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Your Turn To Die -Death Game By Majority- by Nankidai

A Steam release of the free original, currently in Early Access.
This version includes exclusive mini-episodes focusing on various characters, and comes with an artbook with character profiles.
Though not done yet, the final part of the story is planned to come to Steam first before being added to the free version.

Sara Chidouin returns home from school late one night to discover that something's gone terribly wrong.
When she comes to, she finds herself, her friend Joe, and 9 other people trapped in a mysterious place.
Placed in life-and-death situations, they must come to an agreement about what they should do - and who should die.

A story-based negotiation/horror/adventure game about a death game where majority vote decides who dies.
Solve puzzles, navigate discussions, overcome minigames, and try to survive while making choices that could seal your fate, or the fates of others.

Ib (Remake) by kouri (Nintendo Switch)

A remake of the free original made in RPG Maker MV.
It has higher-resolution graphics, some reworked puzzles and areas, new zoom-in and talk-to-partner functions, and a few new replacement songs.
It aims to, in general, make the game more approachable for less experienced players.

A young girl named Ib visits an art gallery with her parents.
While observing the many exhibits, she suddenly realizes she is alone.
And in her search for others, she finds things awry in the gallery...

A 2D horror adventure game set in an art gallery. Keep yourself safe from the gallery's dangers, and solve puzzles to try and find a way out.
It has a variety of possible endings based on your actions through the game.
Beating the game once unlocks extra content and endings, and the ability to peruse all the artwork you've seen.

Absented Age: Squarebound by terunon

A mixture of an action RPG and a roguelike-style turn-based strategy RPG.
It tells the story of a girl and her partner spirit wandering Driftworlds to regain her lost memories.

A girl awakens in a strange world, unsure of everything, even her own name.
She comes across a cat spirit named Tarte who was sent to find her, and soon makes her way back to the real world.
After regaining a part of her memory, an apparent friend named Mika takes her in. But something is still amiss...

A roguelike dungeon-crawler with randomly-generated floors where you can run around freely, but enter turn-based combat when engaging enemies.
There are a wide variety of skills with different ranges, strengths, and mobility, and different modes for Tarte offer different strategic benefits.

Though you begin every run at Level 1, you can spend points earned on expeditions in a skill tree for permanent upgrades.
Also, equipment grows stronger as you pick up more copies of it; even if you lose the equipment, it will retain that progress next time you find it.

Soaring Machinariae by Kensei

An action RPG about a girl and her companion delving into elemental labyrinths to attain their heart's desire.

The Automaton Handler Maria and her Machinariae, Iris, set sail for a remote island seeking a legendary wish-granting treasure.
Meeting a seer well-versed in the tower where it's said to reside, she entrusts them with solving its mystery.
But between Maria's old rival and a mysterious foe opposing them, the two will face many challenges if they're to grant Maria's wish...

A basic top-down action game where, as Iris, you fight enemies with a sword and special attacks.
Soul Crystals earned from defeating foes can be spent to upgrade Iris's stats down different paths.
Additionally, there are both easy and challenging difficulty options, and an unlockable boss rush challenge mode.

The Case Book of Arne (Case 1) + (Interlude) by Haru Murasaki

A mystery-solving adventure game about a noble girl thrust into the world of the supernatural.
(This release covers Case 1 of an ongoing series. Teil 4, a between-cases interlude, is also available as DLC.)

One fateful night, Lynn Reinwei├č, a young noble girl and vampire fanatic, wanders into the town of Lugenberg, home to many non-human creatures.
There, she finds herself in the offices of the vampire detective Arne, and requests his assistance in looking into her father's actions.
Yet before long, tragedy strikes, and Lynn's world begins to forever change...

Gameplay is generally straightforward, with occasional minigames and reasoning segments, often offering minor rewards for good performance.

The Witch's House MV by Fummy (Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One)

A total revamp of the free original made in RPG Maker MV.
It has new graphics, puzzles, and difficulty settings (an easier mode with quick retries, and an unlockable hard mode with new content).

The young Viola visits a mysterious house in the woods.
She soon discovers its dangerous nature and must find a way out.
But the house is ever-changing, and death could be lurking anywhere...

Explore a house full of deadly traps and creatures, and solve puzzles to get through unharmed.
Search for the way to escape - and hope that you'll never have to encounter the witch.

