socializing stream! I've awakened to the fun of Splatoon...


I'm getting super nervous.

Currently eating too much sushi.


Bloodlust. :smile:

Splatoon: "Gotta feel sorry for you after 10 losses in a row, so let's match you with someone you can beat..."

I'm so good at Splatoon.

[Matches on Mako Mart and Hagglefish Market]

I totally get seriously not knowing why you were invited here.

RT @Carino_yuy_sub [one of the other people invited for the stream] I seriously don't know why I was invited here, but I'll enjoy myself!

:clock: Tonight around 10 PM:
I'm a beginner who doesn't know a single thing and I'm trembling with fear, but I'll do my best!!!!
[Splatoon 3] Splatoon Beginner Invited to a 9-Person Collab #TesrosetTransmission

["Adult Socializing"]

[Retweeting announcement with list of guests] Today, I was invited by Sorako-san for a Splatoon collab stream! Please do come watch. :clap: #TesrosetTransmission

I have a stream tonight, so I'll sing while it's still daytime.

"It's a game for the N64..."
(What is it...?)
"A shooting game, where you fight with guns..."
(Could it be GoldenEye 007?)
"It took the form of an FPS, which were still rare at the time..."
(It's GoldenEye 007!)
"And you're a buff Native American guy defeating dinosaurs."
(It's Turok: Dinosaur Hunter...?)

September's already half over... I can't keep up with time at all.

Turns out they implemented a tapioca emoji at some point. :boba tea:

RT @nemoto_nagi [Re: Tapioca New Year] I couldn't stop playing it on repeat so I bought tapioca.

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