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September 21st, 2022

I've been told "OSTER-san, you're a good person," but I might be a bad person. Maybe I'm an anarchist plotting to overthrow the country. Watch out.

You'll die if you bleed too much, so it's best not to bleed too much.

Characteristics of people who improve quickly in Splatoon:
- If they bleed too much, they die

Characteristics of people with a messy desktop:
- If they bleed too much, they die

I understand Splatoon completely.

[Lag Roller = rug roller
Sushikora (abbreviation for Spla-shooter Collab, AKA Tentatek Splattershot) = hey, sushi
Raijin Step (movement tech for moving on enemy ink) = raijin (thunder god) dancing
Uradori (taking unnoticed routes to get behind enemy) = uradori (gathering evidence)
Clear Ring (JP name for Splat Zones) = transparent ring
Risukiru (portmanteau of "respawn kill (splat)," basically spawn camping) = risu (squirrel) skill
Liter (E-liter) = liter
Imo (potato; slang for players that stay in one place to snipe/etc.) = imo (potato)
Super Jump = super jumper
Squid Roll = squid rolls
Bath (which Bloblobber's JP name is a play on) = bath]

Image to use when you've done nothing but the greatest jobs.

["I've done nothing but the greatest jobs." "(What the heck...)"]

Convenience stores that are quick to play Earth, Wind & Fire's September just because it's September...
I love them.

Love you, 32-Splat Tri-Slosher Lady.

RT @yuruaoo Supremely comforting...

[Rainmaker match; winning team from top to bottom is ao (Sorako), Wataru, Sugata, and Magnamalo (OSTER)]

And apparently the one who made the music can hunt Furious Rajang in 3 and a half minutes.

[Retweeting Dandelion and Campanile, sung by Sorako] When I thought about this being the singing voice of someone who can get over 30 splats with the Tri-Slosher, I couldn't stop crying.

[Retweeting an old arrangement] Digging up my Calamari Inkantation piano arrangement.

If you want a fun life, you need talent at getting along more than talent at music.

I mean, it's best to use my life for the people I like and people who like me, right...

Wanna do something already about how I've extremely turned my back on socializing for years.

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