The Crooked Man by Uri
The Sandman by Uri
The Boogie Man by Uri
The Hanged Man by Uri

Steam versions of the original freeware series.
It's a series of story-based adventure games with exploration, puzzles to solve, and multiple endings.

The Crooked Man
David Hoover moves into a new apartment during a rough time in his life, but experiences a series of strange events there.
Becoming curious about the place's former owner, David goes in search of him, following clues to the places he used to frequent...

The Sandman
Sophie Grundler is a high-school student who, on top of various stresses in her life, hasn't been able to sleep for days.
One night, as she tries to fall asleep, she notices something amiss: everyone in town has fallen asleep on the spot. Is anyone else awake...?

The Boogie Man
Keith Baring is a ruthless detective whose boss forces him to step away from his work and go on a tour with his wife Helena.
After a shocking revelation on the trip, Keith wakes up at night to find everyone missing, Helena included. They've been taken hostage by... the Boogie!

The Hanged Man
A young boy wanders through a snowy town with his best friend. Though offered lodging, he ends up running away, unsure of what to do.
After taking shelter from the cold in an abandoned building in the woods, his friend runs away. Though afraid without him, he must now face his trial...

Misao: Definitive Edition by Sen

A remastered version of the free original.
It revamps the graphics, features new puzzles and deaths, adds new scenes, and makes lots of other improvements.

Three months ago, a girl named Misao went missing at school. No one knows what happened; everyone presumes her dead.
Unexplained events begin to occur, and one day, the school is sucked into another world and swarmed with vengeful spirits... Is this Misao's "curse"?

Explore the school as Misao's classmate Aki, solving puzzles and evading deathtraps, to discover the truth about Misao and the keys to ending her curse.

1bitHeart by Miwashiba

A Steam version of the free original.
Primarily, it's a way of supporting Miwashiba, but there is some extra stuff added.

The shut-in Nanashi has an unexpected encounter with a girl named Misane, who can't remember anything, but suggests that he go out and make friends.
He goes along with it, but soon discovers that at the same time, strange things are going on in the area...

A mostly-linear adventure game with minimal gameplay between scenes, plus conversation segments where you must choose the right subjects to discuss.
Between chapters, you enter Free Time, where you can befriend a large cast of characters by offering them gifts to engage in side-stories with them.

Trapper Knight, Sharpshooter Princess by Desunoya

A turn-based strategy RPG in a fantasy setting, with a cast of characters who have unique specialties and gimmicks.

Gritz, a young man doing odd jobs in rural Country Ceremo, one day decides to help a girl who gets in trouble with some scoundrels, Leah.
Leah's archery skills prove a good match for Gritz's hunting traps, so she accompanies him on his work.
But soon, it becomes clear that the unusually fancily-dressed Leah has a goal in mind.

The basic gameplay is a typical SRPG like Fire Emblem: your team battles an enemy team, and on your turn, you move units and have them act.
You gain more characters during the story. Most characters have unique qualities and actions, such as Gritz's traps and Leah's long-range bows.

Between chapters, if two characters have spent enough time together in battle, you can choose to level up the bond between them.
Leveling up a bond shows a cutscene with the pair, can sometimes give you new items, and will boost stats whenever those two are together.
There are also two difficulties: Normal, a standard difficulty, and Hard, which changes up the maps to be much more challenging.

MAGICAL x SPIRAL by Broken Desk

A 2.5D action platformer with magic spells about climbing a tower to the heavens.

Medianne Phirtia is a student intrigued by the legend of Celestria, whose studies one day lead her to the Phantasm Tower said to connect there.
To her surprise, it actually opens for her, and she meets a magic spirit, who starts her on a trial to prove herself worthy of entering the ancient land of magic.

The tower is broken up into many levels, which are built on spiraling paths running along the inside and outside walls of the tower.
In addition to basic attacks, you can use magic via elemental spirits you can switch between, who join as you progress.
Between levels, there are intermissions where you can use money to learn new spells, upgrade stats, and buy items.

Alice mare by Miwashiba

A Steam version of the free original.
Primarily, it's a way of supporting Miwashiba.

Allen, a boy with memory loss and nowhere else to go, is taken to a facility where a number of children live, run by a man known only as "Teacher."
One night, he has a Dream in which he meets unusual guides, explores mysterious Worlds, and there finds the other children.

