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November 15th, 2022

It's comical how people sometimes feel like they understand each other most when talking about how people can't understand each other.

The contradiction that people can't live alone, yet people have to live alone, is indeed the pain of life.

There are actually quite a few katakana titles.

Summary of trends and countermeasures. #OSTERSongEsqueSongNameContest

{Kanji} + [Katakana] [Note: For all the titles given here, katakana is being used to write English words]
- {Starry Sky} [Party Tune]
- {Your-Cast} [Weather Report]
- {Passenger Seat} [Road Movie]

(Hiragana) + [Katakana]
- (Whale) [Rider]
- (Dolphin) [Jet]
- (Rice) [Disco]

"ni" Series ["at" or "with," but this usage typically translates best as simply "and"]
- Dog (and) Umbrellas
- Cat (and) Balloons

"to" series [Standard type of "and"]
- Distorted Dream (and) Marionette
- Dandelion (and) Campanile

"no" series [Possessive article, like "of," but sometimes disappears entirely in English if it's only connecting a descriptor]
- Epilogue (in the) Attic
- Edible Flower('s) Confession
- Midnight [no] Savage
- Lonesome [no] Parade

- [Linaria]
- [Rabbit Fur]
- [Azure Blue]
- [Second Piercing]
- [Toxic Jam]

Science Series
- Galaxies on Parchment
- Oort Cloud
- Recursive Function

Chapter-Title-esque Types
- Who's Afraid of the Wolf!
- Until the Day We Meet
- Liking Takes You Along
- Give This Relation A Name

{Kanji} Series
- {Kyuubiko Yagyou} [Nine-Tailed Fox's Night Trip]
- {Purgatory Incident}
- {Inappropriate Lady}
- {Love Prison}

English Series
- kissing fish
- on the rocks
- Selfish Sweet
- Calvados Queen

Symbol-Containing Series
- @
- SpaceLand☆TOYBOX
- Scandal x Makers
- bistro twins☆☆☆

[Re: song name contest] I've already received nearly 30 entries.

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