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September 19th, 2022

My Monster Hunter performance was most atrocious today, but I also can't help but feel this is about how it's always been...

Turf War is so fun!!!!

Monster Hunter is no game, you see.

Yikes, I've only played Splatoon today... For real, that's playing way too much... Gotta do Monster Hunter before bed.

When I'm surrounded by skilled players, I can feel an intense disparity in power, so I wanna get good soon.

Squidding together is fun. :squid:

Splatoon destroys my brain.

Though I may splat,
although I may splat,
our Rainmaker
fails to advance
as I stare at my hands

["#1 Overall Splatter, #1 Popular Target, #1 Enemy Splatter"]

I'm working on amending my foolish behaviors.

Feels like I'll be able to do more if I'm able to execute Squid Rolls with as little space as possible.

Inertia-cancel instant Squid Roll training.

I don't have many friends, so just seeing "You became friends." on the Switch screen makes me be like "So there are people who'd even befriend someone like me..."

Claire-san's also working hard at Splatoon, so I will too.

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