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November 17th, 2022

By the way, I do sing. [Retweets Baka Mitai cover]

That lung capacity record wasn't my own achievement, but owed to the nurse who drew out the full extent of my potential.

:female nurse: "Before the operation, I'll check your lung capacity. Blow as hard as you can with one breath into this tube."
:female nurse: "More!"
Me: "Oof... FWOOOO...! (I'm gonna die befroe the procredure...)"
:female nurse: "You can keep going! To the limit!!"
:male nurse: "You've got amazing lung capacity. Do you sing or something??"

November 16th, 2022

Tesroset Channel has been rejected for Kohaku.

[Re: song name contest] There are quite a lot of song names that include certain words, and it's extremely interesting to be like "So this is what my image is, huhhh..."

Give me a Godrick the Grafted who can no longer make you bear witness because of people against human amputation.

Ambulance sirens are annoying??? When I'm waiting for an ambulance, they sound like the trumpeting of angels.

November 15th, 2022

It's comical how people sometimes feel like they understand each other most when talking about how people can't understand each other.

The contradiction that people can't live alone, yet people have to live alone, is indeed the pain of life.

There are actually quite a few katakana titles.

Summary of trends and countermeasures. #OSTERSongEsqueSongNameContest

{Kanji} + [Katakana] [Note: For all the titles given here, katakana is being used to write English words]
- {Starry Sky} [Party Tune]
- {Your-Cast} [Weather Report]
- {Passenger Seat} [Road Movie]

(Hiragana) + [Katakana]
- (Whale) [Rider]
- (Dolphin) [Jet]
- (Rice) [Disco]

"ni" Series ["at" or "with," but this usage typically translates best as simply "and"]
- Dog (and) Umbrellas
- Cat (and) Balloons

"to" series [Standard type of "and"]
- Distorted Dream (and) Marionette
- Dandelion (and) Campanile

"no" series [Possessive article, like "of," but sometimes disappears entirely in English if it's only connecting a descriptor]
- Epilogue (in the) Attic
- Edible Flower('s) Confession
- Midnight [no] Savage
- Lonesome [no] Parade

- [Linaria]
- [Rabbit Fur]
- [Azure Blue]
- [Second Piercing]
- [Toxic Jam]

Science Series
- Galaxies on Parchment
- Oort Cloud
- Recursive Function

Chapter-Title-esque Types
- Who's Afraid of the Wolf!
- Until the Day We Meet
- Liking Takes You Along
- Give This Relation A Name

{Kanji} Series
- {Kyuubiko Yagyou} [Nine-Tailed Fox's Night Trip]
- {Purgatory Incident}
- {Inappropriate Lady}
- {Love Prison}

English Series
- kissing fish
- on the rocks
- Selfish Sweet
- Calvados Queen

Symbol-Containing Series
- @
- SpaceLand☆TOYBOX
- Scandal x Makers
- bistro twins☆☆☆

[Re: song name contest] I've already received nearly 30 entries.

November 14th, 2022

I'm extremely excited to see what angles people come from.

Isn't Heliopause Love Letter such a good title? I understand OSTER songs so well.

I summed up the project I said I'd do on stream. Go hogwild and take part.

It's my birthday very soon, so I'm holding an #OSTERSongEsqueSongNameContest.
It's a festival where you think of an OSTER-song-esque song name and submit it. Do come and take part.
(Please keep the number of songs you submit to a reasonable amount, up to about 3 max.) #TesrosetTransmission

[Virtual Actor's Birthday Project
OSTER-Song-esque Song Name Contest
- Summary
It's a project where people think of song names that sound like they could be OSTER songs to be ranked for a public reveal. The grand prize winner will be made into an actual one-chorus song.
- How to Participate
Submit a song name you thought up via Marshmallow, marked with "OSTER-Song-esque Song Name Contest" at the start. If you voluntarily include your motivations or thoughts put into the name, they may be included during the reveal.
- Example Submission
"OSTER-Song-esque Song Name Contest
Song Name: Heliopause Love Letter
Motivation: I thought of it while staying up all night."
Please send something like this.
- Submission Period
Now ~ 11/20/2022 (or so)
I'll round them up as close to the deadline as possible, but if you want to be sure you get included, please send it within the day.
I'll be awaitin' yer submissions!!]

I'm an old-timer who lived through the 90's, so I'm always looking at 90's quizzes.

Abnormal Seismic Intensity is such a cool song.

I won't stand for paper straws.

November 13th, 2022

Things I did today:
- Warmed up and ate premade curry
- Put out the trash
The End

I could stream, but I'm hesitant since I'd be coughing.

I feel like I've gotta have some impetus that flips a switch inside me, but I really gotta make that impetus and not just wait for it.

But actually, what the heck's with me still coughing...

