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September 20th, 2022

Rewatching my own stream, it looks like I'm having so much fun that I'm envious of myself getting to play Monster Hunter.

It's the most embarrassing moment of my life whenever I throw a Suction Bomb from behind cover but I fumble my controls so it sticks to the cover instead and my allies see it.

With longsword counter, it's an added benefit if you time it with an attack hitbox, but Squid Roll is a counter that lets you negate a downside, so you should think about when to use it. In truth, it's probably better not to purposefully leap into an attack hitbox, huh...

Squid Rolls are seriously so fun.

It's so funny how much I've picked up habits as a longsword user, with me Squid Rolling into attack hitboxes from a distance with a Squid Roll.

Reefslider is well-suited for iai-ing.

[Retweets clip of surviving a Reefslider attack with a Squid Roll] Currently, this might be the most fun moment I've had playing Splatoon 3.

The "stream on 7 different days" requirement for Twitch affiliate was reset... :pleading face: Sure enough, it was "within a month," huh...

The difference being able to execute movement tech in practice and making use of it in a real fight is a massive ravine.

If I can't feel my own growth, then even if I'm presented with results beyond my skill increasing, I can't be happy about it.

Do people just want to beat up other people through games...? I like fighting against myself, personally... Although I do think it's fun when I'm fighting others and can feel like I've surpassed my past self.

There's an unending amount of people saying they want to get good at Splatoon, yet people saying they want to get good at Monster Hunter seem super rare, giving me the urge to be an old-timer who gives excessive lectures until I find some.

In fact, I'm curious if there are followups that can't be handled this way.

Thanks for coming to the Splatoon stream.
Today I gained an understanding of how to handle Magnamalo's hellfire explosion followups. #TesrosetTransmission

[MHRise/SB] A Game About Fresh(ly-Afflicted Monster) Turf War

Tonight around 8:30, I think I'll finally stream some Monster Hunter on Twitch again. Come Watch. #TesrosetTransmission

I can't do anything today from my back hurting.

Playing Monster Hunter and making the BGM Splatoon really changes the mood in a way I like.

What I'm trying to say is, I go out so little I've ended up not buying any clothes lately, so I have no idea what might be popular, and I dunno what I should wear when it does come time to go out...

The fact that a certain virus causing the temporary situation "can't go out, can't meet anyone" resulted in a lasting habit of "not going out, not meeting anyone" is such a mentally-impactful aftereffect.

It still raining even though the typhoon's passed is dissatisfying in the same way as beating Amatsu but the sky not clearing up.

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