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September 18th, 2022

Starting to theorize I just wanna do movement tech.

Sure enough, it seems Splatoon also has movement tech that you wouldn't notice through self-study like Monster Hunter's barrel bomb iai, so I super wanna practice that now.

In Monster Hunter time attacking too, rather than wanting to get a fast time, I just want to get a fast time as a result of having a clean performance, so if I get a fast time despite not executing well I'm like "Why..."

I wanna get into S soon, but it's not that I want to get into S, it's that I want to be able to execute S-level play...

Squid Roll's damage reduction seems to not be percentage-based but a subtraction, so if you take a big enough hit you still just die.

Slaughter. :smile:

Those who like Squid Rolling should use longsword.

All my allies around me died to a Splat Bomb... They were all good guys...

Squid Roll is handy, but you can only use it on ground that's been well-inked, so the times you can make use of it are super limited.

Clip of me being the sole survivor thanks to a Squid Roll.

You can really feel the growth in this clip from how I properly see the angle of the tackle and adjust the angle of my Special Sheathe to match.

Isn't Splatoon so much fun?

Gotta play Monster Hunter too.

Turns out this isn't a game about firing at each other head-on, but gunning down foes from behind.

When I played 2, I was like "I'm so bad at this game, I'll never reach A in my life," but my allies were super strong so I managed to make it happen.

An announcement.
Just now, I've achieved Rank A.
This is all thanks to your guidance and support.
I will continue to press forward alongside my main occupation of Monster Hunter, so please stick with me.

This typhoon's getting unexpectedly cocky, so I wanna beat it up.

Wanna play a paradise kinda game where all players are equal.

In other words, Squid Roll isn't iai, it's Drawn Double Slash.

Ah, is Squid Roll not invincibility, but a sort of super armor?

Ultimately, I'm doing the equivalent of iai in Splatoon too.

Alas, it seems you're not invulnerable.

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