Since getting corona last month, my motivation to game's been blown away, so I wasn't even able to place my vote in the Splatfest, which is kinda nuts, but games are somethin' you can just play when you wanna play, y'know.

November 12th, 2022

For instance, if it turned out there weren't actually event horizons or the Big Bang, it'd be kinda sad, but if there's a more precise truth to be derived from more accurate data, of course I have a strong desire to know it.

And yet despite enduring such pains, at times even having to stake their lives to make their case, scientists have continued to update and refine our scientific knowledge... Their efforts really are amazing.

I'm no scholar or anything, just a person with an interest in this stuff, but sometimes ways of thinking that reach the mainstream become something akin to belief, so I understand why people treat new theories refuting them with not just skepticism, but outright rejection. It was kinda sad when Pluto lost planet status, right? It's like that.

Come to think of it, what happened with that theory that event horizons aren't a thing?

Regarding the theory based on James Webb observations that there was no Big Bang, I can't help but feel it's more realistic to adjust our estimations of various other phenomena that accompany the Big Bang to make things line up rather than the Big Bang itself, but what do I know.

November 9th, 2022

The fact it takes like 20 hours to make a song that's like 4 minutes is super nuts if you think about it rationally.

Can you believe the timing of the servers going down right when I'm about to play Splatoon after 500 years???

November 8th, 2022

Consciousness is the slave of unconsciousness.

The lunar eclipse was amazing.

Since grade school, I actually liked space enough to cary around an encyclopedia about space with me.

Lunar eclipse occurs

People get excited over the eclipse

Everyone gets interested in space

Tesroset channel where we have chats about space gains more subscribers

I'm on break until the moon wanes.

The fact I've hardly been playing games since catching corona is also bad news.

November 7th, 2022

In modern day Japan, women's lust is being slighted.

good morning Japan [Twitter screenshot: "Japanese trends: Men's lust"]

November 6th, 2022

Sazae-san features Horikawa-kun, who names a chick after his friend and has it lay eggs.
The Twelve Kingdoms features Kouya-kun, who names a youma after his friend and has it eat humans to execute them.

November 5th, 2022

If you rolled onigiri with oxygen as the filling until it had the mass of the Sun, could you create an onigiri star? Be presented with these questions and more, only on the channel of musical Vtuber Tesroset.

Thank you for the chat stream. The main topics for today included religious distribution based on Köppen climate classification, human instincts that formed due to ice ages, and ponderings on what onigiri fillings Einstein would probably like.
What kind of channel even is this.

Wanting to do a rehabilitation stream.

[Screenshot: "In dream interpretation, what do mushrooms mean? General meanings of mushrooms include: Men"] I was cutting them up and handing them out, though...

Go call for Dr. Freud.

In the dream I had today, I was given a mission by a spy organization to cut up porcini mushrooms that I absolutely couldn't see as anything but enoki musrhooms and hand them out to the audience at a concert before the show.

November 4th, 2022

Quit worrying about things you can't control, like how others think of you.

Autumn of sexual desire.

I'm isolated from the world.

I didn't know most of the words in the Buzzword Awards, so maybe I'm not even Japanese.

"Reskilling" does not mean "in the middle of respawn-killing [AKA spawn camping]."

I tragically missed the Buzzword Awards again this year. I'll do my best next year.

BFD: "Ahh, sounds good..."
Superior Drummer: "Ahh, sounds good..."
Addictive Drums: "Ahh, sounds like Addictive Drums..."

November 3rd, 2022

If I were Van Gogh, I'd upload a video of a live event painting a can of tomatoes to YouTube and pull in tons of ad revenue.

November 2nd, 2022

Rice 150g (Normal) ← Understandable
Rice 250g (Large Serving) ← Where's 200g???

November 1st, 2022

Becoming the ultimate temporary vocals machine.

People who call Makkuro-Kurosuke [the "soot sprites" in Totoro and Spirited Away] "Susuwatari" seem like they'd also call Goku Kakarot.

Fussiness is a disease.

Being fussy about things doesn't make you in any way superior to someone who isn't fussy, and as long as you can be satisfied with that life, then it's clearly better not to be fussy. I think this because I was born as someone who must be fussy.

So I have sometimes been envious of people who can "just sorta live."

People who can be satisfied just living without necessarily accomplishing anything are getting the most out of life.

I think of both Monster Hunter and Splatoon as games about how well I can resist the urge to do moves that I'm really better off not doing.

I played Splatoon after 100 years and I was so bad I felt bad.

Ranking of Names That Sound Like They'd Be a Vtuber
1st: Tsururi Nameko [Slippery nameko mushrooms]
(2nd: Nameraka Toufu [Smooth tofu])

October 31st, 2022

Humans are animals who are still using instincts programmed many thousands of years ago without any updates.

I'm doin' my best in this life so I can drink the greatest beer in the afterlife.

Feels like the beer in the afterlife would be the most tasty.