A straightforward story-based adventure with occasional puzzles to solve.

AL FINE by CrimsonRabbit

A simulation game where you manage a shop on the floating isle of Notte Luce, stocking goods and predicting the market to climb the rankings.

After an accidental meeting with the sprite Alice, Louis finds himself running his parents' shop in their stead to pay for a debt.
Set your items on the shelves and open up shop, then order Alice to restock the shelves as items sell out.
Take into account customer tastes, weather, demand fluctuations, rare items from contractual adventurers, and more to maximize profits!

You'll periodically have to surmount the challenges of regular due payments and profit battles against rival shops.
If you can pass these trials, Al Fine may find itself on its way to being the highest-ranking shop in Notte Luce!

Mad Father (Remake) by Sen (Nintendo Switch)

A Steam/Switch version of the free original.
It's been largely remade with new graphics, additional scenes, flow and puzzle changes, various features, and a new bonus playthrough.

A horror adventure about a young girl named Aya living alone with her father in a remote mansion.
Aya knows her father conducts strange experiments in the basement, but chooses to feign ignorance.
Then one night, a year after the death of Aya's mother, something strange happens...

Gameplay involves exploring the mansion and finding items to solve puzzles, with some slight action elements when attacked by monsters.

Cherry Tree High Girls' Fight! by 773

The third entry in the Cherry Tree High series started by Cherry Tree High Comedy Club, but with a new kind of gameplay.
You play as a newcomer teacher tasked with training a team of three to fight in a school-wide fighting tournament, the Girls' Fight.

Assemble your team from a total of 15 characters, then manage their training regimens to both increase stats and teach new moves.
It'll also benefit you to look around for topics to make small talk with your team; the more you talk, the greater the gains they'll get from training!

Battles are turn-based, and require you to, using cards, pick moves that will have advantage over the moves your opponent picks.
One playthrough won't take too long, but you're encouraged to play again - with a whole new team, or on a higher difficulty - and try for high scores!

Hero & Daughter+ by tachi

Based on the free version, but with additional updates.

The veteran hero of RPG Maker VX Ace, Ralph, is knocked down to a permanent Level 1 thanks to his own hubris.
Taking on the dark lord seems hopeless until he meets the Haremancer - er, Summoner - who can summon allies for him.
Thus begins a multi-part adventure with a team of girls based out of a pub, none of which are Ralph's daughters... well, maybe.

In addition to the main plot and dungeons, the game is full of plenty of side content and challenges to test the limits of being Level 1.
Contains no outright nudity, but does contain risque art of girls which you may not want people walking by to see.

LiEat Trilogy by Miwashiba (Nintendo Switch)

A collected version of the free trilogy, with some translation updates and (on Steam) achievements.
Primarily, it's a way of supporting Miwashiba.

A story-based adventure about the con artist "Leo" and his unexpected "child," the dragon girl Efina.
With Efina's ability to make lies tangible and feed on them, the two travel to various towns and unravel mysteries, learning about each other along the way.

The gameplay mostly involves talking to people, or identifying lies, with the occasional simple RPG battle.

Reverse x Reverse by Desunoya

A tricky platformer about guiding two characters around a program world full of gravity-switching.

DBG-Code and ALG-Rithm are programs whose job is to debug a video game, but one day, they detect some strange bugs.
Going deeper into the program, they find harmful Bug Fields which must be repaired by collecting data, so they journey deep into the code to fix things.

Code and Rithm have separate unique abilities - an air dash and a double jump - and often opposing gravity.
You can move them independently or in sync, and will encounter objects which reverse gravity, reverse their positions, scroll the screen, and more.
Collect the discs in each stage to open up the goal, allowing access to the next stage. Good luck making it as far as you can!

Tobari and the Night of the Curious Moon by Desunoya

A platformer with a Kirby-like mechanic where you can collect a variety of magic spells to use, from enemies or otherwise.

Tobari is a high-schooler dedicated to keeping order, so she finds it very odd when sunset comes early in the morning, and her friend Hina goes missing.
She decides to set out in search of Hina, traveling far from school and uncovering the truth behind this strange phenomenon.

You clear stages just by reaching the goal gate, but there are hidden moons in each stage which often call for clever use of the right spells.
If at first you don't succeed, try, try again (and again (and again))!

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