To write a love song with male vocals, you need to understand how a woman wants to be thought of and what she wants to be told, and to write a love song with female vocals, you need to understand romantic thoughts a woman can sympathize with.
In other words, whatever you make, you need to understand women.

I wanna destroy the Earth and go drinking soon.

Listening to a genius song makes me wanna get good at making music...

When you make music for 20 years, you're beset by the illusion that songs with the structure "ABC ABC D C" are so commonplace they're no good.

This year's Halloween ended with me dressing up as a person sick in bed with corona.

Corona is total crap.

It's Halloween, but I'm making an entirely unrelated song.

Toothpicks smell like trees.
Wiener [Vienna] coffee smells like wieners.

You'll be able to buy a verified checkmark with money, you say?

October 30th, 2022

Though I try to make up for the delay of getting knocked on my ass, I'm well behind, and my lungs hurt, I'm a hopeless human...

Recent voice synths seriously sing so good it makes me recoil.

I'm a person who only does what I like, so nobody have any expecations for me. (pulls head over blanket (totally correct Japanese))

Indifferent might not be quite the word, but when someone doesn't have any expectations of me, then no matter what I do, since they had no expectations for me as a person to begin with, they won't hate or like me because of it, which is relieving.

People who are indifferent to others seeming the most kind is a pretty serious bug.

[After midnight] :ghost:

Make a song about mentally-ill lesbians glorifying beer.

I can only write songs about mentally ill women or glorifying beer or lesbians.

It hurts how the longer I live, the less able I am to write glittery lyrics like I used to...

I actually have a theory that this is the OSTER project-composed song that's been heard the most.


RT @_MKPO "Cocoa High Income" #MundaneHalloween #MundaneHalloween2022

I lack concentration the most when I'm doing lyrics.

Maybe even the people you love are just a fantasy your mind came up with, or perhaps you yourself are just a hallucination being had by someone else.
If philosophers are thinking about stuff like that all the time, it's no surprise if they go nuts.

It's not you not being here that's lonely, it's thinking about you not being here that's lonely.

In other words, the existence of not only other people, but of all things in this world, cannot be proven except by what is sensed by your mind.

It's unfair how modern people have the stupidly good study tool known as YouTube.

People say math isn't about memorization, but if for instance every time a double-angle formula came up, you had to use the addition theorem to get to it, you'd absolutely never finish your tests in time, so in that sense it is.

I'd heard that it's more fun to study as an adult than in your school days, but I mean duh, obviously compared to school where you have to do a bunch of rote memorizing even in fields you have little interest in with no time to enjoy it, being an adult who can study the things they're interested in at their own pace is more fun.

Sometimes I'm like "Even if I weren't here, the world would go on turning without a hitch, huh...", but then I'm like "That's just obvious, ain't it? When'd you get such an inflated self-worth thinking you were a member of the Avengers or something? lmao", and I lmao.

October 29th, 2022

Black Montblanc
White Everest
Crimson Nanga Parbat

It was a long, painful battle.
["I finished a song."]

Whether it sounds good or bad to the ear is everything. As long as it sounds good, I can do whatever I want, got it? (violent)

Honestly, even in cases where I have things recorded live, it's totally normal to have multiple layers dubbed together, and if it sounds good when listening to it, you shouldn't hesitate to use it.

Shanks! His arms! They're multiplying!

The piano in this part couldn't be played unless you had three arms, but maybe I can just establish that the pianist for this song has three arms?

Sapiens homo

[Search for "cold compress 8 hours," with suggestions "cold compress 8 hours doesn't last," "cold compress 8 months," "cold compress 8 hours for adult," "cooling sheet 8 hours doesn't last"]

October 28th, 2022

Feels like I only have like half my lung capaity.

Don't start making the weather get better day by day the moment I get sick, you jerk.

My fever's gone down, but my nose and throat and lungs are dead, so I can only make a voice like a cursed spirit.

[Sad News] Confirmed positive for corona. :fairy:

October 27th, 2022

Throat dead! Nose dead! Lungs dead!

My nose and throat hurt so bad, but I don't really need anything above the neck, and my back hurts too, so who needs anything below the chest. Starting today, I'll live as only boobs.

When I went to the hospital to get tested, there was a field where I had to write the days I got my vaccine shots, and I was like "oh shoot what do I do, I don't remember...", but I resolved it in seconds by searching my own tweets for "Superbly-Dressed Lady."

Sure enough, I was a superbly-dressed lady who resolved to get a fourth vaccine shot.

It's probably thanks to the vaccines that it pretty much just feels like cold symptoms, but whenever my nose and throat are bad, it gets to my ears too, so it's being painfully obstructive to work...

I'm still waiting on the test results, but just based on my condition, I'm currently 9999% likely to have coronavirus. Why'd it have to happen at such a busy time as this... :eyeroll: